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  1. 5 Secrets Behind Happiness Within the Family
    The most important ingredients that every family looking for Happiness should be based on
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  2. What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag!
    When I was pregnant I had no idea where to begin with my hospital bag. I decided to list the items I feel are necessary and beneficial to bring with you to the hospital when you give birth.
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  3. Anyone who is able to help me with this ordeal here ?
    *look at my other question related to this if you care to know what I'm talking about* Now... I can't even contact people from here in order to help. By people from here I mean *contact* link would allow me to type my problem etc, BUT, it won't send...
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  4. Why does my family keep treating me bad?
    My family logged into my zoosk, Yahoo Answers, Match, and facebook accounts and got them all suspended. They realized I was posting a plea for help on the internet from people who wanted to harm me or mistreat me. And when I went to report them to the...
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  5. I think my sister and female relatives came to take my place?
    I need your advice on what to do. I have something serious to tell you. My whole family keeps treating me bad and starting trouble with me. But then when it gets to my younger sister they call her cute and buy her expensive brand name clothes and desig...
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  6. Help me with a few life issues.
    Hello, I have been having a few life issues lately. I have recently gone into Year 11 in schooling. I am 16. I am confused with my life. I don't know where I am going and I'm worried because I don't have much of a life plan. I have recently bega...
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  7. how can i get my parents to let me go places without them im 14
    Ok so me and my boyfriend have been dating for 5 months and we dated before and we kissed and my parents found out and now we cant go anywhere without parents with us wat should I do
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  8. How old do I look?!?Today my friend said I look like a mom http://s92...
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  9. Funny enough I got Portland Oregon, which is a 5 minute walk from my house haha Where should you live? =)
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  10. how to stop hating myself and live at least a normal life? I need help.
    Let me just get one thing clear. I am not normal, I am a total weirdo and if you're just gonna hate and not give me constructive advice, then don't answer. I'm 13, I have only 'close' friend who I kind of strongly dislike too often for my liking but...
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  11. How can i ask my parents to bring me to a orhodontist
    I'm 12 and my parents will not bring me and my dentist recommended I should. What should I say?
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  12. If a child is overweight, do you think the parents are to blame?
    Like you know if the child is overweight, are the parents to blame? I mean they do the feeding no?
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  13. How can I help persuade my parents to allow me to purchase a training sword?
    I am 15 and have been training in martial arts for about two years. I have used a sword in class multiple times and am very interested in training with them. My instructor has agreed to train me and I would like to purchase a training sword, and then p...
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  14. Want a dog, but can't because of sister? What to do?
    Okay, so I was bored a couple days ago and was surfing the web. I came across this dog, and literally fell head over heels. Something just clicked, and I honestly felt like I needed that dog, and vice versa. It's not even a breed I would normally want!...
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  15. I'm 13, my parents piss me off and I want to move out. What should I do?
    I'm not sure what to do and by the way I don't want that crap about how I'm too young. So yeah help would be nice.
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  16. Things are terrible... Please help? I really need to know what to do...
    Okay, so A LOT has been going on lately verbal abuse wise and tons other. So first and foremost, my mother is going EXTREMELY out of bounds with her "discipline". I see how a spanking here and there is okay, but it has gotten to the point of spankin...
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  17. Would you tell him??
    If you were with some bloke but broke up and don't talk anymore. Month or so down the line you find out you are 15 weeks pregnant. Would you tell him spite conflict and the fact you have already made up your mind to his despise???
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  18. Parents fight nonstop... divorce may be in the near future... :(
    They fought all day today and just a second ago my mother came in my room yelling at stupid crap... I really think a divorce might happen soon... :'( My mom even talks to me about it. . . I think things are going to get bad. . . REALLY bad.... I don't ...
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  19. Sister keeps sneaking my laptop at night! IT IS DRIVING ME FRACKING INSANE!
    Okay, so because I do my homework on my bed, my laptop is always set up a specific way. Well at night my sister has been taking it to her own bed, using it, not putting it back where it goes, and yelling at me because she is tired in the morning! she i...
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  20. Brother punched me in face. Mom did nothing. Is this abuse?
    Okay, me and my brother and other siblings were sitting at the dinner table eating completely happy, and my brother sat there and punched me in the face, no reason what-so-ever. I told mom, and she just continued watching TV and actually believed his l...
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  21. How can I convince my parent's to let me have visual kei hair cut(japanese punk rock)?
    I really want to have this hairstyle but it's not too extreme and not too short. I really want this to express my self more but my parent's are against it. I so i can be more confident since i'm expressing myself through my music abilities so i'm not a...
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  22. How to deal with a homophobic parent?
    I have come to the conclusion that my dad is somewhat homophobic. He likes to question why people are gay or how do they know they like the same gender. When I came out to him and my momma as Bi my dad was playing 20Q with me asking all kinds of questi...
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  23. Should my parents be involved in my relationship?
    I'm concerned about how much my parents think I'm not ready to pursue into a relationship. I'm 20 and my bf is 19, they don't want me to make decisions and it's really complicated to deal with. So technically I'm going to list you guys a few things my ...
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  24. So here is what happened:
    Mom kept telling me for no reason to quit parenting my brothers and sister, because my sister had asked me if she could go do something and I was tired of mom's yelling so I told her not to ask me. Then we got in this big fight while I was doing the di...
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  25. I swear she hates me....
    I swear it is so horrible I am crying. Something I never do. She (mom) told me to shut up when my brother was the one screaming. Why does she hate me so much? Its getting to be very unbearable...
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  26. Family help, sorry it's a long story. Help?
    I turn 18 in 3 months and want to move out right now, I have a verbally abusive stepfather and mom, I tried to leave one night and they said they will call the cops and send me away to a facility for the rest of my time of being 17... Can they do this?...
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  27. My dad has locked of contact me because of my partner? whats best way around it
    My partner makes me happy and she has never done anything wrong to anyone of my family. or my dad. but my dads like I'm not going to contact you until your single or with another women is that right?
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  28. I'm in dire need of a solution!
    My mom blames everything on me! She lost her check: My fault. The baby won't take his bottle: My fault. My little brother got a stain on his shirt: MY FAULT! I hate it and talking won't help! I try so hard to be better and make her happy but it doesn't...
