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  1. When will I be able to travel to Thailand again? 2020 updated
    The Coronavirus has made it virtually impossible to travel to everyone's favorite South-East-Asian country - Thailand. Here's a quick guide to find out if you're eligible to travel back to Thailand again - and when. We'll keep this guide updated as ...
    9 90
  2. 5 Important Travel tips in Uttarakhand: Complete your dreams with Wayfilx Travels
    Traveling is one of the most common dreams of thousands of people in the world. If we talk about India, then Uttarakhand is one of the best places to travel where you can visit many alluring places such as Auli, Rishikesh, Char Dham, Haridwar, and Vall...
    5 142
  3. Advantages of choosing a travel guide on your trip
    Selecting and planning a tour will be a burden sometimes, Selecting a hotel, transportation, and other facilities on your trip is a harder thing that cant be avoided. Selecting a tour operator on your trip can avoid this problem and make your trip awes...
    4 129
  4. Road Trip to the USA: Your Essential Survival Guide
    America is not only the skyscrapers of New York and the beaches of California. This country has a lot of interesting things, and in order to see all these beautiful, amazing, funny and fascinating places, you should go on a road trip. This is probably ...
    6 998
  5. What you should visit in Bucharest, Romania?
    With a special past, a lively atmosphere and many unique tourist attractions, Bucharest is one of the safest and most accessible destinations in Europe.
    3 101
  6. How To Make Packing Easier
    Shifting to a new place is not an easy task for everyone and packing is also an essential part of any relocation. So here are some tips to make it easier and comfortable. You are ready to make a move, but your households are staring you in the face, si...
    7 251
  7. List of the Best Car Rental Agencies In India
    The following are the best car rental agencies.
    5 99
  8. 6 Must-Visit Attractions in UAE
    A brief note on some lesser Known Must-Visit Attractions in UAE.
    6 89
  9. Are Self-driving cars really safe?
    Though data suggests that self-driving cars are a far safer option than human-driven cars, the consumers around that world find themselves to be unsafe while driving an autonomous vehicle.
    3 56
  10. how do i decide to do this road trip?
    i want to to do a long road trip for a whole month . should i do it in just my car and use motels for showers and rest or in my truck with a slide in truck camper?
    3 8
  11. On my way to the airport.
    Back to Nepal now. (:
    7 60
  12. Do you have to be rich to live in California?
    I am asking because I have heard the cost of living there is very expensive.
    3 85
  13. Dose have any cleaning company in montreal
    I am David. I am banker. I need to clean my home carpet and furniture. How can i higher a professional cleaning company in my local area. If have any suggestion please provide company link.
    2 13
  14. Do you think it's safe for a woman to travel alone?
    I am 32 years old have never traveled before. I want to travel to California and vacation there for a week or 2. I don't know anyone there and would just like others opinions on whether or not you think it's safe for a woman who has never traveled bef...
    4 13
  15. If a flying car is made we can travel to other countries with that car or not?
    So if a flying car is made we can use that car and forget about planes and we can use our flying car to travel to another countries or not i mean if the car can fly we wouldnt need to go to the airport and buy tickets right. What do you think?
    6 62
  16. graduation of basic training
    My boyfriend just left for basic training. Weeks prior he had told me he just was going to have graduation be a family thing so I would just stay home from it. I know his mom asked if I was going to go but he already said no without asking me. I res...
    4 16
  17. IS there an Afrikaans language tutor in the Dublin area? ( Dublin, Ireland.)
    2 16
  18. Should I receive more drivers training if I am having trouble with merging?
    I am a new driver but I am still having a lot of trouble when it comes driving down the freeway ramp and then merging into traffic. Once I reach the end of the ramp, I always wound up riding side by side, very close to the other vehicle in the same la...
    3 12
  19. What is it like in Minnesota?
    My dad recently got a job in Minnesota,we are moving in a couple of weeks, and I have some questions. How cold is it there? How's the education? I like to learn stuff before I get to school (nerdy, I know), so what stuff do I Learn when I get into sixt...
    3 59
  20. Should I move to WA or OR?
    I live in South Texas, beaten' by the bible belt, and am sick of it. Looking to move towards the North West. Places I'm looking are WA (Tacoma, Bothell, Shoreline) and OR (Salem, Eugene, Portland, Astoria). I've got two years to plan but would really l...
    5 13
  21. Should I go to Africa someday?
    I've always wanted to go to Africa. It's been a dream of mine. When I went to go see The Lion King I was fascinated. I know it's a dangerous place, that's why I'm cautious of going. I would want to go with a church group or my school. I know th...
    4 30
  22. how many passport types are there?
    this guy asked me if i have a diplomatic, personal,etc passport and i said "personal" is that the term for the regular blue passport or did i make a mistake?
