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  1. Decorating Ideas for your Miami Deck
    After working with [deck contractors in Miami, FL](, you are left with a deck that has hundreds of ways to decorate. You may not be sure how to decorate, so read this guide to find out how to style your patio.
    7 111
  2. Granite vs. Cambria countertops
    What is a Cambria countertop anyway? Cambria is a material made from quartz that is an alternative to granite. Both materials are used extensively in countertops. Here are the main differences between the two that will help you to choose. Brought to yo...
    6 51
  3. 10 Things your maid should NOT be doing
    Maids do all kinds of things. Both in hotels and your home. but here are 10 things that, well, your maid should obviously not be doing hahaha.
    11 133
  4. Guide to picking a General Contractor for a Kitchen Renovation
    When it comes to giving your kitchen a new look, finding a contractor that suits you can be a challenge. Between finding a good [renovation contractor](, and managing costs, you might find yourself in a struggle. ...
    8 68
  5. Guide to choosing a Self Leveling Concrete Contractor for Radiant Heat Over-Pour
    When looking to have heated floors, you want to make sure you get the best results as the procedure, if done wrong, can result in a grand loss in money and time. Selecting the right [self-leveling concrete company]( will m...
    6 50
  6. Guide to Buying Vacant Land in Ontario
    Vacant land holds a lot of possibilities, like building your own home or creating a business there. Buying [vacant land for sale]( can be a fantastic way to have a space you can fully customize to your own liking. But there are ...
    8 49
  7. How to pick the best mattress foundation
    If you're an adult, you're just not going to throw a mattress on the floor. Rather, you'll pick the perfect [mattress foundation]( to elevate it, provide support and keep your expensive ma...
    7 164
  8. How to Minimize Your Closet
    If you constantly deal with the annoyance of too much clothing, or beginning to run out is space in your closet for anything, it might be best to have a declutter.
    7 328
  9. Best Winter Recipes for Family Gatherings
    Winter family gatherings are, in Holiday words, very jolly. However, for the host of the gathering, things may take an unexpected turn when faced with the most important question – namely, what’s on the table this evening? At that very moment, you sho...
    8 121
  10. Valentine’s Day Home Decoration Ideas
    Even though you may take your significant other on a fancy dinner, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spend some time decorating your home for Valentine’s Day. After all, it seems that Thanksgiving, Christmas and the good-old Halloween enjoy all the...
    9 135
  11. How To Conduct Roof Inspection | Step By Step Guide
    A roof inspection is an important task for every single homeowner. It helps to save the roof from future damage. Here you will get step by step guide on how to conduct roof inspection like a professional.
    11 96
  12. How to Become Minimalist?
    Embrace feelings and positive thoughts, get rid of things and burdens
    8 95
  13. Common Packing Mistakes You Should Not Make
    Are you relocating your home in Delhi, but worried about the safety of your belongings? Everyone gets worried while moving from one city to other with loads of goods and its completely normal. But, packing your stuff in the wrong way and damaging your ...
    6 40
  14. How To Buy a Refrigerator That Does Not Suck?
    After years of repairing refrigerators, I've decided to help you avoid buying the refrigerators that suck. This guide includes all the steps!
    5 217
  15. Top FAQs on Cleaning of Quartz Countertops
    Today, getting the feeling of wooden or granite in the budget is possible. All credit goes to quartz countertops. They are modern, versatile, eco-friendly and useful materials. These countertops are also known as kitchen benchtops .
    7 127
  16. Home-Selling Checklist: 10 Things to Do Before Selling Your House
    Selling a house is a lot more than just putting up a “For Sale” sign on your porch. It requires due diligence so that one can fish out the best price that the buyer has to offer.
    10 133
  17. How nail gun is different from other power hand tools?
    Lets know nail gun in details with all its secrets.
    8 85
  18. Neolith Worktops: Pros and Cons of Neolith Worktop
    Neolith is a compact surface, featuring a modern look combined with high performance features and aesthetics. Here's everything you need to know about Neolith worktops.
    7 91
  19. Top 7 Tips in Creating More Space in Your Small Home
    Living in a small space can be convenient and poses many benefits, economically and physically. With less maintenance, less clutter and less expensive bills, living in a small home can have its advantages.
    7 77
  20. I don't like killing bugs
    It's just really disturbing to me, especially when I think I killed something by accidentally sitting on it or putting my hand on it, and even if it's as simple as killing a mosquito I just can't bring myself to do it. This goes for small animals too,...
    2 57
  21. Dyson Vacuum vs Shark Vacuums - Which Is Best?
    I was posting this article about comparing Dyson vacuums and Shark vacuums: and wondering what you thought - which is best: Dyson Vacuums of Shark Vacuums? I got more info and ...
    4 46
  22. What is the difference between hardwood flooring & laminate flooring?
    3 42
  23. Which is the good modular building or traditional building technique ?
    2 24
  24. what is the serger
    I hear that the serger is machine do well in finish the fabric.I wanna purchase one .Can somebody deeply introduce it ?
