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How are the recent (2007-present) Jeep Wranglers for gas mileage?

Pretty soon I'll be getting a car and my dad told me to keep the cost under 30,000. I've been looking at the Jeep Wranglers and this is the car I'll probably want. But the gas mileage is about 21. I'm not sure if that's good or not plus I really don't...


Where can I get cheap car parts?

I need to find replacement parts for my Toyota Highlander. I've already tried junk yards, and Toyota (too expensive). Any suggestions?


What is the different in 1968 to 1970 dodge charger?

Is there much different in the cars in 1968 to 1970 dodge charger like shape, looks,


Where does the other air in the car go when you have the air-con on?

When you have the windows up with the air-con set on the setting where new air is coming into the car, where does the old air go?


Can I put a chevrolet engine in a toyota 4 runner?

Can I put a chevrolet engine in a toyota 4 runner?


where can you get QUAD BIKE insurance ?

ive been looking for hours and cannot find cover for a quadzilla 500es can someone please help E


Can I drive my dad's car or do I have to buy and insure my own? (read more)

Is it possible for me too have driving lessons & then use my dads car to get around in, or would I have to buy my own and then insure it and everything? I'm a little confused about all this, I don't understand cars (._.)


Do I need to have driver's ed to get my license if I'm under 18?

im 17 years old in ohio. can I just go and get my temps and then in like 2 months get my license without driving school because im over 16 or do I have to be 18 to get my license without driving school???


What's the cheapest motorcycle dealer?

i am almost sixteen and i need to know what the cheapest bike dealer is that sell bikes that you put together. i would likea bike that i know that i put together by myself and i love motor vehicles. so i know that kicker is out of the question so


how to start my four wheeler without a key

how do I start my 2000 honda recon 250 without my key


Nicest car

What he nicest
Car ever


How to make atv street legal in south carolina?

How to make atv street legal in south carolina?


Lambo Door Conversion ?

Should I put a lamborghini door hinge conversion on a 1964 mustang


Can I start driving alone as soon as I got my driver's license?

I just took the road test today which I passed, and so I received a temporary sheet for the license while I have to wait a week from now for the actual DL card to be sent to me. As I call today as my first day with the DL, can I can start driving alone...


How can I save up for a Jeep even though I'm 15?

Im 15 and I want a Jeep. Not now but when I go off to collage. I know my parents will be able to help me but I don't want them having to pay most of it. I already have about $300 in savings and I've been offered a job at the River Bank Zoo & Old Navy. ...


start 4 wheeler key hotwire wheeler hot wire 4 wheeler