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  1. How to Prioritize Important Tasks?
    Every day we have to meet a lot of challenges. Relatives, friends, work matters require our attention. And, of course, each of us has personal plans... Multitasking reduces our productivity. What can we do about it?
    4 139
  2. What is Blogging & Its Benefits
    What is Blogging & Its Benefits – Blogging is a very interesting profession. Nowadays, the blogging industry changing its trend. people do a blog as a full-time profession. Blogging is an online informational content that is displayed by the website.
    6 262
  3. Top 10 Tips To Build Your Professional Network
    Be humble, but don't be afraid to ask for the expertise of a person in your network, they'll likely be happy to show off what they can do.
    10 102
  4. How to choose the Best Packaging Material Supplier
    Before stepping into the world of packaging, you must have come across multiple companies working prosperously in providing similar services for the clients looking for them. The packaging is not so different from the other market areas. With the on-go...
    7 181
  5. Learn to freakin' drive people!
    If this is not possible for you, STAY THE HELL HOME!!!!
    2 17
  6. When you hold doors open for people to pass through do they say "thankyou"?
    "Whenever people hold doors for me to pass through, out of appreciation I always say thank you. But yet whenever I hold doors open for others to pass through they are so rude that they never say thank you but rather "mhmm". Sometimes they never say tha...
    4 34
  7. Why am I zoning out all the time?
    I'm 16 years old and a female. If that helps you answer my question.
    3 45
  8. Hving an English problem
    So the thing is that, I'm not from an English speaking country n there's a sentence that I dun fully understand (from my psychology course): insomnia does not occur exclusive during the course of another sleep wake disorder, n actually the exact thing ...
    3 10
  9. what personality traits do you think is most annoying or intolerable?
    3 33
  10. do you think its "ok" to date a known pedophile if you have children?
    8 24
  11. Have you ever been judged by people and mistakened for a criminal or a trouble maker?
    When I was in High School I always used to sit in classrooms and learn because I wanted to have good grades and go to college so that I can become a doctor someday. But whenever I was on the staircase about to leave, the security and deans in the schoo...
    2 20
  12. Are you weight conscious?
    Everyone want to look good an have great body but very few people actually work to achieve that where do you fall in?
    2 8
  13. i want to show maturity??
    So after all this drama in my life that I feel like ive been bothering my best friends with, I realized that im much more mature than this and its not their job to give me 24/7 advice. I'm stopping myself from giving them more drama to deal with BASICA...
    8 39
  14. Is it true that darkness is afraid of light?
    I've always been afraid of darkness and I'm scared to sleep alone in a room at night. It's a very big fear I have and I always look around me to see what's scaring me and why I'm hearing voices. So one day I turned on all the lights in the apartment an...
    5 34
  15. good morning everyone, hope you have/had an awesome weekend
    4 34
  16. What are your goals in life?
    I have none. I don't know what they are for. I don't really aspire anything. So I guess I am looking for yours. Lol what are you goals in life? What makes you go after them?
    2 11
  17. What is the best way to destroy this 1D sticker?
    I know, it is crazy, but that is why I got it. I want to know the best, most PAINFUL way to kill it. :| Until I get some answers, I shall hold it hostage in my computer.
    10 11
  18. How do I learn British Accent and dialects (southern or RP) in a male's voice ?
    I want to read or mimic something which is in British accent like a movie which has almost everything which is required to learn British accent. Or something spoken with British accent which I can compare it with my recorded voices and improve on it by...
    5 18
  19. Happy New Year From the United Kingdom
    2 12
  20. I want to send gifts to India from USA
    I am currently in USA, NY. I want to send gifts to my friends on 31st Dec’13 and New Year 2014. Which website gives good service for sending gifts to India from very less time span?
    2 27
  21. Merry Christmas To All Of You :D
    And Have A Happy New Year :D
    2 10
  22. Why are some things of my Nokia Lumia 520 in Chinese? And can I fix it?
    I recently got a Nokia Lumia 520, obviously it was manufactured in China. I set the language in English, but some things are still written in Chinese. Like the date on the lock screen, the calendar, and everything on the internet. How can I fix this?
    4 17
  23. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays everyone!
    Hope you're having a better one than I.
    3 26
  24. Merry Christmas eve everyone
    5 10
  25. Should I be embarassed...? LOL
    I came home to our christmas tree gone and this oh my. If my mom could, she would live in Mexico :p
    5 8
  26. I'm 13 and scared of buying?
    I'm an aspiring illustrator and there are a lot of different tools I want to buy, like derwent/ prismacolor/ sakura etc. My mum gave me £15 to spend on the cheaper materials. I went to the shop and found myself analyzing every art item. I looked at the...
