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  1. 10 Healthy Foods to Eat More
    Whether to begin to understand your diet or to become to healthier, these ten foods are important to be aware of for your next food conquest.
    10 236
  2. Do you like McDonald's? What's your favorite thing to order at McDonald's?
    I love McDonald's and I go there sometimes to get my food. My favorite thing to order is McChicken with medium fries and a large coke
    4 57
  3. What are good salad dressings that don't taste like Hidden Valley Ranch!?
    Something from like Target that are less than $5.00?
    4 11
  4. how often can you eat the same food and what food is it?
    I can eat pizza morning, noon and night. I can eat it hot, cold or anywhere in between. I could also eat it everyday, as long as it doesn't have the little fishies on it
    4 45
  5. what are some of your holiday traditions and favorite things to do and eat?
    2 20
  6. how to make fudge?
    ok so this is my first time making fudge i decided to get a recipe on youtube that a guy made n when i made it mine came out kinda liquidity... like it wasent as thick as his n i thought maybe when i put it in the fridge it would turn out ok but i kept...
    8 18
  7. what is some good seasonings to put on turkey burgers?
    4 30
  8. What is your favorite food?
    Mine is Chinese food. I like chicken broccoli with fried rice, Shrimp lo mien, and McDonald's mcchicken with coke.
    3 12
  9. what is the difference in rice pudding and tapioca pudding?
    3 142
  10. What is the difference in flavor between KFC an Popeyes?
    Tell me please i would like to know the difference, thank you.
    2 36
  11. What do you think of this ad for a restaurant?
    Restaurant ad rice, salad and one kind of meat. I dont think its a good ad, because what if somebody opens another restaurant across the street, and put this ad rice, salad and two kind of meat lol. That would be cool. What do you think?
    2 19
  12. Help me, Oatmeal, cooking
    How to cook the Best Oatmeal breakfast? Share your tips and what you do! I need it And thank you xox
    6 29
  13. Lard Free chips.
    Some Mexican brand corn chips I was eating had this lard free sign on it. lol! Isn't everything lard free these days?
    5 19
  14. Anyone seen the ads for Redd's Apple Ale?
    It's apple flavored beer, I guess and boy oh boy it sounds delicious! Anyone tried any yet? Im craving it and dont even know what it tastes like! X]
    4 14
  15. Is there anyway that restaurants who throw food can give that food to the people
    I used to work in a food factory and they sent me to throw a lot of good food like flour and beans and they were good, but for some reason that i would never understand they prefer to throw to the garbage instead of give it to somebody who need it. Sam...
    5 30
  16. Do you think this was a bad customer service or not?
    I was buying a subway sandwich, and i was asking for the toppings and i told her to put lettuce, tomatoes onions, but i didnt know the name of the other toppings,so i pointed with my finger and tolder to put this and that, and she told me that i have ...
    6 22
  17. What is the difference between canadian bacon and american bacon?
    What is the difference , and why the canadian bacon is so famous here in united states, just wondering. What do you think?
    3 37
  18. if you have a gingerbreadman.....
    Which part do you eat first? I always eat the head!
    3 10
  19. Why a pizza slice is more expensive than a whole pizza?
    I have always wondered why is this, sometimes i just want to eat a couple of slices and then i go to the pizza plice and just one slice of hawaiian pizza costs 3,75 if you buy 2 slices its like 7,50 so i better go to dominos pizza to get a whole piz...
    2 62
  20. What are the ingredients of a hawaiian pizza?
    Tell me please thank you.
    2 13
  21. How do you make sure chicken breast is cooked on a pan or baked? without cutting
    it open. I never know how long, or what degrees to bake it in and end up having to always cut it into chunks to find out if it is cooked.
    3 11
  22. Why Mac Donalds or other fast food restaurant dont make grilled nuggets?
    I dont believe anybody havent thought about this already why Mac Donald doesnt make grilled chicken macnuggets or Wendy or burger king make grilled chicken nuggets that would be good. What do you think?
    2 16
  23. Do you think if i ask the people who work in Dunkin donuts where they get the frozen yogurt machine they would tell me or not?
    I need to know where those restaurants get those frozen yogurt machines i wonder if i ask them to the people who works in dunkin donuts or Mac donalds they would tell me where they get those machines or not tell me please thank you. I need to find a s...
    3 40
  24. What do you like more frozen yogurt or ice cream?
    6 17
  25. What are some quick and simple lunches with ground turkey to bring to school?
    I'm trying to find something that would not be completely ruined being packed in a box then microwaved (some stuff just tastes absolutely horrid left in a box then microwaved). I'm out of ideas with what to do with my left over extra-lean ground turkey.
