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How to make my money tree healthy again?

I've had 2 trees for years of which are in different rooms on totally different sides of my house and they each have grown to 5 feet tall. Just recently all leaves on one tree and some on the other tree are turing crisp from tips inward however new g...


How to make gasoline at home?

How to make gasoline at home?

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Why won't my rubber tree plant's leaves open?

My plant looks beautiful but the leaves won't open!


Rubber Tree Sparseness

Hi!, Linda from Toronto here! My 7 yr old Rubber, is becoming quite sparce.
New growth is not happening on the stalks. Lots of little ones @ the base though. Can I knick the stalk @ the area the last leaf fell, even if has been 6 months since the l...


Jade tree (also known as a Money tree)

What do I do if I over watered the plant and its leaves are yellow and droppy? Do I need to trim the leaves off or let the soil dry up?


Grasshoppers invading my garden, any home remedies?

Grasshoppers are invading my garden. Any home remedies besides hot sauce?


Group home

How would I start a group home


How to get red Kool-Aid stains out of the carpet?

I have several stains on my carpet red coolaide does anybody know how to get it out?


How long I have to wait for public housing in nyc.

If I have applied for public housing in nyc how long I have to wait for an answer to know if I get the apartment or not.


What are those big old televisions called?

Remember the TV sets that were encased in a big decorative wooden thing? Was there a name for them or something? What were they called/referred to as?


How do I get rid of fruit flies?

I have cleaned the garbage disposal. There isn't any food out (all dishes clean, fruit is ziplocked) counters have been sanitized (a couple times a day), my trashcan has a lid, and my potted plants are outside. I don't know what else to do... They jus...


How do I build a Foot Bridge over Water on a budget?

I purchased a 6 acre lake last week that I cannot walk all of the way around. I need to build about a 150' bridge over the shallow end which is 2' deep when the water is up.
I do not have a huge budget but could afford a few workers and $1,500. I plan ...


How to redecorate my ugly room?

ok so I Have white wrinkly wall paper that my dad said I cant take down. Ugh but its so ugly and sense its wrinky I dont think I can paint it. And then my rug is super ugly we are talking 70's orange stringy carpet and I cant that down either but I wan...


I licked bleach that was on my hands on accident..

What can happen?
I was using bleach on a shirt I had,and my hands were drenched in bleach..
It had dried on my hands,and I put my finger in my mouth not thinking.
Am I okay,or is that dangerous?

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How to strip and repainting a desk?

How to strip and repainting a desk?

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Falling cannis plant

My cannis plants are reaching 8' high but the stalks keep falling over... Any ideas why?


How to get a cough syrup stain out of my carpet?

I was pouring some Robatussan in the little cup it came with and when I was finnished pouring, some of it spilled on my carpet by my chair.
How should I go about getting the stain out?


How much does the average window air conditioner weigh?

How much does an average air conditioner weigh? Like the kind used in windows on houses. Just need a ballpark answer, not an exact. Thank you.


How do I design a dry river bed?

All the magazines are thin on giving good advice! I have a blank piece of paper, and a 40 by 40 hill in California. I want to put a dry river bed in it and don't know the first thing to do. I could put a rock here and rock there, but how do I make it l...


What to do with the gingerbread house after Christmas?

What do you usually do with your gingerbread house after Christmas? Do you eat it or throw it away? Does it get half-eaten then somehow collapses and one day it's ... GONE? My daughter made a lovely one for this past Christmas and no-one will let me th...


have you used silk underwear?

I have never used silk underwear is that really confortable any answer is welcome.


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