How can a 14 year old lose 10kg fast?

I weigh 60kg at the moment and im feeling a bit ‘big’ and im wanting to lose 10 kg as fast as possible so I need some tip’s on how to do that and what to do. so can someone help?

Answer #1

one answer. exercise. balance diet. dont try to take pills or vomit out your food or anything that makes you feel uneasy. trust me. making yourself suffer will make it worse. you dont want to look like an ill paris hilton. and im only 12. I weight 48kg. which I find it’s heavy because I have a bloated tummy. I need help as well. but what can I do? exercise I guess. anyone agrees?

Answer #2

ok im 15 and I weigh 140 and I fell really fat all the time and soemthimes I puke when I fell fat but I stoped doing that becuase I always had to work hard to hold down meals and excersise doent work becuase im a gymnast and im the only fat gymnast out there I need help!

Answer #3

here’s what I did when I started gaining weight: 1-walk for an hour 2-swim half an hour 3-eat one meal a day and if ou get really hungrey you eat fruits or vegitables.. easy, simple, and works on all types of bodies (me and a group of girls did it) AND BE POOOSITIVE!!! you’re beautiful, and you WILL get thinner then how you are now!!!

Answer #4

Gosh people. Doesn’t anyone have anything better to do. There are people starving in developing countries and you people are here saying things like I want bulimia. Learn to accept yourself! Stop living according to conventions don’t look at those girls in the magazines. Live a healthy life both physically and mentally. You must learn to be happy NOW. You will not be any happier if you lost a 100 kg if your not happy now. If losing 10 kg is your biggest issue then my god you are a HAPPY LUCKY person. Everybody go out there live life without constantly comparing yourself with other unhappy people!! Carpe Diem

Answer #5

Laxatives have helped me keep my weight down but I havent lost loads of weight from it, I have a reallly hot bath at night before I go to bed it makes me sweat loads and makes my face seem skinnier!! I tried to do bulimia but when I stuck my fingers dwn my throat it just made my mouth water and I couldnt actually be sick ?? hmm.. any way good luck and be carefull!

Answer #6

Don’t go anorexic. Don’t make youself throw up. If your really uncomfortable with your figure, then you can change it.

Dont stop eating. Eat three healthy meals a day and lay off any treats. It’s alright to have a little treat every now and then.

Do thirty minutes of excercise a day. You can very slowly build up the time as you get fitter, but exhausting your body will get you no where.

Get a good amount of sleep every night.

Don’t let other people tease you, or feel negative about yourself.

Every morning when you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and find atleast one good feature. Before you go to sleep, clear your head of any teasing or anything and you will sleep easy.

Don’t follow the crowd. Be unique. Be Yourself.

Answer #7

yeah just try to eat more vegitables and fruits in moderation. make sure you take vitamins and exercise =]]

Answer #8

however you got that big do the oppisite of that

Answer #9

Hello! Just diet and exercises. That’s all what can fast help you. A lot of moovments. Good luck.

Answer #10

bulimics dont usually lose weight. in fact, I shan’t post a link because its gross, but there was a poor girl who died, from bulimia. she binged, ate too much food. the constant strain from vomiting weakened her stomach. so when she purged the food back… her stomach split and she died. naked. on the floor of her bathroom. it wasnt pretty. bulimics just dont put on weight from binging. anorexics rarely do well. the approximate survival rate for anorexics is 20%. and thats if they get help. I suggest doing excercise, eating healthily. if you dont want to build up muscle, go for things like running and football or netball. muscle is built up more during anerobic activity (activity that doesnt make your heart pound and you breathe fast) good luck with keeping to a stable decent weight… healthily!

Answer #11

dont turn to eating disorders. they dont help. trust it makes it worse. just excercise a little bit a few days a week and take some walks. eat a little healthier or a little less. it will help a lot. I lost over 20 lbs in like 2 months.