    2 14
  23. give me an estimate on how much is a ticket to travel international?
    someone told me 2,600 for an adult O.O
    6 8
  24. Scotland or the states?
    I'm a senior in high school and I've been offered 2 full time jobs, one in the states and one is in Scotland, which should I take?
    4 41
  25. What should I bring on a overnight school trip to Universal Studios?
    Hi! I am going to a school trip overnight next week, I can't wait to go! I wonder and wanted to know of what should I bring? The bus is going to be very cold. I might get on water rides or just rides. So any clothes of what should I bring? and...
    2 66
  26. why the heck is the customer representative suspicious?
    so my friend called the international airport to check the status update and wasnt sure about the spelling cause her daughters last name was huge and they were giving her a hard time considering her husband is overseas and she speaks little English th...
    2 12
  27. is it true you can take a certain amount of money when you travel overseas?
    so my dad told me to open a bank account because when i get on the airplane they only tell me i can have a thousand or a little more???
    2 9
  28. School Trip to Greece
    <p> Please suggest some places to visit around Greece.</p>
    2 32
  29. Canada vs America? For specific requirements?
    Canada vs America? For specific requirements? For: 1) More accepting community (not racist, gays are okay etc etc) 2) More career opportunities (not business, I'm going for biotechnology) 3) Most snowy regions (this one is for my little brother. ...
    2 15
  30. Where would be the best place to move to; Canada, California, or Great Britain?
    So if I were to move to Great Britain/UK/England I would want to live in either Manchester, Nottingham, or Gloucester. If i couldn't live in any of those I'd be willing to live in Bolton, Northampton, or Belfast. If I were to live in Canada I'd lik...
    9 55
  31. Which is the best place to go for honeymoon tour in Kerala?
    4 27
  32. where is newtown connecticut ?
    4 8
  33. What is the worst place you have ever been to?
    Funny/Creative answer please
    2 39
  34. My wife and my 2years old daughter are taking a flight to India next month.
    I already own travel insurance. Do I need to buy a separate health insurance policy to get medical coverage for my pregnant wife?
    4 9
  35. is food included with the price of a cruise?
    when booking a cruise, is food included or do you have to pay for it as if you're at a real restaurant?
    4 31
  36. how do you book airplane tickets?
    I am to this stuff. Where do I go..i already reissued my passports?
    7 40
  37. where's the best place in Dublin to take boxing in?
    2 21
  38. What is a vacation, please?
    I've just been watching an episode of the excellent U.S. TV series "Kojak". Lt. Kojak was suspended, and told to go on "vacation". This word is unknown here in Australia.
    7 26
  39. Where is Toronto?
    6 22
  40. Where would you like to live and what's your dream vacation spot?
    I would love to live in Canada, visit the UK/Ireland to see how they're like. I don't think I'd move across the ocean, but it's still a possible option. As for dream vacation...ahh I don't know maybe El Salvador, Puerto Rico, India, Russia, possibly Au...
    21 21
  41. Is it true New York shut down their subway system?
    9 7
  42. How much would a trip to the UK cost?
    How much would a trip to Ireland cost? I wouldn't need to pay for a hotel room because I know people over there willing to let me stay at theirs.
    5 46
  43. How far Is Bedford from Leicester?
    4 8
  44. Could anyone help me find a virtual guide to Barcelona?
    I have an expat mission, could anyone help me please to look for a virtual guide to Barcelona? I am not familiar with place. Thanks
    4 4
  45. How old do you have to be to buy a plane ticket?
    5 42
  46. Where to stay in California with friends over summer vacation?
    Well me and maybe four to eight might go on a road trip after high school and stay in cali for a while (maybe a few weeks or so before college). We were thinking of renting a beach house but they'd be too expensive and thered be few a to room or just e...
    3 15
  47. What's a good place to travel?
    Me & my GF wanna plan a vacation just for the two of us.
    9 13
  48. What are some good websites to get information about Western Europe?
    I'm sat with one line, on a wiki page I have to do for seminar. I don't know anything about the religion, culture, foods, climate etc of Western Europe.
    5 10
  49. Why doesn't American Airlines admit that it has very old airplanes?
    If the seats of the airplanes of american airlines get loose is because the planes are old and they dont give them a good maintenance, why they make a lot of bad excuses, blaming the sodas or who knows what, they are pathetic. What do you think? Tell m...
    5 36
  50. Does anyone here agree with the traveller lifestyle?
    8 21
  51. What's the best thing about Canada?
    9 13
  52. Who has visited Goa, India?
    3 20
  53. What's there to do in Canada?
    i live in wisconsin and was thinking about going to canada next summer for a week or two and i was wondering what might be some interesting places to visit.
