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  1. How to avoid Plagiarism in college
    College professors can really be a pain in the a**. They want papers you write to be original and on point. Now you might be saying, how can I write something original when almost everything in the world is already written? How can I avoid being ac...
    6 103
  2. How to Optimization Your PPC Campaign?
    Sometimes it may be overwhelming -- where should you start? There are numerous components of a PPC account that may help maneuver the needle into your direction. This post provides ideas to Boost your PPC campaigns but certainly isn't an off-beat list....
    7 176
  3. Okay i'm a teen girl looking for some new books to read.
    Okay i'm a teen girl looking for some new books to read. I liked harry potter, the hunger games, twilight,marita conlon mckenna's books but really any books...suggestions? :) thanks^.^
    6 45
  4. watching Red Dragon, i love Anthony Hopkins
    4 10
    Untitled `Page 1 Chapter One, Defiance “I don’t want to go to some stupid private school. I was happy where I was! Why can’t you ever just leave me alone?” I pleaded. I could tell by the expression on Paul, my uncles face, that no matter what I ...
    7 46
  6. What are your favorite love quotes from a song?
    Any don't care what it is. Just from a love song. About love and what's the name of the song of curse and who sings it. Thanks in advance!
    8 33
  7. what does this picture inspire you to write about?
    It's for a creative writing course What does it represent? What does it inspire? What would you write about?
    3 52
  8. Learning to draw better
    Any good drawing drills/exercises? I need some to practice since I can't afford any classes or books to learn from. I draw mainly in different (realistic) cartoon styles (no, not just manga/anime). General ones would be fine although I do need to prac...
    2 27
  9. I write poems And i guess I'd love some feedback/ criticism.
    And I dunno. I just decided to put this link up here. :) Would love it if I could get some feedback on my writing. Also, it's just for anyone who'd like to read it. :) Thaaaanks! x) :)
    3 18
  10. What do I do with my story?
    So, I came up with this story. It's not something that is written down or anything like that, it's just in my head. Whenever I was bored I'd just think of some extra plot to add to it. It was just something that would take my mind off of real life trou...
    4 18
  11. what should my pen name be?
    So, I want to have a pen name because I want to write stories and books but I don't need everyone knowing who I am. I need help figuring out what name to have. I have first and last names below, but if you have another name you would like to throw out ...
    3 42
  12. Have a blank journal and have NO idea what to do with it...
    Glah! I have never been good at keeping a journal, and really want to this time... Any suggestions?
    2 41
  13. What can I draw that depicts the main idea of Vesper by Jeff Sampson? I really don't know so please help! :(
    Book Summary: Emily Webb is a geek. And she’s happy that way. Content hiding under hoodies and curling up to watch old horror flicks, she’s never been the kind of girl who sneaks out for midnight parties. And she’s definitely not the kind of girl wh...
    13 28
  14. need an AWESOME story ending FAST!
    Here it is: A young girl, fifteen years old, was walking home at night from a friends house. It was cold out, and the wind wasn't helping her shivering form any. She her a noise behind her, but dismissed it as the wind. She got home and went to h...
    2 16
  15. self harm quotes?
    can you give me some quotes on self harm please?
    2 22
  16. What readings should someone who enjoys analyzation of novels or films read?
    There's obviously the big three, the Bible, the Odyessy, Shakespeare. In addition to the obvious there would be the Divine comedy along with the works of Jung and Freud. There's also the "first" of every genre like the Castle of Otranto for the goth...
    3 13
  17. How many Words in writing?
    Is there a professional word count per page in writing?
    2 14
  18. Fantasy books to read
    Anyone know some good adventure fantasy books to read?
    2 5
  19. Focusing on the Arts
    In what way are you creative?
    4 29
  20. speech on forgiveness
    i am a member of a public speaking community. i have to give a speech on forgiveness. i am only 13 and have alot to do in studies. so i basically dont have time to spend long ours on internet searching for a speech. could you please give me a speech
    3 155
  21. Reading and Writing
    What kind of writing do you enjoy? What do you prefer to read?
    7 34
  22. My friend doesn't like her poem she wrote for class, what do you think about it?
    You come to me With grief stricken eyes About to boil over with tears You have your arms crossed Scared of being touched by anyone anymore But no one else sees this. Because that's not how you look on the outside. No. You look strong, carefr...
    4 10
  23. What is a good name for a blog containing short stories?
    The blog would have a range of short stories with many different genres.
    2 15
  24. What to name my book?
    HELLOOOOO!!!! i am writing a book about a girl called ??????(you decide) and she loves reading, it takes her through adventures in her head and junk. And then more drama is going on in her life, like her parents are like getting a divorce and stuff, an...