Answer #12

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Answer #13

im 15 years old I lost 5 kilos in a week and im still on the diet I weight now 120 kilos

Answer #14

If your look towards making yourself throw up its easy to do. just place to fingers down your throat.. move them in and out until you puke. it may take awhile. but it work. believe me =]

PS. girl if i weighted 130 i would love it. so dont worry about it unless its nessicery!

Answer #15

Thankyou for your help but i dont know..i feel too fat and im begining to think an eating disoreder will help think bulimia where you throw up after eating..?? i really dont know and im soo confused because nothing seems to work…Help please..??

Answer #16

Ok.. So in pounds you weigh 130. Whitch is normal .. You dont want to be too skinny… You weigh an average weight for girls you’re age and older.. Whatever you do.. Dont turn to those Eating Disorders…

Answer #17

Hey :-)

The best way to loose weight healthily is with a calorie controlled diet and a strict excercise regime.

Can I suggest that you take up a sport which involves hard physical excercise, in addition to watching what you eat a little.

You will be fine :-)

Answer #18

um well i am 14 years old and i tried bulimia and it dosent work because i have no privacy really to throw up my food and i cant not eat because i have school and i want to do good and i get headaches if i dont eat at all i find that when i actually eat i feel better which gets me to exercise more then if i dont eat at all cuz i dont have enough energy but ya … bulimia is good but u keep going on and on trying to get it all out and its tiring but still its boring and takes up lotz of time… -.- im eating a corn dog and im about 99 pounds and i do dance for and hour once every week but i need to do more excersise so im going to sneek and bu my self a lil puppy so i can work out with a dog that will modivate me alot more.

Answer #19

An eating disorder is no way to go about it. Bulimia will cause your teeth to decay and that’s not even the worse of what can happen. The best way is as the others have stated - eat healthy and do regular exercise. I suffered from an eating disorder and I had a great support network that got me out of it quick snap. Please do not go down that destructive path.

Answer #20

im 15 and I have bulima and I have had it for about 4 years and it works you just have to stay committed but and top of that I barley eat I always work out like everyday I just keep my mind on my goals and try my hardest to achive them my weight now is 98 and im happy I’ve slowed down on my bulimia and im just sticking to a strick diet and working out

Answer #21

all you people saying eat only one meal a day or eat 3 DONT. eat 6 very very small meals a day. this will make sure that your metabolism is always working which means you burn fat and calories quicker and your body will prosess the food quicker. you dont really need to go to the gym or anything just change a few things like when your at the mall walk the long way to the shop you want to go to and make healthy food choices. dont be to worried about your weight lifes to short to worry about these things have confidence and fun you have only got 1 body so you gotta love the skin your in & ull be fine :)

Answer #22

I also forgot to mention that half of the people who have bulimia are over weight due to being bulimic.

Answer #23


I am the same! I am 13 and I weight 72kgs, I want to lose about 10-15, I have tried calorie controlled diets, but I just get really hungry.

Answer #24

I’m exactly the same as you. I’m 14 weight the same, all my friends are really skinny and I guess thats why I feel fatt. The boys are always like fatty, they dont realsie how sensitive us girls are. One of my friends has lost so much weight in the last year and I think shes anorexic, shes too skinny its not nice.

I’m going away with one of my friends for a week in the summer, and shes very slim and her mums like skinnnier then me. I really wanna loose abit before I go because I wanna be like her I guess.

my sister has bullimia and trust me its not nice. she has to go to see people all the time, its like physcological, but she was aneroxic before she was bullimic. Shes not particularly slimm, and it hasn’t really worked for her beacuse my parents are making her go to the clinic to put the weight back on. Its really weird when people talk about it at schoool.

just go on a jog everynight for like 15 minutess, and have a very small portion of healthy cereal for breakfast, a satsuma or apple or banana etc for lunch, then another piece of fruit after school for a snack. Then eat your dinner, eat slow and only eat a main cause, eat slower then you get fuller, and don’t go back for seconds! This way your parents probably wont notice and you should loose a few pounds every week.

This is what I’m trying but my friends are dead set against me loosing it, they say im just the same size as them, but I know I’m not. So I have ot eat something sat school and homeee.

