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  1. How to keep your online date fun and entertaining
    Enjoying a date online is actually a pretty difficult task to finesse. Your personality is known to pop extraordinarily face-to-face than on a virtual date. However, to sustain your aura and keep your date interested in you so as to think ahead about t...
    10 149
  2. How to handle dating a narcissist girlfriend
    To those of you who aren’t unaware, a narcissistic personality disorder is a condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for...
    7 99
  3. How to do the whole “open relationship” thing right
    Yes, open relationships do work! They can be a mess at times, but going about them with the right amount of mutually set rules is the ultimate key. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in a closed relationship for, or how well you know your partner, ...
    10 137
  4. How to deal with jealousy in a relationship
    Jealousy indeed can get on your nerves real bad and turn into extreme annoyance, if not handled rightly. There can be multiple reasons for your jealousy, be it your partner’s changing lifestyle or the involvement of a third person! The latter is very c...
    8 88
  5. A guide to sexting your lover the right way
    The year 2020 has seen a massive rise in sexting between couples all over the world. Everybody has a distinct style and approach to sexting their partners. While some people are into dirty texts, some enjoy texts along with pictures to add a little spi...
    9 315
  6. How to respond to an ex contacting you after ages
    The power of social media is so intense that no matter where you are and how long it has been, it is super easy for an ex to contact you. What follows after this will decide how you’ll move ahead with your life and hence, it is extremely necessary to d...
    10 116
  7. How to get on if you’re already in a relationship but fancy someone else
    So, you’ve been having a soft spot for someone else who isn’t your partner? Oh no, it is no sin! Love is a matter of hearts which you have absolutely no control over. Falling for someone else when you’re already dating your partner is pretty normal, es...
    9 55
  8. How to date someone older and make the relationship work
    An age gap is no longer a big taboo nor is it a big deal. It is rather common these days to be in a relationship with someone older. Age indeed is just a number and decides nothing about an individual’s perspective or maturity level. At times, dating a...
    8 79
  9. How to pull off a successful blind date
    To those of you who aren’t aware, a blind date is just like it sounds. Oh no, it isn’t a date between two blind people! It is a date between two people who’ve never met each other before. Dates like these can be pretty stomach-clenching and nervous. Af...
    8 57
  10. The ultimate guide to moving in with your partner
    The thought of moving in with your partner may seem pretty romantic and extremely exciting, but it doesn’t happen overnight like your typical rom-com films! It requires a lot of time, energy, and of-course, compromises. If you’re already spending a lo...
    8 50
  11. How to deal with your partner’s silent treatment
    The silent treatment is a very ordinary technique being adopted by people all over the world to satisfy their egos and take the easy way out of a worrying problem. As simple as it might be, it is also extremely unhealthy as well as an unfair approach t...
    12 62
  12. A guide that will save the day if you end up forgetting your anniversary
    Oh no, its is NOT okay to forget your anniversary! Stunts like these can only be performed by highly trained professionals under expert supervision and should not be tried at home under any circumstances. Yes, that’s exactly how risky it is! However, i...
    7 52
  13. How to cheat on your partner and get away with it
    As immoral as it may be, if you have stumbled across this post, then you’ve definitely thought this through; hopefully! We do not encourage cheating, nor do we judge your choices. You might have several reasons, and several mixed emotions too- happy, s...
    9 55
  14. How to prevent social media from ruining your relationship
    As much as social media provides a great platform for people and their potential partners, it can also lay out a base for shattering down your well-built relationship. Highly popular applications like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat give an outlook of...
    10 68
  15. How to sustain your relationship even during the lockdown
    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the world have seen tremendous changes in their daily routines. Every individual has had to adapt and adjust to the new norms and way of living. Despite the challenges, most of us have successfu...
    9 60
  16. How to successfully avoid getting friend-zoned
    With the growing competition in today’s world, avoiding the friend-zone can be pretty nerve-wracking, but it definitely isn’t any mission impossible! Each one of you is gifted with the power to avoid this heartbreaking zone and all it would ever requir...
    10 72
  17. How to make him stop loving you
    Frustrated much? It happens! You aren’t entitled to fall equally for somebody who has developed feelings for you. You may feel bad, guilty rather, ‘cuz you think you’re leading him on just by being around him. At times, we don’t feel for somebody as mu...
    8 65
  18. How to make your ex want you back
    So you’re still in love with your ex and wanna make him want you back as bad? Well, it’s not impossible! Many a times, ego and misunderstandings end up being the root cause for a breakup, and when we look back, we end up realising how stupid it was to ...
    10 61
  19. How to impress and date a woman from another country
    Typical side effects of the lockdown? No worries, we have you covered. There are tons and tons of problems that you might face, be it the language or even her viewpoints. However, impressing, befriending or even dating a girl from a foreign country has...
    8 56
  20. A guide to being independent and free within your relationship
    A love relationship between two individuals is considered an extremely strong bond that either evolves helping you grow over time or pushes you down breaking you apart gradually. Being in a relationship too has it pros and cons, and one of the biggest ...
    8 51
  21. How to move on from your toxic ex after breaking up
    Letting go is an art that should be respected and highly honoured, for it isn’t as simple and carefree as it may seem. Toxic relationships often tend to break a person destructively leaving him/her depressed and extremely vulnerable. It is very importa...
    10 70
  22. How to make the most of your first date with your tinder match 
    Your first date is perhaps your only chance to understand and impress your match in an attempt to take things forward. This date will decide whether you are approved for future dates or not and you should definitely consider making the most out of this...
    10 57
  23. How to turn on your man without being obvious about it
    Turning him on every now and then can definitely bring a spicy twist and add a zestful flavour to your love life. And not making it so obvious? Well, that’s guaranteed to increase your chances of having him go all head over heels in fascination. It’s a...
    10 66
  24. How to get yourself out of a rebound relationship
    Rebound relationships can be pretty fun at first but extremely hard to deal with over the journey. Investing your time, energy and even part of your emotions over somebody who doesn’t even consider it “real”, can be truly devastating and hurtful. If yo...
    8 80
  25. How to deal with an angry girlfriend
    Fights and arguments are the most basic foundations of any relationship. No, they do not always have to contribute to a breakup but are rather considered healthy and extremely important to help you grow and become a better person in your relationship. ...
    10 95
  26. How to text your crush without boring or annoying them
    Nobody wants to be regarded as annoying or clingy, especially infront of their crushes. Texting your crush too often or too much may irritate or bore them to a point where he/she will have no option but to block you! Scary, isn’t it? Unfortunate situat...
    10 80
  27. How to keep your fans happy and engaged on OnlyFans
    Amidst the various social media platforms available, OnlyFans has seen a rapid increase in popularity over the year 2020. As of date, it is a website with no official app and has over 30 million users and 450,000 creators! Influencers from all over the...
