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How to survive a breakup

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Is 5'7'' tall for a 13-year-old?

the question says all people!


Nicknames for arlene?

okay so my name is arlene and I have no nickname=/ (I dont think there is a nickname for arlene!) my friend jessica was trying to come up with an asian name for me heehee because hers is tao. I want one too!!! help please! lol

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Cute nicknames . .

Lol random question, I know...
I want to know what kind of nicknames you could come up with using my name. My name is Paige and these are the nicknames I've gained over the years:
Paigey, Paiger, Paige-a-ree, Princess, Pagina(spanish for page in a ...


Plan Upon Graduation?

I came upon a question..
"Students plan upon Graduation"

I need to sound smart! lmao

Someone wanna help, All's I know Is that I wanna go to college.


how do you feel about interatial couples

I am black and mexican and I was adopted into in all white family and im unitarian so I've never had a problem with any life style or race

how do you feel about interatial couples and mixed children?


Korean word meaning: sunbae

What does the Korean word sunbae mean?

Is it a term of respect, endearment or just friendship?


what does it mean when somebody says that they are immune to pain?

what does it mean when somebody says that they are immune to pain? or anything else like that


Is "funer" a word?


Telephone numbers that start with 02.

I keep getting calls from someone who's number starts with 02 at strange times. Mostly in school, classes etc. I was wondering what area's of the world have phone numbers that start with 02, both mobile and homephones.


What are those guys called who wear those tall fur hats and red suits and don't talk?

And what are those guys called who like the Russian version of them they wear the same thing but a different color than red?


Colour vs. Color

Does anyone happen to know why the word "colour" gets spelled differently from country to country?
Here in canada is gets spelled "colour" and I think its americans that spell it "color". I don't understand why its different. How about other countries...


How to find the two identical penman?

There's this poster that like a puzzel and you have to find the to identical penman,(witch are like little stick figures) my brither bought the one thats like 1047 or somthing and we cant find it

does anyone have the solution so I dont have to pay ...


Who is crip queen sheba?

Who is crip queen sheba?


Woman in the mens locker room

Last night like every night I go to the local college to swim laps.before the pool is opened to the public they have a swim class for 5-6 years of the rules for this is the child must be able change him or herself in the same gender lockeroom....


what number comes after 900,000

my mistake on the last question what number comes after 900,000 is it 1 million


What are other nicknames for 'Jessica'?

or your favourite... i get called Jecca and Jess or Jezzabell (by my dad lol)

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How Do I Get Necklace Stains Off My Neck?

How??? I got this necklace 2 years ago and I wore it 2 years ago but then I took it off when I noticed my neck turned a brownish greenish color and in the shower I scrub my neck so hard just to get the brown/green stain off my neck from my necklace!! I...


What number comes after 100,000 (one hundred thousand)

What number comes after 100,000 (one hundred thousand)


Why do people complain about gifts they get for Christmas?

I mean seriously guys there are kids that barely get anything for Christmas and other kids that barely get enough food and even kids that are starving and you have the nerve to complain? If you dont like the gift sell it and give the money to charity i...


How many pounds is 43.5 kg?

or when you have kg how do youput it into lbs?

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Fun Truth or Dare Questions for an All-Girls Sleepover?

my friends Kenzie, Jemia, Lindsay, and Shannon are all coming over to spend the night, what are some good Truth or Dare questions?

*T or D websites would be gr8, anything other then*


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