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  1. 5 amazing benefits of working in Home Health Care
    A home health aide is an individual who works by providing basic care to people that may need assistance, at their homes. Home health aides will have to fulfil various duties while taking up a number of responsibilities. However, the benefits of workin...
    6 82
  2. How to pay off your Student Loan FAST
    You've gone ahead and got your bachelors or masters degree. You feel proud of the accomplishment. But do you feel proud of the debt that you racked up? Now that you're done with your education, the next step is a rude awakening of real life - you ha...
    8 139
  3. 8 facts about BRR - The Bitcoin Revolution Robot
    When it comes to trading in markets, there are different alternatives. The cryptocurrency market though is consistently growing over the years, putting Bitcoin at the top of the results. Learn more about Bitcoin and the Revolution Robot that is changin...
    8 131
  4. What To Do If You Lost Your Job Because of Covid-19
    During the coronavirus outbreak, many industries have been affected by the lockdown. Some companies had to close their doors, while others had to reinvent themselves. Therefore, many employees lost their jobs to Covid-19. According to the [BBC](https:/...
    5 74
  5. How to have a more LGBTQ Inclusive Workplace
    Would you believe that in 2020, there are about 46% of LGBTQ workers who are closeted in the workplace? While work is for work, you definitely want to create an inclusive space where everyone looks forward to coming to work and contributing every day. ...
    7 42
  6. How to get a job on a cruise ship
    A cruise ship job sounds like a double paid vacation. It is associated with the spirit of adventures, sea breeze, and endless fun. Before applying to a position in this field, you need to realize its peculiarities. In addition, you have to be psycholog...
    7 85
  7. What Are The Different Ways To Learn Digital Marketing
    Today any digital marketing company expects the digital marketers to be skilled in a variety of areas including creative direction, digital media, analytics, sales, copywriting and more.
    4 136
  8. How to become a freelance SEO consultant
    Regardless of the size of the industry today, it’s fair to say that there’s never been a better time to get started as a freelance SEO consultant, especially considering the way in which the search industry changes on a near-daily basis!
    5 195
  9. How To Get A Job In Digital Marketing
    Thеsе dаys, оnе оf thе mоst еxсiting industriеs tо wоrk in is digitаl mаrkеting. This is аn еvеr-сhаnging еnvirоnmеnt, whеrе аnyоnе сrеаtivе аnd gооd аt sосiаl mеdiа соuld bе а grеаt fit fоr а jоb аnd hаs mаny оppоrtunitiеs.
    4 151
  10. How to Write Best Resume for Job
    Many people and students are searching 'How to Write Quality Resume to Get Jobs' and they usually found some Resume Samples. We are encouraging people to Write Their Resume their selves, this will enhance their creativity, and they will get more Jobs.
    7 105
  11. How to act in a job interview
    Only one of out of hundreds of applicants get hired for a job opening. And half of the time that one applicant turns out to be not suitable anyway. This is because all applicants are doing and saying the same thing. Here is a list of things to do and ...
    10 118
  12. Things That Should Remember in The Interview
    things to know for the interview.
    8 61
  13. How to Invest in an Apartment Building
    Here are the steps to understand what's involved in locating and purchasing your first apartment building.
    7 150
  14. How to Sell on Ebay for Teens
    As a teenager, the want of self-dependency is higher than before. You by now might want to start a moneymaking plan whether to save up for college or a personal need such as supporting the family. In this guide, you taught how to work the e-commerce biz.
    11 85
  15. How teens can open a bank account
    Bank accounts are not easy to open for teenagers. And in fact, it's getting harder and harder every day to do it because of global fraud. But with the help of your parents or a guardian you can actually get an account and even a debit card.
    5 80
  16. How can i spy some person?
    I need voice spying some person. How can i do that? I have found some reliable spy equipments on ....can i use them?
    2 18
  17. Im going to attempt to do my own taxes online. :( Ugh.
    I had to wait forever for one of my forms to come, well actually I had to call my old employer and have them send it to me via email -_- Losers.
    3 17
  18. Got an interview for a waitress in job at a Chinese cafe by my house.
    I am terrified the interview will be in Chinese :/ then I'm screwed. I'm actually hoping I'll get bartending position though.
    4 39
    With which I am terribly surprised because I did horrid at the interview. I kept blanking out and saying 'umm yea'. But regardless I got it :o it's only one shift a week :( so hardly enough for me at the moment but it's better than nothing and somethin...
    4 18
  20. What should you do if your boss doesn't tell you the business is closed ?
    What should you do when this happend ? My boss didn't tell me that the business was closing and now I need to chase them for my last payment . Why didn't they tell me that they were making big changes ?
    2 10
  21. Is it against the law to take someone id card with out asking ?
    Is this agianst the law to do ? If someone is trying to get power of attorny .
    3 63
  22. What do I wear to an interview for Front Desk at a Museum?
    I'm extremely nervous haha. Some people tell me just wear black pants and a nice shirt... but I don't think that's enough. I have one blouse but it's short sleeve and it's freezing here! I have this work-like looking dress but it looks really 'profes...
    4 61
  23. A good place to keep money?
    I want to buy some proper art materials, since I want to go into the illustration/ design career in the future. I don't know exactly what I will buy, as I need to do a very thorough check on everything that I might choose. I know that I should start sa...
    2 36
  24. How can I make money without working?
    I am not lazy to get a job. It's just for health issues I can't. I am a grown up now but I have worked but now I just can't anymore. I can't handle stress or walking around for long periods of time or even heavy lifting boxes or anything. So what is a ...
