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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


Help! I need to stay here

I ve been in and out of foster homes because of family problems. My dad can get abusive when he drinks and my mom does drugs and can be physically and emotionally abusive. I had to do all the cleaning and be the mom while my dad would work and she'd le...


How long would it take to replace leaf springs?

How long would it take to replace leaf springs on a 1994 F150? And what does replacing them involve?


An obsession

Why are people here obssesed on how you use slang? Is it that important. And yes im passing school actually I just graduated!!! And no I dont use it in school. Me personally its just 2much to type andplus who feels like ritin it out?
Do you agree or d...


How come some people call 911 then hang up?

How come some people call 911 then hang up?
I know this doesn't happen too often but, I hear every once in a great while someone would call 911 then hang up.
I can understand if they called the wrong number, but, if it was an actual emergency, then t...


Cool, funny rhyming..Mary had a canary...

So who thinks this one is cool? Say it quite fast...
Mary had a canary, she also had a duck ,she took it behind the kitchen door and taught it how to... fry a fish for dinner fry a fish for tea, the more you eat the more you drink the more you want to ...


What do I feel the need to fight?

I have a little anger problem and when some one pisses me off I feel like beating the crap out of them why


What is the circumferance of the earth in miles?

What is the circumferance of the earth in miles?


What is a funny uncle?

What is a 'funny uncle' ?

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whats the point of middle names?

my middle name is michelle, and I was just wondering what the point of middle names r. tnanx!


Emo nicknames for guys?

whats your nickname and how did you get it il start mine I emo boy becouse im emo and im a boy lol :P

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What is another fact about Franz Kline?

I need a fact about franz klines (who is an abstract artist) work, this is what i have got so far,

1. In 1910 he exhibited the first totally abstract painting - a mysterious and sensual watercolour.

2. Franz Kline was one of the most famous pain...


I'm 13 and scared of buying?

I'm an aspiring illustrator and there are a lot of different tools I want to buy, like derwent/ prismacolor/ sakura etc. My mum gave me £15 to spend on the cheaper materials. I went to the shop and found myself analyzing every art item. I looked at the...


How does a comet begin and end?

How does a comet begin and end?


What kind of coat does sherlock holmes wear?

Id like to know what kinda coat sherlock holmes wears it would seem kinda cool to have one.. Please any help is useful.



What causes you to feel like you're forgetting something?

You know how you feel like you're forgetting something (and your feeling is right), but can't remember what it is? And then you remember when it's too late? What causes this? Like how can your body know you're forgetting something but your mind can't r...


Scary thoughts all the time...

So when ever I think about something.. Lets say, my sis taking a walk... I think about something really bad happening to her... Or my boy friend... I would think of something terrible... And that is what it is with everything. Im always thinking about ...


dirty truth or dare ideas?

ok this isnt flowerchild im her friend and I told her I wanted to go on the internet and look up some dirty dares so she said "go to funadvice" so could you please give me some VERY VERY dirty dares?

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Riddle - What gets more wet the more it dries?

What gets wetter the more it dries?
youl laugh at yourselfs when you get the answer =)


What is your least desire working with elderly?

I am writing this paper and I need sum help. What is your least desire working with elderly?


What to do when hella bored?

what can you do when your hella board!


Nessy(lochness monster) vs Bigfoot

Well the questions easy , the lochness monster or bigfoot, who would you bet on in a fight ? Giving a valid reason of course :D


Are ladybugs poisonous?

Are ladybugs poisonous??? lol
It's a funny question I know but are they?


What exaclty is aggravated menacing and how bad is it?

What exaclty is aggravated menacing and how bad is it?


what are the names of the teletubbies?

what are the names of the teletubbies?


What is the stuff they put in flower bouquets?

My boyfriend got me a bouquet of flowers, but instead of water there's this weird white stuff in the vase.. it gets everywhere and it's kind of like.... not foam, but something like that.. anyway, am I still supposed to put water, or does that stuff ta...


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