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Youth NGOs

What are some good Youth NGOs for a report?


does anyone see a point in getting drunk before a high school football game?

jw because this weekend at the high school football game, high school kids were caught drunk at the game. and it was not like 5 of them, from what i heard it is around 30+ kids who were caught. now im not in high school anymore but i know drinking is s...


Pros and Cons of underground and overhead cables

I have to make a poster thats in for tomorrow about the pros and cons of overhead and underground cables!!!
Does anyone know what they are???
I cant find much info anywhere!!
Thanks Becz x


Reaping field

A 10 Hectare field is reaped by 2men 3 women and 4 children together in 10 days if warking capabilities of a man a woman and a child are in the ratio 5:4:2 then a 16 hectare field will be reaped by 6 men 4 women and 7 children in


homework tips

im not very good at school but im not dumb its just that I dont do my homework at all. and this year I have to get 75% or higher. any tips to help my grade?


Do you have to go to school to become a beta tester?

Its one of my choices for a life XD and i need it for a project.


What is a federal job lead?

.....and what are some examples?? I need help for a school essay



I need help passing it... I took it once & failed got a 26.
im not sure why, im usually ok at taking tests. I got books out but they didnt seem to help me.

any advice?


Does anyone know when JOB-CORP starts?

because I need to know, so I can find out when to start going!


How to stay calm during exams?

Does anyone have any tips to try and help me stay calm during exams?! I always study hard and pay attention in class, yet I find that my test results are always lower than I know I can achieve. I just panic I guess, and my mind just goes a blank.

Can ...


How can I locate my sat scores from 1971?

I graduated from burney harris high school. I retook the sat at university of ga in 1971,I return back to school in 1988 and recieved a bachelor of science from devry institute in 1990.


What advice would you give me about joining the school play?

I really really really want to join the school play next year! But I'm afraid my shyness will kick in. I also have NO experience with acting, but I want to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try! What advice would you give me?


College admissions essays

So I have the college in mind that I would like to go to, and I have an application that I just got in the mail, [[even though I dont plan on going until september of 2010 because im still a junior I just want to get a headstart]]anyway, it says I need...


Why do I feel so attached to my teacher?

Why am I so attached to my teacher?
What do I feel the need to tell her everything, and want to be near her?
Like a mother


How can I learn to drive if I have no car and no money for drivers

How can I learn to drive if I have no car and no money for drivers ed?


How many f's to fail 7th grade???

I was in 7th grade and I got 1 f in the end but I dont know if I failed??? I hope I didnt =(

6259 views NSFW

How do you be assertive yet polite?

I need to motivate the people in my class to finish a very important project by Friday.
Any tips.

P.s. I do not want to sound bossy and annoying.

Please help!!!



I am doing an essay for my degree in early childhood studies, the essay is on the behaviour management policy in the school I work in, we have to analyse the policy with regards to psychological perspectives, what is psychological perspectives and wher...


Math taks 8th grade

how many question can you miss on the math taks in 8th grade?


How much is 30 mg in tablespoons?

i have to gve my brohr his medcin but it says 20-40 mg/kg/day every 8 hours but they gave me a little cup measuring teaspoons.


What should I do my teacher makes me feel uncomfortable?

okay well I have always gotten sort of a weird vibe from him, but I just try and ignore it since he has not really done anything..I just dont know why I feel so weird around him. He does always stand like right by me I mean always. like the whole class...


Homeschooling experiences?

Does anyyone have any good or bad experiences with homeschooling?
What are the pros and cons associated with it.


How do I get my teacher off my back, part two

Okey. My teacher called my mom. Now every time I try to talk to her, my mentor comes and tells me the same damn thing, im going to tell the dean of students that your harassing the teacher. To me pearsonaly, im like what I talk to other teachers about ...


8th grade math tak test answer 2010 fail grade stay calm exam stay calm whilst exam 2 f fail 7th grade