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  1. The Benefits of using Royalty Free Music
    When it comes to wanting music for a project, there are many options, from self-produced, to popular songs, then royalty free music. [SevenSkiesMusic]( by far is one of the most beneficial audios to use.
    7 90
  2. How To Build A Live Streaming App
    Are you looking to build a live streaming app for Android or iOs? Here are a few reasons why building a live streaming app is a valid and beneficial idea for you.
    7 232
  3. How do you teach this kind of person a lesson?
    They call in sick at work quite often, at least 3 times a month, and sick for just "that day". The next day they are fine. Whatever it was he feels better now. THEN: Today for example, he shows up right on time, coughing, hacking, sneezing right...
    9 23
  4. what songs should i leave my son after i blow my brains out?
    i am thinking Simple Man - Lynard Skynard Sister Golden Hair - America any others that have life growth potential? aww fuck it. ill figure this shit out. i just need good music. not anyones judgement. please stick to the topic at h...
    5 52
  5. Gazillion stars are in my Sky
    And you're the star that shines the brightest.
    2 19
  6. How can I play the flute with braces?
    I very recently got braces on both my upper and lower teeth. Then last night I tried to play my flute and it sounds absolutely horrible. Is there still a way I can play it?
    2 40
  7. Maroon 5 :-):-):-):-):-):-)
    2 11
  8. What is a song that my bf and i can call OUR song ?
    I'm looking for a song relates to how we got together, we both had really hard pasts very similar and when I was really in need of someone he came out of no where, like a blessing. And got me out of the rut, helped me gain self-esteem and confidence wh...
    2 26
  9. What is Sunny Leone's real name and what is her real last name?
    I see her name is either Karen Maholtra or Karenjit Kaur Vohra, now Kaur Vohra her last name or would Vohra be her last name? Could Kaur be her middle name if she has one? It's an Indian name so it is quite confusing....can someone help me out too see ...
    6 112
  10. Help finding songs?
    I am looking for songs regarding long distance relationships. Any help is appreciated. The only one I know of is Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here.. If any of you know of any others and wouldn't mind sharing I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks,
    5 17
  11. Write the differences between alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).
    5 63
  12. Do you think these guys can rap?
    I've posted the link to the video below? I can't tell, but do you think the chick rapping at 5:15 in the video is a man? She looks kinda rough in the face.
    4 41
  13. Why is everyone DIRECTIONERS now?!
    It is SOOOOO annoying!
    6 8
  14. Anybody know some unnoticed, but new songs?
    I'm trying to find some recent music within the past year that hasn't been popular and widely heard too well. I just want some new music to listen to rather than the music you hear on the radio twenty million times a day :P
    4 15
  15. How much should I sell my guitars for?
    I have a basic acoustic and electric guitar, only used both of them once before so there in perfect condition, I'm moving out of my parents house and there is no room for them in the new house so I thought it would be better to sell them rather than th...
    2 45
  16. whats your fav. song?
    4 14
  17. Where can good jazz music in the hudson valley?
    I want to find somewhere outside of New York City to relax and enjoy great Jazz music with my friends.
    2 14
  18. listen to my first recorded song?
    Hello! I recorded my first cover song, excuse the horrid quality it was recorded on a laptop. Advice is always helpful! Thanks! c:
    2 13
  19. What is your guy's opinion?
    I really like music like Ke$ha, and Evanescence and other stuff like that. I grew up being restricted only to country music. My mother doesn't like me listening to 102.3 or 104.7 or Mix FM (I don't really like Mix FM), because she doesn't believe that ...
    2 19
  20. Anyone have knowledge about this song?
    I'm looking for this song. It's a band song and the music video is from a movie. I'm not sure what the movie name is but it's a bout a boy falling in love with this girl and he got heart broken. At some point, they kissed at the train rails and the gir...
    2 16
  21. am i a good singer?
    I have never sang in public and this is the first video i have ever uploaded!
    3 19
  22. How does it feel to be gased by one of the gas chambers used in WW2?
    I want someone to describe to me the phases which people went through in those chambers.
    8 41
  23. Just The Way You Are song mashup similar to Pitch Perfect?
    I want to do this song for school, but my teacher said that we can't put Just A Dream in there because it isn't lovey dovey enough. I was thinking about putting Marry Me by Train in there but I'm not sure. Someone help!?!
    2 14
  24. David Adeyemi where are you?
    2 11
  25. Does a natural sign cancel out the rest of the sharps in a measure?
    So this piece of music in the key of 3 sharps. So since the g sharp was cancel with a natural is the f a sharp or is it also natural? So does a natural sign cancel out the rest of the sharps in a meassure?
