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  1. Road Trip to the USA: Your Essential Survival Guide
    America is not only the skyscrapers of New York and the beaches of California. This country has a lot of interesting things, and in order to see all these beautiful, amazing, funny and fascinating places, you should go on a road trip. This is probably ...
    6 Travel 752
  2. How to prepare for cosmetic surgery
    Here we discussed important cheklist before you go for plastic surgery.
    4 Style 260
  3. How to become a keto beast
    This guide will teach you on how to become a ferocious fat-eating predator. No carrots were harmed in the making of this post.
    7 Nutritionfitness 279
  4. The Pros and Cons of Using an Editing and Proofreading Services
    The guide provides information concerning the basic advantages and disadvantages of using the editing and proofreading services for academic purposes.
    6 Education 390
  5. How to develop an online gambling business
    According to statistics, 15% of the gambling industry's revenue comes from online casinos. Over 10 million users regularly visit resources with gambling content, and this figure is constantly increasing. Gambling online business can bring excellent profit
    5 Gaming 274
  6. How To Build A Live Streaming App
    Are you looking to build a live streaming app for Android or iOs? Here are a few reasons why building a live streaming app is a valid and beneficial idea for you.
    7 Music 172
  7. 4 Useful Steps For Writing Great Descriptive Essays
    This article will help you in knowing the 4 useful steps for writing a great descriptive essay.
    4 Education 162
  8. 6 Tips to Skyrocket Your App’s Popularity in the App Store
    In this article, we will explore the ways in which you make your mobile app more popular and visible on app stores.
    7 Technology 200
  9. 7 Hidden Costs Of Studying And College
    The costs of studying and college isn't just about your tuition fees. The student life comes with a lot of "hidden" costs that can add up to a hefty amount of money.
    7 Education 132
  10. How to Protect Your Idea from Being Stolen in 7 Ways
    9 Politics 97
  11. 5 Secrets Behind Happiness Within the Family
    The most important ingredients that every family looking for Happiness should be based on
    5 Family 130
  12. What is Blogging & Its Benefits
    What is Blogging & Its Benefits – Blogging is a very interesting profession. Nowadays, the blogging industry changing its trend. people do a blog as a full-time profession. Blogging is an online informational content that is displayed by the website.
    6 General 152
  13. How To Photo Etch Onto Metal
    A step by step manufacturing process of precision thin metal parts using the photo chemical etching process.
    7 Technology 73
  14. How to Identify and Repair a Computer Breakdown at Home
    Greetings, now I will try to explain to you how and in what cases you should independently examine the system unit of the computer and find the cause of the breakdown if you do not have technical knowledge.
    7 Technology 123
  15. How to Make Your PC Run Like New Again
    Over time, your Windows-powered machine will accumulate digital "filth" that will slow it down and lower your productivity. Here's how to make it running like new and remove all your software woes at the same time!
    5 Technology 146
  16. What Are The Different Ways To Learn Digital Marketing
    Today any digital marketing company expects the digital marketers to be skilled in a variety of areas including creative direction, digital media, analytics, sales, copywriting and more.
    4 Money 88
  17. How to Protect Your Android Device?
    Are you using an Android device? Let's make your device highly secure. Here I am going to tell you 4 tips that will help you for this. So, let's start this:
    4 Technology 207
  18. How To Buy a Refrigerator That Does Not Suck?
    After years of repairing refrigerators, I've decided to help you avoid buying the refrigerators that suck. This guide includes all the steps!
    5 Homegarden 167
  19. How to Optimization Your PPC Campaign?
    Sometimes it may be overwhelming -- where should you start? There are numerous components of a PPC account that may help maneuver the needle into your direction. This post provides ideas to Boost your PPC campaigns but certainly isn't an off-beat list....
    7 Literature 126
  20. How to win high school essay competition
    Winners of a high school essay competition are usually awarded scholarships to meet their college expenses like tuition fees, books and other educational materials as well as the living expenses.
    5 Education 112
  21. Top FAQs on Cleaning of Quartz Countertops
    Today, getting the feeling of wooden or granite in the budget is possible. All credit goes to quartz countertops. They are modern, versatile, eco-friendly and useful materials. These countertops are also known as kitchen benchtops .
    7 Homegarden 88
  22. How to become a freelance SEO consultant
    Regardless of the size of the industry today, it’s fair to say that there’s never been a better time to get started as a freelance SEO consultant, especially considering the way in which the search industry changes on a near-daily basis!
    5 Money 121
  23. What you should visit in Bucharest, Romania?
    With a special past, a lively atmosphere and many unique tourist attractions, Bucharest is one of the safest and most accessible destinations in Europe.
    3 Travel 78
  24. How to make essential oil capsules
    The common use of essential oils is absorbed by the skin through massage. In addition, essential oils can also be taken internally to achieve its efficacy. Since the taste of essential oils is far from pleasant, people try to take them with capsules. Usi
    4 Nutritionfitness 103
  25. Home-Selling Checklist: 10 Things to Do Before Selling Your House
    Selling a house is a lot more than just putting up a “For Sale” sign on your porch. It requires due diligence so that one can fish out the best price that the buyer has to offer.
    10 Homegarden 84
  26. How Tyres Will Really Extend The Life Of Your Car
    Buying a tyre is easy. What you need is just head to a nearest tyre store and order the best looking set for your car; Right? Well, It may seem that this is the case, but if you want the most value for your money, you will need to take a look at some....
    5 Cars 53
  27. How to Pick the Best Gaming Chair
    Want to choose a reliable gaming chair but dont know what to look? Dont worry here is our research about how to pick the best gaming chair.
    6 Gaming 52
  28. How nail gun is different from other power hand tools?
    Lets know nail gun in details with all its secrets.
