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  1. The weirdest camping gear you can buy
    Why do we go campaign anyway? To get away from work. To find our place in nature. To have somewhere to take that hot girl you've been having your eyes on. But often times we go to the camping gear shop and try to find everything we can find to insulate...
    7 94
  2. Where are the best places to swim in the summer?
    And don't tell me the water, swimming pool or that it is winter! But Ido want to know where the best places are to swim.
    2 29
  3. Will Auburn play in the BCS Championship?
    Will Auburn be playing in the BCS Championship game this year? If so, who will they plan and will they win the National Title game?
    3 22
  4. I'm not sure whether or not to continue volleyball? Read on plz its complex c:
    Ok so I just started getting interested in volleyball around March, and I'm about to go into my freshman high school year. I tried out for the team like 3 weeks ago, didn't make it. I have always liked the sport a lot. I played basketball a lot of my l...
    4 37
  5. Which graphic is better, which deck is better?
    2 17
  6. How do I prepare for field hockey tryouts?
    So my field hockey practice starts in two days and I am not fit at all but we are going to start with heavy fitness training! I really want to make the team and would like to know how to prepare to not be huffing and puffing after the first five minute...
    3 66
  7. Are chucks good for skateboarding?
    2 10
  8. What's weird about being sixteen and getting your first skateboard?
    2 14
  9. Would you be able to skate down this huge ramp?
    12 14
  10. Do you think news channels/programs allot enough time for sports reporting?
    When I watched the news to see the goals of soccer games they talked too fast and if the score was for example, more than 3 goals i didn't get too watch all the goals just one or two, because they have to tell all these sports news in 5 minutes lol. Wh...
    3 13
  11. Who else likes to hunt?
    Do you hunt? And If so what? Just an idle curiosity, with rifle season for deer and elk rolling around in my neck of the woods. Just curious who else likes to hunt on here. Me personally I go out for deer and elk rifle season. Start last year, althou...
    8 31
  12. Do you know how to hula hoop?
    I was watching a AM2 (Anime Music and Manga) Expo on YouTube and their was a girl was hula hooping in the video. I've always wanted to learn but could never get the hang out it. I think I'm gonna go to Walmart and get me a Hula Hoop now. This girl jus...
    9 39
  13. What do you think of that baseball player suspended for making a joke about gay people?
    The guy was suspended for making a joke. I mean like they woulndt make jokes about straight people too. They are always complaining, and whinning about that, but what would have happened if a gay person would have made fun of straight people, i mean n...
    6 19
  14. What's your favorite football team?
    Who do you believe will win the superbowl?
    8 28
  15. What professional sports teams have the most consecutive losing seasons ever and the most playoff droughts?
    Just curious anyone know about sports?
    2 16
  16. Should I feel bad about quitting cheerleading?
    I started doing cheer with a lot of my friends for the town. It was really stressful bc it was all of the time and took up so much of my plans. I quit, and I didn't care at first bc my best friend quit too, even though she was on another team fot anoth...
    5 83
  17. How do you get into high school gymnastics?
    I was in 9th last year and I wanted to go in by I failed math a lot so what's the point of training if you can't compete? :O So im in 10th and I want to going but I can't do gymnastics! I can do karate and I'm sort of flexible but I can't do flips or s...
    2 46
  18. What can I do to exercise for swimming without being able to go to a pool?
    9 24
  19. Who do you think will win the Champions League this season?
    2 6
  20. What's your favorite AR-style rifle that shoots .22LR?
    I have been looking really hard at the Rugar SR-22 semi auto rifle. I got to shoot my friends custom built AR that shoots a .223, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. I just don't want to spend that much on the rifle or on the ammo. So I was thinking ...
    4 41
  21. Would it be copying if I took up swimming like my brother did?
    I was gonna do gymnastics after martial arts but bah. So my brother was in his school's swim team, one of the best swimmers. Now that I finally learned swimming(don't judge me -.-) I want to do it took but I'm worried my brother will see it like I'm tr...
    10 159
  22. When will the London Olympics venue open for tourists?
    2 9
  23. Can anyone tell me which Toronto Maple Leaf player signed this jersey?
    This jersey has been in my friends closet for a long time and she has no idea which player signed it cause it belonged to her father who passed away. It's possible the signature is really old also.