    4 73
  26. What are some of the best slow love songs?
    4 13
  27. What the song the Gangam style is about?
    I dont know what it says because its in korean, if you know what this song its about tell me please thank you.
    4 12
  28. Am I good enough to audition for x factor?
    I'm thinking about auditioning for x factor, but I'd rather not make the drive just to be turned away. Here are some covers I've done I need honest opinions thank you https://soundclou...
    5 87
  29. 10 favourite Beatles songs?
    I'm looking specifically for big Beatles fans here, obviously... which do you think are ideal for a party? It's impossible to pick a favourite, so I'm looking for help.
    3 10
  30. What are your favourite dance tracks?
    Looking for some really good up beat music to have at our party! Any ideas? :D
    3 12
  31. why is tuning a guitar so hard?
    2 17
  32. Does anyone else like Hollywood Undead?
    I Love Hollywood Undead. i listen to them everyday. i see the band as this way at how they do there parts. Johney 3 tears = Speaks how we all feel and speake the Truth about life along with not F-ing around and gets stuf done, Is a Poet with his parts...
    2 34
  33. What's some good tunes to get you pumped up?
    Let me know! What are the kids into these days?
    7 12
  34. hip popped. what did i do?
    After stretching some i did the splits, twice. the third time i got down and when i was coming out of them my hip cracked/popped. Now my hip is a little sore and tense. what do you think happened?
    3 45
  35. What band is this?
    I took a quiz on Quotev and saw this band as my result. Anyone know????
    3 17
  36. what is the name of this song and it's performing artist?
    the only lines I know from the song are something to the effect of "climbing up the walls and screaming". although it may not be climbing, it might be "tearing at" or "pounding on", i really don't know. all i know is that it sounds like a punk-rock s...
    2 12
  37. Do you know what song this is?!?!
    what that heavy metal song that starts off slower and then it picks up really fast and the lyrics are "dont (something) me. i cant be (something)"? It's driving me absolutely INSANE!
    2 29
  38. What do you think of the new song "If I could have a beer with Jesus"? (country
    I admit, at first I was offended and didn't even give it a chance, but after giving it an objective listen, I really like it and am gonna learn to play it. I wish I would have written it.
    3 24
  39. Do you like punk rock or pop?
    Hi guys I wanted to do a poll about which music genre you like better.
    5 44
  40. How much is a mislabeled Kiss album worth?
    I have a Kiss Destroyer album. The album cover, sleeve, music and etching are all for the Destroyer album...but the record label is for Kiss Alive. In other words, it has the wrong label on the actual album. I cannot find anywhere on the internet where...
    2 69
  41. Where can I get this blazer or one very similar to it?
    I don't know...something about blazers...anywho I'd really like to find a blazer like this one for an affordable price ($50 or less) in a store or on the store's site that's in my state (Ohio).
    3 11
  42. What are good songs to listen to mad?
    I like musical theatre, rock (not metal), pop and hip hop. Any good songs in those genres to listen to while mad?
    3 18
  43. What is the music from the first "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" trailer called? The music from the first minute of the trailer. What is it?
    3 9
  44. Pyramids (song)
    Set the cheetahs on the loose There's a thief out on the move Underneath our legion's view They have taken Cleopatra [Bridge] Run run run, come back for my glory Bring her back to me Run run run, the crown of our pharaoh The throne of our que...
    2 13
  45. Is this a rock song?
    ...My brother said It Is. I LOVE this song!! ...& I'm not a huge fan of rock music:l
    3 29
  46. Is it easy for most people to create music?
    5 16
  47. What are some great, positive songs?
    Like happy ones. I want to have a folder of them up on my computer. Thanks :)
    14 21
  48. Can someone give me some well known songs by The Killers?
    9 37
  49. Do I have a good singing voice or am I a joke?
    8 22
  50. Can somebody help me with making my music with the Sony records program?
    2 15
  51. Does my voice get better and does my range increase?
    I have a good voice and if i learn how to use it i think it would be amazing. i have kind of chris cornells range and billie joe armstrongs, the guy from the script voice but i cant reach fully or as defined as they can. i wish i can someday but i mean...
    7 31
  52. What are the English lyrics to Gangnam Style?
    4 15
  53. How many of you like Aly And Aj's music?
    7 13
  54. Who are some really good rap singers?
    16 47
  55. What is the hardest instrument to play?
    9 36
  56. Who are the best pop/rap singers?
    3 12
  57. Does anyone know any instrumental, orchestral choir pieces that are rather intense, or epic like "O Fortuna" by Carl Orff or "O Verona" by Armstrong?
