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dog periods

do dogs have periods??


Who else has a toy fox terrier?

so who here has a toy fox terrier and thinks its the cutest thing in the world. I love my dogie but she has a real high pitched bark but it is so cute because when you blow on her cheek she lets you kiss her and she kisses me and its so cute!!! one tim...


How can I add weight to my 4-month old, male boxer or is he fine?

This is my first time using this and my girlfriend and I are little worried about JD's weight. He's around 17 weeks now and we give him a full bowl of purina one for large breed pups. He's around 30.6lbs. The people we bought him from were feeding him ...


What could cause three of six puppies to die out of a litter?

One was born dead, the second died at a week old and the third died at almost two weeks old!!


Why is my 1 month old pomeranian can't stand up?

Why if my 1 month old pomeranian can't stand up. She's healthy but can't stand. If I carry her she stretch her legs like superman

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What kind or rabbit is chester from one tree hill?

Ok jamie from one tree hill has a pet rabbit named chester. Can anyone tell me what kind it is?


My cat gave birth to a dead kittens

just this morning I relies that my cat gave birth to a kitten but wasn't moving till I relies its dead and after a while she gave birth to another one and also was dead,,why is that happening? this is he 2nd time she give birth to dead kittens


Is it safe to take my puppy to the beach?

And am I allowed to? (huntington beach) he's a pug puppy.. I want to know if I'm allowed to, and if it's a good idea with the sand and all....


how long does a dog stay in heat?

how long does a dog stay in heat


What could I use to help cover up the scent of female dog in heat ?

My dog is in heat and I want to know will mentol on the tip of her tail work?


Adopt a lion cub

Where do you go to adopt a lion cub?


what's the largest breed of draft horses? in what country did

what's the largest breed of draft horses? in what country did they originate?


Who found out you could milk a cow?

who was the person who knew you could milk a cow??? and how did they end up finding out you could do it (lol)


neon tetras

can somone give me a backround on Neon Tetras?

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What is a good, nice, small pet that is fun to play with?

Hey guys im thinking about getting a small pet like a chinchilla or a hamster. I want a really cute, fun, and playfull pet that I could get at petco or petsmart. Any ideas? I dont really want a hamster or ginni pig, but if you tell me something about t...

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My Brother Abuses Our Cats!!

For the last couple months my 15 year old brother has been abusing our cats. He picks them up by their ears,bites their ears,squeezes their tail,etc etc. He has made one cat mean and b*tchy.
I heard that animal abuse can lead to him being a serial kil...


How to know when my cat is having trouble with labor?

Hi, I have a cat that is in labor she started about 11 last night. She wanted me to rub her belly which was very unusual for her, so I knew something was up. Well I was up all night with her and she kept having some discharge come out of her,she lost h...


What are a bunch of turkeys called?

what are a bunch of turkeys called?


Dog dying after pregnancy

My boyfriends dog just had her first litter of puppies about 5 days ago. Everything seemed fine. She looks like a pit mixed, we're not sure of the father. (I know, they didnt get her fixed fast enough sorry!)

Today when I called he said that they thin...


Euthanize dog at home

My dog is 11 years old shep/lab mix hips are going ,he barks a lot he weighs abount 120 lbs.cannot get him in car to take him anywhere.Would like to have him euthanized at home but who do I call to have this done?


What kind of animal are you?

What kind of animal are you?
I know this is not an 'advice' question, but more like a fun one.


How long does a dog stay in heat?

How long dose a dog stay in heat.


What problems can occur with a young pregnant dog?

My dog is 10 months old and escaped when in season I am sure she is pregnant, what do I do?


Can I put Neosporin on my dog's scratches?

She lets the puppy chew her up lol they aren't deep or harmful at all, it's just we're taking them to boarding in a week & I'd rather have the scratches look better by the time she's there. She doesn't clean them herself.


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