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  1. Why is there a stigma about getting therapy for mental health?
    Admitting to having a mental health issue or seeking for assistance on the same can be extremely difficult. What makes matters even worse are the stigmas surrounding mental health problems. People believe that having conditions related to one’s mental ...
    6 19
  2. 23 Health Myths to Stop Believing In As Soon As Possible
    As we move about with our daily routines, we come across a number of rules and regulations that help guide us to a healthier lifestyle. Many-a-times, these rules turn out nothing more than purely fictional myths that we have been lured into believing e...
    24 165
  3. What is a Holistic Wellness Centre?
    These days there is a lot about "Holistic Wellness Centers". But what do these places do? What kinds of service are available? And what can you get fixed there? All your questions are answered in this guide from one such [Holistic Wellness Centre](h...
    8 50
  4. Guide to get a medical cannabis prescription in Canada
    After Health Canada introduced regulations to safe access to medical marijuana, there is now another alternative way for health. But because of certain regulations, it's not just a walk into a store to get it. Using this guide, you’ll find out how you ...
    7 54
  5. 7 Questions & Answers about Hypnotherapy
    Hypnotheraphy has had the reputation of being a little "woo-woo" for quite some time. But studies have proven to be many times more effective than typical Behavioral Therapy or Psychoanalysis. For example, hypnotherapy has a 93% success rate after o...
    9 45
  6. Foods to Help Boost your Immune System in the Age of the Corona Virus
    During the current spread of COVID-19, many people have taken steps to protect themselves externally, but how about internally? Preventing the virus completely may not be possible yet but there is something we can do, build our immune system.
    7 189
  7. A simple guide to everyday prevention of the Coronavirus
    The world is in a panic over Covid-19 (Novel Corona Virus). While it does make sense to be careful, it does not make sense to panic. So with that in mind here is our simple guide to minimizing the risk of getting the virus. Funadvice has prepared th...
    8 144
  8. What is Fertility: Infertility Causes, Treatment
    Learn more about the common causes of infertility, how easy it can be to organise a Consultation and Tests, and the range of fertility treatments available.
    9 95
  9. Dangers of buying Xanax online
    Xanax is the most recommended medicine for anxiety and panic disorder.
    1 84
  10. 7 Ways How Green Coffee Make You Happier and Energetic
    Green coffee beans are the coffee seeds obtained from the coffee fruit which are not roasted yet. The green colour comes from the chemicals present in the coffee bean whose name is chlorogenic acid.
    10 181
  11. The Ultimate Health Benefits of Amla Extract
    Amla or Indian Gooseberry is one of the main ingredients used in all the ayurvedic tonics and medicines.
    10 81
  12. how to NOT kill yourself
    some people want to hurt themselves and because they do that they die. i know this because i almost died from cutting myself because life is hard.
    4 76
  13. Here Is How Gymnema Extract Can Help In Weight Loss
    Gymnema Sylvestre is a medicinal herb that grows in the forests of India, Africa, and Australia. It is used for treating various health issues and one of them is weight loss.
    5 64
  14. What are Some Do's and Dont's of Pregnancy
    When being first time pregnant, your first priority becomes taking care of your child. With this new responsibility its good to know how to take care of yourself for a healthy pregnancy while avoiding mishaps.
    7 74
  15. Amazing Benefits of A Watermelon
    The watermelon is a tropical fruit renowned for its delicious taste and thirst-quenching ability. It has been enjoyed by many all over the world and with a lot of varieties of watermelon to choose from, there is bound to be one that you would enjoy.
    1 33
  16. How Age Affects Fertility in Women
    Age is an important factor in case of fertility issues. Age is having a major effect on female fertility when compared to men. For men age is not an important factor as it does not impact their fertility. Generally a decline in sperm is seen after 45 y...
  17. What are Some Myths about Pregnancy?
    When having a first-time pregnancy there can be many myths and lies you can hear about being pregnant. In this guide, there might be a few you've heard but been unsure about. Here are some answers to some common myths.
    14 41
  18. How to Find a Piercer
    Have you recently considered getting a piercing? But you're not so sure how to find a good piercer, more importantly, a safe one. In this guide, we will give you some advice on how to find one.
    8 37
  19. Why am I so anxious?
    Anxiety generally comes from not having enough information about a situation that is yet to come. Here are some tips on how to reduce anxiety without taking medication or illegal drugs.
    7 28
  20. What are Some Possible Pregnancy Complications
    In pregnancy despite taking the utmost care of yourself, complications are sometimes unavoidable. In this guide, we list some of the pregnancy complications you could possibly experience and how to deal with them.
    12 35
  21. What are the DONT'S and DO's of Piercing Healing
    Have you recently gotten anew piercing and are unsure of how to safely let it heal? Maybe the piercer didn't give you all the tips and tricks on keeping your fresh piercing safe. This guide will give you advice on how to have a healthy piercing healing.
    8 36
  22. Steps to Take if you Think your Pregnant
    Do you feel as if an embryo inside of you? There are many emotions to the thought of possibly being pregnant, but what do you do if you think that there's a high chance that you are. Keep reading to know.
    7 39
  23. Great Ways to Deal with Morning Sickness
    As your baby grows your body goes throw many effects. One of these notable beginning effects is morning sickness, which as well can be annoying. Read this guide if you need some tips to deal with it.
    6 41
  24. How to Tell if You have a Piercing Infection or Rejection
    If you are unsure if your new piercing is in the clear or it's getting weird, maybe its time to read this guide to identify if you have an infection.
    9 49
  25. Be cool,choose jaipuri salwar kameez for trendy wear?
    Hai friends,are you in hurry to choose a trendy wear salwars,get relaxation by choosing the jaipuri salwar kameez for trendy wear from unnatisilks. It was offering good quality products and also unnati is providing discounts on different fabrics onc...
    2 14
  26. Why do I keep getting my period?
    Sorry if this is gross, but until recently, it's always been regular. My periods are normally about a month and a half a part, but recently they've been coming really early. Last month it came back after only two weeks and then it came after only one w...
    2 27
  27. weird question work
    okay this is all theoretical likeness , but if a human were to be possessed, and then were to mate with another human. would that human and possessed human's baby be part demon?
    2 38
  28. What is vagina tightening? Where I can get information about vagina tightening?
    2 851
  29. dating someone who does weed helppppp
    i'm starring to see this guy who used to do weed but he studing to be a cop so he said he stopped . but he says that if it becomes legal he ll do it again my parents will disappointing if they find out . he is really a nice guy very gentleman a...
    2 53
  30. is there a way to prevent hiccups?
    I get hiccups everyday at least twice. They can be painful sometimes so does anyone know a way to prevent them from happening?