    2 44
  25. What are the chances of winning the Mega Millions and who's won the most
    What are the chances of winning the Mega Millions today and what is the largest amount ever won to date from one drawing?
    2 17
  26. How do I resign?
    I am going to quit my current job, I've been there over two years yet I have not had a single raise yet I know people who have been there a much shorter time have. It is not that I am not a good worker, in fact, I happen to be one of the best there. I ...
    5 65
  27. If u had a good paying job, would u quit if you were being bullied at work?
    If you worked a good paying job, would you quit if you were working in a hostile work environment where you were being bullied everyday by a group of co-workers?
    4 65
  28. 14 year old Twyla. Daughter of the Boogey Man, photographed by me.
    10 13
  29. Any one know of a good credit card?
    Ok long story short, I have no credit. None, or if I do have credit I have BAD credit. Well I know how to spend and save money. I only use what I need, well my neighbor told me the best way to build your credit score, get a card and then instantly pay ...
    2 46
  30. Reasons Behind Obtaining Cash for Structured Settlement
    What are the reasons for Obtaining Cash for Structured Settlement?
    3 21
  31. Would It be rude if I asked this?
    So lately I've been seriously considering going to a different country, to volunteer myself through this one program. It costs $5000 + for my trip. I'm not be sponsored to do this, I feel like making a change. Sometimes my school has "hat days" or some...
    4 21
  32. As a fresher in Computer Science which would be the best way to start my career today?
    I have completed my B.E. in Computer Science from Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Bangalore with an aggregate of 55 percent. In IT the demand of people skilled in particular field fades away with time as new technology comes every day. Like a few ...
    5 15
  33. How do you mention that someone recommended you during a walk-in interview?
    when there is no application just submitting of resume. This is for a seasonal job, walk-in interview. You know someone who works at the company and they are willing to recommend you or have his name on your application whereever needed.
    3 21
  34. Straight up quitting?
    How wrong is it to straight up quit at a job, no matter how terrible the people are here? I'm missing out on many opportunities even though they guaranteed work wouldn't interfere with sports or school and such. How bad will it look on my part? And its...
    7 35
  35. serious help with an interview thanks a million * Shoe Store * retail /sales
    Hey! thanks for hearing me out ... I just got called in for an interview at champs sports ,( similar to shoe palace foot locker etc) im kinda nervous , what kind of questions will they ask ? and what should i wear ? jordans etc ? any advice wil...
    2 43
  36. Do you think this comic would worth something?
    I got the comic second edition of she hulk from 1979, do you think this comic would worth a lot of money or not tell me please thank you.
    2 9
  37. What jobs involve working with animals that pays well but doesnt require a ton of schooling?
    4 13
  38. what age does macdonalds start to hire?
    2 41
  39. With one million dollars, that you can't spend on yourself or your loved ones, what would you do with it?
    You've been given the authority to spend a million bucks completely outside of the life that you do good with it for others..............what would you do?
    4 21
  40. If social security benefits end for one child will the next child receive the funds?
    Both children receive death benefits for there father but one child will stop because she's 18 will the amount pass on to the younger child?
    2 14
  41. Currently on paid Short-Term Medical Leave and found another job...?
    Hi all, I have been on short-term medical leave (full-pay STML from my employer) for about 2 months, and already approved for the 3rd month. My health condition is better now (spine fracture after a car accident)l however, I'm already told by my cow...
    2 12
  42. Hi, I'm working as a service desk engineer and I'm from India, is there any way I could get a job in USA or UK?
    I want to get a job as a service desk engineer or any other job relevant to it in USA or UK, is there any way?
    3 10
  43. An american citizen who has worked abroad for a whole year has to file taxes or not?
    Im not sure about this, i need info please what if an american citizen has made his income outside the united states for a year, he still have to file taxes or not tell me please thank you for example, if i have a small business outside the united stat...
    3 29
  44. what should i do about my job?
    I'm a part time worker, and I specifically told my boss I want rocwork no more than 3 and sometimes 4 times a week. Since summer started she has me working 6 days a week, 9 hours a day. I handed her my summer holidays like myself and every other employ...
    4 24
  45. Is it bad for your credit score to only keep money in your checkings account?
    One of my friends never puts money into his savings account. Rather, he allows the bank to move money every month, forcibly. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. In any case, I just want to know if it'll hurt him in anyway since he plans to move out so...
    2 40
  46. what are some careers involving animals?
    In a small town area, I also don't leave near an ocean, and don't plan on it, only small lakes. I need to start planning my future and I want a career involving animals, or the environment or something to do with policing. Preferably a well paying job,...
    2 22
  47. What would you do?
    Last night, I went out with a friend and on our way back, we met one of our old highschool friends. I used to be pretty close with this guy but we haven't talked since we graduated so it's been four years since we talked. Anyways, we got to talking ...
    8 19
  48. How can I make a lot of money during Summer Vacation?
    I'm saving my money and I want to know how I can make money over the summer. Please don't say chores because I don't get paid for my chores. Thanks a lot for the help!
    2 15
  49. Can I still become a nurse
    I was just wondering if you can still become a nurse if you have suffered from depression. I'm asking this cos I was told I couldn't and it's my dream to become one
    2 29
  50. What should I wear to a interview
    2 28
  51. How to get people to start using your Square device to buy your products?
    I have Square device and is building a library of products to sell. But once your account and library is setup and ready, how do you go about getting people to notice your products you're trying to sell and getting them to use your device? I don't have...
