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  1. How To make your Frenchie Dog Happy
    There are so many ways to make your bulldog happy. But there is some 12 sign that you can understand that your bulldog is very happy.
    8 115
  2. How Long Can a Bulldog Live Up To?
  3. How can I Socialize With My Puppy
    When getting a puppy, socializing with it is key to growing up a confident healthy dog. Despite spending time with your puppy, there are other ways of socialization for them. In this guide find out how.
    7 127
  4. What Foods are Toxic for Dogs
    When getting a dog, we, of course, are tempted to give our dogs snacks and food from the table. This though can be risky, and an attentive pet owner will want to make sure their pooch is as safe as possible. In here, find what's not safe for your dog.
    10 116
  5. 5 Essential Commands You Can Teach Your Dog
    Having a trained dog isn’t the same as having a balanced dog, but if your dog knows a few basic commands, it can be helpful when tackling problem behaviors — existing ones or those that may develop in the future.
    6 60
  6. How to HouseBreak Your Puppy
    Having a puppy in the house can be enjoyable and fun for you and the family, but at the same time, an untrained puppy can be messy. Heres the steps on how to housebreak your puppy.
    7 223
  7. What to be Aware of Before Breeding Your Dog
    When thinking of breeding our dogs, and wanting a healthy successful pregnancy, it tends to require more knowledge and reassurance. In this guide, you'll learn what to be aware of when and before breeding your dog.
    8 70
  8. How to Raise Newborn Puppies
    When your dog gets pregnant for the first time, and she finally bears her pups there can be a confusing thought. Thoughts like how to take care of the puppy? Should I hold the puppy? What should I be aware of? In this guide, we will teach you how.
    13 89
  9. How to Know if My Dog is Pregnant
    After mating season has your dog been rather suspicious lately or experiencing different bodily changes? Thinking that there may be a possible pregnancy? Read this guide to find out if that's just the case
    7 69
  10. How to Teach Your Dog to "COME"
    Have you ever wanted to call your dog from wherever he is at? Isn't it great to have your fluffy companion to stand beside you? In this guide, we teach you how to call your dog with the word "COME"
    8 97
  11. How to Fix your Dog's Obesity
    Is your dog pretty "curvy", considered a pile of chub, high on the chonk scale, or in simpler terms fat? Obese at minimal? Then this guide is for you and how to deal with dog obesity.
    6 93
  12. What Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog
    When choosing a dog breed, there are several factors to contemplate. In this guide, we list some major considerations for you when selecting your new canine companion.
    8 99
  13. English Bull Dog, French Bull dog or Pug?
    For my graduation gift to myself i'm looking to get (most likely rescue) a new member to my family. I'm originally from the northern part of Florida so we do get a lot of heat and humidity which I know can be a health hazard. I do plan to travel a lot ...
    7 21
  14. my new dog has a dry cough, is that normal and what can i do about it?
    4 20
  15. Holy cow my daughter is one now.
    Walking, (semi) talking, happy as can be. Loves books, loves cuddles (when the time calls for it), and is just about the most amazing baby ever (IMO)<3
    5 12
  16. What is the best breed of dogs? PUGS!
    I love pugs! I have three of them and they are the best! What do you think???
    2 19
  17. how safe is it for my cat to eat a mouse?
    3 41
  18. what kind of soap to wash cat's litter box with
    Does my cat not like the cleaner I use? FANTASTIC :-s maybe I should JUST use dish soap. I am also using Arm & Hammer litter deodorizer???
    2 48
  19. Questions about rose hair tarantula
    Hi, so recently I got my adorable rosey (a week ago) and she is currently watching me haha, but any way I have questions about my lovely rosey. So she has been perfect with handling and I did handle her first day I got her she was fine and wasn't scare...
    2 17
  20. How can i get my cat to go in his bed?
    So we got my cat alittle bed in the living room since he would always lay down in one spot at night since we moved his tree house scratcher to our room... n we put his bed were he use to lay but he will not lay in it ha like i have put his toys in it a...
    7 23
  21. PLEASE READ FULL QUESTION: Will nurtrring help my dog's aggression and marking?
    My dog is a 3 year old mixed breed dog, now he's not aggressive toward female dogs or ANY HUMAN, but we have a neutered male dog and when my female is in heat he attacks the fixed male... My mom said that once he's fixed this behavior will stop. One m...
    3 24
  22. Mom won't let me eat?
    So, my mom rarely buys groceries because she rarely eats. Right now, the only foo we have needs to be cooked on a stove or in an oven. We have no snacks or microwavable food. And we're remodeling our kitchen and right now we only have a microwave. my m...
    11 51
  23. Dog dilemma: My old chocolate lab is showing the signs of heading down hill fast.
    I went through this with my black lab back in the summer. He's not getting around very well. He's confused, but seems happy. His appetite is hit and miss. One day he won't eat, the next he can't get enough. I held on to the black lab til he g...
    4 39
  24. why does my dog have a thing for socks?
    Ahaha its a weird question but seriously! He doesn't care about underwear, shirts, towels, nothing but socks! If I leave one in sight it will more than likely be found torn apart under the table and he finally discovered "humans wear socks on the feet"...
    4 18
  25. my fish are dying?
    I got this tank about 2 months ago from my sister... she gave me a goldfish... I added, 2 black moors and 2 calico colored fish.. I lost one fish for an unknown reason... Then the goldfish died (I read I was feeding them too much so I started a feeding...