    4 10
  26. Why burger king employees eat at Macdonalds?
    I saw employees of burger king eating at mac donalds. I like burger king, so that means burger king employees dont like their own food lol. Just wondering What do you think?
    5 41
  27. Why Macdonalds doesnt have fried chicken like in other countries?
    I watched a tv ad from Mac donalds in South America and they sell fried chicken there.I wish they would sell fried chicken too in Those Mac Donalds in United States that would be awesome. What do you think?
    6 9
  28. Is rice cooked from a rice cooker steamed rice? Or just regular cooked rice?
    3 16
  29. What is the difference between regular sugar and splenda?
    I really dont know tell me please thank you.
    2 41
  30. Is this a good name for a bakery?
    ''Get down on your knees and bake'' or is it too long? what about just ''get down and bake'' or any other name suggestions? I want something cute, and/or catchy. funny. unique. read my comments on other names please
    5 31
  31. does putting bread in the refrigerator make it stay fresh longer?
    3 23
  32. Who should i believe if they have it in the menu it must be true?
    I went to burger king to buy a chicken sandwich to get the other one free, like it says in the menu but the women told me that her manager told her that the offer is from jan 28 but the tv ads and the menu in the restaurant say the offers starts today ...
    2 14
  33. How long is pre-cooked, pre-packed meat good for?
    I have some precooked, prepackaged fish & hamburger (hamburger patties) that's kind of old. Probably between 18 months and 2ish years, maybe a bit more. It's always been in the freezer. Are either of them still okay to eat? I didn't eat the fish becaus...
    2 44
  34. What is pure green coffee bean?
    What is pure green coffee bean?
    3 15
  35. is there anything to keep fruits fresh not rotting?
    i work with my uncle in a small grocery store and his produce section rot quick anything out there that an prevent that/
    3 43
  36. Which store have the best coffee among these 3?
    I have drunk coffee in Mac donalds, Burger King , and Wendys and i have to say that the coffee in Wendys is very good i think is better than Macdonalds and Burger King. What do you think?
    2 27
  37. What is the slavic dish called?
    Every year, we have this slavic dish at Christmas. It's essentially saurkraut with tiny bread-balls (like thumbnail sized). It's supposedly pronounced "Buh-bie-kee", but I can't find the correct spelling.
    2 10
  38. Can I use regular lettuce instead of escarole in soup?
    I want to make my mom a lentil soup, but we didn't have carrots. So I found a recipe but it called for escarole. I have no idea what that is, but it looks like lettuce. So could I use regular iceburg lettuce instead of it? Or just not use lettuce or wh...
    2 44
  39. how do i make hot chocolate with real snow?
    2 14
  40. Is Subway as healthy as they say it is?
    4 23
  41. Can fortune cookie dough be refrigerated?
    I need to make fortune cookies but I cannot make the batter and bake them in the oven in the same day because of my busy schedule. So my question is : can the fortune cookie dough be refrigerated? I really hope to hear from you! Thanks!
    3 45
  42. Can you give me a list of tempting desserts
    I'm looking for a long list of tempting desserts
    3 21
  43. French toasts and french fries are from France or somebody made that up?
    I have always called it like that, but i dont know why lol.
    2 17
  44. What should I eat for dinner if i don't have an appetite?
    I haven't been eating much and I'm losing a LOT of weight. This isn't a good thing because I'm already underweight. But I feel like i force myself to eat and it makes me feel sick so i usually just skip meals. I know I need to eat properly but I'm a fu...
    3 21
  45. Your favourite chocolate-chip cookies?
    I am trying to find a really good chocolate-chip cookies reciepe. Wondering if anyone has some ideas?
    2 12
  46. Which one do you like better - Tea or coffee?
    7 17
  47. Do you still eat white bread?
    If so why? If not what kind of bread do you eat?
    8 17
  48. what is a good recipe for fresh salmon?
    Is just puttin lemon pepper a good idea or?
    4 12
  49. Do you think this sign in a restaurant its kind of rude?
    When you go to eat in a restaurant, and in the wall there is a sign that says time for food consuming its 30 minutes, We are rushed in our jobs, taking the train and everything and now we are rushed to eat too. Restaurants , and coffeshouses are suppo...