    2 14
  52. How do you write that you can work few hours per week without seeming uneager?
    Last time I went into an interview, the employer gave me a form to fill out with all my information. Among it was the number of hours I expect or hope to work per week. I know I won't be able to handle too many hours, in all honesty, less is probab...
    6 22
  53. How do I go about putting when I can begin on my resume? or cover letter?
    Or my availability or hours I can work? I want to begin handing in resumes, however, I will not be available at all throughout all of August. Is there a way I can write it in my resume or cover letter that I can't begin until September? I've rea...
    4 14
  54. which banks does not charge monthly fees?
    i am tired of paying 10 dollars for each account. I pay 10 for a saving account and 10 for forgot the other one. Both debit cards.
    3 51
  55. Any advice on finding a part-time job that can be a stepping stone for future?
    For future career? I'm not talking about a cashier job, or a job at Mcdonald's. Anything from working in an office, secretary, or answering phone calls, or even in a film or art studio. I've always dreamed of working in the film industry, video edit...
    14 25
  56. Do you think this ad is misleading or not?
    I was going to get a slice of pizza and i saw this Toppings slice 0.50 pie 2.00 I really thought the ad meant a small pie for 2 dollars and one topping to add will cost 0.50 cents but that wasnt th...
    4 23
  57. do you have to know about cars to work at autozone?
    i was wondering cause im looking for a job and i was thinking about applying at autozone but i dont know anything about cars so would it just be dumb of me to apply there? im not sure if they would even want to hire someone who knows nothing about them...
    2 277
  58. If an employment agency doesnt have any job what that means?
    I mean i went to the employment agency and fill out my application and then the secretary told me there was nothing available, she toldme there was only job for women, but even when i told her so i can come back tomorrow very early when the agency open...
    2 10
  59. Can you work anywhere in the medical field with an assault and battery charge?
    3 231
  60. Should i show my social security card if i go to an employment agency ?
    I dont want to carry my card with me, because it could get lost or something. I know my number by memory so i would like to know if i need to show my card or just give them my number What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    2 14
  61. How do I go about asking for a raise?
    An assistant manager in my store told me that employees who work the overt a year usually get a small raise and said I should ask manager about it. How do I even start that conversation? What should I say to start it?
    9 33
  62. Where can i sell my furniture online?
    I have a desktop table i want to sell. I need a good website to post it where there are no scammers.
    3 18
  63. Can anybody tell me if I would be able to use the Paypal or Square card reader on my smartphone?
    I just got a Verizon LG Lucid 4G LTE smartphone. I just looked up my software information on my phone and it says I have a 4.0.4 Android version. Would I be able to use the Paypal or Square card reader on it?
    2 13
  64. if someone gets there hands on my personal info like name, birthday, parents and sibilings information and my social secuirty number along with t
    7 21
  65. I lose my purse and i am freaking out what should i do? I have my whole family social, ID, credit cards, all doc papers. EVERYTHING
    I called the last place i went to and they dont have nothing. No surveillance either.
    3 39
  66. Tips to get hired on the spot?
    Tomorrow I am going to be handing in my resume to DQ, my friend quit (Handed in her 2 week notice) today so I thought right away would be a good time to hand it in. Is there any special thing I should say to the manager? Any tips people have that have ...
    2 66
  67. Electronics major-jobs
    What jobs can I get with an "Electronics" degree? and whats the best job among them?
    2 17
  68. Powerful jobs- MIS vs Electronics
    Which one of the 2 majors provides more powerful jobs "MIS" or "Electronics" ?
    8 27
  69. Do you think that 20 dollars is too much for a baseball cap?
    Just curiosity tell me please thank you. I think i can buy better things with 20 dollars what do you think?
    3 67
  70. How to talk with an older business person and persuade him?
    I mean what should i do to persuade this older business guys i mean they think they know everything and maybe they know all the tricks on the book. I wanna close the deal with this guy but he is like a shark you know how can i persuade him of my idea i...
    5 15
  71. What is FTC in SEO Agencies?
    What is FTC in SEO Agencies?
    3 26
  72. In a corporation, do shareholders earn money?
    <p> How do shareholders work? What are dividend?</p>
    5 16
  73. Is this dress worth anything? Can i still sell it?
    Blue dress has large stains (wasn't my dress) Am i able to sell this? I wouldnt expect anything over 50 for it. But is the damage too grand?
    2 27
  74. how do i establish credit quickly?
    I cant get a car loan, department store card, etc.
    2 14
  75. convicted felons in medical field
    Can I get a job in medical billing if I've been convicted of a felony and on active probation in California?
    5 72
  76. Why women want to go to the army?
    I dont understand to be honest nobody wants to go to the army. What do you think?
    3 52
  77. How can I make money ASAP?
    Im a teen, cant drive, and have a few weeks to make some money. ideas?
    8 37
  78. Press Release Distribution
    I just started working for a new company in their marketing department and I need some ideas as to which Press Release/Media company to use. Any advice?
    2 9
  79. So, How Does A 13+ Year Old Go On About To Get A Job?
    I'm 13 And Need A Job Bad.... 2+3 Days A Week, $30+50 Dollars A Week? :)
    2 23
  80. Do you guys think i have modeling potential?
    2 30
  81. How to start a business?
    Hello, I'm a 19 year old college student. I have a great business idea and I would like to know how can I start it? I have no money and I do not have a job. Please help.
