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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


If you go to the doctor can they tell if you've had intercourse?

If you go to the doctor can they tell whether or not if you had intercourse?

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How do you finger yourself?

Well I want to finger myself but I don't really know how. What should I use, and will it hurt?


Does cum taste gross?

I never have allowed my boyfriend to cum in my mouth because I think it will taste nasty. does cum taste gross?

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Do I need to stay in jail?

so I just got busted for doin a whole buncha stuff like vandalizing public property and stealin a girlfriend says it will be good for me to stay behind bars for a while to keep me outta trouble...she also says she will visit me...

but I thi...

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is it wrong if im attracted to girls

I have noticed even when I was younger that I was attracted to girls, and I still check them out and sometimes they turn me on. yet I like guys and I've tried a lot of things with girls. but I dont like it. yet I like the way they look what does that m...


How do you pop your cherry?

I am a virgin and I want to lose it with my boyfriend. But he has tried but it hurts too much so we stop. What should I do?

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What is the best way to caress a girls butt to where she wont slap?

Just wonderin if any of you girls find it a turnoff to touch a girls butt, or is their a certain way to do it that is not disrespectful at all.

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Can you pop your cherry fingering yourself?

Can you pop your cherry fingering urself?

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Does fisting hurt and should I let my boyfriend do it?

I love when my b/f finger me but he said he want's to push his whole hand in. I need to need does fisting hurt?

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What are games to play with my boyfriend over the phone?

quick question what are some games I can play with my boyfriend over aim or the phone thanx ~kaitlyn~


What if this girl's pussy stinks?

I had a couple of dates with this cute girl, and last night we went pretty far, but no intercourse. As I was going down there, she smelled like an armpit, the odor was very strong. I slept over, and told her I would call her tommorow, but I'm thinkin...

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flirty truth or dare questions and dares

What are some flirty truth or dare questions or dares?


Does fingering hurt and what does the girl do during it?

I'm 14 and there's this guy that I really like and he really likes me too and we are basically going out. And so he said that he wanted to finger me and I have no problem with that, I actually want him to so ya.. but like a few questions:: Does it hurt...


What does it mean when I guy gives a girl a stuffed animal?

Today leaving a get together with friends which a guy friend asked if I wanted a ride to and picked me up, going out of his way (backtracking) to do so. We picked up another friend (a guy & his best friend) on the way to meet up with everyone else. Whe...


popping your cherry by fingering

so I let my boyfriend finger me and it was good but I went to the bathroom and I was bleeding. I wasnt on my period and it had stopped 10 days ago and well it was the first time getting fingered and I didnt hurt so I wanna know if he popped my cherry o...

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When should I tell my boyfriend about my eating disorder ?

I met a guy few weeks ago and he seems to really like me. The problem is I suffer from an eating disorder, I go on long fasts and if I eat anything I throw it up or sometimes I go into binging and then throwing up. Anyway I was just wondering; when sho...


Best way to give a guy head

Hey, im 16 and my boyfriend is 17

I want to know how I can give him head really well

I need help help?

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Where do boys wipe their fingers?


After you get done fingering a girl where do you usally whipe your fingers?
Haha jw

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Crush's Girlfriend hates me. IMPORTANT!!!

Hey! I just need to ask why does my crush's girlfriend hate me. She talks about me, evn though I have been nothing but kind to her and her friends. I dislike her, but she does not know that. Her boyfriend treats me better than her, plus he acts super s...

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What do I do while his finger is inside me?

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for 3 months. And I know he wants to finger me badly. He always tries to but I resist. I want him to but I dont know what I should do while hes fingering me. Do I just sit there and and moan or what? Please help ...

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Finger up Bum

Why does my girlfriend like this??? I can't see the pleasure...tried it whilst having a wank and didn't do anything for

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Does she still love me

My wonan is not paying eny atenchon to me


How can you get over someone?

how can you get over someone?

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52 reasons why I like you

I found this craft I really want to do for my boyfriend, but man! It's really hard to think of 52 reasons why you like someone.
If you were to do this craft for someone you love, what would you put? I know it depends on the feelings, I'm just looking...


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