    2 21
  54. What city is halfway between Cana, Virginia and Columbis, Ohio?
    2 13
  55. How do the two female stars from the viral video "hungry b!tches" or better known as two girls one cup live there day to day lives?
    Millions of people around the world ranging from young to old ages have seen this disturbing video on the internet of two girls consuming each others feacies.. These two stars go by the stage names of Karla & Latifa... How do they resume normally aft...
    6 121
  56. What do French people call the surrounding area of Paris?
    For my French homework. I can't find the answer anywere..
    13 100
  57. What US cities have large Hispanic populations?
    I know Washington D.C for example and Atlanta don't but I went to D.C over this weekend and I saw quite a few of hispanics and latinos which is quite rare. I don't know if the hispanic population is growing around the DC area or not but I saw some..idk...
    7 69
  58. Do you think it would be scary if the airlines put the first episode of Lost instead of a movie during a flight?
    What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    2 11
  59. How old do you have to be to rent a hotel roooom in Austin, Texas?
    A friend and I are going to SXSW in Austin next spring break and by then we'll both only be 16. SO how old would we have to be to rent a hotel room?
    7 155
  60. Is there any way to make the clouds rain and avoid the drought?
    I heard a long time ago that in small countries they use small planes to bomb the clouds and then it started to rain. Why we dont do that here so then there wouldnt be any drought and the prices of the food wont increase. What do you think? Tell me ple...
    5 39
  61. What should I wear on a plane journey?
    I read somewhere to wear kinda heavy stuff to save weight in your back plus it can get cold on planes? then get changed at the air port but someone else said were comfortable stuff, light + layers? so..
    5 44
  62. What is the difference between England and Great Britain?
    Are the same country or not tell me please thank you.
    3 17
  63. Does surgical steel set off metal detectors at the airport?
    My piercings are surgical steal.. And I can't take them out. Will they set off the metal detector?
    4 1389
  64. What are your views about India?
    19 54
  65. Can I bring a shaving razor on a plane in my suitcase?
    Not my carry on obviously. But, is my bag gonna be like destroyed or left at the airport xD. Cause I'm not really sure if I should. I guess I could just buy one when I get there. But... That would be awkward. xD. Ahah.
    7 54
  66. What to wear on a plane?
    10 41
  67. How long does it take to issue a passport?
    we all have passports expect my 2 yr old brother?
    11 15
  68. What's a really good place to travel with lots of things to do?
    I've always wanted to travel, but i have no idea where. Who travels alot?
    25 32
  69. Does a Greyhound ticket become void if you accidentally tore it on the dotted line and detached it from the other tickets?
    4 178
  70. What kinds of things do you pack in a carry-on bag for a 5-hour plane journey?
    7 25
  71. Where are some places to go to lay out during the summer?
    I live near fairhaven, ma and I'd like to know a few places that I can go to that wont close their gates at night. Like a park or something. I hate living in the city during the summer.
    7 8
  72. Are you allowed to take pain killers and disposable razors abroad?
    2 14
  73. Can you name gardens and parks/ravines in Ontario only?
    Where are the nicest place do go ?
    2 9
  74. Who was the first explorer of the Pacific Ocean?
    I am stuck between Balboa and Ferdinand Magellan.
    11 42
  75. What are things I could collect from my travels?
    Like small inexpensive things preferably. And things that would be easy to find anywhere?
    13 36
  76. If I was in Geelong, Victoria how would I get to Ballarat, Victoria via buses or trains?
    If you know can you send me a link to a timetable or something?
    2 11
  77. Do you think they should rename Big Ben to Elizabeth's Tower in London?
    8 38
  78. What to pack for 2 month vacation?
    What is a list of clothes and other stuff to pack for Europe? Its going to be 2 months at a friends house so ill have washing machines etc. But how much should I pack? Its in July & August so hot weather. And I have like a 20 hour plane ride, what do I...
    4 44
  79. What are some online traveler's forums?
    I would love some place where people write about their travels, so I can get some ideas for my own travelling.
    3 15
  80. Who here has ever been to Chernobyl?
    Just curious I saw the movie of Chernobyl Dairies last night and I want to visit Pripyat now in the future^^
    6 21
  81. If you could choose a country, where would you want to live?
    41 54
  82. How much do passports cost and where can you go buy them?
    8 23
  83. Would you be allowed to bring a hedgehog with you on vacation via plane?
    You'd probably have to call before hand, but I just wanna know how it would go about.
    2 80
  84. What is the most beautiful beach in the world?
    I'm about to graduate high school and i want to go on a trip with a friend to a beach.
    4 15
  85. What are some funny things about Spain?
    3 29
  86. What is Spain famous for?
    are they big producers in terms of growing crops, corn?