    3 36
  82. Personal Finance
    If we define "pass-through taxation" as the situation where businesses are taxed via the income tax forms of its owner(s), why would I put the "s" in parentheses?
    2 8
  83. i opened up a saving and a checking accounts.. help?
    i know it sounds stupid but this is my first time...what should i know is there a monthly fee i shoud know about?
    3 14
  84. What do you all think of this idea in regard to the recent school shootings?:
    We have alot of veterans coming home who can't find a job (which is very sad) Many of them are partially disabled. I would support giving them a job (if they wanted it) as school security. They are already highly trained, and their pay wouldn't come ...
    2 11
  85. Can you develop Selective Mutism at the age of 15?
    I know everyone says that it is uncommon, but not unheard of however, I cant find any examples. I have always been socially anxious but suddenly I have just stopped talking everywhere other than my home. Its like the words just cant come out and its af...
    6 35
  86. How do i start an online selling business?
    i want to start an online selling business. how do i begin and what practical advice can you give me. I'm interested in selling African handmade products from clothing to beaded jewelry.
    4 10
  87. how do I become a porn star in Alabama am 20
    2 89
  88. Do you think it's rude if a babysitter asks to babysit?
    3 19
  89. what can be done if the manager in charge of payroll refuses to pay anyone?
    My boyfriend worked seasonally at an institution called Frightdome which is until Halloween and he has yet to receive a check nearly two months later. The woman in charge of payroll will not answer through any form of contact. My boyfriend is not the o...
    3 48
  90. Guarantor Loans?
    I have heard a lot about guarantor loans and I am thinking of getting one. Does this website look legit?
    2 13
  91. Anybody know a good moving company in Arizona?
    I'm going to be in Tucson, not in The Valley.
    3 9
  92. How do I network and talk to total strangers?
    I have started going to the local Chamber of Commerce events and Builders Association events in preparation for me buying the company I work at in about a 18 months. I'm trying to get people to associate me with the company, and pick up new business a...
    2 36
  93. What happened to the nurse?
    I heard that the nurse died for a prank call, but I'm not sure if she killed herself for that, because if Iam right she only put the call through to another person, but on the news it was all mixed, so if that's what happened the prank didn't have anyt...
    4 43
  94. Career Path: Psychologist or Dietitian?
    I'm graduating high school this year and have got some university choices lined up but I'm still wondering which is a better career path to choose: Psychologist or Dietitian? I like both and they even let me help people like with the mind or nutrition...
    4 15
  95. Why people call it dead end jobs?
    So by that they mean that those are really very bad jobs. What do you think?
    2 24
  96. Why is always the raise of minimum wage in danger?
    I mean I watched this in the news , but if the city wants to raise the subway fare for the train or the tolls on the bridges that happen in the blink of an eye. That is never in danger. No break for regular people all benefits for corporations. What do...
    3 18
  97. what restaurants has shorts and skirts as the uniform?
    what restaurants besides hooters has shorts and skirts as the uniform?
    3 14
  98. Can a woman be a firefighter?
    I remember a long time ago i watched the rescueme tv show, and there were only firemen and they didnt like the idea of having a woman, because they say they would be weak in a fire. I think they are right, unless they get a big strong manly woman. Wha...
    5 56
  99. which is the better deal: 4 hours worked for $12 or 7 hours worked for $28
    3 83
  100. How much money do i need to save a week?
    If i were to save 6 grand in the next 19 months, does that mean i would need to save $80 a week?
    4 24
  101. Can i turn off my disability income and get a real job?
    I was wondering if i am able to turn off my SSI, and get a real job. Because i feel like i dont wanna live my life like that, i wanna experience the real world, you know get a job, meet new friends, go hang out and stuff like that. my grandma ...
    2 15
  102. Wanting to be financially free!
    Ive been reading all these "Be successful"books, opened a business, really doing the best I can.But how can I continue to hold hope and believe that something is about to happen, when there are just too many bumpy roads and its just taking too long!
    2 9
  103. Job Interview follow up?
    So I went on a job interview 9 days ago. I really wanted this job and the interview had gone well. The lady that interview me explain to me about the schedule and she said she was going to get in touch with me in the next couple of days so I was very e...
    6 22
  104. is being a lawyer an enjoyable job worth the financial investment
    Trying to decide if i might want to go to law school.i want a job with prestige, good pay and that i enjoy
    3 36
  105. How do I take out a student loan without a cosigner
    I am currently in my first year of college and trying to plan how I will take out a loan next year without a cosigner. What are some ways I could go about doing that? I am currently unemployed but do have small credit card bills paid by my parents.
    3 50
  106. What jobs can I get with a food sanitation certificate?
    I live in Illinois (in the United States) and have recently gotten the Illinois State Food Sanitation Certification. I got it for a class at my college and in hopes of getting a good job while going to school. I had/have a lead on a job but the interv...
    3 30
  107. What kind of jobs could you do in the funeral industry?
    I know funeral directors, but are there any more? thanks x
    2 24
  108. What do you think about the latest on jobs?
    ...The massive shedding of jobs in light of an Obama re-election has started. Weekly jobless numbers have jumped *up* from 73,000 to 430,000 according to the Wall Street Journal. These job losses come after warning signs this week from the markets and ...
    14 54
  109. Should I accept this job at this store?
    The pay Is 1,500 with taxes cut It's 1k a month. They liked my resume and the skills I have on It. They called me and said we wanted to hire you.
