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Do you always cramp on your period

Ok heres the deal.ididnt get any cramps this time I got my period is that normal?I took a pregnancy test and its period usually lasts about 8 days but it only lasted 5.does this I might be pregnant.but I took a test and it said no.just wan...


Doesn't throwing up your food make you bloated?

She throw's up her food. She's always complaining about being fat. And she isn't. But when you throw up your food doesnt your stomach like bloat and your face gets bigger too?


How to get rid of black eye?

How to get rid of black eye?

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When will I stop growing?

I am thirteen and 6 foot 1 my dad is 6 foot 3 I dont like being this tall and I want to know how tall I will be and what height


What happens if someone takes 10 pain killers?

I want to know how many pain killer pills can you take you kill urself (I dont want to kill myself, just wondering), and what happens if you take 10?


Can weed cause a false pregnancy test?

Okay so I am 11 days late and I've taken many different home test but all were false. I am not taking birth control or using a condom either. I do smoke weed on a day to day basis. Could that be why all the test are false?


Food stuck in throat

Okay so I was eating beef jerky and a piece is lodged in my throat, it feels like its in the middle. I've tried drinking water, eating other food, relaxing my throat, everything it could think off. Has this happened to anyone else? How did you get it u...


How come coffee makes my teeth feel funny?

why is it that everytime I drink coffee it makes me teeth feel weird?


How do I talk with expander?

i cant talk. my dentist didnt even tell me what they where going to put in my mouth and the next ting i know, i sound like a retard becuase of the f****** expander. i have a school project i have to present soon too and i dont want to sound like an idi...


Worried my vigina has little bumps like tinny ones

my vigina has little bumps like tinny ones and I don't know if its normal, they don't bother me at all, but I'm sort of worried about it! I have them in the inside part of my lips (vagina ones.

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Caffeine and spaced out feeling

Every time I drink coffee I seem to get tired and feel like I am high I cant think straight and feel kind of spaced out why is this?


Why is my vagina really fat at the top?

I have a really fat vagina at the top im scared of it beacuse I am only 15 and im scared to loose my virginity to anyone because im scared of being laughed at by my first boyfriend because of my fat vag please someone give me a tip to get rid ot it??

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Can you get rabies without getting bitten?

I went on holiday recently to Crete, and a little dog followed me and my partner along the beach. I stroked it but I didn't get bitten or see any saliva coming from its mouth, could I have got rabies if I wasn't bitten?


Can lemon juice clear weed out my system ?

I have a drug test tomorrow I smoked some weed for a few days before will lemon juice clear my system I heard it flushes your system out


What can my sister use to fake a good pregnant belly?

My sisters friend has a baby shower and she said that everyone had to bring a fake pregnant belly for a contest and she dosent want to use a pillow what can she use to win

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Does getting your second ear piercing hurt?

Does it hurt to get your ears pierced for the second time?


How to help myself feel more secure?

how do I help myself when very insecure about everything in my life from looks to losing friends


Bump on neck

I have a bump on the side of my neck and I have no idea what it could be, does anyone know what it is?


Will getting punched in the stomach stop my pregnancy?

I might be pregnant && im 14...I don't know yet...I hope not...but if I get punched and the stomach can I loose it?


How can I get this phlem out of meh?

I've been sick for 2 weeks now coughing up yellow phlegm. Sometimes I just swallow it by accident...
My mother thinks I've developed asthma. What do I have? How can I get rid of it? What medicane shud I take? How can I get rid of this fast?! Please he...

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Does getting the Depo Provera shot hurt?

I currently take birth control pills, but I am thinking about switching to the depo provera shot instead. I find it to be more relieving to not have to worry about missing any pills or being on time.

Anyway, I guess my question is..just how much does...


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