    14 32
  87. Whats the time difference in UK and USA?
    6 48
  88. Can you use bus tokens to ride the train?
    5 21
  89. When is the best time to go to Vegas?
    I am planning a trip with a couple of friends to Vegas. I can't go till August but i have to make it in between September to December! Any idea what's the best time, i mean regarding prices,crowd and stuff!
    5 12
  90. What's Canada like?
    I wanna move there soon..
    7 16
  91. FunAdvice Trivia: What is an Aethiopicus?
    A) A crater on Mars B) An orchid in South America C) Our human ancestor of 2.5 million years ago D) An almost extinct volcano in South Africa
    7 12
  92. Can I pack exotic spices and medication in my checked in baggage?
    7 13
  93. What is the difference between airlines and airways?
    5 51
  94. What is the capitol of New Hampshire?
    2 9
  95. Is it safe to sleep at rest areas overnight?
    18 40
  96. What is it like in San Antonio, TX?
    im going tommorow morning and im just wondering is it like fun or boring. Like what is do people do around there. Stuff like that,
    2 18
  97. Is there any way to deal with wanderlust other than to travel?
    I seriously can't take it anymore. Any ideas on how to stop obsessing over the idea of getting away? Or how to stop feeling so suffocated and trapped? I can't travel, but I feel like I can't stay here. I've tried looking up ways to get rid of or contro...
    7 8
  98. Is there anything I'm not allowed to carry in my handbag in the airport?
    8 20
  99. What do you all think of South Africa?
    15 16
  100. Is it possible to get transportation to Busch Gardens Tampa when staying at an Orlando hotel?
    Just curious I don't know how far away Busch gardens Tampa is from Disney universal or sea world but if your at an Orlando hotel could you get transpiration service or shuttle service to Busch gardens...just in case if you don't know how to get their t...
    2 29
  101. Is hitchhiking in the USA recommended?
    I'm going to the US next year, is hitchhiking recommended, I've hitchhiked before and most safety tips include taking the registration #, make, colour and model of the vehicle you're getting into and sending it to a friend, but is it sitll recommended ...
    13 40
  102. How far is Indiana from Maine?
    2 59
  103. Does anyone here live in Nottingham, England?
    2 14
  104. What are your thoughts about Egypt?
    i want to know every people idea`s about Egypt , is that the pyramids country is that the pharo country any thing
    7 20
  105. Is there any country where roaming on the street nude is legal?
    i want to roam around naked in the street. But other people should be naked too
    9 338
  106. What's your opinion about New Orleans, Louisiana?
    3 10
  107. How to decide if I should go on the field trip?
    I asked this already I made my desicion but something changed. My family isint going anywhere, they are just staying home! One reason I don't want to go to the trip is that I want to relax and study this weekend but I also want to go because this is a ...
    4 83
  108. What do I need to know before I move to Detroit?
    11 57
  109. What do you think is the most beautiful landscape or architecture from your country?
    19 30
  110. Where in Marina Bay sands hotel can infinity pool be located?
    Do you know what part of the maruma bay sands hotel in singapore The so called infinity pool be located?
    3 20
  111. Where is Sri Lanka?
    11 12
  112. Do U.S. passports expire, and how much are they?
    I've always wanted to travel outside of the country so I figure the first step is getting a passport.
    3 41
  113. How much money would I need for a week in Los Angeles?
    How much money would I need for a week or two in Los Angeles? I'm not thinking to go to any fancy, expensive restaurants or anything like that... just wanna get a decent hotel and have a walk down to a beach and visit famous locations etc. Basically I ...
    6 18
  114. Does anybody know the way to Atlantis?
    14 45
  115. Where is Persia (Persian) located?
    I really need to know because...well I just wanna know.
    3 36
  116. What should I bring to the Bahamas?
    going in february and i dont know what i should pack.. i know it isnt for awhile but im gonna need to go shopping:)
    7 12
  117. Where is a fun place with a beautiful beach to go on vacation with my family?
    dad, step mom, 2brothers and me
    8 14
  118. What's it like to go on a cruise?
    I want to go sooo bad!!...
    6 21
  119. What to do during a long car ride?
    i have a 17 hour car ride with family, completely packed car. what is something that will make time go by faster
    18 69
  120. How do I buy train tickets?
    I'm taking the middleboro Ma train to Boston Ma and I'm wondering how do i purchase tickets? You can buy them online but im not sure how that woudl work out since i need to board the train tomorrow morning. So anyway, is there an office at the station ...
