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  1. How to become a keto beast
    This guide will teach you on how to become a ferocious fat-eating predator. No carrots were harmed in the making of this post.
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  2. How to make essential oil capsules
    The common use of essential oils is absorbed by the skin through massage. In addition, essential oils can also be taken internally to achieve its efficacy. Since the taste of essential oils is far from pleasant, people try to take them with capsules. Usi
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  3. What is the best diet for me?
    I have started going to gym today and my body is in pain so what are the fruits,vegetables,food and juices that are good for me and few tips if you had same experience.and i started by lifting very low weight i was suprised when i saw am tired and coul...
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  4. Looking to lose like 20 pounds in one month....
    I have met this incredible guy! I mean just amazing but I think he likes skinny girls.... We talk all the time, one day we had a 3 1/2 hour conversation at Starbucks, and we've hung out 3-4 times and last night we talked for 2 hours on the phone.. I wa...
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  5. Looking to lose like 20 pounds in one month....
    I have met this incredible guy! I mean just amazing but I think he likes skinny girls.... We talk all the time, one day we had a 3 1/2 hour conversation at Starbucks, and we've hung out 3-4 times and last night we talked for 2 hours on the phone.. I wa...
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  6. What's better? Exercising at the gym or at home?
    So I've bee exercising at home for like three months now but it's been on and off because I stop being motivated so basically I've been exercising for a month :/ anyway yesterday my parents wanted me to go to the gym with them. They said I'll just go i...
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  7. ways to loose weight without all diets?
    diets don't work for me, but is there any good ways? i want to loose weight on my hips and thighs ...
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  8. how can i lose 60 pounds in three months?
    i currently weigh about 183 pounds and i want to lose weight and firm my stomach up make my arms and legs look good and if possible i'd like to acomplish this in about three months any tips on how i can accomplish this?
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  9. what's more food contains protein?
    suggest some top food s which contain protein's
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  10. How can I lose 10 pounds?
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  11. Is it possible to have worked out one leg much more than the other jogging?
    Lately I've been jogging a lot. I've become quite as addicted to it. Just today, I noticed a significant difference between my right and left calf. My left is much harder and has a bit of a bulge (muscle?) it's not red or sore. My right is as it always...
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  12. Can somebody help me to know how to lose weight by exercise more?
    I want to lose weight. please suggest me best exercises
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  13. Give me some tips how to lose weight on face naturally?
    Hi i am little bit fat and it bad effect on my face also. I decrease my confidence. Please gives me tips regarding how to lose weight on face
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  14. How can I lose 10 pounds?
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  15. How much do you think I weigh ?
    Am I fat ?
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  16. How to lose 9 pounds in a week?
    I weigh almost 130 pounds and I'm 14 years old. I want to be skinny.. I want my new cloth to fit me right.. But idk how :/
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  17. How can I lose 10 pounds?
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  18. A soda without calories and no sugar in that case just drink water?
    What is the point of a diet soda without calories and no sugar its not better to drink water. What would be the difference? Tell me please thank you.
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  19. Do you think I have a nice body?
    I have an inverted triangle-shaped body. I'm a 32-B. I'm toned and in shape with a flat stomach. I have no hips or curve in my waist. I have a small but, but it's toned. I have slender, muscular legs. They're double jointed.
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  20. How to gain weight the healthy way?
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  21. Do you think a girl could really beat up a guy?
    OK, so earlier this year, I agreed to wrestle this pretty strong black girl from our school's basketball team. I kinda was just playing around at first and she kinda ended up pinning me and I couldn't really get out. (see clip below) Now she's all supe...
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  22. Bulking up tips?
    So I'm about 5"6 / 5"7, nearly 19 years old, male etc and im wanting a change. I'm previously tryed in the past to bulk up and tryed losing weight but my metabolism isn't great and eventhough I gained weight as a young teenager but I don't seem to gain...
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  23. can you gain weight while exercising?
    i understand muscle weighs more then fat but when you workout dont you usually lose weight? cause i have been exercsing alittle everyday n i went from 130 to 135? im not really trying to lose weight im just trying to get a flat belly... and the other d...
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  24. I'm what some would consider a skinny fat girl. How would I get rid of excess fat?
    Okay, so this is like my third thing about losing fat. I'm just trying to get rid of it before the summer. One person suggested yoga, but I haven't found one that works right with me yet. I'm also what some guys would call thick but the good way. I...
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  25. is it possible to loose 10 pounds in 1 month ?
    i 've gained 10 pounds since last summer and i don't like how much fat is on my stomach now : / . it makes me very insecure about myself . and before i go to visit this certain person i want to lose these 10 pounds !! is it possible in 1 month ?? and ...
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  26. Water fasting for 90 days?
    Has anyone here ever water fasted? I've been doing losts of research lately on fasting and tried some short versions 3 to 6 days of fast. I've read about the man who fasted for 365 days, the jail-mates who went on hunger strikes and all the reli...
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  27. Who is going to be the 200th member of the weight loss goal group?
    7 20
  28. What should I do to get a flat stomach?
    I'm 15. I'm 120 pounds around 5'2. I don't have much body fat, but I'm thick. Not fat thick, just thick. I do have some fat just above my waist an underneath my belly button. I was wondering what I should do to get rid of that for the beach. I've only ...