Good luckkk. (:

Answer #25


losing 10kgs in one week due to no eating might be ok for the five minutes, but you need to realize that it’s just ‘water weight’. you’re not losing fat, you r also causing problems. it slows down your metabolism, so when you do eat, it takes longer to digest.

the only way to safely and effectively lose weight is with diet and exercise. a diet doesnt mean you cant eat chocolate or mcdonalds or whatever, it means eating less of these foods and watching yur fat and carbohydrate intake.

a high protein diet (eggs, fish, red meat [lamb/beef]) and low carbs (eat the essential intake daily, not excessive carbs in the form of breads, cakes, burgers etc) will help you lose weight more effectively than cutting out food altogether. eat small meals every two hours to help speed up your metabolism and the weight should drop off pretty quickly.

when you eat, food is transformed into energy. if you dont get up and move around to use this energy, it’s stored as fat.

your plan should be simple, eat more protein, less carbs and get off your couch.

I competed professionally in weightlifting, im only 62kgs and to lose weight safely for a competition, this is the regime I followed. its works for athletes all around the world. good luck xx

Answer #26

why would you want to be thinner? to match the girls on the television and magizines and music video’s? to match them i wish you could only meet these thin girls not saying they are horible people. but for most of them smoking there methanphetipmes and fuckin some guy for a dime bag to get thinner and higher is not the fun rush of life. but please come to the relizaion that being thinner only puts you at a higher risk of being a slut getting pregnat buy some slobby boy like likes you because you have have a tight stomach not for your personallity or anything you have to offer to the world. conculding in only you dropping out of high school and haveing a child to controll your life for the next 18 years that’s longer than you have lived now! not getting a good job, not owning a nice automobile not have a beautiful home not having strech marks or a good husband. not that just material things mean everything but looking out for your own well being and happyness i highly dought you will find it walking alongside the road because your peaice of shit car dosen’t work in the heat. being thin will only make you less curvasous unlike a woman. so my advice stay the way you are and when you get older get a gym card and work a few times a week.

Answer #27

Bulimia is bad as are all eating disorders. But an important thing to remember is, the faster you lose weight, the faster you will put it back on.

The best way to lose weight is to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, don’t cut out whole food groups (like carbs). Your body needs good fats like omega-3. Don’t cut out meals as it slows your metabolism which causes you to put on more weight. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it kicks off your metabolism for the day. Eat between 3-5 meals a day just keep the food groups balanced and the portions relatively small. And you CAN snack, just snack on fruit and other healthy foods.

Do regular exercise. 1-3 hours, 2-4 times a week. Cardio will help burn fat really well. As will weights, just keep the weight low, and do lots of reps, this will also help to tone and tighten (so no flabby bits) without bulking you up.

You CAN lose weight, but do it the right way, the healthy way. Your body will love you for it for years to come.

I hope this helped and didn’t bore you. Be healthy & happy :) xo

Answer #28

you cant as your body is still growning

Answer #29

just eat a balance diet and do a lot exersize

Answer #30

Well to bw honesr you came on here hoping to find a weight loss solution, but I defently dont think an eating disorder is the way to go. Im am 15 years old, just steppend on the scales and I weigh 64kgs, its seems heaps and I feel and look really fat. well thats what I think anyway, I will not go out wearing shorts or anything that will show how fat I really am I try to hide and really gets me upset, I go to the gym and try really hard but its just not working my eating habits are not the best so im going to try work on that. But I just get so annoyed yeah I look at my friends, people on tv and im like why cant I look like that its so unfair, I have camp in 2 months and I really want to be able to go out wearing shorts, and togs and not feel fat or self-consicous I want to be able to have fun!! Please Help I need to lose around 10kgs and tone up in 10 months but im not one to go on a major diet. what can I do? any ideas? please!!

