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How to survive a breakup

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Can I be pregnant from using someone elses vibrator?

Okay, so I'm 15, and a few weeks ago I used my neighbors( who is married with 3 kids) vibrator when they were on vacation. (I was taking care of their dog so I had free range of the house.) I wasn't thinking and I didn't wipe It down or anything.. I us...


Why is my vagina really fat at the top?

I have a really fat vagina at the top im scared of it beacuse I am only 15 and im scared to loose my virginity to anyone because im scared of being laughed at by my first boyfriend because of my fat vag please someone give me a tip to get rid ot it??

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Are there any quick ways to detoxify yourself of THC?

Hi People! got to a question, probably a stupid one but hey. I need some advice on passing a pee test, I smoke reefer everyday, several times a day, it's like a daily religion to me. But anyway, I just got a call for an unexpected job and would like fo...


Caffeine and spaced out feeling

Every time I drink coffee I seem to get tired and feel like I am high I cant think straight and feel kind of spaced out why is this?


How do I know if the wound healed/closed the wrong way?

I cut pretty bad earlier this month (october 4). The cut was dissociated (I.e. Open/gash) it's about 7cm long and 0.5inches deep. I didn't see the doctor for that... It took me about a week and a half to have it stop bleeding. It had redness all aroun...


Can I go to an Urgent Care to have a doctor prescribe birth control?

I am wanting to get on birth control but I no longer have my own doctor that I go to. So am I able to go to an Urgent Care to get a presciption?


is keeping everything inside healthy?

if it isnt. how do i express myself more?it gets to the point where i ge so mad i cry and sometimes when im sad i cry and goto sleep.


How long does sperm stay in your body?

I was wondering how long sperm stays in your body and if he ejaculate in me today and yesturday does them amount of sperm double up in me or what

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Can going outside after shower cause pneumonia?

Can you catch Pneumonia from taking a shower then stepping outside in shorts and a sleeveless shirt when it is cool out, and staying out there for 30-60 minutes?


Why is my husband having dreams about me being pregnant?

Infertility runs in my family. We have been trying for about 3 months now and all of my pregnancy tests are negative, yet I am well over two weeks late now


Why am I spitting so much?

It started two weeks ago, spitting non stop. I'm spitting out saliva like water. I tried chewing gum but it just make me spit more. Every minute I'm spitting. What the hell is wrong with me?


Why use celebrex?

Difference between celebrex and vicodin


Food stuck in throat

Okay so I was eating beef jerky and a piece is lodged in my throat, it feels like its in the middle. I've tried drinking water, eating other food, relaxing my throat, everything it could think off. Has this happened to anyone else? How did you get it u...


Can tablets make you more emotional?

I was given tablets by the doctor to stop my period while I went on my two holidays and I need to take 3 a day but I have been like an emotional wreck since I started taking them.. the littlest things will send me either into anger or tears.. i started...


I took ecstacy

today I just took ecstacy for the firstt time... and I have a physical test on saturday... will it show??? and how long will it take to not show?


Sober up on ectacy

I know that sounds bad -- but my friend is getting hela thizzed tomarro and she gonna ave to go home sooner or later -- and she wanna go home the day she takes the e pill-- what the quickest way to sober up --- that isnt water

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What is the term for women getting fixed?

I want to know what is the term for women getin fixed to where she can't have anymore kids


how do I sober up from ecstacy?

how do I sober up from ecstacy? does drinking milk help?

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Why do I cry when I cough?

I have a cold btw. Just from my left eye like legit tears


Why do I hump things?

Okay, sometimes when I'm alone at my house.. I usually take of my clothes, and HUMP things? I do it because it feels good. I don't know why I do it. I can't help it either! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME. How do I stop? Why am I doing this? And how do I stop?

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Inner thigh odor and anus odor

Hello everyone first off I want to say that it has taken me a very long time to finally ask for help with my emabarresing situation.

I am a 22 year old male and I have a serious problem with sweating coming from my groin area and my anus the sweat doe...


Do you remember what happened after you were high on weed?

I've never smoked and was just thinking about it. I mean obviously with drinking you most likely won't remember it, but what about marijuana?


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