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  1. Protect Your Reputation from Fake Degrees
    It is every person’s desire to get into college, pursue a good course, and obtain a degree. Unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate enough to fulfill such desire. You may be among those who dream of getting into college to get the best education p...
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  2. The Best History Essay Writing Services
    Getting your history assignments done can be super time-consuming and a lot more frustrating than you might have thought of. Writing pages and pages of words that barely make sense is a pain the neck, as well as in the arms! Not to mention, the boring ...
    7 99
  3. How to come up with ideas for your next essay
    Perhaps the hardest part of writing an essay is coming up with ideas. If your idea bank is empty then you'll be staring at your computer screen or notepad for a long time. And this is what literally delay most writers from moving forward with their ess...
    6 82
  4. How to write the perfect essay
    When it comes to writing an essay it can be a struggle to write the [correct essay online]( In this guide, learn the essentials to making a great essay.
    8 154
  5. How to get ideas for your next college paper
    When it comes to creating topics for your essay it can be hard. Without an idea, it will be hard to create anything even if you [order essays](, or ask for help. Follow this guide to get help in generating ideas for your c...
    8 93
  6. 7 Certifications that can get you an Online Marketing job - 2020 Edition
    Let's face it, one thing that 2020 has taught us is that the idea of going into a store or office to but goods or services is over and will probably never come back to what it was before. People were already making most research and buying decisions on...
    7 128
  7. Employability skills | Top 7 skills for an Employee
    It is highly accepted that the employees should have skills and potential that can enable them to ensure their growth and development within the organization. Further, the growth of the company could also provide.
    7 127
  8. The Pros and Cons of Using an Editing and Proofreading Services
    The guide provides information concerning the basic advantages and disadvantages of using the editing and proofreading services for academic purposes.
    6 472
  9. 4 Useful Steps For Writing Great Descriptive Essays
    This article will help you in knowing the 4 useful steps for writing a great descriptive essay.
    4 255
  10. 7 Hidden Costs Of Studying And College
    The costs of studying and college isn't just about your tuition fees. The student life comes with a lot of "hidden" costs that can add up to a hefty amount of money.
    7 186
  11. How to win high school essay competition
    Winners of a high school essay competition are usually awarded scholarships to meet their college expenses like tuition fees, books and other educational materials as well as the living expenses.
    5 173
  12. What is high school like?
    High school is going to start next year for me and I'll be in Grade 9. I have seen the inside of a high school in real life only two times. I'm leaving behind so many of my closest friends... and since we won't have 1 permanent class the entire year li...
    2 24
  13. Am I too old to be taking Algebra 2?
    I turned 16 on October 9th.
    2 24
  14. Happy Spanish class Day everyone! XD
    5 36
  15. I want to hire a tutor from the website
    I want to hire a tutor from the website When do I have to pay for the lessons? How should I pay them? Do I pay the website or the tutor when I meet her?
    4 13
  16. Have you ever been bullied in school before?
    Yes, I hated high school. When I was in high school, I was always being bullied and harassed by the black and hispanic females and males at school. During gym the gym teacher gave the students the power to pick people to team up with. And every day no ...
    3 43
  17. today it feels like -45 degrees outside
    5 13
  18. Who else is suck of school???
    I hate school and I want to make sure that I am not the only person out there that hates school and thinks that it is a waist of time!
    7 33
  19. How do I study for FINALS?!
    Okay so I'm a freshman, my finals are next week and I'm stressed out. I try and study but I always forget everything. I'm not used to this studying for finals since I really don't know how. I never studied in middle school since there were only English...
    2 22
  20. How should I go about listing an unfinished degree?
    I was originally in a program called Digital Media, and then switched out two years later into Business. I wanted to add Digital Media to my resume since I did learn some relevant things in that program. How do I list that?
    3 17
  21. What are the points to be remembered before ordering an essay?
    I am tensed about my essay writing assignment and the submission date is ahead. I don’t know which the best essay writing company is and also what are points to remember before ordering an essay? I have seen most of the students in my college ordered t...
    3 20
  22. teacher wan't me to write fake trial worth 300 points on a book that they didn't send me to use this year.... what do i do?
    so this year I was supposed to write a report on a book. it was supposed to be a fake "trial" for a character in a book. which they didn't send me. or anyone else. and so they excused the lessons for that book, but still want us to do this huge grade p...
    5 41
  23. Transfering from homeschool to highschool and am scared....
    So I have been homeschool for five years now, and before that I was public schooled until fourth grade. I am going back to public school next year, but am afraid because I have NO idea how to socialize whatsoever. That and I am not allowed to have a Fa...
    8 5
  24. Help with designing a castle/palace?
    I'm doing a comic project and I'm at the stage where I'm preparing the setting. I need to design a castle/palace for it. I want to start by mapping it out with all the rooms but I don't now what sort of rooms I need to include. What are the compulsory/...
    3 14
  25. I am a Junior in High School and I have dug a deep hole for myself. Well the story is, I have been skipping my first period class because of bull
    I am a Junior in High School and I have dug a deep hole for myself. Well the story is, I have been skipping my first period class because of bullying. So I just go to the library and I do work for other classes. My grade in my first class is extremely ...
    2 39
  26. I am a Junior in high school and I've told a massive lie that has gotten me in trouble with family and the school principals. I have been skippin
    I am a Junior in high school and I've told a massive lie that has gotten me in trouble with family and the school principals. I have been skipping my first period class because im afraid of being written up for tardies so i figured if i just didn't sho...
