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How to cheat accelerated reader tests?

How to cheat accelerated reader tests?


How many f's to fail 7th grade???

I was in 7th grade and I got 1 f in the end but I dont know if I failed??? I hope I didnt =(

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What is a half times a half?

What is 1/2 times 1/2?
Please help meee !!!

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How do I start a letter of interest for alpha kappa alpha sorority?

Rush is coming up and I need to include an interest letter in my packet. I know what ideas I want to say, but I have no clue how to start it. Please help if you can thanks!!


How much is 30 mg in tablespoons?

i have to gve my brohr his medcin but it says 20-40 mg/kg/day every 8 hours but they gave me a little cup measuring teaspoons.


Answers to the ar test to the book "summer ball"?

What is the answers to the ar test to the book "summer ball"?


Student Council Campaign slogans?

Hey plp, I'm running for student council at my middle school and I need some help. Anyone have any catchy and/or funny or totally awesome slogans from some posters?


Need help in student council application

Okay so im want to be 10th grade representative...and im stuck in this one part of the application that says "The reason I want to be a member of student council is:"
and there you have it thats where im stuck. The real reason im want to be in it is b...


Why do I feel so attached to my teacher?

Why am I so attached to my teacher?
What do I feel the need to tell her everything, and want to be near her?
Like a mother


How is school going so far?

So hows school going so far for you guys? It kinda sucked for me since I had to move and was behind in math and now I think im gettin an f in that class. Grrr. Anyway hows it for you guys? Hope its better than mines.?


How can I take atest to get in my right grade?

I want to get in my right grade cause im not in my right grade. Im in the 8th grade but I need to get in 9 th grade.


What is considered a good IQ score?

What is considered a good IQ score? I've never taken one of those tests before, and frankly, I'm a bit worried I'd score low on an IQ test, hence the reason I've never taken one. Is there a "good" score threshold, or is anything above a hundred on an I...


Good and bad things about high school?

hey I am starting high scool next yr and my dad is telling me all kinds of it but I want to hear from someone in it. so tell alittle about it good and bads about it...Thx! =D


is 118 a good score on an IQ test?

is 118 a good score on an IQ test?


Swear words in the 1950's

So I'm writing a story, and there's a character who swears a lot, but I'm thinking of setting it in the 1940's or 50's, and I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a sort of comprehensive list of swear words through the ages?


What's a good way to start a speech about basketball?

Well im doing a speech about the fundamentals of being a point guard for my speech class and I dont know how to start off


The wire at the end of my brace is hurting me.

I got my braces tightened on my bottom teeth yesterday and theres a tiny little bit of wire that sticks out at the end of the brace and it's digging into my cheek.
It's really hurting!

What can I do to get it off or stop it hurting or digging in? I...


How to find someone to sponsor my education?

how can I find anyone in you S A TO SPONNSOR MY EDUCATION?


A good excuse to miss school?

I did not ask this question to be spammed with "NO YOU ARE BAD PLEASE DON'T SKIP SCHOOL." Or anything of the sort. Do not ask me to not do this, as it is extremely important I skip a day on Monday, but I'm not sure what to say to convince my mom. I nee...


What's a good excuse for skipping a class?

if you skip a class what is the best excuse to use? lol
please tell meh
much love

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How to make a vote of thanks on my schools annual day function?

What to say when giving a vote of thanks for the annual function of my school, where I work as a teacher?


How to make a vote of thanks on annual sports day as teacher?

Thanking the principal,the teaching staff,the peons who help in making the arrangements,the activity incharges,the chief guest, the guest of honour,the entire sports department,the music department,the headmistress and the parents who take time to atte...


What qualifications do you need to get Oprah scholarship?

I'm just curious about it, if it has ethnic or geographic restrictions.


What is a metaphor for the beach?

Metaphor is one object that is described as if it were something else.

Also, I need a simile (two things are compared using like or as), personification (a nonhuman thing given human qualities), and a hyperbole (something greatly exaggerated) about...


Am I aloud to go to his Homecoming Dance?

Ok. So my boyfriend is a freshman and I am in 8th grade. His homecoming dance at his highschool is coming up soon and he asked me if I wanted to go. I would LOVE to go but I don't know if I am aloud. Is an 8th grader aloud to go to a freshmans homecomi...


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