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what is the weirdest name you have ever heard.

what is the weirdest name you have ever heard.
or know of.
or are you named a weird name.
I don't know. lol.

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How did bow wow and ciara meet?

How did bow wow and ciara meet?

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How to smoke adderall?

How to smoke adderall?

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What are some ways I can control my anger so I dont fight people?

I am 13 years old. At school my anger issues have been gettig me in trouble.Any ideas how I can control it?


What does wa7da min hahak mean in arabic??

also canu help me out with dis:
jamila wallah?
walak sho hal sharmata??
can anyone help


Emo nicknames for guys?

whats your nickname and how did you get it il start mine I emo boy becouse im emo and im a boy lol :P

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Does cold water really shrink your penis?

is it true that cold water shrinks your penis?


Do you think im being babyish?

Im afraid to sleep with the light out even tho that I told both my old middle school and my current high school on what he did and cid are involved about hiim raping me do you think im being a baby to not sleep with the light out?


Appearance survey

your apearance..

1Hair Color

2Is it Dyed?

3Eye color





8Body Type

9Shoe Size


11Want More?


13Want More?


15Overall Best Feature?


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Why am I having these awful dreams?

I have been having these really disturbing dreams of my dad raping me. It is getting really scary, because I am really uncomfortable around my dad now. How can I stop having these dreams? And Why am I having these dreams? Help me!


Are there really 49 ways to spell Stephanie?

so I heard recently that there is 49 ways to spell Stephanie. I am now curious to figure them all out. Any help?


What is the difference between esposo and marido?

My man and I have taken the next step! He is of Puerto Rican descent, and he speaks almost perfect spanish. He calls me esposa when he is playing around, and asked me to call him my husband in spanish. So I looked it up and there are two words for husb...


Can I join the military without taking the asvab?

Can I join the military without taking the asvab?


Possibly true that if you dream of someone that they dream of you?

Ok so I was wondering if it's maybe possibly true that if you dream of someone that they dream of you?also I have something that I need to deal with but I don't know how it's driving me crazy;
Ok so I had a dream about someone who I knew a long time ag...


WHAT: the name is Richelle, and I need a new nickname?

My name is Richelle.
I've had the same nickname since elementary school. (Chelle.) It's time for a change, I just got a new look and a new/improved personality.
Plus. Richelle isnt too great of a name either. A new nickname would be the perfect touch...


What does the phrase throw my hat in the ring mean?

What does the phrase throw my hat in the ring mean?


How many centimeters is 5 foot 7 inches?

How many centimeters are in 5foot 7 inches

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How long does it take for a novacaine shot to wear off after

How long does it take for a novacaine shot to wear off after getting stiches in a finger?

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Woman in the mens locker room

Last night like every night I go to the local college to swim laps.before the pool is opened to the public they have a swim class for 5-6 years of the rules for this is the child must be able change him or herself in the same gender lockeroom....


I have dyslexia

I am 27 and have Dyslexia!! and not many people no!! my spelling like a 10year old!! and its taking over my life!!! my job I have 2 right a lot and I hide away when I have 2 do it!!! I cant cope any more!! can some help me!!! dont no what 2 do anymore!!!


Why doesn't alcohol effect me?

This is kind of a silly question, but I have been wondering for a long time now why alcohol has no effect on me. I can pretty much drink what I want and how much I want without any consequences. Does anyone else have this? Has anybody heard of this?


Who is crip queen sheba?

Who is crip queen sheba?


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