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  1. How to write a guide on Funadvice
    Writing an instructional guide on Funadvice can help our readers quickly solve specific problems. Typically these guides are a solid set of instructions that are easily digestible and help our readers to quickly fix a problem. We want our readers to...
    7 169
  2. Why the hell I can't delete photos?
    I looked up questions on here that are similar to mine, regarding deleting photos. I tried to follow the answers but there is NO DELETE OPTION on my page! I tried to contact the team, but once I click send it lands me on a page that says there has been...
    13 14
  3. Help?!?!!?!?!?!?!
    I feel really tired and lethargic, like I could pass out in a moment. I feel kind of nauseous and I have a headache. My bones and joints feel sore, especially in my legs, where bruises are showing up without me hitting anything. I keep feeling suddenly...
    3 23
  4. Do you believe in love?
    I personally do, but some of my friends don't. They tried to explain to me why but I didn't really understand their logic. I'm not saying they're wrong, it's their opinion and they have a right to have one. I was just wondering what other people think ...
    19 22
  5. Where are you from?
    I'm from Ghana but right now I reside in New York
    3 7
  6. Does anyone else remember when we all logged in and it logged us in on each
    other's accounts ? Hahaha
    5 12
  7. How do you become or get followers on funadvice ?
    How do you become or get followers on funadvice ?
    2 7
  8. Where in the world is colleen?
    3 8
  9. Where can you post questions ?
    I'm new to funadvice . How does this work ?
    2 12
  10. What is your first name?
    Do you like your name? My name is QUEENSTAR and I really like my name because it sounds different and it's a compound word. Not a lot of people have that kind of a name and it makes me stand out of my peers.
    3 20
  11. A question about this girl I've been talking to..
    Hello, I'm Travis. I have a question about this girl I've been talking to. I'm a 17 year old male in 11th grade. Shes also 17 in 11th grade. We first started talking about 4 months ago right after she broke up with her boyfriend. We talked for about a...
    2 35
  12. what does it me when
    My boyfriend ask me if I would like to get a promise ring and I just want to know wat a promise ring means
    4 25
  13. what would be a good thing to do for him
    My boyfriend is turning 15 Saturday and I wanna do something for him without spending money cause I only have 5 dollars were I'm to young to get a job but what would b something good to do for him we have been dating 5 months and we dated bfore
    2 27
  14. Dx I'm locked in my room
    5 36
  15. So my friend joined this site. here's her link. :) talk to her if you want! She's the most amazing person alive ❤️ (:
    18 28
  16. I miss some FunAdvice members today :|
    Fairygirl17. Andrew Hall. Rottensheepofevil. Codey parker. Andrea. Allison Douglass. Sri. Yashica R.I.P. Sidewayssmile,Roxxane R.I.P. Amberia Jeffersson. Andy. Rosie. J.Q Jonathan Queen. Ben. Czarina. And alot other members though they w...
    11 24
  17. How do i answer this?
    ok so this i the question i got on askfm and im not really sure how to answer it... "tbh i always get jealous of you {my name} your so pretty and i feel like i need to try harder because of you but i realize how stupid i was because no ones ever goi...
    2 54
  18. You people Fun Advice left another scar for me to bare all my life
    Ever since I heard the breaking news of theSIDEWAYSsmile passing away from cancer it really saddened me allot :"( Something I will never forget, it really breaks my heart people passing away from cancer every year or every day.
    4 13
  19. Does anyone know what hapened to this girl on funadvice?
    Does anyone know what happen to this girl Roxxane.i saw posts of people saying that she passed away two days ago.and now i see nothing of that.were these posts deleted,or even better question is there someone who can tell me what hapened to her i swear...
    29 18
  20. do we need to be on a pc to create a page on
    4 7
  21. Am I the only one who goes by her real name on Funadvice?
    3 15
  22. annyone who is still on funadvice?
    every one i reply to is if they just came ask and left.and i dont even know if im speacking to some one or hiw do i seek questions from today today.i dont know
    4 9
  23. What's your take on...
    arm hair? Lately, all I keep hearing about is hair removal. Some places are more understandable than others but, what do you guys think about arm hair? Do you think it's okay to have arm hair these days? Personally, I have arm hair but it's very fine h...
    3 15
  24. According to the FB page, Funadvice is going to have some big changes this
    coming month. I severely hope so! And looking forward to it.
    4 7
  25. So what will you do this year?
    I am not exactly talking about resolutions. Just, what do you have planned? I am turning 22 soon. So I am excited. I will drop a few pounds. Stopped eating meat. Will get a real good job this time. I also plan to gain more confidenc...
    2 13
  26. Should I tell him...
    I like this one guy! I will see him this new years and then I won't see him till May! I really like him, I think he likes me though. U think! We have a good friendship but I'm not sure if I should tell him that I like him. I don't want to wait to long ...
