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How much do you have to weight to be a flyer for cheerleading?

So I made cheerleading for my highschool and I want to be a flyer and im short and not big and not too small so im nt sure if I need to go on a diet or sumthan to be a flyer?


Sunday Football Match-ups

To all those fans in front or t.v. today for football, who do you believe will dominate on the field today? See any upsets coming, let me know.


How can I start my own motorcycle club?

How can I start my own motorcycle club?


Gymnastic and being flexible

How many people love doing Gymnastic and what moves can you do.

Can you do the splits and Backbends and stuff like that.

let me know how flexible you are.


Why do I have to choose sides every time I watch football?

What's the problem with just watching a game to learn a bit how it works and see some cool hits, field goals, runs, etc...?
I was never a football kid, it's just entertaining to watch.


Volleyball cheers??

What are some Ace cheers for Volleyball??


Who will win tonight, lakers or celtics

Who will win today game btw lakers vs celtics


How do you land a kickflip?

I can get the board to spin, but I cant land on it. It always lands in front of me


Do you love sports?

Do you like sports? Why? What kind of sport you play? and if you don't like, why? Thats my question. IF you see this YOU MUST answer!!!


Can you ride your bike with no handlebars?

Well, can ya? Can you ride your bike with no handlebars?

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Should I feel bad about quitting cheerleading?

I started doing cheer with a lot of my friends for the town. It was really stressful bc it was all of the time and took up so much of my plans. I quit, and I didn't care at first bc my best friend quit too, even though she was on another team fot anoth...



whats a really good skatebored ?
like for me im a girl... and I know I love skateboreding and im getting were I can start to do tricks..
but I accidently broke my skatebored from doin a trick so is there any good skatebored out there that wont brea...

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Am I too small to play volleyball?

im 5ft. exactly, but im not done growing yet. People tell me im too small to play it true?


Good songs for a cheerleading dance?

What are some good songs 4 a cheerleading dance!?? W/ out any curse words my coach would have a heart attack!!!


Where do you learn how to break dance?

Where do you learn how to break dance?


What is the best bicycle for street riding?

What is the best bicycle for street riding? I have a mountain bike and it is so big and clunky that I want to get a street bike. Who makes the best brands?


Jump higher?

What are some good excersises that I can do to increase my jump height (vertical leap) ??


Usa vs. Brazil

Okay my mom is taking me to a usa womans soccer game! Its usa vs. Brazil!
Im so stoked!!
Brazil is a very good team but hopefully we will bet them! Who do you go for?


Whats The Dollar Value This Old War Rifle

I have a US Model 1884 Springfield war rifle and I want to know the value of it. It has a serial #429533 on top and the letters V P followed by and eagles head on the side. It is in very good condition. I have pics. I can email anyone If it will help


does biking burns a lot of calories ?

does biking burns a lot of calories ?


football teams

whitch one would you pick UVA (unaversity of virgina) or VT (virginia tec)


IS baby oil a good lubebricant for skateboard bearings??

IS baby oil a good lubebricant for skateboard bearings??

And what other household items can be use for lube for bearings??


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