    Carl Orff- O Fortuna Or like Craig Armstrong's O Verona
    2 7
  58. Does anyone else listen to the Backstreet Boys?
    Omg. their music is so awesome and cute,
    7 12
  59. Does anyone know the lyrics to the German song "Wir Sind Wir"?
    5 22
  60. Does anyone know who Prince Royce is?
    my spanish teacher always calls him "mi novio" wat songs does he sing
    3 8
  61. does anybody know the song where right in the middle they start chanting "TITS! TITS! TITS!"? ive been trying to find it :3
    2 7
  62. Does anyone have any experience with keyboards (instrument)?
    10 16
  63. How can I send a song to my phone for a ringtone?
    2 21
  64. What are some good songs I can record to my phone?
    2 14
  65. What musical instruments are in your home?
    Here there are 4 acoustic guitars, 3 harmonicas, a mountain dulcimer and a mandolin -- ("Kentucky" brand, made in China)
    33 27
  66. Why is there always that one song on the album that's ten times louder then all the other songs?
    6 13
  67. Why do some people think that rock/metal bands are satanic when they're really not?
    I really don't like it when they say you can't listen to bands like Slayer, Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden, when they just do satanic lyrics for show, but I'm not really sure why they just say bands are satanic, I really don't, even if they've not listen...
    9 90
  68. Do you feel upset about the limited permissions to purchased music?
    Say you bought a song on iTunes, you get the song, it's on your iPod and it's pretty much yours, right? It's not, iTunes is really just letting you "borrow" that song and is stated in their terms of use. Do you feel comfortable with that even though yo...
    3 18
  69. Is the band "We Are The Fallen" gothic metal?
    3 30
  70. What do they lyrics to "Angelus Domini" mean?
    my choir class is doing that song for a concert and since i cant speak latin i want to know what they mean.
    2 14
  71. Does anyone here listen to Romans Highway?
    2 6
  72. Who is the lead singer in Red Jumpsuit Apparatus?
    2 67
  73. Who was the rap artist that wrote/sang "Me So Ho*ny"?
    6 9
  74. What do you consider to be the best rock guitar solo of all time?
    I'm thinking 'sultans of swing" by Dire Straights or 'hotel california" by The Eagles.
    15 15
  75. What song should I give to my best friend/crush to show him how much he means to me?
    12 37
  76. Is Flyleaf a good band and do they swear in their music?
    6 53
  77. What is a beautiful song to learn on the piano?
    I am an excellent piano player looking for a new song to learn. I can read music extremely well and just want a new challenge. I am willing to learn any song, even if it is on the easy side. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated :)
    10 28
  78. What are some really good up-beat songs you can dance to?
    We're having a big party for my sisters 18th and we're out of music please help D=
    7 22
  79. Did Mumford and Sons change their name to Young the Giant?
    6 16
  80. What genre is the band evanescence?
    4 53
  81. What is the term for people who learn music by ear?
    5 12
  82. Is it me or is Justin Bieber is getting better?
    12 51
  83. Where can I buy/download Crizzly's music?
    3 10
  84. What Is a nice and happy song to listen to?
    c: I'm always listening to sad & depressing music. I'm actually In a good mood & I never am! :D
    12 24
  85. What are some depressing songs?
    Or just Songs you Would Sing To SomeOne .?
    14 23
  86. How can I ease my stress?
    I am always stress at home because of what they say like I'm lazy,I'm useless then I wanna shout like ''who is the one washing the dishes then?'' and etc I feel like I have no right in the house.No absence of months I'm crying of stress hatred to them ...
    5 22
  87. What is meant by "one love" in reggae music?
    2 6
  88. Does anyone know how to inprove your singing?
    I have to prefrom a song to my music class, i want to do the song by myself but I want to make sure i can sing well first cause im sick of being put in a group with other people while i sit in the background playing the song on guitar. My mum doesnt ha...
    6 23
  89. Who knows any good Lloyd Banks tracks?
    Looking for something with a sick beat to it, any goof French Montana would be nice also. I just heard "check me out" by lb and it gets me so pumped, I need more Haha
    4 10
  90. What's the best Eminem song you guys have heard?
    31 36
  91. Are digital pianos good to get if you can't afford a real one?
    I'm wondering because I want to get a piano but my mom said we would have to try to put money aside(if we can) to get a digital one because the real ones are thousands of dollars.
    4 16
  92. What the hell happened to Linkin Park?
    8 35
  93. What R'n'B or rap songs could I sing in a competition?
    im going to sing in a competition and i cant think of a song. any suggestions?
    4 19
  94. What's a good music downloader for Android?
    The one I have got discontinued or something.
    7 23
  95. What lyrics to songs are about just getting by in life or something very similar to that?
    5 68
  96. How do I get a decent drum set?
    My friends and I are starting a band but I don't have a set even though I can play. There's so much stuff on the Internet that my poor non-techno mind can't handle it...