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  29. How to tease my sister?
    she has her period, i need to get back at her. any insults?
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  30. Looking to locate someone?
    I was a foster kid when I was a baby and am now looking to locate my foster parents and sister. I live in AZ and would like some insight as to where to begin the process on locating them. Does anyone know the procedure for locating foster families, etc...
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  31. Grrr! >.< I hate my sister!
    Okay, so seeing as I am in home school, I do my school work in my room. Well my little sister came into the room, and I was watching a video for school and needed to hear, and she stared talking, so I asked her nicely to be quiet so I could listen to...
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  32. How do I know I want a baby?
    Hi Fun Advice, wow I haven't been on here for so long, I don't know who's on here now or if my old friends are still active but regardless, I need some help! I am now 20, and my partner is turning 23 very soon. He wants a baby so badly, but I'm just...
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  33. Would you move to a different state where you had no family nor friends?
    Would you move to a new state where you knew NO ONE? I live in Michigan and I want to move to California. I feel depressed with living in Michigan. I am not happy here, winter will be coming soon and the winter weather makes me depressed. I am just ...
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  34. how do i tell my parents im moving in with my boyfriend?
    im 21 years old, (am i too young to do this?) and im kinda scared to tell my parents about this, but i shouldn't be scared right? because this is what we really want. my parents are very religious and are very protective to me, im afraid we cant have t...
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  35. Is this bag too childish for college?
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  36. how can i get my 8 year old little brother to stop mocking and copying everything i say?
    Every time I try to give him advice or just make a statement, he will always come back with a mock and/or a slap. I don't know why he does it. I try to ignore him. that doesn't work. just makes him more mad. my mom says its just because he's an im...
    5 21
  37. How do you feel about a child being taking to foster care for a pot smoking mom?
    I have heard recently about a 3 year old child who got put into foster care because her mom was smoking weed. After put in foster care the child was rap.ed by the foster parent. The mother was not leaving her pot out for the child to get.. She was just...
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  38. my mum and dad forgot my birthday
    Ok so today was my birthday, all day everyone was mean to me and they forgot that it was my birthday. I thought that they were all acting and there would be a surprise, so i didnt say anything all day. And they were really mean to me not like other day...
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  39. how can i stop being sad over this?
    for some reason latley i have been really sad about my mom.... im not very close to her i have never been and i feel like as im getting older it bugs me more im not quite sure why..but growing up i saw my mom every other weekend and i have never felt l...
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  40. My mom hates me!
    She yells at me when something doesn't go her way, and blames me for everything... :'( What should I do? I try not to let it bother me... but it doesn't work...
    2 17
  41. 17, what can i do?
    i love with my grandparents im 17 and engaged and my nanna tells me im not allowed to sleep at his house cos im not 18... my mam still has parental responsibility and agrees that I should be allowed but my nanna will not listen. she tries to control ev...
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  42. How do I explain to my parents that I'm moving out?
    I've been with my boyfriend for two years now and we have recently been talking about me moving in with him. I'm 19 and he is 18 and we were going to just stay at his parents house as a tester to see how we would cope in the situation, and if all goes ...
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  43. My mom doesn't want me to go to Peru
    My mom doesn't want me to go to Peru I don't know what to do ( I really want to go )
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  44. Can I move out now since I'm turning 18 July 7th
    It's july 2nd almost the 3 can I move out now since I turn 18 soon
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  45. im 17 but i turn 18 in 98 days i want to move out of my parents house. we live in tennessee i was wanting to know if its legal?
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  46. How not right is it for someone to blow off their own family member's funeral but go to a funeral for someone they've only meet a few times?
    This is just making me fume. I know someone, can't call a friend anymore because they've changed so much they're like a stranger now, how hates funerals and anything sad like that. They avoid it as much as they can. They even blew off their own cousin'...
    5 46
  47. I told my mom i was suicidal- what do I do now?
    So this is what happened yesterday: My mom came home pissed and started yelling at me because the house was dirty (In a rather harsh way). She told me to clean the dishes, and when I was done with that my room. When I was in my room, I started crying. ...
    2 58
  48. What do I do with this family situation?
    My mom is ALWAYS bitching. ALWAYS. I'm so sick of it. It's so hard to stay happy-go-lucky with a mom like her. She grew up with an alcoholic father, so that has a play in why she is like this. He had anger issues and I think he might have been eithe...
    4 27
  49. Consequences of taking a child out of state without permission from the other parent?
    If two people were divorced and had joint custody of their children and one of those parents took their children out of state (AZ) on vacation without the other parents permission what would the consequences be? Would that particular parent lose joint ...
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  50. My dad is so embarrassing and treats me like a child! What should I do?
    So, I recently discovered where my mom lives, and I told my dad that I wanted to contact her, but he said he didn't want me to because he has full custody until I turn eighteen. So, I decided to try and visit her on my own. I was out with my dad at Tar...
    5 39
  51. Ok, I REALLY need revenge! Help?!!? PLEASE!?!?!?!?
    Ok, my sister is VERY annoying! Don't tell me: "Oh, but she's your sister, you should love her!" because I'm sick and f!cking tired of hearing that! She is an utter brat! She was humming, and I asked her nicely to please stop, and she said in a really ...
    8 30
  52. Is there any person besides your mother or father who you can trust your secrets
    I mean i live in a big city, but i dont know who i can talk about what i think or what i feel i have plenty of relatives, but talking to them is like talking to myself, because they dont really listen and most of the time i feel like im talking crazine...
    2 19
  53. How to convince my mom to let me turn the unused spare bedroom into a closet?
    She said she would think about it. But she seems against it. My sister moved out so the room next to mine is useless! If my sister comes home she can use the spare room in our basement.
    4 15
  54. dad and seeing my boobs
    My friend found out that I am in my bra sometimes around the house when my dads home and she said its kind of weird ? Is this true ? My dads seen me in s bikini so its nothing he hasnt seen :/ advice , I would post a pic but no lol ya can imagine
    16 57
  55. How to tell my parents I'm dating an older guy
    I'm 13 and he just turned 16 we are only 2 and a half years apart and I don't want it to be a secret. I really want to tell my parents but they are really really strict and I'm afraid they will make us break up. Before we started dating we acted like a...
