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How to relax and enjoy high school?

I am 15 and have plenty of friends but just not enjoying school it seems like im piled on with tons of homework every night and then on top of it my dad already pressuring me to get a scholarship for soccer reminder im a freshmen in high school. and ma...


How much is 30 mg in tablespoons?

i have to gve my brohr his medcin but it says 20-40 mg/kg/day every 8 hours but they gave me a little cup measuring teaspoons.


Moving out at 15.

Im 14 this year, and life at the place im at is horrible, my best friends have been in and out of the hospital from drug overdose and other personal reasons, me and best friend both agree, that we want to move out and leave the town. We had a plan to b...


What is 2+fish?


How can I be smarter and increase my memorizing skills ?

How can I be smarter and increase my memorizing skills ?


How to cheat accelerated reader tests?

How to cheat accelerated reader tests?


What would be a good IQ score, 125?

I took a IQ test for a 13 year old, being 13. I received a 125, I beleive that is a good score, but I'm not possitive.


Where was the element Arsenic discovered?

I am doing a science project on the element Arsenic. I know that Albert Magnus discovered it in 1250AD, but I don't know where he discovered it. Can someone tell me, or better yet give me a website that says where it was discovered.

I don't want to ...


What is george mason universities average sat scores?

What is george mason universities average sat scores?


Whats the physics behind a spinning coin?

nothing too complex... just wanna know forces and things like that as im supposed to observe and say what I see and what happens when you spin the coin


My dean hates me, help?

I know you probably think that its not true because lots of people say that teacher dont like them but this is real. Last year the dean was also my teacher for my freshman honors history class and she absolutely HATES me! Proof: My grampa (who I was ve...


What should I do my teacher makes me feel uncomfortable?

okay well I have always gotten sort of a weird vibe from him, but I just try and ignore it since he has not really done anything..I just dont know why I feel so weird around him. He does always stand like right by me I mean always. like the whole class...


What grades do I need to be a Psychiatrist?

I am 14 and I'm hoping to be a Psychiatrist one day. I am an intelligent girl but I would still like to know what grades I need and which subjects I need them in. Also, can you tell me what sort of things I would actually be doing - Specifics please be...


How much does it cost to become an exchange student (read more)?

and what are some ideas to save up that money so I can go to France or England in 2 years?


Does itt tech accepts ged?

Does itt tech accepts ged???


I am sick of school!

I am sick of getting made fun of. I don't know why people will start sayin stuff bout me when they see me and don't even know me. People know I wear a lot of black and there always sayin that I am goth [Maybe its true so what?] But they always make a ...


Why didn't ancient people write their history down?

is it because they didn't know how to write? even if they did , is there any other reasons ?


statistics psych help (Please answer any that you can) thanks

On the basis of her newly developed technique, a student believes she can reduce the amount of time schizophrenics spend in an institution. As a director of training at a nearby institution, you agree to let her try her method with 20 schizophrenics, r...


What do you think about your teachers?

What do you think about any of your current teachers, or about any of your past ones? If you had to pick one favorite, who would it be and why? How about your worst teacher...what made them so horrible?

For me, I've been okay with the majority of ...


Economic, Societal, and Political changes during WWI. HELP!

so yeah I need help with my history homework. I need to find out some main societal, economic, and political changes in World War ONE! please help.


Where can I find a vote of thanks online?

I want to know on which site I can find a vote of thanks for a school sports day. The vote of thanks will be proposed by the principal in the presence of the chief guest for the function, the parents and other VIPs.
looking fwd to your reply,


How to do Punnett Squares?

We're learning how to do Punnett squares in biology and I'm totally lost. How do you know when the letters are capitalized or lowercase? And how do you know what square to put the letters in?

This one questions says "Draw a Punnett square to show w...


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