    5 28
  97. Can someone give me a few good songs to listen to?
    13 32
  98. How in the world do you play bells?
    ! I'm not a percussionist!!!
    6 15
  99. What are some good beach party songs?
    11 59
  100. What is Skrillex and dubstep?
    I've heard about these two topics, but to be honest I have no idea what they are lol :P I mostly listen to old classic rock like The Beatles, The Doors, Pink Flloyd or songs in spanish so don't hate :P I'm just curious I hear people talking about how g...
    9 133
  101. Can anybody recommend some really good Blood On The Dance Floor songs to pump you up?
    7 42
  102. Could you have an addiction to a certain song? (read more)
    I have been listening to a certain song for awhile and every time I try and listen to something else, I always go back to this song. I can't seem to pry myself away from it. that is why I'm asking this. lol!
    9 27
  103. What should I make my boyfriend for his 15th birthday?
    My bf is turning 15, in about a months time. We have had our little thing for about 6 months now, and have a pretty serious relationship. He is pretty geeky, not like cool geeky, like legit geeky. But I love it ^.^ He is very musical, and smart, and a...
    5 50
  104. Whats your favorite song by Slim Shady (*Eminem*)?
    11 50
  105. What is your opinion on Eminem?
    12 49
  106. What type of music would this song come under? (view link)
    I know its dubstep but what?thanks
    3 16
  107. What's a good website to buy concert tickets?
    I don't want to be scammed.
    5 11
  108. Do you like Cher Lloyd's music?
    I personally found her song 'Want U Back' to be super annoying, just as annoying as Call Me Maybe (which I will continue to hate that song hasn't grew on me and won't), but then I got over the repetitive "ugh"s and thought they added 'ump' to the song....
    3 15
  109. What is the best song you guys have heard?
    what is the most amazing song you just absoulutly love ??
    12 23
  110. Can you download music from Spotify to your Android?
    2 11
  111. Does anyone else agree that Justin Bieber's new song "Maria" is rude? (read more)
    Justin wrote a song called Maria on his new CD, about the girl who accused him of being the father of her baby. I find it extremely rude that he did that, but i dont know if im the only one. he says things like "she was dying for my attention," "She ai...
    9 13
  112. Who else likes Arch Enemy?
    5 11
  113. Is there a song about every eye color?
    Like brown eyed girl.
    4 30
  114. Why is it that when a singer with an English accent sings, it disappears and becomes an American accent?
    Ever notice that? Like when Natasha Bedingfield or Adele or Leona Lewis sings? Weird.
    13 36
  115. What is a good way to enhance my skill of singing?
    always wanted to learn more
    3 12
  116. Does anyone else get in a mood where they only listen to one type of music?
    Today I've been listening to all heavy metal music(:
    7 17
  117. Is it me or does Skrillex's songs all sound the same?
    6 15
  118. Can anybody find me a heavy metalcore/post-hardcore/ect. band with all of these elements?
    New Hardcore Music!!Screamo/hardcore/post-hardcore/metalcore/ ANYTHING that meets the discription. I made another post awhile back and I have looked at a majoraty of every band out there. I'm looking for something EXTREMELY specific.Something I haven'...
    2 15
  119. Does anyone know any good music which gets you going and all excited? (Read more!)
    I go out on my BMX with my friends pretty much everyday and take my iPod with me so I can listen to some music when I'm riding as most of my songs give me that extra adrenaline rush and push me into trying new tricks... But since I do this every day, s...
    19 18
  120. Where can I get the "Listen and Move" song by Greg & Steve mp3 download?
    the song is on the Vol. 2-We All Live Together CD. i cant seem to find it anywhere :/ please send me links
    2 256
  121. Who are some of your favorite UK artists/bands?
    These people aren't my favorite just some I found yesterday. Alex Clare, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran (knew about for a little over a month now), Marina & The Diamonds (i love her), The Saturadays (they're cool).
    5 9
  122. Whose album are you looking forward to OR what album do you like that's recently been released?
    I'm really like Justin's new stuff on Believe, yeah on and off belieber here...but it's really good. Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday Roman Reloaded MAJOR disappointment but what was I expecting, she's changed and went mainstream. Not a big Brandy fan but loo...
    3 12
  123. What are some good dubstep makers?
    They cant require any equipment, but can be any price :) Except for Virtual DJ... that stuff sucks :)
    28 50
  124. Is 450kbps a good bitrate to produce songs at?
    5 45
  125. What's one song that you're stuck on that you're not proud of?
    I'm totally hooked on the song Cat Daddy and I can't even find any lyrical meaning to it... The beat is just too contagious and I'm too weak and blegh... But what about you guys? Any songs that you like that you're not all that proud of?
