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My tarantula

Never seems to eat her food! I feed her large live crickets, but they always just end up dying before she ever eats them! I've had her for just over three years, and this has only recently started happening... I've tried her on different types of crick...


I want an english bull dog puppy so bad

I have been wondering why are english bull dogs so expensive. they are so outragious. and I was just seeing where I might be able to get one cheap in the state of tn


Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean dogs ears?

Can I use hydrogen peroxide to clean dogs ears?


How long before a rabbit gives birth?

My rabbit just gave birth I want to know how long a rabbit is pregant for

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How many puppies I can expect from my cocker spaniel's 1st litter?

My ccker spaniel is 1 1/2 years old. She's had two periods. An I was very curious as to how many puppies she might have. She's getting big around her belly area, and she's went from 4 nipples to ten. Whats a average number?

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English Bull Dog, French Bull dog or Pug?

For my graduation gift to myself i'm looking to get (most likely rescue) a new member to my family. I'm originally from the northern part of Florida so we do get a lot of heat and humidity which I know can be a health hazard. I do plan to travel a lot ...


eye problem

my dog shitzu poo woke up with closed and swolen eye,,,she try to open it but she cant,,should I take her to vet


What type of dog is shaggy dog?

What type of dog is shaggy dog?


How soon after giving birth can I bathe my dog and her puppies?

How soon after giving birth can I bathe my dog and her puppies I know its a few weeks but can anyone tell me when exactly?


What would happen if you a raise a baby tiger like a little cat?

What would happen if you raise a baby tiger like a cat feeding it with cat food it would act like a cat when he gets bigger or not what do you think? Just curiosity let me know thank you.


Help jack russell biting

We have a 6month old jack russell who has recently started biting me very bad breaking the skin and growling if I go near him , we also have a 9 week old jack russell but this behaviour started before she arrived we have tried smacking him, putting him...


How much does it cost to treat a dog with parvo?

w/o the overnight stays for an 11 week old puppy and if it's 2 of them won't they discount a bit since it's from the same litter? when i was going to get the shots for them they were going to get a little discount since they were from the same litter, ...


How do I clip my parakeet's nails?

I have noticed that my parakeet's nails have become longer than what they should be. He used to do a pretty good job of keeping them shorter using his little gritted ledge, but now they are growing. What is the easiest way to clip these? Is there an ea...


Dogs coming into heat??

My puppy is nearly 6months old and I have a 2yr old male westier to.
My vet has told me that they wont spay her till after her 1st season!
Will there be and signs of change of mood/actions when she is coming into season (other than bleeding)? Will sh...


What now, my labrador is blind?

I found out this mornig my dog was diagnised with a disease that makes them blind. He is already happened so quick.I want to know what do I have to do to make he's life easier? How does one cope with this? Is it better to have him put down - h...


is my cat ok??

my cat has not been himself the last two days he came back from been out all night, he stays in during the day and out at night. the first day he only didnot eat much only half of what he normaly does then on the second day he came back and he did not ...


How can I get a dog to eat/drink cranberry juice?

( We took in a little rescue dog last night and she seems to have a urinary tract infection, so while we are making arrangements to get her to the vet, we are getting her started on a herbal remedy - cranberries, but she hates them. I've tried mixing i...


Help I dont want my puppy to die

How can I tell if my puppie is dying?


What type of fish can clean my pool?

Well basically right now my pool isn't being swam in and the pool is really filthy green mess everywhere and I was wondering if it was possible to clean the pool with algae eaters if so would it take lots of them or could just a few have the pool clean...

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My poor baby...

I have three pet rats and the first one I ever got has a tumor the size of my fist I dont want to put her to sleep but im 12 and the surgery cost like $100!!! What should I do!!!???


Cocker Spaniel ears, long versus short?

I see some cockers ears being really long and pretty and others look shorter.Is there a eay to help grow your cockers ears long or is it just one of those things passed on by their parents?


What's wrong with my cat?

My cat seems to have a fur problem. Right above his tail, all his fur is coming off. He's been seeming to lick tere a lot, so I'm thinking he's itchy there, or something. I've taken him to the vet a few times, but even they don't know what to do! Do yo...


Talking for birds help!

How long does it take to teach a parakeet to talk?

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how to breed betta fish

Hi.I am intrested in breeding betta fish.I have a breeding pair(male,female).My male is building a bubble nest and everything is going as planned.I just know what to do when I put them together.I tried it once and they nipped at eachother for 45 minuts...

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