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Are string instruments haram?

and also is a drumset haram to play?


How can I get the soundtracks to "The Legend of the seeker"

I was watching the series and I just love the soundtracks. Could someone please help me out, the music is more or less like Enya's and she does it for me


Happy Song.

What is your Favorite Happy song?

The song that you hear, and you can't help but smile:]


How can I make up a song on my own?

So I'm like really interested in becoming like a singer or watever... But I need like some ideas in how to make up a song of my own. I think that wud be better. Instead of stealing some other song ...


Whats the name of this song that plays in hollister?

What is the name of this song that play in hollister I know its a boy group and the chorus goes
Lady in the black dress somethin somethin else
Lady in the black dress
Can yhu please tell meh the name because I have been looking for this song everywhere...


Emo, Angry, and Depressing, songs please list them

If you can list all the emo and depressing or angry songs, that you know that would be nice please and thank u.


Why do a lot of people hate Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers?

why do a lot of people hate hannah montana and the jonas brothers? I think they both rule!!!


Does a Rapper Have to Sell his Soul to the Devil to be on Top?

im Wondering if it is really true if you have to sell your Soul to the Devil to Be Raw in Any Type of Music?


Does anyone like Escape the Fate?

My friend recently got me obsessed with this band, with the song Situations, they are great! You can discuss other bands, metal, folk, classic, whatever kind of rock here too!


Has anyone heard of the band when heavens collapse?

Hey has anyone heard of the band when heavens collapse?
I was just wonderin because my friends big bro is the singer/guitarist.

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What is a song without lyrics called?

This is going to sound REALLY dumb but you know im naturally blonde haha ... If I want the song without the lyrics what isit called so I can download it?? My friend is singing time to grow at the school leavers assembly ..Isit just called the tune?? I...

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Why do I get teary when I sing?

For some reason I get teary when I sing. Im not sure if im a good singer or not but still I dont know why I get teary.


Name of this techno song (whos it by???)

Techno song
(I think its called missing you but I don't know who its by)
If you know it please help me out

"I remember walking down the street with you,
Thinking back on all the things we never knew,
Gimme one more reason why, to be with yo...


What kind of bands do you like?

well I'm just looking for suggetions for any bands you might like. I pretty much like any kind of music except country...soo please comment and just tell me what genre they are. Thanks :)


Where can I find easy sheet music for Claire de Lune?

I need sheet music for claire de lune but it needs to be easy and free. and also I just want to print it out. not download it. thanks (:


Can you give me some good songs for this project?

In my Spanish class right now, we're learning about clothes. So since we're learning about clothes, we're going to have a fashion show & we're going to be talking in Spanish. I'm in charge of the props, like carpet, music, etc. I need some songs, reall...


Who thinks the song "I kissed a girl" is annoying?

My cousin always plays that song and its so annoying!! Anybody else thinks that??

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Best way to learn to play piano?

What's the best way to learn to play piano? We have a yamaha keyboard, and it's the same size as a regular piano with 88 keys, etc. My wife knows a few tunes, but I've been afraid to try to learn anything because I can't read music, etc. Is there an ea...


Does anyone here like the wallflowers?

anybody here like them? I totally love their music! I wish more people will like them :D they haven't been to my country yet (I hope they go here)..


Pink panther notes on piano?

Anybody know the notes? :)


Duna duna dun dun jazz song?

Its a really jazzy song from back in the day there is no singing I dont think but ud always hear it bein played it goes kinda like dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun, duna dada... I've been trying to find it foreverrr any help is greatly appreciated :)


what is a good couple song?

what is a good couple song one thats good


How can I strengthen my singing voice?

I have a good range, I just want to be able to sing with a stronger voice. my voice is WAY too soft.

by the way, I can't get vocal lessons. they will damage my vocal chords.


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