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What can my nickname be if my name is Natalie?

Uggh, I have been searching for a nickname. My name is Natalie but I dont like it, I have asked my friends to make a nickname for me but they are too lazy. help me!!


What 20 reasons can I use to get my phone back?

My parents took my phone and I need to find a way to get it he said that if I can give him 20 reasons he will give it to me but this the catch he said it has to be legit questions so please help.


Scene/emo nicknames

I am what you would consider "emo" or "scene" and well my name is maggie. And to me it sounds to preppy. And I don't like it. Does anyone knos of any good scene or emo nicknames for maggie?

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What is the meaning of the name melissa?

What is the meaning of the name melissa?


Help!!! I told a huge lie, need to get out w/o telling truth!!!

Help!! Told huge lie, and need to find a way out without telling the truth!!!?
Help!! I told a lot of my friends that I have all these other friends who are awesome - and I gave my fake friends these bolgus email adresses, and put together two of my r...


What are some nicknames for "Margaret"?

my name is margaret but I'm going to a new school next year and I want to go by a what are some nicknames for margaret?
I was thinking maybe Mel because my middle name is Elizabeth...M.El basically...but maybe some more options or opinio...


What does indited mean?

I have court on januaray 6th 2010 and I dont know whats going to happen right now they said all I have is a federal complaint and I might get indited. What the hell does indited mean?


What types of hispanic groups?

What types of hispanic groups?


What's the right answer to "What's up?"?

I no this is really stupid q, but what is the 'right' answer when someone asks u "what's up?". everytime I say something besides "nothin really", they give me a funny look an act like im socially stupid. is that really the only acceptable answer?


How can I get better at drawing?

I want to be an architect when. the problem is im nto too good at drawing. so is theere anything I could do to get better at drawing? any certian things I could practice to get better at drawing?


What's a good nickname for Jennifer?

what are nicknames for jennifer leigh besides jenn?

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How emo are you tests?

How emo are you tests?

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What are some cool emo usernames?

I need a username 4 imvu please make them emo. And dont let them have the word emo in them. Thankies

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Physical characteristics of French people?

so many people think im white...
and I don't know what to say to them

please help me find out what the characteristics of french people are

like how indians have high cheek bones...

what do the french have???



Sniffing my pillow :D hahah

Kay..I'm always smelling my pillow,my mom thinks thats weird because I like walk around the house with it sumtimes..I dunno I just like the smell.lmaoo she thinks I have a sniffing problem >_< is it really THAT weird?? I mean geez lol


Make a worm shocker

How to make a worm shocker with flashlight batteries


What are the laws in Pennsylvania and Arizona on carrying nunchaku?

Ok, so this thing thought my question was too long to ask so here's my REAL question:

In Pennsylvania (and Arizona, although Arizona is less pressing because I live in Pennslyvania and only travel to Arizona) what are the exact laws for POSESSING nu...


When someone asks "What race are you?" what do they mean?

I've heard that it doesn't mean your ethnicity it means something else.


Poll: 16 years old: What is your bedtime?

What time to you go to bed and what grade or age are you?
I am having a debate with my mum to let me stay up later. I say the senior students, do not need to have a bedtime, but mum still insists that I go to bed around 9pm


Woman in the mens locker room

Last night like every night I go to the local college to swim laps.before the pool is opened to the public they have a swim class for 5-6 years of the rules for this is the child must be able change him or herself in the same gender lockeroom....


What does it mean when a guy tips his hat?

About two days ago me and my mom went for a walk at the park. Usually there aren't many people there at the time we go but this time there were a few people. There was this one guy in particular who was walking behind a little boy who I'm guessing was ...


Mean neighbors, how can I get revenge?

My neighbors are really snobs across the street from our house. anyway they have accused my son of shooting out their window with a bb gun which he did not. they sent the police to my house 4 times she wouldn't even come over to talk to me about it. ...


is 13 degrees celsius warm enough to wear shorts ?

is 13 degrees celsius warm enough to wear shorts ?


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