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Will bleach remove Sharpie?

ok so yesterday I was in art class and my friend accidentally marked my white shirt with a red and a black sharpie. will bleach get it out? if not, will anything? what a waste of $30 =P


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Why are my money tree leaves turning brown and white?

My money tree leaves turning brown and some tips are turning white?? What to do??


What colours would be good for my new room?

basically im getting a new bedroom done, medium sized, im gunna be 14, maybe something to do with running swimming or dancing. a hangout spot for me and friends and any colours for walls which show the light.


What should I do to stop deer that are destroying my plants?

I like deer, but lately they have been destroying my landscaping. It’s such a large area that fences or netting would be a pain and an eyesore. My landscaper friend said to use deer off. Said it was the most effective spray he’s ever tried. Has anyone ...


Why does my holly bush leaves have black spots?

My holly berry bush is young and has few leaves. The leaves are turning light green and have black spots on them. Whats wrong?


Difference between apartment and house?

I live in a house and you may be living in a appartment. We know where we live. But there is some typical difference between appartment and house which many of the people do not know. What you feel the diffence between a house and appartment?


How to remove popsicle stain from the carpet?

How can I remove red and orange popsicle stain from a tan carpet. It is 1 day old so far. response needed ASAP...please


What is the age I can move out in tennessee?

I plan to move out the second I can..I just need to know when that is. I live in tennessee. What is the legal age to move out and not be charged as runaway?


Burn stains on stainless steel

I have a stainless steel oven. The backsplash to the oven has burn marks from the flame. How do I remove these stains?


How to take care of a Money Tree?

ok. so my husband and I got a money tree. I was wondering if anyone can give me a feedback on how to take care of it? my tree is still a baby (5 inches) and it looks like one of the stem is dying? how can I help to make that one grow up to be healthie...


Duvet Comforter Cover Clips?

What is the best way to make sure that your duvet cover stays in place. My comforter is constantly swimming around in my duvet cover and I can't keep the corners in place. What is the best way to keep the duvet cover in place? Are there comforter cover...


Removing food coloring from clothing?

How can you get food coloring out of clothing.
I got some on my sisters clothes for school


How to get rid of ants home remendies?

How to get rid of ants home remendies?

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Why are my money tree leaves drooping?

Why is my money tree leaves rapidly fading from green to yellow to whiteand its droopy? I water it once a week, HELP?!?! ( it seems to be the leaves that are facing the sun) but could be wrong!


How do I save a frost bitten ficus tree?

I have a ficus tree for over ten years and I decide to put it out side during the summer and fall month. We before I brought it back in the house several nights cold/or frost caused damage. Can this tree be saved? Most of the leaves are brown, the soil...


I licked bleach that was on my hands on accident..

What can happen?
I was using bleach on a shirt I had,and my hands were drenched in bleach..
It had dried on my hands,and I put my finger in my mouth not thinking.
Am I okay,or is that dangerous?

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What is this cactus?

I've recently purchased this cactus looking plant. Anyone happen to know exactly the name of this cactus? I'm searching it now, but there's so many different types of cactus to go through, I was hoping someone on here might know and be able to tell me,...


can you plant flowers with a dead persons ashes ?

can you plant flowers with a dead persons ashes ??? jw I dont have ashes or n-e thing I just like random questions lol


Iron on patches, can you reuse them?

once an iron on patch has been removed, can you re-iron it on?


How to self-clean 1990 kitchenaid superba 27 oven?

How to self-clean 1990 kitchenaid superba 27 oven?


How to build a driveway arch entrance?

I am researching ideas for building driveway arch entrances for our ranch/farm property.

links, pics and drawing appreciated.

Thank You


Can I do anything to strengthen my rubber tree plant trunk?

my rubber tree plant is growing like a weed all of a sudden but the trunk seems to to be to weak to support it it upright. i have staked and tied it up is there anything else i can do?


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