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Does fingering hurt and what does the girl do during it?

I'm 14 and there's this guy that I really like and he really likes me too and we are basically going out. And so he said that he wanted to finger me and I have no problem with that, I actually want him to so ya.. but like a few questions:: Does it hurt...


52 reasons why I like you

I found this craft I really want to do for my boyfriend, but man! It's really hard to think of 52 reasons why you like someone.
If you were to do this craft for someone you love, what would you put? I know it depends on the feelings, I'm just looking...


Places to makeout in school?

Haha just wonderin wht some good places would be, (highschool)

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wife problems

Me and my wife have been married for about a year and been going out sinc freshmen year of high school.
Anyways ever since we got married she won't help me with anything. I mean yeah during the day she takes care of our kids, and I work 12 hours a day...


What do I do when my boyfriend fingers me for the first time!?

My boyfriend wants to finger me for the first time. I've never been fingered before. What do o do? Do I bleed? Does it hurt? What happens of he pops my cherry? Help please !

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Why does precum taste better than cum?

I love giving guys head but why does precum taste so good in every guy but cum so different

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What does it feel like to get fingered?

what dose it feel like to get fingered?

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How do you know if your cherry has been popped?

how do you know if your cherry has been poped or not because i really am not sure i think that i might have but idk and if it hasn't how can it get poped like does the guy stick his penis up there or what ?? and as sad as it is to ask but twhat is it e...


getting your cherry popped ..

does getting your cherry popped hurt ? wouldnt it be embarrasing
if you started bleeding everywhere !? :| ... how old
do girls usually start fingering themselves at ?

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How do I get a guy who felt up me before to do it agin?

Well we are friends and he was showing somebody else how yo do it but I nudge him away becase I didn't want to be like I'm a slut or something but I didn't mind

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Why does he not talk to me?

I like this guy and I guess that hes shy he goes out of his way to talk to me but once I see him he walks away before saying anything why is that? Lol. I think hes shy but why does he take so long to do things? Why dont he just say hi? Thx for helping

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What are games to play with my boyfriend over the phone?

quick question what are some games I can play with my boyfriend over aim or the phone thanx ~kaitlyn~


flirty truth or dare questions and dares

What are some flirty truth or dare questions or dares?


How do you undo a front-clasp bra?

My new girlfriend always wears bras that do up at the front which has had me confused lately... I've never struggled with bras before and can easily undo them with one hand or two but have no idea about front clasp bras..

anyone got any tips on how to...

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How long will I bleed after he broke my hymen?

yesterday my boyfriend popped my cherry and after a min the blood stopped but now its starting back and I know im not on my period, how long will dis blood continue?


Why won't my ex look at me anymore?

why wont my ex boyfriend look at me anymore when he dumped me. it's been 15 mnths..


Why does he act like a butt when his brother is around?

Every time my boyfriends brother is aroud he acts like a complete JERK!!! He starts talking to me ugly and making fun of me, but then when his brother leaves its all about me again! What the hell is going on?

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Does a guy like you if he always answers your phone calls?

Ok I like this guy and I think he likes me. Everytime I call he always answers the phone, maybe on the first ring or whenever but he always answers the phone. I rarely ever get to his voicemail and if he does get a missed call he always calls me back. ...


Flirty things to say to your boyfriend?

What are some flirty things to say to your boyfriend?

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Does your hymen break when you're fingered?

If you are fingered does your hymen break?

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Can you finger a girl while on her period?

okay, so I just got my period today (friday), and me and my boyfriend are supposed to stay the night together, and he always fingers me.. but, can he finger me while I'm on my period?

help quick!!

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Why do guys love it when girls swallow?

Why do guys love it when a girl swallows?
What drives them crazy about it?
I've never givien head but I just want to know.

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How do I tell my cousin I love him?

First off, he's my "First Cousin, Once Removed" being the son of my First Cousin. OK, well for starters [my first question on this site] I know I love him. I'm 15 he's 16 and we both live in different states. I don't need to know IF I should tell him o...


how can I get my vigina tight?

how can I get my vigina tight

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Do girls swallow and how is the taste?

do girls swallow cum and what does it taste like

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