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  1. How to Protect Your Idea from Being Stolen in 7 Ways
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  2. Happy Tuesday everyone..
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  3. how do u say "kiss my ass u stupid son of a bitch" politically correct?
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  4. Anyone From Saudi Arabia?
    4 38
  5. Can anybody define that what actually is inheritance law?
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  6. What happens if a parent is unable to pay child support?
    If they are ordered to pay child support but are unable to afford it, what happens? Will the other parent just have to deal without that money?
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  7. Can I marry in the U.K without a visa?
    I am a U.S citizen who wants to marry in the U.K to my British fiance. I applied for a marriage visa but it was deemed unsuccessful because we don't have a lot of money. Can I just go to the U.K and get married without it? Is there another option for ...
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  8. Do you see our president's statement coming true, i.e. that "America
    is no longer a Christian nation?"
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  9. do you think death row inmates should be aloud to donate there organs?
    3 6
  10. Who is the Chief Justice of Malawi?
    Who is the Chief Justice of Malawi?
    3 38
  11. Who is the President of Malawi?
    Who is the President of Malawi?
    2 38
  12. Can I get certified and work as a CNA with a simple assault charge in nj
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  13. isn't supposed to be the people who are in control not the government...
    Just a question. I remeber my history teacher/soldier taught me that.....if thats they have so much really confused about that
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  14. Should I report it?
    This might seem incredibly obvious to everyone, but nothing like this has ever happened to me. Yesterday, some man approached me while I was on campus. It was in a crowded place. He asked about the shoes I was wearing, so I answered trying to be fri...
    9 32
  15. Can my girlfriends mom call the police on me for this?
    Okay so my girlfriend's mom got mad at me because about four days ago me and my girlfriend went to the park for about three hours we were just talking because she has family problems anyways my girlfriend told her mom that she was going to go for a wal...
    8 60
  16. Supreme Court Cases
    I need to know the Supreme Court case name that declared that it's illegal for school's to forces and punish their students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I'll continue looking myself but if someone wants to help or just knows, I'd appreciate anyt...
    7 28
  17. Legal advice needed!!!
    Okay so I went to the store one night to get stuff to make dinner my mom was on her way home from work at the time and I was trying to do something nice for my mom now this is where my story starts I come home and walk in the kitchen set everything dow...
    2 31
  18. Why the irs office representative couldnt answerme a simple question?
    Well i went to the irs office and waited two hours to see a representative to ask him something about if a u.s citizen has to pay double taxes if he lives and works in another country and he told me that is not allowed to answer these kind of questions...
    8 37
  19. Can I put 1 on my w-4 if I am a dependent?
    Under "B" it says I can put 1 if I am single and have only one job but I don't know if that will confuse me for being independent. I asked my father and he doesn't know much about it either.
    2 72
  20. Stereotypes Hispanics face in today's world?
    I have to write a 5 page paper on this subject. Im trying to go beyond the box with this paper for English. Know of every interesting stereotypes? Even statistics work as well.
    2 35
  21. You know those census people who ask you a million probing questions that takes
    30 mins? Is it illegal to refuse to do it or is it alright that I told her to walk? My dad already answered those questions two years ago and it basically drove him to drink because it was so tedious. I wasnt about to do it. I know they mail them to pe...
    4 16
  22. Graffiti artists were told they would be prosecuted if they painted on the city walls. How did they get around this threat and got their graffit
    It was my daily mensa question.. any ideas?
    2 17
  23. Have they released information on why that 12 y/o california boy stabbed his 8 y/o sister to death yet?
    Last I knew they wouldnt even release his name. Their parents were at a softball game or something, why they left their kids home alone, I dont know, but they did and the 8 year old girl was stabbed to death and the brother blamed it on a fake intruder...
    4 45
  24. Tax Attorney Help
    What is the benefit of hiring a Tax Attorney
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  25. is it illegal to sell a car with a cracked frame?
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  26. if a person is a us citizen and has a child over seas what best for the child a visa or a green card?
    3 25
  27. i am wondering how does this work?
    my cousin is a US citizen while shes married to a guy over seas and they got married in his country. what does she do inorder to bring him here and how long does it take? i heard more than 2 years..why?
    2 12
  28. is the guy that bobmed Boston Marathon Muslim or russian?
    6 13
  29. did they catch who bombed boston marathon?
    3 12
  30. how many guns is to many for someone to have?
    ok so my bf has some guns, 5 to be exact, he has a couple hand guns and a few shot guns. I dont really care about him having a gun but in the past lets say 4 months he has purchased 3 of the 5 guns. He likes guns and I dont want him to feel awkward or ...
    3 41
  31. whats the difference between law enforcement and police officer?
    my purse was stolen and they told me to contact law enforcement and police officer..thought its the same thing?
    2 32
  32. in India, do homeless people carry ID with them?
