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I need a simile for the holocaust is like... because...

I need a simile for

the holocaust is like... because...
get it fill in the blanks (:


hey can hair conditioner be used as a lubricator?

I prefer baby lotion, but I cant find any dam lubricators and I wana pound my clown so that it will grow into a handsome young thang

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Do you know what a major problem in the USA is these days, besides the economy?

i'm just wondering if anyone knows of a huge, actually a major problem that we are going to be facing in the years to come. and it could cost many lives and life styles. if no one says it ill post it later but i want to see if anyone knows about a majo...


Right or wrong to use nuclear weapons in WWlll?

Will it be right or wrong for America or any other country to use nuclear weapons in the next world war?


ATF Class III restrictions

I am of the opinion that the restrictions on Class III items under the jurisidiction of the ATF are unconstitutional. I have no problem with the 1934 ATF Class III act that requires a special federal tax stamp to own a Class III item, but the Post-1986...


Do you believe in there's such thing as a perfect society?

Do you believe in there's such thing as a perfect society? That's called a utopia Btw.

I do. If there would be no such thing as a perfect society, than what do we live in? I think, this is just a mental thought., that everybody's perfect the way they ...


If you were president...

Fine, since there are a lot of people upset about the election, enlighten me and please share what you would do if you were Barack Obama. Oh, and please don't bring up lies such as him being a socialist or terrorist. Lets keep it clean.


Should teens who murder be executed?

I had to a research in English on a topic. This isnt cheating trust me. Its just I want to know if you think its wrong or not. Ok, the topic is Should teens who murder be executed? I want to see everybody opinions on this.


Who knows if plastic knuckle dusters are legal in canada???

Does anyone know??? I know brass ones are illegal but I am unsure about plastic


Rich People and Oil Prices

Should we raise the taxes for citizens who make more than 100k so we could afford to buy more oil and cause a decrease in gas prices for the common folks?


Who is the head of Interpol?

Who is the head of Interpol?


Are the green berets still active?

I was wondering if the green berets were still active duty ?


Should we raise taxes to pay for the war?

So far the war has been funded through deficit spending. If the war cost Americans real money from the beginning would there be as much support? So far the only people who have had to sacrifice has been soldiers and their families.

Two Democrats p...


What's the budget situation look like where you live for local governments?

I just heard here in Miami this morning that they will probably be cutting more staff soon, even though they had an across the board paycut only five weeks ago.


Is 'Salo or 120 days of Sodom' based on truth?

is 'Salo or 120 days of Sodom' based on true events??? I watched it and im intrested to find out if it has any truth, completely made up, or trying to make fasicm look more evil and sadistic then it seemed to be


in India, do homeless people carry ID with them?

(1) in india, do homeless people carry ID with them?

(2) can you go outside, and ask some homeless people... do they have ID..?

(3) can you ask women specifically..?


Who do you want to become president?

ok I want to know everyones opinions on who they want to become president.
see heres the thing I kinda want hillary to win seeing as she is a girl and she seems like she knows what shes doing but obamah just sounds like an awesome dude but with the wh...


Is there a growing number of people living off welfare

Why does it seem that there is a growing number of people in america that feel the u.s. Government should take care of them and that they shouldn't have to work to make money. is that what our government was created for, to take care of people who don...


Anyone like Hitler?

Does any of you actually like Hitler??


Can you get in trouble for being with friends who are shoplifting?

Today I went with some friends to the grocery store and they started putting things into their bags and asking me to "cover them" I didn't know what they were doing, I was so stupid and in denial, I thought they would pay later for some ridiculous reas...


What are some reasons why racial slurs are bad?

i feel stupid for not knowing them. i am writing an speech outline that is due in a couple of days and need help with reasons why they are bad.


Is the National Academy of Future Physicians real?

Is this organization legit? I got a letter from them inviting me to attend some kind of event. Anyone else heard of them, or is this a scam?


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