    2 11
  25. What type of decor is my style? From what my room picture shows?
    I need to know what the specific style is that I like. for example: modern, country, Victorian, etc. It would be much easier to find decor I would like but I have no idea what to call it. I've added a picture of my bedroom to show you.
    3 8
  26. How can I get out of this situation?
    Today my mom and I spent $100 on fabric to make infinity scarfs to fundraise for my trip I am going on. We were so focused on finding material we like and getting the right measurements that I JUST remembered that the fabric should look the same on eac...
    3 14
  27. what do you grow in your garden?
    2 37
  28. can you put liquid fabric softener on a leather couch
    3 268
  29. what could be wrong with my toilet
    The tank won't refill itself
    6 46
  30. Should you wash brand new Tupperware before using it?
    I've got some new Tupperware straight from where ever it's made. Should I wash it before I use it? Biggest thing I'm wondering about is the Popsicle makers..
    2 1938
  31. what do think should happen to houses where heinous crimes were committed?
    3 30
  32. Where can i get a sofa bed that opens up into a double bed?
    They are kinda' hard to find.. I want one that'll open up into maybe not a double bed,but bigger than a single bed, also not too expensive!
    5 33
  33. what is a fertilizer plant?
    what is a fertilizer plant?
    3 14
  34. Is there a way to get spray paint to dry faster?
    I sprayed several coats of RustOleum all surface paint on plastic. It says to use in at least 10C temperature, I brought it into the house where it's 20C at least. It says it is supposed to be dry to touch in 30 min, dry to handle within an hour and t...
    4 47
  35. What are some good ways of getting rid of spiders in my room
    without using any nasty bug bomb thing?
    4 12
  36. How to decorate a child and teen's room?
    I share a room with my neice who is five. We want our bedroom done, trouble is we both want different things and we get nowhere because she changes her mind constantly or is stubborn about her one idea and i am apparently just as bad. how...?
    2 14
  37. What is the thing with the tiny apartments?
    Lately, i realized that there are a lot of stories in the media about people living in tiny apartments of 130 squares or less and they expect we accept this like a good thing , Then i have heard that in china people live like this, but even those tiny ...
    2 32
  38. What can I do about the lights?
    So every year there has been someone how messes with our christmas lights. One year the repeatedly cut our candy cane lights, another time they cut the lights on the tree outside and last year the cut our lights on the bushes. THis year they keep break...
    2 39
  39. How do you read the energy usage of an appliance?
    How do you tell if it uses a lot of energy or little? More specifically, do food dehydrators use a lot of energy? As they have to be on for long periods of time. Relative to other kitchen appliances do they use a lot or little?
    2 14
  40. How do I create a workspace in a small room?
    Okay. So I have a small room and on one wall, is my bed, an across is a window so I can't put anything there. On the wall the Edge of my bed is facing, there is a bookshelf, and on the wall with a window, there is my desk, then the window, then next to...
    3 38
  41. Where can I get a copy of the "anyway" poster?
    4 14
  42. Who to call for a "roof gutter?"
    2 20
  43. Why was my closet making noises?
    Why was my closet making noises? As if someone/thing was hitting it or something...kinda like a bang. I used to have the mirror closets but i got now the ones that arent mirrors...
    12 15
  44. What is the style, theme, design, and color of your bedroom?
    14 20
  45. Is there something I can put on my tables, TVs, and shelves to stop dust from accumulating so fast?
    3 16
  46. Is there a way to get ink out of suede?
    2 15
  47. How can I get rid of the odor from my mattress?
    So a week ago i got a new mattress. My cat has been very ill recently and has been urinating on it through out today, it STINKS. I dont know what to do about the smell. Especially since this matress is new. Any ideas?
    4 53
  48. How can I stop my fitted sheet from always coming off?
    my fitted sheet ALWAYS comes off, no matter what. like ill just be chilling barley moving but the corners like to slip off..or when i wake up the corners will be off,and yesterday my boyfriend and i had a wrestling match ..and we ended up having to rem...
    2 49
  49. What are your favourite potted plants (actual plant specimens and/or species)?
    6 29
  50. What should I draw on my wall?
    I like to get creative so any suggestion would be great
    4 19
  51. How do I make the dress from the finale of Dirty Dancing?
    okay so im not actually making this dress but i would like to find one similar and then render it to my liking. I will most likely find just a plain beige/pink dress but im confused about the movement of the dress- ...
    4 50
  52. What temperature should I leave my air conditioning at so my bill don't increase?
    4 19
  53. Can I clean a toilet ring using a lava rock instead of pumice stone?
    Pumice stones are generally expensive to buy to remove a toilet ring in the toilet bow,a lava rock sort of looks same as a pumice,can i use a lava rock instead?
    2 63
  54. Where do they sell really badass/cute teen bedding/decor?
    Basically just what that question says.
