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Are there ways to get your gpa up outside of school

Are there ways to get your gpa up outside of school?
I want to take dual enrollment classes but I don't know. I really want to get my gpa up to a 4.0 but now it's a 3.31. I'll take them if they count as like ap classes like where an A=5 B=4 etc. do th...


How much is 30 mg in tablespoons?

i have to gve my brohr his medcin but it says 20-40 mg/kg/day every 8 hours but they gave me a little cup measuring teaspoons.


Advanced english?

ninth graders? is advanced english hard when you took it in ninth grade? I want to know if I could handle it what do you think?


Math problems with scientific notation.

Im stuck on a couple of questions for maths. Heres the questions.

1. A cyclotron produces high speed particles. A particle moving inside cyclotron takes 9.5 x 10 to the power of negative 10. seconds to travel 2.1 10 to the power of negative 1 meters...


memorizing a poem

I have to memorize a poem in french in one week. its about two paragraphs long. how do I memorize it fast?? I have to recite it in front of my class without looking at anything. does anybody have any tips on this? espiecially since its in another langu...


What do I read? Princess Diana or Sense and Sensibility??

For a school book report I HAVE to read either a biography of Princess Diana or the book Sense and Sensibility. I am a ninth grade girl who rather read Twilight books... Which do you think I would enjoy reading more?? help me please, it is due in less ...


should I get my GED?

I'm just so tired of school. I've missed almost this whole week because I pretended to be sick. I'm failing a lot of my classes now because I just don't want to to do the work anymore. I don't care about what I'm learning and it's making it hard for me...


how to make a mission out of sugar cubes?

I need to make a model of san juan bautista mission. however I have no idea how to make a model from scratch. I was interested in using sugar cubes. please help.


what is it like be cyber schooled?

i was wondering because i hate my new school and the kids hate me for no apparent reason, and im sick of it. but i heard its really boring and if your not responsible you wont do good because some kids just dont get on the computer to do their work. an...


Chemistry question help

I have a chemistry test tomorrow, and I found this question tthat I cant solve. anyone help me?
this is the question:
they told us we have an original volume of 25L. the temperature doubles in (C and the pressure triples. The number of moles is consta...



Can someone please help me translate this? I'm so confused. :( Or at least the first couple of paragraphs or something? Even a little helps. Heh.

En un pequeño pueblo muy lejos de todo, vive un ratoncito muy simpático why optimista que siempre se ...

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Is this cheating on a test?

Is it cheating if...:
You've found a really helpful set of notes, and you memorize them, and right before the test you right them down on the desk?
So for instance:
Would it be cheating if I wrote that down on my desk?


Who. Do I need to take the act to get my ged?

So it's a g.e.d. Test that I take right? do I need to still take the act to get that...and if I need to take it to get into a community college?


How many people survived the Vietnam War?

how many people SERVIVED after the vietnam war was over


Moving out at 15.

Im 14 this year, and life at the place im at is horrible, my best friends have been in and out of the hospital from drug overdose and other personal reasons, me and best friend both agree, that we want to move out and leave the town. We had a plan to b...


When was odysseus unfaithful?

I need to know three times when he was unfaithful(to anyone)

Its part of a project I have to do,I have to turn it in tommarow!!!

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Why am I chosen as their easy target?

Every body makes fun of me and it upsets me. I always stick up for myself but they make fun of me again. I don't let it show but it hurts!
I don't know what to do. Can somebody help me? They make fun of me being "fat" when people say that I am not. be...


How long does it take you to get ready for school in the morning?

It takes me a few minutes to get ready for school because it takes me 1 1/4 hours?... I have more randomness!!!
Do you have or are you getting braces I am on Feb 11?
Are you a Virgin? I am!
What was the last thing you ate? Mine was a piece of gum I sw...


How long to get my SAT scores?

Does anyone know how long it takes for the SAT scores to come in?


Las Vegas or France

I'm planning to go with my wife and children to one of these places this month.The problem is that I'm not being able to decide which one to choose!Someone help!


How do prisms separate colors?

explain how a prism works to seperate the colors in white light


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