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Does anything in the Bible mention aliens?

I am a christian and I was wondering if anything in the bible says that we are the only life or if there are other life in other planets??? I know it could happen if God wanted it to but just wondering if it was biblical or not.


How to get my friend to believe in christ?

how do I get my friend to believe in christ I do and the rapture could come anyday now

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Offensive to be a rabbi for halloween, im jewish?

Is it offensive to be a rabbi for halloween, im jewish?


don't understand some parts of catholic religion

ok im not dissing Catholics because christian and Catholics are similar in many ways but, I don't get why you confess your wrong doings to some guy in a booth? I mean you should confess to god directly, cause at the end of the day, that father or guy i...


Why Do Christians...

Why do Christians use quotes from the bible to argue a point with a person who is not? They act as if we have no clue about the bible. Why do they threaten us with hell & damnation? We already know about that part & choose not to believe it, people con...



Ok the reason why I don't believe in the Trinity because I don't believe that God is 3 Manifestations of himself.

Jesus is a person not a Manifestation.

A couple of years ago I did believe in the Trinity but have learned from varies people that some ...


"From Dust you were made, Dust you will return"?

In the bible, what does that mean? A few days ago in the opinion section of our local paper some guy said that when we die, there is no heaven and there is no hell. he said we go into some kinda underworld and fade away.
he took some scriptures from th...


Does God exist and why?

do you think that God does exist. why?


If god exists, why does he let people suffer?

a religious man asked me this question, and I replied, because its not god that is killing us. God gave us life, he gave us a brain and what we do with it is our fault. Like war, god did not create war people did, god did not create global warming, we ...


what) Is paranormal activity based on any truth?

IS Paranormal activity based on any truth it has actors and directors but at the start of the film it states (thank you to the families and police for supplying this footage)
so does it have some real and some false footage
Its an intresting film


Big bang and The Bible, opinions?



Obama talks chip in hand

Obama is talking about giving us a Chip in our hand so he could tell who is who and where everyone is, but in the bible it says that in the end of times people are going to get a chip from the anit-christ and you have to choose between god, or the chip...


What can anyone tell me about wicca?

Hey can anyone tell me about wicca like wats involved and how to get started cause I dont want to do it without protection so please help me


What does dead birds and salt have to do with black magic?

My friend was telling me a story about how her sunt moved into this house and in the basment, she found dead birds and salt and I heard this is black magic but whta exactly does this do? Like what does this cause to happen?


What should I do when my boyfriend disrespects my religion?

Well my boyfriend and I have been together for 1 and a half years and everytime we touch upon the subject of muslims or religion he starts to disrecpect me and my religion and we get into a huge arguement.
I am a muslim
But im a nice person and I dont ...


Are Christians the leading cause of atheism?

What is the leading cause of atheism?


Can I change my religion for money?

Now I am a sri lankan muslim. but i have no money and i have problems in my life. So I want to change my religion for money.can i do it?


Whats a jew

What is a jew is it a israeli and are they christians or muslims???

Are israelis jews
Are israelis christian or muslims


What are the Mormon beliefs regarding adultery?

My husband is commiting adultry with a woman that is married to a morman I dont believe he knows about it . How do you believe he will feel or act onces he finds out . She is also morman she truned into one in order to marry her husband and now she wan...

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Does anyone have any evidence that god is real?

does any one have any evidence that god is real?


What do demons eat?

Im writin a book about demons a I need 2 know what do demons eat ???^ ^


What's the Bible say about marriage and divorce?

What does the bible says about marriage and divorce?


Did anyone Float in the Salem Witch trials?

In the salem witch trials they threw the suspected witch into the water and if they drowned they were not witches, if they floated aka saved themselves the were witches.
Did anyone float?


Do you believe in a higher power?

god exsist to you? thats it i just want to know how many people around here believe in god or a god as it might be for you.


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