    8 Homegarden 55
  29. How To Make Packing Easier
    Shifting to a new place is not an easy task for everyone and packing is also an essential part of any relocation. So here are some tips to make it easier and comfortable. You are ready to make a move, but your households are staring you in the face, si...
    7 Travel 201
  30. How To make your Frenchie Dog Happy
    There are so many ways to make your bulldog happy. But there is some 12 sign that you can understand that your bulldog is very happy.
    8 Pets 71
  31. How Long Can a Bulldog Live Up To?
    Pets 45
  32. How to Create a Website for Free
    Creating a website for free is super easy and can be fun if you know which tool to use. Check out this guide!
    5 Technology 102
  33. List of the Best Car Rental Agencies In India
    The following are the best car rental agencies.
    5 Travel 70
  34. How To Get A Job In Digital Marketing
    Thеsе dаys, оnе оf thе mоst еxсiting industriеs tо wоrk in is digitаl mаrkеting. This is аn еvеr-сhаnging еnvirоnmеnt, whеrе аnyоnе сrеаtivе аnd gооd аt sосiаl mеdiа соuld bе а grеаt fit fоr а jоb аnd hаs mаny оppоrtunitiеs.
    4 Money 120
  35. How to Write Best Resume for Job
    Many people and students are searching 'How to Write Quality Resume to Get Jobs' and they usually found some Resume Samples. We are encouraging people to Write Their Resume their selves, this will enhance their creativity, and they will get more Jobs.
    7 Money 82
  36. How to act in a job interview
    Only one of out of hundreds of applicants get hired for a job opening. And half of the time that one applicant turns out to be not suitable anyway. This is because all applicants are doing and saying the same thing. Here is a list of things to do and ...
    10 Money 85
  37. Best VPNs for Unblocking and Online Privacy
    I say it with complete confidence that mentioned VPN service providers are the best. Of course, there is a long list of reasons behind this confident claim. Following is my small attempt to enlighten you with the features, services.
    5 Technology 131
  38. What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag!
    When I was pregnant I had no idea where to begin with my hospital bag. I decided to list the items I feel are necessary and beneficial to bring with you to the hospital when you give birth.
    5 Family 76
  39. 6 Essential Steps To Take For Buying Awesome Diamond Ring At The Best Price
    Purchasing the nice ring for your partner should be just awesome. This is the time when you show how good your taste is and the stunning approach it will give to your partner that will be also the best thing that happens to you. Surely, the ring will e...
    6 Shopping 108
  40. Comprehensive Guide to Work with a Web Designer for Developing a Successful Website
    The following tips will ensure that you have a healthy and profitable business relationship with your web designer and translate it to a successful website.
    6 Technology 82
  41. How to Make a Dating App in 7 Steps
    This guide will talk about how to create a dating app and the steps involved in it.
    7 Technology 105
  42. Neolith Worktops: Pros and Cons of Neolith Worktop
    Neolith is a compact surface, featuring a modern look combined with high performance features and aesthetics. Here's everything you need to know about Neolith worktops.
    7 Homegarden 59
  43. Top 7 Tips in Creating More Space in Your Small Home
    Living in a small space can be convenient and poses many benefits, economically and physically. With less maintenance, less clutter and less expensive bills, living in a small home can have its advantages.
    7 Homegarden 50
  44. How can I Socialize With My Puppy
    When getting a puppy, socializing with it is key to growing up a confident healthy dog. Despite spending time with your puppy, there are other ways of socialization for them. In this guide find out how.
    7 Pets 102
  45. What Foods are Toxic for Dogs
    When getting a dog, we, of course, are tempted to give our dogs snacks and food from the table. This though can be risky, and an attentive pet owner will want to make sure their pooch is as safe as possible. In here, find what's not safe for your dog.
    10 Pets 63
  46. 5 Essential Commands You Can Teach Your Dog
    Having a trained dog isn’t the same as having a balanced dog, but if your dog knows a few basic commands, it can be helpful when tackling problem behaviors — existing ones or those that may develop in the future.
    6 Pets 40
  47. Best Car Accessories 2019
    This won't be a rundown of Pimp My Ride-commendable overly sonic sound frameworks, hot tubs in the back of the truck, aquariums, or even light fixtures, yet a down to earth rundown of all the vehicle embellishments that may really improve driving skill
    6 Cars 55
  48. How to HouseBreak Your Puppy
    Having a puppy in the house can be enjoyable and fun for you and the family, but at the same time, an untrained puppy can be messy. Heres the steps on how to housebreak your puppy.
    7 Pets 200
  49. Things That Should Remember in The Interview
    things to know for the interview.
    8 Money 34
  50. What are Monroe Piercings
    With the many varieties of piercings that have risen to popularity, it's hard to sometimes know all of them. In this guide, we explain what a "Monroe" Piercing is.
    6 Style 84
  51. What to be Aware of Before Breeding Your Dog
    When thinking of breeding our dogs, and wanting a healthy successful pregnancy, it tends to require more knowledge and reassurance. In this guide, you'll learn what to be aware of when and before breeding your dog.
    8 Pets 51
  52. 6 Must-Visit Attractions in UAE
    A brief note on some lesser Known Must-Visit Attractions in UAE.
    6 Travel 69
  53. Are Self-driving cars really safe?
    Though data suggests that self-driving cars are a far safer option than human-driven cars, the consumers around that world find themselves to be unsafe while driving an autonomous vehicle.
    3 Travel 40
  54. 10 Google Analytics SEO Hacks to Increase Organic Traffic
    Nowadays, companies all over the world are providing SEO based services because every business desires to have a strong online presence. Everyone wants high relevant traffic on their webpage and importance of traffic on the website is not some big secret.