    8 59
  28. How to date a girl who you think is out of your league
    As real as it may sound, dating your drop dead gorgeous crush who may be out of your league isn’t any mission impossible. You may often find yourself hung back from wanting to go out with her so bad! She could be way prettier, smarter, popular and what...
    7 56
  29. 7 terrible pickup lines that could embarrass you and your match on Tinder
    It’s the year 2020, and Tinder has become more than just an online dating platform. It is now an open space for potential competitions. Stepping up your pickup line game is very crucial, especially if you want to impress the girl of your dreams and tak...
    7 60
  30. How to respectfully breakup with your girlfriend in 6 simple steps
    Breaking up can be hard, especially when you have to go down the memory lane watching an emotional drama uncoil itself. Yes, you tried, it didn’t work out and that’s completely okay. However, it would be pretty inhumane to humiliate her by dumping her ...
    6 48
  31. Amazing profile picture ideas to help double your matches
    An online dating platform such as Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, or even Hinged, can be a highly competitive space for every generation. Boys and girls worldwide, tend to be exceptionally picky while choosing their potential partner. The first and foremost s...
    7 45
  32. 5 simple ways to make your tinder date less awkward
    All first timers are expected to be awkward and cringey, making your tinder date no less of an exception! Meeting a complete stranger, sharing your viewpoints in an attempt to take things forward, sounds pretty stressful, doesn’t it? But hey, every pro...
    5 46
  33. Top 8 signs he is taking the relationship seriously and sees a future with you
    If you’ve stumbled across this post, chances are that you have been looking out for those keen signs to take things forward. Ladies, it can be pretty nerve-racking not knowing exactly want he wants or if he even is the right man! However, we’re gonna t...
    8 66
  34. 7 Reasons why OnlyFans got really popular
    So many people are joining Only fans these days that it has sort of become a cliche, but why are they doing so. We whipped out our laptops and phones in the name of “research” in order to figure out why the girl next door is on Onlyfans.
    8 117
  35. Guide to picking a Family Lawyer for a Divorce
    When it comes to a topic as sensitive as divorce, you’d want to make sure you have a lawyer that makes you feel comfortable and who understandably answers your questions. We’ve prepared a guide to find the right kind of [family lawyer](https://www.jmsl...
    7 44
  36. The Western Men's guide to finding a wife in Eastern Europe
    If you’re one of the many lonely bachelors from North America, Western Europe or Australia who secretly desire to find a perfect eastern European wife, you should accept this desire and try to make it happen. Forget the stigma attached to it, becau...
    10 324
  37. Red Flags in Relationships
    When going through relationships, not everyone is meant to be with you, and so it’s important to watch out for what you might want in the long- term.
    7 246
  38. How to Choose a Wedding Venue
    How to select the appropriate property at which to host your wedding.
    5 79
  39. How to dump your girlfriend
    As men growing up, we've been told the story by friends, family, TV, movies and our religious institutions, that every relationship should be "happily ever after". But nothing is further from the truth, because it turns out that nothing lasts forever. ...
    13 113
  40. How to leave an abusive relationship
    Girlfriend speaks to down to me, screams, calls me all the names under the sun and even puts me down. What to do? If you're in a relationship like this, here is what you can do to get out of it.
    7 64
  41. my guy best friend hates me?! what to do?
    me and this kid name Alex met this year in 9th grade in the 3rd day of school. Hes in my 2nd and 8th period class. We were so close that everyone thought we were dating. He will always make fun of me and shit, but I thought he felt the same way as I fe...
    6 65
  42. wow i cant believe my 4 year anniversary on FA will be next week
    8 13
  43. Just for the heck of it, here's the before :D
    Haha so i posted an after pic of my hair but here is the before pic. Hadnt cut it for almost 9 months xD
    2 26
  44. If I commit suicide by stabbing myself in the heart with a kitchen knife what will happen?
    I was always being bullied in High School. I have no friends physically and no one ever talks to me. I just closed my eyes and saw something scary and murderous looking inside of my body and all of a sudden I felt a spark and pinch on my body. And it l...
    2 581
  45. How would you feel about this?
    There are a couple of young teenage girls at my church and last night they were talking about a young teenage preacher that they know. The boy has made no secret that he likes the older of the too and has even went so far as to get overly jealous when ...
    3 18
  46. happy valentines day everyone
    5 9
  47. Is he playing hard to get :(
    So there's this boy I like & i hate liking people because im not the prettiest girl & most dont like me back but we would talk almost everyday because I check out a book for him because he can't at that time I didn't like him but now I do. So yeah tha...
    3 27
  48. Ugh. If you're going to be insanely shallow, objectifying, picky and insulting
    towards women, at least hold yourself to the same standards you fat ugly greasy slob.
    11 28
  49. so what did you get your sweetie for Valentines day?
    4 14
  50. really upset. Need help with my boyfriend. PLEASE message me.
    4 29
  51. why does he keep staring at me but doesn't like me??
    This guy keeps staring at me all the time, but when my friend once dragged me over to him, and shouted 'Ask her out!' hes just like 'Eww no' and doesn't even look at me or her. Also, when im kinda close to him, his friend stares at me with a smirk, whi...
    3 124
  52. I'm transgender but can you see the difference ?
    I'm 17 and 5'5 and Puerto Rican and Dominican. I've been on Hrt for 8 months. But can you guys see a difference? Please be honest!
    4 18
  53. What are some painless ways I can kill myself?
    I'm 5'9, which I know is not short for a man nation-wide, but I'm Caucasian, so I'm short for my race. I'm 19, so I'm done growing. I've been this height since I was 17. I can't handle it anymore. I can hardly stand to look at myself in a mirror. I don...
    4 37
  54. hai friends,iam new to the funadvice
    hai every one iam new to this funadvice
    2 12
  55. Sooooooooo the cliche Valentine's Day question x)
    Every year we have these, and anyways, I was just curious :P Whatcha guys doing for Valentine's Day? x) I've got no date or anything and I'm just prolly gonna spend it like any other day haha :P What have you guys got in mind? :)
    13 23
  56. What type of relationships are not accepted today?
    Do you think that if you love somebody with all your heart then that person is the one for you? Like a girl liking a girl or a boy liking a boy!? It has been excepted in our society today, but what type of relationship is not???
    3 23
  57. Is Being In An On Again Off Again Relationship Like Being In An Abusive Relationship?
    Yes Or No? Explain Your Opinion Thanks.
    3 37
  58. Why does my girlfriend like to hump my ass?
    Hello I have been in a relationship for some months and for some reason when i am lying in the bed or on the couch she always goes over me and starts humping me until my back hurts. Please i need advice because it hurts but i am scared she will leave...
    3 207
  59. Any advice for a threesome with my friend?I
    I am straight girl and my friend is also straight and we are thinking of having a threesome with a guy friend of ours. Coud a threesome with two straight girls work? Any advice?
