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  1. how do you feel about the full moon and its affects on people?
    2 40
  2. What is Radiation sheilding ?
    2 19
  3. Why is the sky blue?
    3 60
  4. calculate power used in 2 ohm resistor in each circuits
    a)A 6V battery in series with 1 and 2 ohm reistors b)A 4V battery in parallel with 12 and 2 ohm resistors
    2 31
  5. What is the role of the nucleus?
    I would like to know what's the role of the nucleus in the cell besides that its the brain/control centre.
    5 38
  6. i saw a ufo today..
    in Maryland on december 21 2012 at 6-7am in the morning.. i saw it with my own bare eyes and i dont know what to believe anymore.
    3 22
  7. Does the New Moon have an effect on people like the Full Moon?
    2 62
  8. Need Help with this question
    how are new viruses reproduced?
    2 10
  9. Is there a way to force electrons to touch each other?
    I'm a little ignorant on the subject but I know electrons avoid each other when they're near each other and it's one of the reasons matter-to-matter contact isn't possible. Is it possible, then, to make electrons touch each other even if they don't wan...
    7 43
  10. What would happen to our body if we went into space with no protection?
    12 40
  11. How long does it take for gasoline to burn?
    I am writing a research paper on the use of napalm in the vietnam war, but switching from gasoline to napalm, i wanted to include the rate at which gasoline burned. I have the rate at which napalm burns, Type A: 15-30s, and Type B: 10 minutes. I've bee...
    2 81
  12. What happens when a long, straight conductor is moved through a uniform magnetic field at a constant velocity?
    what happen when a long straight conductor is moved through uniform magnetic field at constant velocity? It an asѕignment, pls i need your opinions now.
    3 13
  13. What are the most delicate things in nature?
    e g shimmering dew drops on a leaf butterflys wings full moon etc?
    6 554
  14. What do you think actually causes earthquakes?
    9 21
  15. What's your opinion on ammonium nitrate?
    2 36
  16. Do you think humans are the only species to have empathy?
    4 38
  17. Does anyone have a good map of the Autumn Constellations?
    I am repainting my room and on my ceiling we are painting constelations and stars and I need a good map. Preferably with I white back round because ill be prining it off.
    2 63
  18. Does anybody know anything about significant figures (chemistry)?
    The amount of significant figures in a number. Learning about it in Chemistry.
    6 24
  19. FunAdvice Trivia: What was physicist Martin Lewis Perl known for?
    A) He discovered the atom B) He discovered the X-Rays C) He discovered plutonium D) He discovered the subatomic particle 'tau'
    4 40
  20. What is the difference between positive ions and negative ions?
    and dont state the obvious, i know one is negative and one is positive. :P Im talking about electron wise.
    9 108
  21. What is the scientific meaning of speed and the meaning of velocity?
    What is the difference too? Thanks x
    2 22
  22. What are some websites that can asѕist me in finding the effects temperature has on copper chloride?
    okay, im doing this chemistry asѕessment and i need to find websites that tell me how temperature affects copper chloride and tables on solubility of copper chlorode, etc... i am also looking for websites where the experiement we have just conducted ha...
    2 10
  23. How many individuals of any given species are required to create an entirely new population?
    My father is a biology professor and researcher, so he would know, but he is most likely sleeping at the moment. I need the information sooner than later as I am working on a personal project and I can't be certain I'll feel able to finish it up tomorr...
    4 60
  24. Why are there little stars in certain places?
    7 24
  25. How long does it take to reach Mars?
    I was wondering this, what with the our little buddy Curiosity landing on Mars already, how long did it take for him to get there? Other relevant details would also be nice too!
    8 110
  26. How do you determine if a type of gas is less dense than air?
    I kn that ammonia gas is less dense than air, but is there any rule to kn whether a kind of gas is less dense than air, says, by their molecular mass or bonds between the molecules?? Thx a lot :D
    3 82
  27. Why is starch converted into glucose inside the banana when it's mature?
    I kn that there is an enzyme called amylase which converts starch to glucose, but why it has to do so? Why must the banana contain more glucose when it reachesaturation?? Thx :)
    2 11
  28. Why doesn't NASA send another man to the moon?
    I was not even born when the first man land on the moon and put the american flag. I would like they would do that again it wouldnt be so hard to repeat that again why they dont do it again. What do you think? tell me please thank you. I mean it was on...