    10 Technology 111
  55. How to Invest in an Apartment Building
    Here are the steps to understand what's involved in locating and purchasing your first apartment building.
    7 Money 125
  56. Top 10 Tips To Build Your Professional Network
    Be humble, but don't be afraid to ask for the expertise of a person in your network, they'll likely be happy to show off what they can do.
    10 General 72
  57. How to replace a power supply?
    Computer contain sensitive electronic components that are easily damaged by static electricity and excessive shock. When handling the power supply and other components, ensure you are properly grounded using an anti-static mat or similar device. If anti-s
    6 Technology 32
  58. Toy Guns and Gel Blaster
    Here is all about the high quality toy guns and gel blaster for kids and adult to play with.
    4 Gaming 61
  59. How to Raise Newborn Puppies
    When your dog gets pregnant for the first time, and she finally bears her pups there can be a confusing thought. Thoughts like how to take care of the puppy? Should I hold the puppy? What should I be aware of? In this guide, we will teach you how.
    13 Pets 72
  60. How to Know if My Dog is Pregnant
    After mating season has your dog been rather suspicious lately or experiencing different bodily changes? Thinking that there may be a possible pregnancy? Read this guide to find out if that's just the case
    7 Pets 56
  61. How to Sell on Ebay for Teens
    As a teenager, the want of self-dependency is higher than before. You by now might want to start a moneymaking plan whether to save up for college or a personal need such as supporting the family. In this guide, you taught how to work the e-commerce biz.
    11 Money 61
  62. How teens can open a bank account
    Bank accounts are not easy to open for teenagers. And in fact, it's getting harder and harder every day to do it because of global fraud. But with the help of your parents or a guardian you can actually get an account and even a debit card.
    5 Money 40
  63. How to Teach Your Dog to "COME"
    Have you ever wanted to call your dog from wherever he is at? Isn't it great to have your fluffy companion to stand beside you? In this guide, we teach you how to call your dog with the word "COME"
    8 Pets 75
  64. How to Fix your Dog's Obesity
    Is your dog pretty "curvy", considered a pile of chub, high on the chonk scale, or in simpler terms fat? Obese at minimal? Then this guide is for you and how to deal with dog obesity.
    6 Pets 81
  65. How to choose the Best Packaging Material Supplier
    Before stepping into the world of packaging, you must have come across multiple companies working prosperously in providing similar services for the clients looking for them. The packaging is not so different from the other market areas. With the on-go...
    7 General 109
  66. What Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog
    When choosing a dog breed, there are several factors to contemplate. In this guide, we list some major considerations for you when selecting your new canine companion.
    8 Pets 77
  67. How to write a guide on Funadvice
    Writing an instructional guide on Funadvice can help our readers quickly solve specific problems. Typically these guides are a solid set of instructions that are easily digestible and help our readers to quickly fix a problem. We want our readers to...
    7 Funadvice 136
  68. The best drones under $150
    Drones are very popular these days. But there are so many that it's hard to find the right ones. Here are a list of the best drones that you can find under $150.00. We've kept the list of drones with cameras since we think a drone without a camera is p...
    3 Technology 100
  69. Is Kesha Jewish?
    I'm asking because the "s" in her name is replaced with a dollar sign.
    2 Religion 114
  70. Do you think a nose piercing will look good on me?
    I've want a nose stud for a while now. I'm thinking a little diamond nose stud or blue rhinestone. I'm not sure how I would look with it though. Any tips? Here's me in the photo.
    5 Style 121
  71. What is Sunny Leone's real name and what is her real last name?
    I see her name is either Karen Maholtra or Karenjit Kaur Vohra, now Kaur Vohra her last name or would Vohra be her last name? Could Kaur be her middle name if she has one? It's an Indian name so it is quite confusing....can someone help me out too see ...
    6 Music 112
  72. Creative title for Hurricane Wilma?
    I have to do a project about this hurricane but I have no idea what title it should be. Help?(:
    4 General 149
  73. What happened when general custard took off his boots?
    It's a math sheet #4.8 from PUNCHLINE algebra book A. Can't figure out the answer to the joke.
    9 General 1115
  74. College: taking a break after first semester and restarting all over again?
    I just completed my first semester of my freshman college year but have decided that I do not like my course and university anymore. So what are your open opinions if one would stop school and return for the next school yr to redo first yr at a differe...
    2 Education 101
  75. Has anybody been successful with any type of breast massage that's supposed to increase their size?
    I'm very curious about this.
    5 Style 227
  76. Accidentally called 911, hung up instantly.
    I hit the "Emergency Call" button on my phone while my sim card was out, but I hung up INSTANTLY. It didn't ring and no one answered, and as of 15 minutes later 911 has not called back (I read that if you call 911 and hang up, they'll call you back.) A...
    4 General 1366
  77. Can I get certified and work as a CNA with a simple assault charge in nj
    4 Politics 157
  78. how can i get rid of razor bumps in the bikini area?
    I've tried Bikini Zone but it burns like hell. I read that you should switch razors frequently nd use shaving gel..has anyone tried Bump Patrol??
    5 Style 122
  79. what is the longest word in the dictionary (riddle)>
    4 General 629
  80. what is the difference in rice pudding and tapioca pudding?
    3 Food 142
  81. can you put liquid fabric softener on a leather couch
    3 Homegarden 268
  82. my mum and dad forgot my birthday
    Ok so today was my birthday, all day everyone was mean to me and they forgot that it was my birthday. I thought that they were all acting and there would be a surprise, so i didnt say anything all day. And they were really mean to me not like other day...