    5 37
  31. Really boils my blood when a person passes away for no reason :/
    2 10
  32. How long does it take to get an MRI? And what do you have to do?
    I'm getting an MRI done tomorrow and I'm slightly nervous, not knowing what to expect o-o
    6 26
  33. I can see the resemblance haha =) She's going to be 1 next month.
    I cant even wrap my head around that.
    4 24
  34. Between you and your partner, how is the labour of taking care of your children
    divided? Who brings them to school? Takes them to the doctor's? Pack lunches, make dinners? Bathes? Etc.
    2 8
  35. Once again I'm on new meds. Wellbutrin and abilify. Anyone try these before ?
    9 14
  36. do you know why women usually live longer than men?
    its because it takes women longer to get ready!!!! Ha ha
    2 11
  37. What is the risk of a tonsillectomy?
    2 16
  38. What is my full potential for growth?
    I am 13 and I'm so far 5'2 1/2'' My dad is 6'2 1/2'' and my mom is 5'1'', so I'm not sure how height is going to turn out. I want to grow to be 5'7'' and above, as I really want to be a runway model. i haven't really gone through a giant growth spur...
    3 144
  39. how can i get pregnant besides the obvious answer?
    me and my soon to be husband have been tryin to get pregnant for several months and no luck i can't understand why i'm pretty much healthy as a horse any ideas why i can't seem to conceive?
    2 14
  40. Holy, it's so cold. The temperature suddenly dropped and now it is freezing!
    I tried to scratch my itchy nose and I couldn't feel it because it was so numb. xD
    4 13
  41. Writing things down on paper when going to the doctor?
    I'm going to the doctors soon. It'll be my second visit as on the first one he said that I might have depression. On the first I was nervous and didn't say most of the things I wanted to. I thought about noting down everything and bringing the note in ...
    4 21
  42. are electronic cigarettes really safer than real cigarettes?
    4 41
  43. Why do my bones crack when I bend
    8 70
  44. I'm 20years old its my first pregnancy.
    how do I tell my parents I'm pregnant? I'm 20years old its my first pregnancy and I don't know how their going to react ... The baby dad ain't here as much as I thought he would be. I have my first ultrasound on December 9th ill be 8 weeks
    2 12
  45. Do you get enough sleep?
    5 17
  46. Why is my left breast smaller than my right?
    My left breast appears to be smaller than my right breast, I would say around a cup size smaller. I'm 15 years old. Will they always be like this? Does anybody know why they are like this?
    2 44
  47. What should I do? Am I okay?
    Recently I've been feeling depressed. I used to go out with this guy called Frankie last year around christmas time and we weren't friends for a long time when we split up (3 months later). After a while we became best friends again and didn't have any...
    2 12
  48. Some advice, please?
    I don't really know how to explain to my mum that I'm sad. Whenever I try to she just says to wait through it and I'll get over it. I often feel so sad that I just don't feel like doing anything, and when I do, my mum thinks that I can't be bothered en...
    3 17
  49. Is it normal that I'm having suicidal thoughts because of my height?
    I'm a 19yo caucasian male and I'm 5'9. Being this short gives me such a big inferiority complex. I always see women taller than me, and it makes me feel a speck of dirt. I can't live with myself and I hate myself. Should I just kill myself?
    7 55
  50. Kay guys i know i haven't been on in a while... things have gotten BAD.
    Okay mom has now threatened to make me swallow dawn dish soap (which i know can kill you because it dehydrates you horribly) all because i said a small cuss word (dammit isn't that bad of a word is it?) because i had slammed my hand on the wall by acci...
    3 30
  51. Second period this month ?
    So this might be a little graphic, sorry. My period started on the first, and ended on the fourth. Earlier today my period started again ? Except it wasn't normal, it wasn't a lot of blood but a lot of very thick brown discharge. Yesterday I was having...
    10 35
  52. sudden bowel movement?
    I am so embarrassed right now! Just before i had a sudden unexpected bowel movement. Like sudden slight diarrhea in my pants =( What could have caused this???
    3 72
  53. how bad do you think marijuana really is, honestly?
    7 44
  54. Major clotting while on period?
    I have had quite a few blood clots today... more that usual.. and it is only day 1 of my period... I think I might have something wrong? is this normal? my flow today is super heavy...
    2 67
  55. Poop. I don't even want to take my meds anymore.
    Can the world just stop so I can sleep for a decade lol
    3 19
  56. Why does your level of fitness relate to your health?
    3 23
  57. how to deal with having emotional irregularity disorder
    I have lately being told that I have emotional irregularity disorder. Don't know how to take it. What do I do??
    7 93
  58. I'm A Boy But I Feel Like A Girl, I Do Girl Stuff,and I Like Guys, I Also Get Period Symptoms What Is This?
    4 61
  59. Do you think I'm affected by the seasons?
    So this is kinda strange and personal as well. I love the fall and winter, hate the spring and summer. However, for the past 3 years I've felt depressed every fall and winter? Maybe a bit during the other seasons too but not as badly. I cut myself for ...
    3 20
  60. should i see a GP?
    I'm currently 13 and I've been having panic attacks about death since I was very small. Lately I've been having them regularly and its been driving me insane. On Thursday my mums seeing her GP and she said she'll mention it to her. Is that a good ide...
    4 18
  61. Sister and I have bad eczema?
    My sister has had severe eczema mixed with dermatitis (may have Psoriasis on knees) for her entire life. It's all over her body. She is in a lot of pain all the time. She doesn't sleep very well, and she has gotten bullied for it, her grades have fal...
    2 44
  62. What should I do about my friend doing Ecstasy?
    My friend recently started snorting ecstasy. I'm really worried about her. She's very weak due to her cystic fibrosis. She isn't the healthiest thing. I want to tell someone about this; but I'm scared she'll end up finding out it was me. She's doing it...
    2 31
  63. How expensive is dental care in Germany?
    Can someone give me information on the Dental care?
    2 11
  64. Red mark on my neck!!
    You know sometimes how you go to sleep and wake up and see marks on your skin that you just can't explain? Well this is what has happened to me. I woke up with a red mark on my neck closer to my collar bone but I didn't notice it until my boyfriend poi...
    5 85
  65. Why did I miss my period?
    Why did I miss my period? Last month I had my period and just started dating this one guy. A few weeks ago we started fooling around and everything and it led to some serious stuff. Im still a virgin and all but when we messed around he put it in an...
    3 42
  66. What are your opinions on abortion?
    I don't want to start an argument so please don't complain what other people say. They are allowed an opinion:) I'm just curious what other people thoughts..opinions..views are?