    2 8
  27. How do I change my funadvice profile picture
    2 15
  28. How does it come about that:
    ..... as soon as Brandon asks a question, Colleen gives a nicely formatted answer that is already identified as being a "... correct answer ..." ? ( with my de-emphasis from upper to lower-case so as not to appear to be shouting )
    6 6
  29. How can I stop all these good-for-nothing, free-loading, scam advertisers .....
    "following" me on here? {optional rant commences} When I joined the site, I set "automatically follow anyone who follows me", on the grounds that it seemed to be the courteous thing to do and (at that time) it was transparently simple, to: (...
    5 22
  30. How come people keep giving me "1 points" for my Answer?
    ..... why don't they just give me 1 point instead, and save flirting all those extra Ss around in cyberspace? I mean, let's be fair: at my age, I've only got a limited time left to read everything that's worth reading, without having to read all ...
    4 34
  31. Strange! I just had an alert that said: " •moldremoval is now following you ", .
    6 7
  32. no one like me or love me
    Im 19 years old and at this moment I'm homeless I live w. MyWith my friends I just met them actually I left my group home because I couldn't take it no more. Because everyone keep lying to me (social worker) and the people at the group home was being m...
    3 24
  33. If you could meet any Funadvicer, who would you want to meet and why?
    Hey everyone! My question is just for fun... If you could meet any Funadvice member in real life, who would you want to meet and why? Hope you're all having a great day! <3
    10 18
  34. Funadvice always has to send me an email every time I login
    Okay so whenever I try to login in funadvice has to send me an email which I then have to go all the way back to my email, click on the link, and finally I will be in funadvice. Does this happen to you guys?
    2 12
  35. How come some posts seem to disappear?
    The "Community" page appeared to be totally dead - no new posts in several hours, so I clicked the "People" tab to see who had recently been on the site. I noticed a name I did not recognise and so I clicked the username (it happened to be a "daisyp...
    4 13
  36. How do you delete a question on this?
    2 17
  37. i want to log out how do i do that
    3 39
    Im having trouble trying to upload a picture to use on my FUNADVICE profile -_- i have a windows 7 HTC phone. Can anyone help lol
    4 10
    Just wrote out this super long answer for someone, and when I hit submit it tells me to clean up my reply! Sure, I could do that, IF MY REPLY DIDN'T DISAPPEAR. This has happened so many times and I'm so irritated by it. Please fix this issue :'(
    4 30
  40. How do I post in the community and other things, and is FA still the same thing?
    FA has changed so much, I'm having a hard time understanding how to do different things nowadays. I've posted stuff recently but seemingly no one sees it. And we used to be able to post "statuses" and stuff. Does that still stand?
    2 9
  41. Why is she doing all this? does she like me?
    here's how we both are -she is very nervous, kind a shy and conscious when we meet (we meet once in a year) -on chat she is awesome friendly with me, always wants to know about me, teases me, flirts with me -if i dont message her for a long time, th...
    2 11
  42. What do you think of this website?:) a newbie here and i was wondering what do you think of this website? I reckon it seems quite cool:) What do you think?
    8 14
  43. where is the old (pictures) section in the website ?? did you remove it?
    it was a cool section where did it go? and why the site became so much complicated my last log in to the site was 2 years ago was waaay cooler than now
    2 6
  44. Do I still have something for the ex?
    Ok backstory .. Me and this girl met online through a 'meet match' thing on a social network and we got to talking etc and within about 3 months or so we decided to try and see what a long distance thing and I had every intention in going to meet her a...
    8 6
  45. what is up with everybody posting about buying stuff on other sites :-/
    3 26
  46. Is it difficult to make a dating site? My budget is small. Any suggestion?
    2 9
  47. how do you know what group you are in?
    you know how there are different groups the sporty jocks the populars the geeks the punks the vegatarians and all the others if you are just a normal person how do you know which group your in?
    3 8
  48. How do I stop alerts to my e-mail? it's my school e-mail so I can't have it cluttered.
    3 28
  49. What does a black X next to a reply mean?
    2 13
  50. Why people post these things in their profile?
    I mean i think its kind of silly when somebody post something like this i watched a movie in netflix or i watch that tv series i mean is like who cares right lol. What do you think?
    4 16
  51. how to change avatar
    I know it's a stupid question-but I don't figure it out. Someone help me..? T.T
    3 9
  52. how do i find photos i posted awhile ago?
    2 9
  53. Why when I click on the last picture I posted does it send me to a different picture?
    8 16
  54. Is posting in community really this difficult or am I missing an obvious button?
    Clicking on "Home", clicking "Ask a question", typing in a random question and then scrolling down to "Ask in the community". Is it really this complicated?
    2 12
  55. How do I link up my adsense account here at funadvice?
    I can't seem to find a place to place my adsense code. I read go to settings but I don't seem to have that either. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    3 13
  56. Another Picture I took of Skelita Calaveras
    For some reason, I enjoy taking pictures of the Monster High Dolls my daughter has. I don't like her Barbies or Bratz, but these ones come out really good in the pictures. I guess because each one is made to be unique and have their own style.
