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  1. Steps to picking the perfect wedding photographer
    Planning a wedding is a joyous time for any couple which comes with its positive and negative aspects. At times it becomes not only stressful but daunting to find the perfect vendors. Even if you have the most professional wedding planner hired for the...
    6 64
  2. How to prepare for cosmetic surgery
    Here we discussed important cheklist before you go for plastic surgery.
    4 351
  3. What are Monroe Piercings
    With the many varieties of piercings that have risen to popularity, it's hard to sometimes know all of them. In this guide, we explain what a "Monroe" Piercing is.
    6 112
  4. Do i sound ugly? Look at my pictures -.-
    So like am I ugly? Yeah I get insecure sometimes but not like I used to. Now I kinda accept my face. Now I hate my body ._. Ehh anyway the reason I'm asking this is because people, certain people give the this look that I just feel bad for them they lo...
    3 48
  5. Which dress should I wear for a Masquerade Ball?
    I'm going to a Masquerade Ball and can't decide which dress to wear... I've never really been into parties or dances and things like that so I'm pretty inexperienced. :s
    4 33
  6. How we have to purchase the products in online?
    now a days many of people are interested in buying the products in online but iam in confusion how to buy the products in online and how we have to choose them.plz share me your suggestions.
    3 8
  7. What to wear with this dress for Winter Formal?
    I don't want it too look to formal. Outerwear? Tights/hose advice? Hair? Shoes? I'm rather short and have darker blonde hair that is quite long...
    2 12
  8. Are the photos on here gone?
    :( can't find where my photos would be?
    2 9
  9. What would you do if someone stole your growth, beauty, youth, and blessings?
    If you were born to be tall and someone stole your growth, your beauty, your youth and your blessings what would you do? If God blessed you to be beautiful with long smooth hair and someone stole lots of hair on your head and made your hair thin, what ...
    2 18
  10. How long is your hair?
    Is your hair short, mid length, or long? What color is your hair? Is it black, brown, blonde, or red? My hair is black and up to 3 inches beneath my shoulders. I just looked in the mirror and saw my reflection from behind and my hair didn't look as bad...
    7 27
  11. How should i style this dress for Winter Formal?
    What shoes? What to wear over it? Tights? I'm rather short and have veryyyy long hair; any idea on what I can do with my hair, too?
    2 17
  12. What do you think about preps?
    Every school has there preps! I can't stand them!! They are fake and selfish! All they care about is how they look and jocks! What do you think???
    5 17
  13. Is it true that Oatmeal isn't healthy for you?
    Like is it true that Oatmeal sticks to your stomach making it hard to lose weight? Or just in general does it stick your stomach?
    3 40
  14. What to wear with this dress for Winter Formal?
    I'm hoping for advice on tights/leggings, blazers (black <3), and shoes. Here's the dress: -This dress is considerably short. -I live in a pa...
    4 13
  15. Do you read people style watch magazine?
    I own like 7 people style watch magazines in my home. And I received the February 2014 issue 3 days ago in my mailbox with my name and address printed on it. I'm a female and that's the kind of magazine females read.
    2 16
  16. Do you think a nose piercing will look good on me?
    I've want a nose stud for a while now. I'm thinking a little diamond nose stud or blue rhinestone. I'm not sure how I would look with it though. Any tips? Here's me in the photo.
    5 121
  17. How would you rate my looks on a scale from 1 to 10
    Please give honest answers.
    10 47
  18. I'm getting a tattoo..
    Once I have my mind set, I will be getting a tattoo. I want to start small, & I really want a bared wire tattoo like what's in this photo. I think I would want it on my shoulder, but I feel like it might be a waste of tattoo space..if that makes sence?...
    4 37
  19. Am I attractive or just an idiot who thinks so?
    Hey guys. I was wondering if I'm actually attractive towards the females. I never get invited to any parties, however I do have loads of Friends. It seems the kids who go to these parties get with 50 girls. I'm not in that group does this make me...
    5 35
  20. Is it unusual to see a caucasian man 5'9 or shorter?
    I'm asking because the average height for a caucasian man is 5'10.5, but most caucasian men I know are 6'0+. That could just be where I live though. I know 5'9 is short, but my question is, am I out of range short, or just on the short end of average?
    4 26
  21. How to make heels fit better?
    I bought a pair of heels, and like usual, they didn't fit perfectly, but I still got them. They aren't that big of a heel, but they are open toed, and they are a tad big on me. There is a formal day at school tomorrow which i'd love to wear them to, bu...
    6 27
  22. why do some people think wearing lolita clothes say im weird for wearing them?
    I started wearing Lolita clothes to school and everyone keeps looking at me I heard someone say its weird. I love crossdressing and started liking Lolita clothes but, why do some people say its weird.
    3 69
  23. Can a boy wear girls shorts?
    5 31
  24. How do you feel when you are disliked because of your physical features?
    If were often disliked and discriminated against because of your looks, how would it make you feel, especially if they person does not even know you and only dislikes you on site because of how you look or maybe because your speech is slow, or your hav...