    3 8
  55. How do I decorate a room that is dark purple?
    Well my child is 13 and we just moved in but she wanted it dark purple so I painted it dark purple but I'm not sure how to decorate it. Any Tips?
    3 12
  56. How can I get paper off my wooden table?
    I accidentally spilt some nail polish remover on my wooden table and put a magazine over the top and now there's paper stuck on the table which won't peal off. What can I do to remove it?
    3 19
  57. How can I get my Tupperware to stop smelling?
    like if i put leftovers away, and they stay there for a long time when i go to wash them it still smells like the food that was in it, i even tried soaking it in hot soapy water first then actually washing it, but its still smelly, (and sorry if i spel...
    6 91
  58. What theme should I have for my room?
    (And please don't say pink!) lol.
    7 43
  59. Would you own a corpse flower?
    I think there pretty but boy do they stink
    8 34
  60. Can hot glue sticks be yellow?
    2 32
  61. Can someone give me birthday card ideas?
    I'm making one for a friend and I'm at a loss.
    8 11
  62. Can I wash something in a washing machine if it's had air freshner perfume spilled on it?
    Wouldn't it burn or anything?
    2 16
  63. When is a good time to start drying flowers?
    2 9
  64. What questions should I ask the person who's showing me a new house?
    4 12
  65. How do you like your toilet paper - over or under?
    14 15
  66. Where are good places to store a lighter in my room?
    (Bic lighter) (Somewhere hidden, but good)
    8 33
  67. How do I paint walls to resemble an 8-Bit video game?
    I'm a college student with my own place, but my mother lives nearby, so I spend weekends at her house (because my apartment is cramped and she just moved, so she needs help for the next year or so as she settles in and redoes the house to her liking). ...
    4 15
  68. What is the difference among single, twin, king, and queen size mattresses?
    4 15
  69. Is it good or bad to have the AC running during a thunderstorm?
    It's a little hot in my room, and...the fan doesn't seem to be helping and I'm just wondering if it's a good idea or a bad idea.
    5 55
  70. How comfortable is an inflatable mattress?
    Im thinking to buy a new mattress, but i live on the 5th floor, and i dont have elevator, so i think i would buy and inflatable mattress its easier to carry and if i move to another place i can take it with me. What do you think? tell me please thank you.
    10 39
  71. How often do you pay rent in a house?
    I need to get a house in the next year or so, I am renting with some roommates, do you usually pay every month, 3 months, 6 months??
    2 16
  72. Is card stock paper and textured paper the same thing or almost the same?
    5 50
  73. How to get the smell of mothballs out of my room? (read more)
    we have a half dirt half cement basement, which tends to track in a lot of spiders and bugs. so my dad put down mothballs just to come to the conclusion a few days later that they were too strong so he vacuumed them up and let the house air out, the on...
    4 65
  74. Can you get cornered in a round room?
    5 93
  75. How do I get a lip-gloss stain out of my bag's lining?
    2 81
  76. How do you get blood out of a couch?
    12 64
  77. Do you guys open your room windows?
    i do expecting fresh air the rooms smell when the windows are closed but my dad disagrees he said germs enter the room??
    9 19
  78. What is a cool flower that would look nice in black and white other than a rose or a lily?
    Something not too cutsey, though, if that makes sense. A flower that looks good by itself too.
    4 12
  79. How intrestested would you be in this story?
    I awoke not remembering a thing of the previous week in a tiny dark wood cottage. I arose and began to walk towards the door; the floorboards creaking under my feet, but as I arose the pain hit me my back became sore and and my knees weak; I fell to th...
    12 41
  80. Can I cross-pollinate an apple tree with a lemon tree?
    Is this possible? I am planting seeds from apples, lemons, ect which are growing. The reason I am doing this is because I love watching life grow and thrive. Fruit would just be a bonus. If this is successful and there is not already a fruit like that ...
    6 45
  81. How to make my signed shirt (with sharpie) not fade?
    Like i know you're not supposed to wash it often etc, but like should I limit wearing it ? how can i make it not fade
    5 48
  82. How to decorate your room without buying anything?
    this might sound wierd but what does your room look like? does it have posters on it? like how do you usually decorate your room? these are some things about me that might help with ideas of decorating: i'm 13, a girl, i love one direction, fall out bo...
    15 183
  83. Is there an alternative for using Shea butter when making soap bars?
    11 11
  84. How do you get nail glue off of a hard surface?
    i accidently got nail glue on my laptop? oops
    3 27
  85. What is the strongest possible pesticide that can really work on getting rid of bed bugs?
    Please can anyone help me!!!!! I recently moved into this house that i know now was and is infested with bed bugs. I really really need to get rid of them for the safety of my baby and mysefl. I dont have the kinda money to just up and move and i real...
    3 24
  86. How many gallons is a pool thats 46 ft in length, 34 ft in width, & 12 ft deep?
    14 61
  87. Anyone have any advice on how to open a stubborn c0cktail shaker?
    2 6
  88. What's the difference between down and down-alternative comforters?
    3 45
  89. What should I do to my lamp to decorate it?
    7 13
  90. How can I create word search puzzles myself?
    I was just curious, do you guys know any decent software or add-ons that can help with making word searches. Thanks!
