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Is my artwork good?

is my art work good? If not how can I improve? It's just well I don't knwo whether it's good for my age or not... it very hard to tell. Im 15 by the way! I'm no artist this is merely a hobby, but I'd like to imporve all the same!
I have more examples...


gnats everywhere

With in the last 2 months my husband and I notice that the very small gnat problem was getting worse by the day. This is in side our home. I clean the house everyday and there should be no reason for them being around. I can not find a source of food l...


Can someone cross state lines with a criminal record?

Can someone cross state lines with a criminal record?


What's a good nickname for Jennifer?

what are nicknames for jennifer leigh besides jenn?

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How to get out of a big lie, without telling the truth?

Ok before i start asking for advice... Please no mean comments or judgement! I know my lie is stupid.. But there was a reason why i told it. This year has been a really hard year for me i went from super popular for having 6 friends.. And thats it. 2 o...


Why does my watch smell bad when it gets wet?

well whenever my watchs get wet or I sweat it smells bad! It get anoying. And if you know why what cani do to make it not smell bad?

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How many yards is 80 inches?

How many yards is 80 inches?

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How to get freaky stuff to happen to us?

Me And My Cousin Are Staying Up Late Tonight.. Probably all night.. with gutiar hero and Nos .. We want some like spirts and stuff to come and scare us..

we want something scary to happen/..

any suggestions???

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what are 22 things you can use duct tape for?

can be actual uses, crazy or unusual.


What are all the different ways to spell Ian?

I need to know because I am tryinr to look someone up.


What is your biggest dream to ever do in your life???

When I grow up I want to buy a speed boat and go to England. Where do you want to do? Random but im just curious


Who is Tim Aidley?

Who is Tim Aidley?


the importance of encouraging creativity and the scope of activitie

the importance of encouraging childrens creativity and the scope of activities involved


Why doesn't alcohol effect me?

This is kind of a silly question, but I have been wondering for a long time now why alcohol has no effect on me. I can pretty much drink what I want and how much I want without any consequences. Does anyone else have this? Has anybody heard of this?


Cigar types...

Does anyone know any good cigar brands...the price dont matter..


How do you fix a turned out bra?

So, my bra got turned out in the washer. the top of the cup is flipped out a little and creates a line if I wear it with anything. I really like this bra haha if that's not weird, and I was wondering how to fix it!

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What is "co za asy"?

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Physical characteristics of French people?

so many people think im white...
and I don't know what to say to them

please help me find out what the characteristics of french people are

like how indians have high cheek bones...

what do the french have???



Popsicle stick jokes

Anyone know any good ones(by good ones, I mean ones that are reallly lame)
Such as...
Where does a cow eat?--- a "calf "eteria
What's brown and sticky?--- a stick


Whats The Worlds Highest Mountain Peak?

Whats The Worlds Highest Mountain Peak?


Monroe. Ball won't come off.

I'm trying to take my monroe out.
I need to Unscrew the top little ball..
It's too tight. How can I unscrew it?
Without I don't have any.
I can't go to a tattoo shop, or have friends/family do it.

Is there a special way to hold the ...


How do you spell jeremy?

How do you spell jeremy?


Average IQ for 13 year old?

whats the average IQ for a 13 year old?


What's a good nickname for a boy named matt?

What's a good nickname for a boy named matt?


Can I drink alcohol while taking levofloxacin?

Can I drink alcohol while taking levofloxacin?


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