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mother-in-law and the sister-in-law

My MIL favors her other daughter in law. They talk by cell and email all day. They gossip and talk about me and my flaws as a person. How do I know? I just do b/c I will say one story to my SIL and then my MIL will ask a question. Over the years I have...


Im so frustrated wicked frustrated and so mad! My mom is doing something withthis big machine that is making so much noise than my sister turns up the volume on the tv so its wicked loud than my dog scrathches at the door to go outside but when we open it she...

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What is the legal age to move out of you parents house in oregon?

I'm actually 17, almost 18. I have a 19 year old boyfriend with an apartment and job of his own. I have a job as well and I'm a good student. My mother is abusive, mostly emotionaly. But she never lets me do anything like hang out with frineds and she ...


Tried to commit suicide afraid to tell my mum

Tried to commit suicide and afraid to tell my mum!
I love her and I dont want to worry her but im not happy and I cant stand life anymore!


How do I convince my parents to get me a bunny

my birthday is coming up and the only thing I want is a rabbit. how do I convince my parents too get me one?

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can parents force their teen to have an abortion ?

if a teen-age girl is pregnant , can their parents have their child have an abortion even if the teen girl doesn't want to ?

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What is a good excuse to sleep out at my friends house?

My mom really really hates it when I have a sleepover. For some reason she cant stand it when I go out? its weird. But I need to find a way to get out and be able to finally have a sleepover because I haven;t had one in about 2 months. !


Were you spanked, and how?

I used to get spankings, until I was about 16, from my Mom. That was five years ago since the last time she did it. Actually, I don't think it was a bad thing, looking back, though I hated it at the time! She usually (not always) spanked me bare bot...


How do I emancipate myself?

I have been with this guy for three years and they have been the greatest years of my life. Lately, we have been seriously talking about moving in together and everything is pretty much set for me to move in but I don't know how to tell my parents..So ...


dad and seeing my boobs

My friend found out that I am in my bra sometimes around the house when my dads home and she said its kind of weird ? Is this true ? My dads seen me in s bikini so its nothing he hasnt seen :/ advice , I would post a pic but no lol ya can imagine

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I can't stand having an older brother!

ok I have a brother who thinx that he is the sh*t and he is not
for as long as I have known him he has abused me and my sisters, take away our posessions, steals money, cursed me and my other sisters out.

On top of that he wants to be some kind of ...


How do I tell my mom about dating?

I reallly like my new potential boyfriend. And I need my mom to accept that I am mature enough to be dating. I need tips to tell her that I am indeed with him.

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What can I do to make my brother less violent and more nice?

My 11-year-old brother has these violent outbursts of anger most days. I really upsets me and my family as its not nice for any of us. He attacks us and it scares me. He is really violent and goes crazing and he damages and breaks our furniture and oth...


How do I tell my parents im moving out with my boyfriend?

Here is the situation, im almost 22 years old and I still live at home with my parents... I work with them and live with them, its so annoying to be with them 24/7... I just want to move out and not have them control my life anymore... the other thing...


Would you ever get married, just to please your parents?

For example, if your parents really liked a guy/girl, and wanted you guys to get married…would you get married just to please your parents, even if you didn’t particularly want to marry the guy/girl, or weren’t sure if he/she was the right one?


How to tell my brother that I have a boyfriend?

How can I tell my brother that i have a Boyfriend. He is too over protective.


How can I get my parents to stop being mad at me?

im reely sad, and depressed. ok yesterday was halloween for me and I didnt want to go trick or teating so I agreeded to my dad I would go to just walk around and watch my little neighbours get candy. my dad and my neighbours family went out and my dad...

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What can I do to get my mom to grow up?

(im a boy) I hate my mom! She is like a 16 year old girl. She wears tiny clothes. And slutty crap. I had a party today and she was grinding with all of my friends and flashed them! They want to come back over.wth! How can I get her to grow up?!?

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How to talk to a phycosis person?

How to talk to a phycosis person?


How can I change my daughters password?

How can I change my daughters password?


What if a son catches a cheating mother?

my mom and stepdad have been happily married for 15 years now...I love my stepdad like a father and even more, I also love my mom more than anything in the world. recently she has been awkwardly and abnormally secretive about her activities...she's st...


my mum and dad forgot my birthday

Ok so today was my birthday, all day everyone was mean to me and they forgot that it was my birthday. I thought that they were all acting and there would be a surprise, so i didnt say anything all day. And they were really mean to me not like other day...


I think my 2 year old might have been molested

My daughter is 2 years old and her father and I are not married. She goes over there every other weekend and every sunday night she stays too. A couple of months ago she came to me and said "My pop pop, who is her grandfather, touched my "toot toot""(w...


How do I get my mom to let me go to school

So I am in the 7th grade and have been home schooled my whole life and over the last 3 weeks I have been begging my mom to let me go to school (Imagine Chartter school Land O Lakes) and she thinks it is sooo bad and that I will be abused and stuff I ha...


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