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Wich background color should I use on my page?

SHould I have my backround as purple or black??
purple is my fave coler but I think its sorta girly on it...
and I like black but then it makes it look gothic..weird...
wich one???

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Why do people get away with blatant plagiarism?

I frequently see questions answered by people who have just copied and pasted a block of text from Wikipedia or some other reference source, without acknowledging the source they got it from - implicitly claiming it as their own. This is blatant plagia...


Why do so many people refuse to answer the pending questions on her

Now that seems like a fairly good question to me ;]


Can anyone view the mature questions section?

This just occurred to me, I've never been underage on this site so I don't know. Is there an age restriction on the mature sections? Can anyone view them? If so, would it be a better idea to change it so that there is an age restriction, or leave it as...


FunAdvice Trivia: In the 60s, in which American city were you supposed to wear flowers in your hair?

A) San Diego
B) Memphis
C) New Orleans
D) San Francisco


Old questions

Do many people answer old ?'s ? Do many people check their old ?'s for anwers??


what is the difference between looking and staring..

what is the difference between looking and staring. I dont know sorry.


How do people write the tittles without what or ??

I've seen a lot of question tittles on this site without who, what, where, why or how in them and they dont end in a question mark. How are they doing it? Cause this would be very helpful for me as my questions are normally to long to fit in.


What is funadvice's busiest hours?

Whats this places bussiest hours


How do you make links clickable?

How do you make links that you write in your advice clickable?


What determines how many points you get if someone likes your answer?

I mean why are the points we get if someone likes our answer different?


is my e mail addresses correct?

is my e mail addresses correct?


How to ignore people on FA

So, on my post about cutting that I made earlier, there are these 2 girls that are telling me exactly what I specifically said I didn't want to hear in the post. [(That I'm stupid and shouldn't do it, etc..) And if you agree with them, then good for y...


How do you delete old questions?

How do you delete old questions that you dont want on your profile anymore?


FunAdvice Trivia: Which Italian actress was voted the Most Beautiful Italian Girl in Tunisia 1957?

A) Gina Lollobrigida
B) Sofia Loren
C) Claudia Cardinale
D) Stefania Sandrelli

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FunAdvice Trivia: Which book did Mark Chapman read while waiting to be arrested after the murder of John Lennon?

A) King Solomon's Mines
B) The Call of the Wild
C) The Catcher in the Rye
D) The Turn of the Screw


Why do girls put up slutty pictures?

Maybe its just me, but isnt it inappropriate to have a picture on fun advice showing off you boobs...intented for female pics...I mean its sluttish and skankish. why would you want a stranger rating your rack? thats like sending and invite to pervs to ...


Why are certain questions deleted off this site?

For instance, I saw a question asked titled 'Can birds fly?'.
Now I know, my first opinion was this guy is an idiot, but trying to give advice I said ' well, most can'. I then decided I'll find a list of birds that can't fly to elaborate on my previous...


Smiley icon

How do I make the smiley icon on here??? Its so cool !!


Why is it that people are so judgmental?

So people ask advice, you give it to them and they flip out. It doesn't make since.. Or other people get mad at the advice you give someone else. Do people ever grow up and except the facts people are telling them?! Or are they always going to be immat...


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