    14 32
  26. What causes my young male cat to lose hair?
    Hey guys, I have a 3 year old black Siamese male cat, with thin fur. Recently my mom has recognized him losing fur on his left side, both his hind legs and two short lines near his tail(rrump). She says they resemble a shaving mark as when you pet him ...
    2 19
  27. is my dog really ugly?
    many people tell me she is ugly. sure she's not a beauty show winner, bu she can't be that bad can she lol? btw to any angry people \bout the puppies, those were from her previou...
    7 74
  28. whats wrong with my hamster
    Okay. My16 month old female hamster has an eye infection where around her eyes its all red and she can't open them. About 2 weeks ago we went to the vet to see what they said and they said we only need to clean it with warm salt water (which doesn't w...
    12 92
  29. Alligator Eats A Man's Dog In Our Town
    A 12 foot long alligator grabs an 80 pounds Husky in front of owner and takes it underwater. Click on the link for the story. Happened like 7 miles from my house.
    2 14
  30. what is the best thing to get rid of fleas on a dog?
    I would prefer a natural way
    3 36
  31. How can i leave my dog easier?
    Whenever I have to leave for school, or work, or even a trip run into town for half hour, I feel terrible leaving my dog behind, even if my family is around. (he is my dog, not my families, and he is closer to me than anyone else.) My boyfriends family...
    3 10
  32. How to take care of a 5 week old chihuahua?
    I will be getting a 5 week old chihuahua and need to know what to feed it and how to take care of a pup so young. My friends dog had some pups and they are giving them away but his mom is annoyed with the pups keeping her up at night so we have to take...
    2 128
  33. How can i teach my dog these basic tricks?
    He's a year old, and a golden retriever. I got him a week ago, and he constantly jumps when he is excited. How can I teach him to stay, to not jump, and to come to me when I call?
    2 17
  34. By the way, anyone else had terrible experiences with birds?
    It all started when my cat killed a bird and ate it front of my and my family, then a month later killed another bird, ate it and puked up it's remains. Then my mom gave away my best friend, who was parrot, I'm sure she's flown away by now. :/ And just...
    5 13
  35. what breed are my new hamster? 3 month old males, 4 inches wide.
    2 17
  36. My cat is pregnant and I have been feeling the little ones moving for 2 weeks now. About how long will it be before she gives birth?
    2 28
  37. why does my cat lick my hand and then bite it?
    My cat will sometimes get close to me for me to pet her but when i do after a while she will start licking my hand and then biting it. Is she angry cause she wanted me to stop petting her or something?
    2 79
  38. Which Spray is Best for Dogs Flea Control ?
    2 24
  39. why dogs love likes to be pampered with good dog foods ?
    2 25
  40. Is there a difference between a squid and a krakken?
    Is the mythical beast of the kracken/krakken/kraken (however you want to spell it, really just a giant squid? Or is there a difference between it and squids? If it is just a giant squid, wouldn't that mean that with the latest findings, that they are a...
    4 37
  41. What can I do for my dog
    My dog just gave birth for 8 puppies she's a rottweiler she fed them the first day and the following day she refused to feed them and doesn't want anyone of them to come near to her breast what can i so with her to let her feed them or what should I do...
    3 30
  42. Why does my PUPPY! keep trying to mount me?
    today my puppy mounted me twice today. and its weird cuz like he always jumps and climbs on me and wags his tail and licks me so i thought he was playing but then when i get up and turn around to walk away he does it again but this time he wraped his a...
    4 60
  43. In winter what type of clothes you choose to get look of your Dog pretty ?
    Type of Clothe for Dog to getting pretty look ?
    2 9
  44. my cat have change behavior
    I got 2 cats, and one day one of them start to smell the other ones behind and now he dose very often. Dose this mean something? like a desise or something- both are male. and what to think when they change behaviour like that?
    2 15
  45. How to go about handerling my new rabbit
    okay so i got a 6month old rabbit today and when i picked her up from the women who was selling her she looked like an angel and was gorgeous. i held her there and she was calm and relaxed when i stroked her. But... as soon as i brought her home i let ...
    3 19
  46. what type pet accessories do you have for your pet ?
    what type pet accessories do you have for your pet ?
    3 22
  47. is it true if you feed the birds outside bird food that you will get mice?
    Someone told me that today and I wonder how true it is
    2 21
  48. stray cat tail injury- skin chewed off
    I found a stray cat a few weeks ago. his tail fur was matted and he yelped when I touched it. he had what appeared to be a scratch on his tail. I cleaned it multiple times a day because it looked like it was starting to get infected, it started looking...
    2 42
  49. what do you like more, cat or dog as pet and why ?
    5 9
  50. Which shampoo is better for Dogs flea Control ?
    Wants suggestion for flea free Dog.
    2 7
  51. how do i convince my parents to get a puppy
    2 17
  52. What are the safety tips for using Dog leash ?
    2 10
  53. Put my cat in a crate at nighttime
    Is this action to be discouraged or a good idea way to discipline my cat, she sleeps all day and won't let me sleep at night
    7 47
  54. How do I discipline my cat?
    She sleeps all day and doesn't want to sleep at night nomore and keeps me a wake at night
    2 11
  55. Is it normal for a rabbit to steal another rabbit's food?
    I have two rabbits, boy and girl both neutered. The boy does not go to eat but when the girl does he goes and steals the food and eats it. It's not that bad as the female rabbit's health isn't suffering but the male is definitely fatter. Just wondering...