    (1) in india, do homeless people carry ID with them? (2) can you go outside, and ask some homeless people... do they have ID..? (3) can you ask women specifically..?
    3 42
  33. Is there any chance of marijuana being legalized in Texas?
    3 10
  34. What exactly is the immigration reform that has been on the news lately?
    2 36
  35. under what circumstances would you file a stay away order?
    <p> For those that dont know the situation, my brother choked one of my kids a few months back, well I had him put in jail, when I did that my mother said she no longer wanted contact with me or my kids. I was fine with that and said ok just make sur...
    2 12
  36. Can I start something like this or is it illegal?
    I'm 16 years old and I want to start a club or society at the school but I want it to be something like Sea Cadets except that its not going to be sponsored by the Navy or a Association.It will be militralistic and discipline. Its something to give bac...
    2 54
  37. Gun Control Laws, for or against.
    So what are your opinions on new gun control laws if they come? Should we have firmer laws or ban certain guns entirely?
    3 13
  38. If sombebody falls on the street because the floor is frozen can he sue or not?
    If somebody falls on the street because the floor is frozen and the ambulance take hin can he sue the city or not? Just curiosity i saw a man falling on the street and i was wondering about this, because it could have happened to anybody. What do you ...
    2 15
  39. If we have a woman as president how do we call her husband?
    We call him man in charge, or the first man or first knight. I dont have any idea, just wondering lol. What do you think?
    3 58
  40. where do you pay your ticket?
    i got a ticket for passing a school bus:( anyone knows how much i wil be paying for?
    3 15
  41. what happens if the traffic ticket is passed its due date?
    i passed a school bus and got a ticket its been 5 months since i got the ticket what do i do?
    2 20
  42. Do you think that could be possible one day or that would be too crazy?
    I dont mean to offend anybody, but with these gay rights and everything what would happen if people wanna marry their pets and use the same arguments that with gay people that they feel that way about their pets and that they are in love with their pet...
    7 27
  43. What are your thoughts on school massacres?
    I looked at a timeline of school massacres It's ridiculous the amount of these shootings are in the United States. What are your thoughts on gun control? Who's to blame? What are your thoughts to put an end ...
    13 25
  44. legal advice wanted
    so me and my girlfriend live with her mom and her mom has severe bipolar disorder and complains and hassles every single day over nothing. whenever my girlfriend gets her financial aid from college, her mom wants half of it and if she doesnt give her m...
    2 36
  45. whats combat when talking about army?
    i heard the students making a big fuss something about ladies..combats??
    2 11
  46. if somebody rob a bank and say that he is crazy he will get away with that?
    Like in those cases where the killer kill a lot of people and say is that crazy that will apply if somebody rob a bank or not. What do you think?
    5 20
  47. hurry i need help
    My mom got in a fight with her new bf. He said my mom was spending 2 much time with my dad then him. He is threatening to go to social services. We called the cops earlier and they called him but nothing helped he just keeps pestering. He says oh well ...
    5 20
  48. What is the law on 18+ dating minors?
    I turn 15 next month and my boyfriend turns 18 later on in the year, so I was wondering what that law was.
    3 35
  49. Why the congress delays to solve the fiscal cliff?
    Why we have to wait until the end of the year to know what is going to happen with the fiscal cliff i mean they could have decided something at the beginning of the month or am i wrong everybody is waiting for the president if he will stay in hawaii ...
    3 29
  50. Is it illegal to smoke cigarettes under 18 or just illegal to buy them?
    2 26
  51. What do you think of stricter or looser gun-laws and its consequences?
    Since the Sandy Hook shooting, many people are blaming the United States' gun-laws so I was wondering what each person thought on the subject. I, myself have mixed feelings on the subject. As the saying goes "Guns don't kill people, people kill peop...
    20 20
  52. With all the recent shootings, do you worry about "copycats" doing the same?
    7 9
  53. Its illegal to wear a sky mask on the streets or not?
    Well i would like to know this because, i just was walking on my neighborhood and i have run into people that they know me twice, but you know its people that only like goosip and talk nonsense, i mean people who have bad vibes and when they find you o...
    3 24
  54. Why wont America change their gun laws?
    Why are guns still legal in the states?
    51 43
  55. Why the Psy singer is treated like a star after what he said of United States?
    This guy who sings the Ganham style said awful things about America and now he will fix it with a simple sorry, and then the president welcome the guy in the white house the least America should have done is ban this guy music in the United States. W...
    4 24
  56. Will it cost me anything to go to the hospital in BC if my Yukon healthcare card
    is expired? My parents told me they would send me my new sticker but I still haven't received it yet and I have a weird lump on my neck that has me kind of worried. The problem is the healthcare card I have is expired and I have $50 to last me until t...