    9 Family 131
  83. going to school crossdressing for first time
    I'm going to a new school since we moved and I like cross dressing I'm more comfortable dressing as a girl and the school I'm going to doesn't care if the students do cross dresses they don't like questioning and restricting stuff like that. It's going...
    2 Style 137
  84. How to take care of a 5 week old chihuahua?
    I will be getting a 5 week old chihuahua and need to know what to feed it and how to take care of a pup so young. My friends dog had some pups and they are giving them away but his mom is annoyed with the pups keeping her up at night so we have to take...
    2 Pets 128
  85. Should you wash brand new Tupperware before using it?
    I've got some new Tupperware straight from where ever it's made. Should I wash it before I use it? Biggest thing I'm wondering about is the Popsicle makers..
    2 Homegarden 1938
  86. SKIN TONE HELP!!!!!!
    Hello, I am getting married in 10 days. This past weekend I got too much sun on my shoulders and I am peeling like crazy on my shoulders and into the top middle of my back. I am wondering what to do to even out the color. I naturally have a darker skin...
    3 Style 5262
  87. What. ╮(╯3╰)╭ means?
    I am guessing is a open arms, shy, smiley face with a heart. If is that so, what does it means? Any idea?
    3 General 439
  88. Water fasting for 90 days?
    Has anyone here ever water fasted? I've been doing losts of research lately on fasting and tried some short versions 3 to 6 days of fast. I've read about the man who fasted for 365 days, the jail-mates who went on hunger strikes and all the reli...
    4 Nutritionfitness 879
  89. speech on forgiveness
    i am a member of a public speaking community. i have to give a speech on forgiveness. i am only 13 and have alot to do in studies. so i basically dont have time to spend long ours on internet searching for a speech. could you please give me a speech
    3 Literature 155
  90. do you have to know about cars to work at autozone?
    i was wondering cause im looking for a job and i was thinking about applying at autozone but i dont know anything about cars so would it just be dumb of me to apply there? im not sure if they would even want to hire someone who knows nothing about them...
    2 Money 277
  91. What is a good middle name for Josie?
    We are expecting a little girl soon, her surname will be brown and second middle name is simone pronounced sim - on. I am trying to think of a nice name to go with Josie, like Josie-Mae. Please help! :)
    3 General 214
  92. Can you work anywhere in the medical field with an assault and battery charge?
    3 Money 231
  93. whats the difference between "leave in conditioner" and regular conditioner?
    5 Style 163
  94. is it illegal to sell a car with a cracked frame?
    2 Politics 203
  95. Which actresses have the biggest boobs in bollywood. Please give me a list of top10 with pictures
    Please give me a list of top10 with pictures and also cup size
    2 Style 173
  96. What is Bess listening to in the movie Crush (2013)?
    In the new movie, "Crush" Scott bumps into Bess, they get to talking and then they share each other's music, I want to know what Bess was listening to?
    2 Entertainment 434
  97. Am i too fat for a bikini?
    I'm going abroad in June, I'm a Chunky size 14. Is it wrong for me to wear a bikini? Thanks
    7 Style 110
  98. how do I get my baby cousin to stop touching my boobs?
    My baby cousin always squeezed and touched my boobs as a baby ( i nursed him once) now hes almost five and he still touches my boobs every once in a while and even asked to see them idk how to tell him they are off limits now :(
    10 Babies 194
  99. How do I convince my boyfriend that God exists?
    We've been together for about two months...a Christian and an Atheist. Odd, I know. The thing is, this kid is smart, and has made me question my own beliefs. I DO believe in God, and I want to see him in heaven when I die...So any hardcore evidence/fac...
    14 Religion 161
  100. Is going to parties in high school worth while?
    I am sort of the really typically mature kid that is successful and all that fun stuff, but I also have a wild side. I want to go out and be social and meet people and do stuff that high school kids are depicted doing in movies. I know it happens at my...
    6 Entertainment 221
  101. how can i make my arms more hairy
    i want to have hairy arms
    9 Style 160
  102. Did Samson and Delilah really exist?
    I always thought this was a fictional story, but one day i was reading the bible and i found them there. So that was true that he was a superstrong man. Tell me please thank you.
    8 Religion 210
  103. Who is more attractive?
    The above two pictures are of the same girl and the below two pictures are of the same girl, which girl above or below is more attractive?
    6 Style 521
  104. A freezer spell to cause a neighbor to move
    2 Religion 142
  105. How Can I Tell My Parents I Wanna Go Mute?
    3 Technology 128
  106. Why does my dad yell at me for everything I do wrong?
    Well I got home late because I had to stay after school. When I came in my house I said hi to my dad and he didnt reply. But when my brother saud hi he and my dad had a while covo. Shortly after he just freaked out because I came home late. What should...
    2 Family 110
  107. Why does my face get pale and my eyes get red when i cry?
    2 Style 123
  108. can i eat chocolate after a new tongue piercing?
    i had it repierced yesterday midafternoon after school and now i rlly want some chocolate. like can i have it if i just suck on it? and then rinse and brush after? or not at all? i heard u cant have dairy in general but then i was told i can have dairy...
    4 Style 208
  109. Tell me what this is
    So ive had this white gooey stuff in my underwear for about three years now. I get every single day. Im 100% virgin. Ive never had my period. And recently i have been having pench like cramps in my lower stomach where my hips are. Im not sure if ovulat...
    3 Funadvice 527
  110. What does smash or pass mean? :3
    4 General 527
  111. how to get hairspray off of kindle fire screen?
    So I was doin my hair listening to music on my kindle fire, and my sister came and hair sprayed her hair and it got onto my fire's screen. How do I get it off without ruining my screen?!?!
    2 Technology 115
  112. how can i make my parents stop spanking me?