    5 20
  121. What is the name of this building/landmark?
    Can you tell its name, And Location? I have a hint its in somewhere South East or east asia... Thanks! heres the Pic
    4 11
  122. Which continent has the countries with the largest diversity in ethnic groups?
    Which continent has the countries with the largest diversity in ethnic groups? Asia South America Africa North America
    5 55
  123. What is life like in Jacksonville, Florida?
    7 37
  124. Do you think airlines should have the right to overcharge obese passengers because they require an extra seat?
    Should airlines be allowed to charge extra, or should obesity be covered under the disabilities act that allows disabled passengers to pay regular fare for their flight? Read about it:
    27 50
  125. How is Philadelphia?
    i might move there so I wanna move how the weather is, the people, etc.
    2 8
  126. Is there any way for a 16 year old to take a vacation/trip on their own in the USA?
    If they pay for the entire thing and make all the arrangements themself.... Keep in mind, no drivers license, car, or credit card. Preferibly no parental involvement (but not running away!) and definitly bringing noone with them. Budget of around $1000.
    6 47
  127. Is it legal to carry prescribed medication gel aboard a plane to Thailand?
    It is legal to carry prescribed medication gel/cream/liquid aboard a plane to Thailand? Is it legal or not? my doctor prescribed a special gel that I would need to use every day on my vacation in Thailand, and I need to know if i'd be able to have it i...
    8 51
  128. What is cheaper - buying a plane ticket in a travel agency or buying the ticket online?
    6 19
  129. How many hours is 384 miles?
    7 445
  130. How much money would I need to convert for a week in Thailand?
    Hey guys, so I'm travelling to Thailand (Phuket island and Bangkok) in January for a week... i need to know about the money issue mainly... how much American dollars i should convert into Baht for a week (spending money). I'm not looking to eat at the...
    3 39
  131. Where should I visit while I'm on my traveling escapade?
    9 19
  132. What country would you recommend to go on holiday to?
    Me and my partner are having trouble on deciding where we would like to go on holiday next year so would appreciate any suggestions given please. bear in mind there will be a little baby with us
    12 47
  133. Why is there no security for trains in London, Ontario?
    K in London Ontario people ar being shot up. One person last night got it in the head. Three others before that in the last two months have been shot and killed. They're all crack dealers/ pill dealers. Where do the cops think they're gettin guns ? The...
    2 47
  134. Can someone help me find prices for an Amtrak train from Boston to New York City?
    using this website : I'm having trouble finding the prices for a ROUND TRIP from Boston to New York City. Heres most of the info you should need: 1. We are leaving from Boston (...
    7 47
  135. Can you identify what landmark this is and from what country? Thanks! thats the pic
    6 14
  136. How much will gas cost on a road trip from MA to NY (read more)?
    I'm planning a trip with my friends from MA to NY and there's about 210 miles we have to cover. We're using a Buick, I think it's a 4-cylinder. About how much would the gas cost?
    3 18
  137. Is Los Angles and Los Vegas the same?
    14 48
  138. Which state is better to live in - Florida or Indiana?
    Me and my boyfriend are planning on moving in together but we can't decide exactly where. He was born and raised in a small town in Indiana and wants to settle there. I've never been there but I hear it's beautiful. However, I was born and raised in Fl...
    5 174
  139. What states have you visited?
    I've been to NM, TX, OK, NC......but nothing feels like home to me......California what are your thoughts?
    16 35
  140. Has anyone here ever visited Africa?
    14 42
  141. How do I move across the country with a newborn?
    I'm 18 and I've been taking Esthetics classes online so i can move and i wouldn't have to rush with packing, finding a house etc... But i recently gave birth to my baby boy Kevin and not only do i have to move stuff but him too all the way from New Yor...
    2 47
  142. How old do you have to be to rent a hotel room for a night, alone, in Hull, UK?
    8 46
  143. What is a good eco-friendly vacation spot?
    This is just a scenario that me and a friend are going to come up with. We are NOT actually going to go there, so it can be anywhere in the world, and the price doesn't matter. We just need a good place were we can do at least 9 things that feature an ...
    2 33
  144. Why is the state of Maine not as popular as Florida, California, or Texas?
    as well as some other states........
    15 36
  145. How do I find my bus route?
    3 32
  146. What does "take a slight left" mean when getting directions?
    what does it mean "slight left" i Google directions to a a hospital and on the map it says take a slight left to ...? because i can't turn to the left side its a dead end..
    3 308
  147. Do I need to register to get dual citizenship with UK/Australia or just get a British passport?
    2 21
  148. Which continent would you move to if you could no longer live in North America?
    37 26
  149. Can I bring 148ml face cleanser in my suitcase (not the carry on luggage)?
    2 40
  150. What should I do on my trip to NYC this September?
    Going to NYC with 3 friends and 2 adults for my 16th birthday. We plan on getting dinner than dessert, and walking around. But I do not know what else to do. I love the city and everything it offers, but we are on a major budget. Any ideas on some fun ...
