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What is better kitkat or dairy milk?

What do you like better kitkat or cadbury's dairy milk? Please tell me!!

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What foods make you horny?

What foods make you horny?

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Can you eat broccoli cold?

im trying new foods can you eat broc cold


What is the difference between a Slushie and a Slurpee?

Is there any difference between a slurpee. I know slurpee from 7-m 11. but i have seen videos where its call a slushie so i would like to know if there are other difference besides the name or not . If you know tell me please thank you.


If you mix water a flour together does it make dough

if you mix water a flour together does it make dough and if so can you add sugar and cinamon <---(spelled wrong)and what does it makes just curious


Why does everything I eat taste like ash?

Lately everything I eat tastes like crap in my mouth. I don't enjoy eating anymore What can I do so I like food? I don't want to get sick again :/
Peace )O(

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How to make Mac and Cheese without milk?

Any advice on making macaroni and cheese without using milk, or as much butter, but still making it taste as good ?


Pizza, Round, Squares

If pizza is round and so are most garbage cans than why are pizza boxes square?


What foods make your breast grow ?

What foods make your breast grow ?


Do you have to wash meat off before cooking it?

I always wash raw meat off once I take it out of the package, but today I was watching Rachel Ray and she takes raw chicken right from the package and starts grilling it! Aren’t you supposed to rinse it? Or does cooking it kill any bacteria?


What are people called when they DON'T eat fish but do eat meat?

I do not eat fish because I think it is cruel, but what is that called (like vegetarianism). At first I thought it was a pescatarian but then I found out a pescatarian is someone who doesn't eat any meant except fish. Thanks in advance xxx


What is a good way to cook whole chicken breast?

I have some i want to fix for dinner, but im just not sure how to cook them.


What is the difference between roast beef and pastrami?

I was looking for roast beef, but i only found pastrami. There is any difference between them i mean in their flavors or is almost the same.


How much does a 2 liter diet coke weigh?

How much does a 2 liter diet coke weigh


Does coke have electrolytes in it?

Which of these drinks can give you more energy while your playing a sport? Coke, gatorade, redbull or water?


How do I bake brownies with chocolate chips in them?

When do I have to pour the chocolate chips in the brownie batter? What size chocolate chips should I use? White or brown chocolate? If brown, what type? What other ingredients can I put in the brownie or as a topping? Peanut butter? Chocolate bars? Any...


Is it bad if there were little tiny cork pieces in the wine?

I have some wine, but there are little tiny bits of cork in it, is it bad if I drink it?


How to reheat nachos?

Put into a container overnight in refrigerator. now, I want to reheat them to have for dinner or use them to create a new dinner.


Anyone creative enought to help me with an application?

Heyy, I am wondering if anyone could give me some super creative ideas for an application I have to do? It is for a scholarship for a cooking school to help me become a chef! The information says you can do your application anyway you like eg. Tape it ...


Which coke product is the best?

Which coke product is the best?
Would they have to be regular coke? or other flavors?


Does this italian garlic dish have a name?

I went to a resturant a long time ago adn for their italian bread it was a baked juicy carlic clover cut in half and you scooped the garlic out and smeare it on bread. does this particular dish have a name?



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