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Will 2009 dodge charger wheels fit on a 2004 dodge stratus?

I have 20 rims and trying to get rid of them. I have someone interested in buying them but I have no factory tires to replace.


1932 Chevy

Do I need to use a lead additive in the fuel for my 1932 Chevy 194 cc 6 cylinder engine?


How are the recent (2007-present) Jeep Wranglers for gas mileage?

Pretty soon I'll be getting a car and my dad told me to keep the cost under 30,000. I've been looking at the Jeep Wranglers and this is the car I'll probably want. But the gas mileage is about 21. I'm not sure if that's good or not plus I really don't...


good cars to soop up??? suby's, acura...

I got 5 g's to spend on a car... I wan't a 2000 model that I could play around with like da 2004 subaru wrx or 2002 audi a4. I wanna know your opinion on other cars that are hot, oh yea and I like turbo...

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How old were you when you learned how to drive?

most people were like 12. yet i still havent at 16 :P


How to make atv street legal in south carolina?

How to make atv street legal in south carolina?


How many sticky notes would it take to cover the outside of a small car?

I'm going to surprise my best friend at school when I go back home for Thanksgiving and I'm going to sticky note her car and either get inside the car or sit somewhere she can't see me. But how many would I need to at least look okay? A pic of the car ...

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How much honda accord?

How much will it coast me to get front bumper for 98 accord with paint job done and installation?
Just need to replace my front bumper for car and would like to know how much will it coast me


Which car should I buy - a 2005 Grand Prix or a 2005 Vibe?

first car both automatic, love the way the grand prix rides.


How dark can I get the windows on my car tinted?

i live in louisiana but my car is registered in texas, so do i have to go by the louisiana laws or can i go by the texas laws? in louisiana it cant be more than 40% but in texas its 25%


What do you think of hub motor, electric cars?

I have been looking at alternative fuel cars for years now, and feel the electric drive train is a much better solution than the ICE "Internal Combustion Engine". There has also been talk of hub motor and this would remove the need for a transmission a...


is GM cutting out most of their car companies?

my dad is saying that GM and all the american cars are going under.
He says that chevy is removing the corvette and their cutting out saturn, pontiac and all v8 rear wheele drive cars for the fuel efficiancy.
is this or isn't this true...
if so we ...


Who killed the electric car?

Have you seen that movie.It's a shame that oil industries killed the electric car I hope somebody will make the electric car again, I wouldn't mind if another country like Canada or china make the electrical, if they made that car again people wouldn't...


What are the dangers of buying used car tires?

I can't afford new ones at the moment.


Who knows about cars?

06 Chevy Cobalt LS?
Well my car stalls a lot mostly when i pull up to a red light, stop sign, etc. It idles really hard the dash board lights dim then get brighter. now my gas gauge keeps going up and down. after i filled up my tank last night on the ...


Old ford truck

Can you come and pick up my old ford truck and fix it to where I can drive it
I bought this truck 15 years ago with intention of making it A street rod,but
my my health got to the point where the arthritis limited my abilty to do the
work its a fin...


How much does an average rolls royce cost, are they expensive?

I'd like to know how much does an average rolls royce cost, are they expensive? The other day I saw this one parked out side a hotel - amazing looking car. I'm curious, are these the most expensive brand of cars?


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