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  1. Is Kesha Jewish?
    I'm asking because the "s" in her name is replaced with a dollar sign.
    2 114
  2. How can I physically create or travel to another world,or realm?
    HI, I really really really need to go to a specific world (there are people who are important to me waiting for me there) and I need to get there soon. Note: I'm talking magically and metaphysically here, so don't give me any science junk OK?
    3 56
  3. what would you say or do if you knew someone who was racists against there own race?
    3 37
  4. helloooooooooo FA world
    8 12
  5. Happy Wednesday everyone :D
    3 16
  6. Is Satan really as evil as everyone makes him...?
    I'm not religious, in fact, I'm an atheist. But I've been wondering for a long time, is Satan really that bad? I honestly doubt it. Lucifer disobeyed God, right? But /why/? "He wanted to overthrow God" isn't a good enough answer for me. And if you lo...
    16 43
  7. do you believe mermaids are real?
    4 23
  8. Where did Santa Claus, elves and reindeer come from?
    Where did Santa Claus, elves and reindeer come from? was it just something to encourage people to be nice to each other?
    4 83
  9. What if you don't believe all the beliefs of your religion?
    If you a member of a religion but don't believe some of the things people in that religion are ''supposed'' to believe in..are you still really part of that religion? or are you sinful ? or is it blasphemy or something? O.o
    3 17
  10. Communicating with a spirit?
    For a while now I knew that there was a spirit following me. I came across a website the other day that said to use a pendulum to communicate. So far, it has worked, and I trust its guidance. Has anyone here experienced this? Here are some things I kno...
    2 16
  11. why am I having thoughts about death?
    I might be depressed I have no idea and I did self harm(7 months cut free) but I've never contemplated the thought of suicide and even less attempting, I just love life too much to do that but lately i've been having thoughts such as what if's. What if...
    4 31
  12. do you believe in numerology?
    2 53
  13. i want to be a christian but now i m muslim
    Hey my name is Mohd Salman, My age 22 years. Did an Indian Muslim, Who lives in Uttarakhand Roorkee. i want to be a christian. I want to marry a Christian girl in the right way in order to teach Christianity and teach more and more involved in he...
    4 32
  14. is it just me or is the most wanted thing in the world
    The hardest thing to get, happiness
    3 6
  15. Do you think everybody has a day marked to die?
    When things like the airplane from yesterday happen and the people is still alive, and then other people just die in strange ways, so i dont find any logic so that means that no matter what happen to us if we dont have to die that day nothing would hap...
    2 20
  16. I've lost my faith. What to do?
    I used to be relatively religious and feel connected to God, but right now I feel nothing. What should I do?
    15 38
  17. Mystical creatures in stories
    What is the purpose of mystical creatures in a story?
    4 20
  18. does anyone else ever have this experience
    You think about someone and they call you? That has happened to me so many times, it happens so often its kinda creepy, especially when you're thinking about someone you dont care to talk to in the first place
    5 16
  19. If playing the lottery is a sin what would be the message in this?
    Im catholic, but i didnt know that playing the lottery is a sin, because is not a money that a person has earned for his hard work, but what about if somebody is trying to get a job, but nobody hires him and he plays the lottery and wins the jackpot wh...
    3 44
  20. how to attain a powerful sharingan
    I have the sharingan eye. It comes and goes and it tears up my eyesight. I want to get the third pupil I'm at level 1 how to attain level two
    3 89
  21. Who can tell me more about Hindu gods?
    I have 2 good friends expecting a baby together in a few months. The man is Indian, Hindu. I want to do a painting for them, for the baby when she's born, something related to the Hindu religion. I want it to represent protection of the baby etc. I've...
    6 68
  22. Why are there many religions about the same God?
    I mean catholics, evangelists, Jehovah witnesses all these religions are about the same Almighty God a God of love. Im catholic but if i understand he is the same God for all religions maybe muslim is the only different from the rest, but the others r...
    6 24
  23. How do I convince my boyfriend that God exists?
    We've been together for about two months...a Christian and an Atheist. Odd, I know. The thing is, this kid is smart, and has made me question my own beliefs. I DO believe in God, and I want to see him in heaven when I die...So any hardcore evidence/fac...
    14 161
  24. Why is all this party about the pope quitting?
    I have never thought there would be a big ceremony and event for a quitter. I mean its not supposed to be just a quietly leaving, so that means quitting is a good thing. I always thought that quitting was an embarrasing thing to do. What do you think?
    5 13
  25. What does it mean when someone says "you look as if you've seen a ghost"?
    2 54
  26. Is it bad to be Catholic but like Buddha?
    I'm Roman Catholic but I have a lot of Buddha figures in my home and I really like Buddha quotes. He is just a peaceful element we keep in our home? I really don't practice (or believe) many things in my religion, I just have it. Is it bad to like Budd...