Answer #31

hi… im 14 for any one looking for answers heres what really helped for me. I was 62.. a week later I was 57… im trying to lose 10kg still but eat bananas because they are super healthy (apples are the healthiest fruit and bananas are the second healthiest) also eat bananas because they give you heaps of energy… so you can have them before you excercise to help you or as a snack… make a banana drink.. bananas and ice in a blender.. yum p: anyways… wii fit really helps.. but you cant go on it non stop… so do yoga in your bedroom at night… get lots of sleep… otherwise your too tired to excercise and you are more hungry the next day… slowly eat less of the junk food because cutting them completely out is hard to do and you will give into eating them once and never stop

Answer #32

Babe, im 14 and have had an Eating Disorder (Anorexia and Bulimia) For 2 years now, its not fun. Do NOT try to restrict too much, and deffinately do not purge. It totally F**ks up your digestive system =/. Eating disorders are serious, I wouldn’t wish any on my worst enemy, its a vicious cycle of fasting, binging, purging and hating yourself :( I’ve been hospitalized 2ce because of dehydration from bulimia, and because my weight dropped so low (4st 2lbs) that when my mum came to wake me up in the morning, she thought I was dead. I was damn close, was in hospital for a month, and had further help for another 4 months, im still not recoverd, dont really want to tbh. lol Please, do NOT go down that road. And also, people who say theyve ‘’tried bulimia’’, no. youve tried throwing up. Bulimia isnt something you can easily ‘’switch on and off’’. It becomes an addiction, anything you put in your body, has to be taken out. Not a good feeling :/. I hope everything works out xxx Fiona

Answer #33

hey I’ve lost already 15 kg and im 14 I lost it but healthy eating and plenty of exercise I alos ate a variety of different fruits and vegetables I actually still have 10 to go aswell. goodluck :)

Answer #34

u people are so stupid for saying giv bulimia a try! im 13 and I way 75kg! I want to lose weight fast as well and I have even considered not eating anything at all for a month because it is true. if you exercise you just build muscle underur fat and you look even fatteer!! 85 percent of losing weight is in the nutrition. I’ve decided to eat one meal a daqy (a meal around 3 o clock). and a snack for dinner like fruit salad or a salad or soup something lite. I will go for bike rides everyday for at least half an hour walks for at least half an hour and just work out in my room. any 1 else have any other tips? please contact me!

Answer #35

Sweetheart you weigh exactly what I weigh and I just recovered from an eating disorder. Think its worth losing those 10 kg? think again. Your better off just eating healthier without calculating and being active because, think about it. Sure you can go on some big diet and lose lots of weight (probobly more than you wanted) but then what happens when you’re there? Really sit and think. What do you do that morning when you wake up to eat that toast. let me tell you how the sweet reality is after you’ve ended a diet. Its hell with to choices: Gain the weight back to where you were or be trapped in bondage of constant rituals, counting and GUILT. \I don’t want to discourage you love. I just want to help you in the least bit to NOT risk the damage of what you think might be a better body cause the fact is you will feel no different at -10 kg than you do now..just a bit lighter, but let me tell you honey, you wont wanna stop there. So to end my speech from your one little question here it goes: I’m not telling you to not lose weight or lose weight, I’m recomending that you do what works on the long term for your body, mind and soul which I go robbed of the day I went on a diet. Take care of yourself sweetheart and God bless you xoxo

Answer #36

I am 11 going on 12 and I weigh around 50-54kg and I want to get to around 30kg because I am a rider and this pony I love is little but very strong he can carry around 90kg but I am scared I will get 2 big for him so I want to stay as thin as possible .I am really energetic and run around the house all the time and jump over things around me but it is not working and I look at some people and they look so nice in nice cloths and I want to be like that.I get told I am real pritty by all my family and their friends that I dont know and I want a body to go with that no 1 knows I am trying to get thin

Answer #37

Right, listen here.

Muscle weighs more than fat yeah?

Well, that means, if you do workouts & all that, and turn your fat in2 muscle, you would weigh more, and look slimmer & more toned.

& then it would b easier 2 lose it all too.