    2 15
  24. What do you think about the 2012 Olympics so far?
    9 8
  25. Which countries have held the Olympics multiple times?
    21 57
  26. Are you watching the Olympics, and do you prefer to watch the summer or winter Olympics?
    8 23
  27. How long will it take to train for a triathlon and how can I prepare myself for it?
    4 23
  28. What baseball team is rumored to be "cursed"?
    I heard something in a book or movie where a baseball team was supposed to be cursed.
    6 16
  29. Is it bad that, when I do an MMA fight, I don't tap out? (read more)
    I just take the break or let them choke me out
    3 9
  30. Who is excited for the olympics in London this year & who is going?
    :D I was going to go but my mum couldn't get any tickets :-(
    7 9
  31. Who do you think will win the Euro cup 2012 - Spain or Italy?
    10 28
  32. Would you go skydiving or bungee jumping?
    23 52
  33. How to get a roundoff in gymnastics?
    What are some tips that will help me ??
    3 37
  34. Do you think cheerleading is a sport?
    15 53
  35. What are some things that I can make into a fishing bobber?
    i am needing more bobbers but dont want to buy anymore?
    2 12
  36. How do high school gymnastics work?
    I want to join the gymnastics team and I was wondering how it worked, do all the girls have to do everything, floor, vault, bars, beam?? or can they choose?
    7 62
  37. What is a good brand for camping tents?
    I'm looking into buying a tent to be used for at least 3 camping events a year. I want something at least 6foot or more, probably a 6 person tent. I'm wondering are good brands...or brands to avoid. Currently looking at Northwest Territory, Tahoe Gear,...
    5 63
  38. What is a spinning class?
    I had posted something on Facebook about how happy I am about my workout tomorrow and one of my friends ask me on a comment if I had ever done a spinning class. And, I simply said no cause, I didn't know what that is. Can anyone tell me what it is?
    11 21
  39. Who do you think will win the FA Cup - Chelsea or Liverpool?
    I predict it will be a stunning 2012 FA Cup Final - between Chelsea and Liverpool, two teams with a strong history in the cup. I think it will be a 3-1 victory for Chelsea, Drogba scoring a brace, with Mata scoring the other. Suarez will score Liverpo...
    3 63
  40. Why can't women learn Combat Sambo?
    Really wanna learn Combat Sambo but not allowd too, why is that?
    5 48
  41. Can I use figure ice skates to go general public ice skating when I don't figure skate?
    Okay, I wanna buy some ice skates and found some I really like. I can't figure skate, in fact, i'm not brilliant at ice skating in the first place. Can I still use figure skates to go ice skating a public rinks or is it weird? : )
    6 13
  42. How can I teach my partner to swim?
    I enjoy swimming and now we want to go together only he can't swim. I said that I will gladly teach him next week when I go but how do I go about teaching him, he's 21. I'm don't want to just chuck him in the deep end haha.
    4 18
  43. Does anyone else find the wrestler Big Show attractive?
    I sure do! He's just a large man...and it's awesome "D
    14 30
  44. Does The Rock still wrestle in the WWE?
    4 104
  45. How many of you play tennis and, if you do, are you better at forehand or backhand?
    9 22
  46. Can I go from a handstand into a bridge if I can't do a backbend?
    I'm trying to learn how to do a front handspring but I can't do a backbend, will I end up hurting myself a lot or can I just go into it?
    4 38
  47. How do I get more self esteem to try out for cheerleading (read more)?
    I feel like I'm too fat to be a cheerleader so I feel like when I go to try out I'm going to make a fool out of myself. I was a cheerleader for 8 years then as I got older I stopped because I felt too fat, well I *love* it so I'm trying to not let it s...
    7 34
  48. What is a good brand name bowling ball to get as a starter ball?
    2 27
  49. How can I master a back handspring in a week?
    5 43
  50. How old is John Cena?
    11 48
  51. What do you think about Jeremy Lin?
    5 28
  52. How can I improve my jump in basketball?
    i am 6ft tall and i play basketball but i can't dunk the rim..i have tried skiping, it did worked a little but i still can't dunk the rim. And to add to it , i do have a poor left bounce if you can still tell me how to imporove on that it would be ...
