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what are robots

what are robots any way do they help us out for good or what there just like beep boop question dinied


The transportation mechanism of a Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquid.

Hi, I am a Chemical Engineering student and I was asked by lecturer to carry out a research paper on "The different transport mechanism of a Newtonian and non Newtonian liquid". The complete question is as the following:

The transportation of a Newt...


Who came up with the mole unit?

What is the history of the mole?
Who came up with it?
Why was it created?
Wats the actual # for a mole?
When was it created?
What does it mean?
Why is it important to chemistry and people?
Lots of thx :)


barrel cactus

How have barrel cacti adapted to their dry desert climates?


What is spring control and gravity control in indicating instruments?

please try to make your answers brief and detailed


Kids will have green, blue, hazel or brown eyes?

I have green eyes and my husband has brown eyes, my mom has brown eyes and my dad has light brown eyes like honey, my husbands mom and dad have brown eyes, both of grandpa's have colored eyes one has blue and the other has hazel eyes, both of my grandm...

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What are the uses of sound energy? Help! This is for my report tom.

Pls. Answer.what are the uses of sound energy?.


Does the sun move around the earth or the other way around?

Does the sun move around the earth or does the earth moves around the sun???


What causes altimeter setting to change daily?

What causes altimeter setting to change daily


Does changing rims on my car affect its performance?

Does changing out the stock rims on my car for bigger rims have an effect on anything? (suspension, gas mileage, etc.)


What are the most delicate things in nature?

e g shimmering dew drops on a leaf butterflys wings full moon etc?


What can penetrate bone?

I writing a short story for english and I need to know what can penitrte the skull?


Why does our planet have such an ugly name?

What lovely names the other planets have... Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter etc. Then there's us. Earth. Terra. dirt. EARTH. Yuck. I hereby re-name us SOIL.


Can lightning electrocute itself?

What happens to lightning when it gets wet?


A vacuole in a cell

A vacuole in a cell..
How can that be related to an airport.
What in an airport is like a vacuole?


Do sperm have brains?

When a male ejaculates into a female does his sperm know where to go by insticts or does the male have to like shoot it into the direction

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What is the white powder in lightbulbs?

I noticed that the actual inside of the glass bulb is lined with a layer of white powder that wipes off real easily. what exactly is that stuff? and is it dangerous to get on your skin or inhale or something? some things say its just to even out the li...


Deep science questions.

befor I start, I warn all religious people that I am athiest and the question is asked in the veiws of a scientist- I already know the bible answer to my question (god breathed life into humans... blah blah blah) but I want a scientific answer, and if ...


Eye Colour Scare

my mums eyes are brown and my dads are blue.
mine are always changing.
when I wake up they are back, cross green
by mid day they are shinny greene
in the afternoon they are a light green cross brown
and before I go to bed tehy are a constant mixture


wheel size affect performance offset stay changing wider rim handling light weight rim heavy bigger rim car suspension evidence earth earth sound energy sperm brain ride charastic rim tire size change changing rim size efeect brake rim ga mileage rim affect ga mileage putting bigger rim car mes speedomater ga mileage effect larger rim car bigger rim u performance