    7 16
  151. How can someone prepare for a trip around the world?
    7 17
  152. Can you bring cigarettes on a plane?
    Security regulations keep changing so im confused about what exactly you can and can't do. Lots of people say that you can take it as carry-on or checked luggage, but last time i was told that my mum had to pay for the carton she had in her checked lug...
    5 64
  153. What can I do when I go to Holland?
    does any one have any ideas,taht would be great!!??
    5 31
  154. What is a quick, fun place I can go to in New York?
    Like a fun interesting museum that has like waxes of movie stars or like a ripley museum or somthing fun, and quick. And maybe like a petting zoo or wildlife park or zoo or something like that. just something quick and fun. around the Buffalo area or f...
    4 10
  155. Are stay-cations just as fun as vacations?
    I'm going on a stay-cation on Wednesday.A stay-cation is a vacation, but you stay in your city. I wanna know if it's still just as fun as a vacation.
    2 15
  156. What side of the street and side of the car do people in Paris, France drive on?
    Ok even though we won't be driving while we're in Paris, I was just wondering what side of the street and what side of the car do they drive on? I don't wanna go there and be like shocked when I realize they drive on one side and I was thinking the co...
    4 90
  157. Is anyone going on holiday anywhere nice for their summer holidays?
    12 18
  158. Where are the locals worse - New York or California?
    4 12
  159. Is "international" and "overseas" the same thing?
    5 112
  160. Why am I afraid to leave my regions?
    I'm very appeal to my regions for being very mountain full, probably, but when I leave the mountain zones and enter the big cities, I sorta freak out and my heart speeds up as if I was home sick, but way more serious. I live in P.R. Puerto Rico at t...
    4 12
  161. What age do you need to be to learn to fly?
    5 33
  162. What to do on a 10 hour drive?
    I dont wanna be bored on the 10 hour drive what can i do on the long drive that's fun and amusing???
    7 78
  163. Does Canada allow Americans to bring atv's / four wheelers across the border?
    And are there any public places to trail ride and camp all in one general location ?
    5 13
  164. What are some cool sites I can go to in Montreal, Canada?
    Ok, so this summer we'e going to montreal and what are some cool places we can go to there? Shops, cool views, mueseums, monuments, cities, etc.
    2 14
  165. What are the major contrasts between living in Canada vs living in the UK?
    I've been in the UK many times and worked with the RAF while in the USAF many years ago, and met lots of great folks. I've never took the time to learn what the relationship between the two geographically distant locations is all about and how connecte...
    4 12
  166. How long, how much, and how do I get a passport?
    OK so I've looked at the passport sites and stuff, but I can't really under stand it, its not clear. So I need to know how much it would cost for a passport for a minor, how long would it take to get it, and what do I do to get one (like where do I go,...
    3 38
  167. How much do things cost in Costa Rica?
    I'm going there next year and wanted to know how much general items cost. I know they use colones as currency, but I was wondering how much things cost and how much money I should take for extra spending money.
    3 43
  168. What to do on a 6 hour road trip with your sister, bestfriend, and dad?
    8 18
  169. What's the legal drinking age in Rhodes, Greece?
    I'm going to Rhodes tomorrow:) and just wondered, not like I want to drink (¬_¬)
    3 231
  170. How much money (estimate) would it cost to travel to Paris, Barcelona, Rome, and some city in Greece?
    If I wanted to go to all these places, shop, (of course) eat, and stay a 5 star hotel how much money should I save? I know since the economy is so bad it might take a while to save up the money.
    8 50
  171. What to do on a 8-9 hour flight?
    19 36
  172. How safe is Greece, Athens right now?
    5 18
  173. What are some special-to-Canada foods that I should and can mail to my friend in Malaysia?
    6 23
  174. When going on holiday, what matters more to you: destination, price, weather, length of stay?
    9 23
  175. Is Georgia considered in California or out of state?
    2 18
  176. What state would you recommend moving to in the USA from England?
    My friend is moving to America (He is 19) and doesn't have an account but asked to use mine, so I let him, he doesn't know what state to move to, but really wants to, he has been on holiday to America many times, but doesn't know where to move to. Any ...
    9 29
  177. Is $180 a reasonable price for camp?
    It cost $180 for 5 days and it includes a room (with 1 roomate) and 3 all-you-can-eat meals a day :D
    7 20
  178. How am I suppose to go to far away areas if I don't have a car?
    8 16
  179. How much would it cost to take an electric guitar overseas?
    I love my guitar, his name is Axel and he has been mine since Forever lol. I dont wanna buy a guitar overseas cuz 1 dont need another and 2 I really love my baby lol
    3 17
  180. How much would it cost me if I wanted to add money for overweight baggage?
    5 17
  181. When I go on the plane to go across the country in July, will I have to take out my piercings?
    I think most of them are surgical steel. I'm only worried about this cause my parents don't know about ALL of them. If so, then i guess i'm gonna have to get plastic ? :L
    13 14
  182. Where is Gafait located?
    3 5
  183. Where is "Big Ben" located?
    9 89
  184. What is an eastern coachwhip?
    2 11
  185. What should I pack for a trip to the beach?
    Everytime I go to the beach it is a disaster. I either got the wrong thing or I forgot this or I didn't think of that. So I want you, the FunAdvice community, to help me make my packing list for a trip to the beach!