    5 49
  50. Why do ready meals contain more salt?
    A paragraph wil be fine, i'm not too sure but I think the preservatives have something to do with it xD
    7 20
  51. Are there such things as mini-freezers?
    I know what mini-fridges are, but I need a mini freezer. Do they sell those? If so, where? Thanks
    2 50
  52. What is the difference between roast beef and pastrami?
    I was looking for roast beef, but i only found pastrami. There is any difference between them i mean in their flavors or is almost the same.
    4 822
  53. Is your grandma's food the best?
    Mine's is... gosh I can be eating it all day!!! it's so delicious!!!
    6 30
  54. what is the proper storage for used chicken grease and how long is it good for?
    3 35
  55. do you like orange juice with pulp or without pulp?
    7 19
  56. What do you like more Swiss cheese or American cheese?
    6 12
  57. Can i dry cooked fish?
    I want to make fish jerky and I was just wondering if I could use cooked fish in my dehydrator, or if it must be raw. Thanks!
    6 38
  58. What to make for lunch
    i am babysitting and dont know what to make
    4 26
  59. What are you eating for thanksgiving?
    Are you having anything exotic or extravagant? :) If so, I encourage you to share it! Nothing like working up an appetite before the big feast :)
    5 12
  60. Recipes for Christmas
    What are some good Recipes for Christmas Baking?
    6 18
  61. Why does my green tea become brown after being in my thermos for an hour or two?
    My thermos is not rusting or rusted. It only happens when i put green tea in it.
    5 36
  62. what difference does it make to use baking powder instead of yeast?
    I baked som bread only on baking powder and it was kinda nice, but i wounder whats the differences between that and baking whit jest. will my bread be less healthy or something?
    13 51
  63. What will be your replacement for Twinkies now that they are ending production?
    Hostess is a company that probably never pivoted and grew with the time, so that's why they probably went out of business. But back to my question, did you eat twinkies anyway? If so what are you going to have instead. And will you miss them?
    8 11
  64. What is the difference between a yogurt and a smoothie?
    I thought they were the same, but im not sure tell me please thank you.
    3 43
  65. Does Subway tax their $5.00 footlong subs or does it come out to be $5.00 even?
    4 17
  66. Does soda/Pepsi have alcohol in them?
    4 62
  67. How long can an open container of frosting be in a cabinet until it gets bad?
    2 41
  68. What is an easy way to melt chocolate chips?
    Well.. This weekend, i thought it would be a fun idea if my boyfriend and i were to make chocolate covered fruit. But how can i melt chocolate.. Of course on the stove. Thanks for your help!
    3 18
  69. Do you think it's a good idea to put food in the freezer and then give it to somebody else?
    I mean always when i visit my crazy relatives lol they give me food from the fridge and its like a rock . I mean serously do you think somebody is going to eat this, why dont then they just let them in the fridge that would be eatible, besides i just ...
    2 20
  70. Do you like biscotti?
    4 22
  71. What cereal has the saying "breakfast of champions"?
    9 9
  72. What is the difference between the shrimp and crawfish at Popeye's?
    I thought they were the same thing. Tell me please thank you.
    3 23
  73. What are some alternate sources of protein other than meat?
    12 16
  74. What is your favorite donut?
    To me bavarian creme would be perfect, but i always get dirty with the flour or that white powder lol.
    12 39
  75. What pizza store gives more slices in a large pizza?
    I mean 8 slices or more tell me please thank you.
    2 15
  76. What are some side dishes to go with bifana?
    As you can tell I always know what the main dish is but I have trouble with side dishes haha. So what would you suggest to go with the Portuguese meal bifana?
    4 85
  77. What is a healthier version of a grilled cheese?
    Like i dont want to use butter.
    6 153
  78. How can I make food taste like it's spoiled?
    Trying to dissuade a family member from his insistent cuilinary experimentation which only he likes, leaving the rest of us to either suffer through it or starve. Is there anything one can do to food once it's been prepared to make it look, smell, or ...
    4 29
  79. What exactly is in a Kiddie Cסcktail?
    2 28
  80. What is a good recipe I could use banana peppers in?
    10 34
  81. What do you think of Little Caesar's special $5 large pepperoni or cheese pizza?
    Have you eaten that pizza do you think it tastes good or not.
    8 17
  82. What energy drinks have been made by Coca-Cola?
    2 10
  83. What do you think of Taco Bell in a bowl?
    I dont like it, when i think in taco bell i always think in a tortilla thats what i like i dont like it in a bowl i stay with the tortillas and tacos.
    3 48
  84. What is better to buy - a waffle maker or a grilling machine?
    I think i can do waffles in a grilling machine, but im not sure i think i will choose a grilling machine Any suggestions are welcome tell me please thank you.