    7 51
  56. How do I convince my parents I want to live on my own?
    I am 18 years old, and I am not that close with my parents. It's because they are my parents but otherwise I would rather not talk to them at all. Things happend in the past which made it like that. The case is that I think that maybe if we all had a l...
    3 34
  57. How can I convince my boyfriends mom to let him sleep over?
    Okay. So. I have slept over at his house 2 times already. Supervised of course. The first time was because of an emergency. I don't need to go into details, but whatever. The second time was on my birthday and she considers it an emergency when it real...
    11 46
  58. how do i tell my dad i broke my phone?
    i know this is sad but ive broken 10 iphones in the past 2 years. but my friend accidently dropped my iphone so bad the entire back of my iphone comes off! if i tell my dad he will flip because it looks like it got ran over by a truck! i dont know what...
    3 81
  59. What are the chances of this?
    So my mom told me today that she might be pregnant, because her period is a month late. The only time she has ever missed a period is when she has been pregnant. But the thing is, my mom has her tubes tied and my stepdad had a vasectomy. I know neither...
    6 33
  60. Can't talk to my mother about anything
    I recently went to the doctor and found out something that really made me upset, not as in angry but sad. I tried talking to my mother about my issue and how scared and upset I was but he basically called me crazy and said I think too much. That really...
    9 39
  61. my mother slapped me
    my mother slapped me for no reason at all she told me to be quiet and i told her not to tell me to be quiet and she slapped me in the cheek that was not right
    3 82
  62. How Can I Convince My Mom To Get My Lip Pierced
    2 42
  63. Why does my dad yell at me for everything I do wrong?
    Well I got home late because I had to stay after school. When I came in my house I said hi to my dad and he didnt reply. But when my brother saud hi he and my dad had a while covo. Shortly after he just freaked out because I came home late. What should...
    2 110
  64. How do I ask my mom to get a second piercing in my ear?
    My mom is not very strict but she doesn't like piercings or tattoos very much. I really want to get my second piercing in my ear, but I don't know how to ask her. I continue to subtly bring the conversation about, but she doesn't seem to get my point.
    7 71
  65. 14 pregnant, crazy step mom wants baby, aunt offered for me to move with her
    Hello, I'm 14 and pregnant. I understand the mistake I made, but i would never kill a child. I will do everything i can to raise him. Im 25 weeks, but i have a problem. My Dad's soon to be wife is crazy. She's completely turned my dad against my boyfri...
    2 77
  66. How do i convence my parents to let me gauge my ears?
    My mom and dad said i can get percings in high school, but im homeschooled now.My 15th birthday is next month and i really want to start gauging.(p.s. my dad used to have some percings and hes covered in tattoos and my mom has a couple tattoos and her ...
    2 57
  67. how do i tell my mom and dad my brothers going to be a dad.
    He cant hes at a boarding school And he hid it from his friend told me.
    8 24
  68. What course of action would you take if your son molested both your daughters?
    Raped/molested both your daughters/his younger sisters more than once, what would you do?
    15 11
  69. How can I tell my mom that I'm cutting.
    I'm 14tn and I have gone through a lot in the last few years.Im always depressed,angry,hurt,and scared.I started cutting and It was the only thing that helps me cuz I feel like no one cares about me.but it's hitting so bad in the last yr that I want to...
    2 20
  70. what are the traditions at your house for New Years?
    5 16
  71. how can i make my parents stop spanking me?
    I'm 14 and it doesn't happen that often but i hate it so much and i feel i'm too old for it. Any other 14yo who is still spanked?
    5 517
  72. How do I convince my sister to make sure her children dont hit me?
    My neohew has anger problems, he is very set in what he thinks is right. Unfortunately for me this means that if I'm ever "cheeky" or "rude" or "grumpy" then he will hit me. He is seven years old but he hits hard. My neice copies him and my sister does...
    3 34
  73. what do you do when your mom is gone
    2 67
  74. how do i get out of my moms house? :(
    How? Or wat should i do im 15 and im 3minths pregnant with my bf and my mom keeps telling me that she was gonna put a restriction order to my bf and his parents and its hard for me my mom needs to understand that i need to live with my bf cause im havi...
    3 55
  75. how to i get my mom to get me a new phone
    ok so, my phone broke and it doesnt turn on and i REALLY REALLY want the newest nokia smartphone. how do i get my mom to get it for me???
    2 46
  76. My parents blame me for everything and I can't take it anymore..
    Whatever happens I'm the one that made it that way..It's always for small things but they(especially my father) blame me for everything. And when I get mad at them for that they start yelling at me. Like today for example, I wanted to go out with them ...
    2 96
  77. What do I buy my mother?
    I keep looking at Tiffany and Co. I want to buy her something from there, but at the same time I don't want to get her something from there and she not like it because that stuff is hella expensive. I want to buy her something that she'll love forever....
    3 16
  78. How do I get my parents divorced?
    9 36
  79. My parents forbid me from seeing my boyfriend, forever. I don't know what to do!
    I'm a junior in high school, 16, and my boyfriend is 18 and a senior. He really does like me more than anyone else in the world, and I feel just about the same way. A few months ago, my parents were informed that he and I had smoked pot together. Since...
    3 210
  80. are there any websites for parents of kids that cut?
    3 48
  81. Family prefer to mourn grandfather's death than to rejoice in baby's birth?
    I am curious on what others may think of this situation. My grandfather has had Alzheimer's disease for at least ten years now, and for quite sometime not been able to talk, eat, bathroom, etc. on his own. Does not even seem to recognize others. He is ...
    2 42
  82. What is the cousin of my grandfather to me?
    I know that the brother of my grandfather is my great uncle, but his cousin would be the same right. I dont know tell me please thank you.
    3 62
  83. what should i give my mom for her Birthday
    somthing homade with paper and some art and crafts my photo i pantied parts
    2 19
  84. what should i do
    okay so my brother has been with this girl for like three years now and they just had a baby not to long ago, but the thing is he going to marry her and for some reason i really don't want him to. so how do i tell him i really don't think she right fo...
    2 9
  85. What should I get my mom for her birthday?
    My mom's birthday is coming and I can never think of what to get her. She always says that she doesn't want anything, but I feel like I need to get her something or do something to tell her how awesome she is. My mom is really creative; she likes t...