    I'm 14 and it doesn't happen that often but i hate it so much and i feel i'm too old for it. Any other 14yo who is still spanked?
    5 Family 517
  113. How can I make my own dry shampoo?
    4 Style 108
  114. Did the "Turtle Man" die?
    My six year old sister loves him and I was wondering if what I heard recently was true. Did he really die??
    3 Entertainment 138
  115. What are the pro and cons of dimple piercings?
    I was thinking of getting dimple piercings in a few months or so, but I just want to know what is the good and bad of it. Also, I'm getting braces soon, so will my braces and dimple piercings (if I do decide to get them) mix together? Please and thank ...
    4 Style 298
  116. Looking for best alternative for nose job?
    How to make nose smaller without getting nose surgery? Is there is any effective way other than surgery which can make my nose permanently small and attractive?I am very fed up with my ugly nose and afraid of getting any surgery.So please recommend me ...
    4 Style 1676
  117. My parents forbid me from seeing my boyfriend, forever. I don't know what to do!
    I'm a junior in high school, 16, and my boyfriend is 18 and a senior. He really does like me more than anyone else in the world, and I feel just about the same way. A few months ago, my parents were informed that he and I had smoked pot together. Since...
    3 Family 210
  118. Who wrote the poem - Me Mudder?
    2 Literature 299
  119. what is j.k. rowling's email address
    I SPECIFFICLY want EMAIL not mail.
    2 Entertainment 105
  120. can a dog have a candycane
    is a pepermint candycane really bad for dogs because im a chef but i make food treats for dogs a christmas treat would be good and pepermint would be great so i want to know before i posin a dog IS IT SAFE?
    5 Pets 254
  121. why cant a pregnant woman do a lie detector test?
    5 General 632
  122. I have an uneven hourglass figure. my right waist is curvier...
    Which exercises should i perform, focusing on which side?
    2 Style 321
  123. what should I weigh for 5 feet 7 and 57 years old?
    2 Nutritionfitness 161
  124. What is the difference between roast beef and pastrami?
    I was looking for roast beef, but i only found pastrami. There is any difference between them i mean in their flavors or is almost the same.
    4 Food 820
  125. what kind of pear is the healthiest for you?
    2 Nutritionfitness 198
  126. how does the color of a shirt affect the amount of heat it absorbs
    the shirt colors are black white and yellow
    5 Style 246
  127. How do I solve this math problem: For all real numbers x, sin(2x)=?
    Do I need a calculator? How do I solve this?
    2 Education 122
  128. sould i wear pantyhose
    2 Style 120
  129. Are you born with dimples or do they develop over time?
    3 Style 415
  130. What's wrong with Pirate Bay?
    I typed in the movie that I want but it's not letting me get the download? I clicked on Get Torrent but it won't work? Are there any other sites I can get movies off of?
    7 Technology 170
  131. Which one shall I get - a Macaw, an African Grey or an Amazon Parrot?
    i am considering getting a parrot ...which one do you think its best in terms of company and speaking?
    5 Pets 107
  132. What should I do about my stepdad's cousin "touching" me?
    Well my stepdads cousin is a very.. Odd person, He seems to spend a lot of attention on me. One night I was leaving this room, he comes up behind me and pulled me close to him and rubbed his hands real close to my "No No Zone!" And that same night he a...
    6 Family 102
  133. Who thinks back dimples/venus dimples are attractive on men?
    Just discovered I had a thing such as back dimples....didnt know you could get them on your back. Googled it, and came up with girls! XD so I'm confused!
    18 Style 113
  134. Do you think it's better to have "older" or "younger" parents?
    I think its better to have older parents because you don't fight and yell as much they're more calmer about stuff, and they aren't in yoour business as much.
    8 Family 124
  135. What are the "legs" of eyeglasses called?
    3 General 126
  136. Does Emma Watson smoke and drink, really?
    I read somewhere online that emma does indeed smoke and drink because she had to fit perks of being a wallflower and she is playing this bad girl role in The Bling Ring next year. I thought emma used to be a very clean nice girl and respectful. Idk if ...
    8 Entertainment 1400
  137. Can candidates in an election vote for themselves?
    7 Politics 108
  138. What is a healthier version of a grilled cheese?
    Like i dont want to use butter.
    6 Food 153
  139. Is it weird that I get along with my dad more than my mom?
    i mean girls should be more closer to there moms right?
    17 Family 307
  140. How big is 10 acres?
    3 General 109
  141. What do you call a person with black hair?
    Blond hair is a blond. Brown hair is a brunet, red/orange is a ginger or red-head....
    10 Style 117
  142. How do I use this White Magic Bleaching Cream?
    I found this "White Magic gentle conditioning perfectly stabilized 40-volume creme colour developer" it says on the directions to use it in the same manner as regular 40-volume liquid peroxide. then it tells me how to store it. do i use it as just a ...
    8 Style 1290
  143. Is "funer" a word?
    37 General 1774
  144. Are there any clothing stores like Maurice's, but cheaper?
    4 Shopping 153
  145. What are the most delicate things in nature?
    e g shimmering dew drops on a leaf butterflys wings full moon etc?
    6 Science 554
  146. Which would be safer - a car with a front end that crumples in a crash, or one that doesn't crumple?
    I feel it would be the car that crumbles because ...I don't know how to explain. But then I want to say the car that does't crumble because then your legs don't get crushed etc.
    5 Cars 305
  147. FunAdvice Trivia: What did Tom Drake's character tell Judy Garland's character about her scent in 'Meet me in St Louis'?