    13 59
  29. What makes the moon so reflective?
    6 52
  30. What color is the sun?
    I know,stupid question,but when you're looking at the Sun,in theory,let's say from close to it ,shouldn't you be seeing the Sun as a white star ? Not a red star as it is always shown in Space Seeries . I know the color of the star depends on what it is...
    4 24
  31. Where does water go when it dries?
    it cant just disappear
    13 97
  32. How to look at the transit of Venus without permanently hurting my eyes?
    2 11
  33. How heavy is 23g?
    3 194
  34. What is spring control and gravity control in indicating instruments?
    please try to make your answers brief and detailed
    2 2340
  35. Did anyone check out the "super moon" last night? (read more)
    May 5, was the 2012 super full moon. The moon was making it's closest pass near the earth of the year. It was quite bright and looked really big.
    11 36
  36. How does a waxing gibbious moon get its shape?
    i undertsand about the orbiting and the kinds of moons there are, the moon is darkened by the earth's shadow, but it seems that the only way the earth could make a shadow like that is if it were the shape of an apple bitten to the core! must sound more...
    2 29
  37. Is the big dipper supposed to be upside down?
    3 53
  38. What does hydrogen do to fire?
    4 98
  39. Have you ever asked what are we doing on this planet?
    16 24
  40. What would happen if you poured bleach on a fire ?
    4 4436
  41. How is it that when you freeze a bee or fly you can make them come back to life?
    6 58
  42. How does electromagnetic radiation injure a human brain?
    2 47
  43. When is the next Halley's Comet?
    I have never seen the comet and i want to know if it will come around the earth before i die.
    6 24
  44. Does all the hi-tech equipment used on the CSI series actually exist?
    7 69
  45. Do you believe in life on other planets?
    13 23
  46. Do you believe there's going to be an earthquake on March 22, 2012 in most of America?
    12 10
  47. What do you think the world would be like if we didn't have scientists?
    11 75
  48. What's the deal with this comet called Elenin?
    I have heard that it will hit us. But im not aware of the whole story. Can someone please enlighten me :)
    15 38
  49. Why is Ernest Rutherford model of the atom called the "planetary model"?
    2 78
  50. Does the moon complete its circle around Earth in one day?
    6 19
  51. Why would the compound magnesium oxide lose mass as it burns?
    2 12
  52. Is there a symbol that stands for "alchemy"?
    not symbols used in alchemy, but a symbol which stands for "alchemy"
    3 21
  53. Discuss: Is genetic engineering ethical?
    8 19
  54. When's the next supernova?
    5 22
  55. Who thinks there is evidence the Earth has been visited by advanced civilizations that helped mankind with technological knowledge?
    4 7
  56. Which organs of speech produce the SH and H sound?
    5 13
  57. Did you know there's an asteroid close?
    There's a bus-sized asteroid called 2012 BX34 That is getting closer to striking Earth with each successive orbit around Sol. It recently passed between Earth and the Moon's orbit around us. There was a mention of this same(?) asteroid in late June las...
    13 30
  58. Are scientists working on making the dead come back to life?
    Like skeleton dead...(dumb question)
    8 16
  59. Why does our planet have such an ugly name?
    What lovely names the other planets have... Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter etc. Then there's us. Earth. Terra. dirt. EARTH. Yuck. I hereby re-name us SOIL.
    15 41
  60. What is a light year and how many earth years are equivalent to a light year?
    15 97
  61. Which has a bigger effect on electrostatic forces - the distance between particles or the magnitude of the charge?
    2 15
  62. Do you think that the new species found in deep-sea vents in the Antarctic are evolved, or have they been there the whole time?
    Read about it:
    3 9
  63. Do you think alien life is real?
    33 40
  64. Do you think the newly discovered planet Kepler 22b can sustain life?
    Have researchers found another Earth, or do you think it's just another lifeless rock? Read about it:
    6 15
  65. How can I write the purpose of this experiment?
    I need to write a purpose for doing my experiment, (I tested to see if music affects animal behavior) and im not sure why i did it besides the fact that it was for a grade :P little help please?
    4 34
  66. Do the new curly looking light bulbs have mercury in them?
    What should you do If one breaks
    7 27
  67. Who invented the radium clock?
    i need to know for school and i keep looking it up everywhere and im not getting correct results.....all that comes up is alarm clock,clocks mechanical clocks and other types of clocks,and radium clock dial,s and it doesn't say the name of the inventor...
    8 76
  68. Which has a regular cell shape - plant or animal cells?
    8 87
  69. How come bees die after they sting you?
    do they know theyre gonna die after they sting you???
