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Possibly moving to texas

So im possibly moving to dallas texas to go to school at the aviation institute of maintenance. I never been to texas, lived in california my whole life. Where is a good place to meet people or have fun in texas? Im going to need to make new friends lol


What would be your perfect holiday?

I dont get holidays at the moment so I pretty much just have to imagine my holidays. Its sad. Where would you go, what kinds of things would you do, who would you go with?


How many times have you circled the globe?

So I've been to Indonesia twice, Maldives once, Nepal twice, Europe once, etc. Adding it all up, and I can honestly say I've been around the world more than four times, as I've also traveled back & forth across the US (3K miles one way) and went to & f...


Can I get a passport without a Social Security number?

how I can get a passport without a social security number?because I have a ticket for august 2 ,t have to quit the usa.the passport is for my chil, I birth certificate but for the social secueity not yet.can I apply for the passport without the social...


Where is Huntington beach?

Anybody know where is the huntington beach?..or anybody live there?or close...


Im in a foreign country with only my passport no money

Im in a foreign country with only my passport no money to get back to my home country I am all the way in equador needing to get back to switzerland what do I do how can I get back?


How much do cigarettes cost in puerto rico?

I googled it, but didn't have much luck. Also, can you take cartons of cigarettes in your luggage or carry on if you are flying?


How do I start off a brochure to Rome?

im doing a brochure about rome for a project, I dont know how to start it off. like what should I say?


What to do on a 10 hour drive?

I dont wanna be bored on the 10 hour drive what can i do on the long drive that's fun and amusing???

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What's Australia like?

I want to be a foriegn exchange student to Australia. I think it'd be really cool.
But, I think it'd be really cool to know, from people who live there, what it's like.
That being said, can someone tell me what Australia's like? How hot is it norma...


How long is the flight from Boston to Washington state?

how long it takes to fly from boston ma to washington state


How do I avoid Mexican water in Mexico?

I have decided on going to Los Cabos mexico. I heard the water can make you sick. this means I cant drink water or have ice. but does this mean I cant have food that is cooked with water. does the cooking part boil out the impurities? I dont know ...


Where To for my Next Holiday??

Ok so am trying to find somewhere for my next holiday. Not too far from Australia as long plane ridesa are not my thing. I am also interested in seeing some cool places in Oz. Have seen Ayers Rock (fab) complete with camel rides, bbq's, bushwalking and...


Things to do in stockholm, sweden

Hi there
Im going on a holiday with 3 friends to stockholm sweden
Its going to be for a week over the new year
Any ideas of good things to do over there? Or things to see


I want to do some mission work , I feel so useless to god.

I want to do some mission work and my family isnt doing that well in the money department. I feel so useless to God...what can I do...HELP PLEASE


What are some little-known gay cities?

I've done San Francisco, Fire Island, Key West, etc. Are there any huge gay meccas that are under the radar or up and coming? Please include worldwide as well, like tel aviv, etc.


Does a lexus RX 330 need snow chains for traveling to a ski resort?

A friend of mine is traveling to lake tahoe soon, and drives a lexus RX's a four wheel drive vehicle, so I don't think he'll need snow chains, but I'm not sure. Does anybody know if a four wheel drive lexus suv would need snow chains?


Canadian restrictions on what you can take across the border.

traveling across canada to alaska is there any thing I can't take?


How old do you have to be to get a passport?

How old do you have to be to get a passport?
How much money?
Any info please give...

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What amount of people speak English in Toulouse, France?

I plan to travel there this summer, possibly, and I'm trying to learn French. :) But just in case I'm not very good by summer, about how many people in Toulouse, France speak English? Thanks.


Where would you go if you could pack up and leave right now?

If you could go anywhere, if money, timing, etc wasn't an issue... where would you go? And who would you take with you? I would go to Italy and Ireland.... and I would take anyone that was willing to go with me lol. I wish I could go there...


What do you think of travel?

What do you think of travel?


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