    5 15
  25. what is a good way to start a journal?
    its been so long since I have written one I seem to have forgotten
    3 8
  26. Is there a Nyan Cat archive on FanFiction?
    I have a really good story line for this story. I can't find Nyan Cat anywhere on Please tell me any other story websites or if there's a Nyan Cat archive I can find!
    2 12
  27. last and middle names for novel?
    Hey so I'm thinking of writing a novel but I can NEVER think of good last and middle names any ideas that would go along with these first names? Nikkee Pumpkin Sky Amber Carter Graham Joe James Brendan Kaysen Zoee
    6 12
  28. Where can I find those books?
    I'm looking for some references about emotional intelligence, leaning styles, and academic achievement.
    3 36
  29. Critics on this?
    My camera on my phone takes a horrible picture of it.. but for now do you think this is a good drawing?
    7 22
  30. How should I word this letter?
    My godfather and his wife have just recently moved from India to Ireland. When they got to Ireland my godfather left his wife and moved in with his parents. Now his wife is not an Irish citzen but she wants to stay in Ireland. So me and my parents s...
    7 30
  31. How do I write a letter to a legend?
    I really want to write to Paul McCartney, but I wouldn't know where to begin. Like, how would I set it out? And I'm wondering if anybody could tell me a legit address, and I also want to request an autograph.
    3 28
  32. Story Idea Needed ASAP!!! agh!
    I need to write an award winning story or poem or essay or basically any writing about the future! I have zero ideas and I really need help!
    6 18
  33. got any good story ideas
    i want to write a love story . but i don't know were to began? got any ideas?
    4 21
  34. Are centre and center two different things? Or are they the same?
    If different, how?
    10 28
  35. Who wrote the poem - Me Mudder?
    2 299
  36. What can i compare The Lottery by Shirley Jackson to?
    Any other books, stories, or movies I can compare it to?
    2 8
  37. Is it easy for most people to write poems?
    10 28
  38. Is "I'm" always capitalized or does it just look weird lower cased?
    12 50
  39. How to change this sentence to parenthetical one?
    Some insects are never content with three meals a day . They always search for more food.
    3 16
  40. Who has read Life of Pi?
    6 38
  41. Is anyone here a fan of Sherlock?
    Because as of recently (when I FINALLY got to start watching it) I am obsessed. No, not obsessed, addicted. Yeah... addicted is a better word for it. MARATHON DAY! :D
    3 17
  42. What kind of life stories do you like reading about?
    Hi there! I'm writing a teenage drama novel/story and I thought it'd be helpful for me if I found out what 21st Century teenagers like reading about - focusing on life stories.
    8 27
  43. What does "work cited" mean?
    I have this history essay due and there's a part were we have to write the work cited..what is that? how do you find it? :/ Thanks.
    13 55
  44. Which Shakespear's Sonnet is the most meaningful ?
    3 22
  45. What is a good ''Halloween'' book?
    I'm really in the Halloween mood and I want to read a book like that. I like witches, ghosts and vampires(but not ''vampires'' like the ones in Twilight..I'm talking about vampires like Dracula). Oh and I'm in love with The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. I'd...
    6 11
  46. Does anyone have a link to download a suggested book that is a novel?
    5 15
  47. Can I get money for some books even if they are very damaged?
    can recycle books that are too damaged..i ave so many books some are to damaged iwas wondering is there a place i can get money for them?
    5 15
  48. How do I cure writer's block?
    I always get writers block!!! HELP!!!
    8 38
  49. What sounds better: 'just another vampire' or 'love to fangirl'?
    9 19
  50. Where can I find a website which helps me to find Romeo and Juliet's texts translated to New form of English?
    4 30
  51. What is some inspiration for things to draw?
    So, without being modest i am pretty good at art. I have one issue, i never seem to have any inspiration for any work produced, i can draw well if i am told what to draw but when it comes to my own ideas the best thing i can ever think of is a flower.....
    4 27
  52. What are some cool indie/rock (or anything) pictures/designs that I could paint for my boyfriend?
    2 11
  53. What monster should I write my paper on?
    12 42
  54. What can be a good title for my descriptive essay about my favorite restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings?
    4 67
  55. What to say in a fan letter?
    2 49
  56. How to kιll off a character, non-gruesomely, for a school project?
    So I have this short story asѕignment and I decided to kιll of one of the characters. But how? I can't find a school appropriate thing lol!!
    6 13
  57. What are some good life lesson quotes?
    23 30
  58. Do you read fanfics?
    8 10
  59. What's meant in this verse in an easier way? (please read more)
    "There were no indications that our childhood was threatened , much less that we would be robbed of it." thanks (:
    3 14
  60. How often do you read the newspaper?
    13 78
  61. Can you translate this verse in an easier way? (read more)
    "Then we kept to a fast but cautious path behind the houses off the bay. I'm not a native speaker , I'm reading this book which is written in a difficult way . can this verse above be said in easier way? Much respect xx
    6 6
  62. What are your favourite fact books?
    5 11
  63. How to make fictional characters seem dark/unhappy/hurt without going overboard when writing a fanfiction?
    Whenever I try, it seems so unreal and forced. Does anyone have any tips?
