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How do you get invincible cheats for ultimate spiderman?

How do you get invincible cheats for ultimate spiderman?

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How many cups of sugar are in a 2 liter bottle of Coke?

I had a discussion with a friend today over what had more sugar... a 2 liter bottle of Coke, or a gallon of sweet tea that has 2 cups of sugar in it...

Does anyone know which one has more sugar?

I know the calories for an 8 ounce serving is 100
The ...


What are people called when they DON'T eat fish but do eat meat?

I do not eat fish because I think it is cruel, but what is that called (like vegetarianism). At first I thought it was a pescatarian but then I found out a pescatarian is someone who doesn't eat any meant except fish. Thanks in advance xxx


How many hamburgers and hot dogs for 100 people?

How many hamburgers and hot dogs for 100 people?


Yummy things to dip in Peanut Butter!

Me and my friends dip EVERYTHING we eat in peanut butter! (Granola,ice cispies,pretzels,cheerios, etc) What do you like to dip in peanut butter~!

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Describe the smell of the breakfeast cooking!

Ok so...

You are lying in bed when you wake up to the smell of bacon, coffe, and pankaes.. The phone rings and its your frined.. Describe the smell of the breakfeast cooking!


Does coke have electrolytes in it?

Which of these drinks can give you more energy while your playing a sport? Coke, gatorade, redbull or water?


On average, how many medium sized anaheim peppers are in a pound?

Naturally there is no exact answer on this, but I'm looking for an average for medium sized anaheims.


I nedd to qain weiqht !

I want to gain weight very fast . help me !


How do I fix my messed up scalloped potatoes?

Okay, so moms going to a dinner later, and I told her id have the food ready.
I got the ham, but I went to make scalloped potatoes, and its kindof runny.
I either put to much milk, or to much water.
the potatoes are done.
Is there something I can ...


How to make Mac and Cheese without milk?

Any advice on making macaroni and cheese without using milk, or as much butter, but still making it taste as good ?


Do you like to eat out or cook at home?

Many people like to dine out on a regular basis.
This can mean an upscale restaurant as well as a fast food restaurant. For the most part, it is quick and easy and there is no clean up. However, there is a cost on the wallet.
On the other end of the s...


What dessert goes with pizza?

What dessert pairs nicely with Pizza?

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Why does everyone always have cravings for chocolate?

Why does everone always have cravings for chocolate?


What is a way to resist sweets and sugar and junk

Hello all! Off season volleyball tryouts are next week and I am trying really hard to resist sweets this week so that it doesn't slow me down. But how can I do that? There is a ton of pie and cakes and brownies in my house from turkey day haha any help...


wierd cravings...

I am a normally really healthy person I dont usually eat junk food. but reciently I have been craving cookies, ice cream, candy, anything sweet I also have been craving bread for some strange reason and I dont even really like bread... I feel like im ...


What is the busiest day for restaurants?

Which day of the year is the busiest one for people dining out in restaurants?


When making jiffy mix cornbread. what if I dont have milk?

I have the egg, the mix, but I dont have any milk :/

do I have to use milk? can water be a subsitute?
or anything else be a subsitute?


What do you call 'soda' where you're from?

Today a customer asked me if I rang up the 'pop'...I was so confused! I was just wondering what some people call their drinks in different areas.


Why do pepper make you sneeze?

Why do pepper make you sneeze?


Where can I buy orangina in the us!?!?

I just visited france and fell in love with orangina and now I can not find it in the us anywhere


Top 10 bad/junk Food

What are the top 10 worst, most unhealthy things to eat?


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