    2 14
  57. who looks better and why???
    3 5
  58. How do I delete pictures on here and change my profile pic?
    2 34
  59. Just out of curiousity, will we eventually be able to comment on people's photos
    2 5
  60. When your friend is invited to more things than you?
    *Names have been changed because what if they read this...yikes I have an open personality, such as I do things that people wouldn't normally do, just because they'd might feel embarrassed or ashamed. My friend, *Adriana on the other hand say she'll...
    2 12
  61. what does this mean
    "you have firm convictions- stand strong behind hem." its my fortunate lol
    3 58
  62. Why when i ask a question i get the message that the page is no longer here?
    I always get that message and i have to comeback to post my question.
    2 24
  63. why does FA users/majoritay of them want money for advice ?
    2 8
  64. Is it possible that those super agents really exist?
    I mean those kind of agents that know all about weapons and know how to fight i mean one can really know and learn that much about fighting like he is a weapon by himself what do you think?
    7 19
  65. Are the rules of posting, posted somewhere? Or do we have to guess what is acceptable?
    I have given several answers to people, only to get my answer erased and a message to clean up my answer. Problem is there was nothing to clean up, and no clue of what was wrong with the answer I gave.
    4 7
  66. how do we post in the community now?
    So many changes, I can't figure it out
    3 6
  67. how can i ask something?
    im confused where is the button to ask questions tell me please thank you.
    4 10
  68. Does funadvice have an app for an iPod?
    7 11
  69. how do i know ??
    i have gotton hiccups just about everytime i eat ,i also have had alot of gas tmi im more tired and very moody !!!! i feel like im pregnant but im pretty sure im not because i have had both tubes removed because of ectopics ??? thanks for any advice
    2 16
  70. How do we find people on the site that we used to know, but haven't seen lately?
    3 5
  71. How do i delete my pic from the photostream?
    i had uploaded some pics of my to the photostream by mistake, i was thinking they were going to my profile. i uploaded them 3 times not knowing where they were being uploaded to, how can i remove them? i dont like my pictures being posted in a public p...
    2 11
  72. How do I delete things on my profile?
    2 8
  73. Why anybody answer my questions?
    just wondering dont get mad please.
    2 11
  74. How do people get paid for Fun Advice Gigs?
    Does Fun Advice pay them? Or do people pay money out of there pocket?
    2 8
  75. Question about S&M.....
    My husband love s&m and ive read fiftty shades of gray and i want to try it,but my thing is i have very low pain level.So my question is how can i get my self to not be afraid of pain for s&m,i really want to try it for my husband and for me. PLEASE HE...
    3 44
  76. Where is the delete button to deleta a question that i have submitted twice?
    I dont find the delete button to delete a question that i have submitted twice by mistake if you know tell me please thank you.
    2 12
  77. Tell me what this is
    So ive had this white gooey stuff in my underwear for about three years now. I get every single day. Im 100% virgin. Ive never had my period. And recently i have been having pench like cramps in my lower stomach where my hips are. Im not sure if ovulat...
    3 527
  78. Can pictures be set to "private" anymore?
    I can't seem to find that option any more. When the site changed to this format we were able to go into edit and set it to private so only people logged in could see it, is it still possible?
    2 13
  79. Do you like the new funadvice format now that some time has passed?
    I hardly come on here anymore (and I may stop entirely), but when I do the changes keep rolling in. Do you like the new look and feel of this site or are their some things you wish handn't changed and would come back. Do you feel the community is as st...
    9 9
  80. How do I delete my account off of here?
    2 23
  81. How exactly do the gigs work?
    How do you pay for services; paypal? points? credit card? vice versa, how do you receive payments for services? Can you decline a job request to your gig? What if the work done is no good?
    10 23
  82. I am having trouble validating my account?
    I have given my phone number and email to try to validate my FA account but i never received any messages. Please help ?
    10 11
  83. what are things i can do to get points on here
    2 14
  84. Funadvice doesn't even give you the option to delete pictures anymore or what??
    2 12
  85. How do i change my notifications on here?
    Change which notifications get sent to my email address? or do i have 2 actually go to one of the notifcations when i get one and unsuscribe to some of the ones i dont want?
    2 8
  86. how do you make a update on funadvice?
    i can not find the button no more on just writing a status update ... :(
    3 8
  87. How do I make an update?
    I haven't been on here in so long, i'm entirely confused. I remember the old green and white fundadvice haha. I am not complaining, merely saying that now it's been changed and I am confused, if anyone could kindly explain to me how things work that'd ...
    8 18
  88. How do i delete my questions on Funadvice??
    How do i delete my questions on Funadvice??
    4 32
  89. If you are expecting PLEASE reply..
    I have been experiencing several pregnancy symptoms these past few weeks and I've now began to develop the whole "double belly" thing. Why does that happen? Ifeel iam pregnant. Ido not want to be but my gut is telling me iam. If so ithink the baby is o...
