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Where do I find people who need a babysitter?

I am really desperate for a little cash,I don't like asking my parents for the money and we're struggling with cash so I want to help out too!
First of all, I'm 13
I was thinking of taking a babysitting course and start babysitting. But where can I...


unemployed since August of 2007, what can I do?

I am at my wits end. I have been unemployed since August of 2007. I have been applying to jobs everyday but get no response.

I am feeling like I should just say f*ck it and kill myself.


What qualifications do I need to become a prosecutor?

Can someone tell me about what is needed to become a prosecutor and what the job is like?


Employment for young convicted felones

I an trying to come up with a list of employers that hire convicted felones. First time
offenders and in their eary twenties.


What should my employment history be to immigrate to Canada?

what should my employment be like if I can qualify for immigration to Canada? Should I earn a minimum salary or something? Does my experience have to be relevant to my qualifications? Is it wrong to change professions?


parcel post or media mail?

im selling stuff on ebay what should I use parcelpost or media mail? what will be cheaper and faster for my buyers?


How long does a income tax refund take by mail after it is se

How long does a income tax refund take by mail after it is sent?


How to make my mobile into a money making machine

I have heard that I can make my mobile into a money making machine by registering with some company who regularly sends SMS into my mobile. Do you know any real and legitimate company who will pay me and I will be able to get my pocket my by receiving ...


Who wants to give me a record deal?

is there anyone out there to give me a record deal


Whats the best job for a 16 year old?

Whats the best job for a 16 year old?

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Jobs for teens?

Okay, I'm 14 now in 2008. I'm going to sunnyside high next year and I want a job so badly! Waht jobs are there in fresno, ca for a 14 year old?! I need a job to help my family! They are struggling! And I also want a job so I can prepare my future. Waht...

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Anyone else take a hit in the stock market?

I guess its my fault for trying. but im a noob in the stock market, I've been messin with it for about 4 months now. and I just happend to buy a couple day's before it dropped big, just my luck right, lol. just checking to see how everyone else is d...


What is the classification of an oak tree?

What is the classification of an oak tree?


How do I juggle two part time jobs?

I work at panera in frederick and I only work during the weekend. Friday saturday and sunday are the only days they usually schedule me for. how do I get another job and make sure they dont interfere with each other?


I have a job interview tomorrow help

I have a job interview tomorrow..its my first ever interview and im terrified.

What will they ask me?
What should I wear? Smart..But how smart?
What questions should I ask?
I know I shouldnt ask bout money..

Im so scared...omg


More money for meee

I have three good jobs but how can I make even more money I wanna know some ideas no babysitting newspaper rout mowing lawns or anything childish like that lol sry


Can you be a prostitute without having a pimp?

I don't plan on becoming a prostitute anytime soon. This question is not for me. Serious answers only, please.


How to contact aol fraud department?

How to contact aol fraud department?


I want to be a profesional singer where do I start?

Ok I've'e been singing since I was a little good im not bragging but I think im good..I've'e sang infront of over 3,000 people at a school concert by myself and got a standing ovation..I also do singing at church im in love with it is there any places ...


Resume help

ok I'm not sure what was my job title for my last job and I'm not sure what to put on my resume. I have had already included other previous jobs with titles I already know. If this helps I worked in a small business that work with photography and my jo...


how much taxes will be taken out of my check each week?

I make 10.50 an hour, my filing status is married. my exemptions is 0. I live in connecticut. any idea how much taxes will be taken out of my check each week. my wife is at 0 plus 36.00 extra


What is dig money?

What is dig money?


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