    5 23
  27. Time management strategies?
    I have difficulty completing my homework after school I get really distracted, play on my iPod, etc. how can I stop procrastinating? I'm normally a good student and I get good grades its just that this year has been really stressful :/ .
    3 7
  28. College: taking a break after first semester and restarting all over again?
    I just completed my first semester of my freshman college year but have decided that I do not like my course and university anymore. So what are your open opinions if one would stop school and return for the next school yr to redo first yr at a differe...
    2 101
  29. What will I do if I failed a Math class in College?
    I'm a freshman college student and I failed in a Math Class.. I had to pass it because it was a prerequisite for another class which I have to take next year. What do I do?
    7 24
  30. what is the admission process in UEL?
    I want to get addmision on University Of East London ,
    2 8
  31. i'm not cut out for university :(
    one month at uni and i feel like i am drowning in lectures and papers. i'm so lost and most days i just can't get all the information i learned to stay in my head. i hope i'm not the only one who feels like this :/
    3 35
  32. I don't know what to do about school?
    So I am failing science because the teacher wouldn't be strait about the password, so i couldn't take the test, so i lost points a lot! like... sixty points! I'm failing but it isn't my fault!
    2 17
  33. I graduated high school last year June and I want to go to college and get my bachelors?
    I went back to school and graduated with a high school diploma. And I want to go to college. What do you think? I mean I don't have money to afford tuition.
    2 31
  34. ACT ? SAT ? helpp
    should i take the act or sat ? and how will they benefit me if im going to go straight to a community college after hs . graduating at the end of this year thanks :)
    4 28
  35. Is this a good thank you letter to a teacher?
    It's for my grade 8 teacher, even though it's a bit late to send her one, I haven't thought of anything until a few days ago, I want to send this before I move on to 9th grade in a few days. This is sincere, I don't intend it to be too much, it's al...
    3 38
  36. can i still be in early college even if didnt pass the fcat write in 9th grade?
    3 37
  37. Would someone mind reading my essay and provide some possible edits?
    I would really appreciate it. It's a scholarship essay. Funmail me if you'd be kind enough to do so.
    3 17
  38. What should I major in if I want to gain knowledge in the medical field?
    I'm about to go into my senior year and I was sure of my major until I had a bit of a crisis. As much research as I try to do I can't figure things out unless I have an actual person giving me advice. I know first and foremost I would like to be a do...
    3 71
  39. What does this sentence mean?
    Someone sent this to me and told me to tell them what it means, I somehow got it wrong, but apparently was kinda close. I don't get it. "Lodged deep inside the cavern, phallus throbbing hot against the deepest nerve, meatus carving the way through ...
    2 12
  40. what do you think about this statement
    Its better to be hated for something you are than to be loved for something you are not
    4 11
  41. Am i Ugly? People at my School Bully Me
    I am bullied at my school.. and my bullies say im hideous and nobody likes me.. am i really ugly? Whats ur opinion.? Do you think im ugly and i will never get a chance of anyone liking me
    6 38
  42. Should I stay on till the end of 6th year? (Very important)
    After the summer holidays I'll be going into 5th year. If I do well with my 4 highers and int.2 maths in the final exams May 2014 (getting A's or B's). I live in Scotland. Should I continue into 6th year and grab a few extra highers or after those exam...
    2 35
  43. Correct this sentence?
    I bought the present that I gave him it for Christmas in Japan??
    9 23
  44. what is the significance of (a+bi)(a-bi)? It's Algibra 2
    2 43
  45. Ways to handle seven units in six weeks of summer school?
    Im taking art and English over the summer with in six weeks it shall be. How can I make sure I don't go insane?
    2 21
  46. How are mainland graduates congratulated?
    Here in Hawaii we ALWAYS give leis for graduation and they usually pile up to your nose. When looking at pics of mainland graduations I was actually shocked that you guys don't do the same because it's so normal to me hahaha. So what do you guys do? Ju...
    2 6
  47. My teacher is bullying me and I can't tell my parents.
    She always takes all her anger she has for the whole class on me. Even my friends agree! I can't concentrate on my work because of this. Please help!!
    4 12
  48. Why do people look down on community colleges?
    I don't really view it as a bad thing and I'm actually planning on attending/applying for community college next year, but so many people are telling me that it's a waste of time. What do you guys think? Have you experienced it? Pros/cons? Any advice i...
    2 76
  49. How I get rid from my homework?
    2 37
  50. Does anyone know about the IBDP entrance exam?
    im applying for IB and my entrance exam is on Friday. Im freaking out because i cant find anything much on the internet about it and so i was wondering if anyone knew about it. if you have any tips for me, please share! I really need help at the moment ><
    4 13
  51. How do I stay motivated?
    I'm a junior in high school and recently I've been going downhill. My grades aren't very good and it's been hard for me to find the motivation to do my homework/classwork or study. I haven't even started my senior project which is an extremely crucial ...
    6 25
  52. How to write good Essay????
    i am badly in need to submit my undergrad level reports
    2 65
  53. Am I too old to be a senior in high school?
    I turned 18 on October 2nd and I'm in 12th grade? Is this too old?
    7 39
  54. Join a Fraternity or not?
    when i go to college should i join a fraternity or not? I don't know where i want to go yet, but have thought that joining a frat would be fun. some of my friends think that only gay people do (these friends are idiots and when they go hang with their ...