    5 38
  70. What are some interesting facts about gold?
    8 31
  71. What is vertical velocity; is that vfy or viy?
    please also tell me the formula I would use to find the vertical velocity if you know! PLEASE HELP!!!
    5 79
  72. Is enough being done to prevent another death from the use of synthetic marijuana?
    A 13 year old boy died after using synthetic marijuana, so do you think there needs to be a more effective stand against the drug or do you think it was it a 1 in a million risk?
    20 41
  73. Are all pure gases clear?
    3 49
  74. Is there a way to create a substance out of household materials that is liquid paste then will solidify?
    I want to make a paste i can apply to my sister's face to create a halloween costume for her but i'm not sure how i would go about doing it so if you guys now a recipe or a method in which will allow me to create some sort of paste i would much apperci...
    5 21
  75. What can change the position, physical composition, or temperature of matter?
    5 29
  76. Does the Rutherford Atomic Model conflict with Dalton's Atomic Theory?
    3 258
  77. What is fossil fuel used for in the production of beef?
    its one of my questions for biology could anyone tell me? x
    5 9
  78. FunAdvice Trivia: "Dry Ice" is not ice, but actually a compressed form of what gas?
    A) Neon B) Carbon Dioxide C) Carbon Monoxide D) Oxygen
    8 40
  79. What are the advantages of distributing electricity at high voltages?
    2 35
  80. What are two examples of physical changes and two examples of chemical changes that occur in your home?
    give reasons for your classifications :)
    9 59
  81. Do you think scientists have proved Einstein's theory of relativity wrong?
    i was reading an article on it and these scientists have 'found' particles which exceed the speed of light but Einstein's theory said that nothing can go faster. I'm not usually interested in things like this...but they've asked other centres and suc...
    2 15
  82. Is it true that scientists have found the neutrino subatomic particle?
    a neutrino is a particle that is faster than the speed of light, if it really exists then, everything we know is wrong, the other day i heard about an article where European scientists found this neutrino, is this true or not?, thanks :*)
    8 20
  83. What can penetrate bone?
    I writing a short story for english and I need to know what can penitrte the skull?
    9 38
  84. Does anybody know the average mercury level in a largemouth bass?
    I'm wrighting a report about mercury in fish and I need to know. (:
    3 26
  85. What makes an object "alive"?
    8 64
  86. Do we really use 1% of our whole brain?
    8 47
  87. What year did the world start?
    I want a timeline of the world, something like this: Only not missing dates and stuff.
    3 59
  88. Does anyone know the characteristic equation for a Varicap Diode?
    Varible Capacitance diode: Varicap
    2 19
  89. What are mutations of diseases?
    I have science homework to do and i do not have a clue about mutations. Can someone tell me what mutations of dieases are to get me started please? I have tried looking but cant find and information about it.
    4 15
  90. What determines the energy of an object?
    2 34
  91. What is the structure of NADPH?
    3 48
  92. What time is the solar eclipse suppose to happen in the USA?
    does anyone know what time this is suppose to happen?
    4 75
  93. What is the difference between a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse?
    2 69
  94. Is there really going to be an eclipse tonight?
    13 41
  95. Is there suppose to be a full moon tonight?
    Does anyone know any input on the full moon tonight? I think they said we are suppose to have one. Anyone got any other information?
    6 39
  96. How much of a difference in temperature does one degree make?
    15 121
  97. When lightning strikes the ocean, why don't the fish die?
    my friend asked me and i didn't know, so i turn to yall! (:
    4 17
  98. Do you believe there are other worlds out there?
    Different dimensions and stuff?
    12 32
  99. What would the rest of the chemical formula be when NaCl mixes with HC2H3O2?
    would a gas be formed?
    4 34
  100. What health effects are caused by wave energy (wave power)?
    2 40
  101. What happens when a gas is heated?
    This question seems obvious but the real meaning I am trying to exploit is difficult (for me). I was asked this question in advanced chemistry. It seems easy but I don't remember this covered material. Can anyone help me? Thanks, help is much apprecia...
    6 88
  102. What are the behaviours of beams of protons, neutrons and electrons in both electric and magnetic fields?
    5 190
  103. What is the properties of protons, neutrons and electrons in terms of their relative charges and relative masses?
    3 30
  104. How did viruses transform into different species?
    4 17
  105. Why are the terrestrial planets close to the sun, and the gas giants far away from the sun?
    4 30
  106. How can I preserve my carnations in a creative way?
    I have 3 carnations that I really want to keep. I have pressed flowers before. I was looking for other ideas, I have sprayed a rose with clear laquer before as well, but it turned the rose into nearly glass and it shattered. I am looking for 3 differen...
