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Can a dog have bleeding during pregnancy?

Dog pregnancy bleeding - any information on this subject - I want to know if your dog can be pregnant and having bleeding during the pregnancy?


How soon after giving birth can I bathe my dog and her puppies?

How soon after giving birth can I bathe my dog and her puppies I know its a few weeks but can anyone tell me when exactly?


Why Doesnt my puppy do the poop ?

I have a 1 week old puppy and he hasnt pooped in like 2 days . what can I do ?


My puppies are in a kennel

Okay, im going to calgary, ab, and I live in manitoba, in a few weeks, and we have to put our 2 puppies in a kennel in a nearby town. I dont really want to leave them because we'll be gone for about 5 days, but I really dont want to leave them. But we ...


Why is my new born puppy breathing from its mouth

Why is my new born puppy breathing from its mouth


Why does my cat cry all night.?

My cat crys and crys all day and night. And she is a kitten now I don't know why she is driving me insane... ? <(= _>?

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What exactly happens when a female dog gets her menstrual cycle?

I'm planning on getting another dog, but this time I want a girl dog :] I've only had male dogs so I don't know how theyre mentrual cycle is. I want to know if they bleed every where?, and how long does it last? and excatly what happens when they get t...


If you could transform into any animal what would it be?

Any animal at all, and why would you pick that animal?


what is the gestation period for a cricket ?

what is the gestation period for a cricket ? my friends cricket is pregnant and we want to know lol

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Why does my dog keep bringing me her newborn puppies?

she just had the puppies not even 3 days ago, and I fear that if she keeps bringing me the puppies that they wont eat she usually does this at night time around the time I went to bed before she was pregnant


How long is it before you can tell if a kitten is a boy or girl??

my cats babys are like a week and a few days old when can I tell if her babies are boys or girls??

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How many puppies I can expect from my cocker spaniel's 1st litter?

My ccker spaniel is 1 1/2 years old. She's had two periods. An I was very curious as to how many puppies she might have. She's getting big around her belly area, and she's went from 4 nipples to ten. Whats a average number?

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Is there a home remedy for fluid in a dog's ear canal?

My Border Collie has fluid in his ears. When you lift his ears and rub on his head you hear fluid. He also shakes his head a lot. I'm assuming it is in his canal. What home remedy can I do?


Do flounder fish have menstrual cycles?

Do flonder fish have menstrual cycles?


what determines the color of dog hair?

what determines the color of dog hair?


Why are cows called cows?

what the subject says...


What is the best dog food on the market today?

What is the best dog food on the market today?


How to train my Boxer?

ok so i got this new puppy his name is ozzy and hes about 3 months old and not potty trained. and we dont really know how to potty train him either. my mom is blind so she cant see if he goes in the house when im not there so we take him out ever 30 mi...


Can my dog get pregnant if she is still bleeding a little

My chi has been bleeding for 10 days on tues and I am trying for the 1st tie then. Bleeding has slowed a lot and a pink color. Today when I touch the base of her tail she moves it over. She could have been bleeding a couple days before I noticed. She i...


How big will my havanese puppy get?

How big will my havanese puppy get?

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holws all the time

one of my chihuahua pups just keep crying & holws I try to fit her but she just holws...

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Would I know if I got worms from my dogs?

How would I know if I got worms from my dogs?


is there somthing wrong with my puppy?

ok my puppys sleeping and I went to kiss her and I noticed she was breathing really heavy then earlyer today she was breathing really fast and she kinda makes wierd noices every now and then but I think there normal because my other yorkshire terrier d...


Isn't my cat cute?

Is my cat cute? I don't think you could tell, though, because it's blurry, but oh well.


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