    2 16
  55. How to make a catapult?
    Without mouse traps or popsicle sticks(momma is asleep and hell will ensue if she awakes). whattheduck should I do It's due tomorrow!!!!! dhsfghskjgf
    3 41
  56. How do I prove to my philosophy professor that I exist?
    I'm supposed to type a 5-6 page paper about how I exist, and how I'm not just an illusion to my philosophy teacher. This is what he says: Proving your own existence to yourself is easy. You know that you exist because you are thinking about it. The...
    4 13
  57. What would benefit me more if I wanted to be an English teacher-drama or modern studies?
    I've been asked to chose my subjects for 5th year, my sister has convinced me that if I don't take maths then it will haunt me for the rest of my life. Other classes I am taking are English, Maths, Art (inevitable due to column choices) and either dram...
    2 10
  58. Who can help me with a project idea?
    It is a WRITTEN project on two (2) companies but i want a creative way to present it like a magazine for example. Someone is already doing that and i can hardly think of anything else. Any ideas? They will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    2 10
  59. What is your opinion on this quote "Do not tell me how to educate my children"?
    3 33
  60. Does my teacher like me? What should I do?
    Okay so I have this really flirty Theology teacher, he is only 22. It's his first year teaching, but he graduated from the school he teaches at and where I attend. I'm 16. He's extremely nice and funny, but sometimes when I interact with him, it's a li...
    5 49
  61. Opinions on Cell Phone Use in Schools?
    This week, in the high school in my district, there was an incident where a student took an inappropriate photo of another student during class. The photo was published and it went viral. Now, the kids in the entire school district can not bring they'r...
    2 14
  62. What do you think about this teacher? what should i do?
    I told the principal in a meeting and she talked 2 him... now he's doing it again. He is staring a lot now, he keeps walking behind me in the hall. On Tues. (this Tues.) He waited 4 us 2 go around the corner and when we did he came out the library an...
    2 21
  63. how do i find the right college
    3 20
  64. Creative and unusual presentation ideas?
    Hi, I have to do a project for history on Jamaica. Its about Jamaica during and after the English invasion. I want it to be entertaining but not over the top, any ideas?
    5 91
  65. do you think its a good idea to have medal detectors in schools?
    I think it's a good idea
    5 19
  66. how do i use customary units of length plz give me a answer im trying to do my
    plz answer this if you get it thhaannnmkkkk yyyoooouuuuu!
    2 30
  67. i cant improvise HELP
    So I'm trying out for a performjng arts school i thought it was a prepared dance until i seen written improvised dance only no prepared dance is required and i can't improvise what so ever
    3 41
  68. Should teachers be a student's friends?
    2 12
  69. How often do you go for a number 2?
    4 36
  70. what does Avec moi? Je parle francais!! mean?
    2 67
  71. Where and who do I need to contact to talk about the exchange program?
    I'd like to do the exchange program where you go to a different part of the world, and live with a family, and attend a school there. I'd really like to go to an Irish or school in Britain. How much would it cost? Is it all expenses except plane ticket...
    3 18
  72. Are business and engineering some good courses to major in, in college?
    I definitely want to major in business, and I would also like to do engineering. I was wondering if these are two good courses to major in, when I get into college. Should I major/minor in other courses too?
    2 5
  73. would i be considered an international student in canada?
    i know this may sound like a dumb question but i just want to be sure. i live in pennsylvania and i want to go to college in canada, but i need to know if i'd count as an international student because im from another country.
    2 17
  74. is beginning alegrba embarrassing when your a college student?
    i am taking that class its like equivalent to 7th grade math and my neighbor was in the same class and told me "i thought u were smart:(
    4 15
  75. how do you say this correctly?
    I always thought that we have to say he doesnt, but in movies and tv everybody says "he dont care'', so that would be right or wrong or we have to say he doesnt. Im confused tell me please thank you.
    5 12
  76. Should i study communication and media or marketing?
    Anyone whos got info about either of these studies (or job prospects) please share! I need to know a bit more about these fields from some different perspectives. Thanks!
    2 14
  77. I almost cried in class what now/?
    4 13
  78. What can i do to educate myself more?
    Well, I'm 19 years old and I feel like I don't know as much as I should. So I want to educate myself with more facts. So I wanted to know what can I do? or where do I start?
    6 37
  79. How do you go about going to college in England?
    I know the schools I want to apply to.. But do I apply to the schools first to see if I get accepted first and then look into getting a loan, or do I look to see if I can get a loan first and then apply to the schools? I'm so confused, please help. tha...
    2 9
  80. Will I pass the 9th grade?
    Okay I currently have two F's one D one B and C this grading quarter ends in two weeks. If I raise my grades slightly finishing this quarter, and get B's & A's the next two quarters will I pass?
    5 46
  81. would you do a little homework for me?
    please do me a favor. im having finals on a wrong week because of my bad cold. i have a fever, running nose, having a hard time to breathe properly, sore body, nonstop coughing, and i dont need to say more other than that because i am literally sick. ...
    2 19
  82. wat to do if i lyk my teacher?
    M 16 n have a crush on my teacher who's around 29. I lyk him a lot n think so he lyks me too:) its because of the signs that hes givin me. He keeps starin at me mind u not in a pervert way bt in a way how a guy likes a girl that way. Also whenever he c...