Answer #38

ok I have bulimia and I’ve had it 4 the last 3 years and I was fat buh now imaskinny.. buh look it is a really bad disease and I’ve suffered from it and I still am so what ever you do don’t become like that bc it messes EVERYTHING up k? so if you want to lose weight and fast do on a normal diet… get sum exercise such as walking around the block or somthing and limit your foods. instead of eating potato ships try to eat an apple or a healthy snack like that trust me it will work… (-: comment me bak k bye <3

Answer #39

you should be confident with yourself and lose weight at your own pace. Dont compare with other people just be glad with who you are. I used to be 14 stone when I was 14 and now I am 8 all I did was just ate regular foods 5 a day and done 1 hour and 30 mins if exercise everyday. if you need more info email me at good luck

Answer #40

hey im a bit over weight as well im 12 and i weigh 60kg my ai is to get to 45 - 48 kg ive been eating 1 meal a day walking 1 hour a day and ive been doin this for 3 days and ive lost 2 kg

…good luck ..

Answer #41

Hey. I’m 14 too and I’m also about 55.. I think I’m big too I do abs and other work-out exercises about every day, morning and evening. It really works, you know. Also, I was a BIG choc-aholic :)) And getting rid of that habbit really made a difrence Try it too :) Maybe it works as well :P

Answer #42

i am 14 and i weigh about 60 kg. I feel bigger than all my friends and hate going out with them because they can wear really nice clothes and lok really gud but i dont look good in any of my clothes and i dont feel at all confident. honestly, dont go to stupid eating disorders, im trying just avoiding junk foods and get up early each morning a go for a walk for about half an hour. I try only eating 3 meals a day NO SNACKS and small amounts but you still hav to eat otherwise the food u do eat will just turn into fat.. all that is needed is half and hour- an hour fast walk every day and HEALTHY food… in small amouts lets c how it all goes!

Answer #43

well…I once read in a book that if you drink water before every meal you will eat 15 percent less and if you get a lot of excersize and make breakfast your biggest meal and not eat a heavy dinner or no dinner at all it will probably work I’ve tried it

Answer #44

An eating disorder is no way to go about it. Bulimia will cause your teeth to decay and that’s not even the worse of what can happen. The best way is as the others have stated - eat healthy and do regular exercise. I suffered from an eating disorder and I had a great support network that got me out of it quick snap. Please do not go down that destructive path.

Answer #45

Okay rite im 14 too girls and I know how it feels im 56 kg and 5 foot 10 but I feel crap I know im a bit skinnyer than most of my friends but they always look stunning theyre always like omg you should be a model and I would love to but seeing pictures of models just depresses me because I basicly cant loose anymore weight I eat one meal a day because my mum watches me and I eat quiet a bit of fruit but I dont exercize that much, im not sure if my mum will let me join the gym again because she thinks I have an eating disorder but I want to loose about 10-15 kg . I just want to be a model. :(

Answer #46

Can I just add a little something here. I can understand the desire to be thinner and be like the models and the famous actresses etc…but you have to remember that they live in a different world and the ones that are too skinny are not well at all…and speaking for my gender, guys DO NOT find overly skinny girls attractive, and there is a shift in public acceptance of size 0 models etc.

You need to find out what the ldeal weight should be for your age, height etc…this will usually take the form of a min/max figure, and just aim for the weight that’s midway between the two.

In terms of how you get to that weight - the ONLY way it can be achieved is through a sensible diet and the correct amount of exercise. Nothing else will help you achieve your goal. Nothing. Not avoiding eating, not hypnotism, not stomach clamps, not throwing up…

The simple way to think about weight management is this. You put on weight when you take in more energy than your body uses. Everybody uses a certain amount of energy even without doing any exercise, but in order to get your weight down you need to eat properly (avoiding the wrong kinds of foods) and exercise (but don’t over exercise) so that your body burns more of the energy that it would otherwise store as fat.

I know some people have said that they don’t want to exercise too much as they don’t want to build up muscle, that’s fine (not all exercise builds muscle, Cardo vascular for example) but it’s worth remembering that muscle ‘burns’ fat at a much higher rate than fat - so just by building up some muscle, your body would burn more fat even if you did no exercise.