    3 57
  56. My cat went out yesterday after school and now It's 4:00 and he's still not back
    He usually comes back after an hour plus It's REALLY cold. I'm a bit worried:L
    8 29
  57. can a dog have a candycane
    is a pepermint candycane really bad for dogs because im a chef but i make food treats for dogs a christmas treat would be good and pepermint would be great so i want to know before i posin a dog IS IT SAFE?
    5 254
  58. please tell me its not true
    5 38
  59. My cat keeps peeing on everything?
    Ok so weve had my cat for four years and hes been a pretty good cat but latley hes been peeing on everything. He has peed on all our chairs so we threw them away and now he keeps peeing on our couch. i dont know what do to to make him stop? his cat lit...
    9 59
    5 21
  61. Could dinosaurs have had feathers?
    4 34
  62. What is wrong with my dog?
    So I have a female dog.. And she is one year of age. I really dont understand this, but she is humping this stuffed animal I have gave her. And she goes crazy, humping it.. I thought only boy dogs did that.
    5 43
  63. What are some home-made dog foods I can feed my puppy for nutrients?
    Nutritional puppy food is very, very expensive where I live ($200+NZD a bag that will last him 2 weeks) which we cannot afford. Our puppy is very healthy and eats normal dog food but I wish I could give him the best food I can because he is going to be...
    4 22
  64. how are the nat west family pigs worth
    2 70
  65. My boyfriend and his pet names for me
    When me and my boyfriend first started dating he would call me babe and that's it. Then he started calling me dear or honey and now he's started calling me his love. So I'm wondering is this his way of showing me that he cares more for me or he could p...
    3 38
  66. How do you know when it's time to put your dog to sleep?
    He's only 8 years old, already has arthritus and he's deaf. He struggles to walk and it's hard to watch him like this. He has tablets to help treat his arthritus, but they don't seem to be doing anything. He doesn't play anymore, but he still eats his ...
    2 38
  67. Who else thinks it's stupid that Liver German Shepherds are considered an American Kennel Club fault when they're beautiful?
    5 16
  68. Which one shall I get - a Macaw, an African Grey or an Amazon Parrot?
    i am considering getting a parrot ...which one do you think its best in terms of company and speaking?
    5 107
  69. What is the scientific name for a bat?
    4 42
  70. How do I bond my dog with a new puppy?
    My dog is a long haired chihuahua and 11 years old. She is fairly laid back and just sleeps and cuddles for majority of the time unless at meal/play time. She doesn't get along very well with other dogs and barks at and sometimes lunges at other dogs r...
    3 39
  71. Do you think domesticated pets should spend a good portion of their time in the backyard or outside in general?
    I mean like cats and dogs (not caged pets). It seems to me that these animals like to roam, go on adventures and be natural. But at the end of the day, they love to come inside and curl up beside us.
    7 14
  72. Do you think it's wrong for cats to hunt, catch and eat birds, lizards and other wildlife?
    I'm saying this because so many people get upset when they hear that cats do what comes naturally. This is the neighborhood cat, Christopher. He's a stone cold hunter.
    9 41
  73. Do birds cry?
    8 71
  74. What is the best kind of dog to get?
    Me and my mom just got a new house and we decided to get a dog. It would be a guard dog/House dog. But a dog that is also good with kids, I have a two year old niece. We want a bigger dog. One that's easy to train ( I'll be the one training it )
    14 31
  75. Does anyone know how sharks do the gas exchange and why they need to move constantly?
    4 31
  76. Are cסckatiels good pets?
    I just bought a cסckatiel and I'm just wanting some advice from owners currently or recently owning some, like favorate treats and toys and if they are family birds or usually a one person bird any advice you can give me would help thanks! :-)
    2 26
  77. Would this be considered a science fiction?
    Would this be considered a science fiction? I have to write a science fiction about my pets. Is the science fiction? There are two dogs. One is Paco, the other is Gordita. Gordita loves Paco a lot and he loves her a lot and they are married. One day sh...
    2 17
  78. Why do my dogs lιck our leather couches?
    4 31
  79. Do you guys have a fat dog or skinny dog?
    Because mines fat like fat and hairy and his name is Husky.
    15 37
  80. How would you train two puppies at once?
    I want to get 2 border collies. I know how to train a dog, but I know it's very hard to train multiple dogs. Any advice?
    10 17
  81. How do you make your dog stop scratching at the door when outside ?
    They don't do it when we're outside, so I can't just sit out there & spray them with water lol. Please don't say just let them in, cause as soon as I let them outside to do their business they run to the other door & start scratching it. It's gotten to...
    3 29
  82. How do I take care of a scratch on my cat's nose?
    My male Freckles and my female Mischief kinda got into a bit of a fight. This is the first time ever and he actually got a very tiny scratch on his nose. He's got a little blood drop there and I didn't wipe it away because I'm very scared of causing an...
    8 42
  83. What beagle mix is the one where it has hairy ears and snout, kind of like a terrier?
    i saw a dog that had beagle traits.. he was kind of skinny not small but medium size and had half fallen ears with the hairy features.
