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Silicon out of clothing

How do you get silicon out of clothes?

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Is there a way to get all the moisture out of a wine bottle?

I have a wine bottle filled with flower petals, there might be a little bit of moisture in it and I don't want the petals to rot, is there a way to get the moisture out?


Ink stain out of white nurse's uniform?

How do I get an ball point pen ink stain out of white nurses uniform

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How do you make puppies use the bathroom outside?

How do you make puppies use the bathroom outside?

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Why does my living room smell of smoke?

Ok my living room.. Smells of smoke..
Their is no smoke :/
Not ciggarette smoke. Just smoke
Im ill.. So I cant smell it to much..but I know the smell is heavy..
I think its my laptop but im not so sure.. My mum is at work... But it smells very very str...


How do I clean stainless steel appliances & remove water marks?

How do I clean stainless steel appliances, I have water marks that I can't get out.


What is the thing with the tiny apartments?

Lately, i realized that there are a lot of stories in the media about people living in tiny apartments of 130 squares or less and they expect we accept this like a good thing , Then i have heard that in china people live like this, but even those tiny ...


How acres are needed to build a house acres so you n?

How acres are needed to build a house acres so you n?


How to get a pokemon painting in the gallery in sapphire?

How to get a pokemon painting in the gallery in sapphire?


What's the best product for cleaning tile?

does anyone know what the best product for cleaning tile floors in my kitchen?

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Interesting Ideas For Ash?

Since my home is heated by wood-burning stove, we have a lot of ash that builds up throughout the winter.

We often use the ash to "sand" the icy driveway, making it less slippery, but what are some other things that can be done with all this ash?



What is GEPA test?

What is GEPA test?


Cherry trees in NL, Canada

I live in Newfoundland, Canada. I was wondering if it is possible to grow a tree from the Bing Cherries that I buy in the grocery store, if so how?


How to repair a stripped screw hole?

My keyboard tray got lose on one side from leaning on it. So can anybody help me with how to repair a stripped screw hole? I like the keyboard where it is, and if I drill new holes, the keyboard will be in a different position, so I'd like to repair th...

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Should I ban a previous tenant from getting her belongings?

My previous tenant left her belongings in the shed in the backyard on my property and for some reason, the new tenant that's supposed to be moving in said it was fine to leave her things there. I'm not quite sure what to do because she (the previous te...


How to make home made scilencer?

How to make home made scilencer?


Help for girl teen bedroom redecorading

Hey ,
I need some help I want to redecorate my room because im getting tired looking at the same stuff over and over ,
Im a teem so I would like something really cool and a great place to hang out with my friends !!
Im not a huge fan of pink , so ...

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How do I get rid of ants in the kitchen

How do I get rid of ants in the kitchen? I need a non toxic method for getting rid of ants. Thanks for your help in advance :)


I licked bleach that was on my hands on accident..

What can happen?
I was using bleach on a shirt I had,and my hands were drenched in bleach..
It had dried on my hands,and I put my finger in my mouth not thinking.
Am I okay,or is that dangerous?

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What fruits and veggies to plant and when?

I want to grow a farm this year but I dont know when to start planting or what all I can plant. I tried to find a good farming for dummies online but couldnt find one. Any one got any tips on what to plant, how to plant, and when to plant stuff, or kn...


How do I take care of a Chinese money tree plant?

Recently, my wife & I bought a "money tree" - one of those Chinese plants that is supposed to bring you good luck. Unfortunately, I'm terrible with plants, an frequently end up losing the poor things soon after we buy them.

So, does anybody have any t...


What gets drink stains out of carpet?

I had a huge party last night and now the carpet is stained with dark splotches from spilled drinks. The carpet is short and dark brown itself. Is there anything I can do to get these stains out? We have a landlord inspection today too ahahhaa.


Can a Canadian buy a house in the States?

I want to buy a house in the states but im canadian can I do this I dont mean be a citizen I mean just own a property
I am back and forth once a week into canada so im not worried about that part just wonering if I can get a loan and through who?


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