If you’re serious about making a positive change in your life and you want to do it the right way instead of the quick fix route, I would recommend you visit this site…


ps. If you’re reading this and you’re only a teenager - then the other thing to remember is ‘chill out’, you have your whole life to worry about your weight :-)

Answer #47

Guys im 12 years old and you know half the people say eat well and and exercise!! And people think thats the solution !! But its really hard to do that for me ( and probably others ) when we see our thin friends eat what they want and we have to be on a diet!!! IT SUCKS!!! There must be something better than this ! Its not that easy! Oh and can you answer this question? Is 64kg fat for a 12 yr old ? Oh and im 5 foot 4!!! Please answer my question . Thanks!

Answer #48

losing wight is something I know we all want but if you think that you can lose some, with out healthy food and water then you wont lose any!! sure you will say healthy food and water blaa blaa blaaa … but I lost 10 kilos in only 2 month . yap I only drank water and I stoooped eating fast food and fizzy drinks try it for a week then see if it worked with u or not & ya try to go up and down in the stairs for 5 times that will be a good way 2 start :)

Answer #49

umms.. is it true if u excercise and eat healthy food.. u gain heaps of muscle?~?~ i want to lose 10 kg too!! and i think the onli wai of doin tht is eating heaps less ? o.O i want to be REALLI skinny . HOW.

Answer #50

well, I am 14 too, I have like 58-59 kg and 1,62. I have the same problem as you and I also want to lose weight fast because I look at the skinnygirls and wish I could be like them :(. now I’m trying a vegeterian (hope I spelled it good) diet . hope it works :D. oh, and exercise o course :)

Answer #51

im only 14 but I don’t know how to loss weigh..I really stress about in..I jeoulosy with other my friend

Answer #52

well im 14 years old and I am in the same situation as you but I have lostweight and hoe ido it is I eat breakfast but for lunch I have nothing its just pure orange juice and water and for dinner I eat half of it and cut out all the bad foods. then I do exercing like walking to school really fast I look like sonic lol and I also go swimming 5 times a week and if I think I done good I get my suger levels up by one bar of chocolate at the end of the week this really works I lost2 stone already:)

Answer #53

just eat what you want to eat.dont control food intake in your daily menu.u are too young to thinking about losing this time,mostly you have to enjoy your teenager life.foods is important for your this age,you should actually think how to getting taller…

Answer #54

I need help really bad…im 13 and I weigh 155 pounds I feel so huge around my skinny friends I dont go to the beach becausei look like a whale in a 1 piece bathing suit…I try hard but I eat when im bored.. I really need help send me advive please..I might try bulimia…

Answer #55

hiya im in the same situation but i tried everythink n nothing works does it lol btw yano not many survive dat bulimia thingy (cnt spell it) you know wat ya need to do look at yaself the next day in the mornin ryt down the things ya dont like bout yaself like say u got a big arse lol then go to ya p.e teacher n ask her or him just litrally say how do i make my arse smaller n they’ll tell ya lol i did it b4 n i lost alot not as much as i wanted cuz i gave up lol but seriously try it lol

Answer #56

Well, here’s the thing. I’m 15 and I weight like, 60 kg. But i’m not fat at all, so I don’t really understand how you can be “big”… Well, the thing is. If you really have a problem with your weight, you should know that, as a teenage, you’re growing. So it’s perfectly normal to grow this way— and this way / . All I can tell you right now is, eat lotsa vegetables, no junk food, exercise like, 15-20 minutes per day (you know, push-ups, a bit jogging around the house…) If you need any more help (i don’t have much time right now, i have to g to the pressing^^), here’s my msn adresse (or e-mail) : Il also have ICQ or skype if u think it’s better. But you have to THINK POSITIV, and don’t give up on yourself!

Friendly… G. P.S: I’m a girl too, so i’d love to talk to you, if it helps.