    3 13
  84. How many animals can you name that walk on 2 legs instead of 4?
    Whoever names the most gets 25 points
    7 19
  85. Why do some birds have a hard tongue and some have a soft tongue?
    2 31
  86. What are all the signs of a dog being abused?
    4 41
  87. What to do if you find orphaned baby mice?
    2 18
  88. Why do my cats suddenly hate each other?
    My cats all of a sudden started hating each other.I dont know what happen.I work all day and when i came home they were fighting really bad.I called my vet and they think it may be behavorial issues.How long will this last and will they ever become fri...
    4 75
  89. Is it safe to ship chinchillas?
    I've been wanting one for a while but had to wait for my dad to get back from Korea and restationed. We got Idaho near mountain home but all I can find are breeders. I want a rescue one but its hard to find any centers there. Does anyone know if its ok...
    5 15
  90. Which is cooler - a sugar glider or a mouse?
    I am getting a pet and I want to know which is cooler and can do tricks and stuff.
    4 44
  91. What causes these stenches/odors from a cat?
    So I just recently gave these pills to these cats for my neighbor. She specificed them having worms, but she wasn't so sure. I was focusing on this other cat of hers, it was approx. 12 years of age, just skin and bones, it had a foul smell/odor right w...
    3 19
  92. How do snails get their shell?
    Can they leave them/ go back in them?
    8 15
  93. How do I know if my cat is obese or not?
    Okay so my cat tie has always been chubby but he is gorgeous, he is about 12 ish years old.. probably not that old but yeah hes my baby and he is a rescue cat. A few months ago he was looking really ill and so we took him to the vets and they said he ...
    5 62
  94. Can I introduce water to my cat at 1 year old?
    7 28
  95. Why does my dog bark at me, but I'm its owner..not a stranger?
    8 30
  96. Why are women afraid of mice and rats?
    8 88
  97. Can a penguin be domesticated?
    I know that is a very odd question but i am legit! If a fox can be, can't a penguin be domesticated and kept as a pet? I truly want one! And i don't care how weird that makes me!
    6 100
  98. Why does my dog's butt smell so bad?
    FIRST OFF,before you say stupid sh*t like uum why exactly were you smelling your dog's butt? THATS NOT WHAT HAPPEND!, so stfu lol. this is actually a serious question, one of my dogs are pretty small so when he lays on my bed he lays directly on my pi...
    3 38
  99. Why does my hamster spend all its time on his wheel?
    He eats on it, constantly runs on it, and even sleeps on it. He has a big cage with bedding and everything, but he barley gets off his wheel, only to get food and go back on. I just got him yesterday, but I don't think its normal !! I don't even know i...
    8 34
  100. Can dogs be potty trained to use the toilet like humans?
    6 25
  101. What is the difference between a vulture and a buzzard?
    3 13
  102. What do I do when my dog was bitten by something and it's turning bright red?
    I have a small chiwawa jack tussle mix who's about 4. Hes been itching a lot these past few weeks so I took a look and his skin under his belly is bright red. He has something that looks like a bite under his right front leg pit area. I have no idea ho...
    6 42
  103. Is my shih tzu still safe for pregnancy if she is more than 5 years old?
    my shih tzu is more than 5yrs old, is she still safe for pregnancy?
    2 41
  104. Can dogs eyes pop out?
    5 29
  105. Is it possible for a golden eagle to kιll an antelope?
    I watched this one video on youtube seeing an golden eagle divebסmbing going in for the kιll attacking an antelope in wyoming. I don't know if anyone saw this video but the golden eagle destroyed the antelope tearing up most of it's skin. Usually would...
    3 65
  106. How to get dogs to stop fighting each other?
    I got these 2 puppies. They are brothers. Same age and from the same litter. But they bite and attack each other. They really hurt each other. Sometimes they bleed. How can I get them to stop attacking each other. I don't think they really hate each ot...
    2 38
  107. How old does a puppy have to be to eat solid food?
    8 66
  108. Does anyone have any tips on how to remove small ticks off of your dog?
    13 19
  109. What's worse to you - Pit bull fighting or rooster/c0ck fighting?
    8 43
  110. Is there any dog food that has the same taste as cat food?
    I have a chihuahua and she really likes eating the cats food (purina healthy naturals or something), but she won't eat her own food usually (Iams Smart Puppy). Is there a food for dogs that has a similar taste to the cat food or just something else tha...
    4 32
  111. Is it normal for a 4 month old puppy to walk while peeing (read)?
    It's almost as if he doesn't know he's doing it. Like when I take him outside to pee, he will squat & it's obvious he knows he's doing it, but sometimes in the house he will just be walking around & he will pee all over the place & it looks like he doe...
    11 134
  112. Is there any danger when our dog lιcks us upon the face?
    Our little doggy like to jump up and lιck me upon my face--ocasionally he "connects" with my lips. This is unhygenic, I know but is there any danger when this happens?
    7 62
  113. How can I calm down a really hyper chihuahua puppy?
    I have a chihuahua and she's only a little over 2 months old. She was calm when I first got her, but now she's starting to be really hyper. How can I get her to calm down?
    4 41
  114. Does anyone have any tips on what to do when your dog goes missing?
    besides putting up posters is there anything else you can do?
    5 28
  115. What is gray has a tail and a trunk?
    8 246
  116. why wont my dog stop licking and biting her paws?
    it doesnt look like anyting is wrong, but im worried and it is alot of $$$$ to take her to the vet? does anyone know what could be wrong?