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  29. what are these called, there similar to leaks but very thin?
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  30. I'm 17 and I NEED to lose weight.
    I'm 17 and 5'3 and 173 pounds. I need to get down to 140. I want to do this before August. I already have Insanity and 30 Day Shred and Zumba. I want to be able to incorporate all of these during the weightloss journey. I also want a short exercise rou...
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  31. food does MAKE people taller its not just genetics.
    so my aunts are really short like 4'9 and there families are like that . yet there kids are like 6 feet tall. i asked my aunt why her kids are tall she says i feed my kids daily yogurt, smoothies, fish, peanuts, fruits and veggies, many and many liquid...
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  32. Is it healthy to feel like you can't eat?
    Okay, so at lunch, I wasn't really hungry and usually I'm starving (unless someone makes me really mad.) I didn't ear anything but seven little bitty cookies and then a few hours later when I got home, I ate a pack of pop tarts and felt sick to my sto...
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  33. How much weight should I lose to get a flat belly?
    I'm a girl. I am 5'2 in height and my weight ranges from 116 to 120 pounds. I realize that that's good for my BMI, but I would still like to have a flat stomach before the end of June. Does anyone have any exercise routines or foods they suggest that m...
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  34. How can I lose 10 pounds?
    5 40
  35. how do I tell my husband he needs to lose weight
    He knows he needs to lose weight and knows I really want him to lose weight. He is deployed. He always gets to where we both like then let's himself good. He was doing good went to the gym every day and was eating better and lost 10 pounds and I always...
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  36. I think my friend is trying to make me fat (fattER at this point)! What should I do?
    Hi, I'm new here, and have a serious issue here. I've tried other sites like this, but all of the people that answer give stupid answers, are very unkind, and will sometimes make fun of me. :( I'm hoping this site is different, and I'm hoping all you w...
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  37. What is a healthy weight for me?
    I'm 5'5, female, and 14yrs old. When I eat alot of junk food for awhile, I weigh about 120lbs. When I'm on strict diet and exercize, I get down to about 113lbs, and look and feel much better about myself. All of the websites I've been on tell me that 1...
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  38. How does a person stay motivated to eat healthy surrounded by junk/unhealthy foo
    I have been trying to eat healthier lately but it's tough! I have been eating tons of crap the past year and I wanted to put an end to it but I'm surrounded by it. At home, my parents buy a ton of snacks and junk food and then when I am on my school c...
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  39. Why would someone give up a perfectly healthy baby?
    I'm not sure why my birth parents gave me up. Okay, so I was the size of a preemie but still, I healthy as far as I know.
    5 12
  40. How many glasses of water to drink every day?
    Some people say 8, others say 12, and many others say 2. How many do you drink, in practice?
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  41. How can I get a flat and toned looking stomach?
    For years I have been battling this silly bit of fat on my lower stomach, that and my love handles..... I work out 2 hours a day and I almost always eat right..... and I need it gone before school starts back two weeks from now.. is there a quick fix w...
    4 40
  42. how do you make a baby fat the healthy way? my bro doesn't eat anything and i am scared hes underweigh?
    2 25
  43. I have had a migraine for 6 days, help?
    I hurt my back (specifically those wee vertebrae things down my spine) while lifting boxes last Wednesday. I went to the physio and she confirmed what I'd done, gave me some treatment and massage which was great but it left me with a headache which the...
    5 47
  44. is it safe to consume expired coffee powder?
    i did not notice the expiry date on the coffee pack and now i realized that i had been consuming expired coffee. how will this affect my health?
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  45. how can i lose my weight
    3 41
  46. if my car belt is ripped where can i get it fixed?
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  47. Is there any realistic way to increase height... If yes , please do reply as soon as possible ________
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  48. I'm currently looking for a work out / fat burning work out for myself.
    I'm a 15 year old male looking for a better work out program for myself. I'm 6'1 230 pounds and I want to work to get myself into better shape. I'm not looking to get jacked with huge muscles, just toned down with a good looking body. I need a work out...
    5 18
  49. How do I lose my weight as fast?
    3 42
  50. Is this girl's body disproportionate, or is it a reasonable size?
    I've been called anorexic many times and really just want honest opinions; I need the truth so that I can decide whether or not I actually need to gain weight.
    2 24
  51. is it safe to take a shower after a morning workout?
    Like I wanna workout morning and night but I will work out early in the morning then take a shower. is that okay to do. Is it safe .. ?
    7 36
  52. Rice causes muffin top?
    I heard eating rice makes you have a muffin top. That's so fucking annoying. I hate having fats all over my body. But I'm forced to eat rice, every single fucking day. Idk I'm so depressed, sorry for the bad words. Ok. I need an answer. Thanks.
    2 30
  53. Why am I gaining weight while working out?
    I am trying to lose weight, my goal was to lose 10 lbs when I started, but I have gained 4 lbs since. i am doing some good workouts that should be helping, but at the same time I am trying to get abbs, so I am working a lot of muscles. Is the weight fa...
    2 19
  54. My height is 5,7 and i wear a 34 jeans size am i fat or not?
    Tell me please thank you.