    6 88
  107. What would happen if gravity reversed?
    like thatsounds soo strange but like if the atmospher got thicker too more dense, would we implode on ourselves?
    12 70
  108. Is Cesium or Potassium more reactive in water?
    9 33
  109. What are some print sources for wind and wave(tidal) energy?
    3 14
  110. Are tidal and wave energy the same?
    4 29
  111. How many protons are there in an atom of chlorine gold and mercury?
    2 54
  112. How are the elements ordered in the modern periodic table?
    2.Name as many of the alkali metals, halgoensand noble gasses as you can and list them with theirsymbols 3.How many protons are there in an atom of chlorinen gold and mercury
    3 63
  113. Can lactose glow under a blacklight?
    5 57
  114. How do light waves travel?
    Yea yet another science question, but this one wasnt in my book so I need some help. How do light waves travel, do they need a medium or do they travel through a vacuum?
    3 38
  115. Is a light wave a transverse wave?
    I have to do a project about sond and light waves and I need to know if a light wave is a transverse wave or a longitudinal wave.
    2 8
  116. Do you think those secret documents of the FBI about the existence of aliens, that just became public, is real or just another conspiracy theory?
    5 13
  117. Does the Doppler effect work with some one playing an instrument?
    i was reading a book and in the book i read about the doppler effect so i started wondering if a musician who was playing an instrument,perfectly in tune, would his pitch still change if he were moving towards and away from me
    6 33
  118. What hardware should I include for an advanced home chemistry set?
    2 5
  119. What is a catchy and/or funny name for a display board on a Catapult experiment?
    I'm not launching anything in particular so I can't call it "whatever I am launching-pult"
    2 368
  120. Can genetic engineering modify physical aspects of an organism?
    2 15
  121. Why don't blood cells have a nucleus?
    3 20
  122. Where did the fossils in my yard come from?
    The yard is nothing but rock, hardly any soil, the coast is hours away, so where did these fossils come from?
    9 27
  123. How much bigger is the world's largest star, VY Canis Majoris, than the sun?
    4 85
  124. What was this flash in the sky I saw last night?
    Last night at about midnight, my cat and I were looking out my window and there was this huge explosion in the sky followed by what looked like shooting stars coming out of it and going for miles but I don't think they were. I had recently seen a plane...
    8 63
  125. What is the basic mechanism to make a robot?
    10 19
  126. What's the atomic number for any atom?
    2 16
  127. Is the world going to end in 2036 due to a meteor?
    (My friend wants to know)
    14 63
  128. What are the four basic uses of energy produced by respiration?
    2 842
  129. Why is the moon closer today?
    people on my news are saying the moon is closer today or something, but it doesn't look any bigger. I live in Oklahoma.
    4 50
  130. Does anyone believe that aliens live on our moon?
    9 36
  131. Does the movement of the moon have anything to do with all the earthquakes and stuff just now?
    7 55
  132. Does Mycoplasma (a genus smallest bacteria) have to depend on host cell?
    I want to know whether Mycoplasma can be grown artificially? or they just depends on host cell unlike normal bacteria ?
    3 23
  133. Does soil sink faster in water than sand and soil mixed?
    2 111
  134. How do you dissect a frog?
    I just want a simple intro and how it'll look..thanks!!
    4 31
  135. How are oxygen and carbon dioxide transferred through the blood?
    I need a narrated informative definition. You can also provide useful link which is easy to understand
    6 25
  136. Can a tsunami happen in one of the great lakes?
    22 113
  137. How do labs test the pH of soil?
    2 58
  138. Why was UNO formed?
    2 70
  139. How are igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks connected with each other?
    2 23
  140. Is sperm an animal?
    7 140
  141. What is "photosynthesis"?
    7 12
  142. What would happen if we could use 100% of our brain?
    Just wondering cause of that new movie limitless.
    11 74
  143. What is your opinion on the study of cloning and therapeutic cloning?
    I think they should do it for medical purposes such as replicating kidneys and other organs needed.