    3 17
  110. Does anybody know how I can get how-to information on making money with the stock market for beginners?
    I'm interested in making money with the stock market like my daddy did when he was alive, but I don't know how to do it or where to begin and I would be a beginner at this. I don't have a job but I make pocket change by selling stuff at yard sales and ...
    2 10
  111. Where I can find a powerful company to get a job doing SEO?
    now i am looking for a job ,i am a seo.
    2 38
  112. What's your future career goal?
    I aim to be a criminal lawyer :)
    50 31
  113. How might a stereotype hinder equality of opportunities in the work place?
    I'm on a course at college and where doing about the workplace at the moment and this is a question I have to answer and I don't understand it and I am not at college to ask the tutor. I understand what stereotyping is and about equality but can't ...
    2 23
  114. How do photographers make their money?
    do they sell their photographs to magazine companys, online, or just art shows?
    5 44
  115. Does this article say Bank of America tried ripping people off with loans?
    3 39
  116. Would a cardigan be bad to wear to a retail interview or should I stick to a nice blazer?
    7 16
  117. Is there a way to get signed with Shady Records?
    2 70
  118. Would the connotations of a song be a legitimate reason not to listen to it or like it?
    Excuse my iffy use of the word connotation but this has been bugging me a bit. If you're wondering which song in particular I'm referring to it's called Lilium that's usually asѕociated with the anime "Elfen Lied." Hopefully the embedding works.
    4 42
  119. What is a recruiter?
    I'm planning on applying for a University pretty soon and one question asks me about my recuiter... I have no idea what that means though :P Is is somebody that helps or will help you get into that University?
    2 23
  120. What are some well paying jobs that you can get through College?
    8 39
  121. What is a good salary to bring in yearly?
    I am looking up the career i would like to go into (Child and Youth Worker), in the first level I would make 20-30 thousand, second I would make 25-50 thousand, (to get 40-55 thousand, I would need a masters degree which i don't think i can get through...
    4 21
  122. What would disqualify you from joining the marines?
    (besides not being fit enough)
    6 31
  123. How much should I sell my Perler bead creation for?
    2 77
  124. Do you think even the worst product can survive with good marketing?
    I mean most people know that fast food is bad, but everybody eat it anyway. What do you think?
    4 21
  125. How does ad-sense work?
    It says you could get paid by writing How To's, on here, but how does that work?
    3 20
  126. Is it cheaper for a pizza place to make their own oven clay or to buy an industrial oven?
    2 11
  127. How long will it take to make $3000 working 13 hours a week at $12.25 per hour?
    I'm on a wage of 12.25 and will be working around 13 hours a week. I've done the math but it doesn't seem right, some help please?
    14 97
  128. What is a proctor essay?
    I applied for a job with the disabilities office at my university to be a monitor for a student with a disability. They contacted me and told me to come in to do a Proctor Essay. I googled it first but the answers vary widely and they don't tell me wha...
    3 44
  129. What are the best tips to get a good software development job?
    I am doing the final year of my bachelors course in computer science and want to get a good software development job within a few months after completing my bachelors. So please do give a clear idea on how to prepare for interviews and related tips (ot...
    3 44
  130. How long should I work to know if I want to quit or stay?
    6 38
  131. Would having one facial piercing (eyebrow) cloud my chances of finding a desk job, in general?
    I want to find an office job, secretary or something similar. I know every company is different, but I wanted to know in general because I was planning on getting an eyebrow piercing.
    10 14
  132. How do you guys feel about modeling in a bikini for an art class?
    So at college today I saw an ad for an art class at the community college that's looking for models to pose in front of a class for 2 and a half hours so they can draw you. It's $10 an hour for clothed and $20 for nude (I'm doing clothed of course). I ...
    10 57
  133. What would happen if everyone in Sweden would get a job?
    Apparently in Sweden we have a unemployment rate around 7.8% What would happen if that would go down to say 1% or 0% ?
    6 15
  134. Do I have to pay taxes if I'm working at 16?
    I recently began working and when I got my pay stub it said I had money with held for federal w/h. Is this normal if I'm 16?
    5 48
  135. Does being a CNA make you over qualified to get a job in Medical Office Administration, or vice versa?
    Or, can you get a job in either one of those while having gone to college for both?
    2 9
  136. What do you think is the worst job someone could possibly have?
    17 46
  137. What are good things to put on a resume?
    I'm trying to update my resume for this year, im looking up the new format etc. But what are the best things to put/keep out of a resume. (I am looking for my first job, im a teen) help?
    2 38
  138. How could I start off my own little business?
    So I already have a job, but at the moment I'm only working 16 hours, weekends and minimum pat which is about £3.60. I was thinking about trying to mate set up my own little job as say cleaning peoples houses for them, doing their gardens for them or w...
    2 13
  139. What should I write in an email response to a job posting on Craigslist?
    I found a posting on the site for a Lot Attendant at a car dealership and I would like to apply for it. The details are very vague in the description of the job; it just says some of what I'd be doing and to email a resume. I have the re...
    4 52
  140. Do you think home loans are a bad idea; if so, why?
    7 30
  141. Does anyone know of a legit way to earn money from home in the UK?
    So since I'm only working weekends and doing nothing but sleeping during the week, I thought it would be a good idea to sort of get another job, but one where I can work from home. I would do anything such as filling in surveys or writing reviews.. I w...
