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nude if front of family members

Has anyone ever been nude if front of family members, and I don't mean when you were little kids. Like in your teen years, and have you seen other family members nude.

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Were you spanked, and how?

I used to get spankings, until I was about 16, from my Mom. That was five years ago since the last time she did it. Actually, I don't think it was a bad thing, looking back, though I hated it at the time! She usually (not always) spanked me bare bot...


What is a good excuse to sleep out at my friends house?

My mom really really hates it when I have a sleepover. For some reason she cant stand it when I go out? its weird. But I need to find a way to get out and be able to finally have a sleepover because I haven;t had one in about 2 months. !


Spanked as an adult.

Does any one get spanked who is over the age of 18 and still lives at home.

About a year after I moved back home after college, my mom became fed up with my immature behavior and temper tantrums. She informed me if I was going to act like a child ...


How can I convince my parents to let me party all night?

I'm 16, and I love to go out and have fun. But I feel that if I can't go out and party than I'll just go crazy. How do I convince my parents to let me go out and party, and promise them I won't drink. How can I prove to them that they can trust me and ...


being naked around your brother?

ok me and my brother share a room and ill be changing and he'll walk in..what should I do? kick him out? turn my back? or just let him be in his room. I mean hes my brother is it really a big deal? hes a year younger than me and hes always been like my...


What should I say about a hickey?

well, what kinds of ideas I can tell my parents about hickeys, like how do I lie to them that its a bruise or a bite? Got any??


What is a good excuse for when I come home late?

So I like to hang out with my friends untill like 11 at night but my mom says I have to be home at 5 right after school. The other day I hung out with my friends and didn't return until 11:30 and she flipped her lid. I'm really bad at being creative wh...


My brother saw me naked

Ummm my bro saw me naked and I told him to get out but he just stands there in the door way then he tells my mom that im being a jerk and she agrees I mean gaaa give me some space what should I do? [my bro is 12]

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How can I get my parents out of the house?

My mom doesn't work, and doesn't like to go out much, but I want to invite my boyfriend over while she and my dad are out, but I never seem to be home alone!! Also, I need to get my sister out of the house too!

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How to convince my Mom to let me get a belly button ring?

I really want my belly button peirced but I dont know how to get my mum to let me have it done, also does it hurt and what are the bad things about it? please tell me I really want it done!

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How do I cheer up friend whose parents are getting divorced.

What if my friends parents are getting a divorce and shes having a really hard time dealing with it..?what should I do to cheer her up?

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Is it possible to put yourself up for adoption?

I hate my family I hate my life I want to start out new and fresh...I'm 13 and about to run away but I know it's too dangerous then I thought about parents would NEVER agree with me on this so can I put myself up for adoption...please ans...


How normal is it for a sister to let her brother see her naked?

I've got a friend who apparently lets her slightly older brother see her naked when is like in the bathroom or changing clothes and she thinks its normal, so I decided to make this question on here to show her that it really isn't normal. Do you know a...

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Do you get spanked as an adult

Do you get spanked as an adult? I do. I live in care and if I do something bad I have to go to my room by myself for 15 minutes and then a staff come in and sit down in a chair and tell me to stand up and step to them and take my pants down and I get t...


How can I lose this baby without my parents knowing?

Well, im a 14 year old girl, and im preg.. I dont know what to do. I know I have to lose it..-_-.. it hurts me to lose it,because ima mommy.. my boyfriend is ok with it.. but after thinking about it.. I dont really want tolose it.. but I need to.....

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I hate my Mom's boyfriend

I hate my moms boyfriend what do I do, I am forced to live here with him, and I just cant stand him what do I do?

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How to convince my parents to let me get a tattoo?

For the past three years I've been nothing but obsessed with tattoo's and piercings. I've begged my parents for my 16th birthday to let me get a tattoo, nothing big and something I'm going to regret, but something small enough for me to know its there,...


am I too old for a spanking

im a 13 year old boy who still gets spanked over my mothers knee when im naughty on my bare bottom I think im to old but mum dosent

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How can I get my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house?

I need help on how to get my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house, im 15 and hes 16, I am 16 this year, my parents say im childish but they use it as an excuse because they are too controlling.

What to do?

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How do I tell my Mom I broke my iPhone?

Last Friday I dropped my iPhone. I told my dad not to tell my mom. He agreed, and took it to the Apple store. They said I need a new one. My dad said that only way he's going to get me a new iPhone, is if I tell my mom that I broke it and need a new on...


What do I talk about with my boyfriend's parents?

what do I talk about with tmy boyfriends parents! we have been dating like almost two years and they think I dont like them cause I really talk to him with him there! what do I say!


How to get rid of an annoying brother

How do I get rid of my brother? He is so stupid!help!!

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How can I get rid of my stepdad?

How can I get rid of my stepdad? I CANT STAND HIM! We only get along sometimes.He is nice to me when my mom is around but, hes mean when shes not. He makes me mad so sometimes I yell at him but I get grounded. How do I learn to ignore him? I WANT HIM G...

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My mom does not allow me to do any kind if hair removal on my legs.

Alright so, last year I sneaked behind my parents' backs by shaving my legs with an eybrow shaver. & I used that kind of shaver ( I know it's not a proper good shaver to use) but I like the way my legs feels. It was smooth and hair free! Until my fathe...

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