    3 16
  144. What do they put in Glow Sticks?
    I have this assignment and I need to know what people put in Glow sticks.... I have searched and haven't found anything
    7 38
  145. Can someone please explain to me how to draw a Lewis structure?
    10 27
  146. Is it true that long ago all of the continents were once joined into one big continent?
    23 59
  147. Is our science reliable enough to tell that a human fossil is as much as 1,3 million years old?
    17 28
  148. Is it true that the 3 era's are repeating themselves?
    ? like in the past people are still alive, in the present were here and there people in the future now. or am i in correct?
    2 6
  149. What would be a simple outline of blood clotting?
    5 22
  150. Do you think humans would exist if dinosaurs didn't go extinct?
    9 6
  151. How old is the oldest European human fossil ever discovered?
    5 11
  152. What are the sizes of the gravity and upthrust on the moon, Earth, Venus, and Mercury in percentage?
    3 91
  153. What is the defenition of Electron?
    7 26
  154. What is the thing that determines how an atom interacts with other atoms?
    3 39
  155. Why are UFO's always circular?
    Like where did the idea of a circular spaceship come from?
    8 40
  156. What are three ways for improving acid soil for crop production?
    3 15
  157. What sort of activities could humans do on Mercury if they were able to survive on the planet?
    5 98
  158. What would happen if gravity lifted slightly?
    2 20
  159. are all cels made of a nucleus?
    4 16
  160. Did Thomas Edison invent the lightbulb or did he just improve it?
    4 57
  161. What would happen to life if there were no Sandflies (sandfleas, no-see-em)?
    6 17
  162. Is the concept of the gravitational force of a Fushigi Ball a hoax?
    3 14
  163. What do you think we will evolve into in 1 million years?
    14 51
  164. What kind of gas is carbon dioxide?
    15 39
  165. What kind of energy can moving water create?
    4 42
  166. What is Ohm's law?
    5 35
  167. How do you measure viscosity without purchasing a metre?
    2 26
  168. How do I know which chemical has a higher boiling point by looking at it's formula?
    3 62
  169. Is there a bunch of balancing chemical equations I can work on that you know of for grade 10 science?
    3 20
  170. Why is Earth so closely related to Venus?
    5 55
  171. Who belives super powers are possible?
    5 28
  172. Does the left brain have different function from the right brain?
    6 41
  173. What is a pH level?
    How much acid is in a liquid, right? How do I find out the pH levels of some liquids? What do I use? Where can I find it? Google keeps switching its answers. HELP!
    7 25
  174. Which of the following liquids has the lowest viscosity (read)?
    water honey toothpaste oil? wich one?????
    6 695
  175. What affects the rate of reaction of Amylase apart from the temperature?
    3 12
  176. Why are fungi and protoctista the odd ones out when classifying organisms?
    2 16
  177. How did early scientists classify organisms fast?
    13 32
  178. What is the flash point of alcohol?
    4 363
  179. What are some bidding websites like eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon?
    im looking for a phone replacement . help ? mush appreciated . [:
    4 21
  180. Can someone tell me what are the new dates for the zodiac signs?
    I heard that there was a new zodiac sign and all the dates are shifted so i want to know what signs and there months are.
    8 45
  181. What do you call something that is liquid when you touch/poke it and solid when you hit/slap it?
    9 77
  182. How can a person come in contact with radio active material?
    11 21
  183. What is the photosynthetic method of a venus flytrap?
    2 12
  184. What are the voltage readings for copper and magnesium in these fruits (cont'd)?
    ... lemon, orange, grapefruit, apple, and the vegetable potato?
    3 17
  185. How can I encounter nuclear radiation?
    its for a science project and i cant find it anywhere? help
    7 12
  186. Why can't we sell our bodies to science before we die?
    I think it would be a good idea because it would bring more organs to transplant
    6 23
  187. What are the circular spaces between atoms called?
    3 19
  188. What is released from burning fossil fuels?
    7 34
  189. What is a "control" in a science project?
    15 51
  190. What are solids, liquids, and gases made from?
    and the name o the most important one and the evidence for this?
    2 17
  191. What is the formula for a Sulphite ion?
    3 36
  192. Do elements make up atoms?
    10 121
  193. How is solar energy demonstrated through a solar oven [pizza box] ?
    2 37
  194. Is there oxygen on the ocean planet?
    12 44
  195. What is the structure of smooth muscle?
    6 11
  196. What kind of scientist study the human brain?
    4 138
  197. how high is the sky from the ground we walk on to the outside outer layer of the earth?
    2 75
  198. Who seriously thinks they evolved from apes and monkeys?
    11 13
  199. How does chromatography work, in a really easy explanation?
    2 13
  200. what questions should you ask yourself when writing chemical formulas?