    6 51
  27. Would a loving God burn people forever?
    I know some people sin unrepentantly, but isn't eternal torment a harsh sentence? And I am not buying the argument that "God doesn't send them there, they send themselves." Since God is the judge, he would pick the judgement.
    20 20
  28. If Jesus is God, then why did he pray to himself?
    Also why did he say "The father is greater than I am." And why is he called God's son? Can you be your own son?
    5 38
  29. Did Samson and Delilah really exist?
    I always thought this was a fictional story, but one day i was reading the bible and i found them there. So that was true that he was a superstrong man. Tell me please thank you.
    8 210
  30. What Deity or Spiritual Being fits this physical description?
    When I was little I had reoccurring dreams and visions of this human form bathed in a whitey-blue light, and now I've been having them again and I'd just like to know if anyone has heard of them before, or if I'm just going a little crazy. They have...
    2 13
  31. Are we living in what the Bible calls the "last days"?
    Do you think that our times are unique and that we are heading towards Armageddon? Why?
    23 17
  32. when do you think that Armageddon will come?
    2 32
  33. Is it true that scientology believes in alien and ufos?
    Just curiosity i have always heard about this, but i dont know what is this about, their rules and stuff i heard that they are crazy im not interested in become a scientologist, just curious. Why They dont make a cult believing in helping the poor an...
    8 34
  34. i am questioning my faith as a christian could you help me
    my mom died a few months ago and because of that i have been questioning my religion
    7 14
  35. A freezer spell to cause a neighbor to move
    2 142
  36. Can someone please give me a brief explanation of what the Illuminati is?
    And why does it have so many believers?
    3 35
    3 15
  38. Can someone tell me info about elves?? But real info
    2 16
  39. can someone tell me if elves are cute or ugly...And if you are one??
    7 22
  40. can vampires kidnap a humans if they love him\her
    4 34
  41. can elves marry humans?
    9 71
  42. Why if Jesus was modest all the priests , the churches and the Pope wear gold?
    I mean Jesus never wore gold or anything , he was good and modest, but those priests use the name of God to be rich and wear jewlery and expensive stuff and churches made of Gold, but Jesus was born in a manger and live in a modest way. Why these pri...
    6 40
  43. Where may I get a tarot reading that isn't computer generated?
    Most sites supplying free tarot readings are actually only randomly generated card draws and your studying is just a straightforward set of the conventional card meanings. Pathfinder Tarot gives a free reading to clients, that is performed via electron...
    2 22
  44. is every famouse fella a satanist?,
    i hev realized most of the famouse gospel singers, now said to be satanist,illuminati or pagans, i mean what the heck is going on!!!!!!!!!
    3 30
  45. What does Pagan mean?
    I have always thought It means god/goddess In latin... or something beautiful? but someone on Facebook just called my friend a pagan, and she Is saying it means 'snitch' :L So, now I'm confused.
    6 17
  46. Do you have Christmas spirit?
    5 12
  47. Opinions on Camino de Santiago/Way of Saint James?
    Has anyone here actually walked the Camino?
    2 9
  48. How did Adam and Eve know to have intimate relations?
    I thought this was interesting question someone asked me today. So is there somewhere that says or something?
    23 39
  49. Why every singer seems to be attached to evil cults?
    I mean i liked many singers before,but then i realized the most of them specially pop stars make symbolism in their videos, like lady gaga and many other singers, and when i found a new singer that i like is attached to the illluminati thing. So what h...
    2 12
  50. Do you think your house is haunted?
    If so, what makes you think that your house is haunted? Any shared experiences?
    9 22
  51. What are your opinions on December 21, 2012?
    5 9
  52. Evil spirit/demon or ghost/spirit
    -My closet door makes banging type noises usually early in the morning. - My bed shakes a lil but stops early in the morning like 1 am-. Its possibly just my heart beating. -When i fall half asleep,i hear voices. Last night when i was alimost fell ...
    5 45
  53. What would be a good new thing to do at Christmas that would make it a day to remember?
    Well for 18 years now we've spent Christmas day waking up, opening presents, having dinner with my nan and that's pretty much it. But the main part to it was spending the day with my nan. However, my nan has passed away and we don't want to do what we ...
    5 23
  54. Could we be in the last days where these prophesies come to pass?
    ....In the last days, the Bible tells us of a horrible series of events that will take place in the lands of Israel and Syria
    7 12
  55. Can anyone find scholarly articles on the existence of Noah's Ark?
    3 65
  56. What is the Difference between evil spirit and good spirit?
    4 36
  57. What do Mormons practice?
    5 27
  58. Is there an afterlife when we die?
    13 54
  59. What is Sunni and Shia?
    3 14
  60. What does it mean to have a dream about the people closest to you dying, or a dream of yourself dying?
    last night i had a dream that my boyfriend died, then my best friend. i woke up and when i went back to sleep i had a dream that i was dying.