    8 37
  85. What is your favourite frozen treat?
    Like ice cream, sorbet, fudge cicles etc...
    22 36
  86. Can you tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke if you try both in a cup?
    I wouldnt know the difference. Would you? What do you think?
    18 45
  87. What's the easiest way to make homemade frosting?
    How much will i need to spend to make it? I'm try not to go no more than $15.
    5 49
  88. FunAdvice Featured *Halloween* Recipe: Vampire's Blood Pomegranate Punch
    Stir up this fruity punch in your cauldron - your little monsters will love its ghoulish blood-red colour!
    2 11
  89. What are some fall/ Halloween recipe ideas?
    2 11
  90. What can I do to brown rice, or make with it, to make it taste good several hours later and microwaved?
    I find that whenever I made brown rice, it tastes disgusting when I eat it later and microwave it. I want to pack it for my lunch when I go on campus but I have run out of ideas how.
    2 14
  91. Is this food list good or do I need to add more?
    if do please tell me what food product or if i need to deduct something? Strawberries (also frozen) Rasberries (also frozen) Blue berries bananas Kiwi Kale (leaf) Spinach (leaf) Cucumber Lettuce Water Chocolate silk Vanilla silk Silk fru...
    7 16
  92. What is a simple and easy way to season green beans?
    3 13
  93. What do you eat when you go to a Chinese restaurant?
    I have eaten shrimp lo mein because its the only thing i know with those names from the menu, but i bet they have other good dishes also in the chinese restaurant if anybody has a suggestion or has tried another dish from the menu in a chinese restaura...
    12 17
  94. Is it really that disgusting that I eat whole tomatoes like apples?
    23 61
  95. Can you name "only one" thing you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
    13 17
  96. Can you tell the difference between Kentucky Fried Chicken and and Popeye's without knowing which is which?
    I don't know if I can tell the difference, but I love both anyway. Tell me please thank you.
    6 51
  97. Is it true that when you used to eat a favorite snack you wouldn't crave it as much anymore?
    I seem to have lost inerest in chips and other snacks that I usedto have a few years or so back. I was only curious if I'm losing interest or whatever xD
    3 8
  98. What should be the other side dish?
    I'm making fried chicken fιngers and mac n cheese. For the other side should i do mashed potatoes, waffle fries, or a baked potato?
    4 7
  99. What are your favorite pumpkin-themed foods?
    8 19
  100. What's the difference between using milk and using water with a can of tomato soup?
    2 19
  101. Why do the students from high schools complain about the school menu?
    I mean i watched the news about high schools students complaining about why the menu has less calories and they say they are hungry and they get tired,but its actually good that the school menu has less calories, they should be grateful that at least t...
    16 19
  102. What kind of foods can I add flaxseed to other than oatmeal and smoothies?
    6 16
  103. Who sells better food - food cart vendors or restaurants?
    To me foodcarts foods tastes better. What do you like more? tell me please thank you.
    5 16
  104. What kind of food would you put on a stick?
    7 18
  105. Are you supposed to eat the skin on a mango?
    12 122
  106. What is better - fried calamari or fried shrimp?
    What will you choose fried calamari or fried shrimp. Tell me please thank you.
    5 29
  107. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: English Muffin Bread
    You will never come across a homemade bread recipe as easy as this. You literally add all the ingredients together at one time, mix, and put in the pans. No need to flour a board, no kneading, no loaf forming, nothing.
    2 35
  108. What's your favorite cereal?
    11 14
  109. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Copy Cat Starbuck's White Chocolate Mocha
    Make a pot of strong coffee and place it next to the crock pot along with the whipping cream, cinnamon or white chocolate shavings. Then your guests can make their own White Chocolate Mocha's. Or if you plan early enough you can just prepare the entire...
    4 14
  110. Where can I find a recipe for a butter rum cream filling for chocolates; or if you have one?
    I can't seem to find one anywhere on the internet, the ones I do find seem to be only for cake.
    4 13
  111. How do you eat a kiwi - with skin and everything, or only the inside?
    7 59
  112. Do you like pastries or not?
    9 37
  113. Is this a lame excuse from McDonald's for not honouring my coupon? (read more)
    I was going to buy hot cakes with this coupon discount, for 1.50 and when i showed him the coupon the guy toldme that the cash register wasnt set up yet, with the offer, but the right thing to do would be to set up the cash register first and then put...