    6 14
  201. How is it possible that there is life on Mars?
    9 25
  202. What is the difference between Latent heat capacity and Specific heat capacity?
    2 192
  203. Is the Universe expanding or shrinking?
    14 52
  204. can u grow salt stalactites?
    7 26
  205. how hard would it be to create a bullet that when fired and enters your body will corrode your organs?
    3 19
  206. What are the ansestors of the Pterodactyl?
    Early or Present. Any Ideas?
    3 60
  207. Can finger prints change when you get older?
    5 70
  208. Would the properties of H2O be the 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen atoms?
    8 34
  209. Is it possible for creating an aircraft like an UFO?
    7 13
  210. Do you think its possible (in any lifetime) that we will ever be able to travel through time?
    13 47
  211. What do you think is the most interesting branch of science?
    6 49
  212. How many ml/litres are in a pint?
    3 58
  213. could it be possible to stop asteroids?
    6 17
  214. Who owns earth's moon and all the planets?
    9 16
  215. What is the relationship between pigments and chlorophyll?
    5 208
  216. Are there space stations in Antarctica?
    3 31
  217. What is a bacterium??!
    3 21
  218. Who would sell their body to science if you could actually do it?
    9 41
  219. How does the Calvin Cycle work?
    5 56
  220. What would happen if we have no moon?
    or if it gets hit by a meteor and breaks apart, will earth still be habitable?
    9 28
  221. How do scientists and also some astrologers predict exact date and time for solar eclipse?
    2 29
  222. What was going on in the universe before the big bang theory?
    2 19
  223. How long can satellites stay in the orbit?
    3 11
  224. Is it possible to reach any far away planets with the speed of our satellites?
    4 36
  225. What causes a meniscus?
    4 33
  226. what 5 things make FLUFF?
    3 29
  227. Is it normal for a variable resistor to get really hot?
    4 37
  228. Is it true that UFO comes from a planet called Terra?
    Is it true that UFO comes from a planet called Terra where all of stuffs there using high technology compared to what we have in Earth?
    3 50
  229. Why does the mass of magnesium go up when it is burnt?
    4 27
  230. Does the moon pull really affect humans, I any way?
    9 30
  231. What are the layers that sediments form in rocks?
    Scienc-y question for ya'll. My mind blanked and I forgot what they're called :P
    3 18
  232. What are some types of equipment that forensic scientists at crime labs use to analyze evidence?
    2 41
  233. what are some scientist that you can name that had a part of making the "Atom" ?
    3 10
  234. Do twins have same the same traits and chromosomes??
    When the result offspirng in humans are identical twins, do they have same traits and chromosomes?? is the hormonal count the same?..... but i also was wondering the same thing about feternal twins... and what are some of the major differences between ...
    2 29
  235. when u pressurize the inside of a copper tube and seal it ends ,does that increase the thermal conductivity if the tube surface?
    3 14
  236. Do you think man is powerful than any other creature in the world?
    16 37
  237. how do i access my online grade nine science textbook?
    2 7
  238. How does diffusion in cells help organisms maintain homeostasis?
    6 707
  239. Are mermaids real, or a myth?
    13 26
  240. what makes plants turn yellow?
    6 38
  241. Is the earth made up of more than 70% water now?
    2 10
  242. What do you say of fresh evidence of Aliens appearing in some place in U.S and about the flying object?
    9 41
  243. Can anyone give me a list of Creationist scientists and where they went to school?
    And maybe what they went to school for and stuff like that..doctorates, MS's, BS's, PhDs, stuff like that....
    4 17
  244. is it true that one day humans will be able to live up to 1000?
    do you think it's going to happen, or no?
    10 53
  245. Can anyone explain the process where an electron, theoretically, 'leaps' from one universe to an alternate one?
    7 26
  246. Where do the Light Reaction and the Calvin Cycle each take place in the chloroplast in photosynthesis?
    3 36
  247. what nite is it best to see a falling star or shooting star?
    3 15
  248. Is telikineses for real?
    If so, how do I start?
    2 10
  249. What would be the dependent and independent variable?
    If i let an egg sit in corn syrup for 24 hours?
    6 59
  250. How to make a 3D Plant Cell project in three days w/o using food items or clay?
    ..just simple items that won't cost money??? Sorry, but i'm kind of desperate at this point, and we have no clay that i can use or anything and can someone tell me all the parts and what to make them out of- the cell wall iz going to be a shoebox if th...
    2 58