    10 86
  61. Where do Agnostics go when they die - Heaven or Hell?
    11 66
  62. What do you think of the Amish?
    7 74
  63. Does anyone know of some scholarly articles on Noah's Flood?
    5 34
  64. How can a human destroy a demon, aka fallen evil angel?
    That's takes disguise as a human entity and try's to fools people's perception.
    8 33
  65. Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?
    Yes or no? Explain why.
    24 29
  66. What does everybody think of armageddon this year?
    Sciencetists say that at the end of this year the world will end. i think it will happen what with all the disaters and stuff goig on. What you you think?
    18 35
  67. How to not believe in ghost/spirits/demons (paranormal)?
    9 24
  68. Do you think people are born worthless?
    We wont know what type of people we are till the moment of our deaths Its what we accomplish in life that proves our worth.
    15 72
  69. How do you know if a demon/evil spirit is in your house?
    Difference between good and evil? (This week has been some creepy sh*t...want it to end)
    14 63
  70. Why do Mormons advertise their religion?
    No offense is meant with this question, I am genuinely curious as to why the Church of Latter Day Saints chooses to advertise their religion all across the web.
    10 33
  71. Who has done that Bloody Mary thing in the bathroom?
    My daughter heard about it and she won't believe me that nothing will happen
    11 26
  72. Does anyone know any unique Christmas greetings?
    2 15
  73. What's a good bible verse to read to scare a demon away?
    10 127
  74. Do you think spirits can haunt people?
    12 32
  75. What does it mean when a person says they are religious but not practising?
    8 28
  76. Is it weird if I believe in the Greek gods and not Jesus?
    11 92
  77. How do you cast a psychic spell?
    I have been researching 4 days On how to do it and came across some pretty legit pages with spells... 1st I want to know if anybody on here knows how to do it. Nd second Do you really have to have ever single ingredient to cast it? If you know a...
    3 46
  78. What do you think about Jesus being married?
    I heard on the news that there could be evidence that he was married
    11 44
  79. What's the commotion about the Muslims wanting to kιll Americans because of a video?
    9 17
  80. Why do you think separation of church and state is inviolable?
    3 12
  81. How can you love something you don't understand, know, or even have proof it actually exists?
    I feel an atheist/christian argument brewin'
    15 37
  82. What is the difference between Jewish people and Christians?
    My teacher is Jewish but I thought Jews believe in God so why aren't they called Christians? And why when you look back in history they were treated so badly? They went threw the Holocaust and they were blamed for The Bubonic Plague.
    9 35
  83. Are christians the only ones that go to heaven?
    im catholic and my stepfather told me once that only chirstians are going to heaven and everyone else will go to hell. im wondering if thats true...
    16 45
  84. How do I communicate with my dead friend?
    I miss her allot :"( She died In a car crash In 2010 :"(
    14 57
  85. Can a christian marry/date/be in a relationship with an atheist?
    20 57
  86. Does the Illuminati really exist?
    ...and if ''yes'' why?...does church of satan also exist???
    10 48
  87. Who here believes in supernatural "powers" or a sixth sense?
    17 35
  88. Does anyone know where I can get one of those things you use to talk to spirits?
    Iforget what its called,but its not a Ouija Board, its a type of recorder,I used to know what its called, but i forgot, like if you think there is a spirit/demon/ghost somewhere you can turn it on then ask questions like, can you make a sound to let me...
    10 33
  89. Do you believe in the Slenderman?
    if you don't know who the slenderman is he is a really tall man in a black suit with abnormal features like his arms reach down to nearly the ground, he can teleport, strech his limbs and has no face, ears, or hair, he has black tenticles coming out of...
    11 26
  90. When they say "have faith", do they mean in God or in yourself?
    When they say "have faith", do they mean in God or in yourself? ..i felt like a failureh wen it comes to writing my teacher said to have faith?
    7 5
  91. Would it be a sin to take a break from Christianity?
    I'm not gonna stop believing( don't stop, believing woah!!! *gets punched*) I just want to explore other religions and stuff to get more open minded ya know. I'm really interested in Buddhism but not enough to convert.
    20 62
  92. How was the universe created?
    I may or may not decide to believe that it started with the bang, but I just want your opinion, did god make it? Did god make the big bag? Was there a big bang? Are we all just a bunch of cartoon people being drawn by a four-dimensional geek?
    16 21
  93. Is God real; does HE exists?
    if yes is there any proof?
