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How can a 14 year old girl lose weight?

I feel really fat and I always feeling left out meaning that all of friends are skinny and I’m not. I try to do a diet plan but it doesn’t work for me. I don’t know what to do. I’m feeling less confident about myself every day. I want to lose 20 poun...


Thigh fat?

I was wondering what some good excersizes are to lose fat in my inner things. They are gross. Thanks!!

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How can I get slimmer before August 31?

how can i get slimmer. i have too much hip, love handles, and when i walk my butt shakes alittle bit. I need to get slimmer before august 31st but i don't know how. can someone please help me.

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Can you get skinnier going on a diet without working out?

Can you get skinnier going on a diet , and eat less without working out?


Y do I have wide stomach when im skinny

Hi I am a fairly skiny girl and I have 34b boobs but when I look in the mirror head on my stomach looks wide when I look from sideways its flat stomach it looks odd in shirts does anyone have this prob is there a way to fix it its so ugle ists like lo...

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How can a vegetarian lose some weight?

What's the healthiest way I can lose 12 LBs by August 10th?



Okay so according to my doctor I'm at the right weight I'm supposed to be. But I'm at the top of the scale, like if the healthy weight for my body type is about 105-120 I'm around 118. But I know a lot of people that eat like twice as much as me and ex...


How much should I weigh?

Im 5 foot 4 and 13 how much should I weigh???


Any advice for getting rid of curves?

I'm very curvy but not fat. I am 5 ft 3 in, weigh about 110 pounds, and I'm 13 years old. I have large hips and ribs. I might be what you call "big boned". I don't feel any fat on the outside, but could there be fat behind my hips and ribs that pushes ...


amount of exercise

what is the recommended amount of cardio type exercise a teenager should do each day and how many times per week?
also what about strength training and things like incidental exercise?


needing to lose some weight

how do you get from 140pds to 110 pds in a little less than 3 months?


Does eating at night time make your belly get bigger?

Does eating at night time make your belly get bigger? I don't each much, but I do eat often after night time, between 9-12 pm, and am wondering if this might be the reason my gut seems to be expanding...any ideas, or is this some kind of urban myth?


How to lose weight in the hips and thighs?

I am 5ft 8" and weigh 65kgs the weight is correct for my height but the problem is I've put on so much weight on ma hips and thighs how do I lose this


average height for 15 year old girls?

waht is the average height of a 15 year old girl??


Need 2 gain weight?help

Ok so im about 110ibs and im 18.I've been tryn 2 eat a lot 2 gain weight but 4 sum reason I cant really gain tryn 2 gain weight 2 get my boobies big.what are sum foods that will really help 4 my boobies 2 get biigg?


Does drinking Ensure help you gain weight?

does drinking ensure help gain weight cause mi docs. want meh 2 drink it and I was hopein it helps meh gain weight too


Will milkshakes daily help you gain weight

Well...I herad recently that milk shakes daily wl help you gain weight faster...ny suggestions plzzz...


What workouts burn more calories than crunches?

okay I am 13 I do about 30-50 crunches a day (when I have time) and I wanted to no am I doing enough I am pretty skinny and average height and 40 Kgs need help


How to gain weight and stop the teasing?

im 17yrs. I weigh only 37-39 kgs my hip size is 28. im very thin I eat a very healthy diet which includes lots of protein,carbohydrates and fat every one teases me that I look like a stick tell me how I should become fat please help me


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