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how long can you freeze chocolate candy for?

How long can I freeze left over Christmas chocolate candy bars for?


How to reheat nachos?

Put into a container overnight in refrigerator. now, I want to reheat them to have for dinner or use them to create a new dinner.


FunAdvice Featured *Halloween* Recipe: Bleeding Truffles

You won’t be able to resist biting into these Bleeding Truffles! These innocent-looking chocolate truffles contain a surprise center of red jam that oozes out when you bite into the truffles. For best results, use a jam with a bright-red color, or add ...


How do you get invincible cheats for ultimate spiderman?

How do you get invincible cheats for ultimate spiderman?

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can birds eat golden syrup?

What about
agave nectar, or Honey, or light molasses?
most likely birds as in parakeets cocktails, lover birds, finch


Can I cook & eat an unfrozen pizza?

I have a digiorino frozen pizza that thawed. it says keep frozen. can I eat it?


Will drinking out of crystal make me sick?

Will drinking out of crystal make me sick? Someone told me it would. Is it true? why is crystal so popular if this is true. It must be an old wives tale.


Japanese Soup and salad...

I'm obsessed with the Japanese culture, so I try to learn everything that I can about it! Every time I go out and eat Japanese, they always serve this amazing soup. It's clear with mushrooms and stuff that looks like green onions, but it's full of flav...


japanese food prices

how much is a meal in japan?
I was currious as to how much it would cost in yen.
like, how much is a drink in a vending machine? or at a restarunt?


Is flavored water the same as regular water?

I know to keep healthy, you should drink A LOT of water, me playing sports I do, but off the court I get bored of the taste of water, so I go to pop and such. But if I add the little flavor packets, is that the same thing as drinking plain water? Or do...


How much is 3/4 of a pint in cups?

How much is 3/4 of a pint in cups? Anyone? :) I'm horrible at math and don't know the conversion right off the bat.

Ps- this is for a British custard recipe.


Can I eat yougurt while taking antibiotics?

Can I eat yougurt while taking antibiotics?


How to stop food cravings while on a diet?

What type of activities should I do to control cravings for food while I'm on my diet?


What is your favourite flavour chubba chubba?

Mine is cherry!

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Can you name some good "brain" foods?

(foods that are good for your brain and make you smarter and stuff) besides nuts, egg yolks, and green tea???


What foods can I eat to make my breast grow?

I'm 13 and I don't seem to be starting growing breast when most of my friends have, it's really embarrassing for me to put on tight close or a bikini when I'm so flat chested.. I usually wear a padded bra and just stuff. Are there any foods I can eat t...

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What's good chinese food?

Anyone know any good chinese food? Like noodles? I love chinese food and haven't had it in years. Any good ideas?


What is lard?

What exactly is lard? I know more healthier restaurants don't use it, is it bad for you? Does it make food taste better?


What are some recipes that use a pumpkin?

I have a leftover unused pumpkin from Halloween, what can I make out of it?


What can I replace mushrooms with in a Beef Bourguignon Recipe?

Okayy, so I'm going to be making Beef Bourguignon, and the recipe calls for mushrooms. I utterly hate mushrooms, they make me gag. So I was wondering what I can replace them with? I still want it to be tasty, so I dont want to leave something out witho...


how much water should I drink

I weigh 90 pounds and I was wondering how much water I should drink


How do I dislodge a piece of sharp popcorn in my throat?

It is sharp and in my throat. Whenever I swallow it hurts SO bad. I'm scared. How do I get rid of it? I already tried drinking.

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