    25 40
  94. Can you bind your own soul to an object like a doll?
    i ask because i was watching chicky and i thought is it actuallly possible to bind your soul and then i went on the internet and found some rituals like the ones in chucky and if it is possible what would happen if you did like what would happen to you...
    11 447
  95. How can that much energy be released ?
    How can the sopposed amount of energy being released when matter colides with antimatter - if matter is neither created nor destroyed ?
    5 36
  96. Can someone support gay marriage even though their religious preference does not?
    I'm not trying to start an argument or anything but I am genuinely curious. If a person is gay and/or supports gay marriage when the bible doesn't does that mean that they are going against their beliefs? Or are they simply tweaking the rules?
    14 20
  97. Is religion fair game to be mocked and made fun of?
    Like sometimes on the updates people kinda make fun of religion, do you think its disrespectful. I dont how i feel about religion, my dad is religious, my mum, not so much. Do you get annoyed when you see it being mocked on a site like this or on tv ...
    21 41
  98. Why do people want to bring religion to schools?
    a lot of states want to bring religion to schools and i dont understand why. tell me if you think they should or shouldnt and why . my opinion is they shouldnt i think that there are a lot of people that would rather not have their kid pressured into o...
    30 58
  99. What is the point of having subliminal messages in songs when they are played backwards?
    Like they have things to do with satan and whatever but you only hear it when it's played backwards, how does this message actually work? I know it's to do with your subconscious and stuff but I dont get how it would work when it only makes a satanic m...
    3 65
  100. What exactly do ghosts/spirits look like?
    Anyone ever experienced it?
    9 10
  101. Shouldn’t all ghosts be naked?
    It’s not like your clothes die too...right? :o
    4 19
  102. Do Wiccans really worship the Devil?
    My friend says she claims to be one so do they?
    10 39
  103. Do you think there is a heaven for animals too or not?
    I mean animals dont have to worry if they are good or bad they have to go go somewhere right. Do you think there is a heaven for animals. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    18 38
  104. Why do atheists and Christians fight?
    8 73
  105. Can anyone here tell me how to get possessed by a demon?
    Chanting and blood letters arnt working.I just need the simpleist way to be possessed.
    57 49
  106. What does it mean to dream of a burning church?
    3 708
  107. Are possessions actually real?
    Like do demons relly possess people?
    21 28
  108. Is it true that you can create a poltergeist with your own paranoia and negative feelings/thoughts?
    If you don't believe in spirits then don't answer. There's nothing you can say to stop me from believing. Anyways, I watched this TV show and this woman created a poltergeist with her own stress and paranoia. I'm really interested in knowing if this is...
    6 85
  109. Do zombies ever starve to death?
    17 41
  110. Do zombies like rain?
    11 83
  111. Do you still believe in Santa?
    17 33
  112. How many copies of the Bible existed at the time of Ahab c 850 BCE?
    This is about the time of 1 Kings 16:30-33. Obviously this was before the full OT existed, but how many copies of the scrolls would have been in use? One in the Temple and.... how many elsewhere in old Israel-Judah, which other centres would have had t...
    2 16
  113. How can one relate to the prophet Jeremiah?
    2 11
  114. Is there any way that the god Horus and Jesus were the same?
    Personally i believe in Jesus not in horus,but it could be that for egyptians Jesus would be horus, and they only changed their name, also there is no proof that horus really existed, for jesus we can say that his face is in that shroud of turin,by the...
    3 42
  115. Is it bad to talk to the sky *God* when I feel depressed?
    cuz it makes me alot better because i think my grandpas listening?
    21 26
  116. Who doesn't believe in evolution?
    I'm just curious who doesn't believe in evolution and why?
    121 38
  117. Can someone help summarize Jeremiah 31 to Jeremiah 52 to me?
    Or find a website that would be helpful? I'm so lost right now because I DO NOT understand the bible at all. I've tried to read it but it's so confusing and hard to understand. I have to work on a power point about Jeremiah 31-52 and present it and I a...
    3 19
  118. Does anyone actually believe that there's going to be a zombie apocalypse?
    24 30
  119. Is it bad that I don't agree with the bible even though I'm Christian?
    37 51
  120. What is the name of the religion where you believe there is a God but you do not believe in his teachings?
    13 36
  121. Is the bible/God misogynist?
    So we in art class today, and of the people in our class has been doing religious themed work, and somehow there was a discussion about who was religious, our teacher said she could never be a christian or whatever, basically because of how badly women...
    11 29
  122. Would it be possible to read the thoughts of someone else with enough meditation?
    If so, how much meditation would it take?
    4 8
  123. Did Adam and Eve get married?
    O.o Im just curious ..