    2 37
  64. Is one supposed to use a canvas or paper for oil pastels?
    5 17
  65. How can I find out what order a series of books was published?
    13 12
  66. Which one is grammatically correct: "Good afternoon, Sir." (the letter S is in capital or "Good afternoon, sir."?
    8 2737
  67. Who's read the 50 Shades of Grey?
    19 14
  68. What is meant by word "cross" in this verse?
    Doesn't mean I'll stop Doesn't mean I'm a CROSS I'm just waiting till the shine wears off... Much respect xoxo (:
    5 8
  69. What's something creative I can make for my brother to look back on when he goes away to college?
    5 13
  70. How do you get makeup off a drawing?
    6 19
  71. How does one blend oil pastels?
    6 34
  72. What would make shards of glass stay on my painting?
    I read somewhere. That regular glue will turn yellow over time and so will hot glue.
    7 23
  73. How do I get my oil paints to dry on my canvas?
    6 18
  74. What four letter word starts with T and ends with A?
    6 26
  75. How can I get more interested in books and reading?
    13 39
  76. What is Pottermore?
    2 33
  77. What is the little rhyme that goes something like, "Something and green should never be seen ..."?
    4 35
  78. Are artist canvases alright for large-scale ink/marker drawings?
    I've recently began drawing again, and it's been years since I've done it. I do a lot of drawings with pen (nice pens, not cheap ones, ones that are thicker and fuller and cost a bit more) and sharpie (fine point and super-fine point mainly). I've ha...
    5 40
  79. What should I make my boyfriend for his 15th birthday?
    My bf is turning 15, in about a months time. We have had our little thing for about 6 months now, and have a pretty serious relationship. He is pretty geeky, not like cool geeky, like legit geeky. But I love it ^.^ He is very musical, and smart, and a...
    11 36
  80. How does one learn to write beautiful, fancy cursive writing?
    6 36
  81. Who's the youngest novelist in the world?
    4 38
  82. Do you know of any manga similar to Death Note or Code Geass?
    I already read liar game. The parts I like are the awesome crewed up faces the characters make when they realize that they been had, and I also appreaciate the complexity...of...everything really. Don't recommend me anything to do with epic fights of r...
    8 19
  83. What type of art can I do on glossy boards?
    Like acrylic/oil paint, oil pastels or what?
    2 10
  84. Why have virtually all reading materials gotten smaller?
    I'm talking about the print. Road atlas's, phone books, instructions for things, food labels, warnings, disclaimers, even some books, ect. ect. ect.
    7 16
  85. Where do you find the name of the author and the date published when reading a article online?
    3 8
  86. How could I publish a book at my age?
    Also, could I publish it from, let's say Canada and send it to some U.S publisher? Not gonna do that I'm just curious
    3 14
  87. Where can I get the book Kama Sutra without my mom knowing?
    4 15
  88. What's this "50 Shades of Grey" hype all about?
    8 16
  89. Why was the Mona Lisa so famous?
    It's not like she was famous or even very beautiful. Don't get me wrong I think it was a masterpiece, but I have seen better from Da Vinci (hence The Last Supper). I know she was the wife of a friend, and might have been in an affair with Da Vinci (cor...
    3 48
  90. Why are girl protagonists in YA books so whiny?
    Not all of them are like that but a few examples are Bella from twilight( I read a part of breaking dawn but that was enough) Mary from the forest of hands and teeth, her successor gabrielle, Zara from some novel I can't remember. Those are the ones I ...
    5 53
  91. Why would anybody make a big deal about Edgar Allan Poe marrying his cousin Virginia?
    I mean, I think nobody knew about it at that time even if she was underage, because it could never have done that now with the paparazzies and the laws. What do you think? Tell me please thank you. By the way Poe rules.
    6 39
  92. Could drinking green tea and its benefits be a persuasive speech?
    3 185
  93. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to name my new art blog on Tumblr?
    Its is going to be mainly doodles and sketches if that matters
    2 15
  94. What do you think is the most popular book genre?
    9 25
  95. Can you name a character after another author's character (read below)?
    Let's say I make a character named Lila. There is another author that had a character named Lila but I make my Lila very different from the other authors. Is that copyright?
    5 48
  96. FunAdvice Trivia: What author used the term 'psychomyth' to describe her surrealistic stories that lacked any scientific, spatial, and time conventions?