    3 43
  53. When did Italy join the Six Nations?
    I've heard that the 6 Nations used to be called the 5 Nations including England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but when did Italy join? And how long had they been applying to become a Six Nations member before being let in?
    2 55
  54. How come John Terry hasn't been suspended for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand?
    How come John Terry isn't banned for like 8 games (like Luis Suarez did to Patrice Evra), because he used racist language to Anton Ferdinand? I know he's on trial in July and he's lost the England captaincy, but shouldn't he be banned for using racist ...
    2 8
  55. Why do the New York Giants always play in New Jersey?
    Its funny, but the new york giants always play in the new jersey stadium weird right. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    2 40
  56. What sport do you think is more popular - baseball or football?
    23 36
  57. Do you think that people would have noticed what MIA did at the Super Bowl if the media wouldn't have made a big deal about it?
    If media wouldnt have said anything about it maybe nobody would have noticed this. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    4 16
  58. What team are you cheering for at the Super Bowl?
    14 13
  59. How can I feel confident about my game?
    I recently joined my schools basketball team. This is the first time playing basketball in my whole life! It's not that I am unathletic or anything, because I am. I play soccer, I swim, I play volleyball and I run trackand I am very skilled and good at...
    8 29
  60. Does anyone know where the name "Golf" came from?
    3 61
  61. What are some disadvantages of sports?
    I have to write an essay on sport, and I can't think of any disadvantages Keep in mind that I have to write this essay in Spanish, so nothing too detailed please xD Thanks in advance ♥
    6 30
  62. What will be the next big team game after football?
    Football started up in more than one culture, and was The game for centuries, but it's changed a lot since its early days. It's portable, and played on lots of formal and informal levels to suit all abilities and entertainment possibilities, but we're ...
    3 19
  63. How do I improve my baseball playing abilities?
    3 12
  64. What do you think of the new chrome football helmets worn by the Oregon Ducks?
    Personally, I like them, but surely they're a menace to the opposing team ... I can see a lot of blinding glare happening on the field. Read about it:
    6 6
  65. Should a football player be penalized for displaying "Happy New Year" on his undershirt during a match?
    Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills was benched for lifting his jersey to reveal the message "Happy New Year" written on his undershirt. Do you think this should rightfully be an offence, or do you think the this rule borders on ridiculous? Read abo...
    13 26
  66. How does London Fletcher get snubbed off a Pro-Bowl spot after leading the league in tackling and never missing a game in his career?
    6 16
  67. Is it too late for me to start gymnastics?
    I been doing it when I was little then I quit.. do u think I can start again at this age 15 . . I still can do most of the tricks though
    3 35
  68. Do you think the expulsion of Miguel Torres from the UFC for tweeting a r@pe joke is fair?
    Torres' career with the UFC has ended as a result of a joke he tweeted, but did his comment cross the line, or should he have been given a less severe punishment? Read about it:
    2 18
  69. What are some cool names for a soccer team?
    they should be original and "dope"..:) thanks!
    15 37
  70. How do you know when someone is a Power Stroker in bowling?
    What are the signs of this style. And is it a rare style compared to the normal stroking, cranking or tweening?
    2 12
  71. Which sport is most exciting - Cricket or Football?
    I know almost all people prefer the second one,but i think if you analyze this fact rationally,the amount of excitement in both the games you can discover and find a proper picture of the two games' uniqueness.
    7 25
  72. What age do you have to start dancing at to become a professional?
    8 21
  73. Do you think there is racism in football or is it just privy to the England Captain?
    6 12
  74. Why will Adam Joseph Copeland ( Edge) not go back to the WWE again?
    they said that it is for his neck but why he can't make a surjey and back normally???
    3 15
  75. Do you think Alex Torres should be fined for his lewd skydiving video?
    Is it enough that he was fired from his job as an instructor at Skydive Taft, or do you think that charges should be laid, even though nobody witnessed the act "at the time"?
    3 37
  76. Does anyone on this site bowl competitively and, if so, what is your average?
    I'm 14 and I have been bowling for about 3 years now, but I only have a 110 average! Do you think this is a good average for my age?