    2 12
  91. Can roasted and salted seeds still germinate?
    I am saving all seeds/bulbs/saplings/even pinapple tops and growing them. Just curious as to the probability of this actually working.
    2 38
  92. Where can I buy/rent tablecloths?
    5 4
  93. Which is more affordable: one bedroom apartments or a studio?
    2 11
  94. When is the right time to dig up lillies?
    5 12
  95. What do I need to know about living off the land in WA state?
    I am currently living by the Cascades, however I plan to live off the land for some time. What plants can I eat, what is the best way to preserve food? No bullcrap of prepackaged food items as I plan on doing this for awhile. Would it be necessary to f...
    2 9
  96. How do I remove and replace new carpet where it's stained?
    So I dyed my hair in my room months ago which was the worst mistake of my life, I was going to just bleach the part where it was dyed but I ended up droping the whole bleach on my carpet so it's like a big circle of bleached stained in my room but it's...
    2 20
  97. Can anyone give me themes and colors for my bedroom?
    Maybe like pictures of different themes. Thanks(:
    2 11
  98. What are some ideas for decorating my new bedroom?
    I don't know if I should keep doing my peace sign theme for my bedroom, or switch over to zebra print. My brother is leaving for college and I get to decorate his room and make it mine. The 1st and 3rd bedset is going to be centered around my theme. ...
    12 24
  99. How to not be so shy and embarrasssed in the bedroom?
    6 62
  100. What happens when you spray paint on top of paint?
    3 14
  101. Where do you go if you want to see houses in your town for sale?
    4 12
  102. What's the difference between steel and stainless steel?
    Is one harder than the other? What makes it different? Why is one stainless?
    10 32
  103. Is it possible to add words to a dog tag with a soldering gun/iron?
    I would buy the dog tag but im wondering if i would be able to solder the words into the dog tag/heart and if i could cut out the heart from the dog tag?
    4 64
  104. How do I get the paint stains out of my jeans?
    2 18
  105. What brand of paint is best for a Schwinn?
    2 50
  106. How do you get dishwasher detergent out of the rinse agent area?
    what do I do now I put dish detergent in my dishwashers rinse area how do I get it out ?
    3 8
  107. Do you find it amazing how long an "AA" battery lasts in a wall clock because you almost never have to replace it? (read more)
    I know it's a dumb question, but think about it, we need a way to harness that longjevity and efficiency and impliment it into something that really matters. (shew, I almost sounded stupid there, put pulled out of it)
    5 74
  108. Does coconut oil clog drains?
    So, I've been using coconut oil on my hair but my dad said it will clog the drain when I wash it out. I know oil clogs drains but I only oil my hair once every 2 weeks and use about 1 tsp. I don't want to give it up b/c it works well but will it do alo...
    3 151
  109. Would you rather live in the country or the city?
    Me country of course haha
    20 31
  110. Is there a way I can make old paint new and runny again?
    7 45
  111. What other crafts/hobbies might I like?
    At the moment I really like nail art and making things from polymer clay. But I'm looking for something else but my mind has gone completely blank and I can't think of anything else I might like to try.
    12 13
  112. Where can I get some really badass bathroom decor?
    My sister & I want to redo our bathroom and we want really badass and bright stuff!
    6 44
  113. What are good ways I can decorate my binder?
    12 54
  114. What is the purpose of haveing a flat head screwdriver and a phillips when we could do just fine with one or the other?
    4 8
  115. What could you put on sweet photo frames as a top coat?
    I want to try making sweety photo frames, like sticking jelly beans or love hearts but what could I put on the sweets to stop them going manky?
    3 12
  116. How to recreate a spa-like experience at home?
    7 9
  117. What's the system for doing dishes in your house?
    How do you and your family do the dishes/is there a schedule or a sytem. My family is having issues with it so I just wanted to see how other people do it. I mean this for the people who have 2 or more people living with them, or kids. Thanks,
    9 30
  118. Why is my dishwasher leaving the dishes really wet even after using the drying option?
    It was working fine before but now all the dishes are wet and we have to dry them with a towel before putting them away. It is only four years old.
    4 31
  119. Is it just me or is stain glass just so ugly?
    12 32
  120. What can I use to hang up posters/ pictures on my walls?
    I don't want to use pins, duct tape doesn't seem to work too well for me...and I don't have sticky tack. anything else work well?
    8 51
  121. Where would I go to get a big old steam trunk refinished?
    It's made of wood, the inside is gross. The wood on the bottom of the trunk seems to be crumbling apart. Someone's told me that I can get it refinished so it looks new again, what sort of person/shop would I bring it to?
