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Is there really no marriage in Heaven?

Today in my Catholic church I listened to a reading from the 2nd Book of Maccabees. In the reading it spoke of multiple marriages in life on earth and the question was raised as to what occurs in the kingdom of heaven with regard to these marriages.



Why should I get confirmed?

Why should I get confirmed?


I guess. that some people have a religion.

like. im ok I guess. that some people have a religion.
like that is tottaly humans have to believe in something...if not God, then...
SaNtA, If not santa, then the MuFfIN man!!! HaHa right?
so I do understand faith and all, But with my pare...


is a tongue piercing a sin?

almost every other girl has their ears pierced and nobody cares, but if someone has their tongue pierced, people flip out! They wonder what you're doing with it... I know it says in the Bible to treat your body with respect and your body is a temple, b...


Is cuddling with your girlfriend a sin?

is cuddling with your gf a sin?

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Is Buddhism more of a philosophy than a religion?

It seems to me that Buddhism is more a philosophy than a religion. Am I wrong? Do Buddhists pray?


Is the Apocolypse in 2012?

tell me all you know about the apocolypse happening in 2012, because I've heard over and over again, the world's ending in 2012...not that its a bad thing...


What do you think about that the end of the world is this 21 of december?

I think i would put my bills on hold until this happens, because if the world would end why do we need the money i would tell them relax if the world ends, there is no point to pay lol. I was kidding.


Is having a friend with benefits being a bad Christian?

I am a good christian girl, I strive to be close to God, I want a great relationship with him, and I love to learn what he has instor for me. But there is this guy friend that I have and he isn't a christian, or at least not a good one and we love to ...

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Who can tell me more about Hindu gods?

I have 2 good friends expecting a baby together in a few months. The man is Indian, Hindu. I want to do a painting for them, for the baby when she's born, something related to the Hindu religion. I want it to represent protection of the baby etc.


Does god love stupid people??

Is that why he made so many of them.??



Im a christian but my grandma is german and she says im infyegaylish (in-fi-gay-lish) I don't know how to spell it but its german? And ideas of what it is?

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Maya Calender (Ending of the World)

Why do people say that the 'WORLD' is going too end in 12.12.12??? This is SO werid too me... People say that the Maya Calender says the world is going too end on that date... Is that true?


Who doesn't believe in evolution?

I'm just curious who doesn't believe in evolution and why?


Does the Odyssey date back further than the Bible?

Hmmm...did I spell that right?? Hmm I was wondering...does the Odessy date back further then the Bible? Like is it older?
(im too lazy to google it...haha)


Is it OK for Born Again Christians to use IVF Treatment?

Is it OK for Christians to aid conception through IVF or is this going against Gods plan and the natural order of things?


'God Moments' - ever had any?

have any of you ever experienced a 'god moment'? I really want to hear about! so that I know that I'm not the only crazy one :P and I'm not talking about something such as feeling God's presence (but I'd like to hear about that, too). I mean, God told ...


How come Jehovah Witnesses don't celebrate Holidays?

How come Jehovah Witnesses don't celebrate holidays?
I'm curious on why they don't Celebrate birthdays either. Or, not being allowed to attend a birthday party?
I just don't understand it. I don't have anything against the religion but, it's sad they...


What religion is closest to christianity?

What religion is closest to Christianity???


is magic a sin, like doing spells in stuff???

if I do it will I go 2 hell??? -simple question, yes or no, and why.


What exactly are the "ghosts" that are chased on shows like "Ghosthunters"?

Are they the spirits of real people? Personally, I believe that they are demons. I am a Christian and not ashamed of it, and I think that demons try to impersonate former humans to make people think they are real. I will admit that these shows are intr...


How do you explain the conflicting arguments?

The Bible says that on the sixth day of creation, God created animals. This would include dinosaurs. Also on the sixth day, humans were created. Logically, this means that humans and dinosaurs were living simultaneously. However, all anthropological an...


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