    11 16
  117. What is this carpenter bee doing when she raises her butt when we walk by?
    So im guessing its a female.. My dad built a table and we keep it outside in the back and it made a whole in the table couple of months ago like 2 months ago.. Well we see her go in and out,of it all the time. Well tonight my mom and I went outside and...
    2 19
  118. Is a butterfly considered an animal?
    I'm sitting here watching T.V and this little quiz thing pops up on the show that's on saying that a butterfly was an animal. Isn't it actually an insect?..
    8 159
  119. Why is my dog super terrified of plastic bags?
    If I rattle a trash bag, chip bag, anything.. He gets scared.
    7 356
  120. What would you rather have as a pet - an awesome tiger or a lion?
    22 43
  121. Can you buy sugar gliders from the pet store?
    7 16
  122. How do I get over the guilt of 'live feeding'?
    I got a bearded dragon not long ago, and feed it with live crickets (among other things) but it makes me feel pretty bad. I feel like I'm the one who kills them. And does anybody else feel the same?
    10 71
  123. Why do cats meow when they have caught live/dead mice or birds?
    6 243
  124. Could a snake go under dirt and into a back yard?
    4 24
  125. Can I put Neosporin on my dog's scratches?
    She lets the puppy chew her up lol they aren't deep or harmful at all, it's just we're taking them to boarding in a week & I'd rather have the scratches look better by the time she's there. She doesn't clean them herself.
    7 78
  126. Which type of these flies/stingers are deadly aggressive? (read more)
    I'm just curious, which of these flies/stingers are more aggressive.. Bees, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Wasps, Mud Wasp. We have bees and wasps in our neighborhood and I'd hate to get sung by one :L
    7 29
  127. Do carpenter bees sting?
    2 18
  128. Why do my cats and dog eat grass?
    4 36
  129. Are finches loud enough in the morning to wake you up?
    6 63
  130. How much does it cost to own a guinea pig and take care of it?
    7 65
  131. How to get my cat to stop meowing at the door?
    Hes been badly attacked 3 times in 2 months. He hasnt been outside in a month. But he has sprayed once and we are getting him neutered soon. But in the mean time what can i do?
    5 22
  132. Should I take the dog I'm watching over with me to my dad's for the weekend while I will be busy working?
    Should I take the dog I'm watching over with me to my dad's for the weekend while I will be busy working or leave her at my house with my mom looking after her?
    7 19
  133. Why does my kitten insist upon attacking me while I'm sleeping?
    13 18
  134. Why do albino animals die more easily than regular animals of their kind?
    4 38
  135. How do you train your kittens without going to the vet?
    5 12
  136. How strong is the toxin/venom in a Black Widow Spider?
    My mom was cleaning this afternoon, when she captured a black spider...with a red hour glass underneath with 3 spots on top? We're cautious as of now when we go outside, just curious what is the effect when you get bitten.
    7 41
  137. Should I put the cone on my puppy who was just fixed?
    My Puppy just got fixed but my mom refuses to put the cone on him. He has been really good about licking himself so far today but he wants to curl up in a place that is hard for me to keep an eye on him.
    4 58
  138. Why does my 2 month old male kitten stare into my eyes till I look away?
    17 171
  139. Are cockatiels sold in Petsmarts in or near Auburn, WA?
    I want to purchase a cockatiel because I cannot find a nearby breeder.
    2 34
  140. Why does my puppy chew on her hind claws?
    4 39
  141. What can I do about my dog's anxiety problems?
    He has bad anxiety. Such as : 1) he barks and gets vicious with every animal, person or car that passes us. 2) he is obsessed with my mom. If we take him on a car ride, and my mom gets out of the car or leaves his sight he goes to pieces. With the s...
    8 29
  142. What can I do to handle my dog?
    Before my baby came into my life my wiener dog was my baby. Now the baby is around he was at first protective of the baby which was cute but now he is too protective. He barks at everything that walks by the house, if you go near the baby's room he wil...
    9 36
  143. How do I get my dog to eat dog food?
    He constantly eats the cat food and cat poop... and human food. But,he refuses to eat his own food. Wat should I do?
    14 52
  144. Why is my female cat suddenly skittish of me?
    I was wondering where my cat was, and looked in the closet where she normally likes to be since it's cool in there. When I went to pat her, she moved away from me, and when I was able to pick her up, she acted skittish. This is the first time she's don...
    8 85
  145. What dog would be good for me?
    My dad said he'd provide the money for food & stuff but I just need to know what dog , is easy for a 13 year old to take care of.. & the basics of taking care of a dog
    12 32
  146. Can puppies eat (actually eat) sticks?
    Our puppy is turning out to be a real mouthy dog.. He used his mouth for EVERYTHING. We have trained him not to bite people which he's being really good at but he just wants to eat everything else around him. We have puppy-proofed the house but if he g...
    9 43
  147. Can indoor rabbits go out in snow?
    5 27
  148. How do I decide to get either a chinchilla or a sugar glider?
    I want to pick one. I already know that its a lot of care and how they live a long time. So I was wondering what you guys prefer and what are some pro's and con's?