    2 50
  55. how can i lose weight or get skinny without dieting or exercising?
    3 19
  56. How do I lose a lot of weight in 3-4 months?!
    I've lost some but if anyway possible, I'm wanting mosr of my weight GONE before prom and my senior trip...any suggestions?
    3 39
  57. What quote what fit this picture?
    It can be from a song.. or just a cute saying. Something wintery would be prefered(: thanks
    3 9
  58. is brocalli a gassy food?
    is broccoli bad, some say the doc said its not good cause gas..what does it do?
    2 35
  59. how do i lost weight
    2 22
  60. Is there way to get more cut and loose weight with minimal physical exercise?
    I work a lot and as of the last year haven't been able to get to the gym as much. I'm not out of shape but the pounds are starting to get past my comfort zone and want to know how to drop a little weight and cut up a little bit too with hardly any time...
    4 9
  61. what are some foods high in protein??
    2 15
  62. How can I get taller and skinnier using an easy way to help?
    I am short and not skinny enough. I really really need help. I know I can do more exercise like jogging and running. But what can I do if I am such a shy person? I don't like it when other people watching and starring at me running. I don't feel good i...
    2 16
  63. how do i make my stomach flat again?
    my stomach has always been flat but now that i dont do much im getting a little belly. what exercises can i do to make my stomach flat again will sit ups work? or any ideas?
    8 19
  64. what should I weigh for 5 feet 7 and 57 years old?
    2 161
  65. what kind of pear is the healthiest for you?
    2 198
  66. How many calories have I burned if I did a 140 kcal workout on DDR?
    2 49
  67. How to get a chest binder and get taller?
    My mom is 100% sure i'm a girl and my dads a clueless fuck about this stuff. I don't want to take hormones because i don't have the money or the paperwork and time to go through that. Kinda wish i could though but anyways- anyone know how i would get a...
    3 34
  68. How do I lose 24 pounds?
    I'm a 13 year old girl. I weigh 124 pounds. my BMI says I'm normal weight but I feel fat. I desperately wanna lose weight. Somebody please help me!!
    2 35
  69. How old are you and how much do you weigh?
    15 66
  70. How do I stop myself from eating?
    I feel overweight but I cannot stop myself about eating. I always eat, even in the nights and even I know that its not healthy. any advices for me to stop myself?
    6 43
  71. What milk is the healthiest for you?
    7 72
  72. What makes you more flexible: yoga or pilates?
    Which one would make me more flexible and what is a good like set of yoga or pilates videos?
    3 20
  73. What is the 5:2 fasting diet?
    a lot of people have been talking about it, what is it? what do you have to do? and what are the outcomes? also, have you tried it? has it worked?
    6 30
  74. Who here has a lot of knowledge on fitness and muscle toning?
    4 10
  75. How to get a flat stomach?
    I'm 5'1 and 115 pounds, (I'm 16 in age)even though I'm little I still have a small gut. And it's annoying because you can see it though my shirts and I can't wear form fitting dresses or shirts let alone a Bikini. Im physically fit and hardly have a...
    3 35
  76. How much should a 15 year old weigh?
    By the way the height is -- 6.1/6.2 At current i weight about 8.5stones-55kg
    4 67
  77. How many calories would a 95 pound girl burn doing 50 squats?
    4 62
  78. How can I tell how much of my weight is muscle and how much is fat?
    I am almost 18, I am 4' 11" and weigh 115 pounds. my BMI is 23.2. If that helps any :p
    11 37
  79. What are some stomach exercises?
    6 39
  80. What are some outrageous diets?
    I dont want to try them, i just would like to know.
    7 28
  81. How to make people take the stairs instead of the elevator?
    15 58
  82. What is a strict diet in your opinion?
    8 16
  83. How does doing yoga/pilates make you look taller and leaner?
    2 36
  84. What are some good workout videos that you guys like?
    3 10
  85. How do I tone the muscles in my butt?
    >.< This is embarassing to ask but I lost wieght and I used to have a bubble butt and now its kinda flat, how do I get my old butt back?
    6 46
  86. How many calories does the average person take in over one week?
    15 33
  87. How do I loose my chubbiness?
    okay i hate being the largest? fattest out my sister and i, weare always compared... and im tired of it, i want to be thin like, her and ive tried almost everything, at the moment im eating completely healthy and do fitness everyday for an hour... and ...
    4 29
  88. What is a healthy weight for me if I am 17 and 4' 11"?
    7 55
  89. What are the best healthy foods that fill you up?
    7 14
  90. How many bottles of water do I have to drink to get to 64 oz?
    2 58
  91. Do I look fat?
    I don't think I do but according to my BMI I am overweight. Things like bmi are inaccurate and are not a good indicator of health. It only takes weight and height into consideration. It doesnt calculate body fat, muscle mass, bones, or any other part. ...
    14 30
  92. Does smoking affect body building?
    i have been working out for long( approx 9 months) however the results are not as i expected. I have improved for sure but not that much!! I think because of my smoking habit! any idea on this? i would really appreciate if any.