    3 41
  86. am i the only one?
    so am i the only on that things when there is a death in my familly or friendship that getting blow up about is not the best? when 923489023 ppl comming up to you and saying something about it just drives me nuts ....just leave me alone for awhile? am ...
    4 5
  87. A teen who is out of control
    Need some advice to given to my parents. My 16 year old cousin who we adopted is starting to get out of control. She does not help around the house, she says that she hates her family (she posted that on Facebook), and she talks back. Now she has a fri...
    13 30
  88. How do I find out if I have more half siblings?
    I grew up thinking I only had two older half brothers and my full little sister, untill Febuary of 2012. I am 18 now what shocker it was. It turns out that I have an older sister who is two years older than myself. Now all of us kids are wondering how ...
    2 55
  89. how can i get a lip piercing without my mom knowing?
    can my older sister come as my gaurdian instead?
    10 32
  90. how do I tell my mom that I am dating my boyfriend?!
    I really like my boyfriend and we have been together for a while now. I would really like to tell her but she would like to meet him and I don't want her to because I would be weird. He is a great guy and doesn't do anything bad ever. He wants me to te...
    3 43
  91. how can i deal with a brother that i hate?
    I hate him, its not just a small thing anymore. after years of constant incidents that would happen, i finally had it with him and i realized i will always hate him. nothing can fix it or even do a little bit of repair anymore. I've tried before and it...
    2 57
  92. My 7 year old son keeps doing inappropriate things with his sister
    my son keeps doing inappropriate things with his three year old sister. for example, showing her his privates, kissing tongue on tongue and putting his pair butt in her face. I ask him why and he says because he thinks it would be funny. That is his an...
    3 74
  93. How do I try to get my mom to finally leave her boyfriend?
    We live with this guy. Every time I go home I feel like I am in hell. He makes me cry and has no feelings about it. They break up then get back together. My mom knows how much I don't like him. She sees how much he hurts my feelings. I can't stand it a...
    7 26
  94. how do I make my parents happy with me
    When ever I do gud in school they never happy 4 me they just go on bout how my brothers n sisters was better then me @ everything wrong what should I do
    3 32
  95. My Mom is Manic Depressive and talks to me with distain and disgust
    She always looks for something to pick at me....All she does is stay in her room everyday 24/7 and is on meds.My son comes for weekends and she still stays in room....It makes me sad im 29 and we are helping each other my dad helping me while i go to s...
    3 9
  96. How can I say yes when a guy I really really like asks me out and somehow my 3 older brothers WILL find out and all hell will break loose!?
    I'll describe my brothers so you know what I'm dealing with. My oldest brother (10yrs older) doesn't mind much about me liking a guy but still I would NEVER tell him if I did because he would tease me a little (least of my problems). My 2nd oldest brot...
    5 21
  97. How do I get my parents to stop joking like this?
    When I say I like someone they always say "good you're straight" and I feel like they're saying that because I'm a tomboy and because of the way I dress.
    2 40
  98. What should I do about my stepdad's cousin "touching" me?
    Well my stepdads cousin is a very.. Odd person, He seems to spend a lot of attention on me. One night I was leaving this room, he comes up behind me and pulled me close to him and rubbed his hands real close to my "No No Zone!" And that same night he a...
    6 102
  99. Do you think it's better to have "older" or "younger" parents?
    I think its better to have older parents because you don't fight and yell as much they're more calmer about stuff, and they aren't in yoour business as much.
    8 124
  100. How do I tell my parents that I want us to move?
    I'm really sick of the town I'm living in and of the people here. I feel that it drives me insane with every single day I spend here. There's no one like me one to understand me and to make me feel happy. There's a town I want to live in and t...
    10 24
  101. Is it weird that I get along with my dad more than my mom?
    i mean girls should be more closer to there moms right?
    17 307
  102. What are some steps I can take to start repairing a bad mother/daughter relationship with my mother?
    To much to write but our relationship right now is pretty much nothing
    7 37
  103. How do I help my mum with her overly obsessive urge to clean that's affecting her health and daily activities?
    My mom gets about three hours of sleep a night. She's always so tired and dreary. She insists on wiping down everything every night (not just cloth and water), mopping all the floors, dusting, etc. It's an obsession with her really. I've tried helping ...
    3 15
  104. How do you tell your mother you think you might have psychosis?
    So I've been looking up explanations for the way my head works and people have told me I might have psychosis... It sounds sort of right but I don't know and i want to ask my mother what she thinks but she tends to shoot me down every time i try to tel...
    8 24
  105. Would you let your child go to UK/Ireland at 16 under these conditions? (read more)
    Would you let your child go to UK/Ireland at 16, if they saved the money up themselves, knew people who would take them in over there, had everything taken care of?
    7 18
  106. What should I do about my mum not letting me see my girlfriend?
    So, for those of you that don't already know I've been going out with this girl same age as me, and my mums never really liked her. She used to be a bit controlling and stuff and I'd ask tk her to like bite me and do other stuff to me, although I bruis...
    3 46
  107. Why don't parents teach their children that no one really knows where we go when we die?
    8 20
  108. What would happen if you yell at the people in your family?
    How would they react?
    4 62
  109. How do you explain to your mom that you hate your dad?
    ....they are split up and i am completely done with him and my mom is worried that doing that is bad for me...
    3 35
  110. Is It fair that my mum isn't letting me go to my friend's house because she doesn't like the friend?
    7 48
  111. How can I get my family to let me have more freedom?
    I'm eighteen, but I still am being treated like I'm not an adult. I waited years to finally be this age so I could do the things that I would like to do, such as dye my hair, get a piercing or tattoo. I live with my aunt who is a Catholic school teache...
    4 18
  112. Why are some of my family members freaking out about me dating a 16, soon to be 17, year old guy?
    13 47
  113. What can I do about my mom not liking my boyfriend?
    My boyfriend is in the army and he bought me a ticket to see him in Texas and my mom isn't letting me go because he cheated on me but i gave him another chance and i love him sooo much and she threatened kicking me out of the house if i go. I don't kno...