    5 28
  186. Are there still Nazi's in Germany?
    17 53
  187. Where are some good amusment parks to go to this summer?
    12 24
  188. What are some fun things to do in Panama, Florida (besides the beach)?
    I'm going to Panama soon and i am a teenager. What are some things to do other than the beach?
    4 33
  189. What type of transportations are easy and less expensive to travel from New Jersey to other states in the US?
    9 11
  190. Is it possible to renew a tourist visa for Turkey from within the country itself?
    I was wondering if i'd have to leave the country and return to get a new visa or if it's possible to just renew it from within. I have one set to expire in early July but I'll be there longer and yeah, sorry I'm confused. Any help much appreciated :)
    7 14
  191. Is there anyone else who lives in Angus, Scotland on here?
    8 28
  192. Where can I find a cheaper hotel in New York city?
    i will to new york city for travel,i want to find a cheaper hotel,give me some advice,thanks
    3 15
  193. What is the best activity for the summer this year?
    7 39
  194. Are Washington and Washington D.C. two different places?
    6 60
  195. What cities or towns in New Jersey are very safe?
    I want to rent a apartment one day with my friends.
    2 21
  196. What are the prices of activities in Sun City?
    3 32
  197. What should I pack for my Washington D.C. trip tomorrow?
    So far I have my phone, iPod, umbrella, money, snacks for the ride, and a camera. So far that's all. Do I need anything else?
    7 28
  198. What do you think a foreign exchange student would need to bring to stay in the USA for a month?
    I am having a foreign exchange student come for the month of July its just a summer exchange thing. What would she need to bring with her? I have to give her a packing list soon because shes coming here the 25 of June which yes is a month away but I wa...
    5 16
  199. What is the most fun thing to do in Vegas when you're only 15?
    13 37
  200. What are some exciting things to do in Utah/Wyoming?
    4 11
  201. What are some wonders in the world to visit?
    20 29
  202. How long would it take you to travel from New Orleans to Paducah Kentucky by stagecoach in 1865?
    I have to do a project and my teacher is making me look at every aspect of the journey and this is one of the things that I have to know.
    2 28
  203. Is St. Louis, Indiana a bad city?
    4 59
  204. What is it like to live in Turkey?
    I just got back from a holiday there and it was immense. The entertainers at the hotel I stayed at seem to really love their jobs and they come from all over - like one of them was originally from Swansea and another from Scotland. I just wondered if a...
    7 124
  205. What would you bring on a three day trip with your school?
    6 8
  206. Are places like camps where you can park an RV at open all year round?
    3 11
  207. What's a typical thing you find in Morocco?
    Like for example a camel?
    4 20
  208. Do all major US cities have nicknames (eg, the big apple for new york?)
    I know Chicago is the windy city. I don't know if San Jose, or San Francisco have nicknames (or if they do, they're not very well known.) Is there a nickname for the city you live in?
    11 28
  209. What train goes from Chester to London?
    Me & My boyfriend need to meet up and we have NO idear wtf we are doing 'cos we are pretty stupid in travel-ness :/ Anyone know what Train comes to London from Chester and the times? What stations ect and stuff.. please heelp ^^
    3 18
  210. Who lives near a volcano in Hawaii?
    4 13
  211. What should I do on my trip to New York?
    Hey, I'm vistiting NYC next month. I'm from England and it's my 1st time there so i'm just wondering has anyone got any tips on where to go and what to see? Theres the obvious- Statue of Liberty, Empire state building etc.. But if anyone could tell me...
    4 21
  212. How far does the Nepalese rupee go in Nepal?
    I mean, what is the general price for things over there. I know that $1 NZ translates to 55 rupees, and it costs roughly 120 rupees for an average bus ride. But I was wondering how much things like water and general food costs? I'm trying to budget how...
    3 92
  213. What are some ups and downs on different cities in Australia?
    I'm seriously considering moving to Auz. I was wondering if anybody has any information in the cities, like what kind of people live where, and where are some amazing places you have been to? What places offer good work, and what places have a good all...
    11 21
  214. Is there a time difference between Conneticut and PA?
    5 46
  215. What can you recommend when moving countries?
    I have found a course in Perth, Australia that I'm interested in. I'm currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand. I'm wanting some feedback on the idea of moving over there for the course. Have you ever moved away on your own? Any suggestions, what I ...
