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My Husband Lies - I caught him Lying to me about lunch, what to do?

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Hello, I need some advice. My husband lies to me all the time. I always find the lies, and when I do he gets really angry and tells me that I am invading his privacy.

He lies about where he gets things. Like he'll take his lunch to work and then when he gets home I'll find the made lunch in his truck. Knowing that he didn't have any money I asked him what he ate and he tells me the lunch he took.

I love him with all me heart but I can't understand why he would continue to lie to me if he loves me too. I have given him plenty of chances to come clean with all his lies and we can start over and he does and then I will find another lie or two. Please help me. Should I just leave him along and let him lie or is this something I shouldn't let through the cracks?