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What does the average 15-year-old weigh?

Well I'm 15, and well I think I'm fat.. But my mates say I'm not, I want to know for sure for myself, so can you tell me:

What does the average 15 year old weigh?


Will pregnancy weight gain go away after an abortion?

If you gain weight from being 2 months pregnant...will it go away after an abortion??


What is a normal 13 year old girl breast size?

Just answer please.


How do I stop eating without my parents knowing?

I'm trying not to eat anything , but I dont know how to do it without my parents getting suspisicous .
what do I do or say when I'm called for dinner ?
I really want to lose weight and im scared that if they find out im not eating that they'll send me ...


How can I lose 10 inches off my waist?

I'm 5'4 and 180lbs, I exercise every now and then but am not as active as I used to be. How can I lose 10 inches off my waist in around 10 that possible? I would like my waist to be at 30in and hips at 33or 35in.

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How can I make myself shorter or stay the height I am?

I really dont want to get any taller than I am..
And please dont give me that bullsh*t saying you should like the way you are..


How does cranberry juice help you lose weight?

Basicly the title. A lot of questions of "How can I lose weight" is answered by drinking cranberry juice.


How can a 14 year old girl lose weight?

I feel really fat and I always feeling left out meaning that all of friends are skinny and I’m not. I try to do a diet plan but it doesn’t work for me. I don’t know what to do. I’m feeling less confident about myself every day. I want to lose 20 poun...


How can I lose weight in my stomach and vagina?

I Have A tubby tummy and I also have a rather " fat " vagina ...

... is my vagina " fat " because my stomach size or not ?

and how to I loose stomach weight and weight in my vagina ?

can anyone recommend exercises for them two things ?

thanks a l...


How can a 14 year old lose 10kg fast?

I weigh 60kg at the moment and im feeling a bit 'big' and im wanting to lose 10 kg as fast as possible so I need some tip's on how to do that and what to do. so can someone help?


Average weight for 14 year old girls

What is the average weight for a 14 yr old girl???


How much weight can the average 13 year old lift?

How much weight can the average 13 year old girl, and boy, lift?

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How can I make myself smaller?

is there anyway I can shrink in height a little bit?
I'd Like to be smaller?


How much should a 15 year old weigh at 5'4"?

ok according to a website someone who is 5"4 is meant to be between 130-135 pounds I am 5"4 and 130 pounds but then another website said that someone who is 15 (my age) should be no heavier than 115 pounds

can someone explain this please???!


What is the average arm muscle size of a 14-year old boy?

What is the average arm muscle size of a 14-year old boy?

if you don't know, maybe you could share me a picture.

It is not really necessary just for 14 year old boys, maybe just around 13-15.


Y do I have wide stomach when im skinny

Hi I am a fairly skiny girl and I have 34b boobs but when I look in the mirror head on my stomach looks wide when I look from sideways its flat stomach it looks odd in shirts does anyone have this prob is there a way to fix it its so ugle ists like lo...

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Average weight for 13 year old girls

What would be a good size 4 a 5'2 13 year old girl

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Normal height for 15 year old male?

Am I the normal height for a 15 year old male I'm 6'3 160 pounds

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Made slimmer by cling film?

I heard somewhere that if you wrap cling film around the part of the body you wish to be made thinner, it'll make you lose a few inches.

Is this right? Or can anyone tell me more about this/if you need creams to use with it etc?

:) xx


What age do you have to be to buy vitamins?

I'm 15 and was wondering if you have to be a certain age before you can buy vitamins whether they are for you or someone else.


how can I gain fat or muscles in my butt, I want a big butt

I am 24 and am skinny but a I had a some size a year ago I was weighing about 130pounds but I come from a slim race of family with big butts. my mom have a big but I had a big but untill last year I was on medication for a medical problem that melted a...


Is it normal to feel like puking when you're hungry?

I have a nauseated feeling like I'm going to vomit and I THINK it's because I'm hungry...

is this normal?

No I'm not pregnant or ill. I just notice everytime I FEEL like eating (not even hungry) I think? I start getting nauseated. Why is that?


How much weight can I lose in 2 weeks by not eating?

i was wondering how much weight someone can lose in 2 weeks by not eating. thnx so much !


Is 24 hour fitness open on Easter?

Is 24 hour fitness open on Easter?


Will fish oil help your butt get bigger?

I was reading on this blog where so ladies had been talkin about appling fish oil to your butt. Have anybody heard of this?


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