    2 22
  25. Is it an insult when girls say "put a shirt on?"
    3 22
  26. Why do women wear bikinis?
    is it just for tanning or looking good. Do they actually wear them for swimming?
    3 38
  27. What do girls mean when they say " you look hot do you work out?"
    it was a hot day and I had my shirt off
    3 30
  28. What hairstyle would look good on me?
    So, I've been wanting to do something a little bit different with my hair and was wondering what style would suit my face. My hair goes down to my butt. I don't have a lot of hair and what I do have is very fine.I do ballet so my hair needs to go down ...
    3 29
  29. Is this lice or dandruff or some other hair problem?
    Everytime I scratch my head I get this weird white thing under my nails but anyways I rinsed my hair with this thing ---> sunday and it was fine, I had some white things near m...
    3 52
  30. What coloe?
    5 13
  31. What to wear on superhero day?
    Our school has superhero day tomorrow ;)! What is a superhero outfit I can make from home that I don't have to buy anything for? I have tan and pink tights, plaid skirts and 3 regular ones, brown, white, orange. I have jeans and shorts, many t shirts,...
    5 97
  32. What to wear with colored jeans?
    2 12
  33. How to fit in with no money to buy the cool clothes? -_-
    I am 15, with NO money, and no one will hire me. I am very nervous about school next year (going back to brick and mortar schools) because I was homeschooled before and have very low self esteem. My mother does not allow me to wear skinny jeans, and I ...
    3 36
  34. Do all girls pluck their eyebrows? Are we supposed to?
    I noticed I have a few eyebrow hairs that are waaaaay out of place. What are the chances of anyone noticing them? Can I pluck them myself? I thought about shaving the stray hairs. Would that be a bad idea?
    2 17
  35. What do i do with my hair next??
    This is what my hair is now. I go for edgy hair. What now?? Xx
    3 49
  36. I need Christmas package labels on affordable prices so where should I go for?
    As Christmas is near I am searching for unique Christmas package labels. Can somebody help me to find out?
    3 10
  37. Who is the prettiest? (pictures)
    Who is the prettiest? Please rate from a scale of 1-10 and/or rank them. If you don't want to rank or rate each girl, please tell me the top three prettiest? F: AND V: http://i...
    3 17
  38. what makes you beautiful?
    and I dont mean by looks
    4 13
  39. what are your thoughts on guys who wear skinny jeans?
    6 21
  40. Has anybody been successful with any type of breast massage that's supposed to increase their size?
    I'm very curious about this.
    5 227
  41. Would you feel bad if you were disliked because of your physical appearance?
    What if you were being treated with disrespect because of it, especially on the job. I ask this question because this happens to me.
    8 14
  42. How important to you is the first impression of someones smile/teeth?
    4 9
  43. Should I wear black shoes or white trainers to school?
    I really hate wearing black school shoes. They are annoying and uncomfortable. Lots of my mates wear trainers to school and almost no-one says anything about it. I have white Reebok Classics or Nike Air Max trainers. What do you think?
    4 42
  44. best liquid foundation ?
    Is their any good liquid foundation I can use that doesnt leave your face oily , last long , and has good coverge for pores or acne scars.One that I can find at walmart or walgreens .Please help .
    2 16
  45. HELP on pimples , dry oily skin ?!!!!
    for the last couple of days I have been getting pimples , I dont know how I got them all of the sudden I have little pimples on my forehead.I have also goten a couple on my cheeks.I hate how they skin also have dry skin and oily skin.It looks ...
    7 40
  46. how can i get rid of razor bumps in the bikini area?
    I've tried Bikini Zone but it burns like hell. I read that you should switch razors frequently nd use shaving gel..has anyone tried Bump Patrol??
    5 122
  47. i just got braces :3
    I got them about 7 hours ago, and they are really starting to hurt! How to I ease the pain and what are some soft food suggestions you have? I've taken tylonal already throughout the day. If you had braces, did you find hot or cold foods helped better?
    3 22
  48. How to treat yellow Teeth naturally ?
    i have yellow Teeth,i have tried many OTC medicines but it is not working.tell me some natural remedies for curing yellow teeth.
    4 27
  49. How to make my breasts bigger?
    I know this is probably really weird, but have you guys found any techniques that work?
    7 87
  50. What are the best style/color panties to wear (Women Only)
    3 71
  51. Does anybody know who Pippy Long-Stocking is?
    I want to dress up as her for Halloween at school, cause our highschool always has dress-up day competition but I'm just not sure if anyone will know who it is, teachers or students. haha
    3 45
  52. Hallow day costume ideas?
    Every year I dress up and hand out candy for an hour, and then go out and get my own. (Yes I still trick or treat at fifteen. I don't believe fifteen is to old.) Anyways, I have a dress that got a stain on it at a school dance last year, and don't want...
    2 15
  53. How can I go from semi-cute to stunning (#tumblrgirl) ?
    I want to be stunningly attractive.. How can I go about that (not talking about clothes). Like, ways to do my hair, personality..
    4 16
  54. How to have emo hair with curly hair?
    I've always wanted to have emo hair ever since I was like, 13 but it's so freaking curly and I don't want to fry the crap out of it since it's really long shiny and pretty. They kind of look like this but tighter
    2 86
  55. What are you going to wear this school year?
    So I'm just interested what kind of clothes are you guys going to wear to school. Is there any style you want to follow?