    A) Ursula K. Le Guin B) Vonda N. McIntyre C) C.J. Cherryh D) Kate Wilhelm
    2 12
  97. Can someone live off being an artist?
    8 20
  98. What books are you guys reading?
    Looking new things, anything considered
    11 30
  99. What are the five major writing styles in the Old Testament?
    I've been stuck on this question for a good amount of time and I cannot find it in my textbook. Any help?
    3 252
  100. What are some good adult level fiction books?
    I have to read one over the summer and then write a reflective essay (what the heck is that?!) on it for my AP Honors English class next year.
    10 44
  101. What is "art" to you?
    14 35
  102. Where can I find Dragon Ball mangas?
    The bookstore in our area, (Borders,) is now shut I have nowhere to get my mangas, and I was in the middle of saving up for Dragon Ball. Now that I have enough money for them, I can't buy them anywhere.
    6 12
  103. How many pages should a script be?
    4 20
  104. What are your favorite life quotes?
    15 33
  105. Who has read the play "Antigone"?
    2 14
  106. How would a satire end?
    Do satires uzully have surprising endings? How about bad endings? Can they have good endingz? Plz help. I'm writing a satire & dun know how to end it..
    3 79
  107. What are the names of your favorite novels and their authors?
    Also why did u like those books? :)
    16 19
  108. Can you help me think of a name for my book? (read more)
    Hi to all, im new here and i have a question. Im writing a book about a 10 year old girl who losses her parents and is sent away to strangers who live on a farm. There will be talking animals and then later in the book she begins to see the ghosts of ...
    15 12
  109. What can I add to this introduction paragraph for my essay? (read more)
    I am horrible with introductions because I never know what to say and just like to get straight to the point. What can I talk about or add to this opening paragraph? "In the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding, there are a number of occurrenc...
    2 34
  110. How much have infidelity rates risen in the past 10 years?
    I need facts about cheating for my essay. I want to know how much more common cheating is now than it was ten years ago, can anyone guide me to those statistics? I need a credible website or book, please.
    3 51
  111. What would be my thesis for a book analysis?
    do i start mentioning what i will be talking about for my thesis?
    2 17
  112. How do I go about finding literature magazines that I could submit my poetry to?
    2 10
  113. What should I write on my steel pot helmet?
    i have a steel pot helmet that ive spray painted flat black, and i would like some inspiration on what i should write/draw on the outside of it, im looking for some kind of quote, phrase, or picture for an intimidation effect... so dose anyone have any...
    2 16
  114. Do people appreciate handmade cards?
    11 53
  115. Which of these story ideas should I use?
    I have three ideas choose one or suggest an idea. 1. A child and his family moves to New York city in the 1950's and his entire world gets flipped upside down. As a young child in a poor family he sees crime all around him. His entire life gets thro...
    8 26
  116. Is "Why We Broke Up" by Daniel Handler a good book?
    Is it suitable for kids my age?
    2 4
  117. Why is it that when I'm in a good mood and I feel like writing, but when I'm in a horrible mood and really sad I write amazing stuff?
    6 11
  118. What are two good teenage girl names that are good for a horror story?
    they aren't dumb so nothing prissy
    8 55
  119. Where I can find the poems or works of Thomas Dunn English?
    Im very curious to read and compare the works of Edgar Allan Poe and Thomas Dunn English. I have been looking for on the internet, but i can not find the tales of Thomas Dunn English "the power of secret fraternities and the black crow if you know wher...
    3 7
  120. Which writer was better - Edgar Allan Poe or Thomas Dunn English?
    7 29
  121. Why is it important to read the newspaper every day?
    3 15
  122. Can I start mentioning the setting and the characters in the intro or does it have to be in the body paragraph?
    7 24
  123. What does the line in the poem Longing by Matthew Arnold: "And say, My love why sufferest thou" mean?
    3 58
  124. What are movies or novels similar to the Hannibal series (read more)?
    What are some novels or movies with characters, or theme or genre similar to the Hannibal series, Bathory, Clockwork orange? They can be historical novels like Bathory or purely fiction.
    3 29
  125. what are the differences between prose and poetry?
    4 132
  126. How can I remember my lines in a play?
    I am going to be in a play soon, very soon! (I am talking next week premier soon) and I need to remember my lines. Is there another way other than reading them with someone else so I can remember them?
    7 40
  127. What is the meaning of the quote "Men are only as good as their technical development allows them to be."?
    2 118
  128. What are the disadvantages of journalism to the society?
    please do tell me if you know!! thanks! :)
    4 92
  129. What is the impact of journalism on society?
    6 35
  130. What's this book called (read description)?
    I've been thinking about a series of books i read around about 5-6 years ago, but i can't remember the titles at all and it's driving me crazy!! I can remember some of the details though. The first book started where a boy who had an illness of some ...