    3 92
  60. How do I have friends if I can't trust anyone?
    Like in school pretty much every grade I had a best friend or a group of friends. I still talk to some of my older ones. But h.s. pretty much gave me a reality check so I couldn't trust anyone. You know from being betrayed. This includes dating too. Bu...
    5 20
  61. my parents wont let me go to church with my boyfriend
    Well my boyfriends papaw died while ws at bball practice and I really need to be there for him so I ask my parents if I could go to church with him and I tried to explain y but my parents won't listen what should I do?
    6 76
  62. Happy Monday everyone :)
    7 11
  63. How can I stop Liking him :/ ?
    Ok so I like this dude & I just don't want to like him. I hate liking people because I know they will never like me. But I don't know what the hell happened I just started liking him so much, like I get idk butterfly's? I hadn't felt like this in sooo ...
    2 33
  64. Would you feel comfortable being in the presence of this person?
    If a relative of yours have said that you are slow, meaning mentally challenged, you're ugly, stupid, you can't comprehend, would you feel comfortable being in the presence of this person again? Although I don't deal with this now, from this relative w...
    3 20
  65. I think I'm creepy?
    I just feel so creepy all the time, I see a lot of other people as cute or sweet or nice and when I remember I'm not like that it feels like I've been punched in the face. I'm really tall and I like to hide my hands and face in my sleeves and my hair ...
    2 45
  66. is it just me or does it seem like the site doesnt really need administration here? i could be wrong
    6 9
  67. Which of the following do you fear the most?
    A. Flying B. The dark C. Being misjudged by people. D. To be out on the open ocean in a boat. F. Having your heart broken. G. Losing everything financially or being broke. E. Not ever having closure with people that have hurt you, or...
    3 11
  68. hope everyone is having an awesome day
    5 40
  69. mixed crush signal? should I be brave and talk to him again?(long)
    basically I have a crush on this outgoing guy at my school. We used to be classmates the year before and I used to be very shy so I when he talked to me I couldn't keep up with his conversations or anyone in that class really...I felt I was quite mean ...
    2 13
  70. i wonder where Colleen is, havent seen her in a longtime
    5 10
  71. How to tell of a guy likes you?
    I've like this guy, Andrew, for about three years! I've only said a couple things to him but I feel like we have some sort of connection! He always looks at me in the halls! He is always watching me at lunch when I'm in line, but idk if he likes me! He...
    2 13
  72. hello FA family, how is everyone on this wonderful day
    7 17
  73. What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
    Please share the most embarrassing thing you've ever done. I'll start: Ok back in middle school I was head over heals for this boy. He overheard me talking to my friends when I said I'm in love with him. He then came over to our group huddle and tol...
    5 22
  74. how to ask a guy out if you are shy?
    Ok, long story short, this guy is new at my work, my friend and I began talking to him... Well we have had one long 30 minute conversation about random stuff, then one night I was working later than he was,... He stood at my work station and talked to ...
    2 48
  75. Happy Saturday everyone :)
    3 8
  76. good morning everyone, hope you all have/had a fantastic day
    6 11
  77. how do i finger myself
    2 541
  78. good evening everyone, hope you all had/ have a great day
    Don't let anyone stop you from being the awesome person you are
    5 38
  79. Should I still be concerned about my bf's relationship with other close "friends"?
    8months have went by so fast and our relationship is strong. However, I still feel gloomy, nervous andinsecure whenever he sees or talks to other friends. With guys it's all smooth and alright but with another girl that he considers a close "friend" re...
    4 24
  80. wow i dont think the sight has ever been this slow :-(:-(
    14 29
  81. Do you think he is going to propose on our first date?
    Me and this guy have been talking ever since november 27th every single day. In December we decided to meet sometime in January. He was going to take a vacation from work in order to drive 3 hrs down to see me. We have talked about our likes and dislik...
    2 10
  82. how do I get over my obsession with texting my boyfriend?
    I wanna have a serious relationship with this person. Yet I get annoyed so easily when he doesn't text me back or we don't text for a couple hours. I don't like feeling this way and I'm sure he doesn't want to have to constantly talk to me... How do I ...
    5 54
  83. Should I let him know how I feel about him?
    Ok so I liked this boy since last year and I don't know if its a good idea to let him know how I feel about him.when I first saw him I thought he was really cute. He's so nice and sweet, he makes me laugh but this was last year & when we were with all ...
    3 36
  84. How can I stop being so fearful and insecure about going outside? Im desperate.
    It's not a phobia. I am talking about past experiences. I have had this fear since I was in high school, 3 years ago now. I haven't gone out since 3 or 4 days now. I go out about 2 in a week, I have gone at least 3 months without going out. I am scared...
    2 35
  85. Should i leave him alone Already?
    So i was looking at him and then he noticed and looked over at me so we locked eyes for like 4 seconds. He did not look away until i did and he didnt smile.he seems confident so maybe he was trying to intimidate me? But now whenever hes in front of me ...
    2 14
  86. Slept together but now what?
    Met this guy at uni nearly 3 months ago, he's 21, I'm 18. (I've never had any sort of relationship with anyone before) I wasn't remotely attached at 1st but after telling me he likes me etc I started to fall for this guy & long story short 3 weeks a...
    5 75
  87. Do girls really like six pack abs on boys?
    I don't have a six pack.
    2 107
  88. Hey, do most emo guys like girls who arent emo?
    I have this HUGE crush on my emo guy friend. Not only do I NOT know if he likes me, I don't know if he likes girls who aren't emo. HELP ME PLEASE!!
    4 21
  89. anything exciting going on anywhere
    4 101
  90. Im 16 years old now! lol! And Merry Christmas Everyone! <3
    So I turned 16 yesterday, which is very weird. Its so funny saying I'm 16! haha. Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone. Love ya'll :D I hope you all have a really amazing time! :D
    5 43
  91. Why was he trying to intimidate me?
    Well i was looking at him and then he looked over and we looked eyes for like 4 seconds. He didnt look away until i did and i felt forced to aNd he did not smile. Was he trying to intimidate me? And if so why? Hes like 20 and im a little 15 yr old lo...
    2 78
  92. Am I a bad person
    So I've been going out with this boy for about 2 months now, it's Christmas and he spent like £25 on me but I wasn't able to give him anything back (no money) and also I have feelings for someone else. I'm really grateful for what he does for me and I ...
    8 24
  93. Why did she stopped replying when I asked her to a professional coffee?
    I have a client, where this girl works. She's really friendly and normal, and nothing specific happened between us. We practically message 4 times a year, I think. One day I went to the client and she happened to be there, we saw eachother after a ye...
    5 34
  94. would you date someone that is 20 years older or younger than yourself?
    also how appropriate do you think it is for people who do date that much older or younger
    6 33
  95. Ladies: How tall are you and would you date a guy shorter than you?
    7 55
  96. In an interview today a female I know us a butch lesbian kept looking down at me and blushing throughout the interview. Is she interested and was
    I know the female is a lesbian through a mutual friend. I am too. In the interview the looks down and the constant blushing was different from any interview I have experienced. I just wanted to know others take on my experience.