    2 20
  56. Breast Implants!!! HELP
    So im thinking within the next to years to go under the knife and have breast implants done on me. NOT PORN STAR SIZE!!! But enough to know that I have some lol but im not sure if I should! Please help
    8 26
  57. Do you find this woman attractive My brother thinks she is very attractive that is why i am asking.
    6 26
  58. how do i remove a brownish green from my hair? it was blue so i used a dark
    brown to remove or hide it but it didnt,is it true that a red dye will remove it? or cant i do that as ive but brown over it already?
    2 38
  59. Do you think I would look good in any shade of blond?
    I have tried different shades of brown, black, & deep reds. But im wanting to try something different, as long as it looks right though, lol. But if not blond what color do you think i would look best in? Thanks! :)
    2 27
  60. Why did my gold earrings turn green after a long period of time?
    I didn't store them in high humidity or anything. Just in room temperature. I just need to know if this is safe to use because my sister has an extreme sensitivity to stainless steel and cheap metals. We got her ears pierced a week ago and now today he...
    2 91
  61. how to take care of the bellyring hole after the infection is all out of it
    2 28
  62. What hair colour looks better on me?
    I want to dye my hair brown! But my natural is strawberry blonde, can you guys help decide if im better natural or brown ! P.s i put exsentions in and filled in my eyebrows for the brown hair
    2 28
  63. HAIR!?! your opinion?
    I'm getting a hair cut today and I still cannot decide what to do! Im deffinately staying blonde, but I have like 3 ideas. 1. keep my length and stay all blonde (what I have now) 2. keep my length and have dark brown underneath ( I had it before and ...
    6 15
  64. In what states can you get a tattoo as a minor with a parents consent?
    My mom said I can get a tattoo just she wants to make sure it's done by a professional
    3 21
  65. Do you find her attractive?
    This is a woman that my friend is attracted to. Another friend of ours says that she is not attractive. What do you think of her? http://distilleryimage8.ak.instagram...
    3 16
  66. going to school crossdressing for first time
    I'm going to a new school since we moved and I like cross dressing I'm more comfortable dressing as a girl and the school I'm going to doesn't care if the students do cross dresses they don't like questioning and restricting stuff like that. It's going...
    2 137
  67. whats a good lotion to use after shaving?
    i was just wondering if theres any good lotions you guys know of that are good to use after shaving? that will help with itchiness or irritation and i also have very dry skin..
    3 27
  68. For my first tatoo...
    Okay, so I'm 21 and have no tattoos. My mom has 3 and said its uncomfortable but doesn't hurt. All of my friends have them and when I ask them about their experience and they all say the same thing; "It depends on you and the placement". A good friend ...
    2 29
  69. I'm always looking for new tattoo designs. Any ideas where to look?
    Not the same old sites, give me uniqueness... Thanks in-advance.
    4 32
  70. I like crossdressing and is it ok to do it?
    I sometimes crossdress and feel more comfortable when I'm dressed as a girl. my mom helps and tells me she used to dress me up when I was little. No one has known I was a boy when I crossdress even when I see a friend they don't even know who I am I ju...
    8 69
  71. What color should I dye my hair, it's currently dark brown
    My hair colour is currently dark brown. I've been wanting a change but I just don't know what colour I change it to. I want something fairly easy, a box dye. I wanna go blonde but I realize that wont be easy and box dye may not be an awesome idea
    3 16
  72. How can I get rid of acne on my shoulders?
    It's not bad acne at all it can just get quite aggravated and angry sometimes, some days/weeks it's ok but others it's not .. I do have quite sensitive skin in places and I'm guessing my shoulders are one of them. I've tryed a few face washes but they ...
    5 34
  73. I'm planning on getting a tattoo in the near future.
    I know for a fact I want an elephant, it has a lot of meaning to me. I like the elephant on the shoulder picture, (I'll decide over time what I want) but im not sure if I want it on the shoulder or not, where do you think I should get it? I was thinkin...
    4 44
  74. What a women with a droopy face mean?
    I have heard that some women have a droopy face, but that is good or bad i dont know what do you think tell me please thank you.
    2 13
  75. what should i tattoo on her booty that would turn me off but make nobody else want to touch her?
    7 32
  76. if a woman needs to shave there face
    Should they use a woman's shaver or a man's?
    5 27
  77. Who had tried Mary Kay Cosmetics? What was your experience like and would you recommend it to your friends?
    7 24
  78. Which hair color looks better on me Blonde or Brown?
    I can't tell if i should go dark or stay blonde, help please? ( I've never been any other color exept blonde) https://fbcdn-sphotos-d...
    2 15
  79. How do I color this?
    I want to color this cowboy/cowgirl hat for my niece's 5th birthday. I originally wanted to redo the trim too but now I'm not so sure about that. I may keep that the same. I'm also wondering if I'd need to add a finish or something to it so that the co...
