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How to ask my man to shave down there'?

I don't know how to ask him.

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Why did it hurt to see him?

Well we have a festival (fiesta?) in our town every year. We just had one and I saw my former love. I've asked advice before about my love, and I'm pretty sure I fell out of love with him. Anyways, my friend that I went to la fiesta with feels SO bad f...


How do I get this boy for the rest of my life?

Well I saw this boy at targetand I felt like new him and he is my dads friend son,but I really want to go out with him for the rest of my life, what do I do?

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In love with a married man

Hi, I was working with an engaged guy and we were really close friends. Many time s he told me that his relationhship with his girlfiriend is not so great... I always helped him to work things out with her...he had been going out with her for eight ye...


How can we cuddle in a movie?

Ok so my boyfriend and I want to cuddle. We are going to be in a probably mostly empty movie theatre. Any suggestions on how we could sit or lay?


how can I playfully seduce my boyfriend?

how can I playfully seduce my boyfriend?
without being to forward

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Can you finger a girl while on her period?

okay, so I just got my period today (friday), and me and my boyfriend are supposed to stay the night together, and he always fingers me.. but, can he finger me while I'm on my period?

help quick!!

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Can you use condoms in the shower?

Um, I'm not really sure how this works and if there are negative effects - does it matter if you use a condom in the shower, or tub, pool, whatever water situation? Does the water do anything to the condom to make it less efficient? I would imagine it ...


Are blo jobs better wit a tongue piercing

Ok so I've dicided to go get my tongue pierced 2moro !! I've always wanted it done and now that im finally gonna do it my boyfriend is over de moon he cant wait !! He says blo jobs are much better with a tongue piercing !!
Are they ???

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Wrestling with my brother...pervy ?

We wrestle a lot and I like it because I think it can teach me to defend myself if I get like kidnapped or rape, but sometimes it gets a little touchy feely im 15 and hes 16, like sometimes he will like grab me from behind but his palm will be like ove...


What should I do about my friend liking him?

Over the summer my good friend Layla hung around with a real assshole: Jesse. Jesse has a girlfriend who is a really good friend of ours and Layla has a big crush on Jesse now. He had successfully touched her a$$ and tweaked her nipple...and he is a ye...

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My girlfriend is suicidal, for real. I dont want to screw up, what

This is serious. I can tell if she is serious or not. I am in bad shape right now and do not want to type a lot. THe bottom line is, we both REALLY love eachother, Im always there for her, she knows that, she knows how much I care for her, I tell her p...


What is it when a girl "gets wet?"

we dont understand what it is because we have heard that it is cum . . . but it cant be because girls dont have sperm and cum is sperm so how can a girl cum?? and if it is not cum then what is it that comes out of the vagaina??

Please answer we rli ...

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Do guys get grossed out when they pop a girl's cherry?

are guys grossed out when a girl pope her cherry and blood cumz put???I'm just wondering

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How did you keep it a suprise?

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 6 years, for the last year we have been talking about getting married. He wants to keep the actual proposal to himself, and thats fine, I think it should be a suprise,but we have talked ...


What if I have been with my boyfriend for 7years and still cant trust him?

I have been with my guy for 7yrs and thing are not so great. When we first dated he use to be jealous and very clingy not it feels like he can't wait to get away from me. This started when I broke up with him a year ago the went back after him when I r...


how do boys get soo horny easily?

How do boys get so horny so easily?

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Best friend turned to nightmare what the hell am I supose to do?

he is clingy and takes everything I say to heart. He makes a massive deal over something I may hve said to try and get sympthy from me. He also makes up lies to make himself sound cooler. He is madly in love with me.WHAT DO I DO


what lengh is considered big for a guys dick??

How big does a guys dick have to be to be considered big???

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How to ask him out?

Ok so there is this guy that I really want to ask out. I am for sure that he likes me, but what if he says no? How should I ask him out? And if he says no how do I shake the embarrasment of rejection?


Was I wrong to stand up for myself?

I'm being trained on a new job. Yesterday was my 3rd day of training. My trainer kept repeatedly telling me to "Pick up the pace" and was clapping her hands together in the middle of the hallway. She was not being quiet. And said it twice in front of p...


what can I do to stop a guy from bothering me?

im almost 14 + hes about the same age...hes not my type & he lives in eng. when I in cyprus.


When should I call my soon to be girlfriend babe?

Me and this girl go to different high schools and are going to meet next weekend. We have been txting and calling eachother for almost a month now and im wondering if its too early to call her babe or should I wait untill after we meet. She says after ...

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