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Gmc truck

Are the lights on a gmc sierra 2003 the same size as the lights on the 04 05 06 gmc sierras?


How dark can I get the windows on my car tinted?

i live in louisiana but my car is registered in texas, so do i have to go by the louisiana laws or can i go by the texas laws? in louisiana it cant be more than 40% but in texas its 25%


Is it possible to make a regular car into a convertible?

How much would it cost? I have a mitsubish eclipse 1995 around how much would it cost?


How to learn everything possible about cars?

I don't know anything about cars. I want to learn everything about them. Can someone help me?


What is not wrong with my red 1990 ford mustang gt?

The engine want start. It could be the fuel pump. The ex put cigars out on her dash. The seats are broken. Theres a cooler holding one of them up. The windows dont work. The speedothemeter dosent work. The hatch wont stay up. The interior is a ...


How to replace a starter nissan maxima?

How to replace a starter nissan maxima?


What are some cute car decorations?

carseats wheelcovers etc


How far apart are the cones in a three point turn when trying to get your license?

I am going to be trying to get my lincese soon and the only thing I have not done yet is the three point turn. My driveway is the perfect set up for it I just need to know how far apart the cones are when they give you the test so I know where and when...


how to keep my maxima from getting stolen?

i just bought a 97 maxima yesterday and i heard they're easy cars to steal & that a lot of people want one so my chances of it gettin stolen is greater. Right now there's a factory alarm already on that i was just wonderin if thats enough and if i lock...


What Are Your Thoughts On Chevy's?

Yes This Is My Dream Truck, I Do Prefure Ford But I Found This And Fell In Love


4 wheeler problem

I have a 2007 yamaha grizzly 450 when I lock in the 4x4 differential it will idle but when I give it gas it jus putts not letting the rpms raise. Regular 4x4 works but every now and then it Does the problem in regular 4x4 and reverse.whats wrong?


How do i mount a winch to a stock jeep bumper?

I have a 2004 jeep wrangler and I did not want spend money on getting a bumper for my winch if I didn't need it. I know that you can buy a mounting plate that fits onto the stock bumper, however it seems like it would need to go where the sway bar is n...


Why is my car burning so much gas?

I have a 93 Honda Accord.. and it usually gets 23 miles/gallon..
but the past couple of weeks it's been burning gas like no tomorrow.

I just filled it halfway last night, and only went to a few places (about 15-20 miles worth of driving), and now...


Does this sound like a good car to you?

Price: $3,995
Year: 1995
Make: Pontiac
Model: Firebird
Trim: Base
Engine: 6-Cylinder
Trans: Automatic
Fuel: Gasoline
Color: White
Interior: Gray
Miles: 128626
VIN: 2G2FS32S6S2225257
Stock #: 225257
Body Style: Conve...


How old were you when you learned how to drive?

most people were like 12. yet i still havent at 16 :P


Who invented the ford mustang?

Who invented the ford mustang?


invented mustang created ford mustang invented ford mustang install starter nissan maxima 1996 model