    9 19
  149. How long after a dog has conceived will she start producing breast milk?
    2 103
  150. FunAdvice Trivia: What insect is the most dangerous and responsible for more human deaths than any other?
    A) The Anopheles Mosquito B) The Human Bot Fly C) The Killer Bee D) Fire Ants This trivia question submitted by onemandog
    10 55
  151. Why has our new puppy suddenly started ignoring my partner?
    We got our puppy a week ago, he is a good dog but just today he has been blatantly ignoring my partner. We are wondering if it's a dominance thing...? The puppy, Titan, is just coming up to 3 months old. Zac (my partner) is his master as opposed to mys...
    2 40
  152. How much would it cost to care for a chinchilla every month?
    If I adopt a chinchilla how much would it be to maintain it each month? It will come with all the main things cage dust pan ect. But I will have to buy the food and dust and bedding. About how much would it add up a month or however long it would suppl...
    4 68
  153. Do you feed your horse anthing special?
    such as a lil peice of candy or something
    9 20
  154. Can I wrap a horse's knee?
    5 54
  155. What can I do if I just found a dying cat; I think a snake bit her?
    shes just dying there HELP please? can the paramedics take cats if i call, please no laughing?
    10 31
  156. How do I housebreak a dog that is afraid to pee outside?
    Here's the story. My big brother bought a Boston Terrier from puppyworld and from the beginning the dog seemed really skittish and afraid of everything. He soon developed a pee problem,; like he'd pee if you raised your vice, clapped your hands, reach ...
    3 117
  157. What do you think is the most beautiful wild animal?
    I'm stuck between a white tiger and a macaw bird
    23 36
  158. How do I take care of a stray cat that might remain outside?
    I worry that this cat will have feline leukemia and if she does she can't be in our home due to all of my other cats but we can take good care of her outside. We aren't giving her up (we wouldn't ever do that anyway) we are feeding her good food and sh...
    6 68
  159. Are Yorkies good pets?
    8 52
  160. Is there something wrong with my cat if she just likes to lick everything?
    isnt that more of a dog thing?
    6 15
  161. What would you do if a panda came up to you and hugged you?
    i would say, "Panda, why u so hungry all the time eating all the damn bamboo?" then we would have a long discussion on the mater and finally we would decide that i had no right to ask that question.
    26 46
  162. Where can I find cheap hermit crabs with painted shells online?
    Can you give me some links to cheap painted hermit crabs with shells? Thank you(:
    6 27
  163. Why can my cat eat this specific brand, but not that specific brand?
    I have been buying Freckles (male) and Mischief (female) Special Kitty (I alternate the flavors when I get a new bag) since 2009/2010. Recently, my husband and I ran out of cat food in the middle of the week, and we literally only had $2.00 to our name...
    5 37
  164. How do you tell whether snails for aquariums are male or female?
    3 45
  165. What could cause my dog's eye to bleed and her face to swell?
    my dogs eye is bleeding, rolled back in her head & half her face is swollen, what could cause this?
    5 20
  166. Are snails for aquariums still considered bugs?
    I have a bug phobia and that might be awkward now. But I still love my snails. I wouldn't let them crawl over me, though.
    2 51
  167. What are some abnormal behaviours that a rabbit/budgie/chinchilla/dog might display in captivity?
    2 33
  168. How do you tell if it's a bee or a wasp?
    There's this bee/wasp on my windowsill. It's the regular yellow and black but for some reason it's "tail" or "butt" is reddish brown, it's not black. I don't think I've seen one like that before.
    7 20
  169. Why do some people not like black cats?
    8 80
  170. How to get a kitten to shut up?
    5 146
  171. How can we train our kitten to be less aggressive?
    Okay so we have a kitten and she is about 9 weeks old now, shes gorgeous and we love her to bits shes so cutewhen shes sleeping or quiet or even just sitting down, however, when she is playful which is about 80% of the time she is very violent and a...
    3 47
  172. What age does a cat have to be in order to be toilet trained?
    3 16
  173. Why do cats get angry when they see you filming them?
    4 32
  174. Where can I buy corn snakes in Delaware?
    I know they are common, but the reptile store they had went out of business, and PetSmart has everything but.
    2 68
  175. What is the difference between a hedgehog and a porcupine?
    3 54
  176. Does anyone know any good animal food samples?
    I cannot find the perfect food for any of my animals. :( I have bunnies, cats, and dogs. Please help, thank you!
    2 21
  177. What is wrong with all my fish?
    My betta of 6 years died a month ago. Two weeks after that, I got new ones (they were seperate). They died two days later. This friday, I got a new fish and it died to day. My 6 year old fish lived in a 1 gallon tank and was happy, but I got a 2.5 gall...
    8 23
  178. Do rabbits thump when they're angry, or is there another reason?
    I was wondering because one of my boyfriend's sister's rabbits was thumping his foot I think because he was irritated and wanted out of his cage... Does anyone know why they thump?
    3 41
  179. Does anyone know about water changes with fish tanks?
    Like how often should I change my tanks? And I need somebody to answer that really knows about this for the sake of my fish. No offense to anyone else. I still like your advice. If you could, could you also give me a link to a real website if you know ...
    6 23
  180. Why is it that registered dog breeders are so unwelcoming and unhospitable?
    I am looking to breed Jindo gae in the future with my husband and when i joined a FB page they were all snoby, unwelcmong and inhospitable. Why, is it they feel threatened by me? I tried to ask so many question yet no realative answer or help what so e...
