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Liberation through submission- have you heard of it?

I hadn't heard of this movement until today -- an evangelically-based concept of women's "Liberation through submission."

Followers of this movement have beliefs that include the idea that women are called to affirm and encourage godly masculinity, a...


Would these terms offend you?

This question is for persons of a religion other than Christianity here - Would the following quotes that are presently on this site be acceptable if said about your God - would you be offended ?
(If referring to the Christian God they are never remov...


Buddhism Project

Okay so I’m supposed to do a poster project on Buddhism
Can anyone please tell me like the basic Info should include?


Psychic channeling questions...need help fast!

my friends and I went somewhere and felt a strong entity. when we were leaving we could feel that it was following us. because of the narrow path we were walking on we split into 2 groups of 2. my two friends behind me began to get scratches on their b...


Can you bind your own soul to an object like a doll?

i ask because i was watching chicky and i thought is it actuallly possible to bind your soul and then i went on the internet and found some rituals like the ones in chucky and if it is possible what would happen if you did like what would happen to you...


Obama says Jesus Christ is not the only way to heaven?

To the Christians here: Obama claims to be a Christian, yet he proclaims that Jesus Christ is not the only WAY to Heaven - Is he right or is he a false prophet ?


Obama talks chip in hand

Obama is talking about giving us a Chip in our hand so he could tell who is who and where everyone is, but in the bible it says that in the end of times people are going to get a chip from the anit-christ and you have to choose between god, or the chip...


What happens if a muslim is gay?

I was just wondering - With strict muslims, the family has to choose a husband for the daughter to marry right?

And male muslims have more rights than female muslims. So what happens if a male muslim turns gay?

I'm just wondering :)

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What begins with m and its darker then night?

A word begins with m and has 5 letters if you spell it in urdu or english.
Women does this once in a lifetime and men do it 3 times a day, its brighter then sun and darker then night.
If you drink this it is halal and if you eat it its haraam. It is ...


How old were Mary and Joseph when Jesus was born?

Hmmm I was looking back at older questions, and...I havnt studied my bible as much as...I guess I could have...but I was wondering...does anyone know the ages of Mary and Joseph? When...Jesus came into the picture? I dont even remember how old Jesus wa...


Do I stand up for what is right?

This boy in my class belives in god, so do I. He even brung a bible to school!!! That was very brave. My mom told me to bring the bible to school once but I refused becuase I was scared that my friend would make fun. So any way, I saw him being made fu...


Why should I get confirmed?

Why should I get confirmed?


worshiping the Devil

I've heard of some religions that do things like Worship the devil, do curses & prayers in latin, they do ceremonies with weird runes and symbols like the pentagon Star and blood/ sacrafices. does anyone know what religion/ religions I am talking about?


Why would the devil want us to believe that the Earth is a sphere?

A tiny minority of christians insists that the Earth is square. They base their extraordinary claim on Biblical texts (look it up yourself: Daniel 4:10-11, Matthew 4:8, Joshua 10:12, 1 Chronicles 16:30, Psalms 93:1 & 96:10 & 104:5, Isaiah 45:18, etc.)....


Is it alright for a Catholic to date a Muslim?

my friend told me not to date a muslim and im cathlic. so I want to know if its alright for a cathlic to date a muslim?


What does dead birds and salt have to do with black magic?

My friend was telling me a story about how her sunt moved into this house and in the basment, she found dead birds and salt and I heard this is black magic but whta exactly does this do? Like what does this cause to happen?


Can I change my religion for money?

Now I am a sri lankan muslim. but i have no money and i have problems in my life. So I want to change my religion for money.can i do it?


The Number 60 in the Bible

Does anyone know if the Number 60 has any special meaning in the Bible?
Or if the number is used in the Bible at all...


Why do people pray about everything?

I notice more and more lately that people pray about everything from who they can date to them passing a test and simple stuff like that but i dont get why. Im not religious at all and i have nothing against people that are but i find it pointless to p...


What religion is closest to christianity?

What religion is closest to Christianity???


Why doesn't God smite down Satan already?

Seriously? If it's for sure that he will win the battle against Satan why not destry him already?


Cold reading, anyone?

I've heard about Cold Reading but I'm not too sure what it is- can someone please explain...


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