    2 37
  80. Stubborn perm. Help!!!
    I made a mistake and got a perm a year ago. You think it would relax by now, but it's still curly. I hate it. I'm going to Hawaii in 3 months, and I want it gone. AWAY WITH YOU! Like, I want to let my hair dry naturally and have it be straight... or at...
    2 29
  81. What should i wear?
    So I started seeing a guy, and we are going to the zoo on our second date. I want to wear something cute but practical for heat and walking. What should I wear?
    2 14
  82. Where can a minor get a tattoo with written consent?
    I am 16 and i have written consent from my parents to get one but they refuse to go with to get it done. Does anyone know of tattoo parlors in either Mass or Vermont that offer tattoos to minors with written consent? Like can someone give me a name of ...
    3 16
  83. What should i do with my makeup?
    I am really good at stage makeup, but i need more ideas. I usually do a creepy doll or a beat up person. I do these on myself only, and i am willing to do more. I'm really good at horror icons. I'm thinking of doing Jeff the killer, or a female version...
    2 28
  84. How to get through tattoo pain?
    I have pretty much everything sorted for my tattoo, got the design etc and have the guys number who I want to do it just what I want to know is sometimes I'm not so great with pain and I know the pain for tattoos varies where you get them and is differ...
    3 74
  85. How can i dye my dyed black hair to brown ?
    So i went to a cheap salon last week and i asked them to dye it dark brown but it ended up being black. I really hate the black hair on me and i wanna dye my hair back to brown again. How can i do this without bleaching it first? Can i use celofane t...
    3 32
  86. SKIN TONE HELP!!!!!!
    Hello, I am getting married in 10 days. This past weekend I got too much sun on my shoulders and I am peeling like crazy on my shoulders and into the top middle of my back. I am wondering what to do to even out the color. I naturally have a darker skin...
    3 5262
  87. Can dandruff cause acne?
    Some people say that dandruff could cause acne. But I have read about hormonal changes to be cause of acne! Is it true that dandruff can cause acne?
    2 44
  88. How can I prevent wrinkles?
    I laugh and smile A LOT. I'm just happy! Will this cause an early on set of wrinkles for me? How can I prevent them?
    2 49
  89. whats the difference between regular shampoos and organic?
    what does organic do for the hair?
    6 31
  90. ok im black and when i wet my hair its get curly but my hair shrinks above my ears .
    i want to wear my hair curly but i want it to be the length it is normally . help ?
    2 9
  91. is it safe to straighen my hair and it has olive oil in it?
    4 8
  92. i thought heat was bad for the hair but they tell me to heat olive oil and use it on my hair?
    2 17
  93. why apple is red
    what is the reason for the apple is red?
    3 23
  94. I need a trim, I like when my hair is all one length, but I dont know if I can
    do it myself. =( Anyone have any experience cutting the back of their own hair? Need some tips and tricks if Im going to get ballsy here. Haha.
    4 14
  95. im into the crafty world and i need new body jewelry,whats the best site to check out
    2 18
  96. How can I be beautiful like these girls?
    I have natural blonde hair, blue eyes, and I sometimes get freckles from the sun. I'm 5"4.
    2 15
  97. GUYS: Would you reject a girl that USED to be ugly/fat?
    Let's say that you haven't seen this girl in like a year, she used to look like a fat ugly betty, the girl you may have rejected or passed over right before she blossomed or grew into her looks. Now she has the hips, breast, butt, and got thin and tall...
    6 29
  98. What's your personal opinion on these tattoos? Which should i get/ and where?
    My mom is allowing me to get a tattoo in the near future, and I had a few ideas, but i'm not sure what to do :3 Im not planning on getting a huge tattoo, just something small in size, because it will be my first. 1. I was thinking of an elephant on th...
    7 20
  99. Is it bad to shave, 'down there'?
    I have been shaving around the edges of my pubic hair, just to keep it even. I never shave more than just the edges, but was wondering if it is bad to do? Could it cause infections? Also, is there anyway, to trim it without making a big mess? My moth...
    3 44
  100. is it a nono to shave your arms?
    ha ik this is a dumb question but everyone has always told me not to shave my arms like my dad mom n friends but im really tired of having hair on them just looks gross.... like is it better to wax them? just seems like itd b anoyying to have to wax al...
    12 45
  101. is it bad to put olive oil on hair and go out in the sun?
    so i heard olive oil is good for hair. i usually put olive oil everyday and than put a bun or braid and go out in the sun. A friend told me the sun is frying my hair and its NOT good??
    2 73
  102. whats the difference between "leave in conditioner" and regular conditioner?
    5 163
  103. how do i get rid of dandruff?
    3 36
  104. how do you apply your conditioner?
    do you use the shampoo than right after apply conditioner and leave it for how long before u rinse it out?
    4 13
  105. Can an HR profession grow hairs
    I am woring in Human Resourse Service Division . Can i grow hairs. Will it be fair. Kindly advice
    4 13
  106. what does a conditioner for hair do, can i just buy the shampoo without the conditioner. i am tired of people saying wheres the conditioner lol?
    3 23
  107. what shampoo and conditioner do you use?
