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Christians and Morning after pill

I know most Christians and some other religions do not support abortion and fine that is there decision. I was just wondering if the people who oppose abortion do you also oppose the morning after pill/ plan b? Something I have always wondered about.


For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises up again; but the

For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises up again; but the wicked are overthrown by calamity. Now I just want know what your opinion on this sentence rom 24:16 of the bible. Tell me what you think it means


Is there a way of remembering memories after death?

I've heard there is a method of remembering who you are and your memories after death if there is life after death. Like people remembering they had a past life.

Does anyone think this is true or know what the method is?

Thank you =)


Does this have a meaning?

does this dream have any meaning? :/
my friend was telling me about it this morning cus shes a bit scared that it might have something to do with me?
this is what she said:
every one around me was dying and when there was no one left I started to dr...


Is religion just a label?

I think..Religion is just a label..How about you guys?


Whats a wigie board and are they fun party toys?

Whats a wigie board and are they fun party toys?

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Does the Odyssey date back further than the Bible?

Hmmm...did I spell that right?? Hmm I was wondering...does the Odessy date back further then the Bible? Like is it older?
(im too lazy to google it...haha)


What do you think, is humping a sin?

I'm just wondering if humping is a sin. What if you don't think about anything while you're humping something, is it still a sin? Can you ask for forgivness even if you did it anyway?


How can I learn more about Jesus and christianity

are there any websites, or places (or people) where I can learn abut jesus and god and christianity? my mom wont let me go to church, but I really want to know. I've made a lot of bad decisions and I want to know how I can get god to forgive me and I ...


Creation myth help fast..! =]

Can anybody give me examples for an creation myth..thank you so much

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Why do Jewish people walk alot?

I have alot if Jewish people in my neighborhood. I know it's Saturday so they don't use any electric things ( I think) in honor of their God


Why do people get offended when you talk about religion?

I love to talk about my religion, but Im always afraid to talk about it cuz I dont like to offend people. I hate conflict, and I always change the subject if an argument starts to occur. But at the same time, I want to tell people about my beliefs an...


Advertisement how to convince a teenager to go to church?

What advertisement I can make on how to convince a teenager to go to church?


Who on here is in or has been in a relationship with a person of a different religion than you?

Me and my iance have very different religions, hes a christian and im an athiest. We make it work, but weve had several heated debates that end with us having to just stop talking. Its hard, but i refused to let that stop us from bein together.


Dark Carnival

who believes in the dark carnival???


my dad is a muslim do I HAVE to be too?

my dad is a muslim and is teaching me all about it. he is very protective of me so im afraid to tell him I dont want to be one. how do I tell my dad that I dont want to be one? do I HAVE to be one too?


What do you assosicate with Christmas?

What do you assosicate with Christmas? I'm just wondering what people think of when someone says Christmas.


How to become wiccan?

Ok I heard the word wiccan I know its a religion and I like to know more about it (also if you know another shaman religions please awnswer or funmail me thnx)


Is it possible to kill the Devil?

throught the bible we see that the devil is given some sort of punishment.god never kills the devil.why is it like this.does the devil have a eternal life.please comment


What kind of religion can't celebrate holidays?

What kind of religion can't celebrate holidays(christmas,halloween,thankgiving,ect)


Doubting my Christian religion

im really confused w/ my religion right now.. im a christian and have been alll my life. but lately I have been doubting. a lot and I dont like it one bit. but I've been thinking deeper into this and the question I keep asking myself is that who create...


Do you choose magic or does magic choose you?

Do you choose magic or does magic choose you?


What was God thinking?

What was God thinking when he established the pattern of one woman and one man, for life?


Where in the bible does it say you must take the bible literally?

Why do you have to take many things in the bible as literal truth? Where does it say this? Personally I think that the bible is supposed to be metaphorical, most of the stuff anyway. Plus the old testament contradicts the ten commandments. It says to K...


kill lucifer kill devil creation myth