    6 15
  67. Could I be pregnant?
    My husband and I are trying to have another baby. We already have 3. We tried on the first day of my fertile time period. I have had a few thing I have looked at as signs of possible pregnancy but I would like other opinions. First, I will eat and eat ...
    2 20
  68. do i have bipolar disorder
    sorry I haven't been on in a while, but do any of you have any idea what is wrong with me? I have a lot f the symptons for bipolar disorder, but I don't fluxuate beween maniac and depression for several weeks at a time, it is more of a few days or a we...
    2 36
  69. Off to the Planned Parenthood in a while. Got a few questions!
    So as you know, I am going to Planned Parenthood in a while. I have a few questions: 1. Are they going to do an ultrasound the first time? Can we get pictures if they do? 2. What ARE they going to do? 3. Does my mom have to be in the room? ...
    2 12
  70. How to cure a steam burn?
    I burnt my hand a while ago and it really hurts. It isn't broken skinned or anything, and was caused by steam from a pot. How do I cure it? It is partially red and feels like fire! UPDATE ON PREVIOUS POST ABOUT PREGNANCY: I told my mom, and she...
    5 40
  71. Fifteen and pregnant! Help me please?
    Let me explain before you judge. I was going out for dinner with a few friends of mine, and my boyfriend. We got to subway (most of us are HUGE subway fans, so we were eating dinner there) and my best friend's boyfriend ordered, and paid. And blah b...
    8 41
  72. I forgot to take my BC pill at 6pm, am I okay to just take one now?
    Likewise as the title says. I just started taking this brand called "Beyaz" and it's fine but forgot to take it at 6 tonight and it's over an hour! I just took one once I remembered it, but how should I do this now? Am I safe still until next Wednesday...
    2 41
  73. what does it mean when your doctor tells you your pregnancy test is negative so far and the medicine he prescribes you wont hurt the baby?
    My friend said it could be i have high hormones and im pregnant but it was too early to fully see it. idont know how true that is though
    2 16
  74. How much estrogen level is required to confirm menopause?
    76 58
  75. Got stuck with a used needle at the thrift store?!
    I was at the thrift store about six months ago, and there was a used diabetic's needle, which at the time I did not realize that, as I thought it was a key chain lazer. Seeing as I am an idiot, I stuck my finger over the end to make it light up, but in...
    9 44
  76. 8 months pregnant, had hit of joint for the first time?
    I am currently 8 months pregnant (due Oct. 3, 2013) and last night for the first time since I found out that I was pregnant in February, I had four to five hits from a joint that my fiance and his friend who suffers from MS were sharing. I have not smo...
    7 34
  77. How to stay awake during class?
    No matter how hard I try I always fall asleep in class!! I sit in the front of all my classes.What are some things that can help me stay awake?
    5 37
  78. Some time I feel my heart beat like clock ticking in my throat ? What is it?
    2 100
  79. Has anyone tried Visatril, Geoden, or Prozac?
    I was taken off of my other meds cold turkey a month ago (Seroquel & Lexapro) and today they just gave me these 3 new meds. I gained about 14 pounds while on Seroquel and Lexapro and I haven't been able to lose it and now I'm absolutely terrified some ...
    3 31
  80. What's the BEST way to get THC out of your system?
    I'm 5'2 nd 102 lbs. My bro tried Niacin nd said it worked, I read that Vitamin E nd green tea works. Also, I drink water every day nd I haven't smoked in about a week.
    9 75
  81. My whole tongue burns super bad when I eat certain things ?
    So this has only been going on for about a week, certain things that I usually eat just fine burn my tongue so bad to the point where I have to stop eating it. I was eating some alfredo pasta with some garlic powder in it today and it was burning so ba...
    3 60
  82. is my toe sprained?
    ok i was running about then i kicked the edge of my bed REALLY HARD and it went swollen and really painful. then numb and tingly. this morning i went to school and i couldnt walk because it was that bad and still swollen. i cant tell if if discoloured ...
    2 24
  83. How come I don't feel any pain or emotions when I'm on my period?
    I've noticed after I gave birth when I was 19 years old that I don't feel any pain when I'm on my period and neither do I get any emotions. I rather feel like my normal self. But I've heard that a lot of women grow mood swings and menstrual cramps duri...
    2 34
  84. out of your 5 senses, which is your favorite?
    4 26
  85. Birth Control question!
    So I've been on birth control for about 2 and a half years, but about 3 months ago I switched over the a new brand. (not really relavent but oh well)... My periods are super irregular so my packs don't always match period always exceeds the 5...
    2 21
  86. What is the one troublesome emotion that you struggle with the most?
    And what are your plans to fix it? I'll just tell ya all right now for me it's worry. What do you deal with?
    5 11
  87. I get angry ALOT. how can i let out my anger without destroying anything???
    when I get angry I feel like breaking something. counting backwards, deep breaths and all that stuff doesn't help. what can I do?
    4 19
  88. does this sound like a reaction to a minor allergy?
    Before anyone says go to a doctor, I'm in a different country, I don't speak the language, not many people speak English here, and so I'd rather try a few things myself first before resorting to a doctor. I've been getting random really bad chapped lip...
    3 15
  89. Can jamaica kill me?
    My friends were smoking something that seems like a cigarette. I told them that I wanted to try once. They gave it to me with a weird look, maybe an afraid look I don't know. Then I asked them what the thing was. They said it was jamaica. 5 minutes lat...
    3 40
  90. I lied about birth control?
    I just had my period, so in the moment I thought it would be fine, now I am paranoid. Should I tell him, or wait it out?
    2 31
  91. how can i make my skin stop pelling?
    a few days ago a white spot apear above my eyebrow and then it started pelling an it lookks like caspa but in my face. how can i stop it?
    2 18
  92. Did I get my period???
    So, just yesterday the walls of my vagina hurt. I felt a bit light headed today and I've found brown stains in my undies. Is this my period? I'm 14 so I know I'm old enough to get it. I figured if I put a tampon in and left it for a couple hours it wou...
    9 55
  93. shooting pains/cramping stomach and back. Sore nipples/boobs and head aches?
    For over a month ive had shootin paines on and off in my lower back and sides of stomach an below my right boob as of yesterday. Ive had nausea, bad head aches, cramping and aching in lower stomach and lower back all for over a month these past couple ...
    2 446
  94. does seeing others happy make you happy?
    5 42
  95. Why am I afraid to sleep?
    Ok... So for the past few days i cant sleep, its not that i am scared of the dark or that someone will come when i am sleeping... It's just that I don't feel safe sleeping or something like that... I cannot really explain it :L The only time i get rest...