    3 15
  108. Which actresses have the biggest boobs in bollywood. Please give me a list of top10 with pictures
    Please give me a list of top10 with pictures and also cup size
    2 173
  109. Am i too fat for a bikini?
    I'm going abroad in June, I'm a Chunky size 14. Is it wrong for me to wear a bikini? Thanks
    7 110
  110. My daughters necklace.
    Her BFF gave it to her lol! They are in First Grade and to me it looked like an interesting photo project so I found it laying around and took a picture of it.
    2 10
  111. which girl is more beautiful?girl in the white or black shirt?
    5 17
  112. Do you think i could wear a grey or blue hoody with a brown trench coat on top, or does it look wrong?
    2 11
  113. How bad does a tattoo on the rib cage hurt?
    4 80
  114. Would you rather have your hair chemically straightened or use a flat iron everyday?
    My hair is naturally curly/wavy and I'm not someone who likes to use heat often, but I just got a haircut and I don't like the way my hair looks unless it is straight. As of now, I've been using a flat iron with heat protectant. I'm thinking about gett...
    3 33
  115. Is my lip piercing infected?
    I had my lip pierced twice, right next to each other, and the one I just had done made the old scar tissue swell up into a big white scab that looks like it full of puss. It doesn't hurt at all, and I just had this done last night, and I know the swell...
    3 71
  116. what is it called when you dye half your hair blonde half your hair brown
    2 93
  117. do layers look good with thin hair?
    ive been thinking about getting layers but my hairs extermly thin and its very long like down to my butt.... but i was wondering if itd make my hair look thinner like choppy or if itd give my hair more volume and look thicker?
    5 44
  118. this is a dumb q.
    since my mom brother is considered my uncle..what about his wife? do i call her aunt?
    2 45
  119. Clothing advice for Teen Guy
    Looking for advice on what to wear. Don't have a real specific style, not sure what would suit me.
    4 25
  120. My belly button piercing rejected, and I had it taken out a year ago.
    It left this ugly darker spot where it used to be. Is there a way to get it to fade or disappear or anything before summertime when I will be exposing my stomach again at the beach all the time?
    4 64
  121. What is the difference between chino pants and skinny jeans?
    Tell me please it looks the same or am i wrong tell me please. Thank you,
    2 41
  122. What type of clothing look good with short hair?
    I just recently got a haircut and I'm having a hard time finding things in my wardrobe that look good with my new hair. My hair is shoulder length and wavy. Any tips?
    3 34
  123. how can i make my arms more hairy
    i want to have hairy arms
    9 160
  124. what type or kind of bag is this? (image inside)
    i dont want a laptop bag i just want something i can store books notbeooks my laptop if i wanted but pretty much a backpack more than anything. something with the strap like this one and leatherish...
    2 24
  125. what should I wear to this concert tomorrow?
    I'm a huge country fan, and I am going to a country concert (Eric Church) which is my first ever concert. I live in Canada so it's freezing cold so I can't wear shorts or anything unless I have leggings under :p any ideas
    2 43
  126. Who is more attractive?
    The above two pictures are of the same girl and the below two pictures are of the same girl, which girl above or below is more attractive?
    6 521
  127. Which dress would look best on me?
    I have my semi in two weeks.. so just answer the question please(: thanks (: Check out my profile to see what I look like, heres a link to a picture to make it easier:
    9 20
  128. How to get rid of fatty face without surgery??????????
    Hello Guys, I am looking here for best alternative of face surgery. I weigh 165 & I’m 5’9 n I am on a diet too, But its doesn’t affect my face. My face is gaining weight regularly .Is it possible without surgery to get a slim and thin face? Please hel...
    4 55
  129. why cant i, and other people just accept my body?!?
    I am 5' and 73-77 mom thinks im starving myself....and she makes me eat until i almost throw up...i look fat sometimes in the mirror ..and i just cant take it...i have people force feeding me..and telling me i look like a rail..and i look f...
    2 12
  130. How to get rid of bags under eyes?
    I have them 24/7 and don't understand why or how to permanently get rid of them.
    7 26
  131. Nose job opinions?
    What do people think of getting nose jobs? Not a full-on new nose, just getting a bump smoothed down. My nose is a little large for my face and me and my mom were discussing getting one. Do boys mind if I got one?
    3 56
  132. Help me with a new hair do please?
    I am getting my hair cut next weekend but I have no idea how I want to cut it. I have black-brown hair barely past my boobs. I have no layers and no bangs. I am definitely looking for a change. Help ne out?
    2 17
  133. How to get Vaseline/ patrollem jelly off the skin
    It's just once it's on it's really hard to get off! I was wondering if anyone new any kinda of soap or chemcial that would help remove it from my skin
    5 23
  134. How to stop makeup from running?
    I'm a goth, so I wear dark eye makeup, but whenever I put it on I start I start to cry about an hour later for no reason. Is there a trick I'm missing so that I dont randomly start crying? If not, how can I stop the tears from ruining my makeup?
    6 15
  135. Does this prom dress look good on me?
    5 24
  136. red brown aubunish hair with a blue dress?
    Hey soo would a red brown auburnish hair color clash badly with a light blue dress?
