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  1. Does god know what we think?
  2. Why does she want to hurt me?
  3. Is my wife stupid?
  4. Can i know my future by date of birth?
  5. When will my pit bulls head stop growing?
  6. What is the lightest wood?
  7. Can clinton run again?
  8. Can god change his mind?
  9. Is trump going to bomb north korea?
  10. Is my nose piercing healed?
  11. Why do i feel cold after smoking weed?
  12. How do i sell on craigslist?
  13. What happens if i have hiv?
  14. Did trump go to college?
  15. What happens if i make myself throw up?
  16. Why does he never ask me to hang out?
  17. Why will obama veto the keystone pipeline?
  18. Why are you so obsessed with me?
  19. How do i tell my husband i'm pregnant again?
  20. How can heaven love me?
  21. How can my boyfriend adopt my son?
  22. How can i see heaven?
  23. What has trump accomplished as president?
  24. Why do i feel ill after working out?
  25. Why are lawyers important?
  26. Is my husband autistic?
  27. Should i find new friends?
  28. Why do we never remember the beginning of a dream?
  29. Why was sense8 cancelled?
  30. Can i believe the magic of your sighs?
  31. Will my bad credit affect my daughter?
  32. Should cats wear collars?
  33. How can i find out my credit score?
  34. Is trump actually tweeting?
  35. Should i buy mass effect andromeda?
  36. Can religion and science intersect?
  37. How do i find out if my wife is on tinder?
  38. What is my son to my uncle?
  39. Why does he refuse to wear a condom?
  40. How did world war 2 start?
  41. Can buddha hear prayers?
  42. How do i repair my apple watch?
  43. How can i get a loan?
  44. How can i have faith in my boyfriend?
  45. What is my wife up to?
  46. Why should i hire you answer?
  47. Has the world ever ended?
  48. Is the quran a bible?
  49. God please get me outta here?
  50. How are you?
  51. What happens if i find money in an atm?
  52. Did obama use camp david?
  53. Is buddha a religion?
  54. Can my employment be terminated while on workcover?
  55. Can my boyfriend adopt my son?
  56. Why do i never have dreams?
  57. Was trump in the military?
  58. Why do i feel sick during and after working out?
  59. Can science tell us how to live?
  60. What is the lightest gas?
  61. What happens if i don't clean my belly button piercing?
  62. Why will trump be good president?
  63. Can i believe my eyes?
  64. Should i have a baby?
  65. Why do i feel sick after running?
  66. Where should i eat near me?
  67. What is my wife hiding from me?
  68. How do i find out if my girlfriend is on dating sites?
  69. Should cats be bathed?
  70. Can we ignore the old testament?
  71. Does trump know japanese?
  72. Can women be pastors?
  73. How can i get rid of fleas?
  74. Is the world really going to end in 2017?
  75. Is trump making birth control illegal?
  76. Does god know everything?
  77. Is buddha indian?
  78. Should women take creatine?
  79. Why are managers so lazy?
  80. Who was winston churchill?
  81. Can religion cause schizophrenia?
  82. Is trump tweeting now?
  83. Should i believe everything on the internet?
  84. How do i find out if my son has been arrested?
  85. When will my knee replacement stop hurting?
  86. Can start my career in stock market?
  87. Can psychology be a science of mind skinner summary?
  88. Should i be a teacher?
  89. What happens if i don't drink enough water on creatine?
  90. Why do i always take things to heart?
  91. Is my job killing me?
  92. Is my wife a narcissist quiz?
  93. Why does he always want me on top?
  94. Why do i feel sick before a storm?
  95. Is the world going to end soon?
  96. Has the world ever been saved?
  97. How do i find out if my daughter is still a virgin?
  98. Where can i exchange money?
  99. Is science fact?
  100. Can the pope sin?