    A) Reminded him of a spring day B) Made him reminisce about spring flowers C) Thought she smelled like his grandmother D) Reminded him of his mother's parlor
    5 Funadvice 141
  148. Is it safe to put cocoa butter around a lip piercing while it's healing?
    9 Style 101
  149. How can I make my fake septum piercing look more real?
    Sooo I really really want to get a septum piercing buuuuut my parents don't let me get more than the one I have(my labret). Earlier today I was messing with one of my lip rings(with the one which is bigger than my lip so I usually put it on my ear) and...
    9 Style 110
  150. Is a 3.96 GPA good?
    11 Education 106
  151. What's a good bible verse to read to scare a demon away?
    10 Religion 127
  152. What are some symbols that represent purity?
    Purity of bloodline would be nice, but purity in general works.
    6 General 125
  153. Is my monroe piercing supposed to look like this?
    Just got it a week ago .-
    4 Style 142
  154. FunAdvice Trivia: What movie was the song 'Heaven' by Bryan Adams written for?
    A) Hope Floats B) The Mirror has two Faces C) The Three Musketeers D) A Night in Heaven
    4 Funadvice 336
  155. How bad does a belly button piercing hurt?
    I want my belly button pierced when i'm 18. I'm scared of neddles but I can still handle them. (I still get shots and I still have to give blood to my Doctor smotimes)I've watched some videos on Youtube of girls getting them done and it doesn't seem th...
    6 Style 141
  156. Are you supposed to eat the skin on a mango?
    12 Food 122
  157. Do rednecks hate black people?
    Im dating this guy whos bro is a racist redneck. My classmate told me they will come to my house and kιll me. Since im black dating a white guy,his bro...
    12 Politics 237
  158. How do I properly clean a cartilage piercing?
    This is the first piercing I've had done in a few years and I completely forgot to ask the man who put it in how I'm supposed to clean it. It's not a stud, it's a hoop, if that matters. Would I be able to just wash it in the shower with soap and water ...
    4 Style 194
  159. What is the difference between positive ions and negative ions?
    and dont state the obvious, i know one is negative and one is positive. :P Im talking about electron wise.
    9 Science 108
  160. Is it true that JoJo likes black men as well, and who do you think JoJo will vote for - Obama or Romney?
    I see that joanna levesque likes black men, idk if she has a boyfriend now who is black but i've heard she has dated freddy adu..that's all I know. But does JoJo have a crush on black men? I heard she once even went out with Jermiah..and she's another ...
    3 Politics 260
  161. What keys do you press to make this emoticon ----> ◔◡◔ ?
    6 Technology 159
  162. How do the two female stars from the viral video "hungry b!tches" or better known as two girls one cup live there day to day lives?
    Millions of people around the world ranging from young to old ages have seen this disturbing video on the internet of two girls consuming each others feacies.. These two stars go by the stage names of Karla & Latifa... How do they resume normally aft...
    6 Travel 121
  163. How bad would you say a cartilage piercing hurts?
    I want to get one but my moms like "you'll regret it" and "its gonna hurt really bad"
    10 Style 1062
  164. Could a person survive on Ensure or Boost and nothing else?
    Could a person survive on an all liquid diet of meal replacement drinks like Ensure or Boost, that are full of protein and nutrients, for life?
    16 Nutritionfitness 124
  165. Do universities in Canada give unconditional offers?
    4 Education 189
  166. How to organize a successful Harvest Festival?
    I am an 18 year old girl and I want to organize a harvest festival at my church to help raise money for a youth group trip this winter. We need a total of $2800.00. and we already have raised $1042.00 so we are a little under halfway there. we have a...
    2 Entertainment 119
  167. Why do people hate WikiLeaks so much?
    10 General 129
  168. Can you vote by mail or do you have to go to city hall?
    7 Politics 153
  169. What does "mid-season finale" mean?
    Does that mean that there's more to come or the season is over?
    3 Entertainment 146
  170. Is SoonerCare considered welfare?
    I am pregnant with my first child and plan on taking off work for a few months to breast feed and care for my baby boy. I'm worried my bf and I won't get married in time for his insurance to covor anything... I have been told from so many people it...
    4 Money 151
  171. Is ok to put your aunt as a reference on an application form?
    I need two references, and I haven't had any previous employment. It says to put a personal reference and a teacher or something.. So would it be ok to put my aunt for the personal reference?
    6 Money 619
  172. How can I convince my parents to let me sleep over at my friend's house?
    I had about 15 sleepovers in total this summer & my dad said no more sleepovers, but i reallly wanna sleepover at this friends house once more... how can i convince him? (Dont say to listen to my dad)
    6 Family 150
  173. Is it normal for a 4 month old puppy to walk while peeing (read)?
    It's almost as if he doesn't know he's doing it. Like when I take him outside to pee, he will squat & it's obvious he knows he's doing it, but sometimes in the house he will just be walking around & he will pee all over the place & it looks like he doe...
    11 Pets 134
  174. Who buys the corsage and boutonniere for prom/grad?
    2 Style 171
  175. Are cartilage earrings the same as a regular earrings?
    I've always wondered if you use the same kinda of ear rings for lope percings and cartilage percings? Or are the ear rings different? Probably a dumb question but ive always just wondered n I wanna get a cartilage piercing so I thought I'd ask.
    15 Style 586
  176. How long does it normally take for a new navel piercing to completely close?
    I had my navel pierced for like a month, but I took it out and I want to get it re-pierced. How long should it take to close?
    2 Style 163
  177. How old do you have to be to rent a hotel roooom in Austin, Texas?
    A friend and I are going to SXSW in Austin next spring break and by then we'll both only be 16. SO how old would we have to be to rent a hotel room?
    7 Travel 155
  178. What is the difference between dark brown and chestnut brown hair?
    3 Style 188
  179. Is it gay for a guy to wear silk underwear or not?
    I have never tried, just curiosity. Tell me please thank you.