    7 13
  114. How many times can you eat when you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant?
    I only can eat twice and maybe a third time if i havent eaten anything during the day lol, when i go to this chinese restaurant buffet all you can eat for 7.99 lol. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    15 23
  115. Where can I find Tim Tam biscuits in America?
    5 56
  116. What's your favorite pizza topping?
    17 58
  117. What is your favorite food for lunch?
    I have two kids. they always want new in food. Please share information about healthy diet in lunch. Which is good or bad food for my kids ?
    13 43
  118. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Cheese Stuffed Meatball Sandwich
    Meatballs stuffed with mozzarella and baked, then served on a toasted bun with marinara sauce makes a super-simple delicious sandwich.
    2 22
  119. Is powdered sugar and icing sugar the same thing?
    10 27
  120. How many Warheads (candy) are in a 1.5 oz bag?
    I need to know because me and my friends are going to do the warhead challenge.
    2 92
  121. Do sugar substitutes dehydrate you the same as granulated sugar?
    3 39
  122. Whats your favorite Subway Sub?
    13 21
  123. What is the best fast food restaurant?
    21 30
  124. Is Popeye's better than KFC?
    8 38
  125. What does Nutella taste like?
    I see nutella this, nutella that and I kind of want to buy some :3
    10 38
  126. What things should I put in my friendship bread?
    I need fruit, nut and spice ides
    11 19
  127. How would you pronounce lychee?
    I pronounce it like "lee chee."
    7 44
  128. What food is better and healthier - the food sold in the food cart on the streets, or the food sold in fast food restaurants?
    To me the food that they sell in the food carts and the coffee is better than the food in the fast food restaurants like Mac donald or burger king. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    3 27
  129. What dishes would go well with chili?
    I"m cooking tonight and I want to make chili but I don't know what else would go well with it to make a meal. I was thinking chili, cornbread, cheese fries? But it doesn't seem like a real meal to me, more like a combination of delicious fatty food lol...
    9 48
  130. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Red Velvet Poke Cake
    Red velvet cake meets creamy cheesecake-flavoured pudding to make a moist and decadent dessert that's simple to make and sure to impress!
    4 13
  131. Would you go to a restaurant that didn't have a menu and you just eat what they serve?
    13 27
  132. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Root Beer Float Cookies
    [They] are super soft and moist and the frosting on top is what makes the cookie! It doesn't use actual soda pop, but instead uses just a little bit of Root Beer extract (or concentrate) and it adds the perfect amount of root beer flavor. If you love ...
    3 22
  133. What's your favourite food?
    24 37
  134. Do mixes really go bad?
    I found an unopened box of chocolate chip bread mix however the "best use by this date" is over a year old however I don't really understand how it could go bad. Would it be safe to bake it or should I just throw it out.
    2 12
  135. What are your favourite kind of sweets?
    Mine are sour cola-bottles and strawberry laces :P
    28 38
  136. What are some good ideas on how to fake sick so that you don't have to go to school?
    This year the first day of school is on my friend's birthday, but her Mom won't let her skip unless she is sick. I told her to crumble up a granola bar and mix it with orange juice to pretend that she has puked, but she says that she has tried that and...
    12 53
  137. How do meal plans or cafe's work in college?
    I'm very Confused about college Meal Plan's and what does Tuition have to do with it?
    3 18
  138. What is your favourite sauce to put on rice?
    8 13
  139. Is it bad for you to eat cake mix that has raw egg in it?
    12 47
  140. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Cheesy Potato Fries
    (Site author) We went to visit my in-laws one year in Orlando{we scored some ridiculously cheap airplane tickets}. They took us to fun restaurant who had awesome fries for their appetizers. When we came home we craved them liked crazy. They are so eas...
    2 9
  141. How much ice should I put into the blender if I am making a banana and raspberry smoothie?
    2 19
  142. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Cheesecake Truffles
    This is not a cheesecake in the conventional sense. It's a crust-less cheesecake, more like truffles, that's dipped in chocolate. Yumville!
    2 9
  143. When is your favorite time of day to eat dinner?
    13 27
  144. Why is Wisconsin known for its cheese?
    2 64
  145. What is the name of the liquid to make crepes?
    What is the name of that liquid that they put in the frying pan to make the crepe if anybody knows tell me please thank you.
    2 28
  146. Where could I purchase fresh dragonfruit?
    9 18
  147. How do people find out if an unknown food is edible?
    3 13
  148. Where can I find nori sheets for sushi besides online?
    2 16
  149. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: S’mores Cupcakes
    This has long been one of the most popular cupcakes on the site and for good reason. The irresistible graham cracker + chocolate + marshmallow combo is made even better with the cap of pretty torched frosting. First-timers are always impressed and in...
