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I want to leave my parents' house

im 15 and I want to move out of my parents house because I am tired of them what should I do


Can I leave at 16?

I am a canadian citizen and right now live in santo domingo (dr) my parents are divorced and I hate this place and I am very very depressed, I have a boyfriend in canada and I want to be with him. If I were to leave in july and go to canada and stayed ...


I want to move out when I am 16

I want to move out, when I am 16...I am 13 now, and dont know how long the process is to get everything done. Me and my friend both want to move out. We will have around 1600 coming in every month from Social Security, and we both plan on getting jobs....


I love my family but I want a baby

hey, im going to turn 16 in july and I will have finished skool by then and then will start college part time in september. my problem is I rele want a baby, I know your going to say im too young but I've felt the same way for a couple of years and I'v...


How should I deal with my dad? see...
Me and my dad hasnt bin getting along in da past..lets say...
2 months..
We've bin getting into the full on yelling kinda fights
And like now...we arnt even talking to each other...
We're driving each other crazy!and I dont know ...


What if my Mom just ruined my birthday?

Mi mom jus ruined mi birthdaii what do I do

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What if I don't know half my family?

what do I do if I dont no half my family... I kant stand it... what SHOULD I DO!?!


How do I help my brother get over this urinal fear?

so my little brother is really afraid to pee at a urinal in public if there are other guys neer him, he ends up using the stalls instead, how do i help him get over this, he is too embarassed to ask our dad.

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16 and I've gotten my girlfriend pregnant, what to do?

I'm 16 and I've gotten my girlfriend pregnant. She's 17. I want out of my house. And marriage is possible if we can get info from the state that if married we can get on these beneficial programs . My question is where can I get some help to raise a ...


How can I get my dad to break up with his girlfriend?

I dislike my dads girlfriend. I want them 2 break up really REALLY badly. What can I do to get them 2 break up without getting me in serious trouble with my dad???

Here's stuff I know she dislikes.

Death metal music. Which I really like.


Can I move out at 17 in ohio?

I am currently 17 years old. I don't turn 18 until febraury 2007 however I graduate in may 2006. Is this legal for me to do? My parents are going to be completely against it and if I refuse to come home may contact local authorities. I am really no...


Why does the reality of things alwyas have to be so horrible?

I am really struggleing with some life hardships right now. I dont know my real parents, I was adopted when I was a baby, and was abused by them for 10 years. I have been in foster care for almost 6 years now. I do smoke weed, and because of that they ...


Can we get married without consent if I'm pregnant?

I am a 16 year old and I am pregnant, living in new jersey. My boyfriend is 19, and he now lives in South carolina. ( he use to live in jersey till last year, but he comes and visits me twice a monthh) My parents found out we were dating a long time ag...


How to find a person in jail?

How to find a person in jail?


What should I do? My life is hell.

I'm thirteen years old and live with my family. We all used to be kinda close but ever since last year everything has fallen apart. My mom is very cruel and spiteful and VERY naggy.

I've had issues with my weight for a while -- I'm defiantly not fat...


What to do when being goth dissapoints my father?

Okie, I have really been wanting to change my look for a while now so my mom took me shopping. I got things "I" liked and my mom was okay with it. (These things include skinny jeans, studded belt, lots of black t-shirts, darker make-up ect.). Well I wa...

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What if I don't want to see a counselor?

kk my mum thinks I need to see a counsellor but I dont want to what should I do its tomorrow and im thinking of not coming home from skool 2moro god idea or what?

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How to ask your mom for pads?

Kay well I had my first period at my dads house like 3 months ago and my mom knows but I dont want to ask for pads and I only have like 20 left from my dads house I need to ask her when I run out but im embarrassed what do I say?


How Do I Tell My Parents about my boyfriend?

i meet this guy about three weeks ago at a party. we have been hanging out alot and things are starting to look like it's going to turn into a relationship. there is just one problem i have. How do i tell my parents about him. they don't mind me dat...


How can we convince my family that we should have a baby?

hey yall, I'm 21 and my boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half but been friends for about 5 or 6 years. we are at the point where we want a child but my family doesn't want me to have a child right now,they say I'm to young. what do y...


17 with no freedom!

I need some help. I am 17 year old adn the only things im able to do is go to school and come home I cant go to my friends house and they cant come here. for some reason my my mom thinks im a bad kids thats ganna turn out like her sister. someone told ...


How can I get away from my mom?

Everyday my mom always makes a comment on how I look,dress, and listen to emo stuff.I all.So today I was wearing converse,tight skinny jeans,and a v-neck short sleeved shirt,not bad at all.But my mom decided to say (What do you think you're we...


I'm 13, my parents piss me off and I want to move out. What should I do?

I'm not sure what to do and by the way I don't want that crap about how I'm too young. So yeah help would be nice.

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