    8 11
  77. What trainers would you recommend for sport?
    comfortable, stylish and suitable for sports such as running, tennis, football, basketball etc.
    3 15
  78. Where did the term "let serve" (in tennis) come from?
    2 86
  79. Do you wear shoes while kickboxing?
    Or can you wear them? Cuz I want to take kickboxing classes but I have a foot problem and I don't know what to do):
    4 110
  80. Could a Savage 3030 take out a feral hog?
    Or should I go the bow route?
    6 17
  81. What's a good tip for keeping the body steady when throwing a bowling ball?
    I have an average of 175, I'm 20 years old and I use a 15 pound ball and I'm a stroker. I have difficulties with keeping my body steady while walking down the approach towards the foul line.
    3 58
  82. How many years of experience does it take for you to be a good fighter in Mixed Martial Arts?
    5 35
  83. Is Manchester United now strong enough to beat Barcelona?
    United's been holding on strong but is it strong to the caliber of ateam like Barcelona?
    11 12
  84. Does anyone know if Seabring, Florida is by the ocean?
    3 23
  85. Who's your favourite premier league player?
    Luis Suarez. Lucas Leiva. Jermaine Pennant. Sergio Aguero. Stewart Downing. Samir Nasri. Mario Balotelli. These are some of my faves.
    3 10
  86. Who's your favourite premier league team?
    3 11
  87. When does pre-season football end?
    2 34
  88. Can I start cheerleading again in the 11th grade?
    I stopped cheer leading when I moved to a new school in the 6th grade and I regret it so much so I was going to try out next year since it's too late now - I always thought I was too big to be a cheer leader so I still don't know if I should or not, I ...
    2 53
  89. Are mountain bikes allowed in a triathlon?
    3 16
  90. What does a section leader have to do to be good?
    3 40
  91. What are ways to become a faster runner?
    any tips, and does losing weight make u run faster i heard it does
    11 15
  92. How can I improve my BMXing?
    I can do standard stuff like fakie, 180, Flat 180, 360, 1 - hander out the bowl, almost footjam-whip. What should I do next?
    4 37
  93. What is the best type of martial arts?
    Don't say that it is karate because to me that is a panzy thing. i am leanr from someone that i guess knows all the types of martial arts so what is your favorite type you know judo, ti cyon do, jeet hun do, wing chun, kung fu, etc. what is your favori...
    7 20
  94. Why isn't my speed bike fast?
    its a mountain bike and it still slow
    7 15
  95. What's your favourite sport?
    39 55
  96. How do gymnasts do all those flips if there is gravity?
    4 40
  97. How do I become less shy about my interest in skateboarding with my parents?
    i'm having a really rough time self teaching myself how to skate. i'm extremely shy with just about any interest of mine. how do i bring the topic up? i also need to know great places to buy skateboard supplies, such as grip tape, bearings..etc.
    3 41
  98. How do I hook up a sports ball to a helium pump?
    how do I hook up a ball to a helium pump to pump it up?
    4 65
  99. Is there such thing as private football (American football) coaches?
    Is there such thing and how/where could I find one?
    3 7
  100. Who will win the Gold Cup in soccer for 2011 - US or Mexico?
    4 19
  101. Who's going to win F1 this year?
    who is going to win the 2011 f1 world championship? vettel
    5 38
  102. How many hours does it take to bike 7 miles?
    7 39
  103. Should I get the premier league patch as well?
    I'm buying an arsenal shirt for my friend but I dont know whether or not to put the premier league patch on it...I dont if it looks better with it or without it....
    3 66
  104. When the baseball pitcher throws the ball, why do they sometimes say "ball" instead of "strike"?
    9 15
  105. Why have there been so many Stanley Cup games involving Boston and Vancouver?
    Are there always that many and is there still more to come for this season?
    3 5
  106. Should I do cheerleading next year?
    Next year I'm going to high school and I want to try something new. If I make the team I'm doing volleyball in the fall and soccer in the spring. But year round I'm doing the dance team. I've never done anything close to cheerleading and I'm not that ...