    7 14
  114. How can I convince my parents to let me sleep over at my friend's house?
    I had about 15 sleepovers in total this summer & my dad said no more sleepovers, but i reallly wanna sleepover at this friends house once more... how can i convince him? (Dont say to listen to my dad)
    6 150
  115. Can the people I live with control me even though they don't have custody of me?
    2 7
  116. Why does my sister's partner boss me around all the time?
    my sister partner anyways has to say something when ever im going out or if he finds out im doing something im sick of it! i dont want to say something back cause he makes my sister happy but im getting close to the point of snapping. its got to the po...
    5 60
  117. How can I tell my Step-Dad I don't want to call him Dad anymore?
    Okay so my bio father passed away when I was two years old, and my mother re-married when I was about 5. I am 14 now and have never felt truly comfortable calling him "Dad" and feel almost..disloyal. I don't really see him as a father figure, rather "m...
    8 69
  118. Does anyone have any advice on how to convince your dad into letting you get a dog?
    4 16
  119. How many siblings do you guys have?
    41 62
  120. Why do my parents argue about what me and my brother eat?
    6 26
  121. Are you fucking nuts?! I have ZERO babies, ahaha! That's a friend of mine's son. :3
    4 42
  122. How to get this woman off my dad?
    Seriously after being told off 20 years ago she's still at it. She's waiting for my dad to leave my mom and go with her. Uh uh b!tch. If she thinks she'll get my affection she's mistaken because she almost caused a divorce! We keep telling her off but ...
    10 23
  123. Why does my uncle play this prank on the boys at his ranch?
    My uncle runs a Horse ranch were lots of guys come to learn how to ride Horses, race them, put shoes on them, etc. My uncle is highly respected and loved by all the guys there. He has helped many of them who were confused about life or had hard time...
    8 43
  124. What exactly are "ancestors"?
    people use it to refer to someone died while others say relatives that are alive??
    4 7
  125. What is the funniest prank you have played on your parents?
    8 13
  126. Should I stay with my foster parents or go back to my real parents?
    iv been in foster care for 16 years and my real dad gets out of prison in one month and wants me n m y lil sis back in his cutody, i miss n love him but i do love my foster parents too, what ever i choose, sombodys gunna hurt i just dont know what to d...
    12 24
  127. Why would my aunt say this during dinner? (read more)
    I had a dinner with my relatives it was in their house, and it was a selfservice thing, but my aunt told to another guest to serve me the food, because I would get the table dirty. I was like what the fck in my mind. I was very pissed. What do you thin...
    10 19
  128. How to tell a parent something that will make them angry/disappointed? (Read more)
    My mom is really headstrong and believes that everything (mostly) she does and says is right. It's infuriating sometimes because then she won't listen to me. She made me participate in a swim team and although i do like swimming, my swim coach is reall...
    4 27
  129. How to tell your homophobic mom you're bi?
    14 19
  130. Is my grandmother being reasonable by denying me this dog-sitting job? (read more)
    i was offered a job by my sister's boyfriend's parents to dogsit next summer. they said that i would live there for two weeks and i could bring a friend with me to keep me company and to help out. they said that for all that they would pay me $500 min....
    12 16
  131. How can my mom stay with my stepfather knowing that he abused me?
    7 17
  132. Is it right for my mom to hit me (read)?
    she came home early and saw that her house was dirty. the house was dirty because she has cause it by doing a beer party. i mostly clean up the mess like the way i do every day but she came home early and saw it wasn't clean and i was planning to clean...
    14 49
  133. How distant is a 3rd grade cousin?
    I mean a 3rd grade cousin still counts as a close relative or not. Tell me please thank you.
    7 41
  134. How can I convince my mom to let me pierce my ears?
    Well I'm sixteen about to be seventeen soon in like three months and I asked my mom if I could get my ears peirced and she said no cause it'll ruin my looks. And I said its my body and lots of boys are getting their ears peirced now a days. I don't eve...
    3 46
  135. Is it wrong of me to get angry with my mom and cousins about giving our boat away (read)?
    As a lot of you may know, my father passed away suddenly this april. We have a boat & we used to go out on the lake & fish a lot, just me & him. Those are a lot of my memories with him on that boat. When he passed, my cousin (mind you who is very irres...
    4 14
  136. Did your parents ever catch you sneaking out or sneaking back into your house?
    How did you handle it?
    21 220
  137. Does anyone know any of the custody laws for grandparents?
    Such as, if they can(t) move out of state and moooore?
    3 12
  138. Is my dad obsessed with his truck?
    My dad is cool and everything but when it comes to his truck its....:/ It's a Ford F150 something and he has had it for 4 years, and it still smells like new car, like he JUST got it. Whenever he gets food from a fast food resturaunt or leftovers, he p...
    13 35
  139. What should I expect; my dad is having another kid and I'm 15?
    My new sib will be my half sibling. Idk what to think yet.
    7 44
  140. Is it wrong to hate my younger brother?
    Hopefully this isn't uploaded as a freaking status! (-_-) Anyways! I pretty much hate my brothers guts. I know when people at its only because he is young an when your older you'll be best friends, all that bullsh*t.. But I know as soon as I am able t...
    8 49
  141. Should I risk getting in trouble for a family member?
    ok so my big brother sends out a mesage to all his friends on facebook wantin them to come support him in his next fight (hes a cage fighter) this fight determins if he goes pro or not so its a big deal to him. this girl messages back n has the guts to...
    9 22
  142. Should I go to Detroit for two days with my family?
    family from alabama r going to visit the 1s in detroit..should i go?
    9 6
  143. What percentage of your household expenditure would you ask for from a person who was to move in with your family?
    4 11
  144. Why won't my parents let me have privacy?
    why cant i have privacy , my mum and dad keep reading the messages between me and my friends and boyfriend over facebook WHY? it really hurts that they dont trust me .,..... so why cant i be allowed privacy? i need it!? i dont understand xxx
    13 51
  145. How to convince my religious mother to let me see Magic Mike?
    11 55
  146. What kind of traumatic events lead to,cause, or become repressed memories?
    The only examples I know of are abuse or molestation/rape. Are there other things that humans could unknowingly repress which could have negative ramifications down the line?
    2 10
  147. How do I tell my mom I have started my period?
    I started on the 4th of July.I was thinking about telling her tomorrow when we are hanging out but idk how to tell her. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!
