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How to survive a breakup

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What do girls want to know about guys?

what are sum question that girls might want to know about boys?


I just want to know

are you still a virgin if a guy doesn't pop cherry

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Why does he act like this???

Okay so me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year and 6 months. we are in love, and 14. yeah yeah yeah were young, but who cares we don't:) anyways, we have done everything but se* and he understands that I am not ready and he is not pressuring m...


I really like you a lot or I love you ?

Me and my boyfriend been together for a year and a half and we stil odnt say I love you we say I really like you a lot and my friends tell me that it sounds kind of childish but I honestly like this guy soo soo soo much I would do anything for him and...


slut or not

I like this guy, we flirt and I wonder if he likes me back. does he? and I know he want to finger me and wants me to give him a bj. should I do it? would it be slutty? what should I do? :/

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How to girls shave their vaginal hair?

I asked my friends how to shave and they say the nicker line and I was like ok because I didnt want to look stupid.

what is the nickerline?
how do you know which bits to shave?



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Why do white girls want to date black boys?

I am not trying to sound prejudice but it seems that there are so many mixed relationships out there and I wonder what it is about it ,is just the thrill of having people stare at daughter is in a relationship with a worthless guy who is mexican...


What's the next move after a French kiss?

I really like this girl and she likes me. we are both virgins but this is my first relationship and her 6th relationship. I mad the first move witih a hug, she made the next move with a kiss, then she made the next move with a french kiss. I want to ma...

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How to make my crush jealous?

ok I like this guy and I thought he liked me but he flirts with other girls in front of me I want to make him jealous how though

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how do i know if i sould let my boyfriend go?

i have this boy friend and we've been dating for 7 months now, and im noticing somethings diffrent about him, idk if he's changed or if im just discovering on who he really is....
-he's very immture
-spacey, almost like he's on drugs
-overly "touch...


Do you think he "likes" me or was he just still being nice and friendly?

When I was at my best friend's house a few weekends ago. A few of the deer hunters were there and we came over to visit them and one of them was asking me how old my son was and where he's living, how far away the town he's living in was, how often I g...


What can me and my boyfriend talk about?

Everytime me and him talk on the phone, we talk about NOTHING. We listen to each other breathe. He always says: What do you want to talk about? And I say the same thing. What are some things to talk about? And why do we never have anything to talk about?


Is it normal to be turned on by war?

Is it normal to be turned on by war. I know war is bad, I mean, horrific things happen in war. But for some reason I love war. not the bad things that happen but the battles. ok, I have this game right, Rome total war, and you can fit several thous...


Where do girls want guy's hands during making out?

I know all girls are diffirint but I was just wonderin were would you want a boy to place there hands while makein out?
most of the time I just set my hands around her waist but I would like to try somethin different.. any advice at all would be apprec...

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How to get a creepy guy to back off?

So I did something really stupid involving a guy but its not what you think.. anyways he lives about 3 hours away from where I live actually in a different province and honestly he has been such a creep/stalker he calls all the time to check up on me e...


Why isn't she talking to me?

This one girl and I where really close friends.I started to like her but she me never knew I did but out of no were about a month ago she stopped talking to me or won't even reply my texts. Inever did anything to make her mad at me or would. Her a lot ...


Found out my girlfriend still likes her ex

I found out that my girlfriend, still likes her ex of 4 years ago. what should I do? should I ask her about it or what?!


What should I do if I offended a guy that I like?

I was just talking to this one guy that I have a crush on, and we were talking about saving up money and stuff. He said that he had, like $700 saved up for College, and I told him that that would probably not get his very far.... I don't know why he's ...


Getting a guy to like you

ok so I really like this cut guy named shay, and hes going out with someone else, I want to know how to break them up and get him to ask me out.


Why do I not get pleasure from fingering myself?

I just started fingering myself yesterday and I've done it like 5 times but I don't really orgasm or have any pleasure. Is this normal for a beginer?

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How common is it that a 14 year old couple gets married as adults?

My boyfriend and I love each other. its been a few months now, and we want to wait 4 or 5 years to get married. im so afraid that we wont make it. ;(

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Is it OK for a girl to ask a guy to marry her?

I've been dating my boyfriend for three years now. The details to our serious and loving relationship don't even need to be said. To be blunt and get to the point, I just want to know if it would be OK for a GIRL to ask a GUY to marry her. If yes, i...


Why does he stare at me?

I just moved to this new school a month or two ago, and to say the least, my friends aren't very popular. So I saw this guy who I now really like. Him and I don't share any classes, and I don't know much about him, but I'm pretty sure he's at least mi...


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