    7 30
  131. How did Edgar Allan Poe die?
    I know is a mistery, but what do you think about it, how do you think he died tell me please thank you.
    4 34
  132. What do teachers mean with the phrase ''other literary works''?
    When they say this, that means other books from the same author right i think this is what they mean, but im not sure tell me please what do you think? Thank you.
    2 14
  133. What sculpture or 3D model can I create for my art masterpiece?
    anything like a pot, giant cupcake, detailed vase...
    4 9
  134. Where did the saying "Hell knows no fury like a woman's scorn" come from?
    I have heard this quote a lot, and it's one of my faves. I'm wondering where it came from and why? Is us women that bad when we're angry?
    2 12
  135. How can I motivate and inspire myself to begin doing my art again?
    How do I get myself back into my art? I used to do a ton of art as a hobby painting, sketching, digital art etc. I stopped for a long time and I don't know how to get back into it. I can't seem to find the motivation or inspiration. I used to be good a...
    4 12
  136. Does anyone here have a "Wreck This Journal"?
    4 37
  137. Do you enjoy book/movie series?
    I don't like reading series or watching series I prefer a one book or one movie.
    11 17
  138. Is "content" the same as "context"?
    4 6
  139. Are you excited to see the Hunger Games & have you read the series?
    I'm kind of excited not as excited as I was a week ago. I read the first book, and I remember the lady from Barnes & Nobles saying "You're gonna want to read the rest of the series after reading that book" and at first I was like "yeah right" in my hea...
    13 44
  140. Where can I find a website that has great quotes?
    i want some web site that has great quote of that the wises people had said about life love and inspiration.
    2 7
  141. How hard is it to get into a habit of writing every day - you know, like in a journal or diary?
    8 13
  142. Why are teenagers represented negatively in the media?
    ok for my english assessment i have to have a quick little bit about why teenagers are represented this way. all so what attitudes, beliefs and values society has on this topic and what does society think of teenagers in general
    2 19
  143. Why is it easier for some people to rhyme than others?
    Don't forget to tell of your own experince in learning to rhyme words.
    7 11
  144. Can someone explain "The Hunger Games"?
    I don't want all the details, because I plan on reading the books or seeing the movie... but I want to get a general idea of what it is about first... oh and if you have read/saw it, was it good?
    2 14
  145. What's the best vampire and/or fallen angel novel that you've read?
    I'm into vampires and fallen angels. I've read a couple of novels about them already. Can you guys recommend some books I can read? Thanks!
    16 38
  146. What is the third book of the Eragon series called?
    the first is eragon, the second is eldest,the third is?
    5 27
  147. What are some main ideas I can point out on Tom Hanks for my informative speech?
    2 57
  148. Why can't we use newspapers and magazines when writing in APA format?
    2 16
  149. Which one of these logos is the most appealing to you (photo link)?
    I had to design a few initial logo's for my multimedia class and these are some I came up with. Which of these do you think you will remember best? (The logo's are meant to be designed for "my" graphic designing company). I uploaded the picture into m...
    10 14
  150. Who here is a fan of "The Mortal Instruments" book series?
    if so what's ur fav book in the series and who's ur fav character?
    5 16
  151. Is "program" just American for "programme"?
    2 13
  152. What color is Eeyore?
    Blue, Purple, or Grey?
    4 206
  153. What is the meaning of "hum up" in this sentence: I like to hum it up in plays, speeches, and sport?
    3 52
  154. When you're using information directly from the text how do you cite the author's name and page number?
    2 9
  155. Where can I find the original version of fairy-tales that were meant for adults?
    Im talking before the grimm brothers wrote them in the 1800s im way way way back when they were from France and stuff like that. But an english version. I've looked for hours all over the internet and i can't find them. There a more violent, explicinet...
    16 45
  156. How would you write a satire about dress code?
    Examples would be really helpful. I really have no idea how I'm supposed to start this satire or what I'm supposed to talk about. Satirical writing is a bit iffy to me. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm not trying to fish for answers! I'm trying to ...
    7 1367
  157. Does anyone admire classic art work?
    I like monet the french painter.
    7 13
  158. What are intro, body, and conclusion paragraphs?
    ..i havent wrote an essay since the longest..mind starting to wear out lol anyone can help?
    5 25
  159. Is there a website where I can read full books online for free, that doesn't require a download?
    2 21
  160. Whats your favorite literature/philisophical book?
    Something deep that makes you think?
    7 23
  161. What are some ideas for how to decorate a spear?
    I basically have this project coming up that allows us to do whatever we want for the project. My idea right now involves decorating a spear in some way, but I'm not sure of how I would be able to go about doing this. Paint would probably look terrible...