    2 21
  97. What should I do about this girl?
    I'm pretty certain what I should but I guess I need an outside opinion. 2 weeks ago an ex and I started to become good friends again. We weren't friends for the past 4 years because we had a bad break up. Anyways, I still kinda still have feelings f...
    3 16
  98. I had a good relationship but he broke up with me and I still love him but somebody asked me out Wat do I do ?
    2 11
  99. What do women say when they see a shirtless guy?
    4 113
  100. My boyfriend's best friend is a girl...
    My boyfriend of over a year and I recently broke up. After about 2 weeks, he came back apologizing left and right and saying I'm the one. During that time though, he has become REALLY good friends with another girl. He told me that he would have com...
    5 48
  101. I'm in love with my cousin?!
    Okay, I need help! I am a 16 year old girl who likes her first cousin who is 30! I know that there is an age difference but that doesn't big me at all! He acts like a teenager around me! When we are together, whenever one of us talks, we are staring in...
    4 41
  102. What to do?! Girl I notice looking at me now and then
    Hi there, So well, there is a girl on highschool that captured my attention 2 years ago already but I just found out who she really was end of last year. Now, as soon as I found out who she was I sent her a friendrequest on FB, but she never ac...
    2 15
  103. i wonder what way i could spread the news about FA to attract what would be longtime users?
    its just so slow around the site and its been a longtime since the change and really no new repetitive users
    6 11
  104. I'm leaving my boyfriend because of ocd. Is this bad of me?
    I had another post about my boyfriend having ocd and feeling like I'm contaminated, and I'm way to hurt by this and I just can't take it anymore. We've been away from each other a while because of this anyways, just talking on the phone and texting is ...
    6 51
  105. My boyfriend has OCD and feels like I'm contaminated ): what do I do?
    My boyfriend has horrible OCD and now it's to the point where he feels like I'm contaminated, and he don't want to hug or kiss me or even touch me unless I get a shower ): it's so sad and it hurts so bad. I don't know what to do, I love him so much but...
    5 53
  106. Being better than the ex?
    My girlfriends (just started dating) ex was very affectionate in the way that he'd make her dinner, take photo booth pictures and etc. I like this girl and i want to be good for her but i feel as if I'm competing and i want to make things special not l...
    4 15
  107. How to deal with really annoying friends?
    Okay so there's this one girl who sits at our table at lunch and I don't really like her, but the rest of my friends do... So she likes to draw and we had this yearbook contest yesterday. So of course she comes to our table finishing up her entry. Yes...
    8 65
  108. 20 year old virgin what do u think?
    20 year old male lonely
    8 44
  109. Does this guy like me?
    There is this guy in my class I like, an I was wondering if he might like me back. He talks to me a lot, jokes around, and smiles. One day he even sat next to me "when I was the only person in his math class" but there were like, 5 other people in our ...
    4 25
  110. How do you get closure when someone hurt you?
    My boyfriend made plans to travel with his best gal pal before we met. They've been friends for about 5 years, never dated. Their relationship is kind of weird though...they're like really close and he texts her every single day. She has a boyfriend th...
    10 51
  111. do you think chivalry is dead?
    9 41
  112. I wish I could turn back time.. PLZ I :'( WHILE I Rememed THIS. I RLY Need help!
    I had a fight with my best friend/cousin last time she visited from another state. We haven't talked since, which was six months ago. We used to talk every day on the phone and since then we haven't spoken a word or even attempted to get a hold of each...
    2 28
  113. how do i get my ex fiance back
    I was engaged to this guy Luke and we were together for 8 months. We went through a lot together including miscarriages.We bothmade mistakes and we broke up on august 28th. Afterwards he told me there was a chance and we stayed close. He was there for ...
    4 49
  114. i met this girl at a party and we danced all night and held hands afterwards i walked her to her car and she gave me her number but i dont know i
    2 46
  115. Need help to stop being shy?!
    So, I like that boy the I told ya guys about, and I do twitcam so he can hear me sing, and I get really shy if I mess up one single note, and start blushing really bad. The thing is, I never blushed before. I get super happy when we talk {over the inte...
    6 34
  116. How do I know if he really cares?
    We have been talking chat for few months kinda long distance but I really care about him and he seems to really care. He says things like he really likes me cause I am grounded and special that am not like most women he is use to and that I am so swee...
    3 43
  117. My Boyfriend thinks I cheated?!
    So my boyfriend of a year and a half thinks I cheated on him. The thing is I really didn't. He was cheated on before in the past and had trust issues with women(he admitted that and said that he loves me but doesn't trust me). Situations have come up b...
    4 36
  118. do you think you can help who you love?
    5 23
  119. What's your guys' opinions on online relationships?
    22 28
  120. Best way to deal with this situation?
    So here's the problem. I found out something about my girlfriend and want to break up with her because of it. I found out that she lied to me about her f**kbook account. She previously posted nude and genital pics and videos on her f**kbook profile for...
    8 18
  121. reminisce of Randy, isnt it nice NOT
    5 6
  122. Would it be cute to walk to her house?
    My girlfriend is sick, would it be a cute way to show her that I love her an am completely here for her, by walking to her house?
    4 18
  123. do girls love a boy kiss her on armpit?
    5 231
  124. Girls, how would you feel about your boyfriend if he lost wrestling to a 12 year old boy, smaller than him?
    My boyfriend and I went to the YMCA to take a wrestling/grappling class. he was put up against a 12 year old boy to wrestle. Laughs. He was overpowered and outwrestled easily by this boy. My boyfriend was at least 30-40lbs bigger and taller, not to men...
    9 156
  125. What should I do about my girlfriend's ex?
    She has no feelings for him anymore, but he persists to make advances on her (trying to flirt and kiss her and stuff) and I am getting mad... It is taking every bit of my self control not to go and stomp his guts out, what should I do?
    4 26
  126. Can you really forgive someone who has hurt you?
    6 27
  127. How do you break up with a guy?
    Well long story short, he is always asking me for money and he makes me pay when we go were he wants to go. He makes twice as much as I do and works twice as much, I make minimum wage. So I'm going to break up with him, too much drama and costing me to...
    5 18
  128. It's snowing! How is your morning guys?
    At least a foot of icy cool fluffiness! I HAD to get this pic on the way out.
    5 13
  129. Do you think people treat people different because what they look like ?
    I mean for example 2 guys both good looking, same age, but one looks more childish, more friendly has a friendly face and everybody seems to be good with him he is a nice guy the other guy is good too, but is more serious and people treat him diferentl...
    6 36
  130. How would this affect our relationship?
    This one girl and I have been going out for 3 months, and have known each other for 10. Before we started talking, her and my old friend had a thing for each other. I say "old friend" because we are no longer friends, obviously. Anyways, when they ha...