    2 14
  57. What do you think of that photographer that didnt help the man on the subway?
    I can not believe that the man took that picture like 50 times to this guy and didnt help him, i mean the first time i heard about it I thought it was only one picture. I always thought that the first reaction of any person in this situation would have...
    2 18
  58. what's an example of political behavior/beliefs?
    Im doing this thing for ap gov. It's a slideshow for current events. I need help finding articles for political beliefs and behavior
    2 46
  59. What are the Canadian laws on keeping ducks as pets?
    in Ontario. I know there are some pets that are not allowed but I cannot seem to find them. I love ducks, but I'm not really planning on getting one but I am curious.
    3 13
  60. If I marry a US felon could I move him to Canada? His arrest was 19 years ago.
    3 79
  61. Are you for or against feminism? Why or why not?
    9 15
  62. What's happening with US, Israel and Palestina?
    6 21
  63. Why anything that happen in Israel its so important for the United States? I mean its not like we see another country worried about them like Ca
    11 16
  64. Who here thinks this might be true ?
    Romney lost because he offered jobs to a country that largely, doesn't want to work ?
    3 20
  65. How much time will my boyfriend do in jail?
    My boyfriend turned him self in on nov. 1st to a federal prison and they sentenced him to 21 months but they took off 3 months for turning Himself that leaves him to 18 mnths and he was wanting to get into some programs but they dnt have that i...
    5 22
  66. How do I compare and contrast the World War 2 with the Vietnam War?
    How can i compare and contrast W.W. II and Vietnam War,and todays main conflict in afganistan War,How is Veterans Day celebrated and reconized from the beginning of this memory date to now? i need help on my J.O.R.T.C Project
    2 75
  67. Is stripping a legal job in the United States?
    5 41
  68. What is the muslim religion Like why do people like Osama Bin Laden believe it s okay to kill?
    3 33
  69. Why are people against socialism?
    17 44
  70. Why don't they make alcohol illegal if it causes so many deaths/injuries?
    21 63
  71. Are they legalizing marijuana?
    i heard two states are O.O isn't it bad?
    10 24
  72. Is Puerto Rico now a state of America?
    11 22
  73. When do we find out who will win the election?
    7 48
  74. Who is going to vote tomorrow?
    4 36
  75. Why did Mussolini introduce the Race Laws in 1938?
    2 68
  76. When are they going to declare who will be the president and what time?
    14 42
  77. Why did the mayor cancel the New York marathon when he could have just postponed it for next week?
    4 14
  78. Do you believe that crazy story that the government made the storm with HAARP?
    Because i f they can do that, they wouldnt have any problem to use it for the drought and that would be a good use for Haarp, why they didnt use haarp for the drought and make it rain that would be easier than make a storm. What do you think?
    8 43
  79. Can candidates in an election vote for themselves?
    7 108
  80. What do you think about the comment that a republican made that a rape was planned out by God?
    i cant recall his name
    2 10
  81. What would happen if the elections are tied?
    I have heard that if that happen the president would be a republican and the vicepresident would be a democrat. I mean how that would work that would be a really crazy thing. What do you think?
    4 33
  82. When did England start colonizing the world?
    2 29
  83. Do you think Obama will accept the offer from Donald Trump or not?
    I hope he takes the challenge and release his records the mone will be use for charities, if he do that and he is american he should do it. At least for the charities. His only response in the Joy Leno show was joking about that, but he didnt say anyth...
    5 20
  84. What happened with the Casey and Caylee Anthony case in the end?
    Did the mom have the death penalty or what
    7 20
  85. What is the occupation name of the person that questions suspects, victims, and witnesses?
    I'm writing a store for English and an't thing of what it's called
    5 20
  86. Are you guys voting for senators or leaving it blank?
    4 20
  87. What is a state senator; is it the same as state representative?
    8 37
  88. What's the legal age to start smoking?
    Not to actually purchase cigars but to smoke one?
    59 66
  89. Why do you think Romney should be our future president?
    25 13
  90. Is it true that all businessmen in the United States are republicans or is that an urban legend?
    I have always heard that. What do you think?
    6 22
  91. What do you think about the Amanda Todd story?
    9 40
  92. Who won the debate yesterday?
    I will watch it in youtube, tell me plese thank you.
    10 44
  93. What are your views on the Political Debate?
    5 19
  94. Do you think the Canadian government would have a conscription (draft) if presented with the chance of war?
    I know they did during 1917, the conscription crisis, but it caused a huge gap in Canada because many of the Quebecqois didn't want to fight the war.
    2 11
  95. If you were in war would you be ready to kιll the enemies?
    If you were In War, Would you be ready to kιll the enemies? Even If the enemies were young terrסrist kids? Cause guys are brutal In the army, they are ready to take down any one that gets In there way. I asked my best fran, she said would be terrif...