    7 49
  107. What is the point of athletes putting that black line under their eyes?
    7 13
  108. What tricks do you guys like doing with skateboards?
    7 36
  109. Are LED hoops better for hoop dancing than regular hoops?
    i realllyyy want to hoop dance, cause it looks really cool and fun, but i just have a regular hula hoop from target and it kinda sucks. ive been practicing like crazy, and every video of hoop dancing ive seen theyve used an LED hoop. im not sure if its...
    3 8
  110. Which USA gymnasts do you think will make it to the 2011 olympics?
    Honestly, I haven't been paying as much attention as I would like to in gymnastics and I would really like to know who you think is going to make it
    3 23
  111. Who do you think is a good signing for Barca?
    Cesc, Rossi , Alexis or others or just promoting B players
    4 6
  112. What shoes are better to wear for mountain climbing, if hiking shoes are too heavy for me?
    I am going to climb the Alps, I want to choose a light and safe pair of shoes ,give me some advice.thanks
    8 6
  113. What makes a coaching job in sports a good job?
    Over the past few weeks i have been hearing talk about what are the top coaching jobs in the country. Anyway, i hear a lot of people saying that how good the teams are or how good the coach is makes it a top 10 coaching job. However i believe that it c...
    6 9
  114. What is the best martial arts to teach myself self defense?
    13 26
  115. Should football (soccer) in Europe have a salary cap like the NBA?
    I think this would make the leagues more competitive just curious about what u guys think and whether it would work or not cause of the relegation system there
    6 21
  116. Does anyone know of any surfing teachers/camps/lessons I can take this summer with my friend?
    It's my goal to learn how to surf this summer, hehe i'm super excited. My friend was gonna have her dad's friend teach us, but if that doesn't work i was looking to see if anyone knew any good teachers? :D Thanks!
    3 16
  117. Is Barcelona a great football team?
    9 10
  118. Who is watching the Barcelona and Man United match?
    It is currently one-one but I really hope that Barcelona win because I hate man united. What do you guys think and who do you's want to win?
    6 32
  119. Who goes with MU and who's with Barca?
    9 15
  120. What kind of sport is suitable for a thin 12 year old girl?
    20 38
  121. What is planking?
    I keep hearing about it, and I don't know what it is. Can someone just give me a quick run down?
    3 6
  122. Is it a bad idea to go to softball practice while on my period?
    I hate these asking this but I really need to know
    12 68
  123. What should I eat/drink before football training and after?
    9 35
  124. Which is more fun to watch - basketball or hockey?
    20 75
  125. Is volleyball a tiring sport?
    5 204
  126. How to prepare yourself for a big soccer game?
    I have a big soccer game tonight that i need to be ready mentally for how can i get my head where it needs to be so i am ready when it comes time to play?
    4 48
  127. How do I run a better 800m?
    How do i run a better 800 meter? ive only ran it once and got a 2:25 which my coach said was good for my first time. but my goal is to qualify for state which is a 2:05. any tips?
    2 55
  128. When will I overcome my shyness with my sport team?
    Im really talkable at school and now with sports friends :-/
    4 21
  129. Who is your favorite football player currently?
    I am an obsessive football fan and support Liverpool. My favourite player currently is Luis Suarez. He is an awesome footie player and is really cute too. Who do you guys like?
    8 10
  130. Who will win the Premier League?
    It is predicted that man united will win, but really it is possible for chelsea and even arsenal to take it. What do you think?
    7 6
  131. How can I get my toe touches higher?
    and keep my toes pointed.
    7 32
  132. Can I use school shoes for playing badminton?
    5 26
  133. What is the best way to watch NBA playoffs live streaming online with good quality ?
    looking for a good way to watch NBA playoffs live streaming online with good quality
    4 19
  134. Do you think that Liverpool will finish in 5th position in Premier League?
    I support Liverpool football club and we are currently 6th in the Premier League, but only a few points off 5th position.It's a long chance but can we do it. It's not impossible i suppose. What do you think?
    10 44
  135. How to train for an 8 km run as soon as possible?
    My brother signed me up for an 8k run that's going to be in exactly one month and i can barely run 4k!!!! I told him not to but he only laughed and sent my details. It's a charity run so i don't think he would let me not go because he's paid for it (m...