    8 49
  131. how do you know if you like someone?
    I cant tell if i like this guy just as friends or more than that
    2 16
  132. When is the right time to meet his parents?
    I'm dating this guy and he's hinting at me to go to his house and meet his family but I don't know if its the right time, when is it okay to meet his parents?
    4 54
  133. How can I approach him about how I feel? And to know if he is hiding more?
    I'm 20 years old and he's my first and official boyfriend. However, being with him for almost 5 months is great but, to know about what he told me what he did with this close friend of his, I feel as if he isn't telling me everything. When his friend m...
    2 41
  134. Boyfriend question ?
    Okay , so my boyfriend and I have been dating for a while . We have hugged , when we hug it's a long hug and we just stand there . He squeezes me tight , but he don't hurt me ! We have never held hands .. We are both fourteen . And we both go to the sa...
    2 65
  135. What is going on?
    I've just come out of a relationship that lasted a year and a half and I am now seeing somebody. He's really amazing and sweet and honestly just everything I've ever wanted in a boyfriend but his feelings for me overpower mine and I hate that he likes ...
    5 14
  136. BROMANCE !!!!!
    So I have a huge issue with my boyfriend. We have been together for over 2 years and we are happy, but there's one thing that tics me off. His BROMANCE with his childhood boy who is 5 years younger than him ( my bf age 24, his friend age 19, me age 19...
    3 36
  137. Breakup Update! :)
    Hey thanks for your previous answers everyone! The breakup went fantastic! She didn't even take it to hard, but she is kinda telling everyone that she is friend zoned... is that good or bad?
    3 16
  138. Is it wrong for a female to date a shorter male?
    I was wanting to get someone's opinions on taller women dating shorter guys. I am a tall female... (5 10) and I have NO luck with love, tall guys like short girls. So I have thought about maybe trying to date a shorter guy? Pros/cons? Is this bad? ...
    5 25
  139. Why my guy friend has to be so rude to me?? T_T
    well I never have many friends, just a group of close friends consisted of 4 girls including myself, and 3 guys (fake names: Kevin, Joe and Nick-they're so close to one another <Jonas> like brothers^^). All 7 of us has been friends for 7 years now. ...
    7 48
  140. Most important traits in girls? (question for guys)
    what do guys think are the most important features in girls that make you want to date them? i know they will be different for different guys but i'm just curious? thanks :)
    11 24
  141. my past come back in my life what sould i do
    My ex boyfriend is back he still loves me i still like him but i have a boyfriend and now my ex wont leave me alone
    9 30
  142. Why do I feel insecure and worried about my bf?
    Hey guys, I've been with my boyfriend for about 4 months now and we've been perfect for each other ever since. Now comes the stressful moment for me, which is like I guess you would call an "insecure" moment? because whenever he hangs with others girls...
    4 38
  143. What should i do if i feel like my boyfriend doesn't care anymore?
    We're in a long distance relationship nd we barely speak anymore. I understand he's busy, but he doesn't make time for me.
    9 54
  144. He wants me instead
    So I have a friend, she's cheating on her boyfriend of 10 years and the guy she's cheating with wants to cut it off but to get with me. Him and I get along as friends, very well, recently he asked me out of town because he says he wants to be with me. ...
    4 10
  145. I need some advice! My crush is driving me crazy!?
    Okay so im going to explain this the best that I can. So i have a neighbor who i have known since i was 9 and im now 17 on Thursday! :p okay so we were best friends and we kissed! So we have made up a couple of times and it just hasnt worked out too we...
    2 55
  146. How do I become more chatty around boys my age?
    I want to have more guy friends but I never know what to ask them or to make conversation about, there are only one or two guys I know that I can talk to comfortably..sound stupid I know but any advise for me I would really apreasiate it? Thanks:))
    2 36
  147. I don't know if I like him?
    There's this boy I dunno if I like I tell myself not to but he's so nice and not bad looking actually should I find out if he likes me .also all my friends say we would be a cute couple so that gives me hope but no :( Please give me advise xx
    2 22
  148. what makes a girl most attractive?
    what are some of the most attractive feminine features?
    5 23
  149. is she playing hard to get?
    her friend told me to do things with her and said if i don't go it will break her heart. she flirted with me twice then acted like nothing happened. always says hi then walks beside me has been sitting by me at lunch
    2 18
  150. How do i ask him out?
    Omg right.. so a few weeks ago my friends and I like to hang out at these fields and our mate brought his cousin Harry (names changed for identity purposes). so harry and I have been friends since we met and we Skype each other a lot.. apparently he fl...
    3 38
  151. Should I be insulted or just let it go?
    Okay, so my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year. (On the 14th!)We were talking a few nights ago and he told me that if him and I were to brake up, I would be his last girlfriend. He said that it is too much work! He is only 27! I don't k...
    3 21
  152. I can't talk to girls. I have tried everything. MANY people have tried to help me but nothing worked. The last time I was able to talk with one w
    I have looked online for guides and every single one said you have to start out really slow but I can't do that. For Example: I can't just make eye-contact to get a girls attention (That is already too difficult for me). I don't even want to talk to t...
    42 43
  153. Is this overdoing asking someone to homecoming?
    I'm planning on asking a girl to homecoming (I've know her for a long time, but just as friends), however, I've learned that two other people would like to ask her (not a soul knows who I want to ask). So, I want to ask her as early as possible (there'...
    6 68
  154. How can I say 'No' to my BF?
    I want to tell him, do not try to change my trait. I wanted him to accept me.
    4 33
  155. need advice why wont he text me?
    I met this guy and we started texting.All the time not like freinds.I started to like him alot:/ Today he didnt text at all.What can this mean?I feel like i did something wrong.It hurts because i actually began to like him.What can he be thinking? I ha...
    7 15
  156. Everything seems to fit in a very strange way?
    Everybody has been platonic in love for somebody at least one time, and this happen to me i mean when you think a good girl is already married, but she doesnt and i dont know why she is a good person and good looking, but i dont knom my other girlfrien...
    2 35
  157. this girl supposedly put me in the "friendzone" but still wants to do things with me. did she put me in the friendzone or not?
    5 52
  158. How to get over someone you love?
    I am 32 years old and when I was 24, I met and became friends with a man who was 39 years old. We were friends for 2 years and over the course of our 2 year friendship, I developed really strong feelings for him. So when I was 26, I decided to reveal t...
    7 37
  159. Talking to a girl
    I thought this girl was playing me since she was talking to another guy as well since I asked her, she said it wasn't serious and then she asked why i asked, so i told her that i wasn't here to waste my time and if she likes someone else then whats the...