    2 55
  162. Can I get ideas (or a site) on what I can sketch?
    3 11
  163. Did you know there's a children's bedtime story called "Go the F**k to Sleep"? (
    14 8
  164. Is it weird that I feel like a character from a movie?
    Soo..any of you who've watched Mean girls? Actually I kinda feel like Cady from that movie. You know..there are these the beginning they've made fun of me but then they started acting nice and I was nice to them too and we're kind of friends ...
    2 14
  165. What is the greatest fictional story you ever read?
    19 21
  166. Why don't the newspapers follow punctuation and grammar rules?
    I took eng 101 and i studied the grammar and the puntuaction but when i read the newspaper they dont follow these rules. For example i read in the neswpaper this : the blah blah. and after the period the other sentence started like this And , and what ...
    5 13
  167. What are some good book stores?
    5 41
  168. Can you name some eBooks for me?
    Preferably story about teenagers? Thankyou! :)
    8 17
  169. How does this book idea sound to you?
    18-year-old Maeve is the first woman to enter the reaper organization, the first organization to eliminate zombies. A wild party celebrating her inaugurations,an escape from the slums of the city sounds good. Until her first mission goes awry. She is b...
    6 44
  170. What are the reasons for the controversy to whether Shakespeare wrote his plays or not?
    2 36
  171. Is this an example of parallelism?
    "There is more difference between thy flesh and hers than between jet and ivory, more between your bloods than there is between red wine and rhenish."
    3 19
  172. What are some short, beautiful quotes?
    12 52
  173. Does this sentence make sense: "Someone in whom's dreams you will always be"?
    I'm writing a poem for a friend, and I don't know if this would make sense: "Someone in whom's dreams you will always be." I remember hearing some weird rule about who and whom, and I have no idea if I'm doing this right... :/ Help please? D:
    10 53
  174. What do these verses mean in Modern English?
    And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare As any she belied with false compare Shakespear , Sonnet 130
    2 7
  175. Who has read the 4th book of Vampire Academy, Blood Promise?
    2 12
  176. Does this look like a good paragraph (read)?
    "Her dark brown hair and black eyes made her look mysterious. She had little freckles across her nose and she had olive skin which somehow made her look lighter. She had the cutest English accent but yet there was something about her that made me wonde...
    4 22
  177. What is the difference between a simile and a metaphor?
    6 67
  178. Do you think my Harry Potter head canons are good (Description)?
    I've only written a few because I'm new to writing HC's, but here are some: As he neared the end of his Hogwarts education, Remus Lupin became more and more reserved. People often wondered how he could be so quiet with friends like James and Sirius....
    2 9
  179. Where can I read about the kids who put the firecracker in the dog's mouth?
    I think sometime recently, a kid put a firecracker in a dogs mouth and taped it shut! Who was this kid? Or kids?? And where can I get the FULL story???
    4 34
  180. What would be a good story plot/scenario to take place between all female characters?
    preferably a friendship type of story or mystery
    5 6
  181. Is 'scarfed' a word?
    like...i scarfed my pizza all down...refferring to eatting a pizza
    6 18
  182. Does anyone have any funny ideas for a discursive essay?
    I don't want to do the usual; abortion, euthanasia etc..
    3 19
  183. Why do people intentionally spell words wrong when it's easier to just spell them right?
    15 35
  184. Is the term "get happy" grammatically correct?
    5 72
  185. Who was Picasso?
    6 12
  186. Why do I make the same expressions as the characters I am drawing while drawing them?
    2 24
  187. What's something I should write a poem about for school?
    it's specifically a diamonte i need a topic to talk about the first half of the poem and i need an opposite topic of the topic i started off with to write about the second half...thanks for ur help :) <3
    3 14
  188. Does anyone know who wrote the poem entitled: "Who Killed Cock Robin"?
    . ..... the one that begins: . "Who killed Cock Robin?" "I," said the Sparrow, "With my bow and arrow, I killed Cock Robin." "Who saw him die?" "I," said the Fly, "With my little eye, I saw him die." .
    2 55
  189. Who has read the book: A School for my Village?
    I have a paper due on it tomorrow and I don't have time to read it, I can't find it on sparknotes anywhere, pleasepleaseplease, if someone's read this book -tell me what it's about
    2 11
  190. What to write about in my short story (read more)?
    Im writing a short story for english. its a kids book about a purple dinosaur named Calvin, and his bestfriend sandy who go on a walk in a forest. they get lost and end up somewhere. Now i was planning on making them come across a magical fruit tre...
    4 12
  191. How do I write a poem about my feelings towards someone?
    , I need some help , can anyone help me?
    3 15
  192. What kind of Fan Fiction do you like to read?
    I'm Writing One Right Now, But I Was Wondering What Other Ones Are Out There Besides Harry Potter & Twilight.
