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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I link my page to Social Media?
    Yes! Just copy the link to your page and ask visitors to get to it from anywhere.
  • Are the links on my page Do-Follow
    Yes! The links on the page are do-follow links so you get the best of SEO benefits there.
  • When will my page be promoted to the category or home page?
    Generally it will be anywhere from a few minutes to 8 hours, depending on what time your payment was received. Our team is generally up from 8am - 8pm EST.
  • Can i create multiple pages?
    Absolutely! Create as many pages as you want. Remember each page has its own plan. Create another page
  • Why do I need a photo for my page?
    Photos draw more attention. It's really simple. Pick a great photo for your page to highlight it's merits.