    2 24
  27. soooo whats everyone doing during Christmas break?
    2 16
  28. what are your thoughts on this saying
    You must be happy with yourself before you can truly be happy with a significant other
    5 12
  29. Why do girls giggle and laugh when I have my shirt off?
    I have a small but muscular chest. On a warm day in March some girls were sitting behind a wall. they started to giggle. One of them made a comment and they started laughing
    3 74
  30. do you think its ok when someone mentions its there birthday?
    2 16
  31. what do you think the hardest thing in life is?
    3 23
  32. Does it signify anything for have someone appear in your dreams many times in a row?
    A few months ago I found out that a guy in my school has a crush on me for over a year now. A few weeks ago I started liking him back. Now that I left for Winter break, he has been appearing in my dreams around 3 times in a row now. It's strange becaus...
    2 49
  33. What is reality?
    2 9
  34. Ignorant people 'trying' to help?
    Often when people try to cheer me up they just look ignorant. Like when I told my mum about how I had a fight with some people in school and they called me names she said “Well don't listen and be happy.”. *slow clap*. Yes, because that fixes everythin...
    5 50
  35. are you living or existing in this world?
    4 10
  36. What if someone was born on the 29th on a leap year?
    What will they do on the non-leap year years?
    7 30
  37. fun fun fun on Friday
    5 77
  38. Creative title for Hurricane Wilma?
    I have to do a project about this hurricane but I have no idea what title it should be. Help?(:
    4 149
  39. What does it mean when a person tells you to have a progressive day?
    Today when I saw someone's twitter page, they put "Have a progressive day everyone!" I was just wondering what did they mean by that.
    3 37
  40. What happened when general custard took off his boots?
    It's a math sheet #4.8 from PUNCHLINE algebra book A. Can't figure out the answer to the joke.
    9 1115
  41. what is your biggest challenges in life?
    6 25
  42. Does it piss you off when people are rude for no reason in particular?
    2 48
  43. What do you think people who smile a lot are weird? What do you think of them?
    5 67
  44. Need a teen suicide site? Somewhere I can connect with others?
    Hey. I am not going into details. I just need to know of a site that I can connect to other teens about suicide. I think I might be considering it. I want no downloads, preferably a chat room for me to talk to other teens in, and don't want my paren...
    4 10
  45. If this happen to him it would be funny?
    I was wondering that all the girls want to see Justin Bieber and they cry and everything imagine 20 years more in the future and Justin Bieber is fat and bold and nobody would want to see him, i dont want that happen to him, but it would be funny. Just...
    2 9
  46. Please answer this question?
    I posted this question earlier but forgot to post the link. But do you think these guys can rap? They are a rap group from out of Long Beach, California. What do you think of them? I am not sure, but does the girl who raps at 5:15 looks like a man to y...
    7 11
  47. do you think size matters?
    8 49
  48. neighbors can see my room when open window blinds no privacy
    I like opening my window blinds during the day to get light in my room but neighbors are nosy and keep looking in to my window. I have hentai laptop theme and they might be able to see it. I just don't want people looking towards my window is there a w...
    4 49
  49. Would you consider me a "shallow" or "average" person?
    Hi ;). I'm just terribly insecure so it's getting harder and harder for me to understand myself. That's kind of why I'm here; to ask for your general opinion. Thanks, and detailed answers are well-appreciated! =) By the way, this is like a long questio...
    7 23
  50. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
    17 30
  51. Is it just me, or is time going to fast?
    It seems like lately, time has been flying by, and I never have enough to get anything done really. Is it just me?
    2 17
  52. Accidentally called 911, hung up instantly.
    I hit the "Emergency Call" button on my phone while my sim card was out, but I hung up INSTANTLY. It didn't ring and no one answered, and as of 15 minutes later 911 has not called back (I read that if you call 911 and hang up, they'll call you back.) A...
    4 1367
  53. Which thing and person makes you happy?
    As i am a boy for me my girlfriend makes me happy because of she always be with me in any situation. and also my parent with me in any situation. what do you think about it?
    4 26
  54. Is attitude a positive or negative emotion ?
    What to do when you know that you have attitude ?
    8 12
  55. If i made a video in youtube complaining about my job i will be famous too?
    I was wondering if i made a video in youtube complaining and whining about my job like the girl in the video. I will be famous too and oprah will be giving me a job too lol. Just curiosity lol, but what happened with be a good hard working person, i un...
