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Does anyone who KNOWS about the Church help me with my conversion?

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I have seriously considered converting to Catholicism for some time now. I have received good advice from good people and negative advice from people who supposedly think they know everything there is to know about the Catholic Church. I know I can contact a parish (church) but I feel I need more advice from those who KNOW about this and who UNDERSTAND my feelings. I have had BAD experiences in other churches and I dont think Catholicism will frighten me! I've seen and experienced abuse, (I was an abused child) so I am NOT afraid of a Priest for Pete's sake! I've heard enough about that!(although I DO NOT tolerate child abuse of any kind!!) I just want to feel closer to God and I want to feel more grounded and truly aided and loved by God for once instead of some redneck preaching racist jokes or anti-semetic garbage! I've had enough of that too. Long story. No time to elaborate there. But your advice/help is greatly appreciated.