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How old do you have to be to work at Dunkin Donuts?

My aunt worked there for a while and she said you only have to be 14 to work there with a job permit and parent/school permission.
It seems a little young to me though.I'm 15 and a half,nearly 16,and I've been looking for a decent job so I dont have t...

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How do I deside what to be?

What should I be, a vet and go to Texas A&M University or be a Lawyer and go to Harvard University in Cambridge Mass?

I love animals, but every one believes I should be a lawyer. Now they say that because I am good at 3 things: Acting, Lying and ar...


How can I get a job?

I want any job to earn money... please

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What is the best job in united-states?

What is the best job in united-states?


Can I take my money to the bank if its riped?

Can I take my money to the bank if its riped?


How far back are employers allowed to go for background checks?

How far back are employers allowed to go into someones criminal record for department store work?


How much is a Chinese dollar worth in the US?

How much is a Chinese dollor worth in the U.S.A?


How much is a 1913 wheat penny worth?

I have a 1913 wheat penny it is a little worn, but you can see the date.


Looking for Rn's who have Felon history???

Hello, I was reading a lady who actually was in nursing school and had a felony. Well, thats me. I am not giving up. I am dong the right thing now, and I am tired of people telling me to "forget it" you will never get your RN licesne. I came in here...


What would you do to talk your dad into spending this? Please read?

well tommarow me and my 2 besties are going to da mall. were going to have SO much fun. we like to shop at hot topic, tillys, aero, hollister, journeys, claires, and sometimes victoria secret (to goof off). well my dad said I can spend up to 200$. but ...


Minimun wage usually for detastling like 5 6 7 dollars?

What is minimun wage usually for detastling like 5 6 7 dollars?


Who will hire convicted felons in Houston?

I'm a single mother of 1, and I was convicted 7 yrs. ago for two 2nd degree felonies. I have had jobs in the past where they didn't check my background. I'm too educated to work in fast food!! I already paid my debt to society by losing my freedom. ...


Where can I work at 14?

I'm a 14 year old female from the Dudley area, 15 in 2 months and noone wants to employ me. I'm after a weekend job as well as one I can do after school for a couple of hours. It makes it even harder when there isn't a minimum wage. I'm willing to trav...


How easy is a McDonald's job?

I'm 17, and I just got a job at McDonalds. I start training tomorrow, probably on cash register or something, but I'm really nervous. Does anyone have any experience working here, and how easy of a job is it?


Is it too easy to become a cop?

No, I don't think cops are all a bunch of mean corrupt a-holes, because I don't do drugs. But it's rather obvious that there have been, are, and will be, a lot of mean a-holes that become cops, and then become corrupted with the power of the position....


Whats the difference between a us marshal and a bounty hunter?

What is the difference between a united states marshal and a bounty hunter? Just wondering because I was looking into a career in becoming a united states mashal. Thanks for you help. Really appreciate it.


What age do shoe stores like Footlocker & Footaction start hiring?

I really want & need a job. I loveee shoes. I'm thinking of working at a shoe store like these but I don't know if I can. Help?


What companies are always hiring?

I know like mcdonalds, walmart, superstore, grocery stores, and restraunts, etc. but what are some other places that are always hiring in canada???


Good job for the first time

I just want to get people's opinion on this, right now im takin a break from everythin b/c when I get one ill have one forever lol, what would be a good job for a first job?

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How would I get into acting on television or commercials?

SO .. ohkay , I have the greatest potential to sing, act & dance. I have been looking all over the place for acting in my area , but I just can`t find none. I really want to become an actress bad.. I can be a model , fine no problem but I can`t figure ...


Where, where, where???

Hi, a friend of mine, one year younger, said she wanted to find a part-time job but she doesn't want to do babysitting and stuff like that, you get what I mean don't u, she wants one of those, "real" jobs. Could you please give me some ideas and advic...

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