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Why won't my brake lights work?

I changed the brake switch so thats not the problem.My gear shift is also stuck,will not work unless I stick the key into the lock release.1993 Honda accord 4 cyl automatic.Both stopped working at the same time.


Is it possible to convert an ATV to a Go-kart?

I'm not talking about taking parts from an atv and adding them to a go kart build, but to actually cut the frame up and make it more like a go kart (as well as add any additional frame work). I have thought about it, but don't know if it would work. I'...


Which is the best car with low mileage for its price?

I wanted to know which car currently has a very good mileage with good price. I know that historically Toyota and Honda have beaten others with there mileage.


How do I install my Jensen A1000 amplifier in my '97 Dodge Intrepid?

Hello! I have a Jensen A1000 amplifier, and I'm not sure how to install it. It's kind of an older model, I believe... It's got 3 wires protruding from it: a Yellow wire, a Black wire, and a smaller gauge Blue wire. I'm planning to attach the Yellow...


How does it work when getting your licence in Australia??

In SA we write a test, if you pass you get your learners and can only get your licence at 18 once you've gona for some lessons and tests.

I know someone told me in Australia they have a system called P-plates and so forth... I dont quite understand ...


How hard are shocks to do on a 98 S10?

I need to do the shocks on my pickup, but I have never done shocks before. One friend (who normally does ALL his own mechanic work) says take it to a shop. Other friend says its not too bad, but on his Landrover :P.

Anyone ever done then on a new ...


How much does an average rolls royce cost, are they expensive?

I'd like to know how much does an average rolls royce cost, are they expensive? The other day I saw this one parked out side a hotel - amazing looking car. I'm curious, are these the most expensive brand of cars?


How to learn everything possible about cars?

I don't know anything about cars. I want to learn everything about them. Can someone help me?


Do you need a provisional driving license to take the driving theory test?

Do you need a provisional driving license to take the driving theory test?

just wondering if i have to have provisional to take the theory test ? in the UK by the way.


Is a 2008 Prius with 100,000 miles still reliable?

i am shopping for a car, i do not have enough money to buy a new Toyota Pruis. I have found an 2008 Prius with a little over 100000 miles for about 12000$. Is it a good deal, is it still reliable? i have also heard some stories about battery... i would...


Where is the air filter in an 04 Toyota Sienna?

could you please tell me where the air filter for the a/c in a toyota sienna 2004?


Can you apply for your driver's license 30 days after getting your permit if you are 18?

ok..I'm just confuse..can you get your license for 30 days after you took your permit when your 18..please and thank you


How dark can I get the windows on my car tinted?

i live in louisiana but my car is registered in texas, so do i have to go by the louisiana laws or can i go by the texas laws? in louisiana it cant be more than 40% but in texas its 25%


What is not wrong with my red 1990 ford mustang gt?

The engine want start. It could be the fuel pump. The ex put cigars out on her dash. The seats are broken. Theres a cooler holding one of them up. The windows dont work. The speedothemeter dosent work. The hatch wont stay up. The interior is a ...


4 wheeler problem

I have a 2007 yamaha grizzly 450 when I lock in the 4x4 differential it will idle but when I give it gas it jus putts not letting the rpms raise. Regular 4x4 works but every now and then it Does the problem in regular 4x4 and reverse.whats wrong?


how to start my four wheeler without a key

how do I start my 2000 honda recon 250 without my key


What kinda car

What kinda car should I get for my first car but im a very skilled driver so no bullshit @ss cars made in 02 or less I need somethim fast too I love to go fast thats how my because got his first speedin ticket yesterday its in the family to go fast



SURVEY What is your favorite car(s)?

What is your favorite car(s)?


1995 Acura Integra interference engine?

The timing belt has broken on a 95 Acura Integra with dual overhead cams, will this result in bent valves?


1932 Chevy

Do I need to use a lead additive in the fuel for my 1932 Chevy 194 cc 6 cylinder engine?


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