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How do all europeans hate americans?

I've been in switzerland and I just went to germany and I'm getting the stink eye
Im not some fat abnoxious american either hahah well im a little obnoxious but wutev im almost 15


What do people hate Obama?

Why do a lot of people hate Obama?

I know a lot of people are racist..

But people on my cheer squad hate them just because their parents don't like him..

And they follow their parents..
I don't understand that..

And I don't think that people shoul...


What is the best way to settle a fight after it has occured?

Like what if there was a big fight, such as world war one. What would be the best way.


Immigrating to ireland

Anyone immigrated to ireland or know how to go about doing it? We want to move there legally and begin working. What are the taxes like? Can my son go to school or do we have to wait until we are citizens? Any advice??? We are really serious about goin...


Who is the greek equivalent of the roman god Neptune ?

Who is the greek equivalent of the roman god Neptune ?


Is California more open minded?

It seems California is WAY more open minded about things such as marijuana laws and gay marriages. They made gay marriage legal, it seems like Cali is the best state ever. Does anyone know why they're more laid back?


Should Obama's first step in Iraq be to end private contracts?

So, as some may know, the Bush administration has chosen to secure many assets in the Iraq war by relying on thuggish companies like Blackwater Worldwide, a group that has its own definition of Rules of Engagement (I.e., gun down the enemy, and the 14 ...


Whats a Unitary Parliamentary Democracy ?

And a Constitutional Monarchy?


What are interesting facts about the Irish Potato Famine?

I would like some quick interesting facts for the potato famine in ireland, sources would be much appreciated.


a guy predicted 9/11 is that really true

ok my friend says a guy predicted 9/11, I was like you sure about that? is that really true, becuase I never heard of this person?


Abortion vs. Murder

Ok I have read a bunch of different views on the abortion subject.
So ALL my question is, How comes when a person Murders a pregant women, with a fetus inside of her no matter how far she is in her term, They are charged with TWO murders.
Please sti...


What's different culture between united states and chinese?

I am a new member from china,I don't know what's question I shall ask for a short while? I have never been abroad since I was born,but I am very much to have the chance for would be live in overseas and want to make more friends with now I...


Could we sue for this?

So my mom has been complaining about the fact that our shower runs out of hot water after 2 showers(6 people live here, and it was fine until this guy put in a new boiler system or something like was fine before that. So my dad finally cracke...


Do you think there will be a World War III?

Do you think that another world war will happen with our current situations right now?


Republican party color and symbol

Why is the Republican's party color red and their symbol an elephant???


Just why did Palin set up a new "personal" email account in 2006?

Palin's claim that the email address was "personal" is a bit of a stretch - it had "gov palin" in the address, AND it was setup post her ascension to the governor's office in 2006. So do you really believe that she did NOT have a personal email accoun...


How many american soldiers lost their lives in the korean war

How many american soldiers lost their lives in the korean war?


What's the difference between a Democrat and a Republican?

whats the difference between a democrat and a republican?


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