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Would I know if I got worms from my dogs?

How would I know if I got worms from my dogs?


Is there a home remedy for fluid in a dog's ear canal?

My Border Collie has fluid in his ears. When you lift his ears and rub on his head you hear fluid. He also shakes his head a lot. I'm assuming it is in his canal. What home remedy can I do?


How to euthanize a dog at home?

How to euthanize a dog at home?


Why won't the mother dog feed her puppies anymore?

A dog I recued 1 1/2 ago has had puppies..yes its my fault but the vet woundnt do it earlier she was to young so he says...she had 6 puppies I made a nice big box witha heatlight and helped her deliver.. she was good mom and new what to do when they tu...


How many puppies I can expect from my cocker spaniel's 1st litter?

My ccker spaniel is 1 1/2 years old. She's had two periods. An I was very curious as to how many puppies she might have. She's getting big around her belly area, and she's went from 4 nipples to ten. Whats a average number?

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After the water breaks on the dog how long to give birth?

How long does it take to give birth after the water breaks on the dog. I have a maltese poodle and her water broke but no puppies. Is she in any danger?


Why does my cat like to go to bed between my legs?

So at night ill stretch and leave my legs in a v shape for s bit and my cat will automatically go to sleep pretty much right by my crotch lol. So why does he do this?

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What is a group of turkeys called?

What is a group of turkeys called? Every animal type seems to have a name for the group, so what's a group of turkeys called?


Why do hamsters eat each other

I had 3 male dwarf hamsters and today I found one of them dead and the ohter two eating it. I wondered why this had happened they had a big 3 tier cage lots of food and water and I cleaned the cage at least once a week to make sure they were clean.


How do you take care of a baby robin?

How do you take care of a baby robin?


Why does My Cat Loves To Be Spanked?

Can anyone tell me why my cat loves being spanked really hard..and rolls on the couch for more..does anyone else have a cat that likes to be hit...


what should I use to mark newborn puppies?

My Winn-Dixie(one in the pics) is due to have her puppies this next week. I am trying to decide the best way to mark them when born so I can tell them apart. I have read a lot on the internet and talked to several people and have a few ideas(nail poli...


How long are goldfish pregnant for?

how long are goldfishes pregnant?

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why does my dog snif my eyes?

Every day he gets on my or my daughters lap and sniffs our eyes. Why does he do this?

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Why is my cat urinating on furniture?

my cat started urinating on on bed 5 days in a row. I shut the door to keep her out. Now she is peeing on the couch what is wrong


How soon after giving birth can I bathe my dog and her puppies?

How soon after giving birth can I bathe my dog and her puppies I know its a few weeks but can anyone tell me when exactly?


How to tell if my pitbull puppy will get big?

how can I tell if my pit bull puppy will get big


How many hairs does the average dog have?

How many hairs does the average dog have. My lab puppy seems to have all of them for the breed. Cappy is healthy, but I am surprised at the amount of hair he sheds--so is my vaccum. Any thoughs on hair care for my dog? (I am serious about the first...


How can I bait and trap a weasel?

Just recently A weasel got in our duck cage and killed 3 of our ducks and injured 4!

We are very upset and want to catch this weasel ! But we don't don't know what type of bait to use to trap it !


Can hamsters be suicidal?

Do hamsters commit suicide? I put my hamster in a 2 story doll house that was on a table I was just playing with him and then he jumped out the window. He died from old age... I think but can there be a suicidal hamster?


is a pitbull stronger then a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

is a pitbull stronger then a Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Why do dogs lick your legs after the bath?

why do dogs lick you when you are taking a bath and lick your legs as soon as you get out the bath???

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How much does a pitbull usually cost?

how much does a pittbull usually cost full bread? I want to get one for my boyfriend
next month will be our 2 yr anniversary. how much would I have to pay for a puppy?


Do flounder fish have menstrual cycles?

Do flonder fish have menstrual cycles?


How many puppies come in a Chihuahua litter?

On average, how many pups do chihuahuas normally deliver in one litter?


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