    4 15
  83. What classes do you think high schools should require but don't?
    6 7
  84. how do you solve 6^x-3=52
    Thanks to anyone who can help i really appreciate anyone who helps me with these algebra problems as they challenge me a lot.
    7 82
  85. what kind of skit could i do to get people to vote for me??
    I'm a senior and all of the seniors have to run for rotc ball queen, Idk what to do! I have to make a video trying to convince people to vote me for, and its TOMORROW! I'm battalion commander so everyone knows me and im well liked but what's a skit tha...
    2 43
  86. What if I did all the work on a school project?
    I'm doing a project at school and I did all of the work. One of my friends asked if she could put her name on it and say we did it as partners. I want to say no because this is the second time it's happened, and she told me she'd do it all next time. H...
    4 13
  87. What grade do I need to get on my final exam?
    I have a 60% in the class and I need to have a 70% at the end The exam is worth 10% of my overall grade. I feel like this is a fifth grade math problem but I totally forget how to calculate it. Help pleasee
    2 57
  88. What kind of questions do i ask my bro's teachers?
    I have a parent conference with my brother high school teachers.. what should i ask them besides why is he getting low grades, and does he pay attention, and what can he do??
    4 46
  89. College study tips
    Help! No matter how hard I try I keep failing in college.., I've done everything there is: reading all the chapters taking notes, time management. Nothing works. My lifes been going downhill since freshman yr and ice realized that I have 0 sense of pro...
    2 14
  90. Math help, how do you get the answer?
    The problem is: .5^x = 8^(2-x) The answer is: x=3 But how do you get that answer? I've been trying to figure it out for hours.... Someone please help....
    6 14
  91. My school is horrible and I want to be homeschooled but i'm to scared to ask!
    My mum and dad won't understand+ I don't know what it is I don't like but its scary and it makes me upset and I wanna stay home!
    2 18
  92. Can anyone on here read Japanese fluently?
    This week I gave my boyfriend our Death Note note book, and he sent me a picture of something he wrote, and I desperately want to know what he wrote, but it is in Japanese., if anyone would like to help me out, it would be much appreciated
    2 10
  93. Can you record your kids teacher
    I know this one lady that puts a recorder in her kids backpack to record there teacher?
    2 56
  94. How much would it be if I transfer
    myself to University of Hawaii at Manoa? I live in California, and I go to a community college. I heard that UHM has a great medical program, and I was considering, maybe, of transferring over there. But I just wanted to know the quick estimate of how ...
    6 19
  95. what does a typical ninth grader need to know at the end of the year?
    2 56
  96. How do I solve this math problem: For all real numbers x, sin(2x)=?
    Do I need a calculator? How do I solve this?
    2 122
  97. do you think it should be mandatory to learn spanish and/or sign language?
    I would say yes, because there are loads of spanish speaking people coming into the us and I think it would be nice to learn their language so we can communicate with one another. I think it's a bonus to learn sign language because there are also loads...
    10 28
  98. What is the difference between computing science and information science?
    These are specializations for the computer science major at my school, trying to decide which I would like more..
    2 12
  99. Is this paragraph correctly written in Spanish? Can you point out all my mistakes?
    I'm not finished yet but I want to make sure everything is correct before I go on. Hay una muchacha llamada Helen. Tiene quince años. Ella es muy bonita. Tambien ella es muy sociable y simpática. Hay muchos chicos que les gusta ella. Pero, a ella no...
    2 16
  100. How many cubes with 10 cm edges can be put in a cubical box with a 1 m edge?
    2 95
  101. Is it good that I am 18 and I scored 133 on an IQ test?
    4 30
  102. Can you give me a made-up name for a school?
    5 45
  103. How can I improve this film project me and my friend have worked on?
    Okay so this is mine and my friends first experience in any filming or editing or anything of that sort. I filmed, edited and directed it whilst my friend acted and helped with the editing. What help can you give us to improve it?
    3 13
  104. Should I major in criminology or elementary education?
    I've changed majors many times during college. Now I'm half way done with my junior year and still unsure. I think I've settled on these two. i can see myself enjoying a job in either field. My scholarship will only pay for 8 semesters of school so aft...
    10 12
  105. What's figurative language?
    Just need a quick reminder and some examples would be good. Google's being sucky :/ Thanks.
    3 16
  106. What are some good sources for this history term paper?
    So i am witting a 3 page paper on international trade, but how it would have changed history up to the 1500 hundreds if it never happened or occurred, and all things it would effect. I also, am having to display it on a poster board creatively. NO im n...
    3 16
  107. How would you define "knowledge" in terms of philosophy?
    3 16
  108. Which country should I go to as an exchange student and why?
    I will be there for about the year and the price is the same regardless of what country I choose. I have the option of Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, C...
    4 53
  109. How do you write expressions in maths?
    Need help in revising exam in just a weeks time :c
    4 63
  110. How can I score well for my SAT's?
    I still have time before i have to give my SAT but i want to get into a good college and score really good in my SAT so how do you think i can score nice?
    8 29
  111. Would you suggest I drop this accounting course based on my first midterm mark (more)?
    What do you think, would you drop this course? Ok, so I recently switched out of my first University program because I was not doing so well, and my GPA was not good. I had never done accounting before and my new program has a accounting course that I ...
