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How to survive a breakup

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How afraid of one or both of your parents are/were you?

When I was growing up my father was an alcoholic and he was also a violent alcoholic. He used to go and drink heavily and then drive home and then create a lot of drama with my mom and usually break things.

This caused me a lot of panic and the ear...


Lost family,due to lack of contact with dad nowadays

How can I search my family
They live in jamaica and al I know is two of my brother and sister and my dads name how can I find my relatives


My parents still try to control every single thing I do

Im a 17 yr old female.I will b 18 in december but my parents still try to control every single thing I so damn annoying but I cant do anything about it kuz im living in their house. The most annoying thing they do is try to ground me 4rm seeing m...


Why wont my dad let me have a social life?

I could understand why my dad wouldnt let me do things when I was younger but now Im older and I understand more things I don't see why Im not allowed to do things with my friends.


How does pearl reply to mr. wilson's question of who made her

How does pearl reply to mr. wilson's question of who made her?


How do I ask my parents?

Ok so I want to be homeschooled but my parents strongly disapprove. I work better alone and can graduate earlier if im homeschooled or get my GED. What can I do to convince them to let me be homeschooled?


Is my dad going to Hell for this?

My dad cheated on my mom with two girls. One went to church with me & my dad, and he's been lying about going to church for God. (I think?) Is he going to hell for this?

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When is mother's day?

When is mother's day?

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What are some good ideas with kids to do on the fourth of July besides fireworks?

I have been trying to think of something special to do with my kiddos for the fourth and I can't think of much that won't cost a lot of mulah.


Dad's girlfriend hates me, what should I do?

My dad has started dating again finally !!! My brothers and I were so happy when dad told us he was dating again. When we first met her she was so nice and sweet she seemed like she was perfect for my dad. But when ever we saw her she was with dad. Bu...


how to tell my my I want to see a therapist?

ok, so im screwed up completly beyond any self help and I need to see a therapist. The problem is I just cant get the words out of my mouth when im talking to my mom. How do I just say it. Or is there anyway I can see one without my mom knowing?


what do I do when my mom is forceing me to move schools ?

my mom is making me do things I dont want to do

my mom is stuburn


nude if front of family members

Has anyone ever been nude if front of family members, and I don't mean when you were little kids. Like in your teen years, and have you seen other family members nude.

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how can i get my 8 year old little brother to stop mocking and copying everything i say?

Every time I try to give him advice or just make a statement, he will always come back with a mock and/or a slap. I don't know why he does it. I try to ignore him. that doesn't work. just makes him more mad. my mom says its just because he's an im...


How to convince my Dad for a nose ring?

ugh and my mom would take me if my dad said yes.
and my dad said yes if I get a 70 in social. but see now my grandmas into it now.
she HATES! the idea. she said if I get it done im never getting anything from her again. ...


Can I live with my girlfriend's parents at 16?

Hello, I live in Michigan and my girlfriend and her mom are moving to Georgia. Down there I would be getting a better education and I could easily get a job with her mom supporting me.
I was wondering if its legal for my parents to give me permission t...


how to back up your mom and her boyfriend

hi my name is Claudia my mom is going out with her boyfriend for 1year and he have 3 kids but know he is not nermol he look like a killer but now me my sister and my brother when them to backe up but how could we I need your help


Why does my brother hate me so much?

I always try to be nice to my brother but he seems to hate me...he even hates my parents...he is jealous of me...I tried a lota times to make him understand but return...have da same answer ' shut up loser get lost'...

My bro is hundred times s...


What are some things that I could do and not get in trouble?

Real question: What are some things that I coud do to pi ss my mom off and not get punished for?

My mom is being really unfair and making assumptions about mine and my boyfriend's relationship. So I wanted to find a way to do something to pi ss her ...


How can I get my sister to stop stressing me out?

My sister is such a hypocrite and my parents don't listen to anything I say. When I am sad my sis follows me making me feel even more like shit. I don't know what to do. It has been this way for a long time and I don't know what to do. I feel like a bo...

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Question for mostly teens and kids but any one may answer

How would you feel about a place for kids and teens who are sad where there are very little rules any one is welcome no one is judged. You can get advice and help with a any thing every thing is privet. So you can tell any deep dark secret and know it ...


How do I deal with my stepmum despite all this?

My stepmum came along when I was 4 years old, about a year after my mum died. At first she seemed alright and we got on fine but over the years her and my dad began to argue more and my relationship with her gradually got worse. I admit to having made ...


Why am I so mean to my mom?

I am 18 and ever since I was 15 I have never had a good relationship with my mom. She is bipolar and she tried to hide it but it was like I was the only kid she took it out on (I have a little sister and an older one) my little sister got away with mur...


How can I get my parents to stop being mad at me?

im reely sad, and depressed. ok yesterday was halloween for me and I didnt want to go trick or teating so I agreeded to my dad I would go to just walk around and watch my little neighbours get candy. my dad and my neighbours family went out and my dad...

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Why don't I hear from my grown children?

How come I never hear from my grown children, it has been weeks . I would like an answer from fun guy and the dude.


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