    3 68
  160. I love a girl but she has cheated on me and I have cheated on her and her parents hate me but every time I try to break up with her I cry I can't
    2 20
  161. Does he deserve a second chance?
    I got a random message from a complete stranger yesterday letting me know that my boyfriend had been messaging her asking to take her to the movies, and sent me the screenshots. I confronted him immediately and of course he couldn't deny it; I have the...
    4 14
  162. I'm being bullied and physically confronted in school?
    Hi, I'm a ghanaian female who just transferred to another college.Ever since I started college,I have been bullied,harassed,and verbally assaulted by black and hispanic females at school.There are these 3 black females who keep picking fights with me i...
    3 13
  163. What would you do in this situation??
    Okay so my fiance lives out of state and hasn't talked to me in over a week and I'm not sure what's going on. I know for a fact that she has been on facebook but won't reply to my IM's or texts. I'm not sure what to do. So I am looking for opinions. If...
    4 11
  164. Boyfriend drama. Help ):
    Hi guys, I need some advice ! I am 20 and have a 32 year old boyfriend. We have been together for a year now. We are always together and live together. Me and my boyfriends relationship has been very rocky ever since I found a 10 links to
    18 34
  165. How can I tell my boyfriend...
    Okay... not bragging or something. I think I'm a very generous person when it comes to buying gifts for my close ones. If I have money I won't be selfish and keep it all for myself... I will be travelling in two weeks to a very expensive country wher...
    6 40
  166. Need the first date conversation topic?
    2 11
  167. Can telemarketers stop calling you?
    I get about 4 or 5 telemarketer calls a day. Can they stop calling you if you play a "prank" on them? Or you say, "stop calling me! Goodbye!" and then hang up? if they WILL stop calling you because of that, can I have some good "prank" ideas?
    3 12
  168. what do guys like in a girl?
    i need some GUY advice on what they want to see in a girl. looks, actions, anything.
    3 15
  169. Girls please help !!! i really need your help?
    i like a girl. the first and the only girl i have ever liked in my life. i know we cannot be together, coz of family problems. I think she wont like me the way i like her. we are best friends though since last 2 yrs. Share everything with each other li...
    12 19
  170. How do i get a boyfriend in 8th grade?
    I sadly have never had a boyfriend before. Finally, now that I am in 8th grade, I want to try to get one. Yes, most of you are probably going to tell me to look good and be yourself. I tried that. and still not even a crush (at least I don't think)...
    5 92
  171. What present would you give??
    Heeelp please!!!! Ok so my bestfriend is leaving in two days to Canada, and tomorrow were throwing her a surprise farewell party, and i want to give her something special she can take with her, but i need ideas, i was thinking maybe a collage of photos...
    2 12
  172. My boyfriend is physically weak. Girls would this make you feel awkward?
    My boyfriend and I joined a local gym and they had a grappling class he asked me to try with him. Sure enough we tried it and the first day he was put up against a twelve year old boy and lost. The boy overpowered him and grappled him like nothing. And...
    3 336
  173. My friend's fiance on dating site looking for women. What to do?
    My friend got recently engaged, at the end of May. I accidently came upon his fiance's OKcupid profile as he came up as a match and his profile states what that he is looking to date but nothing about being engaged or in a relationship for that matter...
    14 28
  174. how to deal with my future gf's ex?
    ok so this girl i like we've been talking for a while and also its been a while that she broke up with her ex. problem is he is madly in love with her and im afraid hes not gonna back off. he walks with her after school, he added me once and erased me...
    6 34
  175. Things didn't work out, what do to next? :(
    So as many of you may know what's been happening lately with my gf, a few days ago she broke up with me because she said she promised herself if i didn't say anything about fixing our issues or that i loved her for about a month and i explained to her ...
    8 21
  176. a girl is asking me about going to homecoming, but hasn't said about going with me. how do i find out if shes considering me?
    everytime i'm around her homecoming comes up involving me.
    4 13
  177. how soon after a breakup is it ok to rebound?
    I broke up with my boyfriend nearly a week ago after a year and a half of a very complicated relationship and an old flame has asked me to talk to him, my ex has been prescribed antidepressants and he is not in a good place right now. What should i do??
    4 35
  178. What was your first kiss like?
    I'm just bored and curious. I recently had my first kiss and it was with my boyfriend out under the stars in Yosemite. I want to see what other people's experiences were like.
    6 30
  179. Guys suggest me a good flower bucket for my GF Birthday!
    Guys suggest me a good flower bucket for my GF Birthday!
    2 17
  180. What is he going to say to me?
    i like this guy and he likes me back he says he just wants to be friends but i think hes afraid to be more.he says he wants to meet up to tell me something that will be better in person instead of just alone without any friends.he wouldnt give ...
    2 7
  181. How can I survive my grade 11 year with no friends?
    I know you are all going to say "go out and join a new club and make friends!" but My highschool from grade 9-12 has just over 100 people. I grew up with basically everybody since we were babies. We are from small communities and everyone knows everyon...
    2 35
  182. Ever have someone dislike you on sight?
    Do you ever wonder why some people hate you as soon as they lay eyes on you? I have this happen to me from time to time. Every time I experience this from someone, I immediately assume that there must be something about the way I look that they dislik...
    5 52
  183. Did he want to me to join the conversation ?
    Okay so there's this really attractive boy named Brian in my school. And well we never gotten to know each other or anything . We've seen each other when walking passed each other but nothing more . Until one day he had after school like me so we had t...
    3 36
  184. How do you flirt with a guy over facebook?
    I like this guy, haven't really had much chance to talk to him in person, but we talk a lot on Facebook... So, how does a 13 year old girl flirt with a 14 year old guy over Facebook?
    7 31
  185. How do i tell him?
    I like this guy, although I don't know him very well because we go to different schools. We met when My friends and I saw his mates and started talking to them, and I've had a little crush on him ever since, but now it's a lot worse. I have a LOT of fe...
    4 8
  186. How to make him miss you?
    What are the best things to do to make a guy miss a girl?
    4 74
  187. Im not even allowed to see my boyfriend anymore
    Now I have absolutely NOBODY in my life except my immediate family since I have no friends. can my life get any worse? Yes it can, but It's going to be tough not seeing him. :(
    8 38
  188. I carry the conversation most of the time..what should I do?
    Okay so more boy trouble :/ As I said before I find this guy cute and all. We've been talking and generally conversation flows and its quite easy to talk to him. But it feels like I'm the one asking the questions and carrying the conversation along. F...
    2 18
  189. i need guy help!!!!!
    I have been talking to this guy a few weeks. He has told me he likes me and doesn't want to lose me but only wants to be friends, even though he doesn't treat me like a friend. I don't trust men who do this. Its like saying "I like you for now but if I...
    3 15
  190. can american women be a mail order bride
    3 22
  191. My friend is always mean to me?
    My friend always puts me down, she calls me fat and ugly, and slaps me, and never hangs out with me. I sent her a text telling her how I felt she said y did u say that and I told her all the mean things she has done and she said shut your freakin mouth...