    3 25
  90. why everytime i reply to someone and it says reply to short
    when its like 4 sentences long
    3 10
  91. what do you think about this
    my boyfriends little brother has a habit of bringing me down . he has talked down to me. i think he might be gay but that's just me. he has only ever been with two woman. has said he hate woman but loves pussy. how is that even possible? his best frie...
    2 9
  92. Why they use it machines to answer a simple question?
    Sometimes the phone company send me letters that i dont know what it is about an unknown discount and when i call a machine answer this dial 1 for this or 2 for that, put your phone number and a lot of stuff when just a regular secretary can answer jus...
    2 12
  93. How old do I look here?
    3 30
  94. How to edit funadvice's username?
    2 10
  95. Does he like me?
    Hi so there's this really cute guy in my first three periods at school and I'm not exactly he likes me or not. He stares at me alot., acts too shy to talk to me and whenever I look at him when he was staring at me, he just turns away quickly. Also, he ...
    3 27
  96. What is up with him? Does he like me?
    Friday and Saturday: He kept sending me signals that he likes me(I mean, that's what I thought) -- laughing at my corny jokes, smiling whenever I was talking to him, touching me (friendly way), holding my hand, staring at me from across the room...all ...
    7 13
  97. Serious question!
    Why does coffee make you have to pooooop ?
    4 52
  98. How do you change your URL name?
    Mine is icecreamlover2 lol it makes me sound like a hungry person Dx
    5 8
  99. Can we not like update comments anymore?
    2 7
  100. Is there a way to turn off the email notification from FunAdvice for activities from people you are following and vice versa?
    2 12
  101. How do we tell now if one of our friends is logged on or how long ago they were last here?
    4 38
  102. What does the "featured reply" mean?
    on some answers, ive seen the "featured reply by xxx" there. lol what is that?
    9 32
  103. How do I see my questions and updates that I posted a few months ago and few days ago?
    funmail me please because im still confused on how this new thing
    2 41
  104. How do we get to our actual walls?
    AND NO IM NIT CONFUSED I KNOW WHAT IM SAYING the new layout doesn't work om phones when you click funmail or alerts they don't show and when you click on me and then my stuff it doesn't take you to your stuff it shows crap other people are posting I ca...
    4 37
  105. Where did all the mature status updates and questions go?
    2 9
  106. How do I login to FunAdvice?
    The new updated funadvice says they have to send you a link to your email but i have no clue what my password is on that email and i made a new email, how do i get back on here? helpp.
    4 32
  107. Does anyone like this new format?
    8 19
  108. How do I post a status update?
    I tried to click on "share" but nothing happened.
    3 13
  109. What is this?
    I'm done with FunAdvice. I can't even post a status or log in. i'm sorry, but I hate it.
    10 12
  110. Can we no longer post updates ... Just questions?
    2 8
  111. Do we not have our own stuff or profiles anymore?
    3 11
  112. How do I earn points?
    I tried answering a question on here but it wouldn't let me because I didn't have any points.
    3 8
  113. Is anyone else having problems posting?
    9 14
  114. Why does everything have a Mobile version except the status updates?
    3 9
  115. How do you reply to people's answers without answering your own question?
    4 18
  116. Why is there a picture of a guy and a girl on my profile?
    2 14
  117. Why did FunAdvice change?
    5 12
  118. Why do people ask such stupid questions?
    9 69
  119. Is FunAdvice ever going to bring back the group chat?
    I Think It Was Back In Like 2010? Or Such, But I Remember FunAddicts And What Not:P And Was Wondering If They Were Ever Going To Bring Back The Groups?
    7 46
  120. Why didn't FunAdvice let me ask a question?
    I was signed in but it told me I wasnt? O.o
    4 11
  121. Why do I keep receiving E-mails from FunAdvice?
    I've gone to my settings and selected the stop receiving email option and it's still updating me on photos and such that people have uploaded, and it's annoying especially when I'm waiting for a specific email from somebody.
    2 14
  122. Would you still come on FunAdvice if certain features were to be removed?
    Let's be specific ... how would you feel is these features were no longer available?: Status Updates Board Interests Links HowTos Mature Content Section (meaning, make this a globally clean site) Points & Leaderboard
    36 69
  123. How come the picture I just uploaded is on my photo spot but not in my photos page or the photos section on here?
    4 44
  124. What happened to all our posts and comments and stuff from, like, 4 hours ago?
    5 10
  125. Can you convert your FunAdvice points into cash?
    2 16
  126. FunAdvice Trivia: Which son of Antiope and Zeus, along with his twin brother Zethus, killed King Lycus and built a wall around Thebes with his lyre's melody?