    2 23
  56. I am female and need a nickname for my Mushtaaq.
    2 46
  57. Does anybody know what kind of crystal this could be?
    My husband does pole inspection work and his job is to dig around and treat power and telephone poles. He found this while he was working near a highway. It doesn't fog up, it scratches glass and is reflective. If you hold it in the light in the right ...
    4 14
  58. ok this is gonna sound like a weird question but how do i become more serious of a person?
    ok so I am what you would call a silly, fun, joking and prankster kind of a person. Over the years many of people have said " you're to silly, grow up and act your age ". So how exactly do you do that? I know how to be serious, but to be like that alot...
    4 10
  59. what is the longest word in the dictionary (riddle)>
    4 629
  60. How to know you have potential at volleyaball, or anything in general?
    I'm SO CONFUSED with my life right now and as a standpoint of a highschooler, I want some advice as to how to know if I have potential at anything. I didn't make the high school volleyball team, and that made me question what are my priorities in life....
    6 24
  61. Which costumes get the most candy?
    I want to get a lot of candy this holiday. Which costumes are the most effective?
    4 20
  62. Community service ideas?
    Community service ideas? I'm doing this award thing and I need 1 hour a week of community sevice for 13 weeks. it has to be community sevice so for a non profit organistation like help out at a youth club, visit elderly in area or litter pick..i was wo...
    5 30
  63. Door Voices Problem
    Question.1 . Before few days Ago I made a door Here is problems With open and close. When I open it Different Voices I hear. So what problems they have.
    2 10
  64. What does this mean?
    My friend and I were walking around school and whenever we passed these three guy who are two years older (who also act weird around us but not this kind of weird) started singing the Darth Vader theme song (The Imperial March) and laughing. Any ideas ...
    2 14
  65. what is on your bucket list?
    3 14
  66. Do you think this can be an excuse for everything?
    For example, when people say that being gay is because they have it in the genes, or they were born that way, so a thief or a shameless person can use the same argument well im a thief, because its in my genes i can control it and so on, please dont ge...
    4 18
  67. she said it does't exist but it existed later, what is it?
    i do't know if its a history or not. but i was asked to give an answer. so dear friends help
    2 20
  68. how are you letting your past positively influence your future?
    2 8
  69. what do people how do they start there so lost.....and
    So bored......I don't know what im supose to do you apply for do you get a do you meet do you get married.....and whats the purpose to get so confused............I just turned 18
    3 22
  70. if you could go back in time an witness a major event before it happened which event would you pick?
    13 32
  71. I honestly can't get over how much of a loner I am.
    I don't have any friends, only my boyfriend but he is farming all weekend. I live in such a small town there is nothing to do. We have a bar/hotel, bank, post office, library, hall, and a small garage/ café. Nobody in this town is my age or near my age...
    9 15
  72. Whats up with the DOB? are you trying to have less customers?
    i'm just about to leave.
    5 17
  73. Do you think we have become "immune" to tradgedy in the news unless it effects us on a personal level?
    So many bad things happen in the world almost on a daily basis and we hear about them all the time. Do we care anymore or we too engulfed in our own personal lives and situations that we've become "numb" to it all?
    2 11
  74. what are you thoughts on this saying - Love is blind
    4 15
  75. How do I sound smart during the Impromptu Questions part of a pageant?
    Our pageant isn't a beauty pageant. It's a pageant to become an Ambassador of our city. The questions are incredibly tough, and area knowledge based. What if I'm asked something I know nothing about? How do I say I don't know anything, without coming ...
    2 20
  76. What racy means?
    I dont know what they mean when the media say this was a racy thing. If you know tell me please thank you.
    2 15
  77. Question about sticky notes
    How often do you write messages on sticky note(or on a piece of paper) to your family members in order to remind of something,warn about something, etc?
    2 10
  78. I have a hard life?
    I hate saying this because I know there are so many others that have it so much worse than me. But it still doesn't make me feel better. Life can be just so. damn. hard. I feel like I'm fighting for my life on a daily basis. I am fighting for a ...
    2 17
  79. Ok it's time to think deep thoughts! Everyone be all emotionally deep and shit
    What do you think about the sentence "We live to find the meaning of life and yet we don't realize that LIVING IS the meaning if life." O_O watchu guys think?
    3 41
  80. How to move on from failure?
    How do you move on and let go of failure, regrets, mistakes, and things you're not proud of? I don't feel very well, I failed at college and my parents are disappointed in me. I just want to feel better. Any tips/advice would be appreciated. Thanks
    3 52
  81. whats ur pet peev?
    9 11
  82. What is your comment on this picture?
    2 16
  83. Do you think this guy has big guts or what?
    I borrowed my camcorder to my uncle in law, and he gave it back to me, but he lost the battery, and now he told me to look for a battery and tell him how much it costs, so he can payme but if he loses he has to look for that and give my camera how i ga...