    2 8
  150. Is it okay to put frozen meat in a skillet and cook it?
    6 34
  151. What's your favorite pizza place?
    42 22
  152. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Iced Cappuccino
    Here’s a super chilled java flavour for coffee lovers. Put a few ingredients into the blender and voilà … Iced Cappuccino!
    2 4
  153. How long do homemade fruit smoothies usually last in and out of the fridge?
    5 40
  154. What types of food are you a big fan of?
    More so like snacks, or Chinese, Italian, Greek, Mexican, etc.
    27 34
  155. Where should I go for my birthday dinner date with my boyfriend?
    I like all kinds of foods, just shoot me some ideas cause I don't know where to go and neither does he. c:
    10 17
  156. Does anyone know any smoothie recipes with either raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries?
    Seperate recipes for each. :)
    2 8
  157. Who else loves frozen kefir?
    4 8
  158. What's a good way to cook vegetables without diminishing all the vitamins, fiber, etc?
    7 11
  159. What's your favorite Subway sandwhich?
    16 20
  160. What dish can I make out of taco meat, besides tacos?
    6 295
  161. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Homemade Thin Mints (Girl Scout Cookies)
    These crispy cookies are easy to make at home and taste even better than the “real” thing. The dough is made in advance, rolled into a log and chilled. This allows the cookies to be sliced off easily into rounds so there is no need to fiddle with a coo...
    3 13
  162. How do you make a Virgin Piña Colada?
    3 61
  163. How do you make a Bullicious?
    Everybody gets them at Coffee stands and I tried it & theyre really good! But pricey. I would like to get the recipe if anyone knows it! I couldnt find it online..
    2 308
  164. Are you "hooked" on a particular snack right now?
    I can't get enough chips and salsa (hot salsa) right now for some reason. This has been going on for a couple of weeks.
    19 15
  165. How do they get fat out of food before they sell it?
    Like the differant percentages in ground beef
    4 15
  166. What can I do to lettuce to make it taste better when cooking it?
    14 19
  167. Is Sonic another fast food restaurant like McDonald's?
    They just opened one where i live, and no one is allowed to go there yet
    7 10
  168. What is bean gum?
    3 24
  169. What can I make with diced tomatoes?
    Make it something simple please
    9 9
  170. Is it true that the KFC restaurant is no longer in Ohio?
    4 9
  171. What can I make with all my excess sugar in my kitchen?
    7 25
  172. What is good to eat in this hot weather?
    10 30
  173. Is eating alot of Nutella bad for you?
    8 66
  174. What's your favourite meal?
    21 36
  175. What do you eat with Nutella?
    17 42
  176. What deserts can I make with these ingredients?
    I don't have to use all of these but these are some ingredients that I have in the pantry. Plain Flour Self raising Flour Bicarb soda Coca powder Milk Eggs Golden Syrup Maple Syrup Caster Sugar Sugar
    3 41
  177. What's better - Coke or Pepsi?
    16 56
  178. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Chicken Fìngers on a Stick
    Breaded chicken is a good bet for finicky eaters, and this variation, grilled and served on a skewer, makes it even more appealing to kids. Add your child's favorite dipping sauce, and there might not be any left for the adults!
    2 6
  179. What's a good thing to eat if you have the munchies?
    I am X-tremely hungry but I can't decide what I want to eat. I'll order anything. I have almost everything(foodwise). Suggestions?
    18 32
  180. Where would you find rosewater for food?
    I've never seen them at the grocery stores here.
    4 30
  181. What's your favorite condiment?
    29 24
  182. What traditional dinner do you eat on fourth of July?
    9 38
  183. What should I draw on my toaster strudel?
    3 33
  184. What do you think is better - a calzone or a pizza slice?
    I like the calzone more because they give me the small cup of sauce with it. What do you like more?
    7 24
  185. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Loaded Potato Skins
    Super simple to make, these loaded potato skins will not only satisfy all areas of your comfort zone, but they leave you a little guilty, and make you want to go on a brisk jog the following day.
    2 9
  186. Can vegans eat honey because it's made from bees?
    3 18
  187. What are your opinions about the size that snacks were "back then" compared to today?
    Like Oreo's for example, they used to be $2.99-$3.99 and they had a good variety. Now they go for $4.99 and they sized the portion down as well :/ Same goes for other favourite kinds, Chips Ahoy, cookies wafers, etc. Do you know of any other snacks t...