    A) Argus B) Linus C) Amphion D) Philemon
    6 25
  127. FunAdvice Trivia: What is a 'conure'?
    A) A type of raft used in the Philippines B) An instrument used in medical laboratories C) A tropical bird D) A fish found in northern Canada
    11 35
  128. How are people earning over 900 points a day?
    24 24
  129. FunAdvice Trivia: Wheel of Fortune's Pat Sajak played Kevin Hathaway on what popular soap opera?
    A) Guiding Light B) Santa Barbara C) Days Of Our Lives D) Another World
    2 19
  130. Where can I post a "mature" question?
    because i got a question and need help with it
    7 39
  131. If you had the chance to redesign FunAdvice, what features would you add/change?
    58 32
  132. FunAdvice Trivia: In what film will you find Master and Blaster?
    A) Aliens B) Hook C) Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome D) Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    3 8
  133. Is it possible to deactivate FunAdvice?
    Just wondering more than anything.
    5 11
  134. Does anyone live in BRISTOL on here?
    2 9
  135. FunAdvice Trivia: What does Ra's al Ghul's daughter, Talia, call Batman?
    A) Bruce B) Beloved C) Villain D) Tyrant
    4 51
  136. FunAdvice Trivia: What remained in Pandora's Box after she opened it?
    A) Love B) Forgiveness C) Hope D) Humanity
    13 36
  137. FunAdvice Trivia: In the GARGOYLES cartoon episode 'Deadly Force,' who accidentally shot Elisa Maza?
    A) Broadway B) Lexington C) Goliath D) Demona
    6 12
  138. FunAdvice Trivia: Perseus used Medusa's head to change which being into a stone mountain after being denied refuge with him?
    A) Proteus B) Atlas C) Silenus D) Polyphemus
    6 6
  139. FunAdvice Trivia: On STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, what was the Remmler Array removing from the Enterprise?
    A) Tachyons B) Baryons C) Quarks D) Mice
    6 10
  140. FunAdvice Trivia: What section of the FBI do The X-Files fall under?
    A) Paranormal Investigations B) Serial Kιller Task Force C) Special Operations D) Violent Crimes
    13 31
  141. FunAdvice Trivia: In order, what are the 4 strings of the violin?
    A) A,D,E,C B) E,A,D,G C) A,B,C,D D) F,C,G,D
    9 14
  142. FunAdvice Trivia: What did Tom Drake's character tell Judy Garland's character about her scent in 'Meet me in St Louis'?
    A) Reminded him of a spring day B) Made him reminisce about spring flowers C) Thought she smelled like his grandmother D) Reminded him of his mother's parlor
    5 141
  143. Does anyone know Colleen's account url?
    I need to ask her something.
    9 19
  144. FunAdvice Trivia: What is Lisa Simpson's most overheard remark?
    A) 'Ay caramba' B) 'Hi everybody' C) 'Oh brother' D) 'Ha ha'
    6 4
  145. FunAdvice Trivia: In Star Wars, what type of weapon was the 'Hutt Superweapon Darksaber'?
    A) A Death Star Mark 2 B) An Eclipse Star Destroyer C) A Super Star Destroyer with Sun Crusher Missiles D) The Death Star Superlaser with Engines & Hull
    5 48
  146. How long has this website been around?
    2 43
  147. FunAdvice Trivia: The American news organization AP celebrated how many years of service on May 14, 1998?
    A) 75 B) 100 C) 125 D) 150
    3 10
  148. FunAdvice Trivia: Which two movies did James Horner compose the music for?
    A) The Towering Inferno & Rocky B) Congo & Star Trek: First Contact C) The Ghost in the Machine & Frankenstein D) Apollo 13 & Braveheart
    2 8
  149. FunAdvice Trivia: How many times did NASA send crews to land on the Moon?
    A) Three B) Five C) Seven D) Nine
    3 15
  150. How often do you look at the mature questions section?
    I always forget its there!
    12 15
  151. FunAdvice Trivia: How often can a Lilac bush bloom?
    A) Once in the Spring B) Every two years C) Spring and Fall, weather permitting D) Every three years
    4 13
  152. What do you think would happen to FunAdvice if it got rid of the status update section?
    Do you think it would help the site or make it worse? Do you think many people would leave? What other ways can you think of that could exist to help with duplicate questions?
    12 24
  153. How do I save a "HowTo" that I created?
    I dont see a save button or anything?
    3 9
  154. FunAdvice Trivia: What was the title of the premiere episode of STARMAN?
    A) 'The Return' B) 'Like Father, Like Son' C) 'Starscape' D) 'The Gift'
    5 11
  155. FunAdvice Trivia: Who was the mother of Artemis and Apollo?
    A) Leto B) Hera C) Athena D) Hestia
    6 19
  156. Would you let your children come on FunAadvice?
    22 47
  157. FunAdvice Trivia: On "The Simpson's", what is Mr. Burns' 'real' first initial?
    A) C. B) H. C) S. D) M.