    2 12
  84. Is it easier to stay at home or stay at uni?
    Me and my partner have decided to attend uni next year. However my partners mother is moving away and we don't know what to do. I would like to stay here close to home and get a flat. Me and my parnter will be working part time soon on okay wages. I fe...
    2 11
  85. What traits make a positive person a positive person?
    I'd like to be happier.
    2 9
  86. Fun Gift Ideas For Football Players?
    The cheerleaders at my school are "assigned" football players and we are supposed to get them things once a week or so. One person comes up with an idea and then everybody makes it for that week. It needs to be kind of cheap, but cute. Something that m...
    2 12
  87. what doe "in advance mean" i am reading a letter and at the end it says that?
    2 6
  88. where can i donate used clothes..not goodwill?
    so i want to donate them to a place where they take it to the poor. Goodwill sells them. I want them given to the poor. where can i go?
    3 32
  89. would you rather fix something on your past
    Or see something in your future
    3 13
  90. Why am I the only one in our group that he says goodbye to at the end of an evening?
    He always says my name as well.
    2 29
  91. I swear my problems just keep getting worse
    Now my youngest daughter, whom is only 9 is trying to follow in my oldest daughters footsteps, I caught her trying to cut herself :-(:-( why is raising kids gotta be so hard
    4 37
  92. The development of a shadow
    How does a shadow really develop? What is the science behind it?
    3 9
  93. What. ╮(╯3╰)╭ means?
    I am guessing is a open arms, shy, smiley face with a heart. If is that so, what does it means? Any idea?
    3 439
  94. what, in your opinion, makes life worth living?
    4 16
  95. Horror versus terror?
    What's the difference between horror and terror? I've come to understand that horror is more an emotional reaction to witnessing something horrific where as terror is more psychological and an emotion induced by uncertainty and the unknown. I am re...
    3 33
  96. is signature meaning however you sign your name?
    3 9
  97. i know this is dumb but what is an "applicant" is it me or someone else?
    2 10
  98. what does beneficary mean?
    someone said its when you die and i want someone else to inherit it and another said its "me"?
    2 25
  99. Scene/emo nicknames
    I am what you would consider "emo" or "scene" and well my name is maggie. And to me it sounds to preppy. And I don't like it. Does anyone knos of any good scene or emo nicknames for maggie?
    4 81
  100. are these guys attractive? I've labelled them 1-3
    11 18
  101. What is a good middle name for Josie?
    We are expecting a little girl soon, her surname will be brown and second middle name is simone pronounced sim - on. I am trying to think of a nice name to go with Josie, like Josie-Mae. Please help! :)
    3 214
  102. whats tge difference from across and infront? say someone says the park is across from the it infront?
    2 27
  103. Is this a bad omen?
    I had a dream last night about me going to the beach with the people from my class and there was a huge wave and we died. I'm going to the beach tomorrow with some of the people from my class and I've been wondering if the dream is a warning..
    5 18
  104. Is It Possible To Be A Human Bad Luck Charm To The People Around You?
    I Just Feel Like When I Talk To Or Meet New People, I Bring Bad Luck To Them. Or Even If I Know Them & I'm Around Them Something Goes Wrong Like Their Relationship, Or They All Of A Sudden Get Kicked Out, Or Someone Gets Sick Out Of No Where [all true ...
    2 68
  105. What do you think that light was in my bedroom window (it made me paranoid)?
    About 30 minutes ago I heard a faint thumping/bumping/rumbling noise and wasn't sure what it was and couldn't hear enough. Then within a few minutes after that and when I tried laying down to go to sleep, I had noticed a concentrated, roundish, but sma...
    4 34
  106. What does my dream mean?
    In my dream it was around 3 in the morning(but it was sunny and some shops worked xD) and I was with my boyfriend and a friend of his(a girl). So we went to look for an open shop to buy frozen pizzas. When we found one, we went somewhere( I think it w...
    2 39
  107. How to know if one is being arrogant?
    At what point does one become arrogant.How could one know whether he's arrogant or just realistic.I'm contaplating whether thinking highly of myself is arrogant or just realistic.Can someone help me out?
    14 59
  108. i didn't do aything wrong so why would he do this to me?i'm going crazy
    this professor(who's not much older than me) used to always look at me like 80% of the time when he's lecturing+smile+crack jokes and look at me.he kept doing this for like 10weeks but last week he just sudenley stopped looking now he never looks at me...