    3 50
  137. How old do i look in the photos below?
    3 33
  138. Why does my face get pale and my eyes get red when i cry?
    2 123
  139. How do I get my hair like this?
    What are the steps to getting my hair like this? What size and type of curler is needed? What do I do with my fringe?
    3 14
  140. Do you like closed toe shoes or open toed shoes better?
    I prefer closed toe shoes.
    2 18
  141. is there a cream/cleanser that removes oil from the face
    i tried clean and clear..Clearasil..and neutrogena ..nothing faces gets pretty oily..any advice.any product out there?
    2 22
  142. can i eat chocolate after a new tongue piercing?
    i had it repierced yesterday midafternoon after school and now i rlly want some chocolate. like can i have it if i just suck on it? and then rinse and brush after? or not at all? i heard u cant have dairy in general but then i was told i can have dairy...
    4 208
  143. please tell me 16 mm means 0.63 inches?
    so my brother mri shows he has a dent/fracture/crack whatever you want to call it of a 16 MM..he said its huge i said its small than a baby finger nail?
    2 14
  144. Thicker hair without harmful products?
    How can a male get thicker hair without using hair products that could potentially be harmful.
    2 17
  145. should i dye my hair?
    Hey so ive been think about dying my hair. My natural hair color is kinda a mix between number 7 and number 8 (on the chart) so its kinda a dirty blonde and I want to dye it number 7.43 do you think I should? And how much does dying it damage your hair?
    6 19
  146. hi just wan to ask a q about my hair
    just want to ask a q about my hair is my hair nice dark or blonde and why
    3 24
  147. how do i dye my haie without dye cause ive tried doing everything
    Im mostly looking for something for black blown or purple hair
    3 29
  148. what homemade mixture can i put on my hair to make it grow quickly?
    I now have a pixie because my brother cut my hair when i was sleeping. My mom said i can fix it in whatever way i want. I think this is easiest.
    4 33
  149. what can you put in your shampoo that will dye me hair black?
    Something orthings i dont need to go and buy but that ihave athome i dont wont to spend money wastefully
    2 67
  150. Where can I wear this dress to?
    2 20
  151. what color should i dye my hair?
    My hair is naturally a blondish brownish color and is down a bit below my shoulders. I have hazelish grayish eyes and pretty white skin. But I want to dye my hair soo... any suggestions?
    3 22
  152. what are some cool things to do with a scarf?
    I am two levels under popular. I want to be popular. Make up tricks and dressing tips could help too.
    4 38
  153. How can I make my own dry shampoo?
    4 108
  154. How do you like my dress I made from wrapping paper?
    What do you think? It's not the best thing ever but I wanted to do something festive(: Merry Christmas everyone!!
    5 19
  155. My ears were pierced 4 days ago, now i am in pain?
    when i got them done and the day after they were perfectly fine. Yesterday they started to hurt a lot, there is no redness or oozing and no sign of infection. I have tried loosening the backs, twisting, putting ice on there but nothing seems to help, c...
    4 24
  156. Why do I always get gunk on my lips when I wear lipstick?!
    Whenever I wear lipstick or lipgoss within an hour I get a line of gunk along the middle of my lip. Iv'e tried exfoliating them, using lib balm and intense moisture cream but nothing seem to work /: Any ideas?
    2 47
  157. Is it bad to get a belly button peircing at the age of 13? Cuz I just got one.
    Some people say its slutty but whatever.
    5 20
  158. how well do those press on nail colors actually work?
    2 43
  159. Does getting your tounge peirced hurt?
    2 25
  160. Why do i have a line/crease on my stomach
    I have a line/crease that is about 3 inches below my belly button and goes across my stomach. I'm not and have never been pregnant. I'm slim and my stomach is pretty flat. It never looks red. Its pretty much the same color as the rest of my stomach....
    6 84
  161. Should I go lighter or darker? (Hair)
    There's a recent picture of me. As you can see, I have medium/dark brown hair, blue eyes, and SUPER pale skin. I'm planning on dying my hair for the first time ever, but I don't know if I should go lighter or darker. Not blonde or black, but a dark or ...
    6 24
  162. What are the pro and cons of dimple piercings?
    I was thinking of getting dimple piercings in a few months or so, but I just want to know what is the good and bad of it. Also, I'm getting braces soon, so will my braces and dimple piercings (if I do decide to get them) mix together? Please and thank ...
    4 298
  163. Hair styles perferd?
    So girls do you prefer long or short hair on guys? And guys do you like long or medium or short hair on a girl? I was just curious! and also say what color you prefer
    5 24
  164. Can someone help me with my hair?
    I want my hair cut off. As much of it as I can, if possible. I have stupid thin fine hair AND a square face, so I'm not sure how it'll work. I was thinking a haircut like Ginnifer Goodwin, but would it work? Any help would be nice...
    4 30
  165. Do fake nails really damage your real nails?
    I want to buy some fake nails because my real nails have broken and it feels weird, I've heard from many people that it damages your real nails and you shouldn't get them. Is it true?
