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Were you spanked, and how?

I used to get spankings, until I was about 16, from my Mom. That was five years ago since the last time she did it. Actually, I don't think it was a bad thing, looking back, though I hated it at the time! She usually (not always) spanked me bare bot...


Friend's parents are getting a divorce, what to say?

What do you say to a friend whos parents are goiin thru a divorce
& its really affecting them


How can I get my parents out of the house?

My mom doesn't work, and doesn't like to go out much, but I want to invite my boyfriend over while she and my dad are out, but I never seem to be home alone!! Also, I need to get my sister out of the house too!

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Why do my family members pick on me all the time?

ok I absolutly cant stand a lot of my family. my aunt is a bi*tch, my grandma and stepgrandpa are too, and my mom. they basically are all on the same side of the family. except my aunt is my moms brothers wife. they all always tell me im not good enoug...

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How do I get my brother to stop playing video games?

All my brother does is play video games. He never gets out of the house. Im worried that hes not getting a normal teenage life. Hes fifteen years old and he doesnt want to hang out with friends or do anything outside of his video game world. I know thi...

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How do I deal with overprotective brothers?

I have 3 older brothers..yay lucky me right, wrong?! I cant go outside or even mention a guys name without them freaking out..I really like this guy whos name is Ryan but I dont know what to do about them because if my brothers knew about Ryan they'd l...


How to find my dad

Ok well whats a cheep way I can find him I havent see or heard from him since I was 2 and my grandmother does not know where he is eather and same with my mom


nude if front of family members

Has anyone ever been nude if front of family members, and I don't mean when you were little kids. Like in your teen years, and have you seen other family members nude.

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Living With Dad

I'm 13 and I want to go live with my dad. My mom has prime custody of me, and I don't know how to tell her. My mom is a...headstrong woman, and she yells a lot and everything...aren't I old enough to voice my opinion on who I want to live with? Please ...

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I need advice on moving out

I want to move out, I just turned 18. I live with my crazy mother and her boyfriend. Me and my mom constantly argue, and I think she bi-polar- runs in my family. I really want to move in with my boyfriend who lives in another state. we can live with hi...


What should I do when I don't feel comfortable around moms boyfriend?

I don't know what to do anymore . I feel super uncomfortable around my moms boyfriend . I feel like he's always trying to see me when I'm changing in my room after a shower . The reason or that is because my room is right next to my moms and my door do...


Why is my mom treating me like this (read more)?

i feel like im being mean to my mom i love her to death but some times i think she hates me
My mom is always expecting a lot from me for exaple i used to get bad grades, and she would go all mad i kind of uderstand i think se wants the best for me so...


Me and my sister!

Ok, me and my sister do not get along because she is a pig...I have to clean up after her when she stays with my mom and me, she has two kids shes 27 and she pawns her 3 and 1 year olds on us when she wants to go do drugs or meet up with some 17 year o...


Why dont i like my moms boyfriend.

So my mom started dating this guy 2 years ago, after a year we moved in together along with his two children. He seemed like a good guy at first but he has since changed. He always bothers me about how i dont do anything right, hes yelled at me before...


how do i convince my parents not to change my school?

i was in school X from 6th to 10th grade, and i'm in the 11th now. in school X i felt very stressed and pressured and had a mental breakdown; we had tests every single day and i basically didn't have a social life, but i wasn't getting the results i wa...


How do I convince my mom that dating an 18 year old is ok? I'm 15 and his Birthday is in a month, so is mine..

Now. I know all teenagers say that they're mature, but truly I am. But here's the thing. He lives 3000 miles away from me, and my mom is set he's a pervert who is 50 when I've shown her pictures and he even showed a verification of age. And I know thi...


Who knows how I can ask my mom to start shaving?

I am 13..turning 14 soon. It is embarassing because everyone in my grade shaves their legs! I hate the feeling and im sure people talk about it behind my backs. I try almost every day to ask, but I always chicken out. How do I ask my mom to start shavi...


How to convince my Mom to let me get a belly button ring?

I really want my belly button peirced but I dont know how to get my mum to let me have it done, also does it hurt and what are the bad things about it? please tell me I really want it done!

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Do me and my sister look alike?

I need to know.
If not here are a couple of reasons of why we probably don't look alike
-She goes to the tanning booth. While I'll wait summer to tan
-I have thick hair and she has thin. (I'm not making fun of her its the fact and don't say I'm self a...


how can I have them say yes...

I really want my belly button pierced and I've wanted this for a while I haven't asked yet but I know my parents won't want me to have one I could get them to let me get it pierced???


My mum doesnt know :s haha

Hey all,

I've got a 'little' problem. In january, I had my navel pierced. Its not infected or anything. Problem is, my mum and dad are fiercly against the idea of a belly buttom piercing , and they don't know I've had it done. My aunty and female cous...


My sister is a biotch!!!

Ok, so my sister I have to say is the biggest biotch of the family she hates my guts and she is such an instigator(a biotch who likes to start a bunch of bs with one another) she tells me in my face "sorry the devil posessed you" and " I hope one day y...


how to tell my family I want to be myself?

I am 18 years old.and ever since I can remember I cant be myself around them because they judge people for every thing... it is like they are the one living your life...I am soo sick and tired of this but I dont want to hurt their feelings...if I get a...


How can I sneak my peircing?

Ugh ook now - ihave been wanting my belly peirced since omg forever but inever got permision everytime iask its :ashley noo you are tew young ! Blah blah blah anyway irealy realy realy want it &* iplann tew'sneak it &* just get a retainer because iwoul...

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was I wrong

okay last night I went to my dads and he was drinking.
and he started to yell at me and said I was taking money from him.
and I didn't I swear to god on my life.
I wouldnt do that.
and he said if I got my belly button done not to come over any more...


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