    5 14
  109. If I took a 27 question test and got 88%, how many questions did I get wrong?
    4 30
  110. Do you count sheep to sleep?
    1) Does counting sheep help you fall asleep at night? 2) do you count out loud or in your mind? 3) Do you actually visualize the sheep jumping over a fence in your head? 4) How old are you? Guy or girl?
    4 66
  111. do you guys believe in the pharse"its meant to be," "it happened for a reason"??
    4 30
  112. Is it just me or i feel very different from people?
    Well in family meetings or parties people talk about jobs and what insurance they have and i find all this stuff very boring, and i feel like oh yeah maybe im a freak because i dont find these things interesting lol. What do you think?
    6 43
  113. What does this mean?
    "if history predicts behavior, is there any cause for concern today?" its a question in my essay where we find similarities between the Dark ages and now.
    2 9
  114. Why are some americans so ignorant about Canada?
    I live in Southern Ontario 1. I have never seen a moose 2. I live in a house 3. We have summer 4. I don't say "eh" constantly 5. I'm not always polite 6. I don't like back bacon 7. I eat maple syrup once in a blue moon 8. I've never seen ...
    3 39
  115. what are 1 or 2 personality traits you wouldnt deal with?
    I can't deal with addictive personalities and wishy washy people,
    8 10
  116. Is it ok to get drunk once in a while?
    <p> i like the ocasional party where i drink and feel buzzed. i am not an alchoholic or aything but its fun once in a whhile to just have fun.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p> is it healthy to get once in a while...</p> <p> when i get drunk i dont like t...
    2 18
  117. how old do i look?
    my friend said i look 12 here and im wanting to know if hes right?
    11 33
  118. Im actually discover that my height is 5.8 is that a good height?
    I always thought that my height was 5,6 but my height is 5.8 Do you think that 5.8 is a good height or not tell me please.
    2 91
  119. Is being involved negatively affecting my life?
    I have always been really busy. I constantly run around to do the various things I am involved in, such as tennis, school, choir, band, and volunteering. Of course, I also have to spend time with my family, which cuts out even more of my time. With all...
    6 24
  120. Who or what would be walking around bare footed in the middle of the night?
    About a month ago at around 10pm that night I thought I heard something make a growl outside my bedroom window. So when the morning came, I went outside to look around my window to see if I would notice anything. But when I did I all I could see was 3 ...
    3 16
  121. So ppl say I look white , Mexican , puertorican , and then Arabic so which one ?
    5 12
  122. What has been your most traumatic experience?
    3 12
  123. what are your thoughts on the statement " ignorance is bliss"?
    2 17
    2 10
  125. whats "limited but not to"?
    yes, i am asking for the meaning no rude comments
    3 17
  126. English - Spanish translation help?
    How do you say: "I like bananas" in spanish is it? A mi me gustan los platanos? or just me gustan los platanos?
    2 29
  127. Whats something you say alot.??
    2 18
  128. Just a thank you bro would have been enough?
    I was helping moving this guy with his bags and the guy gave me a wastebasket bin, a tape, and old shirt and plastic cups. I was like sorry, but i dont know who would really want these things , when i move out im not going to give them things that the...
    4 47
  129. What is the best revenge to someone if you know where they live?
    No we did not have feelings for eachother, so "being happy" wont work.
    8 65
  130. What does this saying mean?
    Pay attention to your emotions and notice where they take you. You have an excellent chance to talk through whatever comes up as long as you don't get stuck in one spot. Exploring uncharted emotional territory expands your heart, allowing more love to ...
    2 17
  131. What does smash or pass mean? :3
    4 527
  132. What are your New Years Resolutions?
    3 9
  133. hypothetically, of course are there somethings better left unsaid? or would you
    2 11
  134. anyone know how i can kill my boredom?
    merry x-mas everyone!! anyone know how i could kill my boredom since i absolutely got nothing to do during the break ._. yeah sure i could hangout with friends and all but even that gets boring after a while. It would be great help! thanks :)
    3 14
  135. What was your Favorite present this Christmas?
    mine was new car speakers.
    6 15
  136. prank calling.. anyway to expose them?
    someone is calling me using an app on the ipod..can they be exposed?
    2 24
  137. im sorry but I dont understand why people get so spoiled at Christmas
    People are getting upset if they didn't get that new iPhone or whatever. I saw at least 6 people get expesinve gifts on Facebook over like $500. I got a few clothes, a video game and some makeup and I am so thankful for what I got! People are forgettin...
    4 18
  138. What is the most adventurous thing that you have done?
    I'm curious. Currently my boyfriend and I are travelling through the limpopo and mpumalanga areas of sout africa on our bicycles with no support vehicle and no pre-booked accommodation. Anyone else also get up to stuff?