    9 20
  158. FunAdvice Trivia: In what containers was Schlitz the first to serve beer in 1875?
    A) Cans B) Bottles C) Steins D) Big Jugs
    6 29
  159. FunAdvice Trivia: 'Bhagvad Gita' was originally written in which language?
    A) Pali B) Sanskrit C) Urdu D) Hindi
    4 22
  160. FunAdvice Trivia: What movie was the song 'Heaven' by Bryan Adams written for?
    A) Hope Floats B) The Mirror has two Faces C) The Three Musketeers D) A Night in Heaven
    4 336
  161. How do I award a best answer?
    3 30
  162. FunAdvice Trivia: Which of these planets has the most satellites?
    A) Jupiter B) Uranus C) Saturn D) Earth
    4 14
  163. FunAdvice Trivia: What color is Captain Kirk's tunic in most of the episodes?
    A) Green B) Red C) Blue D) Yellow
    4 48
  164. FunAdvice Trivia: The GOR movies are adapted from the works of what author?
    A) Edgar Rice Burroughs B) John Norman C) Michael Crichton D) Stephen King
    3 8
  165. Does the main chat actually work?
    5 14
  166. FunAdvice Trivia: In 1975, inventor Ed Roberts marketed the first PC under what brand name?
    A) Altair B) IBM C) Okidata D) Commodore
    6 37
  167. FunAdvice Trivia: Which of the following is true of the Hawaiian language?
    A) Over 40% of the words begin with H B) It contains nearly 70 letters C) Does not have a term for 'love' D) No word has consecutive consonants
    4 10
  168. FunAdvice Trivia: What sci-fi television persona edited SURFING magazine for 13 years?
    A) Stephen Spielberg B) Chris Carter C) Patrick Stewart D) Gene Roddenberry
    3 19
  169. How come I have received what appears to be an automated email from FunAdvice ?
    That says: " Dear Estragon, florence posted something in your Feed "Hi , " CLICK here to see it: Your friends at FunAdvice " But when I click the link, I see no evidence of anyth...
    2 14
  170. FunAdvice Trivia: The 1998 World's Fair opened in May in what country?
    A) Norway B) Holland C) Portugal D) Switzerland
    3 8
  171. FunAdvice Trivia: Where did the 'Klondike Gold Rush' begin?
    A) Dawson Creek B) Fairbanks C) Bonanza Creek D) Nome
    2 9
  172. FunAdvice Trivia: What part did Shakespeare play in the original version of Hamlet?
    A) Polonius B) Rosencrantz C) The Ghost D) Yorick
    3 30
  173. Do you people on FunAdvice like to use computers?
    And how good are you with computers?
    13 12
  174. Does the little smiley face on the FunAdvice logo ever remind anyone else of Papi Jump?
    2 26
  175. FunAdvice Trivia: What is an 'amphora'?
    A) A large storage vase used in ancient Egypt B) A tuba-like instrument C) A holy book in Malaysia D) A holy cow in India
    3 19
  176. FunAdvice Trivia: What god killed Python and established the Pythian Games?
    A) Mercury B) Apollo C) Neptune D) Cronos
    3 16
  177. Why are some of the words on FunAdvice turning blue and becoming clickable?
    7 15
  178. FunAdvice Trivia: Who bought Smith and Wesson's first venture into gun making in 1854?
    A) Colt B) Remington C) Winchester D) Ruger
    6 8
  179. Where's the FunAdvice leaderboard?
    3 8
  180. FunAdvice Trivia: What food were American bakers ordered to stop selling for the duration of World War II?
    A) Cream pies B) Sliced bread C) Strudel D) Bagels
    7 36
  181. FunAdvice trivia: Who sang 'Build Me Up Buttercup' in 1969?
    A) KC & The Sunshine Band B) Archie Bell & The Drells C) Foundations D) Lettermen
    10 36
  182. FunAdvice Trivia: Who invented the Safety Pin?
    1) Walter Hunt 2) James Gray 3) Franklin Ben 5) Clinton Rodham
    12 14
  183. FunAdvice Trivia: In the Cheers TV show, for what purpose are Cliff and Norm getting 'People' magazine?
    A) Check out the lingerie models B) Read their horoscopes C) Black out people's teeth D) To read it from back to front
    4 33
  184. Does anybody know how to upload pics on here through an iPhone?
    2 9
  185. FunAdvice Trivia: Who is "Dylan" in ancient Welsh myth?
    A) God who carries the stars in the heavens B) God of the sea water C) God of literature and art D) God of folk music
