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What age is it legal where you are to get your license?

It's your 15th bday here, and I've heard some things about having to wait until you are 16 in the US?


How far apart are the cones in a three point turn when trying to get your license?

I am going to be trying to get my lincese soon and the only thing I have not done yet is the three point turn. My driveway is the perfect set up for it I just need to know how far apart the cones are when they give you the test so I know where and when...


How do I disable onstar in 2004 hummer?

How do I disable onstar in 2004 hummer?


4 wheeler problems

I've got a problem I cant figure out how to fix. my 4 wheeler will start up fine and idle perfect but if I push the throttle it floods out. I've clean the gas tank ran new fuel line put a new filter and spark plug on it and cleaned and reset the corr...


What is the full form of moped?

What is the full form of 'moped' ?


What would cause a spark plug to blow out of the head on a car?

I have fixed this, but would like to know what may have been the cause, I did turn up my boost 2 lbs, but this was years ago, and at the time the plug blew, the engine was not under any boost.


What's your favorite cars?

What's your favorite cars?


What is a car wire harness?

Can anyone explain to me in simple terms how this works inside a car i..e what it's purpose is. I have already guessed,but I am not sure.


how to start my four wheeler without a key

how do I start my 2000 honda recon 250 without my key


Will sugar destroy the engine of a car?

Will sugar destroy the engine of a car by disposing sugar into the gas tank? if not, what will?


How do I get more Bass in a Miata?

I have a 2005 Miata that I bought new and it has a nice sound system in it from the factory with 8 inch speakers in the doors, but since it is a convertible at highway speeds there is just not enough bass in the music. I have thought of putting a sub i...


Why is the Jeep Cherokee doing this?

So tonight, I went and got my sister at the school who came back late from a field trip. I was parking in the parking lot, and I didn't know I was in a fire lane cause of the way the sign was. I shut the 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L off right before I saw...


What's the nicest type of car you've ever seen & why?

When I get rich & famous (lol) I'd really like to have a nice car. Not a mercedes or BMW, but something crazy, outrageous, and ultra expensive. On that note, about the only brand of luxury car I know is the rolly royce. However, there must be other kin...


What are some good cheap cars for racing?

Yo I wanna get a car around 5k-8k. It has to be in under 10k, im not rich. Im really good at racing but I need a car to start with so I can upgrade it's performance. Something like an m3 e36, 350z, 300zx, supra, skyline r32, you know anything in the lo...


How much does an average rolls royce cost, are they expensive?

I'd like to know how much does an average rolls royce cost, are they expensive? The other day I saw this one parked out side a hotel - amazing looking car. I'm curious, are these the most expensive brand of cars?


What are the jack points for a 1998 ford taurus?

My brother and I are trying to change the oil on our 1998 ford taurus. We aren't sure of where to put the jack because we do not want to damage it. If anyone has done this before can you please help?
We have a jack and the stands.


Which truck should I get Chevy, Ford, or Dodge?

I am looking for a one ton truck that I can pull my boat or camper. I want one that gets descent mileage, but has great pulling power. I was thinking about the chevy duramax diesel.


Is Eestor a fraud?

I know that Zenn motor company in Canada made a 10% of their stock investment, which looks like it k!lled their company, and now there is no new news on Eestor.


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