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Can you get fingered with a UTI?

if you have a uti (urinary track infection) can you get fingered?


Can you find out how long you've had chlamydia for?

If you have chlamydia is there a way of finding out how long you've had it?


Discharge that smells like poop / fart?

okok so I have this smell like it smells like fart/poop and I have a LOT of discharge and im also "sweaty" down there I have very good hygiene I take 2 showers everyday and I know that its not a yeast infection oh and the dischatge has a smell too... ...


Missed my period and I can't be pregnant

Before you guys say somethin...I am a virgin so I did not get pregnant and that is not why I missed it but can you tell me what you think may be the problem cause I didn't have it last month...


Why do I keep talking to myself?

hi pleases don't think I'm crazy and I hope I'm not but I keep talking to myself answering, responding, and talking in the 3rd person. I don't know why I can't help it. One time I was doing it I blank out and couldn't remember what I was thinking and ...


Why does it itch after I trimmed down there?

I trimmed the hair on my vagina because it looked messy but I didnt want to shave it all off.
But now it is really sharp and itchy.
I was wondering if there is a way to prevent the itching and get rid of it?

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Any advice for nerve damage?

on october 17 I had a really invasive surgery to remove a tumor the size of a baseball from the area behind my right sholder blade. I woke up from this long scary process and my hand was swollen up and I couldnt move any of my fingers. now, two and a h...


How do I know if I had a miss carrige? 17,& i till now believed that i was 3 weeks pregnant, but somthing happen to me for the last couple of todays and i was really stressed & crying, i was trowing up , and i had a bad pain in my stomach today,and im really sick now, and & dizzy.....


Chest and throat tightening

For the last year or so , I always get these chest pains, and they go up in my throat , its like a tightness. And then my arms get right stiff and lazy. Anyone else get this or any idea what this might be?


How can I become anorexic?

I know bulimia is bad for you but I want to become anorexic
plus wolu my freinds care

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How do you get pregnant while using a condom?

People always say condoms isnt real protection. Like I know its 100 percent effective but it is effective. and I know that you can get pregnant if the condom slips, breaks , or even if you put it on wrong. but other than that is there anyway something ...


How to stop this serious period pain?

my stomach is crampin waaay to much. MOm says she might call the ambulance if this cramping continues... DX what should I do to stop this period pain!!?


is it normal for a white thing to come out of your vigina everyday?

is it normal for a white thing to come out of your vigina everyday?? I been gettin that for like 3 years allready and I don't know what it is ! help

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Is there something wrong?

Today I went to the bathroom and everything was fine but as I was finishing up I realized I was bleeding. I thought it was just my period so I used a pad but nothing more came so I thought it s really weird that I was bleeding when I went to the bathro...


Is brown discharge normal during pregnancy?

Hey Im 18 Years Old Im 2 Months Pregnat Iv'e Beem Having Brown Disharge Is That Normal It Comes An It Goes I Have No Pain With It..Any Suggestions Or Answers For Me??

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What should I do about my unplanned pregnancy?

I am 13 years of age. if I dont want to have my baby if im 2-3 months what should I eat or drink so I cant have the baby


I havent started my periods yet and im 14 is that normal?

and I have laods of white goey stuff comin out onto my pants id this normal? thnks


why do my panties always smell like pee and I wipe myself good

after I come from the bathroom after peeing an hour later if I go back my panties smell like pee and I wash myself good


How do I tell my mom that I have pinworms?

How do I tell my mom that I have pinworms?

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How does fish oil effect thc in your system?

I was told that if you took fish oil pills that it would get stored in the same part of fatty tissue thc is stored in and if you take it on a regular basis it wont allow the thc to stay in your fatty tissue. Does anyone know if this is true?


Can I buy hcg injection shots online without prescription?

Can I buy hcg injection shots online without prescription?


My foot feels weird!

Okay so I hit my foot the other day I didnt think too much of it because at the time it really didn't hurt. But the next day it hurt and I know that I should of put ice on it because now its bruised lol yeah im kinda stupid and I didnt put ice on it at...


Why do I keep getting random hiccups?

So I keep random hiccups. Just one, and they are really loud. I get them every single day and now my friends laugh about it. I don't even feel them coming, well sometimes I do and sometimes it hurts. I've tried drinking water and holding my breath but ...


Help my vagina

So on my clitoris its kinda red and it hurts if you touch it is that bad? And also on my rip lip of the vagina theres a lot of extra skin is this bad
Is this from masurbating and im also on my period in case it means anything

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Can lemon juice clear weed out my system ?

I have a drug test tomorrow I smoked some weed for a few days before will lemon juice clear my system I heard it flushes your system out


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