    8 10
  186. Can I delete my acount on here and start a new one with the same email address?
    7 18
  187. FunAdvice Trivia: What is the plural form of deer?
    A) Deers B) Deer C) Deeres D) Deer's
    18 31
  188. FunAdvice Trivia: What comics creator is well-known for her characterization of Vampirella at Comic Cons?
    A) Wendy Pini B) Marie Severin C) Joellyn Auklandus D) Cathy Christian
    5 10
  189. FunAdvice Trivia: Smith and Wesson developed one of their most famous revolvers, .38 special, in what year?
    A) 1839 B) 1899 C) 1909 D) 1919
    7 9
  190. Is there a delete button for the questions that we ask?
    I wanna delete a couple questions on here cuz of reasons is there a delete button i cant find one :(
    5 7
  191. FunAdvice Trivia: In the 1931 version of FRANKENSTEIN, who is the first person to be killed by the monster?
    A) Dr. Waldman B) Elizabeth C) Fritz D) A local villager
    9 12
  192. Who would you like to meet off of FunAdvice?
    43 66
  193. FunAdvice Trivia: Which legendary person states that he is 'second only to Taliesin'?
    A) Myrddin (Merlin) B) Maelgwn C) Vortipor D) Uther
    7 7
  194. Why did Anonymous randomly give me 5 points?
    23 39
  195. FunAdvice Trivia: Which British computer built in 1943, whose existence was kept secret until 1976, was actually the world's first?
    A) Acropolis B) Colossus C) Rameses D) Majesty
    7 28
  196. What is the difference between the ratings M+ and MV?
    I know the M stands for mature but is one more mature than the other? I don't understand American rating systems :L
    2 58
  197. Why can't I post pictures on FunAdvice?
    Trying to post a question or status update about a health concern and I wanted to post a photo (nothing vulgar, just the skin on my foot and shin) to see if anyone knew what it was, and FunAdvice won't let me post a photo.
    3 28
  198. FunAdvice Trivia: How many lìcks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
    A) 99 B) 16 C) 20 D) It's up to the person doing the lìcking
    17 34
  199. When I have answered a question and it takes me to the next page, why are the other questions about 3 years old?
    2 14
  200. FunAdvice Trivia: Who came up with the technique of of explaining and calculating the quantum behavior, 'matrix mechanics'?
    A) Max Planck B) Werner Heisenberg C) Niels Bohr D) Richard Feynman
    9 19
  201. When I email a photo to this website, does it go to the photos section?
    7 9
  202. Can I email pictures to FunAdvice; If so, to what address?
    3 13
  203. How can I upload pictures to FunAdvice from my iPad?
    It won't let me do it from the photos tab.
    3 13
  204. FunAdvice Trivia: Who hosted the first version and then co-hosted the TV program 'You Bet Your Life'?
    A) Merv Griffin B) George Fenneman C) Harvey Korman D) Steve Allen
    7 14
  205. Is there any way to delete my FunAdvice account?
    10 58
  206. Is there any way to delete photos from FunAdvice?
    8 25
  207. How many people have an account on FunAdvice?
    like 144, 712,923 ect
    4 7
  208. FunAdvice Trivia: How much did Frank Sinatra weigh at birth?
    A) 5 lb. 8 oz. B) 7 lb. 4 oz. C) 11 lb. 2 oz. D) 13 lb. 8 oz.
    5 117
  209. FunAdvice Trivia: In the 1880's how much did a pair of Jeans cost?
    A) $0.25 B) $0.22 C) $0.15 D) $1.00
    12 72
  210. FunAdvice Trivia: Which of the following was not a member of the 'Legion of Super Heroes'?
    A) Starman B) Nightwing C) Chameleon Boy D) Ferro Lad
    7 11
  211. FunAdvice Trivia: What legend is Matt Wagner's MAGE based upon?
    A) Prometheus B) Hercules C) Beowulf D) King Arthur
    5 32
  212. FunAdvice Trivia: What 1970's children's show starred John Whitaker?
    A) The Great Space Coaster B) Banana Splitz C) Sigmund the Sea Monster D) 3-2-1 Contact
    5 49
  213. FunAdvice Trivia: What TV series did Chris Carter credit as a major inspiration for The X-Files?
    A) Dark Shadows B) The Twilight Zone C) The Outer Limits D) Kolchak: The Night Stalker
    10 15
  214. FunAdvice Trivia: In the 1986 animated feature THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE, who provided the voice of the evil Professor Ratigan?
    A) Anthony Hopkins B) Martin Landau C) Tim Curry D) Vincent Price
    4 12
  215. Why can't I login to FunAdvice through Google Chrome or Firefox?
    This is a brand new laptop and i can only access FunAdvice via internet explorer D: EW.
    4 9
  216. Why doesn't the My Location work on my profile?
    9 57
  217. FunAdvice Trivia: Which Goddess of Speech, Learning and the Arts is the consort of Brahma?
    A) Savitri B) Sita C) Saraswati D) Shri
    5 9
  218. FunAdvice Trivia: Who was the first visitor from the Gamma Quadrant in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine?
    A) Q B) Rom C) Tosk D) Leeta
    4 25
  219. FunAdvice Trivia: What was Queen's first breakthrough song that landed them a record contract?
    A) Bohemian Rhapsody B) Keep Yourself Alive C) Killer Queen D) Sheer Heart Attack
    8 68
  220. FunAdvice Trivia: What or who is the well-recognized 'Bear Family'?
    A) Alaskan folk musicians B) African exotic dancers C) Traveling animal act D) German record distribution company
    7 11
  221. What is up with these people messaging me?
    i can't even read their messages they keep sending me one messages and then their accounts are closed. what the heck is going on if people want to send me a message just send them and i will read them without judge.