    2 51
  142. Would I be able to get on the mortgage loan once my wife refinances?
    So here's the deal, my wife has the credit but I make the money, so she will be with a co-signer on the loan, now, if she refinances would I be able to replace the co-signer once my credit is at a 620?
    2 11
  143. What would you do if you had the chance to have your own business in a small South American country?
    I mean we have seen how big companies send the jobs to china or small southamerican countries,to get cheaper and everything is getting worst in United States, if by any chance you could open your smallbusiness in a southamerican country you will do it ...
    2 10
  144. What do I put under "source of income" for my mom who's a housewife?
    i am filling a paper for my mom (doesn't speak english) and she gets money from my dad do i put from husband?
    2 36
  145. What career opportunities will be available for me if I study Geography and Archeology at the BA level?
    4 32
  146. Do you think teachers should be permitted to have multiple tattoos?
    5 34
  147. What career could a person with a speech impediment do?
    Just wondering, like how would they go about getting a GED, going to college, also getting a job and a career?... im talking about the kind of impediment where you cant pronoun words correctly?
    6 53
  148. Do you know anyone who makes extra money with an online business or online sales?
    What do they do? I want to look into something "extra". in addition to my already 80 hour work week. Trying to get my house paid for in half the time and out of debt = freedom!!!!
    8 21
  149. Is Richard Branson an entrepreneur?
    2 15
  150. Do you think exotic dancing should be considered an art form?
    NY is trying to get out of paying taxes on the exotic clubs there saying that it falls under a tax exempt law sayin its an art form, what do you think
    7 32
  151. How can I make PayDay Loans illegal in my state?
    How can I make PayDay Loans illegal in my state?
    3 13
  152. Does anyone know a car company I can go to to make a $600 down payment on a used car?
    I'm about to get a $600 dollar check and I would like to use that money as a down payment on a used car but I don't know what car companies would accept $600 as a down payment. I've never been car shopping before. I was thinking of going to the Honda p...
    2 22
  153. How can I make money fast if I am under age to work?
    8 56
  154. Is there a difference between a home loan and a mortgage?
    5 26
  155. Where to get a loan to buy a house?
    i am planning on buying a home and this is something new please help..if i borrow a loan will the interest go up meaning i have to pay more than i was granted and if so where do i go??
    7 22
  156. Do you think my landlady is a thoughtless person for raising the rent?
    I dont know what to to think im trying to be a good tenant taking out the garbage everyday and she raise my rent i help her to translate things that she doesnt know, i try to save the light and she ask me to give her 10 dollars per mont to help with th...
    5 15
  157. What is the difference between a job application and a resume?
    Sometimes the companies ask to attach a resume with the job application, but I think is the same thing. What do you think? If you know the difference tell me please thank you.
    4 54
  158. Do you have to be pretty to work in New Look or other clothing shops?
    3 18
  159. How can you tell if a dollar bill is real?
    3 44
  160. Is SoonerCare considered welfare?
    I am pregnant with my first child and plan on taking off work for a few months to breast feed and care for my baby boy. I'm worried my bf and I won't get married in time for his insurance to covor anything... I have been told from so many people it...
    4 151
  161. Is ok to put your aunt as a reference on an application form?
    I need two references, and I haven't had any previous employment. It says to put a personal reference and a teacher or something.. So would it be ok to put my aunt for the personal reference?
    6 619
  162. How do I get a work holiday visa for Germany?
    I'm in Canada right now but going to Europe in October. I'm hoping to b e in Germany by the beginning of September and maybe working/living there for a year. But I can't find exact details on how to go about applying for a holiday work visa. Canada in...
    4 16
  163. When I fill out a job application, what should my reason for quitting be (read details below)?
    Back in June, I upped and quit in the middle of my closing shift at a Walmart Supercenter (I was the only closing cartpusher on) because after months of worsening depression from the job while I was at work I had finally had enough being around NEGATIV...
    5 42
  164. Can I open up a bank account using the money from uncashed checks?
    Sorry for all the money questions.
    3 29
  165. How can I convince my parents to let me skip babysitting to hang with my friend?
    Me and my friend have been trying to hang for the longest time and we were gonna have a sleepover at her house this Thurs-Fri. my parents were ok with it till they found out my neighbors wanted me to babysit their kids both thurs and fri. how can i get...
    5 52
  166. What job could a 14/15 year old get in California?
    5 18
  167. What's a good age to start a rapping career?
    I kinda wanna start now
    9 64
  168. Can personal trainers make lots of money?
    3 11
  169. Can I have tattoos in the cosmetology business?
    I know it's different for every salon, but are tattoos generally 'accepted'? I'll be working in a salon next year and i've always wanted tattoos, but I don't want a wrist tattoo be the reason why i didn't get a job.
    3 240
  170. Is there a fee for selling on craigslist like there is on eBay?
    2 17
  171. What's the difference between the army, the navy, and the marines?
    3 17
  172. What is a lender and how do they help you get "pre-qualified for a loan" in terms of buying a new house?
    5 14
  173. How do you cash out a check if you don't have a bank account?
    Can my mom cash it out for me? Does it have to be under her name?
    9 54
  174. What is New York's maximum hours of work a day or week?
    6 13
  175. How would you confront a partner who isn't giving you an equal share in the business? (read more)
    Well my moms friend started a business of her own and she told my mom directly "We're A Team", and my mom acknowledged it and went along. Well her pay isn't what she expected, and she kept her mouth shut until as of now she can't handle of what's going...