Answer #57

im 12 and I weigh 60-65 kg and I need help I want to lose weight fast and I think I need something to motivate me. I’ve tried bulimia but I cant do it. please help! I have never had a boyfriend and I want to try to get one my bmi is around 22 can somone help me lose weight fast without going too much out of my lifestyle??

Answer #58

I use to weigh like 62 kg but I start feeling the same thing like you did and give up with all those stuff so I started exercising everyday eat 3meals a day but theres a limit and within 1 month I lose about 13kg so im 49kg now if you think that exercising is really tiring try thinking of your favorite sport and play it everyday mines is basketball and there is a lot of moving and a lot of jumping and running so it does help try thinking of your favortie sport and play it everyday also drink milk a lot its makes your body healthy I know this is stupid but dont drink any soft drink in one month just milk and water it might help too

Answer #59

GOD YOU ALL ARE SO THIN! im 14.. im 172cm tall and i weigh 76kg.. i hate my body.. absolutely hate it… but any of you wanting an eating disorder.. thats just shit.. seriously its so fucking stupid and lame.. because eventually u will stop.. you will have to.. or you die. and once you stop youre gonna be even fatter. i gaurentee you. i want to lose 10kg.. i want to so bad.. ide LOVE to be 67-70 kg… 67!!! and ALL of you are a lot less and you want to become lesser? my ideal weight? 69kg.. you guys? anorexia.. and that just looks like bullpoop anyway.. in the end you can do whatever you want.. make your own mistakes.. but ull ruin ur health and you will have lost all respect from most people you know.. is that what you really want?

Answer #60

hi guys i’m 13 and i weigh 60kg and i look and feel disgusting and i’ve never had a boyfriend. i can’t wear a bikini, so whenever i go to the beach or the pool i’m stuck in a 1 piece and swim shorts. i can’t wear anything remotely tight, otherwise my stomach sticks out like a whale. my friends are there in bikinis and xs abercrombie, and im the odd one out, the fatso. they eat whatever they want: chocolate croissant in the morning, soda all day, oreos and pasta at lunch, icecream and chips after school and they are like supermodels. seriously i feel so left out and i have no self esteem. i NEED to lose 20 kg, and i need to do it fast. i can’t really do much excersiseing because i’m alone during the day so i can’t go for a walk or anything except going to the pool twice a week, and there i do laps and stuff, but what excersises can i do in the house? my house has 4floors so i guess i could run up and down the stairs….. will this burn fat? i’ve been eating less at every meal, only drinking tea and water, trying to stop eating snacks…. what else can i do? thankyou so much for reading this and please help me :/

Answer #61

Hey dude ,,, I’ll tell u I’m 14yo I was 77kg before one year I got tired and sick of my fat body then i started running and diet food So before one month I was 49kg only I was too skinny as they say to me but I liked it but now I’m 56kg. So from 77kg to 49kg to 56kg now I’m trying to be too skinny again I will And i will tell u the only way to lose real wieght don’t eat just eat salads. I was only eat one meal or 2 in one day and it was only salads and that what really helped me all the ppl were saying eat whatever u want and do some exirsice and u will be good but I don’t believe this cause I tried it and it’s not real. So my point is if u wanna get skinny body try to stop eating fat thing i mean just eat salads. That what I did and I got my dream body :p And my doctor said I’m ok

Answer #62

hey… as for me i do trampolin 15 mnutes every day any time!! it works efficiently u know! even by doing trampolin, u can built some gud leg muscles n yr heart will also pump well!!

Answer #63

hey… as for me i do trampolin 15 mnutes every day any time!! it works efficiently u know! even by doing trampolin, u can built some gud leg muscles n yr heart will also pump well!! i ‘ve tried it and it works very well.

Answer #64

hey… as for me i do trampolin 15 mnutes every day any time!! it works efficiently u know! even by doing trampolin, u can built some gud leg muscles n yr heart will also pump well!! i ‘ve tried it and it works very well.

Answer #65

Drink plenty of water and indulge yourself in some activities, play games, go for a walk and do jogging and keep healthy habits of eating.

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