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Is my Boyfriend cheating on me?

ok, lately I've been feeling like im not the only girl my boyfriends been seeing.
I no it may sound sooo stupied but on myspace he never ever adds my comments what if theres a girl he dosnt want to no I exsit...
he barly calls me
barly txt...

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What position do you girls like when getting eaten out?

What position do girls like when you guys get eaten out? Do you guys like it layin down or sittin down, 69

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What do guys mean by "I just want a break"?

when I guy says to you " just right now I want to break just right now and maybe things will settle by then" when your going out with this person?...what the heck is really saying or doesnt have the gutts to say ?
because from what I hear when they say...


Who can tell me if Puerto Ricans have big penises?

This might be a stupid puestion but do Puerto Ricans grow long c o c k s if they do I'll be happy because I'm puerto rican.



My vagina lips are so huge, they bother me... have only been wit my boyfriend and of course he loves them but thats because he loves me... Im just curious to what men think bout women havin large clits do they think its disgusting, do they prefer vagin...

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Whats the best deep throat position

I've done it once for my boyfriend, & I actually enjoy doing it.
I do have gag reflexes, buttt I don't vomit on his dick & yeah.
But I was just wondering whats the best type of position.
I've done it when were going 69 witch was fine :)
But I tried...

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im 15 watig a baby

I realy realy need help on this I have probs wit my boyfriend bu we work it out we have talked about haveing a baby and he says if I happens it happens andits ment to be im 100000% sure hell be good dad and ibeen wanting a baby forlike 3 years now I n...

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When a woman bumps her hips with a man what does that mean?

If a woman comes up to a man and bumps his hip what does that mean?


If I am on my period should I let someone finger me ?

If I am on my period should I let someone finger me ?


Why do girls not eat in front of guys? Does it turn off guys?

Ok...I don't know but this bugs the Hell out of me haha. I know a few people that won't even look at food when they are with their boyfriend. I don't understand why lol. I was at a Halloween party, adn this girl was there and he boyfriend was also. The...

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How do I have my erection unrestrained during a lap dance?

When I go get a dance at a strip club I would get an erection but sometimes it is stuck there in my underwear or pants. I do not feel comfortable reaching down there and repositioning it. Is there a way to make it so that when it goes erect I do not ...


How big is the penis of a guy in 8th grade?

ok im 14 and im a girl in 8th grade. I have a ton of guy friends I I don't know if they lie or what. haha sorry for asking this question. but im just curious. how big is a guys c*ck in 8th grade???

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1st Date Advise; Guy's Answers Appreciated

I'm about to go on my first date with this guy tomorrow. I am 22 but have only really had a few dates and none of them went real well. Can some guys post some do's and dont's for me, please?

The guy I am going out with is 27 and he's invited me ou...


My mind is killing me

Hello guys. Guess what? My mind is killing me. I cant concentrate on my studies. Something occupied my mind. Yeah. Its guys. I did had a crush who I really like him. But no matter how hard I've try to chase him, he still treat me as friend. So I decide...


How to make sure I taste good for my first kiss?

I have never been kissed.
And I'm curious...I hear so many people talk about their kisses tasting like something.
And...I have this friend. Haha, well, friend who I'm interested in.
We've agreed to keep it as friends but we talk about everything.
He to...


52 reasons why I like you

I found this craft I really want to do for my boyfriend, but man! It's really hard to think of 52 reasons why you like someone.
If you were to do this craft for someone you love, what would you put? I know it depends on the feelings, I'm just looking...


Should I stay with him?

I havent seen my boyfriend in awile, and dont know if I like him anymore,

but whenever im around him or talk to him I get butterflies

when he kisses me I never want him to stop

and he really tries to understand the issues im dealing with

the only ...


How do you snog a guy?

Am 14 and I really like this boy and he keeps asking me out but there is only one thing which is stopping me saying yeah.Well if I meet up with him there's like 99% chance that he try and pull me(snog) and I have never snogged before and am abit of a s...

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How can I get this guy I like to ask me out?

I really like this guy, but the problem is that he is popular, and I am not. I wouldn't consider myself a nerd. I really want to find a way for him to ask me out. Also, people call me fat when there is another girl who is popular and is way heavier ...

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What do I do my boyfriend wants to see my boobs?

Kk soo my boyfriend and me havve been dating for almost 4 months its been 3 now and hes already felt my boobs but now he wants too see them his hands kept going to my lala a.k.a vagina he kept rubbing it I guess to turn me on but iunno this was happeni...

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Can a girl get pregnant everytime?

can girls get pregnant everytime a guys cums inside them?

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How can I accept my boyfriends daughter

Hi hope you can help with my crises well I have currently been with my boyfriend about a year he has a 3 year old daughter we recently got into this huge fight because I always tend to leave when I know his daughter is coming around. I just dont want t...


How do I get this nice guy I like to notice me?? 15 and I've never realy been in a serious relationship the longest relationship I was in lasted 4 months :(
Ok to the question how do I get this guy I like to notice me?? I live in germany and he is realy nice :)and cute and funny!hes been talki...

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R we still perfect or are we relizing were horrible together?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 43 days. Happily until about a week or two ago, I cheated. I felt so bad cause I was totally in love with him so I told him. we fought for about 4-5 hours, and finally calmd down and stayed together. It messd u...


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