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How do you get perfect thighs and abs?

how do you get perfect thighs and abs??

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A little overweight at 5'0 and 118 pounds?

Hi I was just wondering if anyone thinks im a little but over weight im 5'0 and 118 lbs. If you do think im overweight can you give me some thips to lose it I would like to be 110-108 lbs thanks for the answers :)


Whats on the inside of boobs?

What are boobs made of? Whats on the inside that makes them jiggle?

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I want to lose 35 pounds in 10 days

I want to lose 35 pounds in 10 days ...please teach me how ..

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How to get ripped abs in 4 weeks?

How to get ripped abs in 4 weeks?


Fact or Fiction: Wearing a plastic bag helps lose weight.

I wanted to lose some weight in 2 and a half weeks, before school opens.
My cousin suggested that if I sat out in the sun all day, wearing a plastic garbage bag, it would make you sweat, and therefore, I would lose weight. I thought he was joking, but ...


What does the average 15-year-old weigh?

Well I'm 15, and well I think I'm fat.. But my mates say I'm not, I want to know for sure for myself, so can you tell me:

What does the average 15 year old weigh?


How can I make myself shorter or stay the height I am?

I really dont want to get any taller than I am..
And please dont give me that bullsh*t saying you should like the way you are..


how can I lose weight but gain thickness?

ok im 191 pounds and I have more stomache den butt and I want to lose mi belly and gain a booty and I have big thighs and big breast and I just want to lose the bell and gain a belly can you please help me cause I have 2 to 3 months to do this and I ne...

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Whats the best weight loss product?

My mom wants to know whats the best weight loss product is. I know there are so many of them. I think I've seen 15 commercials about them in the past 30 minutes.

So if you've used any weight loss products and they worked wonderfully like you've los...


how to just LOSE the last 10 pounds?

I had a goal of losing 20 pounds and I lost the first 10 just fine and I'm down to 160lbs and I just need to lost 10 more...what are some tips to just lose the last ten??


How many lunges a day will do the trick?

How many lunges a day will do the trick 20 or more


lower stomach pooch and big thighs.

haha. I am NOT fat. I have a great body and I love it. I dont weigh a lot. but the parts of my body that are out of shape are my thighs and I have a small pooch on my lower stomach. what are some exercises to get rid of these? how long do I do them for...


How can I lose an inch off my hips?

Hey am a 13 year old girl 14 in like 3 months. My shape is turning out to be the hourglass shape. I really want to loose an inch off my waist and hip fast though as my hips measure 35 inch and wait 31 inch. Can anyone help me nothing seems to work well.


can you od on midol

my friend took 3 midol a couple hours ago and 6 again recently and im worried bout her they have IB in em is she ok


What can I do to help my hips grow ?

Its not like I have no hips at all but I would like any advice on how I could my hips to grow. I'm inspired by kimberly walsh and would like to have hips like hers. Is there anything that anyone knows that I could do to help my hips to grow ?


My ankles hurt from track training

I just started Athletics and I am training for TRACK! And I run and run and run, but now when I just run to play tag and stuff outside just in regular day time, my muscles and my ankles hurt so much that I don't want to run anymore. How can I make this...


African americans have an extra muscle in their butt?

Do african americans have an extra muscle in their butt?? one of my friends told me that. anyone know??

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Is drinking lots of water in a short period of time the same as drinking that same amount of water in a long period of time?

Sorry for the odd wording on the question but what i am trying to come across with is basically i dont drink a lot of water throughout the day but at night i drink gallons. In past hour iv drunk 2 litres. It makes me a lot and i know this ins't great.....


How much should a fourteen year old girl weigh?

I'm fourteen years old. I'm a girl. I'm about 5"4 maybe? And I weigh like 115-120. How much SHOULD a fourteen year old girl weigh?


How do I put my family on a diet?

My family is very fat. My dad isn't very tall, but he's over 220 pounds. And with my mom, you can just tell she's fat. My sister isn't so bad, but her but and arms are huge! They eat out every night, while I just make my own seprate meals. My dad snack...


Does drinking Ensure help you gain weight?

does drinking ensure help gain weight cause mi docs. want meh 2 drink it and I was hopein it helps meh gain weight too


Flat round stomach

Well see im pretty skinny & toned
& over all im happy with my body
, but then theres one thing

My stomach its real slender on the sides.
Well my stomach has that little circle shape you get when you have abs
But then it just all fat

See how the chick...

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How did Nicole Richie lose all that weight?

does anybody know how nicole richie lost so much weight? and HOW LONG it took her? I want to be as skinny as all those tiny celebs like nicole, mary-kate olsen, micha barton, kiera knightley, and flyleaf singer.
nicole richie used to be so chunky, and ...

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Lose 9 pounds every 11 days?

Wow. Does that fat loss for idiots realy work???hasanyone tried it???is it successful?

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