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How to survive a breakup

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im 200 Ib and I want to lose it the healthy way.

im 200Ib and I want to lose it the healthy way! What should I eat and what kind of exercise should I be doing??


What is your WORST accident?

I'm curious on what is everyone's worst accident.
Mine was that I got hit by a SUV and I got put in the hospital for 3 days and I was out of it for the 1st day and I got 2 cracks in my skull and what was really sad was that I got hit on my sister's b-d...


Is Discharge Normal while using Metrogel?

I recently had complaints of a strange discharge and burning when I Urinated.
The doctor put me on MetroGel,And I've only used it once out of the five times.
Since last night when I furst took it,I've had more chunky discharge,similar to a yeast infect...


Every time I take a breath the right side of my chest hurts...

Okay so I just woke up. And all of a sudden the right side of my upper chest really hurts whenever I take a breath. Its like heartburn. I don't know if its from the way I sleep or what not because I sleep on my right side. This has happened once or twi...


How to gain confidence and lose low self esteem?

I've been very depressed since 7th grade which was like 2 years ago. I've been called names by many people on this site. I've been really scared to get out of the house. And I can't talk to people often. I have them talk to me. That's why I haven't tal...


Bruising for no reason

For quite some time now, as in a matter of many many months, I've gotten random bruises on my legs. Sometimes they're big, sometimes lots of small ones. And always a lot at once. It's not because I run into anything. I am not a very active person, I st...


Feeling like throwing up, any ideas for ways to calm my stomach?

This afternoon, I've been feeling pretty nauseaus for a few hours. And because I've been feeling
like throwing up, I thought I'd ask if anybody has an idea on how to calm my stomach? Today has
been pretty stressful, which is why my stomach is acting ...


Does the depo provera shot cause weight gain?

As well, does it cause your period to be lighter? Also do you have other recommendations? ones that don't require everyday pills and such for someone who is very forgetful and often forgets medication.


Why do I get pain in my teeth when I breathe through my nose?

It's so strange XP I guess I have a cavity ? It's in my gums too ... It's in my two front bottom teeth (i think haha.) . Soo what could it be ? I won't be able to go to a dentist for awhile because we don't have a dental plan. It's kinda annoying. And ...


Do you remember what happened after you were high on weed?

I've never smoked and was just thinking about it. I mean obviously with drinking you most likely won't remember it, but what about marijuana?


Am I allergic to pot?

Am I allergic to weed? I used to smoke some, not to often, but everytime I did my nose got runny a stuffy, but nothing bad an only when the smoke was around, I can smell the leaf fine and everything its juts to smoke. but then one time, 24 hours after ...


Why am I getting little strings of blood?

I was supposed to get my period yesterday, but today, I noticed that I've been randomnly getting these little tiny strings of blood, what could this mean?


Does getting the Depo Provera shot hurt?

I currently take birth control pills, but I am thinking about switching to the depo provera shot instead. I find it to be more relieving to not have to worry about missing any pills or being on time.

Anyway, I guess my question is..just how much does...


What helps a cold go away fast?

I'll do anything that helps!


Am I going to get pregnant if I use a condom?

I've been dating my boyfriend for like 9 months now...We've gone from holding hands to bl*w jobs. Now I want to go further. I am NOT on birth control but I do know he is getting condoms and I wouldn't DARE have s*x without one. But I know he has NO std...


Why does my period cause aches, fatigue, dizziness, palpatations?

Every month, my period causes me to have one or more of the following symptoms: migraine headache, palpatations, muscle aches, nausea, dizziness/lightheadedness, weakness, extreme fatigue and restless sleeping, irritability, depression, confusion and c...


Does nose bleeding mean anything serious?

is nose bleeding mean anything serious I was sitting watching tv and suddenly my nose start to bleed ,,and I didnt scared its just bothered me I continue watching tv I just kept the tissue on it ,,till it stopped bleeding
I m not suffering from flu c...


Can I sleep on my stomach at 11 weeks pregnant?

I'm 11 weeks pregnant is is safe to sleep on my stomach?


When i hold my pee it stinks?

I hold my pee for a long time... like today I had to go in the moring around 10am and I use the bathroom around 2pm... so I hold it for about 4 hours. but the point is that everytime I hold my pee for a long time my pee stinks. and when I usally pee ...


What can I do to make my neck stop hurting?

I must of slept wrong last night and my neck is killing me! Any suggestions?


How many Emergen C packs can someone have in one day?

How many Emergen C packs can someone have in one day?
Can someone have too much Vitamins?
what happens if they do?

I likes me some emergen c lol


When your pregnant how big do your breasts get?

Usually how much bigger do your breasts get while your pregnant? Do they go back to normal size after you give birth?

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How can I change my flat feet?

I have very ugly flat feet! help! I've always had them I cant wear flats becuase my feet look so bad in them!!!

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what do you do when you feel like your gonna puke?

So I ate a little to much at dinner and I feel like im gonna spew chunks, What can I do to feel better. No sarcasm please . Not in the mood.

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How do they take braces off?

How do they take your braces off? Like I know how they take the brackets off (well kindof) but how to they take the medal things off?? Thanksss


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