    9 44
  93. Why do I seem to be unable to lose weight?
    I weigh around 11.5st (about 160lb) and I'm a dress size 14 (UK size) because most of the weight is on my stomach. I do trampolining and taekwondo (which is half an hour of pure cardio) for at least an hour every week, and carry a heavy bag around coll...
    16 42
  94. How can I slowly become a vegetarian?
    8 18
  95. Why can't I seem to lose weight?
    Every since 9th grade, i stay at 125 or 126. Im starting to run alittle bit or get started.. But,i do more of toning exercises and i stay on my diet. but i want to be 115.. How do i get their? I have done these toning exercises ever since july. And i k...
    8 30
  96. Which dream, or life choice would you choose? (read more)
    To exercise daily, have a healthy body inside and out, to have the perfect body that you desire. Or, To eat ANYTHING you want, not exercise, but your still kind of happy with yourself, but feel low confidence.
    10 29
  97. What foods contain large amounts of vitamin B12?
    2 40
  98. Where should I be feeling soreness if I do squats properly?
    I only feel it in my thighs but not my glutes. Am I doing them properly?
    7 67
  99. Is anyone taking the Green Coffee Bean Extract and, if so, by what name brand and what are your results?
    I'm taking a generic brand by Spring Valley from Walmart for $6 dollars. I started taking it last week. But I'm not taking anything extra and is not doing any exercises, workouts, or on a special diet. But I can't tell if it's working or not because I ...
    2 17
  100. Is this considered an eating disorder?
    Because i was molested some time ago(not going into detail about that) i got pretty depressed and had alot of anxiety so i would either drink alcohol i would take from my parents cabnet or take alot of benedryl so i could fall asleep because the though...
    3 19
  101. What are some things I can add to my fitness & health blog?
    2 17
  102. Is there a difference between kcal and cal on food labels?
    I know a kilocalorie is 1000 calories, but I've been looking at a food lake for a cracker that says it has 45kcal, how would it be possible a cracker has 45000 calories?
    2 57
  103. Is eating 1400 calories a day healthy for me and will I maintain my weight?
    So over the summer I lost quite a bit of weight. I was never fat or anything I'm about 5'7 maybe 5'8 and I think I weigh around 120 now but I'm not sure and I'm 16. I eat around 1400 calories a day, I'm not trying to lose weight or anything I just feel...
    3 21
  104. How can I lose my stomach and back rolls?
    I developed quickly ( I got my monthly friend since I was 9) and I have always been a big hiped girl ( like the smallest pants size I have worn is an 8!) I'm either a medium or large in shirts I wear almost a D-cup bra and I have a semi-small waist (I ...
    6 59
  105. What are the positives and negatives of a high protein, low carb diet?
    I'm by no means on a "diet" but i have noticed i eat 150g of protein a day and only about 30g of carbs so i wanted to know the possible consequences and if ishouldup my carb intake
    8 17
  106. Where is a good place to go for a quick lunch?
    About 30 minute lunch.
    7 43
  107. What should my sister take because of her fatness?
    I wanna know what should she'll take because she's becoming bigger now.Other than exercise and healthy diet.
    5 16
  108. What exercise should I do for my big upper arms?
    Really it's embarassing .I know it wasn't normal cause I don't have an upperarm like this.Its too big for me.
    4 27
  109. Can sit ups help make your stomach flat?
    If yes how many times should I do it?
    6 30
  110. What can push ups do for your body?
    4 21
  111. How to stop panicking over my weight?
    Lately over these past few months I've been cautious of my weight and as time passes, I'm starting to worry over it more and more. Ive researched symptoms of an eating disorder, and have met some of the symptoms listed, but I do not believe that I have...
    6 35
  112. What are some healthy ways I can cook up chicken?
    I bought 40pounds of chicken and bagged them into 10 separate bags for 10 different weeks. I plan on preparing most of the meat for the week on a sunday so it would be easier for me to just grab something to eat and go but i need some ideas for recipes...
    5 33
  113. What are some of the best supplements for fat burning and muscle development?
    I am on the bodybuilding website and they have so many different types of supplements but i'm not quite sure which ones are good and what i should be taking in order to achieve my goals.
    5 12
  114. Why do arms have to get swollen from weight lifting?
    Mine takes 3 days to heal D: Cause I always go over the limit :/
    7 20
  115. What's a good healthy snack for when it's a cold day?
    Something I can eat lots of when I want a snack or am bored like veggies with dip or cheese and crackers or a fruit/veggie smoothie but when it's cold I kinda don't want something straight from the fridge.
    3 20
  116. Could a person survive on Ensure or Boost and nothing else?
    Could a person survive on an all liquid diet of meal replacement drinks like Ensure or Boost, that are full of protein and nutrients, for life?
    16 124
  117. What is your 30 - 60 minute workout or exercise routine?
    6 49
  118. What is a good vegetarian diet for an athlete?
    8 15
  119. What to do about being naturally thin?
    I don't diet, I'm not anorexic etc. It hurts when people call me that :/ Really I should be..fat..with all the crap I eat at times, but I just have high metabolism and all; my doctor says I'm fine etc. but it's just poor self-confidence because I ha...
    12 24
  120. How do you beat binge eating?
    I literally just ate 11oz of doughnut holes smothered in 1/2 jar of nutella, a protein bar, chipotle chicken alfredo, toast covered in sugar, and numerous other things. I start eating and i cant stop even when i recognize that i am binging.