    10 41
  192. What does it mean if a guy introduces you to all his guy friends?
    Me and this guy have been talking for a few weeks and hes always introducing me to his guy friends. He says I'm the first girl he ever really introduced to them. But yet he still says he doesn't want a relationship...
    2 106
  193. What to do when you're moving away but like your boyfriend?
    So a little background, my boyfriend and I both play softball/baseball and we have both accepted university scholarships to two differnt areas. He is going up north in Canada and I'm moving to the deep south. We have only been together for a month but ...
    2 64
  194. Its very dissapointing when people called you by mistake?
    I was calling a friend, but he didnt answered me, then when he called me. I was thrilled i said oh its my friend and then i texted him and asked him if he called me and he toldme that he made a mistake and if i was alright i told him yeah im ok no prob...
    2 28
  195. Are the feelings real or fake?
    How can you truly tell if a guy is using you or not?
    2 36
  196. Should I initiate a new conversation with this guy?
    I might start rambling and will probably sound really silly but please bear with me! Okay so there's a boy that I find kinda cute. We used to go to primary school together and then recently I saw him again at my school's dance thing. I didn't talk to...
    2 33
  197. why do every guy that like me is married or has a girlfriend
    3 20
  198. Fixing a relationship?
    Hello there, so i need some help here, so i've been dating this wonderful girl for 10 months now and everything was good until about 2 months ago, we both would get in arguments/fights for foolish reasons but we would make up like the next week or so a...
    10 25
  199. can someone give me relationship advice?
    I'm going to try and keep it short and simple since I know people don't want to hear my life story. This is how it goes. I met a girl. The kind that you know she's right for you the first time you see her. She had a boyfriend, but he wasn't really ther...
    12 35
  200. has this girl lost interest
    Well we never really knew each other about a month ago but we go put in a class together(only for the last week of school). I notice she kept looking at me every time we were in the class then one day she invited me to go camping with her and her frien...
    2 14
  201. What would you do if you were in my situation
    I'm 20 years old and I been with my boyfriend for 2years.before we even date my boyfriend said he wanted to meet my dad.I said no because my dad is too strict.I go through stress at home because of my dad.he always yelling at me for no reason.I can't g...
    2 43
  202. I think my parents destructive relationship is causing commitment issues to myself?
    Sometimes I feel like my parents weren't meant to be parents. They argue about the stupidest things, the smallest detail can set off a fight that affects everyone in the family. They're selfish too, specially my mom, she hesitated to bring me in the cl...
    3 13
  203. Have I stuffed up??
    I just told my ex I love him... He's reaction was are you serious and I said what would you say if I said I was and he said umm no and than I told him stuff and he hasn't replied what should I do?? Should I give up? Or should I stay and fight and get...
    2 60
  204. What do you think i like cute women more than hot women?
    Well,i have to say that i like more cute women lets say like katie holmes and Sandra Bullock type than super hot women like angelina jolie,pamela anderson or megan fox because i like women with those cute faces and eyes like if they dont ever break a g...
    4 37
  205. If a guy sends you a text really early in the morning appologizing twice for not texting in so long what does that mean?
    What does it mean when a guy texts you really early in the morning and appologizes twice for not texting in so long?
    2 76
  206. should I follow my ex on Instagram?
    So January 2012 my boyfriend dumped me, we remained friends for like 5 days, then we stopped talking & have not spoken since. Before we dated we were best friends & had a great friendship. He was trying to get his ex back the whole time we were dating....
    11 13
  207. What kind of impression would you get if your best friend was telling you this?
    I was telling her that this girl that my husband has been flirting with for a long time will probably show up at this event this weekend and that I may go there to see the fireworks and to see if I could meet her in person to see how she would act towa...
    3 15
  208. Does age really matter in a relationship?
    So im writing a paper on this subject, and im wanting to get people's feed back. Is the saying true its just a number? Any thoughts, opinions on it?
    13 40
  209. How do I get my shy bf to kiss me?
    So I have has a crush on my bf for 1 year and he finally asked me out a month ago. It is the first time either of us went out, so we are both inexperienced. We are both 14 and I am really nervous and shy as well, but I really want him to b my first kis...
    5 86
  210. What are interesting topics to text about?
    So here's the situation, I met this girl and we are attracted to each other so she ended up giving me her number. (Btw I'm in 10th grade and she's in 9th) The next day I ended up texting her and she gives one worded answers like Yeah(: or Okay(: and I ...
    2 43
  211. Problems with a guy? :(
    there was this guy that liked me and then i liked him i stopped talking to him when he rejected me then i wouldnt stop bugging him and he called me a stalker. then i aboided him for 10-11 months a few months ago he says to my friend when she asks about...
    2 25
  212. If someone looks at you with a huge smile then looks away (turns head) what does it mean.
    3 35
  213. A wedding in las Vegas is a real wedding or not?
    A wedding in las Vegas is valid, or people just do it for fun.
    5 35
  214. How do I forget my past?
    I am 18 right now and am in a perfect relationship. I have a boyfriend who I'm sure is the one. Recently, he has been asking about ex boyfriends. In 7th grade, I had a relationship with a guy that wasn't good. It ruined my relationship with my family. ...
    7 38
  215. Guy friend kissed me today... What to do?!
    Today me and my friend where just studying waiting for class to start. Out of no where he kissed me! I was very shocked he did that afterwards it got awkward... Now im wondering what to do tell my boyfriend or just forget that it even happened? Help pl...
    7 49
  216. 33 year old virgin
    It does become an issue because women think there is something wrong with me and all my male friends just think I'm gay. I find strip clubs degrading so when they try and drag me to one I refuse. I've never been fortunate enough to find a girlfriend, g...
    8 41
  217. A boy asked me out and i said no but now i really want to go out with him
    Im not sure what to do because i really want to date this boy but last time he asked me i said no! Do you think he will say ys to me if i ask him out. ????
    6 46
  218. do i kiss the boy after i ask him out
    Ok so im almost 14 and want to ask a boy out. we both do a club on friday together but i dont really see him around school. so i think i will ask him out on friday! I dont know how to get him away from his freinds to ask him in private. And if he says...
    6 45
  219. How do I tell my cousin that I have feelings for her?
    Okay, so I am growing really strong feelings for my 1st cousin. We hang out a lot and and I've started to get feelings for her. We get along so great and I think that we have great chemistry. I have gone a really long time feeling like this and I reall...
    4 67
  220. Would you let your girlfriend or boyfriend pick your nose?
    7 64
  221. Does he like me?
    We talk a lot, but we're not exactly friends. I don't know his phone number, email, or any social account because I don't have a phone yet and I can't find him anywhere. He smiled at me a few times but he never stares. He never "accidentally" touched m...