    3 33
  139. What does this picture say?
    3 24
  140. Take it for granted
    What is the meaning and the explanation of TAKE IT FOR GRANTED?
    2 12
  141. Whats on your bucket list?
    Mine is: -See the northern lights -Visit Greece -Do the camino de compestella -Attend a NBA game -Sky dive (still not 100%) -Go skiing in Canada -Have a coffee in Paris
    7 26
  142. Do I have an accent?
    2 17
  143. What do you think of this weird situation?
    One day a roomate knocked my door and asked me for a favor and i told him yes, what is it and then he gave me his debit card to go to the bank, take money and buy him beer, and i told him why dont you do it yourself, and he toldme he was tired he didnt...
    4 28
  144. What is the name of The Sudbury, ON forest?
    I'm sure it's not actually called the Sudbury forest, but all the reasearch I've done I can't seem to figure out it's name, I'm doing culminating for geography and I'm just too damn lazy to keep reasearching.
    2 13
  145. Why am I a nerd because I have a passion for history and world culture?
    I want to be an archaeologist because of my love for history and world culture and when I tell people that they call me a nerd.
    2 18
  146. what is meant by the following?
    "acute polydrug intoxication due to combined effects of Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, Diazepam/Nordiazepam and ethanol"
    5 37
  147. Lost a bet please help
    I lost a bet to a girl for 10 week she could make me do anything she wanted (excluding anything to do with clothes). She decided to turn me into a girl The clothes rul has two exceptions: 1 one afternoon she can make me wear wig/tiara/makeup 2 at th...
    2 42
  148. whats the one thing you think the world should know?
    2 7
  149. why cant a pregnant woman do a lie detector test?
    5 632
  150. what is something that brings joy to you ?
    my baby nephew :3 his smile brings soo much joy to me . :'] i could cry
    3 13
  151. Can someone help me please?
    I am bored and lonely most of the time. I don't have much friends and have a hard time making friends. Most of the time I'll go everywhere by myself and end up sitting in a fast food restaurant alone for hours just fooling around on my tablet. My life ...
    6 12
  152. solve this riddle
    i am a word of 5 letters! people eat me ! if you remove my 1 letter i will be a form of energy ! if you remove my first 2 letters i will be needed for living if you Remove my first 3 letters i will be near you if u remove my first 4 letters i will be ...
    2 31
  153. What are examples of acts which can be seen as ethical but are illegal?
    2 27
  154. what nickname(s) do people call you and why?
    16 62
  155. Naked in a desert
    What will you do with the belt if you are dropped in a desert with only a belt on?
    7 34
  156. Do you look at the sky at night just to admire it?
    I do, where I live is really dark and you can see a lot of stars... it's so beautiful. I love it
    6 10
  157. Do you think this is a good quality photo?
    I need a good quality photo of me for my art class, so just makin sure(:
    4 13
  158. Is there a special way to make a subliminal message or not?
    I have always heard that songs have a subliminal message if we play it backwards, but is there a way to do that or just happen, i mean maybe just happen and the singer dont even know about it i mean this would be like im talking and somebody record me ...
    2 31
  159. Crazy theories about why men wanna be women?
    Because when they are kids and go to the supermarket with a bunch of women the boy always have to carry all the bags and women says he is a man he can take all the bags, and the boy says oh men be a man sucks lol. I was kidding, please dont get mad peo...
    2 20
  160. At which time of day (or night) do you work better?
    I work better in the early morning, I can start at noon but I'll end up doing almost anything until it's past 12am. That's when I work better and I hate it cause I barely sleep! LOL
    4 38
  161. If somebody would make a device for women to pee standing women would use it?
    Just curious about that. What do you think?
    6 20
  162. I need name help...
    Which is best for a girl? Ree Blythe Levin
    2 9
  163. What are you thankful for this year? Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
    2 8
  164. How do you know that you have passion for doing something?
    How does it feel? Like, sometimes when I'm writing I feel like I can't breath, like my hands aren't fast enough to write at the speed my heart and my mind want to and when I'm done, I feel relieved. is that passion?
    14 59
  165. I sit at home alone all day, what can I do?
    I don't really want to go outside because it's freezing and raining all the time. I don't have any friends either, so I'm sitting at home bored all day. Please don't tell me to go out and get a job, because I've been applying for several jobs.. I just ...
    7 77
  166. Which one... coldness or warmth?
    5 19
  167. would you prefer a plane or cash?
    if you were to be given a plane or cash worth the plane which would you take??? I will prefere the plane dont know of u
    6 15
  168. How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? is it something big in your family?
    2 13
  169. is it true that people usually make the worst choices when they're happy?