    5 8
  96. Why do we celebrate Columbus Day in United States?
    I mean what did Columbus do for the United States? I dont know tell me please thank you.
    4 13
  97. Why do people not like Mitt Romney, either?
    So i don't really follow the political stuff or any of that, and i get that people don't like Obama and now they don't like Mitt Romney either? Why?, what has he done do far to make people not like him?
    26 39
  98. Is using the term "mafia" around an Italian community considered an insult?
    Ok I was out with my friend today at the little Italy days down at Bloomfield in the Pittsburgh area and I used therm mafia not loud so people could hear but my friends dad heard me and he said don't use that word around here ok? It's not a good word f...
    4 22
  99. Are you guys voting for Obama or Romney?
    I am a republican, but I really dislike Romney and i really DISLIKE Obama as well.
    23 29
  100. What is the whole point of nuclear weapons?
    I mean the country who has nuclear weapons call it iran or any other country how can they will benefit anyway if they blow up the world. I dont now many of this just what i have heard in the media, but not even the country owner of these weapons would ...
    46 35
  101. Is John F Kennedy considered a civil rights hero/leader?
    3 21
  102. Who knows about the Clash of Civilizations?
    7 26
  103. What is the place called where you go to apply for a visa, citizenship, etc.; is it immigration?
    3 44
  104. Do rednecks hate black people?
    Im dating this guy whos bro is a racist redneck. My classmate told me they will come to my house and kιll me. Since im black dating a white guy,his bro...
    12 237
  105. What are "people of color" and are they considered non-white minorities and skin tone?
    Ok so let me get this right people of color are not white people correct? I mean like for instance people if color are like Native American Indians,African Americans,Asians,Middle Eastern people like from Saudi Arabia and morocco,Hispanics/Latinos-braz...
    2 43
  106. What do you think of that video of Romney talking about the 47%?
    Honestly, i didnt see anything wrong if what he meant is to add more jobs to the country and support people opening their own smallbusinesses to be independent. Whats wrong with that? That is what i understand from the video. What do you think? Tell m...
    2 15
  107. What opposition did Germany face after WW1?
    I'm writing my revision booklet and I've confused myself as to which part is the opposition. I've written about the Sociological, economic and military effects of the war but I can't find what I've written about the opposition. Was the opposition the...
    9 41
  108. Why can't companies test on death row inmates instead of animals?
    Instead of animal testing or execution of crimes...why can't we use inmates that are on death row and give them to companies for them to test on?
    7 40
  109. Should an inmate's execution be delayed because they are too fat?
    9 39
  110. Can a woman breastfeed her baby in public or not?
    I dont know about this, but i think is ok if a woman do that. What do you think tell me please thank you. Its just curiosity.
    13 43
  111. Are Muslims in the USA as furious and wanting to kíll Americans because of a YouTube video as compared to the countries they come from?
    It seems that not only Muslims extremist are on this revolt but whole countries of Muslims in the Arab world that want to kíll Americans because of that video and so many people in their countries, like Egypt and Libya have died already. How come Musli...
    12 43
  112. Is it true that JoJo likes black men as well, and who do you think JoJo will vote for - Obama or Romney?
    I see that joanna levesque likes black men, idk if she has a boyfriend now who is black but i've heard she has dated freddy adu..that's all I know. But does JoJo have a crush on black men? I heard she once even went out with Jermiah..and she's another ...
    3 260
  113. Did Obama forget to talk about Obamacare and the microchip for people in the democratic convention?
    He forgot or he will tell that after he wins the election. I have heard that the document of Obamacare that has like 2000 pages said in the page 1000 about the microchip for people, but where i can get a copy of that document to know its not something ...
    14 41
  114. How would you comment on someone's testimony?
    What would you say? Anybody?
    2 10
  115. Is there a "Do not send political crap to me via email" list that I can get on?
    For some reason my Yahoo mail spam filter is not taking care of this problem... I hate the emails asking for money and all that! Is there a "Do not email" list? Personally I have nothing against politics, except the bullcrap, but not in my email!!!!!!!...
    4 38
  116. Do you think the media is in favor of one party's side?
    I know the media it's supposed to be impartial about this, but for some reason I feel the media is on Obamas side, I hope to be wrong and that the media would be impartial with this. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    6 15
  117. Why is it that the legal age to drink is 21 but you can serve your country at age 18?
    19 41
  118. Can anyone give me 12 differences between a Monarchy and a Democracy?
    Also, elaborate the points you mention. Thanks :).
    2 10
  119. Why did a Palestinian shoot dead 13 and wound 30 Americans at the military base in Texas?
    Why did a Palestinian shoot dead 13 and wound 30 Americans at the military base in Texas?