    6 26
  188. Does anyone know how to add shortening to a pan *without* touching the shortening?
    6 23
  189. Can you freeze peanut butter?
    4 9
  190. What is your favourite kind of apple?
    20 40
  191. What special do you think is better this weekend - McDonald's or Burger King?
    Mac donald is selling spicy chicken bites for 1 dollar and Burger King is selling the classic chicken sandwich for one dollar this weekend too. What will you choose this weekend? Tell me please thank you.
    9 16
  192. Why did Burger King take out the Italian chicken sandwich?
    I think its only temporary, but sandwich its the best with the cheese and marinara sauce, i like it better than the whoppers. They always keep the classic chicken sandwich, but the italian is a lot better. Burger King should keep the italian chicken sa...
    5 33
  193. Which is better to buy - cage or cage free chicken eggs?
    8 12
  194. How do you make your own healthy salad dressing; do you have any recipes?
    It doesn't matter what kind, I pretty much enjoy all dressings. Something simple would be great.
    10 20
  195. What do you put on spaghetti?
    do you just put on regular tomato sauce or butter or do you have to do something to it first?
    22 51
  196. What else do you put on a cheesesteak?
    I put lettuce, tomatoes, onions, hot sauce and sometimes ketchup ;3 Just curious what other toppings you put on yours ;p
    6 14
  197. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Chinese Fried Rice
    Fried rice can be simply prepared with a few seasonings, to elaborate dishes with a dozen and a half ingredients. The variety of fried rice is also limitless, as we can use almost every kind of meat and vegetables. Fried rice also can be served as a ve...
    2 16
  198. Is it bad to eat raw cookie dough?
    17 40
  199. How do you make homemade pink lemonade?
    9 23
  200. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Beer Butt Chicken
    Beer and chicken on the grill - how much more manly can you get? A can of beer, literally stuffed up the chicken's rear, makes it tender, juicy, and full of flavor.
    4 20
  201. What is your favorite kind of hot tea?
    20 39
  202. What kinds of candies/chocolates does the UK have that the US doesn't?
    I'm talking to one of my friends from the UK, and I want to send her more then just two kinds of candy/chocolate so can you list some. :3
    2 35
  203. Why are apricots and other fruits furry?
    4 186
  204. When you first tried coffee how did you react to the taste?
    When I was younger and my mom asked me to hold her coffee and she went to a different room I'd try a sip and think it was disgusting. It smelt so good French vanilla.
    15 17
  205. How do I make spaghetti noodles without sauce and not have the noodles stick?
    7 36
  206. Which is better - keeping ketchup in the fridge or in the cupboard?
    11 34
  207. How many McDonald's restaurants are there in the USA?
    4 35
  208. Is baby formula (milk powder) okay for adults to drink?
    maybe it will not benifit adults completly but i love the taste xD Kerri Care Gold Yummy lol but is i ok for adult to drink it with out causing harm?
    5 84
  209. What's something I could do to pot pies to make them more interesting?
    4 8
  210. Does anyone remember OUCH bubblegum?
    Where could I get it?
    2 19
  211. What was your favourite childhood candy and what is your favourite now?
    28 30
  212. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Lasagna Bolognese
    Rich and hearty, this is a traditional lasagna recipe typical of old country Italian cooking. The list of ingredients may at first be a bit alarming, but I as.sure you that the results are well worth the effort. To simplify the preparation a bit, you ...
    2 7
  213. How to I make a nut crust(walnuts, almonds, dates) without a food processor?
    3 23
  214. What are some different things that are good to shish kebab other than meat?
    Like different kinds of vegetables. o.o
    27 32
  215. Has anyone ever had those really hot buffalo wings?
    8 11
  216. What's your favorite brand/type/flavor of gum?
    23 80
  217. What would u do if u found a freshly made plate of pancakes on the ground on toughed by the stuff around it?
    i am not sure wat i would do yet. maybe eat them, but then again they might have drugs in them. it would be pretty crazy if they had LSD in them i would be tripping like a mofo. there would be all type of crazy things i hope there is a random koala tha...
    6 27
  218. What is the difference between yogurt and a smoothie?
    Is there any difference or are the same thing. Tell me please thank you.
    4 66
  219. How do I make my cake soft?
    Hi guys pls who can tell me how to make my cake soft
    5 28
  220. What is the difference between a Slushie and a Slurpee?
    Is there any difference between a slurpee. I know slurpee from 7-m 11. but i have seen videos where its call a slushie so i would like to know if there are other difference besides the name or not . If you know tell me please thank you.