    4 17
  136. How much does it cost to learn how to snow board?
    4 24
  137. Who wants the Heat to take the win for NBA Championship?
    10 14
  138. Is anyone else here a Laker's fan?
    7 11
  139. Where's the cheapest place to purchase NHL playoff tickets?
    3 8
  140. Does anyone know any good skateparks in Newcastle (apart from Whitely Bay)?
    and websites would be useful too :)
    2 8
  141. Is the WeThePeople Versus Bmx a good bike?
    3 13
  142. What is the easiest way to learn to skateboard?
    7 23
  143. How much bigger is a soccer field than a basketball court?
    4 3030
  144. What do you think is the role of a cheerleader?
    7 81
  145. Do Kung Fu and different karate classes exist for late teens and/or adults?
    The reason I ask is 'cause I'm 17 and never been put through a real karate class except for a small glimpse in 8th grade one time; never had the money... But lately I've been thinking that when I get the chance and the money probably when I'm older I'l...
    3 34
  146. How can I sink feet first in a ten feet deep pool?
    in my lifeguard class i have too sink with feet first to pick up a brick but i only end up flat down.
    4 66
  147. What's your favorite college basketball team?
    6 22
  148. Does anyone here run with nike+?
    3 12
  149. What kind of martial arts do you like?
    I like tons...if you like them, what types are you interested in participating in? Just wondering out of the blue. Thought I'd ask. Thanks for all your replies!!
    6 19
  150. How can I get faster for sprinting?
    13 43
  151. What do you think about Qatar's approach of creating robot clouds to cool world cup watchers on the eve of FiFa 2022 worldcup?
    12 37
  152. How much does it cost to go skydiving out of a plane?
    I know it can't be free. They must charge something for people to get up there and jump out of planes. About how much would something like that cost?
    2 27
  153. Where can I go horse back riding in the summer in PA?
    4 59
  154. Do you think Undertaker will undertake the king in Wrestlemania?
    17 34
  155. Who is going to win in UEFA Champions League 2011?
    3 12
  156. What are the differences between Formula 1 and Nascar?
    Details on change of rules would be nice. I was wondering because our country's best F1 driver switched over to Nascar and he was not doing as good as he was in F1. Could it be because of the changes or the opponents get harder?
    2 14
  157. When you see a team like Florida State (21-10) which number indicates winning games?
    5 5
  158. Where is the next olympics taking place?
    6 50
  159. What Is Your All Time Favorite Sports Team??
    This Should Include City And What Sport They Play...If You Really Want State Your Favorite Player On The Team....Have Fun.
    31 111
  160. Why do people hate Manchester United?
    5 35
  161. What do you think about England losing to Bangladesh in today's ICC world cup?
    Banglaesh won by 2 wickets
    3 16
  162. Why do people think it's so weird that I'm on the track team, just because I'm not skinny?
    So Yea im on the trackteam and ppl alway's think its weird they ask, me stuff like dont u have to be skinny to run track, Im like No Im not huge but im thick, and i dont wannabe skinny i just dont like the way it look's. so what do ppl think.
    7 37
  163. Do you need gloves for girls lacrosse?
    3 16
  164. Would a youth size pair of lacrosse goggles fit me if I'm a freshman in high school with an average sized teenage head?
    2 17
  165. What exactly is the purpose of spandex shorts for sports?
    I got some today for lacrosse because it was required, but I don't know what the use of it is?
    8 622
  166. Who knows how to play Ultimate Frisbee?
    2 4
  167. How can I become a stronger shooter under the basket and what are some ways I can improve on my dribbling (basketball)?
    5 49
  168. Who knows how to trick?
    like not gymnastics or freerunning but "tricking"
    2 10
  169. Can anyone pindrop?
    4 11
  170. How old do you have to be to book a flight?
    i've herd alot about you need to be 12, because 12 is the adult age on a flight. Is that right?
    9 211
  171. What is your favourite college football team?
    11 12
  172. What's easier to skate with - rollerskates or rollerblades?
    13 41
  173. When are Victor Valdes, Carles Puyol and Xavi coming back to Barcelona after recovering from their injuries?
    5 39
  174. How old do you have to be to go skydiving?
    8 55
  175. Can a mountain bike go through a small amount of snow?
    4 11
  176. What is that activity/sport where people 'climb' and run all over the city/parks really fast?
    It's really fast and people sprint through parks bouncing off trees and scale buildings and stuff...
