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A Chance to Convince me to Convert(Christians)

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Yeah, that's right. I'm sick of people saying "well you never gave God a chance". I use to be a fricken Christian, what more do you want. I've even been to church, & I've even debated with the sunday school teachers. But hey.

I've decided for the next 3 weeks, maybe a month- depending on my mood, & your attitude- that I will give you people a chance to see if you can't convince me to convert. Before anyone decides to "Well simply read the bible" I have, that's the main reason I don't believe in it. My knowledge of the bible matches biblical scholars & not to sound rude or snobby, I know more than a lot of the people who choose to follow the religion(note I said most, not all).

To tell you a bit about myself you have a more fair chance,

I enjoy asking questions I enjoy challenging people, pushing them to their limits I want to know why & how things work & My quest for knowledge & wisdom is never ending Oh, I also study & research religions, myths, &legends as well as many different types of science & history.

I will be open minded but I will also challenge you, so be prepared.

You can answer here, funmail me, or if you want my e-mail or AIM just ask

If you Don't convince me within the time provided, I don't want you to talk to me about the religion again.

Let the challange begin!