    4 58
  112. How do I make someone understand how difficult it is to get a job without a GED/high school diploma?
    what can i do about 2 people that i live with that dont understand that getting a job without a GED/high school diploma is not easy at all? (i am in school right now working on my education) they continue for months to expect me to be able to get...
    3 9
  113. How to deal with high school bullcrap?
    Th year started out great but it took a bad turn like last year. My friends and I have no classes or lunch apart and they don't invite me out anymore, we used to be like a family on 8th grade but I left freshman year, came back and BOOM! Everything's c...
    5 37
  114. Which language should I learn - French, Spanish, or Mandarin?
    I am looking to focus my spare time on learning a language. However, I am not sure which is best to learn. I studied French at school for 4 years, so already have a moderate fluency in French. However, I worry that it is not the most useful language...
    15 43
  115. Should I drop out of my AP American History claѕs?
    I'm not failing. I have a 76 thats my lowest grade. I can handle the work but if I go into regular American history my grades will be so much better that I will get on the honors roll. I can handle the work but the DBQs r hard for me and so r tests and...
    3 38
  116. What topic should I choose for my annotated bibliography?
    It can't be a biography about someone, and it needs to be something that I can research and find many sources on and off the internet for information. Examples of topics I was shown in class are tornadoes and the dry oasis. I just can't think of a good...
    2 17
  117. Can anyone explain to me what "lacsap's fraction" is?
    2 35
  118. How will I survive college?
    I'm in high school now. I go to college in two years. High school is soooo hard for me. I'm passing but its soooo hard. I don't understand. If high school is hard for me, college is going to be harder!! How will I pass college if I think high school is...
    6 23
  119. What can be for a good title for my essay about propaganda and three advertisements?
    5 53
  120. Should I drop out of school to start working full time to help my grandma?
    My grandma is in big trouble , she has so many bills to pay & such little money .! I know dropping out is not good but we need the money right now .!
    26 18
  121. Does this look okay for a formal email to a middle school teacher?
    Mrs [name of teacher] I am a language student at [name of my college] and was informed by [teacher's name] that you are looking for asѕistants for French lessons. I am very interested in this opportunity as I am hoping to study French and Spanish at u...
    2 11
  122. What is the suffix for "enzymes"?
    I know it seems like a stupid question but its for my premed homework and I am really stuck, also google isn't helping at all. Thank you.
    2 72
  123. Is writing an effective way of learning a language?
    6 14
  124. Should I drop AP History?
    Because of this class, the rest of my grades are dropping. I honestly think it's too much for me. I know it won't look good on colleges but I truly believe that dropping the class will help the rest of my grades.
    6 54
  125. What college(s) did you go to, are going to, or want to go to?
    haha I never know how to pose a question to multiple age groups.
    7 9
  126. Is this correct Spanish for "I want you to have a good night": "Yo quiero que tu tienes un noche buena"?
    6 14
  127. Are "credit hours" how many hours you're in a class per week or per day?
    4 12
  128. Is a 3.96 GPA good?
    11 106
  129. What is the point of summer, fall, winter, and spring break?
    Why do we get out of school for it?
    4 38
  130. Would it be okay to talk to my teacher about being overwhelmed?
    It's only the beginning of the year and all the schoolwork is overwhelming me. On top of that, i have my parents on my back about college, i'm not even sure if i want to go to college. All i want to do is to stop caring about school completely so i can...
    3 12
  131. Why didn't ancient people write their history down?
    is it because they didn't know how to write? even if they did , is there any other reasons ?
    5 28
  132. Can you use "have you ever" and "why are there" in the same sentence?
    For example, Have you ever thought why are there so many people? I mean is this question well written or not tell me please thank you.
    7 14
  133. What is harder to get into - West Point or Virginia Military Institute?
    2 47
  134. Would you suggest that I get a tutor (more)?
    I go to University, and am working towards my Bachelor's at the moment. I was a fine-arts major previously, however, my program was a combination of computer science and mathematics as well, and I was not able to follow in the computer science or mathe...
    2 16
  135. What is a function in domain and range?
    I magically passed algebra last year......
    3 11
  136. How much is college and university in America?
    in scotland we just go straight to uni and its free
    6 13
  137. How do I deal with my controlling and jealous boyfriend?
    My boyfriend & I have been dating for about a year, it's been a great year but their has been some bumps in the road. He was a jealous person at the begin I thought it was cute, but now it's getting out of control. Theirs a forgin exchanged student(Wel...
    9 59
  138. Is it strange for a male teacher to tell a female student they have beautiful eyes?
    8 19
  139. Why are more females graduating high school and going to college than males?
    I'm not saying more males should be graduating then girls but its getting pretty low. My mom is a social worker and I was putting up papers for here and I saw the most recent statistics. More girls are going off to college and getting Edcauted, and als...
    5 32
  140. Is joining a sorority and fraternity really worth it?
    What is the point of joining and how are they suppose to help me in life or college. Are they just about partying? My mother won't talk to me about her old sorority but she did quit.My dad said she had fun with them while she was in college but after s...
    4 82
  141. What are some things you wish you had done before you went off to college?
    Is there anything you wish people had told you to do before you went off to college. What are some things you wish you would have done or taken advange of while you in college that you didn't?
    3 34
  142. Which college is the most fun?
    i mean like the most relaxed and easy going college? it should have a great campus and a good crowd. The qualifications should not be high like 80-90%
    5 23
  143. Should I go to Pratt Institution NY?
    I want to do car designing like drawing them on a sheet for companies like porshe and ferraris. So to learn all that i want to go to a collage. i searched on the web about pratt and i liked it. How much is the fees and all and how should i get in? i me...