    12 12
  177. What would be the best way for an adult who doesn't know how to swim to learn?
    Yes, im 25 years old and i can not swim. My mother almost drowned as a teen and had an insane fear of water so as a kid we never went around pools and i never learned. I would really like to learn soon since i have children of my own now and i want to ...
    10 32
  178. Which team won the second IPL cricket?
    2 13
  179. What should I use when I am tumbling in my yard so it hurts my hands less?
    2 13
  180. What is a webite that will list PAST and PRESENT hockey players on the Toronto Maple Leafs team?
    I alo need their picture, poition, and number.
    2 10
  181. What are some basics I need to know about baseball?
    2 10
  182. What are some basics I need to know about football?
    2 9
  183. Does anybody like the New England Patriots?
    29 30
  184. Who can help me learn parkour?
    10 29
  185. What is rugby?
    i heard of it, but how do you play?
    9 16
  186. What are some of the track and field events?
    13 49
  187. Should I run track or play lacrosse this spring?
    Ive played lax before but track looks like so much fun
    3 184
  188. What college in or around Pittsburgh have the best hockey program?
    4 12
  189. Does anyone have ideas for me to practice for volleyball tryouts?
    Im in the middle of them and have 2 more days and I'd rly like to impress my coach... so any ideas (i can practice these things in the basement)?
    8 23
  190. How am I going to afford cheer when my parents are out of work?
    i have 2 months to make 2,000 dollars so i can do cheer this upcoming season. my dads out of work and my moms a stay at home mom so money from them is out of the option. i dont know what to do for money and babysitting is out too cause there arent any ...
    11 93
  191. Does anybody know where I can find a tutorial on how to do a round-off back handspring followed by a full?
    3 13
  192. How much do gyms charge to work out at their place in Chicago?
    4 18
  193. Who won the Superbowl, and what was the score for 2011?
    4 8
  194. When watching the Super Bowl do you prefer watching the commercials or the actual game?
    19 14
  195. When does the Packers vs Steelers game begin?
    16 18
  196. Where can I buy a Pokemon skateboard deck?
    I have looked on Ebay and our NZ equivalent. I've also done some googling... There don't seem to be any around?
    5 62
  197. Who are you rooting for in the super bowl?
    22 31
  198. Does Direct tv have the superbowl on it for free?
    If so, what channel?
    4 20
  199. What football team has the best stadium in the world?
    14 24
  200. Who is performing at half time for the super bowl?
    6 12
  201. Which do you think is better; The Super Bowl or The World Cup?
    I think the world cup is better becuase it's the WORLD cup, it's not just american thing. This event brings contrys together, hell Japan & Russa are in it!! What do you think about this?
    11 38
  202. What weight should my bowling ball be?
    I weigh 85 to 100 pounds.
    5 79
  203. Do you think Alberto Contedor is guilty about doping, or innocent??
    2 16
  204. Is surfing hard?
    I want to learn how to surf this summer.. but im sorta scared about it because im extremely clumsy (lol) ... it sounds wicked fun.. but another thing is I cant hold my breath tht long under water really well because my nose is stupid haha.. and im n...
    6 41
  205. Where is there a rugby team for 14 year olds in Geelong?
    2 71
  206. Why did Ochocinco go Johnson again?
    2 12
  207. What is a long board and how does it differ from a skateboard?
    4 38
  208. Who do you think will win the 2011 cricket world cup?
    16 34
  209. Is Muay Thai just pure agression?
    When I see Muay Thai I think so...could be wrong....