    2 30
  122. What are some pretty, fragrant, perennial flowers I could put in my flower bed?
    Please don't mention Lillies because I already have a lot of those. Thanks in advance
    6 7
  123. How to take care of a miniature rose plant?
    I got a minature rose plant for Valentines Day from my boyfriend. I don't know how to take care of it, and I don't want it to die. Please help me?? :D
    3 18
  124. Why do some guys find it difficult to get an erection in the shower or bath tub?
    14 80
  125. Is urine bad for plants trying to grow?
    i want to grow avocados with the toothpick method and wondered if i put a little pee in the water, would it grow faster? i have heard that people also used their animal's poop to mix in soil also.
    18 76
  126. What bedroom theme options do I have using the colours light blue, turquoise, or light green?
    I'm moving my bedroom into a different room, but I don't know what colors to paint my room or what theme. My only real color options are light blue, turqouise, or light green. Please help!!! Also, if it helps, my furniture is white.
    11 28
  127. Is there a website that you can use to find the history of a house?
    I am trying to research my Grandparents home that was built in the 1800's, and was tore down in 1998. I think it was built around 1860 or so.
    2 109
  128. When did they stop using square nails in home construction?
    I also want to know if there is a website where you can find out the history of a certain house? Kind of like "carfax" except for houses lol. Maybe I will ask this in a seperate question.
    2 205
  129. Why do people live in areas known for natural disasters then complain when they happen?
    7 30
  130. Are there any websites to find out who died in your house?
    7 25
  131. Does anybody have a pet flower?
    14 41
  132. Does a space heater count as heat in your house?
    I thought when you rented a house out you had to provide the basics, a roof, windows, doors, hot water, running water, and heat. My landlord gave me an electric space heater when I told him that my heat was not working. Does a space heater count as the...
    5 67
  133. Is it strange to keep the plastic on your bed?
    7 14
  134. How big is your dream house
    If cost wasn't a problem how big of a house would you make? What would you have that you don't now?
    7 34
  135. Do you adjust your home heating/cooling thermostat or leave it alone, regardless (read more)?
    This one stays on 68 year around no matter how cold or hot it gets outside. I think it has saved me money in the long run by not messing with it. I'll tell ya why if you wanna know.
    8 23
  136. Do you put the toilet paper roll to roll "over" or "under"?
    15 28
  137. Would you bathe in a bathroom with clear glass walls showing outside?
    This is just one of a few designs listed as "Extreme", Read about it :
    16 21
  138. Why does cement need water to harden?
    3 35
  139. What is the proper way to store iron skillets if you're not going to use them and what do you need to do to them once you bring them out of storage?
    2 7
  140. What are some inexpensive ways to soundproof a room?
    My boyfriend may end up moving in with my parents and I because he can't get along with his mom or dad at all (it's honestly really really bad..) and the only thing he's worried about is that he makes a lot of noise at night because he games until the ...
    4 12
  141. Does anyone else light candles in their room?
    I love them! So relaxing♥
    12 29
  142. Would you buy a house that has a missile silo attached to it?
    The previously $4.6 million lot has been reduced to $750,000 for quick sale. I think it would be kind of cool ... tonnes of storage space! Read about it:
    12 15
  143. How to hang curtains from a ceiling?
    How to like the picture attached
    2 36
  144. Are log cabins warm?
    4 13
  145. What are some websites where I can find houses for rent?
    it'd be better if it wasent through am agency?
    2 22
  146. Have you received many Christmas cards this year?
    Post them for us to see!
    7 6
  147. What are the pros and cons of renting a mobile home in a mobile community?
    I'm trying to move this month and for all those who want to know i've decided to keep my baby. I've tried looking for apartments in the city of milwaukee where i currently stay and I'm having no such luuck. the building i'm staying in now is not suitab...
    2 38
  148. What are some good incense sents to get?
    I love and want to try some need sence what kind or sense do you recommend
    2 9
  149. Who else loves the Christmas lights that are connected to music?
    6 7
  150. How do you get grease stains from cooking food off of clothes?
    6 6
  151. How to redecorate my room "hipster-ish"?
    How can i redecorate my room without spending alot? I want my room to look kinda hipster, kinda edgy ? —
    8 23
  152. What colour of paint should I use for the house?
    So far all the walls in each room have been painted Magnolia but the feature walls are's what i have painted for the feature walls in each room: 1st room= the feature wall is Aubergine 2nd room= the feature wall is chocolate 3rd...
    3 33
  153. How do you make those bobbles on scarfs?
    I'm a knitter, so I am making four scarfs, one for my husband, two best friends, and my baby sister, but I want to add those bobbles that hang from strings at the ends, and I don't know how to make those. Can someone tell me how?
    2 8
  154. Do those Chia Pet things really work?
    4 11
  155. What colour should I paint the kitchen walls?
    I'm getting the kitchen fitted with everything new... Got the units ordered Wickes which are white... Bought a Conventional Oven which is Stainless Steel... The worktops are black... I'm going to put vinyl on the floor but i don't know what colour ...