    13 145
  148. How can I get my mom to let me date?
    I have really liked his boy for two years. My mom knows him really well and she trust me and him. I have been wanting to talk to my mom about this but i just dont know how to approch this subject. Oh yeah my dad is auper protective. He said if i ever t...
    20 41
  149. How do I convince a family member to stop smoking?
    15 78
  150. How can I convince my dad to let me cut my hair off?
    8 56
  151. Is it possible for a fifteen-year-old to legally be able to decide where she lives in this situation? (read more?)
    So, my Mom is abusive, and I want the h*ll out of there. I called CPS once, but they didn't do anything, so I'm going to go to a friends house and call (her Mom is high up and can get me out of the house immediately) because it happened again last week...
    5 12
  152. How do we pick who gets what room?
    Very soon I'm movin out of my room & both of my sisters are fighting about it. They don wanna do drawing out of a hat.
    14 24
  153. What should a girl do if she is under 18, pregnant, and doesn't know how to tell her mom or her family members?
    13 32
  154. What can I say to my parents regarding my bad report card?
    To make them less angry
    3 18
  155. How could I make living with strict, protective parents easier?
    Im a 16 year old boy living with strict asian parents. I've heard of pretty bad stories of asian parents being strict and i believe i have it easy but i would still like to know how i could make living with my parents easier other than it being a hassl...
    2 30
  156. How can I make someone see that they are causing their own problems?
    Mom mother is always sad.. Always having a "bad day".. A lot of things contribute to it like financial problems, relationship problems and so on... You may be like, "I feel bad for her", but shes always upset about something ALL THE TIME!! Its like the...
    6 17
  157. Is it sensible to leave home if you are terribly unhappy there?
    6 23
  158. What kind of relatives we would be?
    My grandfather had a female cousin. This cousin had a daughter and her daughter got married and has a daughter who was my friend in high school What do you think she wil be related to me or not? Tell me please thank you.
    3 16
  159. Can I move out of my parent's house if I'm 17 and turning 18 in October?
    i have a child with this guy!
    9 38
  160. How can I speed up my child support?
    I'm 16 and its taking forever ..
    3 21
  161. What do I do if I think my mom had a miscarriage?
    2 43
  162. How do I convince my parents to let me dance?
    My mom just met my teacher today and he said that my grades are falling down. when she got home she yelled at me and said that she cant allowed me to dance anymore but if i can prove her that i can raise my grade again, she'll let me. oh and she said g...
    6 38
  163. Do you think it's wrong that my grandfather is taking my deceased father's clothes without asking?
    And were not even goin to his room but he goes in my dads room and wears the clothes in front of my mom. And my dad was a short legged man and my grandpa is super tall so the clothes look stupid on him . Oh ans its my moms dad.
    10 19
  164. Is this considered child abuse?
    My dad and I got in a really big fight and he called me a moron and stupid and ignorant and retarded and it made me upset and I cried a lot and told him that he needed to get a job since he didn't have one. He has warts on his feet and so he doesn't ha...
    30 58
  165. What can I do about the cyst in my wrist?
    I have this cyst in my wrist that Ive had for about 3 years now.. It seems to shrink in grow uncontrollably. I think it may be a genetic thing because my little sister also has the same cyst in her wrist as well.. When I went to the doctor about it a y...
    2 9
  166. How do I tell my boyfriend's dad I appreciate his help without feeling awkward? (read more)
    How do I tell Mike's dad, well step dad, I really appreciate him driving me around the past week without feeling too awkward? I feel really bad. I feel akward around his parents still to be honest, and especially if I were to say something cheesy sound...
    5 36
  167. What advice would you give to a girl who is legally an adult, pregnant, and knows her parents will beat her when she tells them?
    She's 19/20/21 can't remember her exact age to be honest. Lives with her parents at the moment. She's going to be moving out afterwards. Her partner is willing to support her. Her parents, she is positive, will no longer want to have anything to do wit...
    9 11
  168. What are you guys getting for your father for Father's Day?
    22 29
  169. How do I act around my mom after she just got a boob job?
    So my parents lied to me and my brother/family telling everyone my mom was going into surgery to get her shoulder fixed cause she tore it when in reality she got a boob job cause a few weeks back i found papers saying she'd be getting it etc. she got h...
    4 161
  170. How can I ask my mom if I can get my hair done for a date?
    Im going on a date and I hate how my hair looks when i straighten it so i want to get it straightened at the hair salon (its only 25$) except i got it done a week ago and im getting it done for my confirmation next week so i dont know if she will let m...
    3 25
  171. Why do my dad and grandfather argue about things that happened 30-40 years ago?
    It's ridiculous and it gets on my nerves!
    13 40
  172. How can I hide my cutting from my mom if she checks my body for cuts?
    18 125
  173. What is the best way to get my mom and grandpa to stop smoking around me?
    What are some good things to say to get my mom to stop smoking around me? My mom and grandpa both smoke a lot, they like smoking inside at an open door, but the smoke always finds a way into my room, I can smell it and see it. I tell them and ask them...
    3 27
  174. What is my half brother's half brother to me?
    6 47
  175. Would you feel awkward if your mom asked if you were pregnant?
    20 21
  176. Can you take a life risk to help your loved ones, and how many times can you do that?
    5 6
  177. What should I do in this abusive household?
    I am 16 years and I don't know what to do. A few minutes ago my mom made me try on this bikini I didn't want to wear since I'm uncomfortable with my body and when I said that I looked stupid she punched me in the nose and my glasses fell to the floor. ...
    6 59
  178. What is the most embarrassing situation you've had with your parents?
    9 47
  179. Should I have told my female cousin about my ŝexual orientation?
    About two weekends ago I went to Colorado to see my cousin (male) and I hung out with his sister alot cause, I felt I had more incommon with her. And, I just feel my relaxed when I'm hanging out with her. But my cousins are very religious (Mormon)!! ...
    8 25
  180. Why is my aunt trying to do everything in her power for me not to continue school?
    shes always discouraging me about school, every time the semester stats she asks me to go on a vaca with her and forget about school, i can list a whole page what shes done or told me to try to stop me from going, several ppl notices it..why??
