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What is 300 divided by 16 ???

What is 300 divided by 16 ???


German school ...and voting

Ok I live in germany but dont speek german. But go to a german on tuesday I had to take a test .in german taking it again 2morro on the german voting systed.whitch I dont get I even looked it up in english and still dont u...


Why are Cajun French and English dying languages? the title says lol


what can I do for my GCSE ART:journey?

basically I have been given the project of journey for my art gcse. I have come up with a few journeys like the journey through the aging of hands and the journey through the stages of fashion. however I now need an idea for my final piece HELPP PLEASS...


What is alternative education for?

what is alternative education for exactly?


What is a "thesis statement"?

my teacher said to use it in my intro paragraph?


How did the schoolmasters dress in colonial times?

How did the schoolmasters dress in colonial times?


What is the difference between systematic risk and unsystematic risk?

Can anyone explain this to me? I just completed a question on performance management and they are discussing systematic and unsystematic risk in it, but I just can't remember what the difference between the two are.


first Day at school

whats The worst think that could Happen To you on the first day please Tell Me your Storys If you Have Any


Any good slogans for Portia to be ruler?

I am doing this project for my english class for julious caesar... and who could be the next ruler after his death... my group picked Portia... does anyone have a slogan we could use... like Vote for Portia or something... I am stuck... =/


Who is ciara engaged to?

Who is ciara engaged to?

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School Uniforms/Standardized Dress

so apparently the school district says that it helps kids focus more on school,
and some other stuff.

now, I would have to disagree, kids will still worry about clothes, and uniforms will not imporve grades at all. tucking in your shirt does nothin...


Monologue performance tips?

Any tips for an artaud style monologue? I'm doing it for my exam, I know all about the theatre of cruelty pretty much, and that I need to engage the audience and shock them. But I want to know exactly how it would be best to do this, and want it to mak...


Would it be weird to hug my teacher?

Would it be weird to hug my teacher to give him a congrats for soon-to-be a daddy?

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The wire at the end of my brace is hurting me.

I got my braces tightened on my bottom teeth yesterday and theres a tiny little bit of wire that sticks out at the end of the brace and it's digging into my cheek.
It's really hurting!

What can I do to get it off or stop it hurting or digging in? I...


How do I forge???


ok today I got my PROGRESS report card,
I cant NOT show it to my parents, NO WAY
how do I forge? trace?? I cant make copies...

help!! PLEASE!!


Why are we taught about the Holocaust more than Stalin's regime?

I mean I am not saying that the Holocaust SHOULDN'T be taught about, but why don't we also learn about Stalin's regime in Russia, where at least 20,000,000 people were killed? I am talking about in middle and high schools. I do not know about colleges...


When is the perfect time to leave home for college?

I am currently a junior in HS, but starting my sophomore year in college through dual enrollment in the fall. I am 16, but will be 17 in Oct, and as soon as I graduate next May, I want to head to Hawaii to continue my education, but my parents are sayi...


What is the latin root word for vapor?

What is the latin root word for vapor?
Is it temperature or atmosphere?


how to become licensed exterminator in chicago?

And where do i find the training programs??


9th grade exams

Ok, I know school hasn't started yet but I like to be prepared even though the exam are close to the end of the school year I just wan to know any way!! Like is it hard?? Is like the pass/pact test they give you in middle school only a higher level fo...


What is the difference between computing science and information science?

These are specializations for the computer science major at my school, trying to decide which I would like more..


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