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What should I write in a slam book?

I am into my final days of my college and my friend asked me to fill her slam book.I have to write something on it about her and I have made some rough copy about what to write.I just want some opinion about it, so that I can write it in her slam ...


How many words can you make out of the word?

Just for fun how many words can you make out of the word "supercalafragilisticexpialadocious". Your only allowed to post 3 words.


Nice words that describe a partner in the letters q-v-w-x-y-z?

Well I been trying figure words that start with q-v-w-x-y-z that describe a person in nice quality .. Thanks in advance


What does imaoo mean?

You can use it in texting. What does it mean?


What's another 4 letter word for Boring?

another word for boring --4 letters


What are some positive and negative effects in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens?

I have to write an essay about the Posative and Negative affects on some relationships Oliver had with other people and how they affected his development. My characters are the relationships between; Oliver and Fagin (negative), Oliver and Nancy (Negat...


What are similar graphic novels to watchmen by Alan Moore?

okay so I read alan moore's watchmen a while ago and I loved it. I've never been into comic books and I'm just wondering if anyone has suggestions of comics sort of similar that I can get..because I'm pretty clueless in this category :) thanks


effect do Similes, Onmatopoeia, and Allieration have in a poem??

What effect do Similes, Onmatopoeia, and Allieration have in a poem??


Anglo-saxon riddle

My breast is inflated, my neck as well.
A proud head I have and a lofty tail,
Eyes and ears and just one foot,
A back, a strong beak, a long neck,
And two sides, with a pole in the middle.
I dwell aloft over men. When he who stirs
The forest move...


Who said power should be a check to power?

Who said power should be a check to power?


what should I write in his birthday card ?

Its my lovers birthday :)
im excited
I need help on what should I write in the card , please people I need help , he's my first lover and it's his first birthday with mee
so people please I need help
because my english is bad
please please please ...


Alucard versus Edward Cullen?

Who would win in a fight?

Alucard from Hellsing or,

Edward Cullen from Twilight


How to get poetry pubished

I write poetry and I would like to get a poem published. I entered a contest on and they sent me a letter saying I can be in a book . People say they accept any poem just to get you to pay for the book.many say is a scam since you...


Individuality Poem.

No one, no one on this earth is 100% original.
Ideas stole from ideas,
Just because you found the coin first, doesn't make it yours.
Stop trying to be so cool,
because sweetie, it isn't going to work.
For once you should decide who is in charge,
Take c...


Anyone have tips on essay introductions?

I have to write an essay on the three most significant changes in the development in history that I learned about last year. This is for AP European history for 10th grade. I think im going to write about the Neolithic agricultural revolution, the alph...


Would a novel with vampires sell better than a novel about ninjas?

I was trying to eyeball the various sales ranks on Amazon for a few different book types and was wondering if a book that featured vampires would sell better than one that did not feature vampires, in general.

Considering twilight (and harry potter,...


What has no conditions but one condition riddle?

I luv riddles, and I luv giving them 2 people. pls give my some riddles you have heard, and include the answer. thanx


Who wrote this book and what is the title?

I read this book about a year ago and I remember a few things about it, but not the title.
For starters, the main character was a girl who was exteremly involved in school. Her grandmother blackmailed her parents to let her take the girl on a back-pa...


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