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Should Hillary quit?

Being that she can't win the pledged delgate race, and has to rely on superdelgates to overturn popular vote, should she give it up now?

ps. I think she should.


What are some reasons why racial slurs are bad?

i feel stupid for not knowing them. i am writing an speech outline that is due in a couple of days and need help with reasons why they are bad.


Who knows if plastic knuckle dusters are legal in canada???

Does anyone know??? I know brass ones are illegal but I am unsure about plastic


Registered to Vote?

OK so with the registration deadline passed us I realized just how many of my friends are not registered to vote and I couldnt believe it!
so quick pole
How many 18-25 yr olds are registered to vote?
Will you be voting?

if no...why not?


What would you have done if a person assumed your were racist?

So Chris and me are walking through Wal-Mart last night, just looking at the movies right. Well this guy on an electronic scooter comes up to us and says "Can I ask ya'll something", being polite I said sure. He goes "Who did you vote for?" Chris said ...


Would you believe evidence or ignore ?

The Obama campaign denies he is truely for the 'Redistribution of Wealth' - taking your money and giving it to someone else, determined by the Government - Would you believe audio evidence in his own words ?


What years did ronald w. reagan serve as president?

What years did ronald w. reagan serve as president?


Why are Green Cards so difficult to get?

Why is it so difficult and expensive for people from other countries (such as Mexico, China, ect.) to get work visas and/or green cards? Would it not make more sense for the US government to make it easier and cheapier to get these things rather than b...


Living off the government!!

So I have a boyfriend... and his mom is completley living off the government. she has Welfare, Medicade, and disibility. She was sick for a little while, but she over came her sickness. And now she is completley fine. But she refuses to get a job or an...


Why do third world countries still exist?

I was readings up in the new paper a few weeks ago and it said that in north america over 1 billion was spent on cosmetics this year which in turn could have probably saved about over 5million lives in third world countrys. Why do we feel the need to ...


Race Hate ?

I live in Mississippi and when Obama became President all of the white people were mad angry. And calling people the n-word which I dont use its 2009 why are people down south still like that ??


Why have the Democratic and repulican parties

why have the Democratic and Republican parties been so durable so as to maintain existence since the Civil War?


What do Israelies think of Obama?

this is for all the Israelies out there. What do you think of Obama? Thanks


The New Law for Teen Drivers in Pennsylvania?

Okay, so here's the thing:
I live in Maryland, but will soon be moving to southern PA with my father. According to something I saw on the news, there will be a new driver's law possibly enforced for driver's under the age of 18.
The Law will state tha...


How did slavery influence us today?

How do you think slavery influenced the evolution of both Black and White America today


a guy predicted 9/11 is that really true

ok my friend says a guy predicted 9/11, I was like you sure about that? is that really true, becuase I never heard of this person?


Do you like Obama and the laws he's making?

Do you like Obama and the laws he's making?
Why do you like him.
Just because he's colored or what he wants to do with our country.
I dont like him. I'm NOT I repeat NOT racist. >(
I just dont like what he's doing with our country, no rude comments p...


Obama...people are being racist.

alrighty them, this is a journal writting from school. So just tell me what you yhink, I dont want arguing.

"today right now I'm pissed off about what some people say about people in the elections, like some people (who I know, and they know who they ...


What country signed an agreenment with its powerful neighbor?

This country is very Catholic. This country and its powerful neighbor agreed to end the political violence that dates back to the 1100's.


Is it some women or all ?

Libs and Feminists have proclaimed: We are all for the advancement of women - we now have a woman who is a hair away from reaching a position none have reached before - Are they wanting the advancement of ALL women or just some women ?


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