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How to survive a breakup

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What is love?

I know this is a really weird question but I'm really confused about something. What is love? I hear people say it all the time at school but I still don't know what it means. Everytime I ask some one they look at me like I'm an idoit and walk away. So...


What if you have to tell someone something crazy?

if you had to tell some one the most important thing in the world... but they will think they are crazy or mental or something, what would you do?

I really need to know


Is it true that once you go black, you never go back?

the title to this question is just a saying but is it true that black men are way better in bed than white? very curious. women who know please tell me!! also men i guess ...x


Ring Size

Ok. So I wanna buy a promise ring for me and my boyfriend and my finger is 7 and a half cm. So what size ring would that be?



if you guy's know the song hallelujah then you know that there are 3 major version's of the song

Leonard Cohen

John Cale

Jeff Buckley

which ones your favorite?

personally I'm going with Jeff Buckley no contest lol


Asking all 13/14 year old teens! Click here! I need help!

Ehem...Im 14 and I've never ever ever ever had a relationship of any kind. Yes not even kindergarten. I get compliments from my chickeys what im so pretty but they say im so quiet and shy. What is it im doing wrong? and some flirt tips would help becau...


What if my two friends are fighting?

I have these friends and they are fighting and I cant be one friend without the other getting mad please help me what should I do

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My bf might dump me for my best friend!

Ok well my best friend told me to ask my boyfriend if he wouls rather go out with me or her. He said he would have to think about it, because it 's a hard choice to make! I reall love him though! But he must not love me so much, huh? What should I do? ...


where does your penis go when you sit down?

when you sit down where does your penis go?

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Why can't kids wait?

lol.. im only 16 I can honestly say kids these days are messed up have you read some of the questions in this place.. kids 12..13..14.. going to be in the single digits sooner than later. Girls what happend. Any self respect? think its cool to be pregn...


Why play the same game???

Why do women and men feel once they're hurt in the relationship they should get the last thing(action or word) in before its all over and done with??? just give it a rest and let it be if you give in and feel you should do sumthing your just making urs...


How can you tell if a guy is hard???

How can you tell if a guy is hard??

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Is it really cheating?

So I have a boyfriend. And After a couple days my one friend who I liked a lot told me he liked me. He dumped his current girlfriend to be with me and then I told him I just couldn't do it, because I liked my boyfriend too much to hurt him. The other g...

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the secret to boys?

I good guy friend told me "the secret to guys" is that if you want him to pay attention to you or want you(emotionally), then you have to act like you dont care. My bf ignores me a lot and it hurts so i guess it work on me too, but what ways can i show...


What to do to a friend dieting, making me uncomfortable?

I have an friend dieting, she didnt tell me but I can tell, this is annoying and is making me feel uncomfortable when we have meals together.!!!


Why do guys freak?

Why is it that guys dont want to ever date me because I have a litte girl? I understand that there not ready to have a kid but its not there kid she mine and I just want to be loved by a partner I want to love a loved one I want a love life I havent ha...


Is it normal to argue and fight everyday?

My boyfriend and I literally argue everyday. Is this normal? And it's about little petty stuff. We have however overcome many of our arguments and thats why we are still together after a year. I think maybe we are just too much alike. Anyway today was ...


Whats a Rim Job?

I hear people talkin bout them and I just dont want to ask
so if someone culd please tell me
please and thank you


Can I make his penis larger without him knowing?

My boyfriend and I have been having s*x for a while and his p*nis is average size. Is there some way I could do something to his p*nis to make it bigger while erect to try having s*x with a larger p*nis?

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What's the easiest way to forget someone?

What is the easiest way to forget someone who in the end you know aint worth the heartbreak...???


What do you do when a guy kisses your neck?

what do you do when a guy kisses your neck? like, do you just sit there? or what?!?!

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Why do people not like me?

I am soo nice to everyone, i watch what i say to others and i am very respectful to everyone, i do nice things for others to please people (everyone in 8th grade seems to like eachother (i get along well with teachers and everyone when people talk to m...


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