    2 12
  144. Should I study in The Netherlands or Canada?
    This is a huuge question for me. I live in belgium but i am canadian. I'm debating whether to study at a vocational university in Utrecht (more practical) in holland or a university in canada (york). I just need some help (pros and cons) from people wh...
    2 27
  145. Should schools ban gender specific events?
    Like the father/daughter dance and mother/son baseball game etc....
    4 16
  146. How can I improve my public speaking?
    4 20
  147. What's this school strike thing?
    and are you out of school now cause of the strike?
    5 28
  148. Can I start applying for scholarships being only a Junior?
    5 22
  149. Which of the following universities accept General Studies as a third A-Level to study Modern Languages?
    Manchester Birmingham Sheffield Newcastle Leeds
    6 10
  150. How come when I am confident to take a test I always do bad, but when I am not confident I always do good?
    3 39
  151. What's your favorite class?
    13 14
  152. Why would the news report a story about a 15 year old getting a breast enlargement instead of encouraging education?
    The schools are opening today and the news put this new school year, new body when they interview a girl who was getting their breast bigger at 15, but they never mentioned or encouraged to be a better student or something like that. The news are maki...
    7 34
  153. Does anyone know what I can do for revising?
    I really want to improve my grades...
    5 8
  154. Do universities in Canada give unconditional offers?
    4 190
  155. Do you think it would be a good idea for every year a child goes to school that they should have a mandatory anti-bullying program?
    Like each grade level would have a differant program/class so that the children can understand what is being taught
    3 15
  156. Can someone please help me solve this math problem?
    I still can't understand word problems very good. In one week, a music store sold 9 guitars for a total of $3611. Electric guitars sold for $479 each and acoustic guitars sold for $339 each. How many of each type of guitar were sold?
    7 60
  157. Is it better to get D's and C's in academic subjects, or A's and B's in in less academic subjects?
    is it better to get D's and C's in academic subjects, (english or maths), or A's and B's in in less academic subjects (media, re) A-LEVEL's?
    9 18
  158. Why is it impossible for my school to ever get my schedule right?
    School starts tomorrow and I'm missing a class already for Friday. Is it that hard to do to make a schedule?
    5 32
  159. What are some ways to study for a spanish test?
    3 26
  160. Do colleges like to see improvement?
    Freshmen year was horrible and my grades weren't very good. Sophomore year, I had decent to excellent grades. It's my junior year now and I'm going to try to work as hard as I can. I want to aim for at least a 3.7 GPA. Do colleges like to see improveme...
    3 66
  161. Why is it that my friends are all receiving letters from colleges?
    the majority of my friends have a 2.5 gpa and take regular classes.. while I have a 3.5-3.8 gpa and take Pre AP and AP classes.. why did they receive multiple letters(5-10) and i didn't receive a single one? *none of them applied for letters*
    3 69
  162. What improvements would you like to see in your school?
    4 96
  163. How can I better prepare myself for AP US History?
    5 17
  164. What classes would be smarter to take if your future job is a Neuropsychiatrist?
    There is a AP Biology class, and Psychology. I was wondering what bio includes, like what kind of things you might learn in there? And what classes I should take if I want to be a neuropsychologist or neuropsychiatrist?
    2 8
  165. What are some good ideas to celebrate Teacher's Appreciation Day at school?
    5 17
  166. Are two A's, eight B's, and four C's good grades for GCSE's?
    6 19
  167. What are good/trusted websites where I can rent textbooks and novels for college?
    10 29
  168. What should I write in this essay so that I can get into their school for junior year?
    So there's this private, boarding school (with no uniforms) and I really wanna go for a semester or a year at least. This is the question: What promise would you make to SEC, to yourself, and to your community if you were to become an SEC student?...
    2 11
  169. What are your back to school tips?
    Mine are: 1. ALWAYS eat breakfest! 2.Do your homework THE SAME DAY it's given 3.Write down due dates in a PLANER 4.Stay Drama Free 5.Always reveiw & study for quizes and test That's all I can think of right now. :)
    11 21
  170. Which A level is easier - English Literature or Computing?
    I'm moderately good at both and I need one that's easy so I can do fast track stats I got an E in english lit and a D in computing and i'm wishing to do education and psychology at uni
    2 21
  171. Would it be more beneficial in the long run for me to major in education and minor in psychology or the other way around?
    I love both fields but it seems that the higher demand job would be in education.
    6 80
  172. Are we allowed to plead the fifth in class?
    5 91
  173. How to go to school in another province?
    I live in Ontario, 30 minutes away from Quebec. I want to attend their high school (to be with my best friend) but have no idea how to transport myself there and back everyday. Also, my parents aren't willing to drive me. HELP
    3 35
  174. Should I go to Australia to be an Exchange student?
    So today I recieve a rather interesting piece of mail from the Student Ambassador Programs stating that I am elidgable to go to Australia as and Exchange student for 17 days. Should I look into this?
    16 19
  175. What are some ways I can learn Spanish?
    I can't take Spanish as a class in school becuase I don't have any open spots in my schedule and I rather not spend my extra cash on buying the Rossa Stone. I encouter people that Speak Spainish often now. And I really don't know what their saying, plu...