    12 17
  216. What should I bring on a long hiking trip through a cave?
    8 12
  217. Can my fiance and I get any kind of assistance from the state/government?
    We live with my parents, he is 21 and I am 18. Is there any kind of assistance from the state/government *we* can get?
    3 15
  218. Is June a good time to visit the beaches in Cape Town?
    2 26
  219. Is Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, a town or city?
    2 40
  220. Can you move to somewhere like France or the UK just because you want to?
    Or do you need to have a job or spouse/family waiting for you, etc?
    7 33
  221. Is it possible to live comfortably in France without being fluent in French?
    Like, in terms of getting around, going to work, etc. Can you have a non-confusing life there without knowing much French?
    7 37
  222. How to be able to wait instead of getting really excited for the whole time?
    so I cant wait to see my grandma but I'm not leaving for a little less than 3 weeks and I just cannot wait! I know that its gonna be that day really soon so I don't need to get that excited , plus I still need to talk to my grandma about it because she...
    2 44
  223. Do I need an ID on a plane if I'm a minor?
    Just checking because I don't really want to bring that with me. XD
    5 43
  224. What are things that are a hassle to bring on airplanes?
    I haven't been on an airplane in a long time and I know things have changed. So what's stuff that is just too big of a fuss to bring with?
    5 31
  225. What would be a good packing list for a six day trip including the drive?
    I will be in Victoria, British Columbia for six days plus 2ish days of driving and Im not to sure what to bring but I do have awhile before I go to think about it.... I may bring a dog but probably not.... Soo I just want a list or something like that ...
    2 14
  226. How long is the great wall of china?
    4 13
  227. Are there any serious hikers here who could help me with choosing a backpack?
    I'm going hiking in April and have been hiking casually for a while now and would like to up it by doing overnight hikes.The thing is I want to buy a backpack now as I have some spare cash, but I have no idea which brand to buy and I am uncertain about...
    8 35
  228. What is the age requirement for getting a hotel room?
    6 49
  229. What essentials should I take on an all day field trip to Busch Gardens, Tampa in the summer?
    P.S I can only take a small bag.
    5 18
  230. What do you know about China?
    It is for my daughter. She has to make a report on WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT CHINA. Thank you, everyone.
    20 38
  231. Why is Iceland green and Greenland is ice?
    6 64
  232. Where is the nicest place to move in Canada?
    I want to move in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    11 16
  233. Do you need to have a passport to fly to places within Canada, if you are from Canada?
    6 32
  234. What is the coldest place in the world, excluding islands?
    6 31
  235. Where is a big tourist attraction?
    6 28
  236. Do you, or would you, pick up hitchhikers?
    25 38
  237. What are things I need to know before visiting Puerto Rico?
    Im going to Puerto Rico this spring break.. and ive never ever been there so its my first time. ive visited spanish countries before.. but certain things might be different.. so tell me things i have to look out for.. what stuff i should are...
    4 54
  238. What's the best airline service to travel all around the world?
    9 17
  239. Is it possible that an adult can book a room for a teenager without the adult being there when the teenager checks in?
    because i want to go to california this spring break and my sister was going to book me a room at a motel there but shes not sure if it will work. Also if that wont work is there any possible way i can withdrawl the amount of money needed for the room ...
    4 39
  240. What are some fun, cheap places to go to in down town Chicago around this time of the year?
    me and my girl friends want to go downtown for a day and we want to some kind of show or somthing. any ideas? not too expensive? what are the theaters called in chicago?
    4 13
  241. Which place do you think is hottest for summer vacation?
    13 13
  242. What are some cool facts on Russia?
    13 27
  243. What's the cheapest ticket to get from Southern CA, to Texas - by train or plane?
    3 36
  244. Which is the best beach in your country?
    (Im the girl of this picture, in Guarujá beach - Brazil)
    10 20
  245. What are good places to go on a Senior Trip?
    Im about to graduate in may and i wanna go somewhere fun......any help???
    7 29
  246. Where can I take my French exchange in England around the north of England or just places in general?
    2 9
  247. What are some things I HAVE to do on a trip from Oklahoma to Maryland?
    I'm 16. I have four days to get from Oklahoma to Maryland. I should be going through Arkansas, Tennesse, Virginia, and finally, Maryland. What do I HAVE to do? I already plan to see Graceland...
    2 17
  248. Is the quality of life really better in the Southeastern U.S. than in the Northeastern U.S.?
    Do people who move from the North to the South ever miss it and want to come back? It seems from the way people talk that the South is the promised land, and the Northeast is hell on earth. Is that really how it is? Are there any people who...
    5 12
  249. What is the legal age you can travel to a different country on your own in America?
    10 45
  250. Where's Tobago?
    15 37