    18 20
  126. What are some good songs to learn on the ukulele?
    :D My friend and I are learning this summer and I would love some recomendations
    6 13
  127. Who would win in a rap battle - Lil Wayne or Eminem?
    19 62
  128. Do you like the British Invasion?
    (one direction, the wanted, olly murs, conor Maynard, Adele, Jessie j, Ed Sheeran, and Cher Lloyd.)
    8 19
  129. What are all the songs featured in the Bing commercials?
    4 36
  130. Why don't singers write meaningful songs anymore?
    Singers don't write meaningful songs anymore or use deep lyrics. Singers now sing anything like Justin beaber baby, baby oh what's that, and most of the songs of any singer are mostly sėx, no positive message anymore. What do you think? Tell me please ...
    8 46
  131. How do I tell a band that they saved my life?
    When I meet one of my favorite bands I want to tell them that their lyrics are really meaningful and got me through a hard time/saved my life but how would i say that
    5 20
  132. Did the band Jefferson Starship ever change their band name?
    4 65
  133. What are some great 70's-90's songs for belly-dancing or clubbing?
    Lately, I've been on a weightloss kick, and I now want to add dancing into my schedule. I've looked up some good songs, but I only have enough for a good hour. I want more. What are some great songs to either bellydance to or even clubbing type from ...
    2 16
  134. What are some great song quotes?
    18 27
  135. Can anyone tell me the name of this song in the YouTube video please? (view link)
    2 6
  136. What exactly did you understand from "Set fire to the Rain" - Adele?
    2 31
  137. What's the little girls name from the 'Never Too Late' music video by Three Days Grace?
    2 8
  138. Where can I download Tegan and Sara music for free without downloading any extra software?
    2 12
  139. How can I repair a chipped clarinet mouthpiece?
    I just got a new mouthpeice but I dropped it no notes will come out now how can I repair it by tomorrow morning because I have a performance .
    2 113
  140. What genre would Calvin Harris be under?
    2 63
  141. What are some good house/trance songs that would pump me up for a workout similar to these?
    Zombie nation- kernkraft 400. Find yourself- John ocallaghan (zyzz version). Gold dust- dj fresh (flux pavilion remix). I cant stop- Flux pavilion full version.... Also if you know any rap songs with a good beat or just sound great similar to- ballin- ...
    16 39
  142. Is there any actual proof that music leads to self harm?
    Loads of kids at my school get bullied for being "emo" and "cutters" just because they listen to rock music and I really don't get how a genre can make kids want to cut. I listen to metal and rock and I don't cut and it's the same for all my friends bu...
    9 15
  143. What is the country song that repeats "woah oh, woah oh oh" at the end?
    5 542
  144. Do you think Sweden was deserving of the Eurovision win?
    I personally quite like the song and think it is how about you?
    3 7
  145. What are some songs about long distance friendships?
    i moved two years ago to maine and left behind all my wondefull firends back where i moved from (kuwait). I know, soo far away. It was very hard getting used to everything! Literally took me one and a half years to get used to maine. Anyway, i miss my ...
    4 1840
  146. What to do/say when meeting your favorite band?
    Im meeting the maine on saturday and i dont know what i should say/do?!?! and when i get a picture do i ask them for a hug or just hug them ?
    6 62
  147. What are some good Jimi Hendrix songs?
    besides like Voodoo child, Gypsy eyes, and Purple Haze
    7 12
  148. What are some super chill dubstep songs?
    kinda similar to this ==> would be great!
    6 80
  149. Does anyone know where Bou from Antic Cafe is today??
    4 38
  150. Why does everyone hate Nickleback?
    i think they are good ah
    16 36
  151. What does Selena Gomez and Metallica have in common? (Trivia)
    19 92
  152. What are your thoughts on One Direction, The Wanted, Rita Ora, and Iggy Azalea?
    I love One Direction & The Wanted I could sing their songs forever. Rita Ora, don't like her music...she can sing and she's pretty but I don't eh. Iggy Azalea (just found out about her yesterday) I think she's good for a.....but she'll burn out in no t...
    10 21
  153. Why is 90's music so good?
    4 60
  154. Can you help me figure out the name of this rainy and dark rock music band?
    Help me remember this bands' name please A while ago probably two years a friend of mine showed me a band where the lead singer was also drumming in that specific song. I'm trying to remember which song it was, all i know is that the band was i...
    2 16
  155. What are your two favorite albums of all time?
    The reason I said two, was to make it easier because there are so many in different categories of music.
    15 17
  156. What are some good songs about bullying and suicide?
    I want to make a video for a group I joined that's antibullying.
    9 73
  157. What is some great funk music?
    i have been looking but cant find any good funk to sooth my stress filled life and let me loosin up.