    19 24
  176. What supplies would a 7th grader need for school?
    My sister already has 3 composition books, 4 mechanical pencils, 25 eraser tops, 6 highlighters, and 100 index cards. What else does she need?
    15 28
  177. Do you think schools should be permitted to give girls a pregnancy test and if they are pregnant they have to leave the school?
    11 17
  178. Can you skip out of high school?
    like skip senior year... and if you can would you still get like your diploma or whatever...
    15 54
  179. Do you have to finish high school to become a lawyer?
    18 66
  180. Do Filipino high school grads have to repeat their senior year if they move back to the US, or can they begin as college freshmen?
    Filipino as in formerly living in the Philippines.
    2 19
  181. Is it a bad idea to not go to college?
    22 39
  182. How does it feel to be in the 4-hour class to obtain learner's permit?
    im going to the class tomorrow and im worried, do i have to study or do they give you all the infomation you need.
    2 6
  183. Can anyone help me to solve this problem?
    Rearrange the following expressions to make "a" the subject of these formula. (1). s=ut+½at². (2). V² =u² +2as
    11 42
  184. Is it possible to pass a multiple choice exam by luck?
    I have never tried this in a multiple choice exam maybe just in one math question where i didnt know how to solve the problem but i chose the most logical answer from the three answers i had in the exam and luckily it was right i wonder if anybody had ...
    4 44
  185. Does anyone know about the Serbo-Croatian 7 cases?
    4 28
  186. Is there any particular reason that a student wouldn't get put in an AP history class if they had all the proper signatures?
    I just got my sophomore schedule and was dismayed to find that I didn't get put into AP World History. I got the recommendation, but couldn't make it to the AP meeting because I had an away tennis match. Others that didn't go still got in, so I don't t...
    11 36
  187. What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying in another country?
    4 26
  188. Which German university is not too expensive but good in electrical engineering?
    i want to study electrical engineering in germany can u pls help me with detailed information of the university you think is best for engineering? And not too expensive.
    4 15
  189. Can anyone tell me some good study abroad programs for Japan?
    2 8
  190. Why am I the odd one out at school?
    how come i seem to be the only 1 that is the odd 1 out to every1 els in my school and the only person that suffers from others :/ ? :'(
    11 33
  191. Do you think she's going to steal my topic for communication class? (read more)
    this grl in my communication class said what will i be doing for my topic and i said it and she sound so fascinated in it, when a girl asked her what shell be doing she looked at me and said don't know yet. I feel like she might snatch it cause shes re...
    9 32
  192. What is a good sentence to open the personal statement for my university application with?
    I'm applying for a degree in modern languages and I want the sentence to be something along the lines of "languages are essential in the developing world" How can I word it so it's catchy?
    4 11
  193. What is 9th grade like?
    im going into 9th grade and i just want to know what to expect.
    7 84
  194. Are Canadian universities good for studying geography?
    3 11
  195. Who else here has to go to extra math classes?
    7 41
  196. What's a great college for music performance?
    i wanna be a performing percussionist, like in a college drumline..who can help me out? i live here in ohio
    3 22
  197. What are some good schools to go to for a degree in music production?
    just wondering idk what im going to do with my life but whatever happens i have to consider all things
    4 18
  198. How can I get into a good college with a GED and no college fund?
    3 42
  199. Which is more important in your opinion - senior prom or graduation?
    16 92
  200. Do you think it's offensive if I write in my presentation that my problem is Facebook?
    Ok i have a presentation due and about a problem, i choose facebook cause grls are exposing more skins inorder to get more likes, cyber bullying, apps for airbushing photos, stalkers, kids are always on it during school time? I feel it will offend many...
    2 14
  201. How can I write my Grade 10 English Provisional with flare?
    2 12
  202. Do you think Astrology is a valid subject?
    18 41
  203. What is a trade school?
    7 37
  204. where can i buy gatefold paper for inviations?
    2 9
  205. What's the point in trying If you already know you're going to fail all your exams?
    8 123
  206. Are there any sites that can help with expanding my vocabulary?
    I would like to learn a lot of new words over the summer while I have time to and I was wondering of there are any sites that can just give me new words and the definition of each.
    7 11
  207. Can I enroll myself in high school if neither of my parents live in the United States?
    2 16
  208. How much is 30 mg in tablespoons?
    i have to gve my brohr his medcin but it says 20-40 mg/kg/day every 8 hours but they gave me a little cup measuring teaspoons.
    2 5941
  209. How is learning Chinese different from learning other languages?
    I am a translater and I can speak French, german, spanish, etc. I want to learn Chinese now, but my friend tell me Chinese is very difficult to learn because it is different from other languages. So who can tell me is it different from learning other ...
    4 27
  210. What is the difference between sociology and philosophy?
    3 434
  211. Does anybody know a good quote that I can put in a valedictorian speech that would apply to the undergraduates?
    it has to be really good though and i kind of need it by like right now...
    7 11
  212. How do you work out the exact value of 63.81 ÷ 0.18?
    13 77
  213. What college would you prefer - Ohio State University, Otterbein University, or Right State?
    3 7
  214. What advice would you give me about joining the school play?
    I really really really want to join the school play next year! But I'm afraid my shyness will kick in. I also have NO experience with acting, but I want to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try! What advice would you give me?