    2 69
  96. How to tackle the hot flashes?
    Please do not suggest any medical procedures, instead mention some effective and natural way to ease off the flashes that spreads heat across the body. Thanks.
    2 49
  97. Really need a healthy way to express big emotions
    A little back story might be necessary but to start with I'm trans - this probably does have something to do with my initial question but it might not. Anyway it started about the time I finally got into sorted everything out for that, lets call it a c...
    2 20
  98. How to stop cutting?
    6 47
  99. I've been getting discharge for 5 weeks now, what do I do?
    Last month, I missed my period and started getting a dark red/brown discharge instead. It's been going on for 5 weeks now, and I told my doctor, who said that it's just an imbalance and it will regulate itself. Still, I feel really angry that every tim...
    2 76
  100. 17 with braces!?
    So, I am getting Braces in November, and I will be 17 by September. All of these 13 year olds are already having their braces on and off and then there is me. So, my mom and I talked, and being so old, I don't want braces for a long time, especially fo...
    8 59
  101. Is there something wrong with my female parts???
    So, this is really awkward for me to talk about but I'll do it. I started developing breasts when I was 9. I started getting pubic hair and discharge when I was 11. I'm 14 now and I still haven't got my period. Should I be worried? And please, if you k...
    3 9
  102. Is my foot broken or bruised?
    Last night I tripped and fell into a stand with my printer on it. Pretty much, I managed to knock the printer over and it fell directly on the top of my foot. It's swollen and bruised but I can barely walk on it or wiggle my big toe. I attached a pi...
    4 30
  103. I forgot to take my pill
    Basically, I forgot to take my birth control pills for about 2 weeks now. Would it be more safe/ make more sense to just start on my new month of pills? And how long do you think it would take for them to be effective? I've heard a week, a month, three...
    2 37
  104. what illness could this be? please help :(
    what would be an illness where you are very violent and feel like evwryone is ag I found out his true self.. What everyone has been hiding from me.. He threatens to kill people, he goes insane when he dosnt get what he wants, he lies, he is very violen...
    2 24
  105. Does my grandmother need to go to the hospital?
    Lately she had been getting out of breath easily, from walking across a room or other short activities like that. She refuses to see a doctor saying she is fine and just out if breath from the movement. This morning however she was woken up by her her ...
    6 20
  106. The only good thing I've got out of my anti depressants is weight loss.
    I was 128 when I started it, now I'm 119. Woohooo.
    2 14
  107. How do I control my anxiety and borderline depression?
    I'm nearly and left school as a senior just over a year ago and having been working sinse I left - I'm going to college in September. But when I was at school I didn't have alot of friends, I was friendly with lots of people but they weren't friends or...
    2 19
  108. would you donate a kidney for a friend?
    let's say your friend whom you're tight with is dying of kidney issues, would you donate one pair of your kidney to them?
    2 26
  109. can i have an illness if my breasts never grew?
    I'm 17 almost 18 and I have nothing. Some girls complain about having an A cup.....well I still don't fit into bras, but my nipples stick out and I have no idea what to do. Puberty was normal for me, on time, except my breasts. They're 31 and a half in...
    5 83
  110. What are some popular ways on how to pass a urine test?
    What are some popular ways on how to pass a urine test?
    2 1231
  111. Why does my car continue to shake? when I stop or when the car is in park?
    I have new brakes, new tires, new rotors. I just got an oil change. My steering wheel shakes & vibrates when I have the car in park or in reverse or when I am stopping at a red light. I have a Honda Accord 1998 thanks for the help!
    4 14
  112. Can anybody tell me in detail regarding passive smoking ?
    I am not aware regarding passive smoking and ill effects it has on a human health. Can anyone educate me on this topic ?
    2 24
  113. I want to ask my friend to ask a boy out for me. But im worried she will laugh!
    Ok so im almost fourteen and i really like this boy, and i think he might like me back. So i want to ask my friend to ask him out for me. Im worried she will laugh because he isnt very cute (but he isnt ugly) and im worried she might tell people i like...
    2 15
  114. My hymen? Did I ever have one? How do I tell?
    Um, so, I never remember losing my hymen... I mean, I have stuck stuff 'up there' but, ya... I don't have anything there. Was I born without one?
    3 106
  115. what are the most common antidepressants for teens?
    2 11
  116. can a mass in the liver be cancerous?
    I took my mom to a GI because of the discomfort shes been receiving. They found by doing an MRI a solid ball? the doc. said its not a cyst for sure cause its not a sac filled with liquid. I am worried?? the doc. said a "notshol" excuse the spelling sh...
    3 27
  117. How can I tell if my cut is infected? I'll post a pic of it in case it helps.
    This happened to my knee two days ago when I fell rollerblading. It stings pretty much constantly and when I take bandages off it still looks like it might be bleeding or something because the bandage has yellow and pink fluid on it. It bled a LOT when...
    3 29
  118. how to be flexible on your period
    Okay, So it's summer!! but unfortunately its also shark week :/ I talked to my mom about wearing Tampons and she said that I couldn't. So if i wanna do stuff like run, laugh really hard (which i do alot) and do splits and stuff like that, is there any ...
    2 34
  119. what does "use good hand mean?"
    so my doc gave me hand exercises cause i was complaining of th eon and off pain from my right shoulder. and i was reading the exercises he wants me to and it keeps saying "good hand" is that the right or the one without the pain?
    2 45
  120. What or how to feel better with an irritated stomach?
    Yesterday I ate two bowls of soup and it was spicy. To top it off I ate two oranges. All of that was around 7-00-9:00 p.m. and I slept at 1 in the morning. I woke up with a stomach ache at 4 in the morning and went number 2 two times and I couldn't eat...
    3 33
  121. How to deal with stress the right way?
    Lately I have been under alot of stress the only way I know of handling it is by taking a handful of pills. Now I don't want to go back to taking pills with alcohol. I have been clean 4 years now. What's positive ways to relieve stress? Instead of gett...
    5 21
  122. My boobie hurts?
    I just noticed some hours ago my right boob hurt bad. My left one has no pain but the right one hurts. I think I have a bump and it's slightly below the nipple. I'm scared what of it's cancer? It doesn't hurt if I leave it alone and forget about it but...
    5 53
  123. Should I tell my counsellor
    I have depression and am currently seeing a counsellor to help. I started cutting myself last week and I don't know if I should tell my counsellor. I am living with family friends atm and they don't have any children but the man saw my cuts and told me...
    4 21
  124. Have any of you been on Lexapro before ?
    I start my first dosage tomorrow. I've read online that it made some people gain weight, but it made others lose their appetite and they lose weight. I'm already taking green tea vitamins to slow down the appetite. I'm horrified of gaining any weight r...