    6 28
  120. Can you vote by mail or do you have to go to city hall?
    7 153
  121. Which actor would you like to run for president?
    Im so dissapointed with the candidates for president that i wouldnt matter if an actor would run for president, I would nominate Bruce Willis for president or another looking badass actor lol. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    8 19
  122. How do you interpret internationalism?
    2 10
  123. Do you think the economy will improve in the United States?
    4 19
  124. Why do you have to have the license plate of the state you live in?
    I was given my car when my grandpa died a little over a year ago. He lived in Oklahoma so the car has an Oklahoma license plate. I live in Texas and I get my insurance and everything taken care of here. I got pulled over the other night because my lice...
    2 87
  125. Do you feel people are being too hard on Todd Akins?
    In case the name doesn't sound familiar, he's the one that coined the phrase, "legitimate rape" sometime this week or last week, not sure. But do you feel that people are in the right to attack him brutally or should we forgive him and accept his littl...
    7 15
  126. Do you believe that it is unfair that the republican party is trying not to give the women a choice to abort in the case of incest or rape?
    7 21
  127. What is the cheapest, most efficient, and effective legal way to create a will?
    My wife and I have been talking about doing so, but keep putting it off. Life insurance on each other ect is already in place as long as we pay the premiums, but we should get the rest taken care of for others too just in case. We aren't getting any yo...
    3 10
  128. What is currently going on with Israel and Syria?
    4 11
  129. What's your opinion on mercy killing?
    10 59
  130. How stupid do you have to be, to be a politician? Seriously I don't understand this logic or this "science".
    12 35
  131. Would buying or renting out a warehouse and building within it and then charging people to use what's in it illegal or legal?
    I'm just having a mad idea xD
    3 10
  132. What a hypocrite law to ban gun toys?
    I have heard that a guy owner of a store was fined with thirty thousand dollars for selling gun toys that it clearly people can see that they are not real guns, but on the other hand a crazy guy can buy a real gun and go to kill many people in a movie ...
    5 15
  133. How long do you think until China takes over America?
    12 16
  134. When was the beginning of the end of the British Empire?
    2 13
  135. Can Obama pass a law for 2013 even if he hasn't won the election yet?
    I mean he cannot pass any law for healthcare until he win this election right. If you know tell me please thank you
    11 18
  136. What site can I go to to get real information on politicians?
    9 38
  137. Do you think that United States is a very sensitive country or not?
    I mean people can not joke about anything anymore or say something if you wear a shirt with a logo or a saying on the shirt somebody get offended i mean in spain, england and other countries i have heard that the comedians have to be very careful when...
    13 34
  138. Why is the government allowing more fast food restaurants to be built?
    is it so the employment rate can increase?
    5 8
  139. What's your opinion about child soldiers?
    3 12
  140. What are some of the stupidest laws on the books, in your State or area?
    Here's one I found........In Chicago, it is legal to protest naked in front of city hall as long as you are under seventeen years of age and have legal permits. So anyone looking for a good time and a way to blow off school for the day have at it! ...
    14 47
  141. What do you think of J. Edgar Hoover; was he a good or a bad guy?
    I watched this movie of clint eastwood about J. Edgar Hoover and im not sure if this guy was good or bad, because he made the fbi, but he was against Martin Luther King and the movie didnt mention that he hid the proyects and ideas of Nicolas Tesla. So...
    3 129
  142. What is the difference between legal pot and illegal pot?
    i mean in some states they allow pot for medical uses, but its the same pot or not. Is this a healthier pot or its the same only with a permit to buy it. I have never tried this so i dont know just curiosity. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    7 50
  143. Do you think people should be arrested for killing a murderer?
    18 39
  144. What do you think about the remarks Mitt Romney made in London and Israel?
    6 16
  145. Why are the Colorado shootings such a big deal?
    9 34
  146. do you think this real life character was good or bad?
    This was a real life character, he was a drug lord, but he was good in his own way, I think, because even when he had a lot of money he used the money from drugs to build schools for childrens and whe he saw an old hungry man he took out a big package ...
    4 9
  147. What is a Municipal Court?
    3 11
  148. What are your thoughts on the statue being removed at Penn State?
    3 10
  149. Are there any special rules bars have to follow for having a bartender that's under 21 in New Hampshire?
    I applied for a job at a billard, theyre going to be getting a bar in there soon, as they just opened, the guy wants to higher me, but he says he needs to ask the liquor commission if there would have to be someone supervising me at all time because Im...
    7 11
  150. Is anyone else tired of politics?
    11 35
  151. What is the legal age to smoke cigarettes in New Jersey?
    4 44
  152. Why is it illegal to get a tattoo if you're under 18?
    3 45
  153. Do you ever pass the bus, crossing over a double line?
    I know it's illegal, but let's say you're in a hurry and the bus makes a stop in front of you, barely any cars coming the way, will you go around?
    5 12
  154. Do you believe that FOX news is twisting words around and not giving people the facts?
    I think so what about you?