    2 14
  193. Where do I find an editor that won't steal my ideas?
    I need an editor badly but i cant get any of my friends that i trust to do it.
    4 9
  194. What would be the correct way to write this?
    Satan blinds people to the truth. OR Satan blinds people from the truth. Because I read it in a book as [people to the truth] but I'm believing its [people from the truth]
    14 21
  195. Is "A Debt of Blood" a good name for a vampire story?
    I've decided to split the two stories I'm working on into three do you think the name mentioned above is a good name?
    7 12
  196. How do you get oil pastels to look nice (read more)?
    like not looking white in between the marks (of the same color) like this?
    3 9
  197. What are some good animes with love triangles or relationships with different people?
    Like School Rumble, Fruits basket, and Vampire knight.?
    5 9
  198. What's a good site where I can post my lyrics and poems?
    nuff said' i want a site where people can see my writing and stories and rate and message and stuff . i already put most of my work on this site called but i never get much feeback. i need a place that people go to regulary or alot. any ...
    4 37
  199. Does it look better to use oil pastels on drawing paper or on a canvas?
    3 13
  200. Who are the best African American superheroes from DC Comics and Marvel Comics?
    Just curious can anyone name the best black superheroes of all time from DC comics and Marvel Comics..male and female-if someone can name any also that have great fighting skills like related to Martial Arts, or any superhuman strength and superpowers?
    8 10
  201. How much will a couple of horse novels and books be worth?
    I used to be in a Pony Club. I had them since I was 12-13 and im 18.
    3 17
  202. What kind of opinions should I give on these essays, please read?
    My teacher gave me this fun assignment of reading these peoples essays and giving my opinion on it. The assignment for their essays was to write a short story of them as a different race and most of these students are white so their assignment was to w...
    2 18
  203. Would you read these novels based on the plot?
    1- I was Rebbeca Lemmings; in his eyes I was the rich Becky Lemmings. Then... I became the missing Becky Lemmings. Kidnapped on a normal night of partying and hidden in a ramshackle cottage. People were hunting for me, people I have never met or cared ...
    9 23
  204. Who on here writes fan fiction and what show/movie do you write it on?
    I write Doctor Who fan fiction and im just generally interested : )
    12 31
  205. What is a surreal conspiracy?
    2 10
  206. How to write a metaphor about my mom?
    I want to compare her to the sky.
    4 19
  207. What are some good books to read (not series)?
    I know I'm only 14 but I'm open to really anything. As long as it's not a comedy.
    12 17
  208. What is the tone in the first chapter of To Kill A Mocking Bird?
    2 36
  209. Does anyone know a website that has the answers to the questions at the back of To Kill A Mocking Bird?
    4 21
  210. How do you write a plot summary?
    2 8
  211. How is Curley in "Of Mice and Men" presented?
    7 18
  212. What is the Lexile number for the book When Lightning Strikes by Meg Cabot?
    I couldn't find the lexile number for this book on lexile dot com and I need to know it for a reading log for homework it would be very helpful if you'd have an answer to this thanks
    2 31
  213. What type of artwork sells the best?
    What is the trend lately? Are people buying more abstract, impressionism, realism? Or are they just buying something that matches their decor?
    4 61
  214. Do you think the novel "Wet Goddess" should be removed from listings?
    It's a true story about a man's (the author) intimate relationship with a dolphin. I found many of the reviews on pretty horrifying.
    15 20
  215. What does the painting "Guernica" by Picasso represent?
    4 89
  216. What is a good surname for a girl in my story?
    This girl's name is Rayelle. I need a surname for her. She's a CIA agent, and she's only 16. But I dont want any names that are too common like "Smith" and if anyone says "Bond" I'm gonna die. Haha thanks!
    8 32
  217. What are your favorite poems (read more)?
    - name of it, who wrote it and what its about(love, hate or something)?
    7 23
  218. What are some funny books?
    3 21
  219. Is "Mein Kampf" a good book to read or is it boring?
    2 100
  220. What is the rising action of the first book in the "Gone" series?
    I'm doing a book report on Gone by Michael Grant and i'm trying to decide if when everyone looks up to Sam for leadership in the begining is part of the exposition or the rising action. I have written that the Coates kids arriving at the Perdido Beach,...
    2 154
  221. What's your favorite romantic book?
    And fiction? I'm going to the library in a little bit I'm school and I want to get a really good book. So any ideas?
    4 46
  222. What is an idea for a contour drawing that combines art with science?
    i need to draw 3 contour drawings of something that combines art with science. like it can be anything it doesnt have to be a real thing.. but im horribly uncreative and dont know what to draw?