    7 27
  125. What role does personality play in baviour?
    I am doing and ISU for my Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology class, and for the begining of my 5 page essay I need to introduce personality, The importance of it, and the role it plays in our behaviour. Any ideas?
    2 20
  126. How did I become pregnant after Tubal Ligation?
    I have two choices Tubal Reversal and IVF but I am confused which is best between these procedures Tubal Reversal & IVF? Can anyone tell me about it?
    2 55
  127. Am i Anorexic? Or developing Anorexia?
    Hi, im 13 year old girl and i think i may be developing anorexia. I REALLY dont want to sound like an attention seeking teenager i actually believe i may have a problem. It only started like 5 weeks ago but i'm still curious. I'm sorry but i dont know...
    3 42
  128. I think I need therapy, but am poor (in college) and don't have insurance
    I feel that I am ugly. There's really only one thing to do: therapy. Every woman feels ugly from time to time, but the fact that I'm dwelling on it makes me think that talking to a professional will help. My self-esteem seems to be at an all-time low a...
    6 36
  129. Help? First baby, and not sure wether its time or not!
    The past few days I have been having stronger contraptions, and this morning they are worse. I am 38 weeks as of yesterday. Should I call my husband so he can take me into the hospital, or do you think it can wait a few days? By the way, we are expecti...
    4 16
  130. Really, super, duper, absolutly, confused and scared?!!? Don't call me crazy......
    Ok, please don't call me crazy, because I know I'm not.... It all started when I was in the shower this morning... Ok so I was washing my hair, and I felt like my legs were sticking themselves together.... Don't get me wrong, this freaking sc...
    8 24
  131. Red wine is really good for health?
    4 19
  132. My period is late-ish! Is this normal?
    Ok, so normally I have my period between the 10th and the 20th of each month. Its the 17th, and this is the latest I've ever had it between those to dates. I'm just nervous, because I haven't had any signs that it is going to start soon. Is this normal?
    6 139
  133. Why do I have white stuff in my underpants?
    It's hard and yellowish.
    3 372
  134. Is there any way to get rid of a bad migraine?
    I got woken up this morning by a really really bad migraine (didn't even know that it were possible to get a migraine in your sleep) It made me feel nauseous. I slept a few hours since I woke up but it's still there, not as bad but still very distracti...
    5 27
  135. Is it bad if I can hear my heartbeat?
    Well, in the past 2 days all i had eaten was 1 almond and 3 grapes, but when i got home today i pigged out on like everything in the kitchen. After that, when ever i stood up or walked around i could feel and hear my pulse in my ears. This lasted for s...
    4 57
  136. how do i increase my memory?
    GOD my memory is terrible. I forget EVERYTHING. like today i went to the doc cause i was having stomach problems and when i got home my mom asked what the doc said and i totally forgot VERY DANG word.i blanked out. its so serious, i keep forgetting the...
    2 14
  137. stomach pains urge to push
    Does anyone else get a pain once a month where you just feel the urge to push, and keep.needing the toilet for number 2 ? And when you go it's only a Little bit and not soild and you keep having to go ? And it makes your bum sore, sorry if tmi info jus...
    6 63
  138. How can I let my doctor know that I'm serious?
    Okay, every time I go to the doctor they say I'm perfectly fine. I've been dealing with extreme chest pain once in a while since March. It's so bad that I can hardly breathe. It's like they think I'm faking it or something. She didn't even do any tests...
    12 22
  139. what are your thoughts on the Plan B being available without a prescription
    And for it to be available to kids that are so young (15), good idea or?
    3 14
  140. whats a fertility clinics? what do they do?
    2 17
  141. How are girls not afraid of bloating? or how do they prevent it?
    Me, I weight about 105 lbs and about 5'6 and I'm absolutely terrified of bloating when I'm in a bikini or anything that reveals my stomach. Yet I see girls prancing around nowadays in see through tops, and little belly tops as every day clothing. Do...
    4 21
  142. just curious, can your partner find out your taking control birth pills or the doc? for EXAMPLE: my bf wants me to have kids and i pretend i want
    4 13
  143. What does this mean?
    I've been having out of character mood swings and some other things as well Symptoms Mood swings usually (from happy to sad or annoyed) feeling alone I'll cry about stupid things feeling of failure this has been happening on and off for ab...
    3 12
  144. I feel really self conscious about my boobs?
    Ok, so I'm 17 I have a 32DD bra size which I thought was an alright size although they seems smaller cos i'm tall/quite broad shouldered, but most of my close friends are v. curvy and make jokes about how small mine are in comparison- they're only mess...
    4 162
  145. A cut on my throat?
    I have this mad pain when i swallow food, drinks or just saliva.. I think it's toward the top left of my mouth, next too my tonsils but its a little hard too tell.. It's not just a sore throat because I know what that is like and this is completely dif...
    2 48
  146. Why do i keep dreaming about toilets?
    5 35
  147. how do i grow up?
    i understand everyone has to but for me im so scared to... and i just dont know how to get past it... as a child my dad has protected me soooo much like i was usually home cause he worked alot and even when he was home he dident want me really going an...
    5 39
  148. would gallstones cause you to have severe abdominal cramps?
    4 21
  149. Strong and painful cramps after period?
    I've been having strong and painful cramps after my period, I just ended my period a couple of days ago. Thursday maybe and I am still having very bad cramps. They are in my lower stomach on the right side and sometimes I feel it all through my back an...
    2 31
  150. What to do about a really bad dry cough making me feel like throwing up?
    The back of my throat feels so dry that it constantly feels like something is nudging the back of my throat and it is constantly making me feel like I need to throw up. When I cough, it makes it even worst. What can I do to make it feel a little better?
    8 41
  151. period was late but came. was short.
    Hi just looking for a little bit if advice, my period was due 20 march 13 I was late with cramping right up too 30 march when my p decied to show it was a normal p as I usually really heavy with really bad cramps I had mild cramps my p lasted for 2-3 d...
    4 65
  152. how to cure dizziness from high blood preassure?
    My momma has had high blood pressure and is dizzy a lot. Today she woke up and her blood pressure was high as hell( 176-104), it's been going down gradually but she's REALLY dizzy. No matter what it doesn't go away. Also she her right ear hasn't been t...
    3 22
  153. how can i store lead metal safely?
    lead is poisonous if exposed to it over time, the fumes, powder, or touch. Would containing it in plastic eg tupper wear, or something similar to a plastic milk bag remove these potential effects? if not, what would?
