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finished painting my room, how long before I can sleep there?

I just finished painting my room last night.
How long do I have to wait before things can be against the wall and I can sleep in it?


Do I have to braid my money tree?

My money tree is braided does it braid itself or do I have to braid it as it gets bigger?


Sticking things on my wall without doing anything to the wall?

Is there any way to put something on your wall, like a dry erase board or some sort of small bulletin board without nailing it to the wall? And without putting little um... Holes in the wall because im not allowed to.


I need tips on how to tint windows

Hey well I need tips on how too tint my back window on my durango! Any tips you can give me please?

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how to braid a money tree

we have had a money tree for about 3 years and it is growing well, however we did not realize that it was to be braided and now it has spread out. Is there anything we should do to bring the branches together?


I licked bleach that was on my hands on accident..

What can happen?
I was using bleach on a shirt I had,and my hands were drenched in bleach..
It had dried on my hands,and I put my finger in my mouth not thinking.
Am I okay,or is that dangerous?

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How can I get blood stains out of bed sheets and blankets?

How can I get blood stains out of bed sheets and blankets? I tried washing them, but it didnt help


How to get feces smell out of clothes?

my friends son has bowel promples ans sometimes soil his pant, can't get the smell out.What can she use?

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Whats the wierdest or coolest thing you have found in a new house?

I mean like a house you have just moved into be it new or old rental or owned.
I do house cleans where someone moves out and we clean everything in it. There is always stuff left and we have found things like a fake vagina and trophys even ultrasound p...


How to make a soda pop can costume?

Being soda pop cans at school with a group of friends. we were thinking of just getting T-shirts and putting the logos onto them, and maybe wearing some of our color with it aswell. its just at school so it doesnt have to be all out. but is there a way...


How to remove large amounts of hairspray from upholstery?

A bottle of aerosol hairspray was released on my upholstered chair. The fabric is a rayon/poly/cotton weave. The "spot" covers 1/3 of the back of the chair and is now a solid dark stain (almost like someone painted on Superglue). HELP!


why are there nats flying around inside my house?

we never really have flies inside or even outside my house,even during the summer,so I don't think any fly laid eggs in here.


Messy Room Trauma!

My room is a complete mess! Everything is everywhere. It's way beyond my control. I need to clean it up, but it's very hard for me to stay focused. Any ideas for organizing it, staying on task, getting it done, and not busting my butt???


Do we need primer to paint plastic milk jugs?

My class wants to paint plastic milk jugs with themes, but we're not sure if we need to pre-paint the jugs with a base coat or primer before painting with acrylic or whatever. Can anybody help?


How much is a 5-6 bedroom house?

How much in Canada is a regular size 5 to 6 bedroom house? please help

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Clean tire marks on garage floor

How can I clean tire marks on a garage floor? I've tried most of the items I have in my cupboard for cleaning and nothing will work...


Should you wash brand new Tupperware before using it?

I've got some new Tupperware straight from where ever it's made. Should I wash it before I use it? Biggest thing I'm wondering about is the Popsicle makers..


How do I get rid of the throw up smell in my carpet?

okay my friend threw up on my carpet after our amazing night of drinking. I cleaned it up but it is right new to my vent which blows hot air and my room stinks like throw up. Honestly I've sprayed my room with air fresners but this smell will not go aw...

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Holly bushes

In the spring of every year my holly bushes attract flies an abundance of flies. How can I stop this? Also my leafs on the holly are getting some kind of soot on them every year, what could this be? And how can I solve this?


How do paint laminate furniture?

How do paint laminate furniture?


when planting what do the leafs look like

when planting what do the leafs look like


Remove puff paint from clothes

Ok, so I just bought a brand new $120.00 hoody, and I got puff paint on it. My hoody is greay and the paint is ocean blue, how do I get it out? Its a pretty large stain.


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