    2 18
  181. What are these little gray bugs that appear randomly in the house?
    They don't move or anything and they're really small. *cringing as i type this*
    4 26
  182. Can a pregnant female betta get the eggs out without the male squeezing the eggs out of her?
    I am so stressed because I got this female betta fish at a pet store and when I got home, I realized that she had eggs in her. I've been deciding if I wanted to breed bettas but I haven't researched it at all at this point. I wasn't prepared for this s...
    3 101
  183. Why does my guppy have a red bump on her body?
    My guppy has a red bump on her left side right below her back. i had her in a nursery for too long and put her back in the guppy tank and she was doing fine. It came suddenly (I'm thinking overnight) and she is having trouble swimming. I know she will ...
    2 57
  184. Did you know that people are putting microchips under their dog's skin?
    I didnt know about that, why the animal protection society doesnt say or do anything about that, then we the humans will be forced to used that chip too, like the bible said thats the sign of the beast, by the way im very pissed that they microchip dog...
    12 44
  185. How do I know if my African Dwarf Frogs are getting enough to eat?
    Two days ago I added two African Dwarf Frogs to my aquarium which already contained a female Betta fish and 5 female guppies. I don't think the frogs have eaten anything since they came home because the fish always get to the food first. The fish are a...
    2 63
  186. What to do if my dogs got into a fight and almost killed each other?
    OK. So, I come home and my dog (younger one) has a swollen eye, cuts around his eye, and a big bump on his head.. From fighting and he started it. I can't take him to the vet, but what can I do to help him? Please hurry and answer.
    15 51
  187. Did my cat get run over?
    So yesterday my smart brother left the door open for ten minutes and when I went outside the cat was gone, we searched for him but he left that was around the afternoon. Then I heard scratching on the door around 3 a.m I noticed he was slightly limping...
    3 41
  188. How old do kittens have to be before I can feed them kitten food?
    5 38
  189. How do automatic fish feeders work?
    2 14
  190. What should I do about this cat that keeps appearing on my porch?
    I found a cat that is light golden/tanish and extremely fluffy. It keeps appearing at the porch of my (mom's) apartment everyday. I have giving it a bit of milk so it will not be hungry but my parents hate the cat. What should I do?
    4 26
  191. What's the worst thing your pet has done?
    16 40
  192. Is it true that male cats don't chase mice?
    12 57
  193. What are some interesting myths and legends about horses?
    Not exactly like Maggie Steivater's Water Horses; the Capall, but legends like that. You know ... I can't seem to find any to read about that are truly interesting.
    2 14
  194. Can dogs who are in season or has just had puppies drink their own milk?
    2 145
  195. Why are animals put down at old age?
    I've never had a pet so I really know nothing about them. Why do we not just let them die on their own? Why do we put them down?
    8 44
  196. What do newborn parakeets eat?
    3 65
  197. Do you have bird feeders out in your yard?
    What species of birds are you attracting? Anything "special"? My wife has all kinds of "cool" birds coming around. Blue birds, golden finches ect. Special food she buys to attract them. I put up a martin house to try and get them in here. "Bad" birds...
    20 43
  198. What do you feed a pet frog?
    It's been so long since I had one I can't remember xD
    26 42
  199. Why does my hamster always try to escape?
    13 69
  200. How long is anoestrus (stage of the oestrus cycle) in a horse?
    2 74
  201. Is there any way I can get my bunny to be less skittish?
    my bunny is skiddish and doesnt like being held and claws/bites alot. I've had her since she was weeks and have no idea why shes like this. I hold her everynight and make sure her legs arent hanging. Is there any way i can get her to stop being like t...
    3 30
  202. Which agamid would make the best pet?
    I want one that doesn't bite and I can hold, and looks pretty cool.
    3 43
  203. How do I get my Collie to walk beside me while on the lead?
    3 9
  204. Can 53 day old puppies survive?
    5 41
  205. What female fish has a menstrual period?
    7 129
  206. What's your opinion on animal abuse?
    24 88
  207. What is a good theme for a group of four kittens?
    Good news!! So we found five kitties born two days ago. They were in critical condition because the mother left them and unfortunatly one died on the way to the vet. However, the other four are fine and I get to name them! I wanted to name them after s...
    6 30
  208. What to do when your dog's nail is bleeding?
    2 22
  209. How much vicodin will kill a dog?
    8 251
  210. Why do male dogs hike their leg to pee but other male animals don't?
    Just curious and I know a dumb question
    4 56
  211. Why does the younger cat rarely meow?
    My boyfriend has two cats. The older one meows a lot, the younger one rarely ever does. She's no longer a kitten. I've heard her meow maybe a total of two times? It's really high pitched compared to the older cat's meow. I was wondering if there was a ...
    6 59
  212. What do I do when my dog doesn't know how to climb the stairs?
    9 56
  213. Can someone please give me some advice on how to stop a cat killer in their path?
    In the past year, my cats have been disapearing more and more. I went from 12 cats, to now 1. I didn't show care into it until my most beloved cat died. I cared for her a lot and took care of her 24/7. It hurts that someone can go around taking my cats...
    6 43
  214. How do you bathe a fish?
    36 52
  215. Is it bad if my friend's dog ate a piece of a chocolate bar?
    I heard chocolate kills dogs and I dunno exactly what to tell her D:
    9 46
  216. How can I make my new kitten stop crying all night?
    Any ideas. Had him for four days. He is 4 months. Just seperated form the mom. He is so cute and sweet. Just a whiner.
