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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


Can you pop your cherry fingering yourself?

Can you pop your cherry fingering urself?

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Why do girls love to talk so much?

Why do girls love to talk so much

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I dont know how I feel its confusing!!!

I haven't felt this way about a guy in so long! I mean I see and talk to guys but dont feel anything more then an attraction but this guy is driving me crazy! we started off as just friends now he calls me to talk to my cousin wink wink, because I told...


Jealous freak much!? Help a.s.a.p.

Okay, so I just got back with my boyfriend. And I had a pic on myspace with a boy and I. But he's like my brother! So I don't get it!? And he commented it saying, "wait a minute". And then his status message says," its whatever but I still love her." a...


How to tell a girl (friend) that I love her?

The girl I love is a classmate of mine. We have been good friends from our childhood. We used to go to each others house. She is like my best friend. We used to share our every feelings with each other. But with time, when we grew up, I started taking ...

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What do people see that's so beautiful about me?

I am a healthy 13 year old girl, and almost everyone that I meet thinks I am the most beautiful thing they have ever seen, and people think I'm a least 16, even though I don't wear much make-up. It's kinda wierd because all ages of young guys stare at ...


How to not be tempted?

When my girlfriend and I are alone, we at times go too far. However we liked it so we are tempted to do it again. But we both agree that it is too far. So what I am asking is there anything that we could do when we are alone that will help us from bei...


what does spooning mean ?

What is Spooning ?
My friend Travis said, " insted of Mitch spooning you, you spoon him."
or somthing like that.. it's been bugging me cause I don't know what it means !


I like my bestfriends ex and im not sure if she likes me back?

I like this girl and we talk occasionally, but she is one of my best friends exs. what do I do? and how do I find out if she likes me back? Also I want to tell this girl I like her but im so shy how can I get rid of my shyness?

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How do I still stay bestfriends, with my other bestfriends ex?

My Bestfriend(Luna) got a boyfriend(Andy) and while they were together Andy and I became closer as friends and sooner or later we become best friends. But a short while ago they broke up. Luna doesn't want me hanging out with him anymore but I don't wa...


What: Should I go out with him???

This guy is sweet and fun to talk to and I can tell hes gunna ask me out soon but I dunno if want to. in the beginning I led him on cause I just wanted a boyfriend cause I never had one yet cause I was scared to. So I finally talked to this guy on msn ...


I like my best friend...but his best friend likes me!

I have a tiny problem. I really like this guy. And we are best friends now. Yes, we made out and stuff but that's it. Then another close friend of ours asked me out, which I sadly said no to. Then my best friend said he liked me but stopped because of ...


How can I make my vagina creamy?

I love it when I see girls in the porn videos with creamy vagina, how can I make my vagina creamy?

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How do I know if my teacher likes me

Hi I like my sports teacher and she is nice to me and all but I want to know how to go about it I mean I want her bad what should I do ?

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I love you more?

So me and this guy have been dating for about 2 years now.
and yeah I'm sure you've guessed it, we're in love.
and I never know what to say back when he says,
no no no I love you MORE!
and then I'm like no I do.
and it goes back and forth.
So nex...

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I don't know what to do! sorry its a little long...

alrightt so I liked this guy and at first my friends said he liked me.. so I would text him and we would talk. my friend said that he was absolutely crazzy about me and thought I was hott. we were at a partyy and I didnt know if I liked him or not yet...


Yaoi is boy on boy whats girl on girl

Yaoi is boy on boy whats girl on girl just wondering x]

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How to deal with my wost enemy?

I cant take this girl she is so manipulating everyone into thinking she's nice! I HATE HER! she is so mean and everyone hated her before! I tried liking her but found out she called me a pig and a dork! she is so mean and "pretending" to be the nice on...

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How shall I deal with this love.. square?

Me and my guy friend at college have since come incredibly close. He's my best friend. And recently, we admitted to each other that we have feelings for one another. However, we are both in long term relationships which are both long distance, which we...


He's sensitive... Troubles talking

My boyfriend is really wensitive and gets upset over small things. at times like that I reali don't noe what I shud do. If I ctn tokin 2 him I'll most probably make it worse if I dun tok 2 him he might get mad at me. Feel like breaking down abt dis. :...


How to propose to a girl?

I need a help for proposing a girl because I have never done it before in my life.


Could this be why I'm freaking out?

so im 15 my boyfriend is 17 and weve been together for about 10 months now and I love him, but I feel liek so much is missing. We dont go on dates, we dont call each other, and its just kind of uncomfortable sometimes to be around him. I want us to do ...


Just not a nice person

hi every one I have been trying to be a nicer peron in genrel but I don't know how to do it I try my best to be a nice person but it dosnt work for me every one hates me and backs away even when im nice I don't think I am being myself maybe that why I ...


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