    5 57
  124. Do you think we'll remember our earthly lives when we die?
    20 58
  125. What is a Luciferian?
    22 41
  126. Can someone help me place the following bible names in order?
    Laban, Esau, Isaac, Jacob, Leah, Rebekah, Rachel, Ishmael, Hagar, Abraham, Sarah, and Joseph
    3 15
  127. Is there a religious term for people who believe everyone and everything was made through evolution and the higher power is within oneself?
    6 18
  128. Why is it that a nun can be covered from head to toe in order to devote herself to god but if a Muslim girl does the same she is oppressed?
    17 68
  129. How do I bless my apartment from spirits?
    This may sound really scary but I need to know how to bless my apartment because a few days ago my Gf''s friend and her son spent the night and that night her son never acted this way, but he was really hyper all night and he was crying for no reason t...
    10 129
  130. What are the 7 deadly sins plus definition please?
    12 56
  131. Which one of the seven deadly sins is the most deadliest and why?
    Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, and Pride.....
    9 19
  132. Does matter create, and if so, what are the limitations to what it creates?
    i know matter cannot be created or destroyed. but i heard somewhere that matter creates.
    5 21
  133. What does ripe pumpkin in a dream mean?
    8 72
  134. Who would win in a fight between a vampire and a werewolf?
    15 69
  135. Do you think that aliens are demons?
    I have never related those two, but it kinds of make sense that would fit with the statement that God made us to his image and resemblance.
    16 57
  136. Is that true that God was banned from schools?
    Why somebody would do something like that, but on the other hand, we have a pc game called diablo with his picture and nobody has banned that game why is that favoritism? What do you think? tell me please thank you.
    18 37
  137. Is it possible to be an atheist, but believe a higher power(God) was once involved?
    So, I'm trying to figure out where I stand with the whole religion thing. Lately, I've been on and I've been seeing all these posts on atheism, and they all make sense. I've sat down and talked with some of my friends who are self-proclaimed...
    21 81
  138. Why was resurrection seen as a ‘reward for faithfulness’ in relation to persecutions (Christianity)?
    2 7
  139. What are the people who believe in their own God that they made up called?
    Other then the religions that exsist.
    24 29
  140. Does anyone know any native American mythological Godesses?
    My friend Ema drew a photo and she wants to know if their are any Godesses in tht culture. If no-one knows, then can anyone tell me some in the African-American Culture?
    3 18
  141. What you guys do to get back your faith?
    I need to be religious again. Not because people say you should but because... Well I really don't know. I just know I want to try again. I think I just had a life changing experience so maybe that will make me religious again.
    21 17
  142. Are Italy, Germany, and Argentina all catholic cultures?
    3 26
  143. How do you feel about organized religion?
    29 82
  144. What does putting a lighter near a wound do?
    I just saw it in the movie vampires. daniel baldwin put a lighter to his wound, after being bitten. was this a thing to prevent from turning into a vampire or does this help heal the wound or stop blood flow?
    3 30
  145. What does unity look like in the Body of Christ?
    3 41
  146. Did Emperor Constantine make Christianity compulsory?
    3 50
  147. Did Jesus spend more time preaching or more time doing miracles and spending time with sinners etc.?
    6 43
  148. Do you think God is happy with the modern world?
    14 20
  149. Do you believe in the supernatural power of God?
    If you believe in the supernatural power of God, can you tell of a way that you have experienced it?
    14 33
  150. What are the chances of complications after my surgery?
    It's only getting my wisdom teeth out (they're infected ): ) but I keep reading about teens that have died during, or after the surgery. ): I have anxiety, so you can imagine how I'm feeling at the moment T_T . What are the chances I could die?
    4 17
  151. What do the Bible, the Qur'an, and the Tora have in common?
    please help! i need to know what does this three books have in common: The bible, The Coran or Koran (I don't know wich is right..),The Tora( of the jewish) it wold be really helpfull if you could tell me the differences, and the common things, i'm...
    7 103
  152. What should my Pagan group do for our last full moon?
    The university we are attending gets out for the summer soon and our last full moon is tomorrow. We are going to spend the whole day together but we have no idea what to do up until our ceremony (and even that could use some last-full-moon fun). Any su...
    4 19
  153. Do you care what God thinks?
    29 10
  154. When is Easter this year?
    I want to see when my school break starts and ends lol.
    7 12
  155. Should a person go to college to become a Pastor?
    12 23
  156. What do you get if you add spirits together?
    If your spirit voice, your inner reading voice - your thinking voice(s), the one you generally pray with and to talk to God with in whatever manner seems best to you voice - is in your head with your spirit, does that not mean that every person’s head ...