    7 20
  176. What are some good fund raising ideas for a small group of social workers?
    2 14
  177. How hard is it, really, to find work?
    I'm not currently looking for a job, and the last time I switched jobs was over 6 years ago so it was a completely different environment. I know my wife (at the time g/f) took about 3 months to find a new job whens he moved back to town and that was a...
    4 15
  178. How old do you have to be to work as a cook at Denny's?
    3 50
  179. What would be a fast way to earn $150-200?
    6 14
  180. What information is in a resume for a 16 year old?
    2 22
  181. What are good ways to make money?
    I need $400 and I have $10. I can make about $45 this week. So far I clean my room, living room, bathroom, study, dining room, kitchen, litter box, feed the cats, dishes, and what ever else needs done. I get $5 each week. Plus I go to my moms work and ...
    12 16
  182. Did anyone receive a Hanson vs Google settlement check?
    3 17
  183. What is the minimum wage where you live?
    I live in Ontario and currently it's $10.25 per hour for an adult, and $9.60 for students.
    11 17
  184. What does it mean when girls drive big trucks?
    11 76
  185. What do I need to know to become an actress?
    So I am 16 and I live in Australia. I really want to be an actress/singer. I hate to sound like i'm blaming where I live but it's really hard to become what I want to be living here :(. My dream is work on a show like Glee and I wish I lived in the US ...
    8 48
  186. How can I get a super easy job that pays good?
    i need a job to help pay for a car, xbox 360, and house improvements for my future house.
    8 31
  187. Can my mom buy me a MoneyPak card even if I'm not 18?
    or does she has to by it herself and i can use it.
    2 11
  188. What's a good way to make about $100 in a small town by August?
    2 22
  189. How can I tell my mom's friend I can't babysit her kids because they don't listen to me?
    10 60
  190. What is "agent orange" and how does it affect someone?
    5 14
  191. Why does your race/ethnicity matter on a job application?
    I've always been curious, why does it matter. I feel...never mind.
    4 73
  192. How do I unlock my online banking account?
    so my brother tried to hack my bank account and now when i try to check my balance i can't because its locked, the reason being he answered the security questions wrong 3 times in a row and now i can't even get on it without it saying that my account c...
    4 57
  193. What would happen to health insurance companies if government takes over the health insurance system?
    3 42
  194. How many of you guys work and what do you do?
    do you get paid good? I work as a buss boy.i clean tables at a family cafe.and i get paid 9 dollars an hour. you don't have to actually say what you get paid because i know some people don't like sharing that information.
    20 31
  195. Does anybody here work in advertisement/marketing department in your work place?
    I'd like to gain some knowledge of what it consists of because i'd like to do this in the future.
    3 11
  196. What is California's sales tax?
    5 43
  197. How much money do I need to become a gastrologist?
    2 20
  198. Are you a spender or a saver?
    45 43
  199. Can someone in prison co-sign for a car if he has good credit?
    7 64
  200. What would you do if you were president or has some high power/control in the world?
    If I had the power I'd get rid of government assistance (welfare/food stamps,etc), I'd make people take a test before they were allowed to have kids -- i know it's really controlling, but it's not fair or right for you to have a kid, that you KNOW you ...
    15 22
  201. What are some qualifications to be a part of the CIA?
    2 14
  202. Did you know that the old lady on the bus got half a million dollars in donations?
    The old lady who was in the bus and who was bothered by the kids got an a half million dollars in donations. What do you think? What if everything was made up and that old lady gave us an oscar performance and the kids were acting too, and even the guy...
    6 30
  203. What kind of job can a 16 year old apply for?
    5 48
  204. What are two primary goals of any business?
    I know one goal is making profit but I can't seem to figure out what the other goal is and the teacher is bent on TWO goals not one. In fact, i can't seem to find any other goal besides profit in books. Usually people open businesses for profit making....
    4 38
  205. How do you guys handle rude customers?
    i had this lady throw money at my face cause she said i raised the price, i had this guy curse at me ??
    5 35
  206. How do I apply for Paradise Island caretaker?
    2 58
  207. Do you need your dad's permission to work if you aren't living with him?
    Hi , my mom and dad devorced in February 2012 . I'm 17years old in August . I'm about to leave school because I'm not coping with all the school work ext. So my friend called me yesterday and told me that a man and his wife is living on a farm and they...
    4 18
  208. Could I get a part time job after school from Monday to Thursdays or would I need to work weekends as well?
    7 56
  209. How can I save money and data usage when using my iPhone?
    2 12
  210. Who do you think will win Euro 2012?
    7 13
  211. What are some things I should say about myself on a interview that sets me aside from everyone else?
    4 26
  212. What jobs can you get in Erie, PA at 14 years old?
    I have my work permits and I found a couple potential work places, but could someone suggest some more? Thanks.
    2 60
  213. What are some good places a 16 year old can work for their first job?
    2 17
  214. Is it normal that I'm 16 years old and I have no idea what type of career that I want to get into?
    16 47
  215. How to get a job in 30 days?
    5 51
  216. What are some ways to raise money in a month?
    My friend needs to earn $300 by the end of june
    6 22
  217. What do you think of this question and answer in an interview?
    When they ask what was your favorite part about working there? Well if they wanna hear an honest answer i will say that my favorite part was when i got paid with a check every week. I mean what the interviewer expect to listen to that question lol. Te...