    11 25
  121. Why do people keep bugging me about how I've gained weight?
    Don't they realize I'm happy with my body????
    6 44
  122. What is your opinion on vegans?
    I have been vegan for almost half of my life and vegetarian the other. It's very interesting to hear others perspective on my diet. Whether negative or positive.
    13 46
  123. Is there a way to get toned without losing weight or changing your fat to muscle?
    7 18
  124. Are the burritos that are frozen in the fridge, then deep fried, healthy?
    LOL i know its a NO. still asking:)
    7 21
  125. Why do I get so hungry at night when I eat well during the day?
    I eat a good diet, 3 meals a day and maybe one snack. But at nighht I get sooooooo hungry. Like ill eat something healthy and ill feel full for maybe 30 min then I'm hungry again. Ik I don't have worms or anything and I'm as tall as I'm going to get so...
    6 41
  126. How can I make my chest not shrink dramatically when working out or losing weight?
    I'm going to start "Insanity" and I hear your breast shrink when you work out and stuff, how can I stop them from doing that? Or at least stop them from shrinking a lot?
    4 25
  127. What does it mean to eat "moderately"?
    4 26
  128. is 75kg to 70 kg good for a months swimming every other day?
    2 14
  129. How do you lose weight with a terrible metabolism?
    I have got to have the world's worst metabolism. I used to weight 340lbs, but over the course of two years, lost 110lbs. Unfortunatly, I gained back 40, but am still significantly smaller than I used to be, so I'm happy about that. The problem is,...
    4 34
  130. What does a pilates machine do to help your body?
    2 45
  131. What can I do do reduce the size of my my upper arm?
    I have a problem with my upper arm, it is big and doesn't suit to me. I can always notice it everytime I'm wearing sleeveless shirt and it is embarrassing.What do you I can do to make smaller and will suit to me?Pls help
    3 54
  132. Has anyone tried Appeton Weight Gain?
    wanna know if it works :)
    2 17
  133. How much sodium is a person suppose to take in a day?
    3 43
  134. Would it be okay if I replace my food for banana?
    i used to eat banana every dinner than eating ricee,would it be okay or it would make me fat?
    5 34
  135. Is PediaSure healthy?
    2 49
  136. Is eating limes with salt bad?
    I've been eating limes with salt and I think I'm addicted because I probably eat 3big limes cut in half a day so that makes 6mini limes in total. So Is this bad for my health? and what can happen to me if I keep eating this way? Can someone please tel...
    8 1994
  137. Are frozen fruits healthy?
    i keep buying peas and corn *frozen packs)?
    5 19
  138. Is it ok that a bag of bagels contains 380mg of sodium or is it too much?
    Because all the bags contain the same amount of sodium, so there is nothing people can do about it. I wonder if they make products with less sodium would be better and if everything its decreasing well i think the decreasing of sodium would be good fo...
    3 52
  139. What things could I do so that I eventually do a split?
    I always wanted to learn how to do a split. I stretch like everyday, but what are some other stretches and things I can do so that I can eventually do a split?
    4 30
  140. Is it okay to do ab workouts with a belly piercing?
    I know I've been asking a lot of question concerning this, but I just want to be super careful especially since I was stupid and pierced it myself. So, is it alright to workout with a belly piercing? It doesn't hurt it or anything, but just to make sure.
    6 179
  141. How can I convince my best friend to eat fruits and veggies?
    She's overweight, and she's losing her pounds by months but, she doesn't like any type of fruits or veggies. Which is positively the main thing to have a happy healthy diet, yet she won't go forth to it/ Is there something I can make that has the nutri...
    9 98
  142. What is an easy way to keep myself fit after putting on and losing weight?
    I used to be really skinny, but had no muscles. After about my 2nd year going into high school I started to put on a little weight, not loads.. Not enough to call me fat or anything like that, I just wasn't as skinny as I used to be. I know that's al...
    2 30
  143. Is shrimp healthy?
    10 25
  144. Is it okay to replace water with SoBe Lifewater or vitamin water?
    6 52
  145. What are the benefits of doing 500 jumping jacks a day?
    Will it build muscles? Lose belly fat? Get you toned? What body parts does it workout? Everything and anything.
    3 185
  146. Is it okay to stop eating bread, completely?
    13 46
  147. Is it normal to feel like you're getting fatter while dieting?
    8 54
  148. What is your food regimen or food intake?
    What do you usually eat for breakfast lunch and dinner also snacks.
    7 15
  149. What are ways to sweat by exercising?
    6 24
  150. Why do I hold most of my weight on my stomach and chin, when others have it on their legs or arms or bum, but not face?
    2 45
  151. How many calories is one glazed donut from Krispy Kreme?
    4 12
  152. How to tone your butt?
    Other ways besides squats.
    4 50
  153. Is it bad to rely on being ill to lose weight?
    I go to school and someone is always ill, I hang with a lot of people and I always catch what's coming around. I do try to stay the same weight as I am now but I doesn't really work. When I'm ill, almost every time I get ill really bad and what ever I ...