    48 43
  157. How do you plan a big baptism party without getting stressed?
    7 19
  158. Do you believe there is any link between the lunar cycle and childbirths?
    2 14
  159. Would you rather be a mummy or a zombie?
    I rather be a mummy because then I have cool powers like summoning up other mummies to be with me.
    13 14
  160. Is believing in aliens a sin if I'm a Christian?
    I believe there is life on other planets but i dont know if its a sin or not please help me
    17 60
  161. Would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire?
    And not a Twilight werewolf and vampire. I would pick werewolf cuz they are way better.
    22 18
  162. When was the last time karma struck you hard?
    I'd love to know, when was the last time karma kicked you hard in the a**?
    5 15
  163. What would you do if someone, in all seriousness, told you that they were a vampire?
    and by seriousness, i do mean, literally, the very definition of serious. as serious as death here! would you try and get them help? or would you just laugh?
    16 65
  164. How do you go about picking God Parents?
    7 36
  165. Is the Grim Reaper a Demon?
    12 155
  166. How many of you know the universal laws?
    11 57
  167. What are the major celebrations/festivals for Christians?
    4 19
  168. Do you find the bible to be a "reliable" source?
    161 51
  169. What are some stereotypes for Catholics regarding food, music, education, etc?
    4 13
  170. If a person is born on April 6th, what horoscope is he?
    what is the date limit for scorpios?
    7 16
  171. Can anybody give me conflict issues within Christianity?
    12 24
  172. What makes Catholicism and Christianity different?
    Is it beliefs, rituals, basically why are they two seperate branches of christianity?
    14 31
  173. Do you have to be a specific religion to be with God?
    I mean the God in the bible. Lord and creator. If you believe that Jesus is the son of God, our savior, does that make you christian automatically? Do you have to choose a religion? Or can you simply read the bible and live accourdingly to His commandm...
    15 33
  174. What are you giving up for Lent in 2012?
    12 16
  175. What are the differences in religious beliefs between Catholicism and Christianity?
    12 35
  176. Do you believe they truly found Noah's Ark?
    98 23
  177. Why are the horoscopes in the newspapers, websites, or magazines only directed to women?
    I have never found a horoscope for men why is that? just curiosity tell me please thank you.
    7 27
  178. Why do Catholics have to eat that host when they go to church?
    15 93
  179. Can people really "sense" things?
    Sometimes I'll get a weird feeling just totally out of the blue, and then later I'l find out something bad happened when I got or had that feeling. Or I'll become upset over nothing or become more upset over something that I normally wouldn't. I've h...
    15 98
  180. What do people really think about Pagans?
    Well, I have a very christian family and I cant be open to anyone about my beliefs in pagenism because of that fact. The only people in my family who know are my mom and my uncle. They both are pretty much agnostic and have gotten a lot or crap from my...
    24 47
  181. What is a "Patron Saint"?
    I'm doing a saint report for confirmation, and I need to know if my saint is a Patron Saint or not. By the way, I'm doing Saint Anthony of the Desert. I don't know if that helps.
    5 45
  182. Do we not all live to prepare to die?
    14 37
  183. Can Medusa turn Greek gods into stone?
    5 96
  184. What is the difference between Poseidon and Neptune?
    6 65
  185. Do you think aura reading is true?
    10 6
  186. What to do if your parents are forcing religion onto you?
    You can look at my status update for more info but I'm pretty much agnostic and my parents are super christian. After what has happened with my boyfriend and pot they are forcin me to go to church more and into Christian counseling and youth group. And...
    11 65
  187. What are the tools needed for ghost hunting?
    10 11
  188. Do you believe Physcics/Fortune tellers can really see your future?
    do you beleieve that someone can really see into your future and what is going to happen? If so why do you believe this? My mum seen a fortune teller/physcic during a party and they told my mum that in 10 years time I would be killed in a car acciden...
    18 47
  189. Why do Muslim ladies wear the hijab?
    whats the purpose of it?
    4 9
  190. Do you believe in a higher power?
    god exsist to you? thats it i just want to know how many people around here believe in god or a god as it might be for you.
    42 186
  191. What is your testimony?
    There are so many religions now. People believe different things and it has created great diversity. I think religion or beliefs should bring people together. I am collecting testimonies for a semester long project and I was wondering if anyone would b...
    8 12
  192. Is that true that women have a sixth sense?
    how do they use that tell me please thank you.
    16 25
  193. How do I succeed in astral projection?
    I just tried astral projecting about 3 hours ago and I got to where my body was numb and my heart started to race. Then I felt like I was falling and my eyelids started twitching along with my body. Then I thought of how cool it was that I was actually...