    2 23
  154. What can i do if my dental crown fell off?
    I have this dental crown for 2 years but its kind of loose i dont know what to do and the dentist wouldnt even remember me now what do you suggestme tell me please and also tell me if there is something that i can buy in the pharmacy for this thank you.
    4 50
  155. Can I file down my tooth myself?
    So I have one baby tooth that doesn't seem to want to come out. It has cracked, but that's about it. Yesterday night, I ate some jelly beans and 1/4 of my tooth came out. The tooth itself doesn't hurt the gum, however, its sharp and when I move my tong...
    3 64
  156. My girlfriend has diabetes...
    My girlfriend and I have been dating since January now. She told me about her diabetes before and what it is. I had a diabetes scare just last month where I passed out and was shaking and the doctors ran some tests and said it was a chance I have diabe...
    2 45
  157. Do you ever get tired of looking for help and no one comes?
    My life has been pretty much upside down for a while now and I've already tried to talk to people and everyone I try to talk to ignores me. I'm tired of looking for help from people because no one wants to help me. I don't know what to do anymore. ...
    3 45
  158. Day 2. No sleep at all.
    I've always had difficulty falling asleep. And last night, even though I had no sleep the previous night, I could not fall asleep despite my head pounding and feeling so tired I felt like puking. Anyone have some really really good tips to fall asleep?
    3 51
  159. How do you clear out negative energy?
    Sometimes there is just too much stress everywhere and people fill the air with their negative comments and thoughts. I find myself at times adding on to that negativity. How do I clear it out? Both internally and externally?
    6 14
  160. Is it true that since 2005, doctors have stopped cutting, burning and tying your tubes and only clamp them now?
    Yesterday afternoon one of my cousin-in-laws was telling me and my friend that when she went for a check up at her local health department, they got on the subject of the tubal ligation surgery and she told the nurse that she had it done and that she w...
    2 40
  161. i missed my period and when i stand up my lower belly is hard but when i lay down its soft but i feel weird. an i pregnant?
    6 250
  162. cant stop crying about a man being wipped.
    I know i sound pathetic but just saw a vid. of a 30 something year old being tied and joked around like a toy around other men. there were a group of men who tied him while laughing and taped while 2 guys spanked his behind, back, pulled his hair and ...
    5 25
  163. can the doc be wrong on your weight? the doc gave my dad a paper that says what ur weight is supposed to be based on your height. she gave it to
    3 23
  164. What do you call people who you can call for help with technical problems?
    What I mean is the people who sit on the other side of the phone and say something like "Hello this is Microsoft support your speaking with John how can I help you today?" That type of person?
    2 16
  165. Guy A used condom and didnt ejaculate Guy B did not use condom and ejaculated. Should I be worries who the father to my unborn child is or am i j
    3 133
  166. how long does torn bicep surgery take
    I just found out i tore my bicep tendon which is attached to my shoulder, well not anymore, and i possibly tore my labrum but they wont know until i am in surgery. I was wondering how long the actual procedure takes, i know my recovery is 6-8 weeks in ...
    2 48
  167. would this be considered a panic attack?
    this usually happens when im at school or on the bus sometimes ill be sitting there and all of a sudden my whole body changes. like today i was in class and it was like my palms started to get sweaty, my heart started racing, i felt like my lungs were ...
    2 17
  168. isnt having a hysterectomy supposed to stop endometriosis?
    ok real long story short, I had a hysterectomy about 15 months ago due to alot of problems with my endometriosis, well I went to my OB doc today and asked him, like I have been for the past 15 months why am I still having problems, so is the surgery su...
    4 9
  169. Can being friends with your ex harm future relationships?
    So ive recently broke up with my ex and were still friends, it was more of an agreement to break up cause theres no way it can work out.... well i really like this guy now and he likes me alot to.... but even though were not dating we talk about it... ...
    7 60
  170. what would cause my incision site to just now get red?
    as many of you know I had a hernia surgery about 6 weeks ago, well on one side of the incision site is getting red and warm to the touch, does anyone know what could cause it to be doing that now? Seems like that would have happened way before now if s...
    4 7
  171. is it ok to take expired Tylenol?
    I found a part of a bottle in my drawer, should I throw them out or?
    2 13
  172. am I anorexic??!!
    I'm a fourteen year old girl and I'm 6 stone and 5ft6. I don't eat lunch or breakfast and also only have a small tea. I bin and hide most of my food. Does this mean I'm anorexic?? HELP!
    3 39
  173. what would cause gas to smell real bad?
    ok so the past couple days when my daughter passes gas (farts) it smells so bad it makes me want to puke, should I get her checked out or is that normal, I have never smelled anything so bad in my life
    5 35
  174. Am i pregnant? I need help!
    I'm 19 and my fiance and I have been together for 3 months. My last period was on (1-27-13) i already obvulated like 2 days ago but ever since ive obvulated i've been getting cramps bad and its still not even close to my period yet. I didnt take a preg...
    2 28
  175. what can my daughters therapist tell me?
    So my daughter started therapy about 6 weeks ago and her therapist really won't tell me anything, so what all can her therapist reveal to me about what is troubling her?
    4 23
  176. What is better to use for the teeth plackers or dental floss?
    What do you think its more efficient to clean your teeth plackers or dental floss, Tell me please thank you,
    2 110
  177. Best Greens Drink for overall Health?
    <p> Any recommendations on which greens drink is the best for drinking throughout the day instead of just water? I am looking for something that I can supplement water with as I need to get on a serious health kick. Anyone using anything that they th...
    4 13
  178. is it to late to try to prevent a hangover after drinking a bit?
    I have only ever drank and got drunk once so I don't know a whole lot about this. But I drank on an empty stomach ( drank around 7:30pm and last ate at 11am) I had a shot of whiskey, than had a cider, than two smirnoff ices, and a bit of beer. Am I sc...
    3 29
  179. What is the main difference between ordinary wheelchair and Hoveround MPV5?
    What is the main difference between ordinary wheelchair and Hoveround MPV5
    2 44
    12 94
  181. how can i stop waking up with headaches?
    I have been waking up with them for about the past week or so, anyone know why that could be
    2 11
  182. i have no clue whats wrong with me.
    I have not been emotionally stable lately. I started self harm and fasting. I was so excited for my first ever concert and now I'm crying I don't want to go because I can't find a good stupid outfit. I've been crying myself to sleep for months now, and...
    4 26
  183. How do I become happy again and not think much?
    Someone please tell me how not not be depressed all the time because the lack of demand for my business and my products in the market anymore? and due to this stress how should I keep quiet when I don't like what the other person is saying instead of a...