    7 12
  154. How can I lose this weight really fast?
    What's the fastest way to lose 10 pounds? So I have really hard abs and thigh muscles, but they're covered in like an inch of fat. I used to be really underweight and now I weigh a little more than I want too and I look kind of chubs for my frame. I wa...
    6 19
  155. Is Pepsi as unhealthy as Coke?
    12 35
  156. How many calories should a sixteen year old girl eat in a day?
    6 46
  157. How long can a person be on a liquid diet for?
    Im having all the Nutrients I need, like protein, and vegetables. But how long can I stay on it? Is it unhealthy to do it for a long time?
    3 37
  158. How can I not feel bad after eating junk food like a doughnut?
    10 53
  159. Is it good to wear something tight around your stomach while working out?
    6 112
  160. What are the best exercises to lose weight in the stomach, legs, and upper back area?
    4 28
  161. Why am I so indecisive on eating?
    Im losing weight currently by exercizing. But when it comes to eating. I dont want to. I will look in my pantry and get something and I wll be like no im good. So only calories I get is drinks and very little when I eat and of course dinner. But I get ...
    2 67
  162. Why can't I gain or lose weight?
    It is a bitter sweet thing, and i am not complaining really. But i can sit here and spend a week on my couch eating nothing but fattening food and not gain a pound, which i love! But at the same time, i can spend a week eating like a rabbit, and exerci...
    5 23
  163. What is a good and healthy way for a woman who is pregnant to gain weight?
    3 17
  164. Is mango healthy when it says 20% juice?
    5 32
  165. How much weight can I loose in 5 weeks at a healthy rate?
    What should be my goal for a 5 week period?
    9 44
  166. What exercise can I use to get rid of belly fat and upper chest fat?
    3 174
  167. What exercises can I do to keep the fat on my thighs?
    My legs are already skinny as it is and I absolutely don't want a gap! So my mom takes me walking with her because she doesn't want to be alone so I walk everyday. I'm worried my tighs are gonna shrink and I would die if that happened! I don't want to ...
    5 36
  168. Is it bad to only consume 700 calories a day?
    11 51
  169. Is my body balanced with weight and height?
    I am 16, i weight about 118 lbs and i am 5 foot 2 and 1/2.. im trying to loose weight as well and nothing is happening, i exercise everyday and i've cut down on junk food so i consume around 1'400 calories..
    2 14
  170. How many calories should I consume in a day in order to lose weight?
    I weigh 100 lbs. Am 15. 5'2".
    14 46
  171. When will people realize that there is no magic pill against obesity?
    I have heard in the news that the FDA approved a new pill against obesity saying that the possibilitie of getting a tumor is minimum or too low. Sorry but I don't bite that. In school we are always told to be our best, not just being something mediocre...
    7 14
  172. Does anyone know any good weight loss tips or diets that you have tried and they have worked?
    6 35
  173. What do models do when they are over the standard weight and told to lose it in 5 days?
    Say they go to an industry and they seem to be over weight or at least not to the model standards and tell them be back in 5 days, weight much less. What kinda diet do they do?
    4 524
  174. What's the average height and weight for a teenage girl?
    6 158
  175. Which is better for a diet - white chicken meat or white turkey meat?
    3 33
  176. How can i prevent myself developing bulimia again?
    Okay so i find myself frequently binging, i feel guilty as hell after, i the attempt to purge it, not because i think im fat but because i feel like i don't deserve the food and that its stupid. I know i sound stupid but i cant describe how i feel but ...
    2 20
  177. Which juice would you choose between these two? (read more)
    Lets say you find 2 juices same flavor, but one has 35 calories and 120 of sodium and the other has 120 calories, but has 15 of sodium. What juice would you choose? Tell me please thank you.
    5 38
  178. What will a low/no carb diet for 2 days do for you?
    On the radio this morning they said if you have almost no carbs/or none for 2 days it helps you lose weight/lose fat/etc , is this true? what does this do for you
    3 14
  179. What's better for you - salad or tuna?
    6 39
  180. Are aloe vera drinks healthy?
    i done alot of serach and it does say its healthy but on the back of the bottle it says it has cholesterol and alot of sodium? if it helps i drink the coconut and the one that looks like it has grass in it?
    2 14
  181. How can I get a curvier body shape?
    I have a very straight bodyshape, i was wondering if there are any excercises or anything i can do to have a more curved shape or wider hips. It would be greatly appreciated.
    6 59
  182. Why do you think 2/3 of Americans are obese?
    This came up in a documentary about the weight of the nation. The focus is, what do you feel is the central cause as to the spike in the weight of the nation as a whole. Is it the publicity that certain kinds of good gets, what's actually in the food, ...
    21 36
  183. What are good foods to eat in order to stay healthy and prevent acne?
    9 31
  184. Do you guys think 2 liters of water within 30 minutes is too much for a 95 pound girl?
    44 873
  185. How can I stop cravings for chicken and why am I getting them?
    Usually I would answer this if somebody else asked it but when it's me with the problem my mind goes blank and I don't know the answer!! As most of you that know me, know, I have been vegetarian most of my life. I have never had any cravings for meat, ...