    18 Style 152
  180. How long should I clean my labret?
    I've got my lip pierced on 7th August. I've been wondering when to stop cleaning it. I use Sandrine for the inside and H2ocean spray for the outside(I put some on the inside too). Also when can I change the piercing? The piercer put a stud but I want t...
    2 Style 143
  181. FunAdvice Trivia: How much did Frank Sinatra weigh at birth?
    A) 5 lb. 8 oz. B) 7 lb. 4 oz. C) 11 lb. 2 oz. D) 13 lb. 8 oz.
    5 Funadvice 117
  182. What is gray has a tail and a trunk?
    8 Pets 246
  183. Is a butterfly considered an animal?
    I'm sitting here watching T.V and this little quiz thing pops up on the show that's on saying that a butterfly was an animal. Isn't it actually an insect?..
    8 Pets 159
  184. Why is my dog super terrified of plastic bags?
    If I rattle a trash bag, chip bag, anything.. He gets scared.
    7 Pets 355
  185. Which one is grammatically correct: "Good afternoon, Sir." (the letter S is in capital or "Good afternoon, sir."?
    8 Literature 2737
  186. What do you think of J. Edgar Hoover; was he a good or a bad guy?
    I watched this movie of clint eastwood about J. Edgar Hoover and im not sure if this guy was good or bad, because he made the fbi, but he was against Martin Luther King and the movie didnt mention that he hid the proyects and ideas of Nicolas Tesla. So...
    3 Politics 129
  187. What's the subscriber name on the MassHealth insurance card?
    I'm filling out an insurance waiver for college and I need the subscribers name. I don't know what the subscribers name is, is it my name or my mothers? I tried calling the college and the insurance company and neither of them are answering.
    3 General 337
  188. How long does it take to reach Mars?
    I was wondering this, what with the our little buddy Curiosity landing on Mars already, how long did it take for him to get there? Other relevant details would also be nice too!
    8 Science 110
  189. Is it conceited if I think I'm beautiful?
    I think i am but sometimes i think it makes me so conceited and full of myself :/...
    11 General 111
  190. How do you clean piercing clamps?
    I have a forcep clamp that I just bought. I haven't used it yet, but I was just wondering how you clean them. Do you just clean it with soap and water, and then with alcohol before use?
    9 Style 378
  191. Why is my lip piercing so itchy?
    I just got it today and it's really itchy! Is it normal?
    4 Style 150
  192. Can you bind your own soul to an object like a doll?
    i ask because i was watching chicky and i thought is it actuallly possible to bind your soul and then i went on the internet and found some rituals like the ones in chucky and if it is possible what would happen if you did like what would happen to you...
    11 Religion 447
  193. Would it be copying if I took up swimming like my brother did?
    I was gonna do gymnastics after martial arts but bah. So my brother was in his school's swim team, one of the best swimmers. Now that I finally learned swimming(don't judge me -.-) I want to do it took but I'm worried my brother will see it like I'm tr...
    10 Sports 159
  194. Can I have tattoos in the cosmetology business?
    I know it's different for every salon, but are tattoos generally 'accepted'? I'll be working in a salon next year and i've always wanted tattoos, but I don't want a wrist tattoo be the reason why i didn't get a job.
    3 Money 240
  195. Why do cats meow when they have caught live/dead mice or birds?
    6 Pets 243
  196. Does the mailman deliver big packages on rainy days?
    i have bought a juicer and the shipping said it would come within 2 days but 2 days have passed and i haven't got it. i already got the email that it has been forward to the warehouse on the day that i ordered it. it's been raining a lot also. does the...
    4 General 262
  197. Does sunburn turn into a tan?
    6 Style 158
  198. Is eating limes with salt bad?
    I've been eating limes with salt and I think I'm addicted because I probably eat 3big limes cut in half a day so that makes 6mini limes in total. So Is this bad for my health? and what can happen to me if I keep eating this way? Can someone please tel...
    8 Nutritionfitness 1994
  199. Which side should I get my cartilage helix piercing on?
    I part my hair to the right, and I'm right handed (Like the hair part in this picture; so idk which ear to get it on help
    3 Style 845
  200. Does surgical steel set off metal detectors at the airport?
    My piercings are surgical steal.. And I can't take them out. Will they set off the metal detector?
    4 Travel 1389
  201. Did your parents ever catch you sneaking out or sneaking back into your house?
    How did you handle it?
    21 Family 220
  202. What are some cute nicknames for Alana?
    She is my girlfriend I have a nickname for her already I want one that goes with her name tho.
    4 General 142
  203. Would it make a difference if I dyed my hair jet black?
    3 Style 231
  204. Is it a good or bad thing to look younger than what you are?
    I'm 19 but I always get mistake as a 10 year old sometimes 12 year old
    13 General 103
  205. Is it possible to have cartilage sticking out of a cartilage piercing?
    I have a little white thing sticking out. It's hard.
    6 Style 1366
  206. Is it okay to do ab workouts with a belly piercing?
    I know I've been asking a lot of question concerning this, but I just want to be super careful especially since I was stupid and pierced it myself. So, is it alright to workout with a belly piercing? It doesn't hurt it or anything, but just to make sure.
    6 Nutritionfitness 179
  207. Why does society/people hate body hair on girls?
    its natural (i hair remove, im just wondering):P
    8 Style 122
  208. Is it normal for a navel piercing to sting this bad?
    I pierced my belly button a few hours ago and it didn't really hurt, but it kind of has this stinging/pinching feeling. Is that normal? Or could it be rejecting already? It's not bleeding or anything. & What are some care tips for this piercing?