    10 16
  181. What does it mean when they ask if my parents are deceased?
    3 10
  182. What do I do when I fight with my parents constantly?
    6 36
  183. What can I do about my brother's new attitude?
    my brother has changed, he is not the person i grew up with, and the one thing that breaks my heart is that he doesn't care about me, the only person he cares about is himself, and he has just become an evil person to hang around with, we used to be ve...
    4 35
  184. How do I convince my parents to pay for summer camp?
    7 83
  185. Do you think a man needs to have any particular personality traits to choose to stay home with his children?
    3 42
  186. How do I get my daughter's father to spend more time with her?
    2 5
  187. What's the easiest way to tell your mom you're pregnant at 16?
    11 74
  188. What happens if I run away at 15 from where I don't want to live?
    10 26
  189. How do I get my mom to let me go to the dance?
    ok so since im muslim, my mom won't let me go to the dance. she thinks im gonna dance with some guy or hook up with someone or whatever. like holy crap im 14 and its a stupid farewell dance. i want to go to be with my friends, plus, my dad said yes but...
    3 54
  190. How did Mother's Day come about?
    2 30
  191. What are some good homemade last minute Mother's Day presents?
    7 7
  192. What would you do if you found out that your parents had gone through your emails?
    and when u ask them why they did it, they say because they have right to know whats going on with you? i would like it much better if they just asked me what was up with feel terrible and untrustworthy if i found out my parents had gone through...
    12 31
  193. Do you have to have parent's permission to get your ears gauged?
    9 45
  194. What is the proper age a parent should stop breastfeeding their child?
    Parental discretion is advised when viewing this link.
    26 21
  195. What cheap thing should I get my mom for her birthday?
    8 32
  196. Why do parents always bring up their child's past mistakes?
    Everytime as a family we go out to eat or just a typical dinner. They always bring up all the bad things i've done. And we always end up fighting and hating eachother. I don't get it??
    7 538
  197. What to do with an unruly younger brother?
    Well first some back story. I am the oldest of 4 (I'm 25). My younger brother, Dan, is the 3rd child. Our mother fought cancer for 11yrs before passing away March of 2010. It was very hard on our whole family. My dad went over the deep end religio...
    3 63
  198. How can you find out what country you come from if you're adopted?
    4 21
  199. How to convince your mom to let you have a boyfriend when you're already going out with him?
    9 39
  200. How do I ask my parents if I could get a second peircing in both my ear lobes?
    4 27
  201. How do I get my mom to let my friend come to New York with me and my family for vacation?
    my mom juts bought a new car and she said that we would go to new york this summer with me my mom my brother and my grandma. i said that we had an extra seet and asked if my friend emily could come with us. she said maybe and we got really excited. the...
    4 34
  202. How would you explain lame duck related to politics?
    10 24
  203. How do I tell my family that I'm moving out of state?
    I'm moving out of state from IN to FL with my girlfriend, my ex-girlfriend, her family and her boyfriend my parents have tried to keep me home my hole life and i'm tired of it and there are no jobs what so ever in the town i live in and i already have ...
    2 57
  204. What should I do about my brother's constant mental abuse?
    Recently I asked a question about my brother's unemployed situation. For those who did not read it I will sum it up, My mom left me and my brother about a month ago or so, he and I did not have a job but I found one in retail i am (18) btw and I paid f...
    4 23
  205. How to convince my mom to get me a car?
    we have looked at this car everytime we went to the lot, its a 2010 elantra. im about to be a senior in high school, im on the cheer team, and i plan on getting a job asap. imma need it to get to and from school since ill have early release and get ou...
    9 81
  206. How can I convince my mom to let me babysit?
    7 113
  207. How do I get my mom to stop bugging me about this band I like?
    I've recently been obsessed with Cradle of Filth. She hates them, she hates the singer, she just hates them. She got the iTunes receipt, and yelled at me for the profanity in their titles. I told her that it's my life and I'm growing up, but she hates ...
    10 51
  208. How do I stop letting my father affect me?
    I haven't lived at home in a few weeks, I really want to go back home and actually sleep in my own bed but I can't seem to go back because of him. My moms been saying she'll make him leave for as long as I can remember because she "hates" him too, I go...
    7 32
  209. What do you call your grandmother?
    32 73
  210. How do you tell your brother you think his kid has mental issues?
    10 33
  211. Can a 17 year old move out 2 weeks before turning 18 in Ohio?
    5 58
  212. What will happen when they go into my state records?
    I'm not sure that's the real name for it, but basically I got arrested back in Aug, for a misdemeanor. It happened at my moms when I was visiting over the summer and then went back for school with my dad. I recently came back in Jan, and have had no ot...
    5 28
  213. Can a signed notary be used for splitting time with a child?
    Ok so if we want joint custody 50/50 until she starts school. Can we sign a notary saying she will be here this month and there this month at these times? Without having someone just be able to runoff with her?
    4 18
  214. Would it be a bad idea to let my daughter go to Dallas with her dad before the court has settled the child support and custody arrangement?
    Ok so i have an appointment with the Attorney general in April for child support. Im thinking becuase i have already filed and a case is open there is a temporary custody with me already. The father moved to Dallas and wants to take her there for a whi...
    7 22
  215. How to deal with a verbally abusive father when mother won't get a divorce?
    He's horrible. I was sobbing last night because of the way they were fighting, and hyperventalating. I can't deal with his crap anymore, I can't do it. I want them to split..I feel I'll never be able to have a good relationship with anyone because I'm...
    6 16
  216. What is a good time span in between getting family photos done?
    7 32
  217. How to deal with my dad dying?
    9 26
  218. Why would a parent never tell their child(ren) they love them?
    8 15
  219. Why does my mother always scold me for putting my hands in my pockets?
    Now I am 22. I wear tight pants or jeans to college. But my mother dont allow me to put my hands inside its pockets and walk or put my wallets inside pockets. When I asked why, she is replying that girls should not do this and it makes my pants look ru...
    10 71
  220. How do you ask your mom for birth control if you are almost 100% sure she's gonna flip out on you?
    12 40
  221. What does it mean to become emancipated?
    I've seen the term on another site, and now I've seen it again on here, and I was wondering, what is it? Does it have something to do with going into the state's care or what?