    4 75
  166. How long would it take to get hair this long?
    2 26
  167. Ideas for hairstyles or haircuts for frizzy/damaged/thick/wavy hair?
    Alright, I'm getting sick and tired of just putting my hair in a ponytail and not doing anything creative with it. My hair is super bleached and damaged from hair dye and straightening, and it's super frizzy, suuuuper thick, and curly/wavy. I have red ...
    2 34
  168. Is this a good photo of me?
    I need a good black and white photo of me ( it can be edited ) for a french project. I just want an opinion if this is good enough! thanks!(:
    7 20
  169. Looking for best alternative for nose job?
    How to make nose smaller without getting nose surgery? Is there is any effective way other than surgery which can make my nose permanently small and attractive?I am very fed up with my ugly nose and afraid of getting any surgery.So please recommend me ...
    4 1676
  170. Is there any way I can make myself prettier?
    2 31
  171. If BS170 N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor?
    can be replaced with a 2N7000 transistor?Any more technical details about both transistors?
    2 10
  172. How can I become prettier and popular?
    All of my friends say I'm pretty but all of the boys at my school say I am ugly.There is this boy in my class that I like and we are really good friends but it seems that he thinks I'm ugly.Also, there is a group of popular girls in my class and they t...
    3 36
  173. What hairstyle would better suit me?
    My current hairstyle is pretty simple/boring and easily falls out of place causing it to look strange. Does anyone have any suggestions that may suit my face shape more? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jordan.
    2 23
  174. Is a belly piercing hole noticeable?
    Hi, I am now in the army and i found out that you cannot have any additional body piercings than what you already have... i really want a belly button ring for my civilian life and just take it out with im with the military. for anyone who has a ...
    2 70
  175. Is my hair a soft black or a jet black?
    2 18
  176. Should i wear this dress to my holiday ball?
    Our holiday ball at school is our winter semi, and idk if i should wear this or not! It's indoors so dont worry about it being too cold
    7 25
  177. I have an uneven hourglass figure. my right waist is curvier...
    Which exercises should i perform, focusing on which side?
    2 321
  178. Do you like guys to have or not have facial hair?
    7 34
  179. What color highlights would go with my hair color?
    4 37
  180. how to act when someone says your ugly
    when i sit down in my seat on the bus this girl keeps saying mean things and it mostly is your so ugly what sould my reaction be?
    6 40
  181. How much does it hurt getting a tattoo?
    Okay so I'm thinking of getting a tattoo... but just how much does it hurt? I have a rather high pain threshold but getting a shot still is PAINFUL >o< I was thinking of getting the tattoo on the left side of my neck 0w<'
    2 40
  182. Should I dye my regrowth or dye my length my natural color?
    I'm trying to grow my hair in healthy, so I was just going to stop dying it all together, but it's starting to look kind of bad with the roots growing in. My natural color is an ash blonde, so it looks more brownish than blonde. My hair is dyed a goldi...
    2 20
  183. What do you think is the best brand for bags?
    2 20
  184. Who's your favorite Victoria's Secret Angel from VSFashion Show 2012?
    My favorite is Adriana Lima of course. I have a major girl crush on her. Lezbehonest... She's GORGEOUS.
    2 25
  185. How can I get rid of acne scars asap?
    I've tried a cinnamon/honey/tumeric/nutmeg/lemon juice/brown sugar facial before using these ingredients in different matches and i've tried applying ice cubes to them. I'm not sure how long I have to do these for before they're gone but it's pretty an...
    2 57
  186. what can i put on the ear screw on my glasses so it will stop coming out?
    2 36
  187. I was told I am to dark to wear the color navy blue...
    Do you think that the color of skin determines the color of clothes you wear yes or no? I need honesty!!! Seriously I'm dark like the singer M.I.A. Don't get me wrong she is gorgeous but me... No I'm ugly dark from what this person told me.
    9 14
  188. On average, how much do massages cost?
    My sister and I were planning on getting our mother a package for massages. The place we went to said one massage was about $100 and that they had a package of 5 massages for about $400. Thing is, neither of us have any knowledge on the regular price o...
    3 38
  189. Best method to reduce the result of having a black head on your lip line?
    My younger sister has a really badly inflamed pimple looking spot on her top lip line, she is so worried about looking bad at school.
    2 97
  190. Please help! Bleaching job gone terribly wrong, hair falling out!!!!
    3 19
  191. Does anyone know any home treatments to make your lips softer?
    My boyfriend always tells me I have such soft lips and personally I cannot notice anything that makes them that way, so I have a reason for them,I was wondering if anyone knew any home treatments to make your lips soft. Thankyooou
    8 37
  192. do you think men should get mani's and pedi's?
    I think they should atleast 3 to 4 times a year
    7 20
  193. What color clothes matches these shoes...?
    I've been receiving shoes lately because I didn't have any, I am thankful for those who have given me a pair(:
    7 29
  194. What color would burns be after a year with limited sun exposure?
    Mmmkay going back to the topic. In pale skin,what color would burns be? Pink? Tan? Red? Green?(>.<) seriously though
    5 14
  195. What colors clothes/shirt match these shoes......
    2 14
  196. Where should I go to get my ring size?
    My Girlfriend asked me last night what size ring I wear. And, I had no idea. I was wondering where I can go to get that answered. Someone please help! thanks. :)
    7 45
  197. Should I get my septum pierced?
    4 90
  198. Does anyone know what this tattoo might mean?
    I have a bet going that I can find out what it means before the end of the week. Help anyone?? Thank you.
