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What are some fundamental basic things I should know about cars?

I feel like when anyone talks about them I know absolutely NOTHING. I haven't really grown up with this kind of knowledge, but I feel like when someone talks about it I'm like "Where in the WORLD did they learn this stuff??" Hmm.. Parents maybe? Well ...


how to start my four wheeler without a key

how do I start my 2000 honda recon 250 without my key


do x type 2.5 jaguars have a way to play music from an ipod?

or is there anything i can buy to make it so i can play my ipod in it?


Which would be safer - a car with a front end that crumples in a crash, or one that doesn't crumple?

I feel it would be the car that crumbles because ...I don't know how to explain. But then I want to say the car that does't crumble because then your legs don't get crushed etc.


Did you get a car for your sweet 16?

Did anybody here get acar 4 their 16th bday? Used or new? What kind?

34 views NSFW

Why is my car burning so much gas?

I have a 93 Honda Accord.. and it usually gets 23 miles/gallon..
but the past couple of weeks it's been burning gas like no tomorrow.

I just filled it halfway last night, and only went to a few places (about 15-20 miles worth of driving), and now...


remove dodge tail light assembly

How do you remove the tail light asembly on a Dodge Ramm 1500 when there are no visible screws?


Gmc truck

Are the lights on a gmc sierra 2003 the same size as the lights on the 04 05 06 gmc sierras?


How Can I get better gas milage?

I drive a 1993 Ford ranger with a whopping 17 miles to the gallon. I see on TV all the time ads for these commercials for these big trucks and SUVs that get way better gas milage then my little truck :( is there anything I can do to get better gas mil...


What does GTI, CDI, and TDCI on a car stand for?

I think i know it but im not too sure!


What happens with expired tags?

My room mate won't drive me anywhere because her tags are expired. A friend of hers told her that if a cop stopped her they would tow/impound her car and make her walk home, pushing me in my wheelchair. She really believes this, I tell her they give ...


Can you have a learner's permit in more than one state?

for example: lets say i had one in WV, could i also get one in NC or SC?
the reason for asking this is..i moved to SC and i found out that it takes 6 months+ to get your licenses no matter your WV it only takes 30 days..and i believe its the ...


How to make atv street legal in south carolina?

How to make atv street legal in south carolina?


1990 Toyota Supra non turbo, does that sound like a good car?

I'm thinking of getting a 1990 Toyota Supra non turbo. What are you opinions on the car and do you think I should get it. It only got 2k miles on the new engine.


hot wire 4 wheeler start 4 wheeler key hotwire wheeler