    12 32
  155. Can somebody define "anarchy" in detail for me?
    I think I know what it means, I asked my friend and he said law and freedom without violence, but I honestly have no idea what the hell that means, lol.
    2 14
  156. What's meant by "political banter"?
    2 983
  157. Should a president be able to have more than two terms?
    I dont know much about american politics and the presidency, but here in Britain its possible that the leader of the party in power can just carry on going, like tony blair was prime minister for ten years, maragaret thatcher did eleven years, so do yo...
    6 19
  158. Do you think putting a GPS on every city vehicle will save the city money in the long run?
    3 11
  159. Do you think it would be better if we had a president who was independent and not affiliated with a democratic or a republican party?
    6 11
  160. Is it okay with the cops if my mom is okay with me being with a 20 year old?
    12 22
  161. Is it possible that Romney could choose Ron Paul as vice president?
    I really think Ron Paul would be better as president, but I wouldn't mind having him at least as vicepresident. What do you think?
    4 7
  162. Do you think an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind?
    6 59
  163. Can the township do anything to take care of my neighbor's dead pines?
    Basically after these few recent storms that have occurred, creating trees to be pulled from the ground due to high velocity winds, that destroyed wires, houses, cars, etc. So far these damages are extreme and these storms are coming out of nowhere. My...
    4 61
  164. Is it legal for a lecturer to marry his student in your country?
    He is 32 and she is 23 years old.
    9 27
  165. Is the word "Oriental" a racist term for "Asian"?
    Kinda like the title says lol
    15 90
  166. What do you have to say about the supreme court upholding Obamacare?
    14 16
  167. What are your thoughts on the US government making people get health insurance or face penalties?
    26 52
  168. Are we all now vassals of the central banks?
    With the control of the global economy at the mercy of the better discretion of a few, greedy power brokers, do you feel as though you're subjected to their whims, or do you still have faith in your free volition to effect a future prosperity?
    2 17
  169. Why do people dislike America?
    when ever someone says something bad about the U.S.A i try to understand it from there perspective and of course our country has made mistakes but what country hasn't. one thing i don't understand is why some people think we are evil.i truly believe th...
    57 31
  170. Is it true that if a man kills his wife when he found out she cheated on him, he can get out of his charges because he was in a rage?
    11 32
  171. What are your thoughts on Jerry Sandusky being found guilty?
    5 12
  172. Which political party is messing up the most and why?
    13 40
  173. Do you feel that Obama's use of executive privilege in the Fast and Furious scandal makes him look guilty?
    So there's this organization called FTA that is designed to stop drug cartels and illegal arms selling by actually selling guns that they keep track of, wait for them to reach higher ups, and then catch the leaders of drug cartels and other deadly orga...
    6 17
  174. Do you agree with this Texas grand jury's decision?
    (read more) A Texas grand jury declined to bring charges against a father for beating a man to death in an attempt to save his (the father's) 5 year old daughter from a śexual aśsult by an attacker. It's a current national news story.
    20 25
  175. What's the most crazy story you've heard in the news, from any state?
    For me if would have to be all the bed salts stories, and the woman being set on fire after the judge deciding to not grant her a restraining order against her ex boyfriend.
    12 50
  176. What do you do when a guy robs you?
    I was working at a small store and i was the cashier for a day cause my cousin (who owns the store) went to his wife funeral:( so i said i will take over this guy i never saw came and stole a bage full of grocery and walked out..i called him but he wou...
    3 15
  177. Do you feel religious institutions should remain tax exempt?
    From the Philly D Show, skip to the 7 minute mark: The University of Tampa analysed that the U.S. apparently forgoes 71 billion dollars when exempting religious institutions from taxes from things like Property tax, donations, business enterprises,...
    16 26
  178. Who believes in the Illuminati?
    12 18
  179. What can you do if someone is filing false statements saying you were committing welfare fraud?
    4 10
  180. Can we get married in Texas without a parent's consent?
    3 17
  181. Why does the mayor want to ban popcorn and soda?
    The mayor wants to ban popcorn and soda, because he says its unhealthy for the people, but the alcohol and cigarretes are even more harmful for the people and he never would ban that so if we have to ban something popcorn and sodas are the lesser of th...
    9 26
  182. What would happen if Obama doesn't win the elections?
    If Obama doesnt win the obama care and the microchip to people wont happen, if is like that i hope Obama doesnt win What do you think? tell me please thank you.
    9 16
  183. What are conservatives and liberals?
    3 25
  184. How long is it until a case is considered a "cold case"?
    4 10
  185. Should we abolish the British Royal Family?
    for an english essay, help with arguments for and against, thanks
    12 32
  186. What happens if you go to court to fight a ticket and you lose?
    5 104
  187. Why is (or was) the United States so firmly against communism?
    I'm not too clear on this, I understand why communism does not work in a nation as a whole but what I don't get is why the U.S. is so actively against it.