    7 16
  194. Is it okay if for a Christian to be goth and like vampires?
    My Mother gave me a lecture on dressing in black and being interested the Goth culture while i still go to church. Saying that I'm not fully following my religion if I'm dressing and being this way
    21 48
  195. How big is ‘the world’?
    Pliny the Elder - a 1st century Roman - reports Rome's difficulty in finding the 1000 pounds of gold required to purchase peace for the City after recapturing it from the Gauls in 390BCE (book XXXIII:V). A modern reader might assume he meant war repara...
    3 29
  196. Do you believe in spiritualists and card reading?
    My mum went to a spiritalist the other day and she was told that ‘A person with blonde hair and blue eyes will be pregnant’ when she has 2 blonde hair and blue eyes daughters.She red my cards yesterday because my mum has senses about these things and w...
    16 26
  197. Are there any dream experts on here?
    I think i really need to talk to someone
    17 37
  198. Do you believe in the Enfield poltergeist?
    2 13
  199. Do you believe in God or do you want to believe in a God?
    If you don't understand I mean so much science has proved otherwise to a God existing that you wish you could believe in a god but science has made you wise, etc.
    84 40
  200. What are some interesting religions I can consider?
    Okay soi was raised a Greek orthodox Christian which is essentially a Greek Christian. I stopped believing in thsi faith about a year ago and from recent events i have realized i don't think i believe in god anymore (i hope no one gets offended by this...
    26 44
  201. Did you know that they found vampires in the 1700's?
    Read the link and tell me what you think? Supposedly a bunch of graves were dug up and found them to be uncorrupted. Hair and nails still growing. Fresh blood in their mouths and stomach. Do you believe they were vampires http://magiaposthuma.blogsp...
    19 46
  202. What will happen in 12/21/2012?
    Is it the end of the world? Why are people saying its the end of all mankind? Is it real?
    13 12
  203. Why am I obsessed with The Amityville Horror?
    So the first time I saw the newest version of Amityville Horror I knew nothing about it. Shortly after it kept popping up into my life. Being mentioned at least once a week in a show I was watching when I had never heard of it before. I randomly came a...
    7 39
  204. What are your thoughts on 2012 and "the end of the world"?
    20 31
  205. do you think he was being sarcastic??
    me: Someone like me haha cos I aint a slag lol like everyone lol I wonder how many people you slept with last night haha him:omg its unbelievable how many girls i fucked last night god couldnt even test me how many i slep with so bye
    5 20
  206. How can I experience the Mothman?
    The title pretty much covers it. I just am curious how to see/experience the Mothman.
    2 9
  207. What are some ways you get back into the Christmas spirit?
    Mine was sucked right out of me ugh
    7 19
  208. What do you say to someone who believes in God but not what Jesus did?
    19 42
  209. What are some things I can do for God's will?
    I want to do more for God and live for him better. What are some things i can do and avoid doing? PLEASE only nice answers. I believe in God so please dont say he isnt real. HELPFUL answers only
    22 36
  210. What helped you choose the religion you have today?
    i find religion so facsinating and i'd luv to hear how you came to find yours. if theirs a long story behind it please share id love to hear. :)
    34 14
  211. How can something have the ability to do anything?
    If God can do anything, can God create a task so difficult, not even He can complete it?
    19 45
  212. Do Wiccan spells really work?
    16 64
  213. How do you get a demon to leave without an exorcist?
    there is a demon around and it is getting dangerous and the physic cant even help they say it is too dangerous and if you dont think tht demos are ral please do not answer thanks
    16 47
  214. Do you belive in horoscopes like the ones that are on Facebook?
    13 35
  215. What are some of your family's (or your own) Christmas traditions?
    My family watches The Christmas Story while we put up our Christmas the Sunday after Thanksgiving. :)
    13 26
  216. What type or kind of place do you think this psychic woman meant?
    Well I've been getting these emails about me from a psychic and pretty much the stuff she says about me is true. But last Saturday she sent me an email saying this in it: "•You will be meeting the love of your life—VERY SOON. However, this encounter wi...
    5 15
  217. What are your thoughts on churches banning interracial couples?
    19 25
  218. Why do I keep getting yelled at for wearing a cross?
    I wear these two pendant all the time (one is the cross of st. peter and the other is a satanic cross.) well i can see Christians getting mad at the second one, but they all seem to yell at me about the first, which is a catholic symbol. The reason i w...
    6 38
  219. Do soldiers who have killed go to heaven?
    21 54
  220. Does your family have a traditional Thanksgiving prayer?
    16 15
  221. What do I call a classmate with this atitude?
    A classmate was talking shit about me that aren't true and in the end he said "You're an ateist,you don't belive in god,everyone here belives in god,you suck" First of all not everyone belives in god in the class Now I know my rights and where he is ...