    4 9
  158. What kind of music would I like based on my preferences (listed)?
    (trying to find some new material for my ipod ) Okay so, i want some new songs-if i don't i shall die of boredom. -_- in general i like alternative, emo pop/punk, rock, pop, punk and other stuff (just not classical or techno) I like bands like Artist v...
    10 26
  159. How do I look for other bands, either with an open position or forming?
    I don't mean going on websites built to look for musicians. I mean, when it comes to advertisement. Where can I look online, or is there anywhere not online I can look for a band that's either forming orhas an open position?
    7 12
  160. What do you think of Justin Bieber's new song Boyfriend?
    18 37
  161. What exactly is a one man band?
    I don't know if thats defined what I'm looking for or if its different than what I'm looking for. I have an idea of what its about but I wanna be sure.
    3 17
  162. Where and how can I find band mates?
    I've tried online band/musician seeking website but their just bullshitting me for money. Or if non-pay, nobody uses it. Keep in mind, I'm a New Yorker. Anything in Suffolk, where could I find people? Anything in the real world, how can I find people? ...
    6 37
  163. Why did Dave Mustaine fire Jeff Young and Chuck Behler from Megadeth?
    2 133
  164. Which Metallica album do you prefer - Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets?
    7 10
  165. What is the best kind of Djembe to buy?
    3 9
  166. How do you feel about the comeback of boy-bands?
    Would you like to see more girl groups? I like one boy band/groups of today, and that's One Direction. I LOVE Backstreet Boys, Boyz To Men, and others. I like that groups are starting to make a comeback period, just because sooo many people are trying...
    15 40
  167. Where can I find Juliet Simms' full audition?
    i want to see the full audition of juliet simms on the voice, performance and judges comments. i cant find it on youtube. anyone know where the full video of it is?
    2 63
  168. What are some good Spanish songs or artists I can listen to?
    19 39
  169. Where can I find a book like Essential Elements 2000?
    I need a book like that or of the same series for piano/keyboard. I don't know if I'm not looking in the right places but yeah I need one to teach me the keys, and basic songs that lead into complicated songs. Thanks for any help. :3
    4 14
  170. Can anyone name any good bands of the genre "Djent"?
    O.o beside this one's
    3 6
  171. What are some good suicide songs? I'm doing a video for my english class on teen suicide and I need a song to go along with the video.
    5 13
  172. What's your current 'calm down and relax' song?
    Like whenever your mad or sad or upset, what do you listen to when you turn on the music? Im currently listening to "Details in the fabric" by Jason Mraz...calms me down every time.
    29 38
  173. Who sings the song "We Are Young"?
    7 26
  174. What websites do people actually use currently that I can find musician/band partners on?
    Every website I go on, nobody uses anymore. There "last log in" was "2008"/"2009"/etc. Is there any website that people are using today that I can find musicians/band. (I don't care if de website is built to find these things or not.)
    5 9
  175. Why did Ringo Starr leave the Beatles for a brief period in 1968?
    5 9
  176. What is the meaning to the song "Fly Over States" By Jason Aldean?
    3 21
  177. What song gets you up to dance every time?
    26 20
  178. What are some awesome band/group names that I can use for the names Kira and Karissa?
    6 13
  179. Why is it that music can express my emotions better than I can?
    2 46
  180. Could I have a band but still act as if it's solo?
    I only need a band for background music while I'm playing guitar. What I mean by treated as a solo singer, is where I use my stage name rather than have a band name, I'm the center of attention like all solo singers and the "band" is just background fo...
    3 36
  181. Do you ever get obsessive over music (a song or a band, ect.)?
    I know i do every day or week i have a new favorite song, I really like right now, no idea why i just heard it when i was in the mood for that type of song... And it hit a chord with me... Music is weird like that.
    9 17
  182. What's your favorite song by Kimbra?
    5 25
  183. What song would be cool to play on my violin for graduation?
    15 38
  184. Who do you think is the hottest One Direction member?
    Who do you think haas the best personality in 1 Direction? And who is your favorite overall 1 Direction member?
    12 16
  185. Why do we sound good in the shower when we sing?
    10 45
  186. Who do you prefer out of the "Big 4" of thrash metal: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, or Anthrax?
    I like all 4 bands, but I want to know to see if what you think. METAL FANS ONLY. Just in case u ask me: 1. Metallica (Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets are absolutely awesome albums. It really shows thrash metal at it's best in the 80s). 2...
    13 61
  187. Which symphonic metal band is good to start playing on keyboard/piano?
    10 43
  188. How do I get meringue to stiffen?
    No matter how much I whip it with an electric mixer, it won't seem to form peaks, it just stays watery slightly gooey. How can I make it stiffen easier.