    4 14
  210. Does anybody know who's going to the superbowl yet?
    lol I was just wondering because I don't watch any football games besides the superbowl. lol some football fan
    13 22
  211. Is it good to learn 3 martial arts at once?
    i am, and dont find it that hard but is it honestly worth it. I do Pro taekwondo, Jujitsu (japanese not Brazilian) and boxing (not that i would really call it a martial arts xD
    11 50
  212. Who do you think is a strong contender for world cup?
    7 21
  213. Does anyone have tips on skateboarding?
    im a begginner if it is not obvious enough. :)
    9 15
  214. Why are trout "catch and release" fish?
    9 23
  215. What sport would you like to be in (are in)?
    including cheerleading
    11 19
  216. Who thinks that the Duck game was a good game or a really bad game?
    Personally i think that it was a great game and I'm a Duck fan. GO DUCKS
    4 12
  217. Can anyone recommend a place or website to learn lacrosse, and is it related to field hockey?
    3 15
  218. What is a good time to run 5k in? (3.1 miles)?
    3 49
  219. Do you think it's too early to be starting our baseball season?
    I mean we aren't playing games yet(obviously) but we are into our second week of clinics and practices at my school. Plus we've been in the weightroom since October...
    3 24
  220. What 2010 NFL rookie will have the most successful overall career?
    2 12
  221. How can I learn to shuffle better?
    18 18
  222. what are some chants to sing for sports carnivals?
    im going to be the leader of my sports group this year. my house colour is blue and its also known for christopher. i only know a few chants such as "gimme a C, H,R etc.." and " turn on the radio etc.." does anyone have any ideas?
    5 404
  223. What do countries who call soccer "football" call football?
    5 37
  224. What is a good time to run 2k in?
    Instead of running aimlessly, I've decided to run 2 kilometers a day, working on my time every time I go. I can run 2k in 7-8 minutes, I've done some googling but I have no idea what a good time to run it in is. Keeping in mind that it's not my only ex...
    4 70
  225. How can I learn to dunk by 9th grade?
    Does anybody have any exercises I can do to be able to dunk by the 9th grade. I don't have any equipment or a gym
    3 60
  226. Do swim caps actually work?
    4 20
  227. When going skiing or snowboarding, would it be better to wear contacts or glasses?
    8 21
  228. Where can I play hockey on a team inear Pittsburgh Pa?
    4 10
  229. What do you think of the team with the worst record on the NFL beating the defending Super Bowl Champs?
    3 6
  230. What do you guys think about Werder Bremen?
    2 6
  231. Does anyone know Toni or Felix Kroos?
    5 5
  232. Does anyone follow soccer on here?
    10 12
  233. What are the easiest UK Football Academies to get into?
    4 89
  234. What kind of hoop should I buy if I am a beginner at "hooping"?
    4 27
  235. Is Brett Favre gonna come back for 2011-2012 season?
    7 39
  236. Who do you think is gonna win the next cricket world cup?
    16 41
  237. Who is the oldest quarterback in NFL history?
    3 17
  238. Is San Antonio, Texas, or Los Angeles gonna get an NFL team?
    4 42
  239. Who here has climbed Kilimanjaro and what is the experience like?
    What is the minimum amount of people to go in group along with a tour guide?? I'm thinking about climbing it in December 2011 and have NO clue what to think of it.
    2 4
  240. How do you do a "baby freeze", "moon walk", and an "air walk" in break dance?
    5 51
  241. What is the average height for female volleyball players?
    and what are their positions on the court?
    2 169
  242. Why do people love to watch sports and cheer for people they do not know?
    I can understand playing a sport, and having a good time, or watching someone you directly know like you child play soccer, but watching grow men and women that have no connection or interest in you, I have never got.
    20 62
  243. Which two teams do u think will be in the superbowl this year?
    4 9
  244. do girls shoot differently to boys in basketball?
    7 723
  245. who are some of the best boxers through out history?
    15 19
  246. How would you feel if you ended a legends sports career?
    So I'm a Chicago bears fan and I was watching the game last night and saw that rookie sack Brett Farve and I thought he was only out for the game...but he's done for the season. So if this is Farve's last season how does that kid feel lol. I mean he sa...
    3 6
  247. How do you swim?
    I've been trying to learn for the past 6 years, yet I can not seem to master swimming. HELP!
    3 30
  248. when does wnba start?
    so i can watch it on my tv?
    2 39
  249. Is the snowboard brand "Burton" really good?
    I have Burton things and I have heard that it is a great brand.
    4 8
  250. Do the Detroit Lions lose just bc of bad calls?
    3 15