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A UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for its architecture. The two architects Gunnar Asplund (who later also would design the Stockholm Public Library) and Sigurd Lewerentz were 30 years old when they won the architecture competition in 1915. All chapels and other main buildings are designed by Asplund, with the exception of the Chapel of Resurrection, designed by Lewerentz, the landscape architect. The site also features works of art by famous Swedish artists such as Sven Erixson, Carl Milles and Otto Sköld. With some 100,000 graves spanning 102 hectares, Skogskyrkogården is the second largest cemetery in Sweden. The film star Greta Garbo is one of several notables buried there. In addition to the large Christian Protestant section, there are also Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish and Muslim sections. Around All Saints' Day, the cemetery is full of candles.

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A popular swimming/sunbathing area close to the old Nobel dynamite factories, old explosion test caves can be seen when walking around the seaside area. The old factory building is a Café/Museum. Good place to have a good time when the sun is making the mountion rock hot, bring something to sit on, otherwise its too hot to sit on the bare rock. Beware that it may be packed in summertime during warm evenings due to the beautiful sunset view. Closest metro is Axelsberg, walk north-east towards the water. Fun fact: Alfred Nobel was forced out of Vinterviken by the city council, due to several fatal accidents related to explosive experiments.

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Scandic Talk Hotel

The Scandic (formerly Rica) Talk Hotel is next door to Stockholm International Fairs, and a short stroll from the Älvsjö station. The hotel is spacious, clean and modern, with the bathrooms extremely pleasing; big bath, good temperature-control shower. All toiletries were in big wall-fixed dispensers, but nice ones, with good quality contents! The breakfast buffet is extensive and plentiful.

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In Nacka, a centre for sports and adventure, including but not limited to football golf, mountainbiking, canoeing, ice swimming and yoga.

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Stockholm International Fairs

''Stockholmsmässan'', in '''Älvsjö''', an exhibition centre for business and hobby events, with its own commuter train station.

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Heron City

Is an American-style shopping and entertainment venue, with bowling alleys and a multiplex cinema.

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IKEA Kungens Kurva

The restaurant at IKEA has the cheapest meals in the area, if you happen to pass by.

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Maude's Hotel

Near Globen, Stockholmsmässan and Skogskyrkogården.

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Ågesta Naturistbad

Stockholm's only official nudist beach.

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Gubbängens IP

Is a stadium for motorcycle speedway.

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Highvalley Skateworld

A skateboard park, to be expanded.

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A natural reserve forest in Nacka.

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IKEA Kungens Kurva

The largest IKEA in the world.

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Hotel Dialog

A no-frills hotel at IKEA.

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About Stockholm/Söderort

Most of the area consists of apartment row houses 2-5 floors tall, built up during the mid-20th century together with the subway.