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Why have I never had a boyfriend?

HI I am 17 years old and I have never have had a boyfriend!!! What is wrong with me I know I am not ugly, I am not fat and I donbt smell lol I think I am fun to be around and a nice person so is there something I am not seeing?

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What should I do if I found out something the wrong way?

im kinda a nosey GF.
i snooped through my bf's myspace.
[im a myspace whore so i can read his comments evan tho they're hidden]
and he put married on his realationship status. and this girl asked him is he married or do he have a girl?
so i went...


Drunken night out

Last friday I got drunk and got off with a friend and fingered her, now we find it hard to talk like before, what to do?

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Why do I pull away before I orgasm?

I have been dating a guy for 5 months now and I recently lost my virginity to him. I love him completely and am totally comfortable with him. We've only had s*x a couple times but whenever I get close to an orgasm (whether it be while were having s*x...

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What's the best way to turn on a girl?

What are some ways that I can turn on a girl enough to get her vagina to open?

What are some ways that I can finger a girl?

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Beasteality Porn

Hey wierd question, but does anybody else here like beasteality porn?


Where do girls want guy's hands during making out?

I know all girls are diffirint but I was just wonderin were would you want a boy to place there hands while makein out?
most of the time I just set my hands around her waist but I would like to try somethin different.. any advice at all would be apprec...

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Can you use condoms in the shower?

Um, I'm not really sure how this works and if there are negative effects - does it matter if you use a condom in the shower, or tub, pool, whatever water situation? Does the water do anything to the condom to make it less efficient? I would imagine it ...


Does fingering hurt and what does the girl do during it?

I'm 14 and there's this guy that I really like and he really likes me too and we are basically going out. And so he said that he wanted to finger me and I have no problem with that, I actually want him to so ya.. but like a few questions:: Does it hurt...


Who lies more men or women?

This is a general question arising so long in my mind and already an answer has come up into my mind. Women. What is your opinion about this. Do you don't think that women makes more lies in their live? I feel so.


I need your sincere answer.. does he like me?

this is going to be kinda long but im here for the most SINCERE answers. there is this guy I REALLY like.but im serious we fight all the time! we can fight over ANYTHING ANYDAY! he ALWAYS starts the fights though.. like on monday for example I was walk...


how come the guy I like dont talk to me?

I like this guy he likes me too but he dont talk to me and sometimes well look at each other and hell roll his eyes at me but I know he likes me I just know it and I've tried talking to him but it did not workout anyways should I forget about him? or.....

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How can I accept my small penis?

Hi people, I'm insecured with my penis. I have a "grower" type of penis, flaccid is 2", and erect is 5.4" I'm very insecured of my flaccid state, 2" when I go to the toilet, or if I had to show my penis to a lady, what would they think..

Well I know m...


What are some tips for a long-distance relationship?

I need some tips for long distance relationships


Can you pop your cherry more than once?

ok sooo last night my boyfriend fingered me and I later found a blood stain on my pants and it kinda hurt to pee. lol but I know its not my period because im on birth control. im still a virgin but im on it to regulate myperiods. anyways, a couple week...


How do you finger yourself?

Well I want to finger myself but I don't really know how. What should I use, and will it hurt?


Listen to your heart or head?

Wah do you do?
Listen to wah yur head says over your heart?
Or listen to wah your heart says over your head?


Where else can I touch my boyfriend during kissing?

I'm 18. My boyfriend and I make out a lot. When we start, I'm usually laying on top of him. We start out kissing and then he'll pull my shirt up and start rubbing my back and stomach. A little while into it when we get pretty into it, we'll roll ov...


What are words to describe your crush?

What are some words that can describe your crush..and im a girl by the way


How to make a fake penis?

how do I make a fake penis?

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what can her parents to will I get in legal trouble?

ok so I sent a girl 1 naked pic but she sent 3 of them first and her parents got mad and they found out and her parents said there mad and im gonna get in big trouble what can heppen or wil happen to me?

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Pranks to get rid of Mom's new boyfriend?

OK so, my boyfriends mom just recently started dating again, and its pretty recent to the divorce. It kills him! the fact that shes dating but the guys thats shes dating are even worse. Just the other day his[[my boyfriend's]] sister went to pick somet...


Do I look like I'm a virgin?

Do I look Like I'm a Virgin?

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When your getting fingered how do you know when you have an orgasm?

I keep trying to see what it feels like but I have no clue I feel so many different things when I try fingering myself.. What does an orgasm feel like? please explain if you can

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