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I'm terrified about death and what happens after

The one thing that truly terrifies me is that there is no afterlife. The idea that you die and nothing happens scares me so much. While we live, we have so much control, and it freaks me out that there isn't one person who can tell us and know 100% wha...


I love Jesus, do you?

I am new to funadvice. I love the Lord and like to make new friends.
How about you?



If God is in everything and everything is slowly dying, does that mean that God is dying? And if so what was the point in him creating existantance?


Christians forcing their religion on atheist really?

I dont think I've known of any christian doing that is it that offering christianity to someone through like a pamphlet or talk is force I dont think so. Unless you made it really clear you dont want to talk about it then that would be pushing it but n...


Does anyone know how to control a broom?

I am wiccian, I got this new broom. It works but it vibrates hard, when your at a high level. Can some one please help me? The highest I have ever went to with out it vibrating is around 800 feet. So if any one knows the anwser please help me?


What can you tell me about being Wiccan?

What can you tell me about being Wiccan?


Wiccan name

I was in a cult and when I was there for the first time they just looked at me the the leader of the cult came and was choosing my name but before he said it he said what it meaned he called me dante but he didnt want explain what it meant does anybody...


Is God important in your life?

Is god important in you life??just asking for some opinions!if so how?if not why?


is magic a sin, like doing spells in stuff???

if I do it will I go 2 hell??? -simple question, yes or no, and why.


When o you think god is comen back?

When o you think god is comen back? Bascilly when is the world going to end as we know it?


How can the abrahamaic god be omnibenevolent?

If we are to believe the accounts of the bible and other related holy books (the Quran, the Torah), the abrahamaic god is omnipotent and omniscient - he sees all and knows all - and is also supposed to be omnibenevolent, or at least a pretty good kind...


Unwanted Baptism.

I am an atheist, meaning I do not believe in God nor Satan.
My Mother, Grandparents, And Friends Know This About Me.
But, Yet, My Mother Is Still Trying To Make Me Get Baptized. She tells me things like, " You Are Getting Baptized Even If I Have To D...


Why did I have this strange out of body experience?

Yesterday evening I fell asleep and dreamt I was with michael jackson. He felt so real! I could feel his body heat too. But I'm not reading too much into that because it was just a dream.

But soon after, I awoke and saw myself surrounded by bright whi...


Why are they constantly trying to prove me wrong?

How come tons of people are trying to prove to me that God doesn't exist? Why don't they just get over themselves and let me believe what I believe?

Please don't try to prove me wrong I just want to know why people don't mind their own business?


What are some things I can do for God's will?

I want to do more for God and live for him better. What are some things i can do and avoid doing? PLEASE only nice answers. I believe in God so please dont say he isnt real. HELPFUL answers only


Can Wiccans really cast spells?

I Have Just Found Out About Wiccan And It Sounds AMASING can you realy cast REAL spells?
I Would Love To Cast Spells!!!
Shame They Don't Lern You How To In School That Would Be So COOL!!!
I Like Harry Potter Stuff So When I Found Out You Can Cast REAL ...


Why won't Pennsylvania governor, Tom Ridge respect the institution?

In May 1995, his first year as Pennsylvania governor, Tom Ridge was invited by Gannon University, a Catholic college in Erie, Pa., to give the commencement address and receive an honorary degree. But the distinguished Republican and native son had a pr...


advantages and disadvantages of being a monk?

Ok finishing up my project right now..and I need help on the last part..what is 2 or 3 advantages of being a monk..and what is 2 or 3 disadvantages of being one?


Do dogs pray, when they look up a piece of tastiness just out of reach?

Alternatively, what is the difference between praying for rain and praying to a god for rain?


Do scientologists have higher suicide rates?

I know scientologists are against psychiatric medication. So do Scientologists with chronic depression just go unmedicated? Are there increased suicide rates because of this?


Can anyone here tell me how to get possessed by a demon?

Chanting and blood letters arnt working.I just need the simpleist way to be possessed.


Our bodies are made of dirt

When you die, you return to the soil, ground, earth.

Today we know, that our bodies are made up of everything we can find on earth, in the ground.

We are made of water, calcium, iron, and so forth.

Thousands of years ago, on the account of gen...


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