    2 8
  170. Change. Good or bad?
    6 17
  171. What should I pack for going to Huston, Texas area this week?
    9 39
  172. how did you know the truth about Santa?
    17 34
  173. How am I still up?
    It's 2a.m. and I've been listening to the same song for the last hour while learning Python. :P print "I'm too cool for Java." #Because I'm too dumb to learn buttloads of algorithms. :( <---Python talk
    3 7
  174. What's the worst thing you've ever done?
    12 20
  175. Why is the short form of pounds written as "lbs"?
    5 76
  176. Why is it that people must put everyone down and make them feel like they are beneath them?
    7 16
  177. What does everyone want for Christmas?
    12 18
  178. What ethnicity do you think I am?
    7 25
  179. How do you pronounce "Gloucester"?
    I usually pronounce it "gloss-ter", using the same rule as Worcestershire (worster-sher), but I'm curious to know if this is a commonly mispronounced word, and if I'm using it wrong, lol.
    4 50
  180. Do you believe rabbit feet are lucky?
    << does that even make sense?:L
    7 49
  181. What's the right anwer to this riddle?
    A man hijacks an aeroplane transporting both passengers(8 of them) and valuable cargo. After taking the cargo, the man demands nine parachutes, puts one of them on, and jumps, leaving the other eight behind. Why did he want eight?
    3 38
  182. What's the answer to this riddle?
    This creature starts off on four, then two, lastly 3. Whats the creature? (hint: so easy)
    5 69
  183. What is a good website to find out about Blackfoot Native Americans?
    2 9
  184. What is free fall?
    give the exact meaning
    7 18
  185. What would you do if you were She-Hulk?
    11 46
  186. What does it mean to be 5th dimensional?
    3 17
  187. How good are you at keeping a secret?
    27 39
  188. Do you think keeping secrets is good?
    6 13
  189. What are the "legs" of eyeglasses called?
    3 126
  190. What was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
    8 53
  191. Is it true that you can't fold a paper more than 7 times?
    I tried it & i cant get past 6, but idk about anyone else? has anyone gotten more than 7 or is this true?
    7 37
  192. What will be the closing cost if buy a house for $400,000?
    2 20
  193. What is the biggest life lesson you have learned?
    15 31
  194. What is the area of the rectangle?
    Please help my little sister with her algebra homework!!!! A garden is 12metres long and x metres wide. It consists of a path 2metres wide round a central rectangular grass area. Make a sketch and find an expression with brackets for the area of the p...
    2 11
  195. Does North Carolina and its cities have southern charm?
    8 22
  196. How much is 64 kilo in lb?
    3 44
  197. Do you think if you look at something that isn't beautiful long enough that it becomes beautiful?
    11 25
  198. What is the meaning of the word "kinda"?
    3 48
  199. Would you prefer other people to be honest as to who they are or to change who they are?
    Commonly, the question asked is, "Should you be who you are or change for others?" But it's also important to look from the outside in too. Would you want others to be who they are, or would you prefer for them to change to best suit your needs and wants?
    22 30
  200. Does anyone here live in Depravity?
    6 17
  201. What would you do if an old person came up to you and told you they were you from the future?
    12 7
  202. Should I send a picture of myself to a girl across the world?
    I know this chick that lives in Egypt and we met through deviantart. We been emailing each other since June and today she asked me for my picture and if I sent it she would send me one of her. I'm wary of doing stuff like that because what if she's act...
    6 65
  203. Who knows who Todd Williams is?
    2 9
  204. What does "playing Devil's advocate" mean?
    4 62
  205. How big is 10 acres?
    3 109
  206. What does "prophesizing" mean?
    6 34
  207. Is "funer" a word?
    37 1776
  208. How do I disguise alcohol into a place which does not allow it at entrance?
    It is a beer festival and does not allow byo alcohol. The will be checking bags. If you're here just to comment and say "don't do it at all", don't bother commenting.
    11 33
  209. What is your favorite school memory?
    5 14
  210. How do you go about making someone more submissive instead of aggressive?
    9 12
  211. Why do people hate the police when they keep us safe?
    I mean, the police protect us and always keep dangerous criminals away from us, and they seem pretty cheerful, so why do people hate the police?
    13 35
  212. Which sounds better for police - popo or fuzz?
    Im writing a short story and I need help. To me they both sound stupid. Which one should I pick? Or should I just stick with police?