    7 20
  184. Gluten & Lactose intolerance - what can I eat?!?
    I was wondering if there are any other gluteen/lactose intolerant people out there, what do you eat? I've just recently found this out and i'm kinda stuck on what to have, to be honest I'm more gluten intolerant than lactose I can have a bit of dairy ...
    2 26
  185. Do I look anorexic to you?
    I am frequently told that my waist makes me look "anorexic" and "sickly." I hate ignorant comments like that because I definitely do not desire to look like that and I don't think I do. As you can see I'm really not even that skinny overall, it's just ...
    3 61
  186. has this happen to you at all
    so lately i have been feeling like throwing up and whenever i get to the bathroom it never happens. it will happen randomly and depending on the food. i don't know why this is happening but would like to know if this has happend to you ? . thank you
    6 17
  187. How can stop alcohol drinking and smoking?
    what is side effect of alcohol of human body???
    4 30
  188. What happens If you swallow LISTERINE?
    2 101
  189. Heavy period after surgery?
    On the 18th of this month I had tubal ligation. Everything went great except I got a small infection from one of the outer incisions. No worries. However I just started getting spotting about 2 days ago and today full on got my period. The cramps hav...
    3 38
  190. I started twerkin.. next I was bleedin!! Can twerking cause bleeding??!!
    I know it sounds weird but recently I started to learn how to twerk, after d 2nd day my back started achin and out of nowhere my period started, although it was over before 10 days!! soo plzz guys can anyone tell me if that's normal or i should see a d...
    2 76
  191. Is there something wrong with me? (preferably girls only)
    I am on birth control, and if i miss even one pill, I get my period. It's been less than a month and I am on it for the second time. I usually get small clots, like really small, don't bother me. But within the past 3 hours I have had 6 kind of big clo...
    2 39
  192. What exactly happens during a girl's sports physical?
    I'm 16 and i haven't had one in a few years. I don't really remember what went on then. Do they make you take your clothes off? Or touch your breats or check down below? I'm going to a regular doctor's office. But also what do they check in general? I'...
    2 110
  193. What is it like being dyslexic?
    What Does Dyslexia look like through their eyes?
    2 62
  194. I think I might have depression.
    I had a dream the other day that my dog died, and then the next day she did. Do you think that's weird? And has something like this ever happened to you? Also, now I'm just kind of numb. I was upset at first, but now I'm nothing but numb. Btw, she was ...
    2 20
  195. How to trick husband into getting pregnant
    My husband wants another baby but I keep saying that I'm not ready and we need a house before we even try. But I want to surprise him with pregnancy when I am ready but don't want him to have any clue about it. How can I do it? And again, he wants it b...
    3 72
  196. what can i use to get the sticky from the surgery tape off my skin?
    I have alot of that sticky residue I can't get off, any suggestions?
    2 7
  197. Is any numbing gel any good for a tattoo?
    I'm really bad with sharp scratchy pain but I really want to get this tattoo and I've wanted it sinse I turned 18 last year as it Meens alot to me. Have any of you tryed it or know of anyone that has? Thanks!
    4 25
  198. I NEED HELP NOW!!
    yesterday i was the most stupid girl and was in a really depressed mood. I was in my room and everything got to me so i cut myself for the second time. At the time i thought it would just help somehow and if you've ever done it then you would understan...
    4 26
  199. Fever after tubal ligation?
    I have a fever of 99.3. I know that's kinda of mild but I've been having some chills. my abdomen and belly are extremely itchy and a bit swelled. But there's not much redness. I was told if I get a fever to go to the hospital. Is it normal to get a mil...
    6 116
    2 41
  201. Why did I get my period early?
    Woke up this morning and there it was. It came 20 days ago and it's back and I don't know why. It doesn't feel like a normal period with cramps or sensitive boobs and it's mothereffing brown
    2 16
  202. Question about bipolar episodes?
    Okay so here's the problem. I'm bipolar and am medicated for it. Now my issue is that I don't have many episodes anymore but I find that I tend to have the most episodes when I'm around my dad. So my question is, is it possible for someone to cause a b...
    4 8
  203. Do Overweight Women Live Longer? - Brendawatson
    2 12
  204. who do you complain to when your doc is treating you bad
    i made a appointment with a specialist..paid 300 dollars waited weeks till i got the appointment than 2 and half hours in the clinic.once doc came he didnt let me expalin my pain he only reviewed what i wrote on the question air and the mri results.i a...
    2 13
  205. Tubal ligation questions?
    I'm getting tubal ligation next friday. I was wanting to know what the pain is like after and if there are complications to worry about and any details about it would be great! thank you
    3 13
  206. is chicken and turkey meat hard to digest like red meat is?
    2 113
  207. pimple like bump on my right breast.
    I am 16 and I have had this pimple like bump before and I went to my dr and had him look at it and he popped it and puss and blood came out and it went away. that was about 3 to 4 months ago and ever since then it has been fine. But now it's here again...
    10 77
  208. How to prevent nightmares without medication?
    My friend struggles to sleep at night.. A hell of a lot has gone on with her recently & often it's too much for her to cope with.. Her parents disagree with her having any sort of tablets due too a suicidal attempt on Christmas. What other things can s...
    3 31
  209. I think I might be pregnant what to u do
    Just letting you no I'm with my bf but it is not his and I don't know who it is but haven't told my bf yet what do I do and how do u cope
    16 43
  210. what kind of q's can i ask orthopedic
    so tomorrow my bro is going to an ortho too see whether he needs a small surgery for his dent in the arm..what do i ask him beside "what are my treatment options ?
    2 12
  211. How to treat a tore of the inside of the mouth?
    On the left at the back of my mouth I have torn a little section of the inside of my mouth, the cut isn't that big and it isn't bleeding at the moment. I find it hard to brush my teeth that area as it touches it, and it generally is uncomfortable and s...
    5 123
  212. how to stop bleeding in your mouth?
    i got all four of my wisdom teeth removed this morning and my mouth wont stop bleeding. i ran out of those tissues to bite on and i stuffed my mouth to the max with them so i cant even fit more but i am still bleeding ... what do i do ];
    3 47
  213. Can I take tylenol 3 after percocet?
    I took 2 percocets about 5 hours ago but the pain came back pretty quickly. I want to take tylenol 3 now and I was wondering if it's too soon?
    6 116
  214. Would could this pain in my chest be? [Kinda' urgent!]
    I set my New Years resolution to loose weight & gain shape, however when I finished doing my sit ups I felt a horrible sort of clicking pain close to my bottom rib. I haven't a clue what it is, butting comes and goes, mainly comes when I'm not active &...
    4 16
  215. is prenatal viatmins for pregnant ladies only?
    my doc prescribed them ..i am not progo?
