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someone hu does

drugs isnt normaly very clear on things rite?


How do you finger yourself?

Well I want to finger myself but I don't really know how. What should I use, and will it hurt?


Does fingering hurt and what does the girl do during it?

I'm 14 and there's this guy that I really like and he really likes me too and we are basically going out. And so he said that he wanted to finger me and I have no problem with that, I actually want him to so ya.. but like a few questions:: Does it hurt...


Why do guys pretend that they don't care?

Okay, I'm pretty sure I already know what this means but I just wanted to double-check. I've moved away from my friends and my crush and my friends keep me posted on what he's doing and they keep telling him not to forget me. Well, most of the time (it...


How come he likes her?

(I'm in middle school)This boy I like or I thought I liked commented on this one picture I put on my one profile and he said I looked pretty! so I got all excited and I thought he liked me and he said it was all a joke! So anyways he posted a status on...


What do I say when dirty texting?

What should I say?My boyfriend wants to dirty text but I don't know what to say.

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Do guys think about girls all the time?

k, so i'm a girl and i think about the guy i like, all the time. i just want to know if guys think about girls as much as we, girls think about them. sometimes i just feel like all he wants to think about are sports, but is he thinking about me all the...

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What does it mean if your boyfriend touches your face while your kissing?

When my boyfriend and I make out he touches my face or rubs my hair, he doesnt do this all the time but its what he mainly does. What does this mean? Does it mean hes really into me or he doesnt know what to do with his hands?

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How do I tell my friend I dated her ex but now I broke up wit him?

Well I dated my friend ex but I broke up with him now because I felt bad for my friend. My friend is really close with me.


Why can't I tell my boyfriend is ugly?

I've been going out with him for 3years I recently introduced him to my friends because he came my school. When my friends saw him they were shocked they thought he was 30 when his really isn't his a lot younger. They said he was the ugliest guy they h...

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What are fun things I can do with my boyfriend other than kissing?

What are other fun things I can do with my boyfriend other than kissing?

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How can I make my boyfriend really horny?

what can I say to him?

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Can you finger a girl while on her period?

okay, so I just got my period today (friday), and me and my boyfriend are supposed to stay the night together, and he always fingers me.. but, can he finger me while I'm on my period?

help quick!!

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When to stop fingering?

When you are fingering your girlfriend how do you know when to stop???
I know to stop if they Org. but are they supposed to Org. when you finger them??
Just give me different situations and what to do in them please. :) It would be greatly appreciated.

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Does cum taste gross?

I never have allowed my boyfriend to cum in my mouth because I think it will taste nasty. does cum taste gross?

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Why does my boyfriend always look at my face when hes fingering me?

When ever my boyfriend fingers me, he puts his face really close to mine and looks at the facial expressions im making, he always try to listen to the noises I make, is this caus its a turn on ?


What are these little guys called?

what are these little guys called?

or these


when a girl cums

when a girl cums is it whit or clear?

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Lying husband

My husband (whom I am divorcing--infidelity) still sees his girlfriend, but he lies to the kids about it. They catch him lying to them about where he is going, etc. Hub says I am crazy and tells kids he has no girlfriend. How can I help my 3 kids 12...


Why does he lead me on and then ignore me?

Me and this boy Landon have been talking for a long time now we got in a fight and made up he told me that he loved me and couldn't get over me... now he isn't talking to me and I can't stop think about him... he lead me on the just ignores me.
HELP me...


How do I know if a guy is into me?

thiss guy that i know is always hanging around me nd giving me weird looks. in science when we were taking notes, he started making himself turn red nd looking reelyy stiff at me. he wuzz tlking to my friend who claims that he likes her but he dusnt (i...


always happy...yet I want to cry

well to start with im not like other guys. im very sensative to womens feelings. im 15, and I have a lot of friend-girls, but no girlfriend. im looking hard for somebody to spend the rest of my life with. girls tell me im an amazing guy. so if you ha...

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We broke up

I broke up with my boyfriend today
And then I went on msn
And he was like why did you break up with me
And I told him
And he asked how can we make this work
And I said I really dont know.
Im just really confused
I mean guys are really good at ma...


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