    11 36
  213. Is it better to keep it real or put on a front?
    12 21
  214. What do you like to do on a cold, chilly night?
    11 16
  215. Why did Canadians first celebrate Thanksgiving Day?
    I mean is there any particular reason tell me please thank you.
    2 21
  216. Which is better - to have a dream, or to relentlessly pursue one?
    It is an essay question and Im having trouble answering and writing a whole paper on it. Please help!
    6 45
  217. How can soft wood be used as paper?
    3 30
  218. When is national mustache day?
    i love the mustache and can't wait till i can properly grow a magnificent handle bar stache. I have heard of national mustache day but can't remember when it is? most people are saying Feb. 10 but idk. when will it be in 2013?
    3 59
  219. Is keeping a secret telling a lie ?
    10 77
  220. How would you describe culture in Western Europe?
    5 36
  221. Why is my iTunes taking almost an entire day just to import a cd?
    3 10
  222. What is the significance of knowing if products in commercials really work or not?
    3 18
  223. What is the UPS box for; can I mail out stuff?
    2 14
  224. Would you lie in a coffin with worms for hours for a million dollars?
    13 29
  225. How great is the fear of failure to you?
    I was reading up a bit on Psychology and I just got a little curious, in all honesty, how afraid are you of failing at something?
    11 56
  226. What are some symbols that represent purity?
    Purity of bloodline would be nice, but purity in general works.
    6 125
  227. Which makes more sense: "yo toco el violin" or "yo toco un violin?"
    3 15
  228. When do banks close; are any open 24 hours?
    3 41
  229. Do you prepare for Halloween now?
    I am searching on the internet to find some interesting things for Halloween. And found something interesting: a wig site says the "PRE HALLOWEEN SALE Is it necessary to have the pre sale, but not the Halloween sale?
    4 13
  230. Is it long distance if I call someone from out of state?
    Friend lives in Massachusetts I live in Ohio
    4 20
  231. How do you deal with things you can't control?
    Like the weather, the way people are etc...
    7 58
  232. When you see someone with scars that are obviously not accidental are you more afraid to approach them?
    I feel like people at my college go out of their way to avoid me and the only thing i could think of why they would be doing that is the obvious scars on my arm.
    6 29
  233. What is a strong Russian name for a guy?
    i am wondering because i make little names for my many voices i speak in. i have a lot but i cant seem to find a good russian name for my voice yet.
    5 30
  234. Should I be concerned about this guy's behavior with me at my school?
    Yesterday when I walked in the school to go to class there was this guy (student, a little younger or about my age) standing in the hallway looking at me for a minute or two like he was staring (watching). I caught him doing this at the corner of my ey...
    6 42
  235. What is "infrastructure"?
    4 11
  236. What determines the date Thanksgiving is on?
    Like who decides that? Is there something specific that makes the holiday a certain date?
    9 64
  237. Is it a crazy dream to want to live a self-sufficient lifestyle when I am older?
    Grow most of my own fruits, vegetables and other food. Raise chickens and turkeys for eggs and meat. When I am older I really just want to live in the country like that
    7 21
  238. What have you learned today?
    6 14
  239. What is a PO box and how do you set one up?
    like does it cost etc? (UK!)
    3 16
  240. What are some good zombie puns?
    2 43
  241. What things do you expect people to know as "common sense"?
    7 18
  242. What kinds of things, in your opinion, makes for a happy life?
    5 12
  243. How many of you like vintage stuff?
    When I was young they use to show Xena and other tv shows and cartoons that were classic and vintage style, even the clothing they sometimes amaze me. So I don't wear Vintage clothing and stuff, but the clothing Is cool.
    5 12
  244. What do you think about the name "Iscus"?
    22 36
  245. How can a scientific controversy help advance understanding of the natural world?
    2 10
  246. How do I get rid of my laziness?
    10 15
  247. What apocalyptic weapon/s would you choose?
    say that a zombie infection was spreading throught the streets bringing the dead back to life. what weapons of mass destruction would you arm yourself and loved ones with? Mine personally would be the chainsaw katana, because of its naturally small des...
    9 26
  248. What would you do if a spider the size of a dinner plate landed on you right this second?
    16 33
  249. Are you supposed to pronounce the "t" in often?
    i usually pronounce it as offen, with no t but i was watching a youtube video and a lady said often and pronounced the t, and i was just like wtf? is that how your supposed to say it? I know its not a big deal but im just curious.
    17 12
  250. What really exists today and what is definitely fake?
    I know this is pretty stupid but I'm just curious what's real and what's not. Like pirates and Vikings for example I know they are real for example Somali pirates. But I hear witches did exist at one point in Salem,MA. But like Greek mythology,zombies,...
    2 29