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Can someone simplify this article for me?

You might be facing a power struggle in your immediate environment today that involves coworkers or family members. It may begin harmlessly enough, but by the time you realize what's happening, someone has already made their move. As counterintuitive a...


What does imaoo mean?

You can use it in texting. What does it mean?


Why aren't people complaining about the twilight series?

Ok, I've been wondering about this. I remember when there was a big thing over the harry potter books. Especially in our school there were a whole bunch of parents who didn't want there kids reading them because they were about witchcraft. Personally, ...


English essay: my name

I have to write an essat for english about my name. I already wrote about how I love my name what it means and who I am named after in full detail but it doesnt even take up a full page and the essay has to be 2 pages long does any one have any sugges...


Important letter to write.

I love riddles. Especially silly ones. If you have an important letter to write, is it better to write it on an empty stomach or a full stomach?


What are the answers Twilight A.R. test

What are the answers Twilight A.R. test


What should I write in a slam book?

I am into my final days of my college and my friend asked me to fill her slam book.I have to write something on it about her and I have made some rough copy about what to write.I just want some opinion about it, so that I can write it in her slam ...


What's a way I can describe blue eyes in my story?

Well I'm writing a story and I've asked everyone I know and NO ONE can give me a good idea. So im trying to describe a guy's eyes from a girl perspective. She just met the boy.. so yeah. Does anyone have any good ideas? The only idea I have is: Bright ...


What is a good nickname for eclipse?

Im writing a book just for fun and I cant think of any nicknames for the name eclipse any ideas


Sad Story of My Dogs Crime

well I have 2 pitbulls one is a female but its little not even to have puppies yet and the other one is a male and he's big now fully grown to say.
Well today my neighbors dogs came to my home and since my neighbor wasnt at home I called her up and to...


What is a good title for an eating disorder essay?

I have to do a research project for my English class. We were able to choose whatever we wanted to write about, so I choose eating disorders. I need to write an informative essay but I have no idea what to call it. It has to be creative.


Who can help me make my poem rhyme?

so who can help me make it Rhyme?


Did the U.S. learn from past mistakes at the end of WW2?I have t

I have to answer the question listed above but I don't know how 2 start it off. Can someone help me?


I would like to thank Colleen Ludgate for getting me intterested into Fantasy :D

A year ago I asked Colleen what was her favorite genre she replied "Fantasy" So I did some research and now I love fantasy genre :D

Plus Fantasy is fun to :D


Can you tell me the meaning of this Quote?

hello everyone how are you ?
well I was reading and writing some Quotes and suddenly I saw this Quote and I have some idea about it but I am not quite sure can you guys help me? here it is:
((Mishaps are like knives that either cut us or serve us,as w...


What culture is being portrayed in akkelah and the bee?

What culture is portrayed in akeelah and the bee?


How to start a paper that has to be about yourself?

I need help figuring out a way to start a paper that has to be one of those stupid about me papers and I have never been good at starting papers as it is and about me ones are always hard because I don't want to start off like "I am___. I live___. My b...


How to start off my fanfic?

Im writing a fanfic about how a girl falls in love with her ex best friend thats a famous rock singer. It's suppose to be a funny comedy. But I don't know how to start off the first chapter. Help!


rate my song please. this is only part of it

My life is a mess, I cant find where im going , if its up or its down..I've serched all ar-ound. so im up in the clounds looking over ci-tys trying to find my wa-ay roundd...

oh eh, oh, eh oh.

Life is a whirpool , a marry go looking f...


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