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missed by birth control pill twice this

ok well im on birth contol but I missed my pill 2 times this month and I had my period butt... it was only really light and 4 one day and I dont feel good and my stomach is really tender do you think I could be pregnant?


Asthma problem

Well...right now I have no inhaler...nothing...and im having a really hard time breathing...I woke up like this...what do I do to get through the day?? I feel like im about to die..

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How long does it take for your stomach to digest food and be empty?

So I had dinner yesterday around 6 PM but now is the morning after and I don't feel hungry. My stomach is kind of making all these noises and I keep burping the food I ate and feels gross in my mouth when I burp. It was Chinese food.


I need to pass a UA

I smoke pot maybe two or three times a week at most... so I don't have a ton of THC in my system but I did just smoke lastnight. I have to take a UA for a new job I really want Wednesday and I want to pass the UA. Is there a way for me to pass this ...


How can I produce breast milk without pregnancy?

How can I produce breastmilk without pregnancy?


heavy flow and blood clots during period

I'm 16 and have always had a hard time when it comes to my period. when I was 13 my period didn't stop for months and I got really bad anemia. I was put on the pill but have recently stopped cause I didn't feel the difference. I still got heavy periods...


Why do my eyes burn whenever I take a shower...(please read description)?

Whenever I take a shower, my eyes start burning. I have to close my eyes really tightly because it burns so bad. Why does this happen? Please don't say anything like "you got soap or shampoo in your eyes?" Or anything. It starts burning BEFORE I start ...


Staring into space depressed?

I always feel sad & want to normally cry, & when im in my lessons I just stare into space..(not litreally) but im quite emotionaly about love I cry a lot about love & I really love my crush but he dont feel for me no more " I had my chance & I blew it ...


Can my doctor tell if I've been pregnant before?

I got pregnant when I was 16. I'm not sure how far along I was, it wasn't way to far though. Anyway, I was with an abusive guy. I made him mad one day and he beat me, hard blows to the stomach and all. Well, that killed that baby. I went through everyt...


What is the average dick size or a 14 year old

Me and my girlfriend were talking about dicks, and I asked her what she thought an average size was

she didn't respond lol

but what is it
I'm 14, ( just turned 14)
but my voice hasn't cracked

My dick is around 4 inches

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Wanting a baby at 44? Safe or unsafe?

Yes I,m 44 years old with no children. I am trying to have a baby but it,s not happening.Something is missing out of my life and it is a child. When I was 21 yrss old I had a baby ,he passed away at 51/2 months. Please help me.


Why is my vagina and butt crack dark?

why is my vigina and the butt crack dark when I have light skin how do I get rid of it?

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How can I hide my cutting?

I can't stop cutting.I was able to stop for a while but now everything seems worse.More people are noticing the scars on my arm and my mom is about to come home from a trip and I don't want her to see any more marks does any one know a good way to hide...


How do you get large vigina lips?

I have seen lots of porns and I have seen that the females vigina lips get all streched out, How does that happen??

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What's your phobia?

Ok, I read this book that had these different phobias in it, and I saw my phobia which is achluophobia, the fear of sitting in the dark. I just want to know, what's your phobia?


Why do I feel it in my anus when I get fingered or put a tampon in?

Like I feel like I kind of have to poop or something when obviously I dont.. Why is that?

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How to stop your menstral cycle home remedy?

How to stop your menstral cycle home remedy?


Can you get pregnant 11 days before your period?

Can you get pregnant 11 days before your period??


How do I stop the urge to cut myself?

how do I stop the erge to hurt myself I cant stop


What are the parts of a vagina?

what are the parts a vagina

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How, if im on my period can I still use a dildo?

Excuse the how at the beginning, anyway well im realy horny and I was just about to use my dildo:$ and I discoverdd im on my period? can I still use it ? please answer xx thanks


Genital Warts. How do I?

How do you tell your partner, you have genital warts? Im female, He says he loves me whatever happens when I told him we need to talk. I have been faithfull & Its likely I cought the virus from him, I have started treatment.


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