    15 40
  217. Do you feel bad after you squash a bug?
    27 38
  218. Should I take my dog to the vet if he keeps eating grass and throwing up?
    Every morning my dog is so excited to go outside and eat the grass so he can throw up. Is this bad? I'm not sure what I should do about him ):
    10 59
  219. Would my cat get jealous?
    I really want a kitty, I already have a male cat that's 4 years old. And my dad said since he's a male cat he will get jealous and kill it? Cause we've had a male cat before and we got a kitty and he stoped coming around. Are all male cats the same?
    6 56
  220. Can you take cats on walks?
    17 43
  221. Do you believe snapping yourself with rubber bands is a safer alternative than cutting or do you believe it is just as bad?
    My therapist told me to snap myself instead but I choose to not do either
    11 42
  222. Do some dogs eat hamsters?
    I had a hamster once. Her name is Fluffy. She died a couple of months ago, and until now I just can't get over it. Hamsters are supposed to live up to 3 years right? Fluffy died when she was just 2. I don't think it was because of sickness, or anything...
    10 463
  223. What ranking do German Shepherds come in for intelligence?
    9 7
  224. How to teach a rabbit how to jump?
    8 40
  225. How can I make my dog love only me?
    19 37
  226. Why is there blood coming from one of my rat's eyes and her nose?
    She also has it all over her front paws. She has sharp nails so she may have scratched herself but I dunno I'm worried :(
    5 20
  227. Does a chimp's high IQ show the process of evolution?
    Ayumu, an 11-year-old chimp, is able to solve complex memory tests at an amazing 60 milliseconds. Are the chimps getting smarter? Is it a sign of evolution? Will we eventually become the planet of the apes? Read about it:
    3 43
  228. Is revealing the name of Kate Middelton's new dog actually "news"?
    The word is out - she named her dog Lupo ... why, exactly, is this news? Read about it:
    9 34
  229. How do you stop your dog from chasing your cat?
    11 45
  230. Is my dog pregnant if I can't feel any puppies or make milk come out of her nipples by day 52?
    The only reason im asking is cuz the last time I breed her she didnt have any puppys but there are more sigbs that she is then the last time
    7 104
  231. Why do my cats hiss at other cats that aren't ours?
    9 34
  232. Do you know if turtles have a gender?
    I mean its not the same with cats and dogs that you know if is male or female but turtles it would be hard to see the difference tell me if you know how to see the difference thank you.
    4 36
  233. Why do birds have reunions?
    I was on my way home today when a flock of about 2000 snow geese landed in a dead cornfield. Why do birds have reunions? Are they even reunions?
    6 20
  234. Why does my pit bull puppy seem really hot?
    His skin is really hot when you touch him
    4 44
  235. What is a good and effective natural flea treatment for cats?
    My cat has flees and i have been worries as i cannot by the Advocate for them atm and I can see fleas all over one of my cats faces like over 5...i am picking em out and crushing them but i need something in the meantime as i dont get paied till next w...
    8 44
  236. Can fish hear sounds?
    8 46
  237. Is it easy to train a rabbit to use a litter box?
    9 10
  238. Can you wash a dog every day?
    I'm starting to go on walks every night with my dog and she gets really gross afterwards, is it going to be okay for her skin/hair to be washed that often? Thanks to anyone who answers. :)
    12 120
  239. Why did my hamster eat her sister?
    i went to see my dad for the day and when i came back the next day my one female called bambi. and i saw her on the little platform eating sumething but i could not see the other. then the next day i saw bambi dead and blood were my other hamster wa...
    5 72
  240. Why do animal predictions always get it right in sports (read more)?
    The penguin said that the Giants would win the superbowl and they have won the animals always get it right. The octopus was right too about the world soccer cup saying that spain will win the world soccer cup and they won that too. The animals always g...
    6 33
  241. How can I help my dog with his loneliness when I am out?
    9 23
  242. What should I feed a 9-week-old Australian Cattle Dog/ Red Heeler?
    I just got the cutest Duel; Masked Red Heeler/ Australian Cattle dog pup last week his name is Azazel, I am wanting him to be fed the same diet as my other dog a Shiztsu x pomeranian, his diet concists of things like Fresh and or boild vegeis, rice, s...
    3 43
  243. Do animals have souls, and do they go to heaven after they die?
    13 46
  244. Is it weird to talk to your dog like it's human?
    18 133
  245. Why Does Freckles Do This? (Freckles is my cat)
    Whenever I write my to-do list, he jumps up, and he licks my paper with the ink on it. Why does he do that? Isn't that bad for his health? (I stop him each time I see it)
    2 14
  246. What steps do I have to take to become a licensed dog trainer?
    2 29
  247. Is it possible to 'reprogram' a hedgehog's sleeping patterns?
    My friend asked me but i don't know if it's true or not.. maybe like a human going from staying awake during the daytime to being awake during the nighttime.. something like that..
    8 15
  248. What are some good watchdogs or dogs that are good to have at home?
    That are suitable for kids?
    28 45
  249. What's that thing on my cat's chest?
    There this weird thing somewhere under my cats arm and on his upper stomach area, its like white (it looks like puss) with a very very thing black outline WHat the hell is that?
    2 31
  250. How does the male reproductive system of a dog differ to a cat's?
    2 14