    4 71
  216. how can i go to sleep
    I can't go asleep early like if i go bed 10:30 i would sleep around about 3:00 am and i wake up late has anybody got a solution
    3 17
  217. Could someone explain to me what a panic attack is like?
    I haven't had one myself and I am writing a story. I need to know- if there is anyone out there to help- what happens, how do you feel and what do you do to overcome it? I have been reading online about it and there are many different stories, I'd just...
    2 30
  218. if liquor is supposed to dehydrate you why do you pee more when you drink?
    4 21
  219. Do I have an eating disorder?
    My parents have been going on lately about how I have an eatin disorder. It's got to the point where we have arguements and they watch me eat really closely. I don't think I do. I've always been skinny so I can't see it myself. I don't like food, it ki...
    3 28
  220. I'm a still a virgin?
    My boyfriend and I were messing around yesterday and he ask if he could put it in. I didn't hesitate, I wanted to see how it felt.. he put it in and went in three times and that's it. I didn't know if it was going deep because I was in pain, it hurt! S...
    5 1471
  221. how to try to hold it when you have to go pee
    i have 7 people living in the house. we only have 2 bathrooms. most of the time some one is in the bathroom when i have to go. thank you
    2 28
  222. Should I apply Ice or Heat?
    My knee's are always in pain, and always feel like they are swollen. It is 2am and I am about to cry because my one hurts so badly.... I need to sleep. Which would be best for it? Ice or heat?
    4 24
  223. are q-tips bad for dog to eat will the make it throw up or sick
    my dog like to eat q-tip i wont to know it will throw them up or puke the out or something
    3 96
  224. Why would it be okay to pop my back?
    I'm having really bad lower back pain and it started a few years ago from a fall but went away and has came back but worse and will not go away. I've been in Physical Therapy for 25 visits and it didn't get better. I went to see the spine specialist to...
    3 36
  225. my brothers sick
    Ok so he has a stuffy nose and pain in his stomach chest and head. Anyone have ideas of what i can do for him. Hes only 4! He needs help now!
    4 34
  226. How do you know?
    How do i know if i'm depressed or just going through hormonal changes or something? It seems that i go through these phases where i dont want to do anything or talk to anyone because everything is upsetting me. Also, i'm kind of pessimistic most of the...
    3 15
  227. what is the name of the surgery to get your tubes tied?
    what is the name of the surgery to get your tubes tied? for animals its neutering but i am pretty sure it is called something else for people. can you just go to my normal doctor and ask to get this done? or what is the doctor you go to for this?
    9 74
  228. i have a white thing on ma side of ma tongue what shall i do
    A couple of days ago I ma side of tongue started to hurt i saw one white bump on ma tongue what shall i do
    11 81
  229. Is anti-anxiety medication available anywhere over-the-counter?
    Or would I need a prescription to get it?
    2 12
  230. is it important to have a hernia removed ASAP or?
    I want to postpone my hernia surgery until after the holidays, would that be dangrous?
    3 15
  231. too much monsters and coffie?
    I drink about 5 monsters each month and 8 cups of coffie each month or a little bit more and my friends keep telling me I shouldn't drink so much of i because of health problems but im addicted to it! I have tryed to not drink so much but I just cant!!...
    2 24
  232. what should i be asking my surgeon about my hernia surgery?
    anything in particular I should be asking?
    2 16
  233. what causes you to wake up crying?
    Is it normal to do that? Its been happening with me for the past couple nights
    2 78
  234. my teeth really hurt my braces are killing help??
    so my teeth have been hurting i just got new colors 2 springs and my teeth really hurt and i cant go to sleep (trust me ive tried) so ya PLEASE HELP ME!!!
    5 41
  235. why cant he eat broccoli
    so this 27 year old guy told me the doc said he cant eat broccoli..forgot to ask why but made me wonder why would a doc ever say not to eat something so healthy?
    2 18
  236. My mom has pains in her stomach and she says they hurt like a bruise?
    Does anyone know whats wrong or can guess whats wrong? She has had 3 C-section and once a surgery. They were all a long time ago. She says the middle of her tummy hurts in a vertical way and she thinks its because her muscles have torn but we're not su...
    4 70
  237. Is it normal to shake, and have your heart beat accelerate?
    Whenever I'm around my crush, I can't help but get that heated throat feeling but if I'm around him for a long period of time it only intensifies, and my heartbeat grows faster [I've had many of my friends feel my chest] their eyes grow wide and the...
    2 35
  238. Sharp pain on side
    I've had this pain it's sort of on my back and side, it's come and go twice now, I guess it feels like a cramping pain but on my waist. When I apply pressure it fades but it comes back, it sort of throbs. It's really discomforting, should I see a doctor?
    2 27
  239. Why do I keep passing out?
    I am 12 years old perfectly healthy, i drink lots of water,I am not overweight, and I play many sports, so why do I pass out randomly? So far since summer I have only passed out three times but each time was out of the blue and completely random. The f...
    3 44
  240. do women go through a "mid life crisis" like men do?
    4 18
  241. Have any of you guys gotten blisters with bee stings?
    I was stung by a bee two days ago. I immediately got the stinger out. Yesterday my hand felt like it was on fire and my whole arm is swollen. Today when I woke up I have blisters all over my arm. Small fluid filled and the place of the stinger a larger...
    3 16
  242. Can she get pregnant?
    My girlfriend just got off her period and we used a "Trojan sensation" condom and it lasted about 2 minutes. What are the chances of her being pregnant?
    3 156
  243. is it safe for me to sleep on my stomach with my hernia?
    Will it cause damage or make it worse if I sleep on it
    9 21
  244. what does this mean "your liver is not allovated"
    i believe its the word the doc said..well, atleast pronounced?
    2 69
  245. Why is the middle of my boob hard and why are they sore?
    So.. I was laying in bed tonight and I brought it to my attention again.. The middle of my boobs are very hard and very sore. And when you press on them and slightly move yur hand back and forth the big huge hard spot is kind of lumpy.. I know I'm not ...
    3 97
  246. what are some things i could try so i wont be so nervous before surgery?
    This will be my 4th surgery. I always have a fear of not waking up, any suggestions?
    8 22
  247. Could anyone suggest some medicine for stress relief?
    I mean mental stress, is there any happy pills exists?
    2 7
  248. Whats the best way to heal a sprained ankle ?
    3 37
  249. How to tell my therapist I dont want to see her anymore?
    I have been seen her 3 times, no charge, and she is good to talk to and stuff, but It sometimes feels awkward when talking with her, and she does the typical therapist thing where they ask ''how does that make you feel'' and I usually dont have an answ...
    2 43
  250. What can I do to help myself sleep better?
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