    8 19
  186. What are some good stretches that help you get your middle splits?
    i can actually barley touch my toes im not flexiable at all! haha but i want to be so im wondering if theres any good streches or tips that can help me get my splits pretty fast? =)
    5 16
  187. What are some good conditioning workouts for cheerleading???
    Like today at practicie we conditioned our abs and I am horrible out of shape, so.....I need to work on that. We aren't practicing anymore until July and by then I have to be able to do 50 male pushups, not those girly ones so HELP thanks (:
    3 8
  188. How long should I run if I run everyday and I want to lose close to twenty pounds in a month?
    9 28
  189. What is the best way to tone your tummy without losing your butt or boobs?
    I want to lose my tummy and my muffin top, but nothing else....
    4 58
  190. What is a super healthy diet plan?
    What are some very very very healthy and little calorie (with lots of benefits) meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was thinking spinach salads for lunch. with cranberries, sesame seeds, and chickpeas? Easy to make things please?
    13 17
  191. What is the best stress relief exercise that you do?
    12 20
  192. What is the point of muscle confusion?
    The other say my dad was talking to me about my workouts and he had asked me if I had upped the weights on my work outs or the repations and I asked why and he told me to have "muscle confusion". And, I totally got lost when he said that. So he tried...
    14 29
  193. Why do I bloat even if I only consume water?
    2 53
  194. How to create a vegetarian meal/diet?
    I'm not trying to diet--just trying the vegetarian life-style. I feel like it would be good for me; something to focus on, and really, a bit more healthy as well. (If you want to help keep note that I would like to transition into a vegetarian--not a v...
    5 20
  195. Is losing 4lbs in two weeks reasonable?
    12 53
  196. Is it even possible to run more than one mile at one time?
    Seriously, I've been running a mile for over a year! Some days it's easy other days I barely make it. Some days I can run a mile an a half others I can't! it's crazy, I want to be able to run at least two miles straight. I just can't seem to do it. Do ...
    4 29
  197. How do I balance out the size of my arms?
    i am right handed so i use my right arm for things like carrying things, using saws, pretty much everything, so my right arm is bigger than my left. how can i fix this? its getting frustrating
    3 15
  198. Is it true that once you've lost your virginity your hips get wider and you gain weight?
    15 683
  199. What foods/beverages should I avoid when losing belly fat?
    Just a curious question, since I'm in zumba class, and I eat dinner afterwards, since if I eat before, especially 3+ hours I feel sick to my stomach. Anyways, what foods should I have before and after? Especially everyday/every week ;3 Thanks!
    5 43
  200. What happens to you if you ate McDonald's, and nothing else, regularly?
    I'm never going to do this ever, but what happened if you just ate McDonalds for like all the time and nothing else, what will happen to you? Will you have a heart problem or a disease? BTW, I want proper answers, not 'don't do it', say how McDonald...
    6 41
  201. How to get bigger hips?
    Okay, so i love everything from my waist up. but, i have like NO hips. or butt, and my thighs are skinny too. :( is they any exersice i can do to help? or foods i can eat? or sports i can join that'll help? i heard soccer can give you rlly nice legs. c...
    3 99
  202. How can I get rid of the extra fat?
    I've lost about 30 pounds and I still can't get rid of the fat on my love handles. I have insane curves and it's been hard for me to lose the weight on my curves. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get rid of the fat? I don't want it anymore! lol ...
    6 39
  203. How long does it take to become obese?
    13 99
  204. What is your favorite meal to eat or make?
    25 32
  205. Does anyone get very bad headaches after a vigorous workout of running?
    Whenever I run a race, or any fast pasted run for that matter, I get these painful migraines. They always start with my eyes going out of focus and dizziness. Does anyone else get these? ..and is there a solution?? It doesn't happen when I go On long r...
    5 12
  206. What are the best foods to eat and not eat when trying to lose weight?
    6 28
  207. Is there any way for me to be ready for pull ups tomorrow?
    4 17
  208. What can too much sugar in your diet do to your body in the long run?
    7 15
  209. What will happen if I stop drinking milk?
    Yea I was gonna stop but my mom gives me milk no matter what! But that's not the topic so anyways, my mon says im going to have osteoporosis when I'm older if i don't drink milk but I don't want to drink it because I think it has hormones and I feel li...
    15 116
  210. How can drinking a glass of water before eating help you lose weight?
    I was on the site, and stumbled upon (pun intended) a thing that said drinking a glass of water before eating can help you lose weight. Currently, I am drinking a glass, and waiting for supper to finish cooking. I to...
    11 20
  211. What is the name of the fat reducing salt?
    I don't think it's really salt but you sprinkle it on your normal food and it helps you lose weight. also were can i get it
    4 17
  212. How do you use the Daily % values on the food labels?
    2 23
  213. Does hula hooping + Dance Dance Revolution = a good workout?
    Ok i am 15 years old, 5' 1", 138 lb... , and have a waist measurement of 33". I play DDR to get my heart rate up and as a good cardio workout since i usually play on heavy or standard for around 1 - 2 hours each day. I follow up with non stop hula hoop...
    5 36
  214. How do I use my ab workout chair, and how long would it usually take to get bigger abdominal muscles?
    i got this ab workout chair, it looks exactly like this: i wasnt sure how to use it, but i went all the way back and pulled my legs and upper body up with my stomach for three sets of thirty and i did all of them, ...