    9 23
  156. What can I do to stop my washer from getting grease spots on my clothes?
    3 10
  157. Why do we wash towels?
    Aren't we clean when we come out of the shower ?
    10 12
  158. What colors will your Christmas tree be decorated in this year?
    Mine will be blue and silver :)
    23 40
  159. Are there special paints that are meant to be using on clothing?
    I got this idea to make my boyfriend a special shirt. I have no idea what's out there to use whether paint works well or some kind of glue and cut out letters.
    2 9
  160. What materials could I use (that I can find around my house) to make a catapult?
    2 33
  161. What's the difference between antique iron skillets and the newer iron skillets?
    7 15
  162. Is it normal for steam/smoke to come out the side of my dryer?
    i put my dads clothes in the dryer so i could wash mine and there is smoke or steam coming out the not completely sure witch on but i think its steam. but anyways i got scared and turned it off because the laundry room is in the basement and...
    8 304
  163. What's your favorite kind of flower?
    23 25
  164. What website can I go to to get the blue book value of lawn equipment?
    4 17
  165. is this wrong? high...
    ok well i got high with a friend last night and i took a shit behind the tree in the park then her friend took us to her house and my friend took me in the bathroom and told me to wipe my ass and she didnt leave until i did but i didnt so she did it fo...
    6 16
  166. Should I leave the avocado seed in the sunlight or does it need less light??
    I've been planting avocado seeds in the house because i've read that it soundn't be in direct sunlight till it has grown a stem but i have also read that the seed should always have direct sunlight. which one is true.
    2 38
  167. What's the best method to clear a shower drain?
    Basically, my roommate and I need an effective way to unclog our shower drain. She doesn't want to use Drano because she thinks it will damage the pipes. I'm just not sure that sticking a hanger in the drain is going to do the trick.
    4 25
  168. How to make a soda pop can costume?
    Being soda pop cans at school with a group of friends. we were thinking of just getting T-shirts and putting the logos onto them, and maybe wearing some of our color with it aswell. its just at school so it doesnt have to be all out. but is there a way...
    4 183
  169. Would it be alright to clean the inside of my oven with Comet?
    3 53
  170. How do you hang up pants in a closet - do they sell pant hangers in stores?
    I don't like folding pants over onto a hanger or anything and I've never seen actual pant hangers in stores before?
    7 29
  171. How do I remove rust stains from my favourite pants?
    i bought a beautiful pair of electris blue pants, was very excited. the first time i wore them i ruined them when i sat on a rusted chair :( i tried buying a new pair but they were out, so now im trying to remove the stain, please help :(
    11 18
  172. What's a popular bedroom theme/your favorite?
    like a zebra comforter with gray walls or whaat?
    2 24
  173. How much does the average window air conditioner weigh?
    How much does an average air conditioner weigh? Like the kind used in windows on houses. Just need a ballpark answer, not an exact. Thank you.
    3 154
  174. How can you get candle wax out of carpet?
    One of my flatmates spilled candle wax all over her carpet and we need to get it out before the landlord sees it. How can you get candle wax out of carpet? The carpet is short haired and worn so not fluffy or new. The wax has been there for about 5 days.
    3 44
  175. Why is it that when I try to organize things, they seem to get messier than before?
    Goodness, so much for my mad cleaning skills ^_^
    5 35
  176. Is there a cheap good apartments in NJ that isnt in a bad area?
    I need help... maybe a loft or apartment under $1000. *I need to know where in nj is cheap but not in a urban area. That is all.*
    7 30
  177. What are moth balls used for?
    8 38
  178. How can I get a blood stain out of my clothes?
    13 40
  179. Does anyone else like dead plants?
    I know its cliche, but i keep a dead rose in my room. i think dead plants are beautiful, in almost like an insightful kinda way :3 if that makes sense.
    6 35
  180. How can I make my clothes shrink, because the bottom of my tanks always get stretched?
    its extra small but yet its big.. i like it to show my belly alittle how can i make my tank top a bit smaller / tighter
    3 55
  181. Should I replant my marijuana plant?
    I lost my my girl, mary jane, she died today cuz the heat was to intense and She didn't survive. She's in gods hands now but she will be reborn, now I feel that its necessary that I use the same flowering pot for the new mary jane to grow and be loved,...
    2 40
  182. How do you wash a huge blanket?
    like a comforter, I think its called? I haven't really washed clothes before and I don't want to ruin my comforter, I can't take it to the dry cleaners or anything.
    6 64
  183. Is there a way to get all the moisture out of a wine bottle?
    I have a wine bottle filled with flower petals, there might be a little bit of moisture in it and I don't want the petals to rot, is there a way to get the moisture out?
    4 161
  184. Does anyone know how to get liquid foundation out of white leggings?
    5 66
  185. How to get dog pee out of a textile pillow?
    well yesterday my dog yea.. And i washed it with hot water and sope. Yeah fail ifoumd out your not suppose to use hot water? Well the smells gone and the pee stain but know it has this thin whater line where the water didnt didnt touch the other spot...
