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How many sticky notes would it take to cover the outside of a small car?

I'm going to surprise my best friend at school when I go back home for Thanksgiving and I'm going to sticky note her car and either get inside the car or sit somewhere she can't see me. But how many would I need to at least look okay? A pic of the car ...

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What is the best car ever that is also cheap?

I'm thinking about buying a used car and want to know what is the best cheap car some one has owned or had.


How to replace a 1995 dodge spirit fuel pump?

How to replace a 1995 dodge spirit fuel pump?


1990 Toyota Supra non turbo, does that sound like a good car?

I'm thinking of getting a 1990 Toyota Supra non turbo. What are you opinions on the car and do you think I should get it. It only got 2k miles on the new engine.


Can Gasoline Evaporate ?

Say you had a car that had a half of a tank left and you parked the car in the sun outside your house in the summer and didn't use it for a month . When you finally decided to use it again would the same amount of gas be in there or would some of it ha...


Does this sound like a good car to you?

Price: $3,995
Year: 1995
Make: Pontiac
Model: Firebird
Trim: Base
Engine: 6-Cylinder
Trans: Automatic
Fuel: Gasoline
Color: White
Interior: Gray
Miles: 128626
VIN: 2G2FS32S6S2225257
Stock #: 225257
Body Style: Conve...


How do I get more Bass in a Miata?

I have a 2005 Miata that I bought new and it has a nice sound system in it from the factory with 8 inch speakers in the doors, but since it is a convertible at highway speeds there is just not enough bass in the music. I have thought of putting a sub i...


Why are there driver's seats on the right side of the car?

What's the story behind this?


how to start my four wheeler without a key

how do I start my 2000 honda recon 250 without my key



do they make standard corollas? if so, what year?


Do you need a provisional driving license to take the driving theory test?

Do you need a provisional driving license to take the driving theory test?

just wondering if i have to have provisional to take the theory test ? in the UK by the way.


Can you drive with a friend in the car, and a parent, if you have your temps in Wisconsin?

I've had my temps since last june,, and yes i know i should probably get on getting my liscence, lol anywho, i took two drivers ed classes and BOTH teachers told me you can drive with ONE friend in the car with a parent as well, with your temps..howeve...


What brand truck do you like best?

Which brand of truck do you like best / recomend


Why is my car burning so much gas?

I have a 93 Honda Accord.. and it usually gets 23 miles/gallon..
but the past couple of weeks it's been burning gas like no tomorrow.

I just filled it halfway last night, and only went to a few places (about 15-20 miles worth of driving), and now...


is GM cutting out most of their car companies?

my dad is saying that GM and all the american cars are going under.
He says that chevy is removing the corvette and their cutting out saturn, pontiac and all v8 rear wheele drive cars for the fuel efficiancy.
is this or isn't this true...
if so we ...


How much should I ask for my car?

I am trying to sell my car but I'm not sure how much I should be asking for it. It is a 2000 Nissan Xterra with 143,000 miles on it. It's red in color and there are some noticable scratches along the passenger side that were done before I bought the ca...


Whats wrong with my car?

Hey everyone. I have a 2000 pontiac grand am GT and I am wondering why my sunroof works when it wants to. Some days when i push the button for it to open it usually opens all the way like its supposed to. But, most days it only opens about 3 inche...


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