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Skating knee problems

I feeling pain is both my knees when I bend it...I've been skating and it has really affect me as now I cant do ollies...any help to ease the pain


How can I lose belly fat and gain it on my hips and butt?

Hi fellow physician. I'm a mother of two children. I just gave birth 17wks ago to my second child. I've always been extremely bony as people used to say. After giving birth to my son seven years ago, I haven't been able to loose the belly fat AT AL...


Sad because im skinny:(

Ok so im like six stone and im a size six clothes...
I cant find any clothes to fit me...I dont have any curves...people call me anorexic
I do eat and I do want to be just cant.
Guys really dont find me attractive because of this because I have...

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How much does the average 13 year old girl weigh?!

:/ tell me please.
I'm 5'3!

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Will eating chocolate before bed help me gain weight?

If I eat two chocolates every night before going to sleep, will that make me gain weight? And If yes, then how long should I be doing that to gein weight?
Thank You


How can I make my legs thinner?

My body is thin, but my legs are quite fat...I really want to make them thinner. I have tried many kinds of exercise, and they seem to get stronger but not thinner, and I don't want to have muscles, I just want to have thin thighs. Do you recommend any...


is my dick too small?

I'm 13 years old and my dick is 4 inches 2.
is it too small?

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do bbb pills work?

do the bbb butt enhancement pills really work? has anyone tried them and do you gain weight in other areas?


How can I lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks?

I am 13 years old and I weigh 144 pounds. I am extreemly over weight. In 2 weeks i am going to a new school. and i do not want to be the fat girl anymore! i have had it with people pretending to puke when they see me in a bikini. I have had it with alw...

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weigh about 140 lbs and im 5"2 what should I weigh at 17?

Im 17 years old and I weigh about 140 lbs and im 5"2 I play on a very competitive soccer team and train and run a lot I wasnt always heavy at all I was probably too skinny what should I weigh?


How can I stop being the fat girl?

I weigh almost 200 pounds...I got called a cow today and I want to stop being the fat girl...please help me


What alcohol would be healthier to drink - lager or cider?

when i go out for i pint i want to know what would be better for me as im dieting i like carling or strongbow, i know that both won't be any good for me but what would be better to drink in terms of that im loosing weight,for example sayin im goin for ...


How to lose 50 pounds in 6 weeks?

Does anyone no how I could loose like 50 pounds before Halloween???


What formula do you use to calculate the calories of a peanut?

Values I have are:
Mass of peanut- .34g
Mass of remaining material after burning- .14g
Mass of peanut that burned- .20g
Volume of liquid water- 9mL
Mass of liquid water- 9g


Losing weight on my boobs?

Hi guys
I am a UK size 6, but my breast size is an E. I would love to lose weight on my boobs, but I know that spot reduction is effective. How do I reduce my boob size, but at the same time not lose too much weight on my body, as I am already very sma...


Is 24 hour fitness open on Easter?

Is 24 hour fitness open on Easter?


Is it ok to mix fruits and dairy together and is it normal?

i like to eat fruit with cheese. grapes and cheese oranges and cheese sliced apples dipped in liquid cheese, peaches and cheese and my most favorite is pinapple and cheese,and my grandma and mom told me not to do it


What are the side effects of being on a vegetarian diet?

what are the side effects of being on a vegetarian diet?


How can I get down to a size 4?

ok, im 5'7 and I wear a size 6 pants. I want to get down to a size 4 but I dont know what else to do. im a vegetarian, I dont eat chips or drink sodas. help me!!!


60-70 pounds in 15 weeks (2 months and 3 week)

ok im 14 years old and I weigh 208 around that and im 5'6ft tall. I wanna lose 60 to 70 pounds in 15 weeks. im trying to get to 130 because my weigh is restricting what I can do gymnastics wise and fleixiblity. im a very good contortionist but I want m...


average height for 15 year old girls?

waht is the average height of a 15 year old girl??


Drink water for 10 days without eating you will lose weight?

Is it true that if you drink water for 10 days without eating anything you will lose a lot of weight?!


Is it true that jogging ages you?

Is it true that jogging ages you? Does it cause the skin on your face to sag?


How can I get get bigger legs?

Well I am only 15 and I am size o in jeans
And when I wear skirts and shorts my legs look
Really ugly.I have chicken legs.
How can I get get bigger legs?
I also wanted to know how can I get fatter?
I am really skinny and sometimes people tell me I ...

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