    5 28
  215. How much pH does baking soda give you?
    2 44
  216. How can I get a faster metabolism?
    2 36
  217. Is it possible for me to lose a handful of belly fat in a month or less?
    I eat healthy and eat mainly protein and fruits/vegetables, I run for 30 minutes a day, speed walk for 20 and bike for 15, and every other day I go for an evening 45 minute speed walk or jog, I drink a lot of water too. Is this possible? PLEASE HELP
    4 75
  218. Is anyone using Raspberry Ketone to help lose weight?
    4 57
  219. What is a decent amount of weight for a 17 year old girl to squat, leg press, and bench?
    2 52
  220. How to work out for Break-Dancing?
    I'm a female, so I'm not sure if that affects anything? But I plan on getting into break-dancing; two of my cousins are in it, I pretty much want to get into basic things like hand stands, and different stands (tripod etc etc, though more advanced) an...
    3 36
  221. How can I start to like my body?
    ok ever since i have grown up lets just say the guys i got with wasn't really nice lol but i got ill when i was young and befor i left school i found out i had an eating dissorder which to me i thought it was just the way i was growing up hating my bod...
    6 21
  222. How many times a week is healthy to eat dark chocolate?
    9 45
  223. Is there anywhere I can download the insanity workouts for free?
    7 15
  224. What can I eat to replace the calcium in the milk that I don't drink anymore?
    4 17
  225. How can I get 75 grams of proteins a day?
    I only manage to get 40isha
    10 42
  226. Is it true that smelling bananas and green apples can make you lose weight?
    Dont call me crazy...i can explain!!! My school has these "did you know facts" hung up all over the school and that waz one of them...
    10 100
  227. How many calories are in an average large egg?
    14 47
  228. Is it bad to exercise on an empty stomach?
    9 15
  229. What are some good foods to eat before a hard core workout?
    3 28
  230. How can I make eating fruits, vegetables, and salads more filling?
    I'm used to eating meats and breads but recently have been trying to eat better. I never feel full though after eating a salad or a few pieces of fruit, no matterhow much of the salad or fruit I eat.
    9 28
  231. Is it possible to prevent/relieve muscle pains from working out?
    I haven't worked out in a very long time, so yesterday morning I ran on the treadmill for about half an hour and today I have muscle pains from my lower back down to my ankles basically. Is there a way to get rid of these pains or better prevent them...
    10 17
  232. What is a good diet if I want to gain weight?
    I really want the quickest way to gain weight.. Also will exercising also help me gain weight?
    5 28
  233. How to lose the junk in the trunk?
    ha weird title but it's true XD Just curious, I been doing this choreography and specifically Zumba class for the passed 3 months, and well I dropped 3 pant sizes, though I'm still concerned about my butt being too big. Other than that, my sides seem...
    10 73
  234. Is the perfect measurement for women 90-60-90?
    I have always heard this,so I would like to know if is true or not.tell me please thank you.
    5 191
  235. Is it okay for a 13 year old to do P90X?
    I think that's what its called. Its like way intense.. oh btw its like a workout sorta thing.
    2 71
  236. Who knows how much it costs to join the YMCA?
    4 18
  237. What are the benefits of a low carb diet?
    And how many carbs per day?
    5 16
  238. When counting calories, would I subtract the amount of calories I burn from the amount I consume before I get my total calories for a day?
    Say i wanted to eat a total of 1200calories a day and ive consumed 900calories so far but burned 500calories would i i have to eat 300 more calories or 600 more to get to the total of 1200? I don't want to be under eating
    3 18
  239. How can I stop having the munchies?
    I've been wanting to munch on things lately since I've been working out and it's keeping me from losing the weight!
    8 41
  240. Is it possible to lose 5 pounds in a week's time?
    5 37
  241. Why do I have to starve myself to maintain weight?
    D: I don't understand. >_<
    37 117
  242. What can I do to increase my speed and endurance?
    6 20
  243. Is it healthier to eat veggies with a fattening dip or no veggies?
    5 11
  244. How can I gain weight if I am currently about 84 pounds?
    Ive been a small figure my whole life. Im 4`8 in. and about 84 lbs. Recently I took a BMI test and Id like to be 111 lbs. I tried every method and nothing works. And I have a fast metabolism. Please help!
    5 42
  245. Which is healthier for you - chicken or turkey?
    6 20
  246. Do you think it's ok for 14 year olds to go to the gym?
    19 62
  247. How many calories, on average, does a person burn when going about their daily activities without exercise?
    3 17
  248. What would happen to my digestive tract after eating red meat when I haven't eaten any in 10 years?
    Just curious because Friday I'm going to a barbeque and all there serveing is red meat, you know as the meat being served, their will be other things served
    3 68
  249. Can jumping rope be a good substitute for running?
    its all cold and snowy where i live. so would jumping rope be good? also how long would i have to jump for it be equal to 30mins of jogging/walking?
    5 45
  250. When is the best time to work out?
    In the morning? After school? Before I got to bed? And also is it better to drink a protein shake before or after you workout?
    7 26