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How to survive a breakup

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What states hire felons?

I am trying to find a state that wont hold my pass felony against me


Is there any real jobs for 14 years old? Read before you answer.

I want to get a job to help my parents I always feel like I am mooching off of them and I'm tired of it. I want to be able to buy them stuff they want and help with bills. I would also like to save for college.
Is there any jobs besides babysitting an...


Babysitting how much do I charge per hour?

If the person im babysitting for asks me how much do I charge per much should I say?


I want to kick someones a**?

I want to teach this man a good lesson alesson of a 21yr old girl I used to work with one of my staff ,he was my boss a 34yr married fat a**...I did so much for that man..I was so loyal,sincere and dedicated in my work.I went out of the ...

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Looking for a job at the age 15

How can I find a job for me?


How to find a job after receiving a bad conduct military discharge?

One of my best friends (its really not me) just got in a lot of trouble with the military. She is getting kicked out with a Bad Conduct Discharge. She is really hoping to appeal it and get it to be a General Discharge. But if that doesn't happen, wh...


Can prospective employers find out if you've been on unemployment?

I read online that many companies will not hire you if you've been unemployed for more than six months because they assume something's wrong with you. I got laid off last year and decided to just take the year off surviving on unemployment and savings ...


What happens if you forget to pay your phone bill?

Okay so I'm through Virgin Mobile, & I was just wondering what happens if you forget to pay your phone bill? This month's is WAY to epensive. It's 93.13 $. But then I did some math, & last bill was 47.17 dollars, & this months new charges were 45.96 or...


Do you have to be a US citizen to get food stamps?

A friend of mine gets virtually no monetary support from his father, and he works a minimum wage job. He lives on his own and has to pay rent and bills and all that. I suggested food stamps, but he’s a British citizen, here as a permanent resident alie...


OTH Discharge job opportunities?

Im a young guy who wondering a very important question, im getting a oth discharge really soon and was wondering of some job oppurtunities that people with this type of discharge can do? Anything would be helpful. I live next to Sac, CA so local would ...


What banks allow you to start a savings account when you're only 14?

I would like to go with Chase, but I don't know their system.


14 year olds looking for a job in florida

I am 14 and I would really like to have a job to start saving up for a car. I have only heard of two places that would "might" accept me and that is Winn Dixie and Publix. I really would like for something more exciting then putting boxed food in a bag...


How old do you need to be to work?

how old do you have to be to get a part time job?, waitress, paper girl?

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How can I get liability car insurance?

How can I get liability car insurance?


How can I get a job with no Social Security number?

well im pretty screwed right now... I need a job, quick. I need to make at least 7 grand per year to pay off my high school tuition, im 14 , I am legal in the united states, but just not legal to work due to having no social security number. How can I ...


Job Hunter

Where can I find a good paying job but I have a felony. What should I do?


How can I make money fast I need money to hang out and go places?

If any one knows how a 13 year old can make money it would really help me if serjest some ideas please please please


How much is a Chinese dollar worth in the US?

How much is a Chinese dollor worth in the U.S.A?


What is the advantage in having an american express card?

What is the advantage in having an american express card? I have visa and mastercard cards but do'nt have an american express card. Should I get one or not?


how many years do I need to work to get retirement checks.

how many years do I need to work to get retirement checks and benefits when I get 65 if I get there but its just curiosity any answer is welcome thank you.


I am 14 and need a job

I need a job and I live in laplata maryland. there are several stores near me but I dont no if theyll hire. help.


What college degree would I need if I wanted to work in the Labor and Delivery field of a hospital, but I don't want to actually deliver a baby?

Like a Maternal-Ward Unit assistant? I see them all the time in movies, and I'm not sure about how to become one... Should I get a LPN degree? Or associate RN, or RN? Ah, so confusing! Please help!


Is there anyone here who has an agent?

Is there anyone here who has an agent? If so, how did you get one?


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