    4 40
  222. Would I be able to move out when I am 16?
    I am 15 this year and me and a friends would like to move in with each other for a start. we both want to get out of our house to live somewhere else. but will we be able to move out with out getting kick out because its illegal! we have already planed...
    19 41
  223. What age is it legal to move out of your house?
    Im in india new delhi i tried to find but i couldnt. Please help me. dont say im just 14 cause im tierd of my mom. dont tell me to talk to my parents because they never understand how I feel.
    13 69
  224. Why is he so mad about paying child support?
    Finally the papers came though and he now knows. Well he says when he has her he dont ask for money. He has her on the weekends sometimes more. But he doesnt work. No job. Lives with his mom. He says i shouldnt be filing because he has her a lot. But i...
    15 58
  225. What is the easiest way to come out to your parents?
    4 52
  226. How do I deal with my teenage children being involved in gangs?
    I have four children between the ages of 14 and 17 all living at home with me- Leyland- 17, Riley- 16, Dustin- 15 and Jared- 14.. I am a single parent and often struggle with the raging hormones of the teenage years, as well as having four younger chil...
    19 30
  227. Can kids with strict parents actually become criminals?
    i'm not stereotyping here (i know a lot of kids that come from strict families mature) but can some kids rebel against their strict parents and actually become criminals?
    6 42
  228. How can I tell my mom I am beginning to hate her boyfriend/husband?
    I KNOW ITS LONG LOL BUT PLEASE READ IT aha. NO i dont want to tell her "I hate Craig, mom". I just didnt know how else to word the title. I dont know what to do. Im not going to list all the different reasons why Im beggining to hate him..I just ...
    5 46
  229. Do you have to have someone walk you down the isle?
    Seriously..I pray someday I find someone, some guy that I can look to as an older-brother sort of guy, and that HE can walk be down the isle--because if I have anything to do with it, my father is not coming to the wedding. Not right now. Sure, maybe h...
    7 26
  230. How do I tell my dad that the hard drive he loaned to my boyfriend stopped working (more)?
    It honestly stopped working on its own but I doubt my dad would believe that. Mike even paid to send it in to get a replacement, a brand new one that's even better, but we have no idea what to tell him.
    2 21
  231. How can I go to a concert without my parents knowing?
    13 933
  232. What age should a boy stop seeing his older sister in the bath?
    I'm 16 and my brother is 11.. he still comes into the bathroom while I'm in the bath, and I find it disgusting to be honest Do you think it's inappropriate? If so, what age should a boy stop doing this?
    10 1194
  233. How do I get my mom to leave me alone about the way eat?
    until about 6 months ago ive been very overweight and my mom didnt seem to care that she took me to fast food every other day. but i realized that shes been ruining me my whole life, so ive been telling her to get me healthy food instead, so its been w...
    6 39
  234. What do you think of this statement: Parents who are involved in online gaming give inadequate care to their children?
    6 15
  235. What was Helen Keller's family life like?
    4 9
  236. Why does everyone seem to have a problem with teenage mums?
    Everywhere I look now day I seem to see someone slating teen mums, YES not all of us are perfect. But that is the same as adults too!! I myself am a 'teen mum' and I know a lot of others, we love and care for our children as much as anyone else does an...
    21 30
  237. How can I convince my parents to let me use Tumblr again?
    I was using it for bad purposes such as thinspo and following alot of SH blogs but now i want to be able to go on it to find recipes and look at inspirational fit woman and stuff.
    12 66
  238. How can I get my mom to let me earn money to study abroad?
    My mom likes to take my money if I do even the littlest things (such as not having my room cleaned (and by that I mean one book out of place,) and wearing my socks outside when going to get the mail... I mean, they're stupid reasons, and I sometimes th...
    3 47
  239. How can I say thanks to my in-laws for letting me live with them?
    so i moved in with my boyfriend, but we were living in his parents house, but now we found a place of our but idk how to thanl them,for taking me into their home and helping us out. I know its something that has to come out naturally but im the kind if...
    4 46
  240. What is life as a foster kid like?
    3 16
  241. How to make my parents step up to their parent plate?
    My little brother is useless. He can't do shiat by himself. He's just 5! He can't talk properly, can't eat by himself, doesn't eat healthily, and I'll get into more of that later. They(my parents) use the excuse that he is autistic but that is bull. My...
    4 37
  242. How can I convince my mum to get me an Xbox 360?
    3 40
  243. Is the fact that my friend's step-dad treats her like trash child abuse?
    He treats her sisters like princesses and her, well, bad! He calls her a dumbass and even lifted her by the neck and threw her on the bed. She told her mom and she said he's getting used to being a dad. She would Go to her dad but it would be the same...
    8 23
  244. Is it bad that my brother threw me down the stairs in our house?
    I was butting heads with mom again and after we stop yelling an mom leaves, my brother starts hitting me saying mom can't take that crap. Then He pushed me and I went down the stairs. Is that bad?
    11 64
  245. Is it really my fault my parents broke up?
    I got arrested three days before they filed for divroce. They fought about who's fault it was up until the day dad, my two little sisters and I moved out. My older brother says it was my fault, Is it true?
    18 54
  246. How do I show my stepdad I'm not Satan?
    My stepdad says I have a week to get out of his house, but I can't go to my real father's house anymore because I'm now out of the closet (Not by choice) and he's a homophobe. I need to show my stepdad that even thought I've been in trouble a few times...
    3 43
  247. Should I go to dad's again, stay, or run away?
    Mom and step dad just got into a huge argument when step dad found out I have been arrested a couple times. for stupid stuff (i.e. shoplifting, vandalism, disturbing the peace) Step dad wants me out of his house, but mom says she wont let him slam the ...
    5 18
  248. How should I tell my dad I want to live with my mom again after living with him for 6 years?
    I really need help trying to get him to understand that a girl needs her mother. If I live with my mom I can do Cyber School and get a job during the day and I'd keep up with my school work, so I can afford to go to college by 2013.
    4 15
  249. Do you think you will be/are a better parent then those on Teen Mom?
    7 19
  250. How do you get your mother to understand that you were the only one abused in your dad's house?
    I recently left my father's house because my step mom is abusive verbally (Most of the time, 99%) and physically (the other 1%). I'm living with my mom now, and I let it slip that my step mom punched me. I have two little sister's at dad's house that m...
    5 29