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Why do people believe in global warming so blindly?

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As it stands there are far more ways to disprove global warming than there are to prove it. So why do people, especially many scientists, believe so whole heartidly in something that relies on, well, faith! Why are we told that there is a consensus in the scientific community, when this is a straight lie!

I do know that any scientist who speaks out openly challenging the 'theory of global warming' (because no matter what anyone says it is still no more fact than any other scientific theory) are ridiculed and outcast, preventing them from getting grants and getting on with their careers.

I think we all need to remember back to the late 19th century, right through to the mid 20th to realise how dangerous singling out scientists who go against the mainstream can be. There was a theory called eugenics, widely believed and adopted by the science community. And as with the theory of global warming any scientist who spoke against this 'consensus' basically had their careers ended. So what was so wrong with this theory I hear you ask? Oh nothing much, except that it basically fuelled the nazi's campaign for a 'final solution'. many people might say, 'but yeah, that hitler was a psycho'. And theyre right. Only it wasnt just hitler who believed in this theory. It was widely accepted by the western world, including the leaders of both britain and america. Something that the west is no doubt ashamed of because anytime your taught in school about the nazis, they leave out this major factor in the philosophy of the nazis.

One of the points of science is to question and re-question facts until we come closer to the truth. Sadly this is not being allowed to happen. And while I dont think that the theory of global warming will cause as much destruction as the nazis did, we should always be allowed to question what we believe to be true. Otherwise its not science, its faith.

An idea is a wonderful thing, but when it becomes a belief it becomes impossible to change and therefore we end up stuck in a box. The only way we can evolve is to constantly keep thinking outside the box