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Why is my vagina really fat at the top?

I have a really fat vagina at the top im scared of it beacuse I am only 15 and im scared to loose my virginity to anyone because im scared of being laughed at by my first boyfriend because of my fat vag please someone give me a tip to get rid ot it??

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Is smoking paper bad for you?

Is smoking PAPER really bad for you?


What's this loose skin on my vagina?

hi my name is chavely im 14 years old lmost 15 ok well look I've been real uncomfturble with loose skin in my vigina and im worried o do anything with a guy because what if they never incounerd a girl with loose skine in her vigina you no and im despr...

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How much chance of survival is there on a ventillator?

My sister collapsed because she couldnt breathe because she has really bad athsma and now shes on a ventillator.

Im so scared. No-ones telling me what's going on, what it does, and what the chances of survival are. I just know its serious.


Can you eat/drink cold things when on your period?

such as ice cream or popsicles..or something chill

and you go thru cramps and stuff like that?


Can a flu shot kill you?

I was told that my grandma died from a flu shot but I have never heard of such a thing and they tell everyone to get a flu shot. Is this something to worry about or prevent?


Why am I spitting so much?

It started two weeks ago, spitting non stop. I'm spitting out saliva like water. I tried chewing gum but it just make me spit more. Every minute I'm spitting. What the hell is wrong with me?


If i get butt fucked will i get pregnant?

ok well me and my boyfriend Butt Fuc*ed about like 2 weeks ago.. and I was on my period. while me and him were doing that, I had a tampon in.. he didnt cum into me. although he was probably precuming a little bit. we were using lube.. and his precum...

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How long does it take birth control to enlarge your breasts?

I have been thinking about getting on birth control for a while now. I am a small 34 a. Does birth control really make your breasts bigger and how long does it take it to kick in?


How do you know if your hymen is broken?

I am 16 and a virgin and I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months and I want my first time to be with him. My question to you is how can I break my hymen without the pain or bleeding, and how will I know if its broken?


Why does my body get ice cold when I get angry?

I never had this problem till I found a text message in my boyfriend's phone of him telling some other girl that he "wanted her." I was in shock, then my body went cold, started shaking and it got worse at mins went past. And ever since that day I shiv...


Peeing a lot on my period- normal?

everytime I come on my period I have to pee a this normal?


What should I do now, I have a uti & kindey infection?

Today my doctor told me I had a urinary track infection and a kidney infection. He also said if it got worse that I should go to the er. The pain is worse but nothing else had changed . Should I go to the er now?


how come when i hold my *pee* its starts to burn real bad?

..iz it real bad or just normal?


Is there anyway to make my tooth grow in faster?

is there any possible way to make your tooth grow in faster? any ways or tricks? please help


How soon does pregnancy swell your stomach?

Well If I was 1 or 2 wks pregnant could I feel the swelling in my stomach or is it too early to show any signs? Please send me some answers.


Why do I smell like ammonia down there?

Why is there an ammonia like smell coming from my vaginal area.


I am thirteen and havent started my period yet help!

I feel sooo left out all of my three best friends have their periods and I dont! I am thirteen and the odest out of all of ma m8s I have rapidly growing pubic hair and pitt hair and have have white discharge in my pants for a year. my mum has quite a s...

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when does puberty kick in?

when does puberty usually kick in??? mine seemed like they came in way to early


How can I produce breast milk without pregnancy?

How can I produce breastmilk without pregnancy?


How long will it take to lose 20lbs eating 400 calories/day?

How long do you think it would take to lose 20 pounds on 400 calories a day?


How long does it take for birth control to regulate you?

So I have been on birth control going on 4 weeks now.
It is my first time ever on birth control.
I got on it because of my periods were iregular and too much cramping and everything.
The doctor said I will experience spotting.
Well ever since I bee...


What does a tampon feel like a dick going in?

If you put a tampon in does it feel like when a males part is going in or what ? Cause my sister says it feel like when she puts a tampon in it feel like male parts going in her.

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Brown stains in my underwear

Why do I get brown stains in my underwear or a creamy substance. Sumtimez I smell myself but I take a shwoer everyday. I am afraid that when I getta boyfriend that he will smell me to. But it is the stains that bother me because I wonder does everyone ...


How can I stop my vagina from smelling so bad?

im 15 years old and my vagina smells like fish and its really strong even when im on the bus I can smell it morning and afternoon. I wash take a shower everyday and sometimes a bath once in a while but it does not seem to help and when im in class I ca...


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