    4 14
  222. How is Christianity able to spread so quickly among the people in Umuofia in the book "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe?
    4 21
  223. FunAdvice Poll: Do you think Egyptian protesters are acting within their legal rights?
    A) No - they should be arrested B) Yes - they should keep protesting until they win C) What are you talking about? Read about it:
    12 10
  224. Is there a religion where you believe in God but refuse to worhip him?
    7 25
  225. What kind is the best kind of elf?
    15 35
  226. Do spirits fart?
    6 24
  227. is earth heaven?... or is it hell?
    with all the things that happen in the modern world I'll have to assume the latter. Does anyone else think that we are reborn until we've proven ourselves worthy enough to enter a higher state of being or are we already in heaven and by doing wrong we ...
    13 42
  228. What is the symbolism of All Saint's Day?
    What is the history, and are there any special religious celebrations held on this day?
    3 16
  229. Is there anything that keeps spirits away?
    Mt boyfriend Aiden is terrified of ghost/spirits.He has hade bad experiences with them so i dont blame him for being scared.But tonight i was on the to him as he was in tears because he was sure there was a ghost in his room,it was horrible because i c...
    40 35
  230. How do people feel when they meet a Muslim?
    My teacher keeps calling me out in class, bc im a muslim and she constantly calls me out! now i just wanna know how do poeple feel when they meet someone muslim. when people see me they usually think im white or hispanic. but i feel like when i tell th...
    13 28
  231. Can horoscopes predict when a person is going to have a child?
    by saying in aweekly newspaper in the horoscope section it said that a capricon has to call in order to hear why children bring major news your way?? is this basically saying that they gonna find out they gonna have a child in the next week and is this...
    3 22
  232. Is the zodiac sign true?
    8 37
  233. Who do you think G-d is, and what is your opinion on Jesus?
    I, as a Jew, find it really interesting to learn what other peoples' opinions on G-d and Jesus are. So, if you feel like it, just answer the question above.
    71 52
  234. What does "Kosher" mean?
    i heard that Jewish people can only eat kosher food, why iis that? and how is a food a kosher food :*)
    4 36
  235. Why do you think that God lets children be born with deformities, and even bring some babies into the world, but then they die again?
    Why do you think this is?
    17 30
  236. What is your objection to the cosmological proof of the existence of God?
    First, "proof" is used because it's a syllogism, not because there cannot be debate. The Cosmological proof goes like this: 1) Everything that has a beginning has a cause. (your computer wasn't always a computer) 2) The universe has a beginning. (B...
    72 36
  237. What is your objection to the teleological proof of the existence of God?
    First, "proof" is used because it's a syllogism, not because there cannot be debate. The Teleological proof goes like this: 1) Things that are complex and have function are products of design (wheelbarrow, hammer, etc.). 2) Biological things are co...
    21 24
  238. How many pairs of twins are mentioned in the Bible?
    3 82
  239. Which zodiac signs are more compatible with Libra or Virgo?
    7 16
  240. Do you believe in horoscopes and what do you think they symbolize?
    11 18
  241. Who thinks Muslim people are terrorists?
    please answer it fast and explain it too.........................
    17 35
  242. Who finds it ridiculous to petition against the phrase "God bless you" in schools (read more)?
    I recently saw on the news that a man was petitioning using the phrase "God bless you," in schools. He claimed it was "disruptive" and an "out-of-date expression." Also in his argument, he discusses that religion and school shouldn't be mixed. In my op...
    11 27
  243. Is the fortune teller on Facebook's astrology application real?
    2 22
  244. Why do some people go overboard with religion and make *everything* about God/the bible?
    Theres nothing wrong with it, I'm just curious. My boyfriends family are the most religious people I've ever met and well I'm not really religious at all, they talked about how his grandpa keeps money from hid wife and acts like her personal bank and t...
    11 228
  245. Where would you prefer to get married?
    At a beach, at his/her parents house, on an island, in a church, in your backyard, outside, etc. (:
    13 26
  246. Do you think that the sale of three churches for $1 is a sign that Catholicism is beginning to fade?
    3 37
  247. Why do Islamic boys have to be at least 7 years old to pray?
    i read that muslim boys cant pray until they are about 7 yrs, why is this?, thanks for your answer!!!!!!! :*)
    6 25
  248. Why can't you get married by church again after you've been married by church in the past?
    7 54
  249. How should a Jehovah's Witness woman behave?
    How a woman from this religion behave, i mean, what would happened if i like somebody from this religion, so what happen if a woman from this religion get divorced she can get married again or not. tellme please thank you.
    2 46
  250. What are the 5 Islamic daily prayers and what do they mean?
    please help plz (i.i), what are the names of the 5 daily prayers and what do they say?, thanks :*)
    3 50