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How many f's to fail 7th grade???

I was in 7th grade and I got 1 f in the end but I dont know if I failed??? I hope I didnt =(

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what can I add to my floorplan

what do you need to add in a preschool for a student with a wheelchair? how can the get involved in all areas.


Does anybody have any tips for me for first day of school?

OMG! My first day of high school is tomorow!! In a new state so I won't know anybody! I'm so nervous and scared!
Does anybody have any tips for me??

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Can someone please give me advice/feedback on this!!

My Son Nicholas ( 10 years old) has his public speaking speech coming up in 2 weeks & hes already made it out of his whole school now hes going up against other schools in the district, I'm really excited & nervous for him,
if you ask me personally I ...


What percent do i need to pass this class?

I took a class I struggle in so much and my current mark is 51% . my final is next week, which is worth 20% of my grade. What mark will I have to get on the final exam to pass the class?


What is a metaphor for the beach?

Metaphor is one object that is described as if it were something else.

Also, I need a simile (two things are compared using like or as), personification (a nonhuman thing given human qualities), and a hyperbole (something greatly exaggerated) about...


What is a half times a half?

What is 1/2 times 1/2?
Please help meee !!!

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What is considered a good IQ score?

What is considered a good IQ score? I've never taken one of those tests before, and frankly, I'm a bit worried I'd score low on an IQ test, hence the reason I've never taken one. Is there a "good" score threshold, or is anything above a hundred on an I...


How can I start to write my autobiography? I'm at school right now and my next period is writing,and the writing fair is coming and I'm writing an outobiogrophy of my life.I have no clue how to make a strong beggining.something that sounds cool,sort of a storie.How can I start?
-I was bor...


How to get a copy of ged certificate wv?

How to get a copy of ged certificate wv?


Should I write an autobiography in first person?

I need to write a mini autobiography for my school portfolio...should I write it in 1st person?


Is Getting A D Is Consider Passing??

uuumm...some people might agree or disagree with this...people say getting a D is consider passing..and some say getting a D is unacceptable and a very poor grade...I don't know..What Do you think?? I know it's better then getting an F.


Getting out of marching band for a homecoming dance

I need help I was invited to my girlfriends homecomming and its on a saturday and I am in marching band how can I get out of marching band to go with she pls pls help

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I'm going to be in my school's musical and I have to have an audition. It has to be singing. Singing isn't the best thing I can do. I want to dance (I take dance class) and act in the play but not sing. Everyone's getting a part because nt many people ...


Why do most schools not allow you to have rips in your pants?

i mean i understand holes cuz it shows your skin... but like whats wrong with rips? i mean what cood it possibly do?


How to cheat accelerated reader tests?

How to cheat accelerated reader tests?


Need help in student council application

Okay so im want to be 10th grade representative...and im stuck in this one part of the application that says "The reason I want to be a member of student council is:"
and there you have it thats where im stuck. The real reason im want to be in it is b...


How do I deal with racism in school?

Peple at school are bein racist callin me a "hairy indian gal". I feel like no one likes me because im indian. what shuld I do?

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How do you drop out of high school.?

likeee do you have to fill out papers,? who do you talk to? do you have to be a certain age?


How do I start a letter of interest for alpha kappa alpha sorority?

Rush is coming up and I need to include an interest letter in my packet. I know what ideas I want to say, but I have no clue how to start it. Please help if you can thanks!!


What is the name of a fourth term polynomial?

this is the equation:

-10 + 4q4 - 8q +3q2

the four behind 4q and the 2 behind 3q are exponents.

could you write this polynomial in standard form?


How old do you have to be to drop out of school in Iowa?

I've been having a really hard time in school and don't even focus at all or care for that matter. I'll be turning 17 in less then a week and was wondering if I could drop out of high school in Iowa. I've been trying to find the answer but I can't find...


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