    8 48
  188. Do you feel that President Obama has overstepped his bounds?
    In disregard of the recent SCOTUS ruling which prohibits the attachment of GPS tracking devices to citizens private vehicles without a warrant, as it conflicts with our fourth amendment right, his administration has carried forward with the warrantless...
    17 27
  189. Do you think everyone should know how to use a gun?
    16 59
  190. What do you think of the mayor banning 16 oz drinks?
    The mayor wants to forbid the drinks of 16 oz, but i think this is a personal choice, why he never does anything against cigarrettes.Why is he is so worried about obesity doesnt give free memerships to the gyms lol. Just saying what do you think tell m...
    5 12
  191. What do you say about the opinion that America's economy is being controlled by Israel?
    11 24
  192. What's it going to take to put you into a new war today? (read more)
    The global media cartel has decided on a hard sell for Syrian intervention. Following the so called Houla massacre... major media outlets have renewed their chorus for Americans to dig themselves deeper into debt, dropping bombs to free the Syrian peop...
    4 48
  193. Can you imagine being fined because your second child was a girl, or for having more than one child?
    18 26
  194. Why should anybody support Ron Paul for president?
    I mean i think people should have support him for president. I mean he can not be worser than the other politicians. What do you think?
    7 7
  195. Do you think this special offering a free pizza if you ask for it in Spanish is discrimination?
    They have a pizza special in texas where you can get a big free pepperoni pizza if you ask it in spanish. Many people are saying that is discrimination. I am not agree. I think people are very sensitive these days. So i would ask for my free pizza. Dem...
    15 45
  196. Is this a case of White House double dealing? see below
    3 34
  197. who would be a better choice for america obama or romeny and why?
    6 20
  198. Should Obama be re-elected; why or why not and will Romney do any better?
    17 38
  199. What would happen if I t.p.'d the white house?
    3 75
  200. How would I go about getting a handgun for protection in Arizona?
    i was recently held hostage at my home for 3 hours with my girlfriend soon to be wife by two armed thugs im only 19 but i would like to own a handgun for protection in airzona how would i go about doing that?
    4 22
  201. Is the Iraq war justified; why or why not?
    11 57
  202. Do you think Obama deserves a second term; why or why not?
    2 9
  203. How do you feel about Mitt Romney bullying classmates or walking a blind teacher into a door to make students laugh?
    would this have you not vote him? why or why not? im just curious :3
    14 31
  204. What are peoples opinion on gay marrige and abortion?
    12 13
  205. What year did the nuclear explosion happen in Chernobyl, Russia?
    Do people still visit it, and how long can you stay there?
    7 36
  206. Do you feel that the Martin Luther King Jr statue should be changed?
    I was down in DC for a bit and I came across this statue of Martin Luther King Jr. Do you feel that this picture is an accurate depiction of who Martin Luther advocated or rather, who he was?
    10 44
  207. What are some reasons why racial slurs are bad?
    i feel stupid for not knowing them. i am writing an speech outline that is due in a couple of days and need help with reasons why they are bad.
    6 162
  208. What was life like for Jews in France right before WWI?
    ive been looking everywhere but all the links i can find are either about the "free zone" in france or about world war two. does anyone have a few answers or even a link to where i can find some facts? that would really help a lot:)
    2 10
  209. How many apologies are given compared to the amount of racial slurs said in the world?
    5 14
  210. When you move somewhere else how long does the landlord have to legally wait before they can change the locks?
    3 8
  211. Do you think that young people have a stronger or weaker voice on important issues?
    9 44
  212. Is it possible that China could take over the world?
    6 42
  213. Are modern self proclaimed liberals more liberal or more Libido Dominandi?
    I know that most with a modicum of an ego realize that they are worlds apart from classical liberals, but it strikes me that even the new social liberal agenda is less to do with the freedom to live ones life than it is to ensure others' lives are live...
    15 45
  214. Can a cop search you without permission?
    I was walking and got pulled over by a cop and he didn't say why but I'm guessing suspicious activity cause' walking to th library is supicious now?..anyhiw he asked ny anme and then asked if he coukd search my backpack I said yes but if I would have s...
    4 13
  215. Is this considered child abuse (read more)?
    So, I'm 14 and I was adopted when I was 8. Ever since I was about 9, my mom had been slapping my mouth whenever I did anything 'wrong.' It was worse when I was younger (I'm not going to go into that, though, because the past is the past) but even now s...
    10 52
  216. Are people who have "more" obligated to help those with "less"?
    (outside of the ways we are already required to help them by paying taxes)? Please explain...
