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Does water weight make you look fat or just gaing weight?

Does water weight make you look fat or just gain weight?

I'm starting a diet tomorow and I need to know


I'm so mad at myself...

I just ate 2 ribs and almost 2 servings of chips.
did that mess up my hole diet?
I been dieting since yestorday.

Will this slow down my weight loss?
I'm so mad at myself


How can I make myself shorter or stay the height I am?

I really dont want to get any taller than I am..
And please dont give me that bullsh*t saying you should like the way you are..


How does cranberry juice help you lose weight?

Basicly the title. A lot of questions of "How can I lose weight" is answered by drinking cranberry juice.


Will muscular legs make me look shorter?

OK... I really like the look of muscular legs so I'm thinking of working at that... but I'm wondering if I do get muscular legs, will it make me look shorter? I'm 5'2" by the way...

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How can I slim down and tone my wobbly butt and thighs?

hi, im a slim build but my butt, thighs and hips are a little larger and wobbly.. im thinking bout buying a exercise bike to tone them and slim them down but I dont know if that will just make the bigger and thats THE LAST THING I WANT!!.. Has any one ...


measure the waist?

? for you how do you measure your waist? where do you do it on your stomach? at belly button or higher or...
and is a website that you can tell your body fat %???


Why is water so important to losing weight?

Just wanted to know: Why is water so important to losing weight? Just curious, I've read a lot of tips on weight loss and they all emphisize drinking water. WHY?


why do I think I'm fat when I'm skinny?

Ever since I was little I was miss skinny minni
then after 6th grade I gained like 3 pounds but you couldnt tell.
after I got my braces on I lost a lot of weight (7 pounds) in the dr.s veiw
I cant fite into any of my clothes because ther too big.


How can I get in shape for Hawaii?

I'm 17 and about 5'8.5.
I weigh exactly 175.

Now, before you paint a mental image of me I've been extremely active just about all of my life, throughout High School I was a pretty persistant swimmer, I went to state a couple times.
I used to play so...


Does Slim-Fast work?

I am wanting to lose 25-30 pounds before this summer. Would it work? I would eat healthy after I lose it to keep it off. I was going to play the Just Dance 3 game for and hour every day. Have ou tried it an succeeded? And please don't judge me, I'm jus...


How long till weight loss results from cytomel?

How long till weight loss results from cytomel?


how to become fat?

I am not havin any hip and my butt is very small.what should I do?
I am very thin and my hands are also very thin.please give some good advice to become fat

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Does drinking coffee stunt growth?

Is it true that by drinking coffee it could stunt your growth...Because I am 5'5 and 15 and I HATE being tall. So I just wanted to know do coffee make you stop getting taller?


Home Routine Work-Outs

What are some good home work-outs ? any good routines?
EXAMPLE) 20sit-ups
10 jumping jacks
15min of running in place


Do you think eating stale crackers is unhealthy?

I think theyre sorta yummy! Im just curious if stale cracker are more unhealthy than regular crackers..

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How skinny should I be? I'm 5'5'' and 120lbs

I wanted to know to be a model how skinny should ibe I don't starve my self I just don't gain weight easily [fast motabilism]but I want to know im curiousim nt guna looose weight just wann aknow

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trying to get some honest advice..

I'm trying to find a good diet to shed a few pounds; but I just don't know ANYTHING about a diet is there any advice anyone can give me? Please?


How can I gain wait but in a healthy way?

I really think that I am very skinny and so do my friends and my mom say.
How can I gain wait but in a healthy way?
I've tried eating a lot but I just can't seem to gain any wait.

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How long does it take to lose 40 pounds?

how long does it take to loose 40 pounds

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How to get rid of tummy fat and increase booty?

okay so my body is SO crazyy like the shape..
I have a hugee chest and skinny but not fat
and no the biggest butt
but,nyways how do you keep the chest get rid of the fat in your tummy and get a booty!!

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