    2 7
  222. Should i say yes to meeting with my bf?
    The other day I was going to end it with him in a text. Before I could send he called me say sorry and he doesn't want things to end. So Friday he wants to get together hang out all day with each other and talk about what's been going on with us. I tol...
    3 17
  223. How can I motivate my husband to work out and get in shape? He's too skinny.
    I am quite a gym rat and my husband has no interest in any kind of workout or exercise at all. He is way too skinny for a guy and would certainly benefit from joining me at the gym occasionally. How can I motivate him? Is there a playful way for me ...
    17 29
  224. Ending it with a boyfriend?
    Me and my boyfriend have been dating for about less than a year. We hardly chat with each other and go out that much. When im free from not working and say lets hang out? He never has time for me, but does have time to always chill with his brother. ...
    6 37
  225. Will A Girl Feel Bad When You Honestly Express Your Feelings (Love) To Her ?
    she knows me very well. and she likes my nature a lot. She even flirts with me. We know each other since 2 years. we both are 22. what exactly would she think ? I am a Boy...
    4 20
  226. Help, advice needed!
    Why i cant feel love? Even my family and my parent i hate, even if i say i love you i dont meant it. Its just a word to me.. Sometimes i fake loving people ao my friends dont think im a freak! O feel nothing. Thats the word nothing and empty is what i ...
    6 27
  227. How can i be friend of my distant cousin? I need an advice please.
    This thing is bugging me out lol. I have a friend and i discovered that we are related, we are distant cousins, because our grandfathers were cousins and she is a very nice person, but she didnt respond my message she told me that it wasnt for me it wa...
    2 38
  228. Choosing the right guy?
    My name is Teresa in 17 and having sim boy problemos:3 So I have this friend who has a brother named Alex. He's a cutie and we both have told each other that we kinda like one another. We've made out and that's all and I like that. He's also 22 and th...
    2 30
  229. Should I tell my crush I like him?
    tomorrow is the last day of school and I'm wondering if I should really go through with my decision since I been planning this 8 months now. We got to know each other over the past months but suddenly he started ignoring me and idk if I should do it or...
    2 69
  230. Should my friend who is not graduating be able to go to the all night party?
    To me I think she should not be able to go because i am sure she will be able to go next year. I feel like us Seniors who are graduating worked are butts off and obviously she didnt because she is not graduating on time. She asked for a ride and I dont...
    2 9
  231. There is this guy that I catch staring at me during church but when I look at him he doesn't look away. Why does he do this?
    He is 6 years older than me but in our culture that's perfectly normal and his parents are like 10 years apart. He lives close to me and we used to hang out a lot.
    6 62
  232. Should i be mad for this or not?
    Well, i dont know how to feel about this, but when people give me a call its only to tell me to come to visit them another day or to ask me a favor, and i dont know sometimes i just want an honest call somebody who is really worried about me. Maybe im ...
    2 34
  233. when is the right time to say i love you in a relationship?
    i was wondering what other people felt about this, if its ever to soon to say it? cause my last bf said it in a month n i honestly dident know what to say i felt it was way to soon like ik time shouldent be a factor that you should say it when the time...
    10 55
  234. how can i get my ex back.. problem is he has a girlfriend.
    we have been talking for awhile! and it seems like he still has feelings for me by the things he says, and he says some pretty odd things someone with a gf shouldn't say. i just need to know what i should do. and don't tell me to back off. he was mi...
    9 39
  235. Is she interested?
    I am a female and I have an employer that finds every way to talk to me. She has busted out of her office or other rooms to just say hello. She usually stumbles and then looks at me and say hello. Last week she took it one step further and followed m...
    2 12
  236. Is there an "imbalance" in our relationship?
    First off, I'm a rather solitary introvert. I don't get along too well with people, I don't enjoy conversing much (am pretty bad at it to be honest), I usually prefer to be alone. My boyfriend on the other hand is quite outgoing, has quite a few friend...
    4 10
  237. Why is so important to know if a player is gay or not?
    I mean now if a famous player say he is gay is a big news and i dont get it , because that is his personal business. I mean who cares what he does in his private life. I mean if the player instead of that would say i like peanut butter sandwiches nobod...
    2 20
  238. Is that true that most of the couples look like each other?
    I dont know if thats true, but i have seen some pictures of my friends with their couples and i kind of realized that they look like each other a little bit, but they look good is like they were brother and sister, What do you think?
    4 20
  239. My boyfriend won't let me use a knife for cooking -.-
    Because I cut myself a few times before. I swear he was fighting to get the knife away from me.
    9 48
  240. Breaking up with someone?
    How do you tell someone you want to break up without hurting them? I feel that it's just not working out and I think it would be best to break it off but I don't want to hurt them, they have a lot going on right now and I don't want to make it worse. I...
    3 22
  241. Is it okay to date the sister-in-law of my by-blood uncle?
    I am almost 18 and she is 24. She is the younger sister of my uncle's (mom's blood brother) wife. She is beautiful and I think I'm in love with her. Is it okay or weird to date her? If the answer is okay, any help to ask her?
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  242. people at school have started calling me a sket?
    Basically me and my friends are like the popular girls at our school but were really nice and we still act like ourselves. So anyways my friends were eating lunch today so I went to my old friend to talk and she told me how people have been saying sinc...
    2 24
  243. What do you think is more meaningful a like or a comment ?
    When we post in a friend profile a happy birthday what is more meaningful to you a like or a comment when is a friend that you already know.
    2 23
  244. My friend got angry at me for self harming, and then said he only did it because he's in love with me?
    Basically, I met up with some friends I hadn't seen in a while and whilst we were out my sleeve pulled up slightly and i thought no one noticed, but one of my friends saw and realised i had fresh cuts. He didn't say anything at the time but a little wh...
    3 51
  245. can a female cum come out different
    Can a female cum come out different . Can u guys explain what i look like when u squirt, nut and all dat stuff
    2 173
  246. Do girls like shy guys?
    I am a bit shy boy. i don't flirt much. so can a girl like a boy like me?
    4 62
  247. how should i tell my female best friend that i love her ? She is a shy person.
    we know each other since last 2 years no vulgar answers please !
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  248. Stop blaming guns It's not guns
    It's not guns and people need to stop blaming them. It's the human who Is Inspired by violence and mentally Ill, who needs medical psychological help. Guns don't do anything, It's the person who wants to hurt people and think It's normal when It'...
    11 47
  249. A female friend's sarcasm
    A female friend of mine acts sarcastically mean about me when she's with her friends (all girls) .When by herself she gets nervous and kind of shy. and on chat she is awesomely friendly to me. why is this ?.Please Help me girls, as you can understand i...
    3 16
  250. Is she being sneaky? OR does she like him and want to get with him on the low?
    First off my so called friend knows exactly what time i go to school and it seemed like every time i go to school shes calling my boyfriend while shes at work and im not around, asking for me when she knows i'm in school, at first i didn't think nothi...
    6 30