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What type of food should I eat to put on a bit of flesh?

Hi, I need a piece of advice, am thin am so skinny that am just bones. plse help, What type of food should I eat to put on a bit of flesh?


How to lose 6 more pounds?

I've lost 19 lbs but I still haven't quite reached my goal, how do I lose 6 lbs? I've tried just doing push-ups, crunches, etc but that won't work for the last few I want to disappear, what are good ways to do this??


26 pounds in a Month?

Hey I have my boyfriends 21st Birthday Party in exactly 1 month and Im starting a diet 2moro because I really want to lose weight and look good for it!
I've gained over a stone since I met him and although I know he doesnt mind what weight Im am Id lov...


how can i make my vagina lips and clit tighter?

it seems that my hole is ok...but it seems like my clit is bigger like and my lips aren't as tight.."floppy like" me
my husband says imjust paranoid and there is nothing wrong with me...but i would like to tighten them up so i would feel more com...


Would you say my boobs are to big for a 13 year old?

Right im 13, 14 next month and im a 36 G would you say thats to big for my age?

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How can I measure calories in food ?

How to measure calories in food ?


How many carb should I take in a dayt to lose weight?

How many carb should I take in a dayt to lose weight?


How can I make my legs bigger?

I have really skiiny legs. any excersises to make them bigger?

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Is this too skinny?

I'm 5'6, 20 years old and I weight 94lbs, is that too skinny?

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Want to lose weight without anorexia?

Its sad. One topic leads to another. one girl killing herself because she wants to be SKINNY
what are you doing girls.. honestly who r u trying to impress does skinny make you happy? if you never feel skinny enough? its not going to end. look at your p...


stomach excercises

can someone give me a good oblique(lovehandle) excerxise(s)? not one for the front obliques, but likda almost on my back. I already do alternate-leg crunches(crunch, but you twist while lifting a leg, aka bicycle crunch) and regular one-side-at-a-time ...


How long does it take to lose weight on Topamax?

how long will it take to loose weight ON TOPAMAX????


Am I the right weight for my age?

I'm 13 and I weigh like...hmm lets see? About 80 pounds


How fast anorexic people lose weight?

How fast anorexic people lose weight?


Am I getting enough exercise?

I'm currently doing half hour of circuit training, half hour of basketball an hour of dance and then either another half hour of basketball or an hour of swimming each week, am I getting enough exercise?

Should I be doing 50 sit ups a day?



I think I have a very big butt?

Well my height is 5.7 my weight is 180 and my hips are 106 cm. I never thought about it, but I have received compliments from men and women, I don't like to get compliments from men, but do you think that a hip of 106cm is too much for a man. I don't h...


I need to pick up weight!

I really need to pick up weight, im a guy, 15years of age but god im skinny, please advise?

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Y do I have wide stomach when im skinny

Hi I am a fairly skiny girl and I have 34b boobs but when I look in the mirror head on my stomach looks wide when I look from sideways its flat stomach it looks odd in shirts does anyone have this prob is there a way to fix it its so ugle ists like lo...

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What does green tea do for your body?

What does green tea actually do?



who has used this diet before?
the every other day diet.
app you can lose 21 pounds in 21 days!
I just wanna know if it works! thanks


What if I feel fat but I know I'm not?

I feel so fat and I dont no why.I only eat faat free foods and I always could calories.I look at eating disorder book all the time.I am a dancer gymnast and I do color guard but why do I feel fat.can any 1 help me please


How do I control myself?

I really do try my hardest to eat just enough food, but I cant stop reaching for more!

Today I was fine, up until 10:00, when I wanted to eat some more. So I thought that I'd just have something small, like two rice cakes and a handfull of grapes. But...


Losing weight

Well im 122 lbs. and all my friends are super thin. Well I try excercising, im juts gaining weight. I WANT TO BE 110. HOW CAN I DO THAT!?

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Why am I aching?

Yesturday I did some easy exercise on tv like this dancing one with cheryl burke(dancing with the stars) anyways I sometimes exercise so my body never aches because its use to it. By the way it was like disco dancing( I was in my room by myself)lol.


How to grow taller when being a vegetarian?

I've been a vegetarian since 2006 and I think that it may be effecting how much I grow (in terms of height). I'm 16 now and I started when I was 14. I am about 4'11" and I was 4'9" when I was 13. So if it is effecting it, what can I eat to help me gro...


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