    2 16
  186. What fragrance method should I use?
    scented candles, aromatherapy oil/ essential oil, or liquid potpourri.
    4 18
  187. What are some cool design ideas for my bedroom?
    I'm thinking lava lamps but what else? ^-^ I like stuff that glows... lol (P.S The walls are white at the moment - for my colour scheme: anything that works except pink ahah. I like blue and purple just not too girly please. =3) But I'm open to any ...
    4 23
  188. Can you mix acrylic paint in with regular paint to paint walls to give it a darker color?
    2 62
  189. How can I remove sharpie ink from my backpack?
    Back in May, 1 of my friends wrote on my green Jansport backpack in black Sharpie. The high school I'm going to has a strict dress code and we can't have anything on our backpacks. Is there any way I can get it off without ruining the bag
    6 3666
  190. How long does it take to close on a pre-foreclosed house?
    4 21
  191. What are the directions for making a hybrid plant?
    i really want tomake a hybrid between a marigold and something else.
    2 21
  192. Can I use my shampoo as a detergent for hand-washing my bras?
    such as pantene shampoo, i have that.
    4 57
  193. What is the most difficult thing you will do today?
    I may mow the grass and weed around the house. That's about it.
    31 48
  194. How do you know how old your original Schwinn bike is?
    I have a really old schwinn bike in my back room. I dont know how old it is for sure. Everything on it is original the seat the paint the horn the basket the loading rake and even the tires. I have 2 things to ask How can i tell how old my bike is? And...
    2 37
  195. What is the best way to get rid of stains?
    I want to know how to get rid of juice and soda stains on my couch. It is not leather. I want to get the stains out. Help plz
    3 51
  196. how can i make a strap on underwear vergina?
    underwear with a fack vergina on the out side bottom ware a real vergina would be. how can i make one?
    6 48
  197. How do I properly use lacquer thinner?
    I am using lacquer thinner to remove spray paint from a piece of slate. How do i do that?
    3 15
  198. How much upkeep and expense does it takes to maintain an above ground pool?
    I've been thinking of getting one of those $500-$700 above ground pools you set yourself but I don't know much about how much maintenance do they require.
    3 21
  199. What's the point of pressing a flower ?
    4 34
  200. How do you fully get into cleaning?
    3 19
  201. Why do some perennial flowers multiply year after year, and others don't?
    I have 3 differant kinds of lillies, I don't know which kind, but the ones that smell real good don't multiply, I planted 1 plant 5 yrs ago and there is still only one plant, I have 2 other kinds that don't smell at all and I planted 1 each of them 5 y...
    4 16
  202. Can you get sweat stains out of a white shirt?
    9 41
  203. How do you press a flower?
    I've tried just about every think i can think of trying to press roses and it's starting to piss me off because I've ruined a lot of really good roses. I even ruined my graduation rose trying to press is. How you press a flower?
    3 29
  204. What is the best way to remove 3-quarter-inch plywood from a floor?
    10 31
  205. When talking about swimming pools, what does spoof 25 ft mean?
    6 17
  206. How can I restore my discoloured white appliances?
    Over time, several years in fact, the coating on my fridge/freezer, has, in places discoloured. It is not an overall discolouration, which would be OK. Is there a way to bring the white back to white?
    5 47
  207. How do you get blood stains out of your bed mattress?
    16 46
  208. What is the best way to get chewing gum out of the carpet?
    There is chewing gum in my carpet. I don't know when it happened, but I really want to remove it. Does anyone have a way that it can be removed quickly, without damaging the carpet?
    7 50
  209. What are things to watch out for when buying a condo?
    like i know you have to ask the real estate agent if he or she is licensed to sell this house.
    5 9
  210. Why are homes built on street levels and not on higher levels like condos?
    condos are on the 2nd floor or 1st floor.
    2 40
  211. Is sticking an orchid in the window ok for it or does the window need to be open?
    I have 2 African violet plants and they have been doing well. However, I just recently bought a $15 orchid plant and I want to make sure it has the best care because orchids are my favorite flowers and I don't want to kill it because it doesn't have en...
    3 18
  212. How come single family homes look so tiny but condos look so much bigger?
    5 9
  213. What can I do to stop my velvet clothing from rolling up in the dryer?
    7 151
  214. When should I plant my bean plant in an actual garden?
    It's like 11 centimeters tall and it has two big leaves but how do I know when to plant it? Like if it's strong enough or not.
    8 18
  215. How to wash Nike Air Max 2011 shoes?
    washing will damage it?
    4 55
  216. Is it bad if your body temperature is 3 degrees lower than normal?
    7 79
  217. How can you tell if a bed is a full sized bed, or a queen?
    My bed looks like a full size bed, but everyone says it's a queen. How do you tell?
    8 63
  218. What is more expensive - washing machines or doing the dishes?
    Does the maintainace of washing machines cast more than just washing dishes the 'ol fashioned way? Or does the soap and water used during washing the dishes stack up more £££??