    5 13
  215. Do high school senior projects have to be arguments?
    I have seen people do theirs on non-arguement subjects..but they say we have to Do we have to or could we go to them to say we dont want to
    6 19
  216. What is 1/4 mL in decimal?
    my 4 month old is sick and te doctor saidtogive him 1/4 mL but the medicine i bought has a little cup instead of the othe thing.
    3 270
  217. When do people go to school in Maine?
    As in highschool. It's for a sort of project. I want things to be on the dot :)
    2 12
  218. Should P.Diddy's son return his $54,000 scholarship?
    This was originally asked on npr. P.Diddy's son was given that merit-based scholarship for having a 3.75 GPA and playing football but at the same time, he comes from a wealthy family. Thoughts? Should Justin Combs return it simply because his famil...
    8 29
  219. Is 8th grade graduation a big deal?
    I couldn't make it to my cousin and her mom started giving me attitude..
    5 96
  220. When am I supposed to apply for college?
    I will be a senior in high school next school year.
    4 52
  221. What textbooks are good to learn history?
    Modern History or older, I don't mind. Probably more Modern though. Not for revision or anything, just to flick through when I get bored :) Might sound weird but I have months to kill
    4 15
  222. How to ignore stupid people at my school? (read more)
    Lately I been having people whisper about me or say it out loud what they hate about me. Like this one girl who keeps saying I'm weird an mumbles other stuff under her breath but acts fake to my face like she likes me. Also some girls keep having smart...
    8 26
  223. What to say if a teacher suspects you smoked?
    Dont tell me to not smoke etc at school, my friends in a situation and if the teachers ask if she has smoked what should she say thats believable?
    6 16
  224. What percentage is 106.5 out of 120 on a test score?
    4 74
  225. How to make a good introduction of speech about eco-tourism?
    2 35
  226. What is 9/10 of a mile?
    4 126
  227. Does school cause a lot of stress?
    10 29
  228. Is College really that hard?
    I know it's different from high school and it's a dramatic change. But is it really that hard? I feel like people just say its hard because their not doing their work or their not trying. Its not hard to get up out the bed and got to class, I'm in 10th...
    5 39
  229. Do teachers enjoy giving advice to students?
    7 16
  230. Is "low" adverb or adjective in this sentence: "He struck low"?
    2 42
  231. Where can I find scholarships for immigrants?
    I need to get as many scholarships as I can, does anyone know a good website to search for scholarships. There are less for immigrants so I need to search everywhere.
    2 13
  232. Do you think my teacher possibly sees me as a daughter?
    I am a sophomore in high school and this is the second year I've had this teacher. Often after school i will go to her classroom just to talk and help her out around the room. At first our conversations were simple and shallow. As this year progressed ...
    8 33
  233. Will you choose college or university for your post-secondary education?
    If you choose College? What is the advantage and dis advantage? And why? Or University? What is the success rate either one of these ?
    2 11
  234. What does "it" refer to in this phrase: "IT can solve a problem in a fraction of a time IT takes human being to do the job"?
    8 12
  235. How to email a college for information?
    I won't be applying for a while; I have three years to go. But I want to get to know things about this college, and I have theit email and all but I'm not sure how to introduce myself, if I should at all. What to ask.
    2 11
  236. If I start an essay in past tense, can I change it to present tense later in the same essay or not?
    And the same thing if i start with present can i change it to past in the same essay, or not. tell me please im taking english 102 and sometimes i get confused with that tell me please, thank you.
    4 25
  237. Can someone explain the differences and uses in sentences of their, they're, and there?
    I never learned this in elementary aha but itd help a lot if you could give examples of how to use them properly. Thanks !
    9 24
  238. Do you feel it's okay to bring a stun gun to school if your mom said it was okay and you're being bullied?
    This happened to a boy by the name of Darnell "Dynasty" Young who was apparently being bullied for dressing flamboyantly. Do you feel it was the best move to bring a stun gun to school as an act of self defense or should the approach be made a litt...
    6 37
  239. Is it okay for a student that has graduated to text/call a teacher?
    4 27
  240. Can someone help me with my introduction for my essay?
    I have to write an essay on cheating in relationships for my English class. How can I start it off? I am really bad at writing introductions.
    4 31
  241. What can happen to a student who is caught cheating (red handed) in your country?
    18 26
  242. How do I write a 2 page reflection paper when I didn't learn anything?
    Soo, I have this project I have to do for English. We had to write a 3 page research paper on Creative Writing. I basically just spoke about how students get better grades when it's a creative writing project compared to other types of writing, but I b...
    6 61
  243. Would you major in Liberal Studies or Business and why?
    3 20
  244. How is history beneficial in our lives?
    I'm taking a college level history class next year but I'm beginning to have second thoughts because I'm not sure how history will be beneficial later on. What types of careers or jobs require you to be good in history?
    7 19
  245. What type of questions will be on the Compass Test at a community college?
    5 25
  246. How do students succeed International Baccalaureate Program?
    2 38
  247. What exactly does homebound mean?
    I got a concussion and I'm on homebound and majorly reduced workload. I don't get what exactly it means when they say my homebound teacher is coming five hours everyweek. What does he/she do?
    4 89
  248. How to make my students interested in my class?
    8 22
  249. What are the most difficult problems faced by the teacher in the classroom?
    5 17
  250. Do you guys think I will be able to raise my grades by the end of the year?
    There is only a month left of school and I'm stressed out because I have C's and D's in some classes! I really really really need to raise them! Has anyone been in this situation? Please share your experiences! I need some motivation.
    3 18