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removing marker and fabric paint from walls

I just bought a house that has permanent marker and puffy fabric paint all over the walls, how do I safely get this off without ruining my drywall


Strange pink stains on my shirt (armpit area)

Okay, so I put my shirt through the washer (and dryer, blahblahblah) but when it came out, the armpit area on the sleeves were pink! I have no idea why. is this common at all? and how can I get rid of the pink stains?


How much does the average window air conditioner weigh?

How much does an average air conditioner weigh? Like the kind used in windows on houses. Just need a ballpark answer, not an exact. Thank you.


Flies on holly tree

Our neighbour has a large holly tree which attracts loads of flies(like bluebottles) making it impossible for us to sit outside on a sunny day. Have tried spraying leaves with garlic which stops them for a little bit but back they come. Any one got any...


Holly bushes

In the spring of every year my holly bushes attract flies an abundance of flies. How can I stop this? Also my leafs on the holly are getting some kind of soot on them every year, what could this be? And how can I solve this?


I licked bleach that was on my hands on accident..

What can happen?
I was using bleach on a shirt I had,and my hands were drenched in bleach..
It had dried on my hands,and I put my finger in my mouth not thinking.
Am I okay,or is that dangerous?

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How to make a wood card?

My boyfriends birthday is comming up and I was watching wizards of waverly place and the one kid dean made alex a card telling her how he cared made of wood. He is in construction so I thought that would be cute, but I cant find how to make one or find...



whats the most amazing thing thats ever happend to you on christmas? (or for christmas?)

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What goes with red carpet?

We are buying a house with one bedroom having red carpeting. What color walls and accessories do you suggest? And do you think we have to have red curtains or drapes?


What do people think of Real Estate Agents?

I am in Real Estate proffession I would like to know What people think of Real Estate Agents


How long does a money tree live?

I saw the question on money trees and our money tree has been around for a few years now and I was wondering how long they normally live?


How do I multiply or propagate my money tree?

How do I make a cutting and grow a new money tree from an old one?


How can I remove sharpie ink from my backpack?

Back in May, 1 of my friends wrote on my green Jansport backpack in black Sharpie. The high school I'm going to has a strict dress code and we can't have anything on our backpacks. Is there any way I can get it off without ruining the bag


P-trap and Lip on drain

Can you install a bathroom P-Trap backwards?

What is a lip on a kitchen drain line and is this lip visible?


How much does it cost to build an apartment complex for 50,000?

How much does it cost to build an apartment complex for 50,000 people?


How do I get rid of this fungus(?) on crushed rock/cement?

I have an outdoor fenced area covered with crushed cement and pebbles that I park a trailer on. While spraying weeds in that area I noticed what looked like a lot of mushy dog poop, looking closer I see that it is some kind of fungus that looks like do...


Iron on patches, can you reuse them?

once an iron on patch has been removed, can you re-iron it on?


How do you plant a sun flower???

How do you plant a sun flower???


using bleach without my rubber gloves?

My husband wants to see me, using bleach without my rubber gloves.
Should I listen to him?

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How do you stop water from entering a cellar?

How do you stop water from entering a cellur? We just bought a new house and our cellur is filled with water. How do we stop this?


Money Tree droopy leaves

I have a money tree that I have had for a little over a month and half. recently I have noticed some of the leaves have turned yellow and are drooping. what do I do? I know that I am not supposed to over water it, I typically wait until the soil is c...


Where can I find my house history, I think it's haunted

Title.. Self explanitory


Getting hair dye off a wooden table?

I got hair dye on my wood can I get it off?

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Is it okay to be obsessed with being in my room?

I just recently finished my 'jonas wall' & now I hardly ever want to come out of my room. Its not too big, or not too small. I just feel SO comfortable in it. Is that ok?


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