    7 24
  219. How to make a homemade plant cover?
    I have just replanted my carrots and spring onion seedlings and I need something to cover them to protect them from birds and snails and slugs. I did have a plant cover but I can't find it. Could I use a bin liner with holes poked in it or should I use...
    3 41
  220. How should I plant this bean seed that it will survive?
    So my friend was growing this bean plant in Biology, but he didn't want it so he gave it to me. It's starting to grow a leaf and it has like 10 or 12 roots. It's sitting on a wet paper towel in a petri dish right now, and I have no idea what to do with...
    6 18
  221. What is the best age to transplant a tree?
    I have two baby trees: a southern pine and, I believe, some type of maple. The southern pine I got from Lowe's a few weeks ago during their Earth Day tree giveaway. The presumed-maple is growing right up against my house in the front yard. I have ...
    2 99
  222. When buying a condo what does "HOA Dues: Fees" mean?
    like HOA Dues: Fees: 156 only 156 dollars??
    3 29
  223. What's a good paint color and/or tone to go against stark white walls?
    The apartment I'm looking at moving to allows you to paint as long as you repaint everything back when you leave. The walls are stark white. Like the whitest walls I've ever seen. The carpet is also light, so some colors on the wall would be really ...
    11 24
  224. What's better - a condominium or a home?
    12 31
  225. Where can I get clothes hangers for free?
    7 12
  226. If I had a room made of cotton candy, would it be warmer than the rest of my house?
    Like if the walls and everything were made of cotton candy. Cuz like wouldn't it sorta like insulate the room? Theoretically, obviously xD
    11 25
  227. Which is more fuel efficient - using your vehicle's air conditioning, or rolling down the windows?
    It's been said that using AC sucks up fuel fairly quickly, but keeping the windows down causes wind drag (especially on highways) ... so, what's the verdict?
    15 44
  228. How can I get the smell of vodka out of a plastic cup?
    It sat in there for like 3 weeks and the smell seems to have like embedded itself into the cup. I washed it like 6 times and it didn't help. Any advice? Or is it just a lost cause?
    8 45
  229. What type of lizard could it be?
    Yesterday I was at my aunt's house in Pheonix, Alabama. She has trees, plants and shrubbery around her house. She also has a few holes at the foundation of her house, where you could stick half of your shoe in. What my aunt and cousin seen was about a...
    5 27
  230. What is a better color for a baby boy's room - blue or yellow?
    20 25
  231. does this count as resisting arrest?
    My parents called the police because I apparently assaulted them, I never touched or hit them, they were under the influence of alcohol. I did throw a plastic ashtray but it wasn't thrown in the direction and it didn't hit them. I was then thrown down ...
    2 32
  232. Are you supposed to flush tampons?
    22 115
  233. What could I do to make my pillows extra fluffy again?
    what could i to to make my pillows to be extra fluffy?like new??
    5 39
  234. How to make a bracelet out of materials you can find in the average home?
    4 17
  235. Can you take a seed out of any vegetable and plant it?
    8 29
  236. What is the easiest way to get wallpaper off your walls and what things would you use?
    10 35
  237. Does it save more water if you use a dish washer?
    Does a dish washer uses up more water or less than conventional hand wash?
    3 17
  238. What's the difference between a skillet and a pan?
    5 11
  239. How can I prevent my baby's stuffed animals from getting dredlocks?
    No I'm not taking them to the salon. Washing machines make them worse. If you tell me to brush them, they will keep their dreds :) Hoping there is a good sane way to prevent this.
    9 17
  240. How do you wash delicate clothes?
    5 28
  241. Why are Blue Rose Bushes so hard to find?
    7 34
  242. How do I get chicken grease out of my grey cotton and modal shirt?
    6 53
  243. How do you stop mud-brick houses from deteriorating?
    I live in a mud-brick house and bits of dry mud keep falling off...... save me before I get coverd in dirt!!!
    6 30
  244. How long does it take for bananas to grow and be edible off a banana tree?
    2 71
  245. What are some good, long lasting, and good smelling candles I can get?
    6 34
  246. How to moisten dried paint?
    Any kind of paint. Also can you revive dried stone paint? (Its like a paint sort of thing that is sorta made of sand or something.. it looks like stones or cement when you paint it on)
    4 46
  247. Where can I find a wall plug-in for my daughter's baby swing?
    A friend of the family gave it to us but she misplaced the cord that plugs it into the wall. We have been running it on batteries but that is getting expensive. Its a large rainforest baby swing and i need a cord that has a wall plug in and a small rou...
    2 15
  248. How to make a bow an arrow?
    Please dont answer this question if you have no experience...thanks :) How do you make a bow an arrow? I have tried to make them in the past, and please dont just tell me to find a stick and attach a string to it, i wan something that is really going...
    4 43
  249. How would you describe your bedroom?
    30 73
  250. What kind of plug do I plug my big curling iron into if it has the plug things that make a v-shape?
    their not straight like most things are?
    10 25