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What does a girls need to be a ballerina? Do you have to skinny ? Tall? Can I start at 17years old> its my passion I never had the chance to take classes due to fam problemss but can I now? Please answer all my ? I need advices from you guys!!

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Learning to swim...

I dont know how to swim & I wanna learn... How did you learn to swim?

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is skiing hard?

im 15 and im going on a ski trip. I've never been skiing before but im a quick learner. will it be that hard?

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Airalert 3

How do you feel about airalert 3? Is it effective? Do you recommend me to use it?


should i quit cheerleading if im really not that good?

Especially at stunting and hate smiling and performing in front of people?


Are there any softball leagues for 20-year-olds in ohio?

Does anyone know of any softball leagues for 20 yr olds in ohio


Hockey fans

Penguin or flyers fan??
I love hockey so give me your take on the teams
I think Philly is dirty


Im scared of joining track team

So I really want to join track but people might make fun of me because im not strong and cant run that to save my life plus I quit a sports team earlier in the school year. I really want to join because my girlfriend is on the team so we could spend ti...


Whoi invented the skateboard

Whoi invented the skateboard


What exactly is the purpose of spandex shorts for sports?

I got some today for lacrosse because it was required, but I don't know what the use of it is?


Why am I scared to tackle somebody in football?

Ok, I've been playing foorball forever. Since 6. I played my freshman year and now I've been training for my 2nd. Im also a lineback. Why do I feel kinda scared when im about to tackel someone. Or during hitting drills


Volleyball footwork

I'm trying out for volleyball, but I'm having a lot of trouble with my footwork can anyone help me?

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What? Is It Hard To Skateboard?

I Wanna Get A Skateboard For Christmas, But Is It Hard To Learn? I Know Practice Makes Almost Perfect! Buut How Should I Start Out.. Hills. Uhm Driveways.. )

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Is ice skating hard?

Is ice skating hard???how long will it take you to learn to just skate around??


Cape Cod Gymnastics goes to woodward?

Hi I am on the Prep-Optional Team at Cape Cod Gymnastics, And I want to go to woodward so badly! but my mom says that my team goes to woodward every year. And I want to know if its true! So please tell me if the prep opt. team goes to Woodward in PA. ...


Why cant I master my toetouch?

Okay so these last couple of days have been really ruff. I want to be a cheerleader. I love performing in front of people (im a singer/ actor ) and im always at every game in the crowd cheering my butt off. So I've been in training and the first time y...


What are easy ways to get your arms and legs stronger for gymnastics?

I am super flexable, but my coach says I need to get stronger. I don't have that much money and spare time. What are some easy ways to get your legs and arms stronger?


How can I be a good skater ?

I can ride a skate board im not afraid of falling im just getting anoyd because poeple are taking the mick coc im realy young I dont no jack about good brands ! Please help mee!! =] !!

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I'm a Junior in high school, should I go out for track?

Over the summer I tried to lose some weight through runnning and realized I really enjoyed running. I'm still not in very good shape, and I've never found a sport I was actually good at.. but I really want to go out for track in the spring. Is it possi...


How to train for mixed martial arts?

How to train for mixed martial arts?