    7 Style 312
  209. Does a Greyhound ticket become void if you accidentally tore it on the dotted line and detached it from the other tickets?
    4 Travel 178
  210. What does the phrase "he's riding a gravy train on biscuit wheels" mean?
    4 General 448
  211. Where to download "Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego" (the 1997 version) and play it online?
    I would love you for forever and a day if you help me .-. I've been wanting to play my old games just for the memories, but they don't work on my comp when I try to install them, no matter what I do! ):
    3 Gaming 241
  212. What is Skrillex and dubstep?
    I've heard about these two topics, but to be honest I have no idea what they are lol :P I mostly listen to old classic rock like The Beatles, The Doors, Pink Flloyd or songs in spanish so don't hate :P I'm just curious I hear people talking about how g...
    9 Music 133
  213. Is it wierd that I say spanks instead of thanks?
    6 Babies 133
  214. How do I get fake nails to stay on longer?
    7 Style 122
  215. What should I do about my new swollen industrial?
    I've had lots of piercings, but none of them ever got this swollen! It's more painful than when I got my corset piercing, my nape, my septum, my other cartilage, and snake bites... Is there anything I can do for the pain and swelling or do I wait it out?
    14 Style 106
  216. Is Jack Barakat a Muslim?
    He's the guitarist of the band All time low and he is Lebanese.
    4 Entertainment 347
  217. How is the car air conditioning providing oxygen inside the car?
    11 Cars 520
  218. What are the benefits of doing 500 jumping jacks a day?
    Will it build muscles? Lose belly fat? Get you toned? What body parts does it workout? Everything and anything.
    3 Nutritionfitness 185
  219. What's the difference between Disney XD and Disney Channel?
    Like is Disney XD for older kids?
    2 Entertainment 1425
  220. What does it mean to dream of a burning church?
    3 Religion 708
  221. How to make breasts harder and bigger naturally and quickly?
    well, my breasts are VERY VERY LOOSE and also not so big. I want big and hard, stiff breasts. What exercises can help it (the exercises which I can do in my bathroom ..) please mention how long I should do these exercises? and also can this happen with...
    5 Style 268
  222. What dish can I make out of taco meat, besides tacos?
    6 Food 295
  223. How to remove stink from hair?
    i used color oops hair color remover and it did not work, worse it left my hair smelling like rotten eggs. i have been washing it three times a day for two days and it still stinks so bad. what do i do? does anyone know a specific remedy or shampoo tha...
    4 Style 824
  224. What does "mami" mean exactly?
    A sort-of-friend keeps calling me this, it sounds like mom haha which would be weird.
    9 General 711
  225. Why are Asians so cute?
    Is it there eyes or there face maybe
    11 Style 120
  226. Why does my 2 month old male kitten stare into my eyes till I look away?
    17 Pets 171
  227. What's meant by "political banter"?
    2 Politics 983
  228. Do girls with hairy arms freak guys out?
    17 Style 483
  229. How do you make a Bullicious?
    Everybody gets them at Coffee stands and I tried it & theyre really good! But pricey. I would like to get the recipe if anyone knows it! I couldnt find it online..
    2 Food 308
  230. Is there anything wrong with being a tomboy?
    I'm a tomboy and my mom keeps telling me to wear dresses more than just to special events but i hate dresses and skirts. I never wear skirts and I only wear dresses to special events. My mom also tells me that I should wear makeup but I don't like wea...
    16 Style 159
  231. What's the difference between "thaw" and "defrost"?
    4 General 1174
  232. Is it good to wear something tight around your stomach while working out?
    6 Nutritionfitness 112
  233. Why does my dimple chin come out some days and other days it doesn't?
    3 Style 214
  234. How do I tell my mom I have started my period?
    I started on the 4th of July.I was thinking about telling her tomorrow when we are hanging out but idk how to tell her. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!
    13 Family 145
  235. What exercise can I use to get rid of belly fat and upper chest fat?
    3 Nutritionfitness 174
  236. How long after you dye your hair can you re-dye it?
    3 Style 132
  237. How do you pronounce the name "Eunice"?
    9 General 141
  238. What's the most painful piercing to get?
    8 Style 1659
  239. Where can you buy a lighter if you're under 18 in Canada?
    6 Shopping 150
  240. How long after a dog has conceived will she start producing breast milk?
    2 Pets 103
  241. Can I wear a bra and underwear as a bikini?
    obv not like a thong, like underwear the same size as a bikini? plus i don't really have boobs and in bras my boobs look good, plus i have no $ for a bikini?
    13 Style 101
  242. What do models do when they are over the standard weight and told to lose it in 5 days?
    Say they go to an industry and they seem to be over weight or at least not to the model standards and tell them be back in 5 days, weight much less. What kinda diet do they do?
    4 Nutritionfitness 524
  243. Where can I get the "Listen and Move" song by Greg & Steve mp3 download?
    the song is on the Vol. 2-We All Live Together CD. i cant seem to find it anywhere :/ please send me links
    2 Music 256
  244. What's the average height and weight for a teenage girl?
    6 Nutritionfitness 158
  245. Could drinking green tea and its benefits be a persuasive speech?
    3 Literature 185
  246. Can you wiggle your toes individually?
    Like hold 4 of them in your hand, and wiggle the free toe? o.O Strange question sorry. XD
    8 General 119
  247. What movie most closely relates to your life?
    What movie would you like your life to be like? I think it will be interesting to see these answers :)
    9 Entertainment 105
  248. What breast cup size is average for 15/16 year old's?
    10 Style 14151
  249. Do you say "got damn" or "god damn"?
    I say "got damn" haha
    13 General 2730
  250. Why are apricots and other fruits furry?
    4 Food 186