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Should my family move on and get another dog?

This is very hard...We had to put our black lab to sleep 4 days ago because she bit someone on the face the weekend before did real damage. Now I haven't been able to stop crying eat or return to work, my husband has extreme guilt and my kids are reall...


what should I name my new kitten?

ok so I got a new kitten yesterday she is a lil siamese kitten and me and my mother cant figure out what to name her can you help

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When will my dog come into season?

I have a miniture jack russel 8 months old when will she come into season


What is this lump on my nursin bitch?

Hi please help im really worried my nursin staffy bitch had 9 pups 3 weeks ago and tonight she's bin looking really sad didnt eat her food and bin sick and just noticed a lump in her nipple area its quite big im really concerned cant sleep please help


Yellow spider eggs on washing line

I went to put my washing out on the line the other day and I noticed that there were little yellow eggs on the pegs, there were also some grown spiders around. So I
I assume that they were spider eggs. So I removed the pegs and wiped down the line. Th...


hamster needs help

MY little sisters hamster has this big red spot above one of his front paws. theres no fur their and its very very red. im thinking its because he bites and scratched too much there. but what should I do to help it. it looks like it hurts
(I wish she'...


What's the largest breed of draft horses?

What's the largest breed of draft horses?


How long after water breaks for pup

How long after water breaks for pup


Our six month kitten is constipated after being spayed is this ok?

We had our six month kitten spayed last monday her stitches are healing but still a bit swelling especially in one area. before she was spayed she would have bowel movements twice a day. now its once and looks like she may of been straining to go, for ...


How to get my dog to stop being scared?

My 2 year old german sheperd is extemely scared of entering my house because she assumes that everytime she's in, we'll give her a bath (which we do sometimes) so she refuse to ever come in which is the reason why we never make her go inside the house ...


Does it mean anything that my dog nibbles on people?

My black lab LOVES to nibble on people.. mainly me and my boyfriend. Granted him and my boyfriend love to rough house but he does it when we wake up, when we're just sitting there watching TV. Basically all the time. Now I just want to know what this m...


What do I do about this dog?

Ok, well today I found this Beagle, And He was really nice and everything, But he was LOST.
He had a tag, and looked pretty healthy.
Then he ran away from us and ran to our neighbor's house. And they said they probaly are going to take him to the p...


Father-daughter and mother-son breeding

Father-daughter and mother-son breeding... I would like to know what the big deal is...


What is your opinion when it comes to my dog choice?

I've decided to get a pit bull, and recue it from a shelter, but id like some friendly advice determining the age. I really want a very young dog, a puppy mostly, because all my past dogs were raised from puppyhood and they were trained wonderfully and...


If my dog has parvo, is he going to die or does he have a chance to live?

My pupy has this disease called parvo, we noticed it on friday when he started throwing up fluids and not eating his food & took him in on Sunday morning to the vet. They took care of him, and gave us good news at first that he was doing well, but on T...


Why was that wild turkey throwing dirt up in the air like that?

This is the second time I've seen this turkey in my yard recently. I saw it sit down by a dead log and it was throwing up dirt in the air with it's feet and/or wings. It would sit for a minute or two and then stand up and look for a minute and sit back...


Cost to euthanize cat

How much does it cost (ballpark) to have my cat euthanized, and cost to be with the cat when the vet performs this service?


What are good names for tortoiseshell girl cats?

ok so I want to know what are good names for tortoiseshell cats. if you do not know what they look like, they have mottled fur, with patches of orange or cream and chocolate, black or blue. They are sometimes called torties for short. Or they are black...


When do you feel puppies moving in a pregnant pitbull?

How far into pregnancy of a female dog(pit bull) does it take until you can feel the puppies move?? Also does the amount of teets mean thats how many puppies she will have??


My 9 week old boxer

My 9 week old boxer puppy looks thin, I can see his ribs and some of his spine. He's feed twice a day plus treats. I'm giving him Iams puppy chow with a little of water to make it soft. I would also like to know what food is the best to feed him and if...


Ferret being a picky eater and losing A LOT of weight.

My ferret is so extremely picky. She doesn't want to eat anything. And I bought her some vitamin supplement today to add to her food and she refuses to eat the food with the vitamins on it.

What can I do to help her gain weight?


I love my dog but I need to help her so she can see

My dog is a sharpei & 80% of sharpei's have problem with their eyes and if you don't get them fixed they could go blind ( their eyelashes turn into their eyes) the problem is is cost $450 an eye. & they don't do both eyes at once you have to wait 6mont...


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