    2 53
  189. What are some songs that have a lot of poetic devices in them?
    5 461
  190. Is it possible to listen to a song and want to throw up?
    I've always wanted to know. Sometimes the radio plays a fast song or a slow song and I feel queezy. When I turn it off I instantly feel better.
    6 7
  191. What do you think was the best decade for music?
    80,90 or 2000 until today I like to hear meaningful songs, songs with good messages now everybody sings about anything. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    17 40
  192. What are good country songs that would be stupidly easy to learn on guitar?
    4 10
  193. Who is Asking Alexandria?
    I've never heard of this band before. I'm into the older metal like Metallica and Iron Maiden, and only Lamb of God and Machine Head of the newer metal bands grab my attention. But really, who are Asking Alexandria and where do they come from?
    5 9
  194. Which is better - Machine Head or Slipknot?
    3 24
  195. Are there any songwriters, bands, soloists, that you feel should be more well known?
    Well i am a big music guy, I love music from all over the world and sometimes i run into music that is not very well known that i really wish more people knew about, and it gets a bit annoying, So i am going too make a list, no real order just a lis...
    11 17
  196. What are some good chill bands?
    I really like Tokyo Police Club, the Civil Wars, Good Old War, Miniature Tigers, Weeezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mumford & Sons, and Sublime. What are some other bands like that?
    5 64
  197. What are fair ticket prices to a single band playing a big concert hall?
    So I live in L.A. and a band that i want too see is coming too town but the cheapest tickets are like 130$ i am still going too go... But it still seems really high how much would you pay too see a band you like? and what do you think is a fair price?
    3 13
  198. What are some fun songs to make music videos to?
    Me and my friend made some to "I love cats", "Anything you can do I can do better" and "round and round (by Selena Gomez)" and we has sooo much fun with those.
    7 13
  199. How much would it cost to get my clarinet re-padded?
    It was my grampa's, and he got it about 50 years ago and hasn't been re-padded since the 70s. All of the pads looked fine, but once I started playing it regularly it started falling apart....
    5 49
  200. What is something crafty/artsy I can do with these records I have?
    I want to use the record sleeves and possibly the vinyls themselves to make some kind of piece of art I just cant think of anything.
    9 15
  201. How do you make your songs sound country?
    As y'all know, I write songs. I wanna be a country pop musician like taylor swift, carrie underwood, shania twain, etc. Most of my songs i wrote sound more like kelly clarkson. I'm referring to de melody and de instrumental. I suck at it. Anyone gawt t...
    5 69
  202. Why is Freddie Mercury's yellow/red jacket with white pants his most known?
    Also why is that pose his most famous... thanks for the answers
    3 51
  203. What are some songs for weight loss?
    For example, Miley Cyrus - The Climb. When I reach my goal I am going to make a video of my weight loss journey and I want to use a inspirational song.
    5 12
  204. What songs does Brian May (from Queen) sing on?
    He sings a small part on a song at the beginning, and it's a really nice song, then Freddie starts to sing the rest of the song.
    2 84
  205. Can anyone find me a good cover of the song "Layla" sung by a female?
    it was originally by Eric Clapton if that helps... I have looked and can't find one :/
    3 12
  206. What is your favorite song to rock out to?
    Like what song do you secretly dance to when you're home alone? Or jam out to when you need to shut out the world and get really into the music?
    22 65
  207. Do you listen to The Weeknd?
    2 7
  208. What are some good, inspirational songs to listen to?
    Lately, I have been listening to Break Away and Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, some Evanensence, Jessie J, and a lot of other artists who have sang songs that i feel proved to me that im stronger then what people honestly thought i would be. i was in fos...
    8 32
  209. Who was your favorite band from the 50's to the early 2000's?
    This question is directed to the people with a diverse taste in music, or the older members of funadvice.
    2 13
  210. What are some sappy love songs?
    5 40
  211. What are some really good father-daughter songs?
    19 63
  212. What are some popular songs that have literary devices in them?
    I am doing a comparison essay between a poem and a modern day song. I can't seem to find any good music that contain literary devices in them (simile, metaphor,personification, imagery etc). Please help?
    2 158
  213. whats a good song to strum and/or fingerpick on guitar?
    something in the beginner novice range . something fun and catchy. me and a friend might enter a talent show and want to play guitar for it . shes a beginner but i can easily learn a new tune fast.
    4 16
  214. Can you go a full 24 hours without ANY form of music?
    25 63
  215. What is a song me and my sister can dance to?
    7 35
  216. Is it normal that when you first start guitar.. ?
    ...that your left wrist hurts after holding your fingers in position? Im self teaching myself so if anyone has any tips or useful websites or videos please feel free to comment!!