    4 4
  223. Who here has read "The Face on the Milk Carton" by Caroline B. Cooney?
    4 7
  224. What can I store my artwork in to keep it safe from damage?
    ive tried keeping it in the bin I keep my paint, paintbrushes and pencils in but it doesnt work very good and they get ruined?
    5 19
  225. What's a good name for a magazine aimed at 11-17 year olds?
    3 28
  226. What are some names of some interesting, addicting, good books?
    14 27
  227. What is your favorite fantasy book or novel?
    And not the popular things, more as stuff that isn't known so much. Fantasy/adventure/something like that?(:
    21 39
  228. What is your favorite genre for a story?
    My brother programs and has made websites before, and I am making myself a website where I will write short stories, and longer ones too, and perhaps some poetry, where people can view them, sorta like a book series, online? Or something along those li...
    4 19
  229. How badly do you think abbreviated texting has affected written languages within the last 15 years?
    Do you think it promotes laziness in the people of today, or is it more like a revolution against the regulations of grammar? Like breaking out of the shell of conform covering our society.
    7 17
  230. What do the abbreviations for fanfiction stories mean?
    3 26
  231. How many words can be made out of the name "William"?
    6 190
  232. What are some good books about vampires/werewolves/etc?
    are they good nd what are they called?
    19 28
  233. Do you prefer the books or the show from Vampire Diaries?
    I got the first book today and im halfway done with it.Its totally diffrent from the tv show.Witch one do you like better and why? And who do you like better damon or stefan and why?
    8 12
  234. Why are there arrows on the Kindle eBook section of the Amazon website?
    When I look up books on Amazon they have arrows beside them. green and red ones. The green ones are pointing up and the red ones are pointing down. Are those like rattings by ppl who have read those books, or something?
    3 10
  235. What are some optimistic quotes?
    I'm attempting to become more optimistic than pessimistic, so I'm wondering if anyone has any favorite optimistic/motivational quotes they would like to share?
    7 30
  236. What scene should I do for art class?
    For art class we have to draw a picture that includes a Person, Animal, Tree, and a Building..the only problem is I don't know what kind of scene to do....Any ideas?
    4 16
  237. Who can come up with the best plot for a story (or at least something to start with)?
    Preferably about two sisters - I wouldn't take the idea, I would twist it and edit things until I manage to jumble enough ideas to create a decent plot hehe. Any help is much appreciated ^-^
    8 25
  238. How do you put several photos into one picture (like a collage maybe)?
    Imagine this, A photo of a happy family. Then I will put another one inside of a photo. It is something like pasting another photo from one photo. is there an editing software that is done via online? thanks@
    6 37
  239. What's a good picture to draw a boyfriend for part of an anniversary gift?
    17 18
  240. Did Ralph in "Lord of The Flies" have a last name?
    I know, it's random but I'm doing a letter of recomendation for english and I have to recomend ralph. So I figured it would sound more professional if I had his last name..
    2 35
  241. What should I carve as a bone carving?
    I'm doing bone carvings and have done a few but am now kind of stuck for ideas! I've done a maori design, a plain drop pendant, 2 whales tails, a celtic knotwork dolphin. Anybody have any ideas for what I could do now? It can be anything at all but I ...
    7 14
  242. Is there a romance book or movie that describes two lesbian girls with close-minded families?
    if yes can i have links to them?
    2 13
  243. How can I rewrite this sentence so that it doesn't contain so many commas?
    "As you can see, living in the city, as opposed to the country, can save you money, time, and even your life." I think it has way to many commas, but I am unsure of how to write it without them. I need help ASAP, I am writing an essay. Thanks...
    4 13
  244. Who can remember the name of this book about a mermaid?
    Can anybody remember that book, it's got beautiful drawings and it's about this boy and girl or somebody who finds a mermaid in a rock pool on a beach and they have to help her get back out to sea. There is also something in it about a little boy who l...
    4 19
  245. Can I use normal school glue or a glue stick to attach a photo to paper?
    Can i use normal school glue or stick glue to stick paper to a photo i got printed the other day? Im making a scrapbook! Any tips?
    2 22
  246. How would you guys describe Uncle Jeb from Stephanie Meyer's 'The Host'?
    Attempting to write fanfiction and failing miserably because I don't know how to write Uncle Jeb -.- any ideas? :D
    2 18
  247. What are some good themes/plots that I can use for a Fanfiction?
    I want to write a Fanfic about Harry Potter or Twilight, but I have NO ideas - can anyone help me?
    4 8
  248. What are some "futuristic" sounding names for a guy and what are some "homeless guy" sounding names?
    For a story Im working on.
    5 50
  249. Can you use charcoal you cook with in place of charcoal you draw with or are they two different things?
    2 10
  250. Would it look stupid to draw a picture then paint the background?
    6 13