    7 4
  222. Who on FunAdvice has the most points?
    3 15
  223. FunAdvice Trivia: What caused on September 11 1970 the disappearance of a Ferry on its way to Venice, Italy without a trace?
    A) A Tornado B) It was sunk by an unknown submarine C) It was sunk by an unknown airplane D) It just disappeared
    7 15
  224. What does it mean when it says on here 'This profile is not active', or something like that?
    It just means its not 'active' (obviously) but does it mean the person has been suspended or,,? Dumb and obvious question ._. but asking anyway
    5 41
  225. Why do people still follow a person on FunAdvice when he/she hasn't been on for over a year?
    7 7
  226. Why, when people post a link, does it change the link to a FunAdvice link?
    Is it a way to make a little extra money, which I know is completely legit:3 Or is it making links more safe? I'm just curious!
    3 8
  227. FunAdvice Trivia: Where was Kidd's band transported to on the cartoon series KIDD VIDEO?
    A) The Nth Dimension B) The Negative Zone C) The Flip Side D) Mainframe
    9 10
  228. Can we please fix the "profile is private" and delete the "instant chat"?
    Can we take a vote on one or the other??
    20 22
  229. Why does the 'Get Instant Advice' thing not work?
    6 12
  230. Can you pray for my Mother too?
    My mom is really sick and in the hospital. She's had pneumonia a few times within the past 2 or 3 years. And needed oxygen. Then her insurance ran out, and her meds ran out and by the time we got them all back, she felt horrible, so we called 911. She...
    12 29
  231. FunAdvice Trivia: What was the title of the last episode of 'The Dukes of Hazzard'?
    1) Enos and Daisy's Wedding 2) Opening Night at the Boar's Nest 3) Farewell Hazzard 4) Good Ole Boys
    5 10
  232. Why does it say that I earned a point when I reply to something but it doesn't add to my points?
    2 13
  233. FunAdvice Trivia: What was the identification code of the stormtrooper who's suit Luke stole in Star Wars: A New Hope?
    A) TLX-1138 B) TK-421 C) SR-114 D) TKE-555
    10 33
  234. How do you update a status on FunAdvice?
    3 11
  235. Why is it that sometimes you get 2 points and sometimes you get more?
    What determines how many points you get?
    10 9
  236. FunAdvice Trivia: In how many 'Andy Griffith' episodes did Goober and Gomer appear in together?
    A) One B) Two C) Three D) None
    6 81
  237. Why does it say I have FunMails, then I click on it and there are no new ones?
    6 26
  238. FunAdvice Trivia: What underground artist often signed his name 'Gore'?
    A) Tom Veitch B) Edward Gorey C) Lee Marrs D) Richard Corben
    5 8
  239. FunAdvice Trivia: What did Voyager 1 unexpectedly find when it passed Jupiter?
    A) A moon B) An asteroid belt C) A comet D) A ring
    8 12
  240. FunAdvice Trivia: How many times has Seinfeld proposed to a girl on his show?
    A) One B) Two C) Three D) Never
    5 10
  241. What's the point of having the option to make your profile private if someone can just follow you and see everything?
    2 8
  242. Why do people put (6 9) after some of their updates in the mature section?
    If its supposed to beat the filters, IT DOES'NT, why do it.....
    7 18
  243. FunAdvice Trivia: What remains in Pandora's box?
    A) Inspiration B) Hope C) Eternity D) The unknown
    15 21
  244. FunAdvice Trivia:What cartoon super-robot protects the Earth from the evil Dr. Demon?
    A) Gigantor B) Voltron C) Tranzor Z D) Frankenstein, Jr.
    7 13
  245. FunAdvice Trivia: Before John Wayne became a Hollywood star, he excelled in what?
    A) As a Race Car Driver B) As a Stunt Man C) As a Cowboy on his Father's Farm D) As a Drill Sargeant in the Marine Corps
    7 16
  246. FunAdvice Trivia: Who played the Black Guardian on DOCTOR WHO?
    A) Cyril Luckham B) Steve Gallager C) Nicholas Courtney D) Valentine Dyall
    5 4
  247. FunAdvice Trivia: In 'Max Headroom', what character's mind was Max generated from?
    A) Edison Carter B) Edgar Bryce C) Norman Garrister D) Murry
    3 9
  248. FunAdvice Trivia: Technically, the Banana plant is what sort of plant?
    A) Shrub/Bush B) Vine C) Herb D) Fern
    15 17
  249. FunAdvice Trivia: What did/do Cowboys refer to as a John B?
    A) Stirrups B) A Stetson Hat C) A dish made with Pork and Beans and Hot Peppers D) A Horse Thief
    8 17
  250. Do you guys think that if I ask Colleen to FunMail me my password, she will give it to me?
    6 10