    2 12
  217. What's the song "Just Like You" by Three Days Grace about?
    Ive been trying to figure it out...
    2 10
  218. What are the correct lyrics to Beautiful by Christina Aguilera?
    2 9
  219. What song is in your head right now that you're constantly singing out loud?
    I have had the song "Take Me Over" by Anew Revolution just ringing in my head all day long, and now I can't stop singing it.
    22 26
  220. What are your favorite songs by Queen (or Freddie Mercury during his solo career)?
    I love Queen & Freddie Mercury alone if I had to chose I'd say my top ten would be: bohemian rhapsody, radio gaga, bicycle race, living on my own, i want to break free, don't stop me now, love kills, friends will be friends, the great pretender, and ba...
    10 23
  221. Is the band Black Veil Brides under the "Goth" section of music?
    3 34
  222. Who likes Miley's cover of "You're gonna make me lonesome when you go"?
    3 6
  223. Do DJ's like Deadmau5 or Skrillex really mix songs onstage or do they just play them?
    So I was watching this live performance of Deadmau5 and it seems like the already recorded song is just being played for everyone to hear, the guy isn't really mixing or anything. But I have seen times where Skrillex messes up at his concerts but it co...
    3 17
  224. Who likes Whitney Houston and what's your favourite song from her?
    13 24
  225. What do you think about the songs Nicki Minaj has recently released?
    Such as "Stupid H*e" "Roman In Moscow" "Roman Holiday" "Starship" and "Turn Me On". I personally like them all, I especially love Starship because it's a fun song, and it's bringing on summer vibes. As for Stupid H*e and the Roman songs are catchy to m...
    14 19
  226. Why do black men and women tend to have beautiful singing voices?
    Is there a physical difference in their vocal chords that allows them (or anyone of any race) to sing good? I wish I could sing :(
    16 585
  227. Is it weird for a guy to like Taylor Swift?
    16 34
  228. What's your favorite Whitney Houston song?
    How sad she died so young.
    14 14
  229. How do you make lyrical videos on YouTube?
    I know how to make singing, blogging, and etc videos. But videos for lyrics to songs and such, what program is best?
    2 43
  230. What is the squeaking noise in the song Rumour Has It by Adele?
    2 65
  231. Does anyone know any songs similar to Ben Howard - Black Flies (Nixon Remix)?
    I'm going to make a video and would love to use this song but I can't because my friend claims it's "their" song and doesnt want me using it... it's not worth the fight lol. So do you know anything like this? Its Black Flies (Nixon Remix) http://funad...
    2 255
  232. Does anyone know if the song in the opening theme of "Deadliest Catch" has a full version?
    3 28
  233. What are some really great old and new driving songs?
    One of my best friends is graduating in june and she will probably have to leave scotland to get a job. I want to give her a really well thought out present so im going to put together a cd of the ultimate driving songs (that's one of our things, when...
    4 13
  234. What are some Australian songs sung by a female that are easy to play on guitar?
    4 31
  235. What songs from your childhood do you still listen to?
    15 26
  236. What are some good Spanish and English duets?
    I especially like Romeo Santos feat. Usher - Promise. So anything like that would be greatly appreciated (: thank you
    3 50
  237. What are some good baby making songs?
    Old, new it don't matter .
    16 40
  238. What are your favorite lyrics from which song?
    16 33
  239. How can I put my poems into songs and play them on a guitar?
    anyone know good site or maybe give me some personal advice. i know im a good writer, but i have no idea how to put rythym into my pages and pages of words . oh, and being able to do it with a guitar . i know simple chords. my guitar for school, is...
    3 22
  240. What's the song called from the Heineken commercial?
    2 12
  241. What are some cute, modern love songs that are sung by a female?
    9 62
  242. What are some upbeat songs that I can listen to?
    I'm just looking for something to cheer me up :) I listen to any genre, so whatever you have works!
    11 37
  243. How do you play a steady beat with your left hand, and the melody with your right on piano?
    I am trying to learn a song and it has like a steady beat for the left hand and I cant quite keeps that beat while playing the melody.
    4 16
  244. What is a good techno/DJ 'band'?
    (eg. Skrillex) If you think there's an epic song/songs leave name and title or below. Or link too
    3 15
  245. Which singer is better - Madonna or Lady Gaga?
    7 31
  246. What are some songs I should sing for a singing competition?
    11 84
  247. What are some good emo/screamo bands with good lyrics?
    18 68
  248. Who's album are you looking forward to this year in 2012?
    6 7
  249. Why does music sound so "different" nowadays?
    (and by different I mean terrible)
    7 23
  250. What are some good songs about forbidden love?
    I have a project to do. songs that follow somewhat follow the romeo and juliet plot line. and NOT taylor swift love story.
    8 98