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How to become a Payee for the disabled?

I've tried to look up my answers online, with no luck. How do you become a Payee? Are there any websites I can go to or numbers to call? And is there an age you have to be to even be one? I also live in california, im sure that makes a difference.


How to get $3000 fast?

I need to come up with $3000 fast. I am in a bind. I had to take a paycut and my boyfreind was laid off. Any suggestions?


Singing career in a small town?

Well I have got some great answers and thanks for all of that. But one of my problems is I live in a small town. I work in an office full time. This town doesnt even have singing coaches. I have sang in church before to some upbeat songs (I dont do hym...


What kind of company is Blue License Holding llc?

What kind of company is Blue License Holding llc?


where can a 16 year old in california work?

where can a 16 year old in california work?
I dont what I to bea fast food place


Who wants to get paid while on Funadvice?

I make 12 dollars an hour at my job and I spend 5 hours a day surfing the internet. You know how. Im a security guard. Recommended for anyone who likes free time and likes to surf the internet


Fast Moolah.

How do I earn money quick? I asked another question like this but no one really helped much. Im only 13 and I need money fast. Also, its winter so I cant do Car Washes or anything like that. Helppp


Do you think that your appearance can have a direct impact on your career and advancement?

There are some that say you should dress how you want, do what you want, and who cares what people think. I think this has a great impact on your career and think there is a time and place for everything. What is your opinion on this?


What's a good job if you're 15?

whats a good job if your 15? in plano...?


I need to Volenteer.

Me and my friend are 13 and 14 years of age. We have no work experience but maintain a B average in school and are dedicated to Dancing. We really want to volentter this summer.
Any ideas?


summer jobs 4 teens

what are good jobs in the summer for 14 year ols?

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How much do nurse practitioners make?

Just that, how much money a year does a nurse practitioner make?

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Subway dress code

I was wondering I know the basic dress code but what about facial hair. Because I know mcdonalds makes you cut off your facial hair of you have any so would subway also do that? Or would they not say much about it?


What "College Degree" jobs where people have piercings or tattoos?

Just wondering what "college degree" jobs allow people to have piercings or tattoos. Thanks:)


How much are notary publics allowed to charge?

does anyone know how much notary publics are allowed to charge? Is it different state by state? new york?


Make money quick without parents knowing?

Do I have to ask again? How do I make money quick without my parents knowing???
Please don't ssay the usual stuff lllik.e dog walk... My parents would know then


Whats the difference between a us marshal and a bounty hunter?

What is the difference between a united states marshal and a bounty hunter? Just wondering because I was looking into a career in becoming a united states mashal. Thanks for you help. Really appreciate it.


How old do you have to be an underwear model?

Ok so I was looking at this victoria secret magazine, and I was looking in PINK section, and it looked like there was girls that were 13! modeling BRA'S. Why?

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What do you think are some legitimate reasons for someone to quit there job?

I'm thinking about this because my sister quit her job just because she got in a small disagreement with her boss which I find absurd.


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