    10 38
  217. What is the big deal with the security guards of the president in Colombia?
    I dont understand, but if the security guards of the president where in their break i think its their own business what they wanna do. Please tell me what do you think tell me if im wrong thank you.
    4 36
  218. Where do you stand on Russia's whole anti- gay propaganda?
    5 30
  219. Can someone simply explain 9/11 to me?
    That sounds so dumb, and i know a lil about it but today i was watching a documentary about it and there are some things i just want clarifying so could someone please explain the events of that day in simple terms. Thanks.
    5 44
  220. Do you think that 'every' woman should have a right to give birth?
    5 30
  221. What is true freedom to you?
    10 30
  222. What do you think of the NJ Mayor who saved people from a fire?
    That is why i call a good mayor. Instead of a mayor who only increase everything for the people. What do you think tell me please thank you.
    2 14
  223. Is it appropriate to report a 14 year old to the police for stalking?
    Some looney chick of 14 who is messed up has been stalking me since last month. She betrayed me and I told her I never wanna talk to her again, but ever since then, she's been stalking me thru phone, text, facebook and in person. At an lgbt club I go t...
    11 56
  224. How can I get a passport?
    Can I get a passport when I'm a minor without parents/legal guardians involved? How long does it normally take? What is the cost? Where would I go to get one? ....sorry for all the questions lol, I just need tog get one relatively soon...anything I nee...
    2 41
  225. Do you think donating organs should be mandatory?
    Except for those who can't because of religion
    16 54
  226. Can you recieve any help from the governor if your partner is 19 and you're a minor?
    4 16
  227. How much trouble would I get in if I get caught driving to work with only a permit?
    8 50
  228. Why does the US Constitution allow for religious freedom to be deemed more important that the human life?
    I've heard there have been cases of children who died because their parents though prayer was just the medicine. what does exactly the USC say about religious freedom?
    8 29
  229. What are your feelings on the death penalty?
    I see both sides and I honestly have no idea how I feel about it
    20 44
  230. What are some important current events from the past ten years?
    9 6
  231. What are the libertarian parties?
    2 14
  232. What do you think about the government rejecting research/inventions that can help the planet because it would affect profit from known polluters?
    An electric car was invented, but bush banned the proyect because he has oil businesses, i wonder if somebody find the cure for cancer or hiv or if somebody invent something that made the electricity free for everybody in the world. The goverment and t...
    6 38
  233. When is hacking another computer illegal?
    i am doing a report on hacking and i dont know anything about it. at the moment, i am at the part in my essay where i need to write about when hacking becomes illegal. i have searched many websites and have only found extremely vague answers. i would r...
    11 17
  234. Is it illegal to picket a person?
    Put a persons name with a true fact and make it into a sign and wear it in a publlc location
    8 17
  235. What would the government do if absolutely anybody could nominate *any* candidate for president?
    What the goverment will do? Im just curious power to the people again. We are the people we are the real power without us they can not do anything,or at least that is what i want to believe. What do you think? tell me please thank you.
    5 15
  236. Can you think of a school-wide rule that you believe violates your constitutional rights?
    9 12
  237. What are your HONEST thoughts on the Treyvon Martin case?
    13 28
  238. Who were some of the worst presidents in history going all the way back to George Washington?
    7 17
  239. Are you still not allowed to join the army if you are gay?
    7 36
  240. What happened to George Bush when he didn't find the lethal weapons he was looking for?
    This guy made a war to find these weapons, but he didnt find anything and then he went and he was never punished for lying to the people. What do you think? tell me please thank you.
    2 16
  241. What are communists and why are they so bad to America or other places?
    11 50
  242. Where do you think you stand on the political realm?
    Explain why you believe you fall into this category.
    11 25
  243. Can civilians legally own guns with silencers in the U.S?
    9 30
  244. Where is the freedom of speech?
    For what i watched on the news and videos somebody got a 25,000 penalty for the Anti-Obama sticker and a boy was suspended in the school for wearing a shirt against Obama. So where is the freedoom of speech if anybody says anything against the govermen...
    2 40
  245. Can I file a complaint if I believe the cable technician stole something from me?
    I have searched my room from top to bottom for my phone's USB cord that hooks it up to my laptop, but I can't find it anywhere. The only possibility is, the cable company Charter in Victorville's technician stole it from my desk because it never leaves...
    4 50
  246. What is the difference between the FBI and the CIA?
    I always thought these goverment agencies were the same if you know the difference tell me please thank you.
    3 21
  247. How do you believe democrats and republicans view third parties?
    5 16
  248. What's the difference between Prosecutors and Attorneys/ Lawyers?
    7 34
  249. Is the Kony 2012 maker still your hero after his erratic behavior and arrest today?
    11 19
  250. Is the "Kony 2012" situation just spam?
    there has been loads of news and discussions about kony. but there have been claims that it is a spam. to what extent is this true?
    17 25