    6 21
  218. What are some good job searching websites?
    6 16
  219. What is "tax return"?
    i was applying for financial aid and my counselor said "does your dad file tax? whats that? please no mean comments
    8 15
  220. Is it possible to cancel a rep-payee for SSI benefits?
    Because of the flooding and continued money issues replacing my stuff, I signed up to get a rep-payee for my SSI check that I get monthly, so I could have someone to consult with to budget my money to replace my things and be careful for the next 6-or...
    4 35
  221. Is it right to make employees pay for their own uniform?
    So I just started working at Subway a week ago and they automatically gave me 2 shirts, a visor, a name badge, and an apron on the first day. Today, a week later, my manager gave me my employee packet (paperwork) and the total cost of my uniform is $40...
    20 123
  222. Do you guys think I should try out modeling?
    I mean I really wanna but I'm just wanted you all's opinions..
    25 94
  223. What is your opinion on joining the National Guard, and why would you or would you not join it?
    Considering joining the National Guard? Whats your opinion on joining the National Guard? Why or why not would you want to or not want to? If you have any info, or pretty much if you know anything on it, I wouldn't mind hearing aha. Thanks !
    28 40
  224. Does anyone in here have a lawn mowing business?
    So my boyfriend and I are starting a lawn mowing business and I was wondering if there is anyone out there that can offer some advice. We are both in highschool but sense it's summer and neither of us can find a job we decided to do this because we nee...
    5 162
  225. What's a good question to use in an interview with a choir group?
    4 50
  226. Do you think starting a Slurpee cart is a good business?
    There is no a 7 11 store near where i live and i have to walk like 30 blocks to go there, and i like slurpees very much, so i was thinking to buy a machine to make slurpees and sell it to the people in my neighborhood im thinking to put a slurppee cart...
    4 20
  227. What is the difference between bond and budget?
    2 26
  228. What should I write in a thank you card to my manager and work colleagues?
    im leaving in a week and id like to get them a thankyou card but im not sure what to put in it ...
    7 60
  229. What kind of jobs can I get if I have a driver's licence?
    Im talking about jobs when people need to know how to drive. Any idea tell me please thank you.
    5 24
  230. Is a dress or jeans and a nice top more appropriate for a Bubba Gump's interview?
    Today I'm going to an interview at Bubba Gump's, but I'm not sure what to wear. Its not a super high class restaurant or anything so I'm not sure if a dress will be too fancy or if jeans and a nice top wouldn't be nice enough... I want to make a good i...
    3 22
  231. How can I start a clothing company in Zimbabwe without an education?
    I want to start a clothing company in zimbabwe, but i don't have an education, what can i do?
    2 19
  232. What kind of questions are you asked at a McDonald's interview, and what should I wear?
    Just askin' its my first real job interview.
    15 48
  233. What is a quick way to earn a lot of money?
    Im looking to buy a new phone and its quite expensive. Im 14 and my parents wont help me pay for it. How can i quickly earn money?
    6 39
  234. Is it better to live in a big city like New York, or in a small town to get a job?
    7 17
  235. Any former Special Forces here; what was your original reason for joining the military?
    Ok so here's the thing I'm joining the military,primarily the Army because I've been wanting to join since I was a little kid always thinking of being a hero and serving this country. At first I just wanted to be a Ranger and have the honor of wearing ...
    4 29
  236. What is the quickest way for a high school student to raise $12K?
    So, I have written a book and I want to get it published. I found a company that is willing to publish my book, but the package cost is $12,000, and I will have to pay for a large portion of it (I'm a high school sophomore). How can I raise money this ...
    4 27
  237. Do you think they let you volunteer to feed the newborn babies at the hospital?
    4 16
  238. Which is a better job: a forensic psychiatrist or a pediatrician?
    6 13
  239. How can we build trust to sell art online?
    4 8
  240. What could I do at Ubisoft as a job?
    Because I am not good at drawing to be a good game designer but I do want to work in video games when I am older.
    3 9
  241. Does anyone here know an air traffic controller who I can contact?
    So I have to do a report on the classic "What do you want to be when you get older?" Being me I chose something most people don't know about. But the problem is I have to interview someone with the same job (part of the grade), but I do not have anyone...
    3 24
  242. Should we do favors for people, or should we ask for payment for being inconvenienced?
    24 31
  243. How am I supposed to tell my manager I want to quit?
    Ive got some important exams coming up and im just gonna be really busy now so what should i say to quit my saturday (voluntary) job?
    5 68
  244. Who pays more to their employers: Giant Eagle or Kroger?
    I really want to get a job, but I want a decent amount. I want to know the most I can get for putting in work. (if that makes any sense)
    2 13
  245. What career links into experimenting with diseases?
    I'm depending on weather or not to take allied health classes in highschool for credits in collage. When i was really young, i used to watch " monsters inside me" all of the time. Every since, I've been really fascinated with parasites and what not. Im...
    2 10
  246. Is a profit something you earn off of? stores that has food stamp, they get money out of it righ..a profitt?
    2 18
  247. How can I start a career in modeling in Sydney?
    I just want to know where to start to get a couple modeling jobs near me. Does anyone know of a good modeling agency or something based in Sydney, Australia that i can go to or call up or email or something to see if i can start to model?
    3 25
  248. Which career would take me to a brighter future - graphic design or video production?
    I'm not in any of them for the money, more of passion. I haven't edited a video in 2 1/2 months but I have been editing photos more often but I'm not sure which would really take me to high lengths.
    4 10
  249. What is the employment outlook for a Police Officer?
    2 33
  250. Can a job agency get in trouble for giving out information about their employers to others?
    3 6