    5 4453
  221. What flavours taste better together: chocolate & coconut or chocolate & almonds?
    8 8
  222. Do you have to steam silverbeet before cooking it?
    I am making a vege pie and usually I use spinach in it but this time I have brought both spinach and silverbeet. I've never cooked with silverbeet before and am wondering if I should steam it first to wilt the leaves..... I will be cooking the pie at 2...
    2 16
  223. Who would you rather eat dinner with: Presidents Obama and Clinton or Romney and Trump?
    11 25
  224. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: BLT Salad with Blue Cheese
    The classic sandwich is made into a layered salad in this simple recipe. Blue cheese and a quick-fix vinaigrette complete the dish.
    3 16
  225. Why is Cap'n Crunch such a nice cereal to eat?
    6 13
  226. Think Im going to invest in a blender to make smoothies with and get one of those big balls you do situps and pushups on.
    I really want to get myself together, Ive been wating to, but now Im going to. 'Bout time. Shut up, inner voice. What I say? Youre such an ass. -.-
    4 16
  227. How can you make fried rice and is fried rice healthy for you?
    5 15
  228. Is weird that I know how to cook?
    11 26
  229. What are some suggestions for pizza toppings?
    I wanna get the special from dominos to add 3 toppings to the pizza when I buy mi pizza I always have these 3 toppings in a pizza chicken, sausage and meat, but if anybody has suggestions tell me please thank you.
    4 21
  230. How do you soften cream cheese for baking and mixing?
    I've tried leaving it out of the fridge for a while but it's still always too hard for my mixer. Two of our mixers burnt out from trying to mix it.
    5 128
  231. How long would an avocado stay good out of the fridge after being cut in half?
    Is there any way to make it stay good longer? cut in half and out of the fridge.
    4 75
  232. Does anyone know a good brownie recipe?
    4 9
  233. What is a healthy baking blog/website?
    2 12
  234. Does anybody know why hot dogs are called hot dogs?
    4 40
  235. What cheeseburger do you like more: McDonald's or Burger King?
    24 43
  236. Do you guys think oatmeal would work with soy milk?
    5 39
  237. What is the difference between lactose and dairy?
    When somebody is lactose intolerant, apparently it's different than being dairy intolerant.. but I thought lactose was dairy, or in dairy? Or it was the same thing?? Ahh. What's the difference?
    4 14
  238. How do you avoid "The Munchies"?
    7 19
  239. What are some alien-themed food ideas for a 3 year old's birthday party?
    My nephew, Riven, wants an alien party ... we need ideas for alien-style food. Anyone?
    6 55
  240. What are some good cake recipes that I can make with cake from a box?
    I have this picnic thing coming up and I need to bake a cake, but I don't want it to be a simple bake the cake, frost it, and go. I want it to actually be nice, decorative, and tasty. Any ideas?
    5 17
  241. How do you make cupcake batter?
    I want to know JUST how to make the batter becuase I'm going to add my own extra stuff(such as fruit,extracts,choclate,ect.) insted of looking at a recipe. And what do you add to the batter to make the cup cakes moist, is it pudding?
    2 22
  242. What is Spam and is it healthy?
    7 64
  243. What has more calories in general - cake or ice cream?
    7 173
  244. Can you freeze almond/coconut milk so it will stay good longer?
    My mom bought me 2 gallons of almond milk but I use it only on occasions and I don't want it to expire so can I freeze it to use it at a later date?
    4 42
  245. What's a typical dish for the Spanish?
    what do they usually eat like an everyday typical dish?
    3 32
  246. What is a better type of salt to use for cooking?
    I hate salt with anti caking agents or bleaching. My favorite salt is Celtic Sea Salt as it has great flavor and also trace elements and is a greyish colour. Usually salt that is white all the minerals were taken out to make vitemins Yet why doe...
    2 10
  247. What is kosher food?
    I mean its a different kind of food, because in the supermarket i see it and it looks the same like any other food. What is the difference if you know tell me please thank you.
    2 19
  248. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Overnight Cinnamon Rolls
    "Make the night before, rolls rise in the fridge overnight and bake the next morning. Easy and delicious. Enjoy!"
    2 7
  249. What kind of icing is it that's usually used on sugar cookies?
    It dries really hard and flat, it's almost like a glaze.
    3 24
  250. FunAdvice Featured Recipe: Taco Soup
    Taco soup is a hearty, versatile soup with the strong flavors of Mexico.
    6 10