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How Long do pitbulls stay stuck after mating?

How Long do pitbulls stay stuck after mating?


How soon after giving birth can I bathe my dog and her puppies?

How soon after giving birth can I bathe my dog and her puppies I know its a few weeks but can anyone tell me when exactly?


Should I get a Pitbull or German Shepherd?

should I get a pitbull or a german shepherd


How to get my neighbor's cat to stop pooping in my yard?

HELP !! I have neighbors on both sides of my house , and they have lots of CATS.
Every day I walk out to my back yard , there will always be poop all over the grass and on the dirt, ALL over !! I am very upset about this. Please help me? what shall I ...


is a pitbull stronger then a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

is a pitbull stronger then a Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Why does my cat like to go to bed between my legs?

So at night ill stretch and leave my legs in a v shape for s bit and my cat will automatically go to sleep pretty much right by my crotch lol. So why does he do this?

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Do female dogs have to be in heat to get pregnant?

I have a female shi tzu and a male yorkie. over the past week the have been stuck together over a dozen times. im almost sure my female is not in heat. I just wanted to know could she still be pregnant although she's not in heat?


think would win? in a fight with a lion and a bear?

who do you think would win? in a fight with a lion and a bear?


How do I fix my dogs nose?

One of my dogs nostrils is starting to close up. She is a four year old miniature dachshund and recently her nostril started to close up. She has been sick for a while and we took her to the vet but the vet never said anything about her nose getting li...


Would I know if I got worms from my dogs?

How would I know if I got worms from my dogs?


How do I make my bunny rabbit love me?

My rabbit is sort of spoiled but not overly, I play with her 1 or more hour(s) a day and she gets her favorite foods she gets fed twice a day. when I bring here out and let her run around my room, she won't let me pick her up, and she runs away from me...


Where can I legally adopt an owl in nz?

I really want an owl and I have researched a lot about them and I theink I could handle the mess and everything. But I dont know if its legal and if it is, I dont know where to get one in new zealand


where do I find an owl breeder in NZ?

I really want a pet owl and I think I can handle one, but I dont know where an owl breeder is in NZ, can I get some help?


Which monkey makes the best pet?

Which monkey is best as a pet: Capuchin, Marmoset or Squirrel monkey.



is my pitbull pregnant

I breed my female colby pitbull about a month ago she gaining a little weight I just don't know how to def make sure she pregnant before I start makin vet appointments and finding permant homes for the puppies what are some obvious signs of pregnacy th...


How do I feed a rat to a python?

My boyfriend made me promise to take care of his python while he's gone, but I'm afraid to feed him lol.

Someone tells me to drop the rat in the tank, and someone else says no, to put the snake in the box with the rat .. so what am I supposed to do? l...



I have 3 rats and two are in one cage and one in another well my two rats I let run around because they are scared to go anywhere and they just hang around their cage unless I am up there well I can't find my rat Mojo and I am really scared he could ha...


Can a pregnant Shih Tzu have a bath?

hello there hope you can help me because my shitzu is pregnant now its her 1 week pregnant and is it possible we can take her a bath or not allowed for the dog pregnant can you help me to answer this because im so petty for my dog not smeel good


Strange dog name?

My friend just got a dog and named it dog?

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what should I use to mark newborn puppies?

My Winn-Dixie(one in the pics) is due to have her puppies this next week. I am trying to decide the best way to mark them when born so I can tell them apart. I have read a lot on the internet and talked to several people and have a few ideas(nail poli...


Why do dogs lick your legs after the bath?

why do dogs lick you when you are taking a bath and lick your legs as soon as you get out the bath???

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How to euthanize a dog at home?

How to euthanize a dog at home?


What should I do about my cat?

I GOT A 2 MONTHS OLD CAT AND I DONT KNOW HOW 2 GET HER USED 2 ME ... I GOT HER THIS LITTLE CAGE JUST SO SHE CAN GET USED to me and stop running away from me every time I come close... she doesnt even answer buy her name I've had her for 3 days shes too...


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