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  1. my menstrual cycle is 28 days and I had an unprotected sex on day 12 just after my period stops . can I still get pregnant?
  2. which is the best web development class in pune and why?
  3. which is the best web development class in pune and why?
  4. What do I do? Dilute my urine?I have to do a drug test in 48 hours,I used a small amount of meth relapsing last night.
  5. Am a virgin but my boy friend finger me last night and blood came out what does that mean ? Why did blood came out ?
  6. Where is the best Microwave oven service center ?
  7. Our saying is providing the simplest union solutions to our customers with reasonable service charges
  8. Where is the best Carrier air conditioner service center?
  9. Where is the best Hitachi air conditioner Repair center?
  10. where is the Godrej refrigerator repair center in Hyderabad?
  11. What is SEO ?
  12. When my gf and I do sex first time then she doest bleed. She is not in sports or riding a bicycle etc. Then why????
  13. What do his actions mean?
  14. What do all his actions mean?
  15. Is it certain that if my husband has a small cold sore and licks my clit that I will get herpes from him
  16. How can I be more confident in bed?
  17. Can I be pregnant? I had 2 periods last month. (They're always irregular) We had sex on the last day of my 2nd period. He didn't ejaculate.
  18. how do I know if I'm pregnant or not from shower sex?
  19. Hello please help x
  20. If I have inserted big objects like vibrating toothbrush, marker, 2 fingers and I have not gotten my period am I still a virgen ?
  21. What are tips to increase to increase Instagram followers?
  22. what to do if my dog doesn't want to nurse her week old puppies?
  23. I've been on the pill for a week and my boyfriend and I had sex and he cum in me can I get pregnant even though it's been a week
  24. Dirty dares That a brother and sister could do (they have had sex before)
  25. It bothers me and makes me mad whereever I go I still don't find a boyfriend?
  26. how to find the best online tutorials for my homework
  27. Late period
  28. Should government or private sector be responsible for mental health
  29. who should be responsible for mental health care between government and private sector
  30. how to give bj
  31. how to do a blow job
  32. What is the name of a probably 90's PC game???
  33. Will it hurt me if I let someone pop my cherry and for how log(fingering)
  34. Where is the best Panasonic air conditioner Service center?
  35. Where is the best Blue star air conditioner Repair center?
  36. Where is the best IFB air conditioner Repair center?
  37. which is the best IFB washing machine Service center?
  38. where is the best Voltas ac service center in Hyderabad?
  39. where is the whirlpool Fridge Service center in Hyderabad?
  40. who can tell,is ti right?
  41. Pee No Blood And I Wipe They're Is Blood .
  42. Why am i having the feeling of being pregnant after being fingered ?
  43. At 30 april My bf fingering into my vagina and i think he has sperm on his hands and fingers but on 10 may i start bleeding for 4 days ?
  44. How do you increase your Instagram followers?
  45. How do you increase your YouTube subscribers?
  46. How do you increase your YouTube viewers?
  47. How do you increase your facebook likes?
  48. My boobs are a 36DDD but my nipples aren't that big. I want them to stick out through clothes and show, I want to make them bigger too.
  49. I really want a belly percing but I don't know how to convince my mom or dad please help me convince them๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
  50. I really want a belly percing but I don't know how to convince my mom or dad please help me convince them๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
  51. I'm 11 and I feel no pleasure touching myself.
  52. Can a girl get pregnant if: A guy ejeculated 5 minutes ago, pees, and while showering to clean the penis he inserts it again in her vagina?
  53. i never take xanax and i took 4 of the .5 xanax and its saturday i have test urine test that the send to lab will i pass im gonna take niaci
  54. I'm new to this Funadvise, what I should know about it besides just asking and answering questions?
  55. When i finger my girlfriend she loves it but never cums what do i do to get her to cum?
  56. When is my 13years old daughter be ready to be a pro factional model..
  57. What do I do when my parents say if I get pregnant they'll make me have an abortion, and kick me out?
  58. What's wrong with me- am I becoming a paedophile? Please, please help me, I'm so scared.
  59. It bothers me and makes me mad that whereever I go I still don't get a bofriend?
  60. My dog hasn't been on heat since her first one. Hasn't been near male dogs but i squeezed her nipple (being curious) and white milk came out
  61. What should I do if I don't want my mom to date because my farther is dead and I'm not ready and I feel left out
  62. 3 weeks ago I see a used condom and I touched it. I don't know if I'm pregnant. I have only one symptom which is frequently peeing.
  63. my boyfriend and i have been dating for 4 months, we had our first kiss after 2 months after we started dating
  64. What should I do if I keep leaking pre-cum?
  65. What should I do if I started feeling bored with kissing?
  66. When I'm making out with my girlfriend, I want to discover the "under", is it too soon because me and her are both 16.
  67. What do I do? Is my girlfriend pregnant??
  68. What do I do? Can my girlfriend be pregnant?
  69. Im 13 in 5'11" I can l can carry my friend who is 280 pounds down a hallway without getting that tired is that normal
  70. Why can I cum but I'm only 12 and a girl?
  71. When a girl fingers herself what do guys normally do at that time? Do they get hard or just act normal?
  72. Student Council Speech
  73. What do I do that if I bleed during sex. I don't want to be emmbaresed. Tbh I don't have boyfriend. I am 13 and a virgen
  74. What do I do that if I bleed during sex. I don't want to be emmbaresed.
  75. I'm 15 and I had protected sex 4 weeks before my period, would that make my period late or should I be worried
  76. what if i have 3 c's and 1 f? will I fail?
  77. Who can tell me how long do I gotta take the pill to be all the way flushed out BN taking1500mg in da morning@1000intje afternoon
  78. I babysit my cousin sometimes he's so sweet but so ruff and always corrects me it's hard to understand him cause he's 4 so when he says some
  79. If someone has smoked crack the last 6 monthes of being pregnet but stop and dos not do it for the last 2 and a half monthes they have left
  80. How to make him horny
  81. How to get my boyfriend to have sex with me
  82. I'm going on a class trip tmr but to get there I have to go on a boat I have a huge fear of boats and an anxiety problem so I'm really worri
  83. what do guys gain from licking a girl's nipple
  84. why do guys suck girls breast
  85. how to cure a vagina infection
  86. Is my girlfriend pregnant?
  87. I was with this guy and he fingered me and while he was I gave him a hand job then when his pants were still down he started to eat me out
  88. What is wrong with me- am I actually a paedophile?
  89. i was fingered by my boyfriend .he rubbed his penis on my vee and later cum we ddnt have sex ..i havent got my period for 2 months
  90. If both x+1 and x-1 are factors of ax3+x2-2x+b find the value of a and b
  91. I make Sex with my gf.After that she got her 3 regular Periods now she some late amd still not get her 4th period.And pregncy test are neget
  92. What do I do
  93. Were you ever spanked in public and how were you spanked there? What was your hardest spanking.
  94. If my female was still bleeding at 14 days in heat she can get pregnant if she was with a male right? Today mai 25 she not bleeding anymore
  95. how to write a good essay?
  96. What can I do to transfer photos from deactivated phone to new cell phone?
  97. What is Thesis writing ? can any one tell this?
  98. What is the effect of precum without masterbate before on vagina if it inserted in d spot of her vagina ??
  99. Can I be pregnant?
  100. Can I be pregnant? It happened only the other day,when my boyfriend and I was having fun. I gave him a handjob and in return he played wi