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Ignorance & Religion Walk Hand-in-Hand

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Ok I am tired of Religous fanatics (mostly christian) trying to impress their religion on you. When you debate your beliefs and they refer to the bible and tell you that your facts from books and common knowledge are disputable because of lack of evidence. I know Jesus was known to exist. But what the f*ck ?!?! He could have been another guy making peoples lives better. Like Dr. Phil. So in 2000 years when they find tabloids about Dr. Phil is he going to be the next prophet ? I see that Christians are scared of death and it makes life easier to believe that when you die you go to a happy place ... If you look at most religions they are based around one thing, a "higher" god. So if my books and knowledge are fake than isnt a 2,000 year old book that has supposedly gone unchanged fake as well ? Isnt Christianity another reason to blame their sins on something else than themselves ? I dont want to hear anyone preach because my prespective wont change. I dont want flames. I want someone who can either back me up or hold an intelligent arguement based on facts.