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How much do you have to weight to be a flyer for cheerleading?

So I made cheerleading for my highschool and I want to be a flyer and im short and not big and not too small so im nt sure if I need to go on a diet or sumthan to be a flyer?


What are some forbidden martial arts?

what are some forbidden martial arts?


Soccer don't want to go to practice, how can I avoid it?

I have soccer practis today at 5! And I dont want to go, how can I get my grandma to forget about it?

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Why am I having bad games

so im in volleyball and I've had like four really bad games in a row and im one of the starters on my team so I don't want to lose my spot and anyway I asked my coach what im doin wrong and she said that I shouldn't b nervous (which I am sometimes) and...


What is the height of a volleyball pole?

This is my kind request to know the details regarding the Height of the poles from Ground.


Fast way to learn the splits!

Dance team tryouts are monday, its friday! I need to learn the splits!
Quick and easy way, tomorrow is friday, and tryouts are this monday!
I know how to do everything! But not the splits, and its going to kill me if I dont make it!
This is the one ...


When does softball season start in highschool?

about what time does softball season start in high school???


How can I learn a martial art fighting style

I think I would like to learn a art of fighting. I probably would enjoy learning a martial art style. it seem hard cause I got asthma. but I can overlook that. but then it millions of fighting styles. anyone know a website that I can read. about a cert...


How can I look cool skateboarding wearing all this safety stuff?

my mom says I cant skateboard any more if I dont were my safety gear. but I love to skateboard and I look like I a dork and a skatebaorder want to be and my friends laugh at me and I really want to look cool and make sure I can still skateboard plus I ...


Does anyone else find the wrestler Big Show attractive?

I sure do! He's just a large man...and it's awesome "D

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Good songs for a cheerleading dance?

What are some good songs 4 a cheerleading dance!?? W/ out any curse words my coach would have a heart attack!!!


I want to ride a bmx

I'm a girl and I want to ride a bmx everyone says that it's stupid but I'm still going to try it but I'm kind of scared what should I do?

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How much does sky diving cost?

How much would sky diving cost? I am 15 almost 16 so would I even be able to go at this age? How high up do they take you? Do you have 2 go with an instructor your first time?


Skateboarding Question!

How do you turn on a skateboard??
I can go straight, no problem but when ever I attempt to turn, I lose my balance and fly off.
Is there some sort of footing technique or something??
I'm quite befuddled.


the a and b team for softball

ughh ok. so I got on the b team for softball. I've been crying so much and I just need to know how I can get thorugh it. can anyone help?

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cena or edge?

Cena or Edge?

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I really need help with ballet/cheerleading

Need help with front leap, toe touch, turns, double turns, axle..everything!! I have a whole summer and a whole school year before tryouts for the high school dance team. When school starts back up ill be in 9th grade, so if I make the team it will b...


What is your fave skateboard brand?

What is your fav skateboard brand?
What is this best brand to get in your personal opinions?


Im scared of joining track team

So I really want to join track but people might make fun of me because im not strong and cant run that to save my life plus I quit a sports team earlier in the school year. I really want to join because my girlfriend is on the team so we could spend ti...


How can I start my own motorcycle club?

How can I start my own motorcycle club?


Discus Throw

hey... anyone got any tips on throwing the discus to make it go farther?


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