    3 81
    im trying to grow out my hair but i have split ends so i dont want to cut my hair >.< im using the nexus split hair binder and it doesnt work -_-! my hair is dyed also.
    4 55
  200. how does the color of a shirt affect the amount of heat it absorbs
    the shirt colors are black white and yellow
    5 246
  201. Have you ever gotten like, white stains on the middle of your nails?
    They're like, spots... Why do they happen? My mom used to tell me that meant that Santa would bring me a lot of presents hahaha.
    3 17
  202. Should I or shouldn't I?
    So it's winter and this time of year my blonde-ish hair goes away and just gets a really blah color to it. And I'm really sick of it and I just wanna try something new. Soooo I need some opinions, should I die my hair darker? I have a picture of color ...
    7 14
  203. (Famous) duos to dress up as?
    So our college party's theme this week is duonight so everyone has to come dressed as some kind of a duo (obviously). I'm going with one of my girlfriends, but we've got noooo inspiration. The most creative costume gets a prize so we're looking for som...
    10 49
  204. Who has experience with LASER or IPL hair removal?
    Do you have any experience with LASER or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal? Is it any good? Which method is better? Does it really work permanently? Where did you get it? Does it need to be at a clinic or can you go to a beauty salon? How ...
    3 22
  205. Do you like being barefoot?
    In my case, I take off my shoes unconsciously, that's a problem, then I can't find them -_-"
    3 16
  206. Hair problems, help!
    I have always been dying my hair blonde, my natural hair is a light brown/blonde. I dyed it two days ago trying to get a natural color to avoid roots... well it's overly dark and kind of reddish to it, i HATE it! I want to go back to the blonde I have...
    13 34
  207. how do i make my finger nails stronger?
    my nails break easy and im trying to grow them out. is there anything i can do or eat to make them stronger? cause there really weak and break alot.
    7 51
  208. Women do you like bald guys or not?
    5 39
  209. sould i wear pantyhose
    2 120
  210. What are the best hair products to get for wavy/curly hair?
    My hair is naturally wavy/curly, and I was wondering what hair products I should get. Also any hair style suggestions, hair accessories I should get, if you could leave those in your answer(s) that would much appreciated ^.^
    5 25
  211. Why does peroxide not work in my hair?
    Okay, first, my hair is my precious. I don't skimp on any treatment that will make it shinny, healthy, and over all beautiful, and I don't trust anyone but me to touch it. Unfortunately, I am a broke college student and with most of my money going to s...
    2 48
  212. What do I do if I want to get rid of my snake bite piercings?
    I'm getting tired of my snake bites and I've had then since I was 12 and I was wondering if I take my bites out will the skin will go back to looking normal or can you not even take you bites out??
    4 33
  213. Amazing legs? What?
    So i've been told by many people that I have AMAZING legs! What? I don't understand what the big deal is their just legs, I don't understand please help! What's so special about them? Cause I have no clue!
    12 53
  214. What makeup do I use for oliy skin?
    I have oily skin and I am wanting to find a good brand of makeup to wear that will help my oily skin, and get less breakouts.
    9 24
  215. what looks best with this top? (read more)
    the top is on the left, and im trying to figure out what color looks best with it. i have a grey tank top, and neon pink (i know it doesnt look very neon, but it is xD)... and i'll be wearing it with leggings and most likely converse
    10 36
  216. If you're in the school play, is there a makeup artist that does your makeup for you?
    Or do you have to do it yourself?
    3 18
  217. Why do people say you could tell I'm a tomboy because I slouch?
    2 13
  218. what's wrong with my belly button piercing?
    i got my belly button pierced in september, and its almost the end of november and my belly button is still bleeding, and it excreets green goo. my friends tell me that its not infected but im worried. help!
    8 71
  219. what are some winter fashion trends?
    I want to know what are some fashiom trends for the colder seasons. and what stores can i get these clothes at?
    7 21
  220. Natural breast enhancement?
    I'm 14. I have a D-cup. Is there any way to make my breasts naturally larger? I am quite slim and i want to stay that way. xx
    4 41
  221. Are you born with dimples or do they develop over time?
    3 415
  222. How can I fix this bad haircut?
    I went to the hairdresser to get my side bangs cut and they cut them super short and very choppy right beside my face. it looks terrible and doesn't even go with the rest of my hair, it's not even on an angle so it looks very odd and I was so upset wit...
    2 15
  223. Does anyone know any piercing shops in or near central Chicago that knows how to do the snake eyes?
    The snake eyes is the horizontal one that's done on the tip of your tongue. I've been looking for a Parler that does that one an it's so hard to find. But I know there's one around central I've seen videos on YouTube but didn't say where it was located.
    2 36
  224. What is the difference between cute and handsome? Just curiosity.
    8 88
  225. How do I get rid of my acne?
    when I squeeze my acnes, they get red and my face seems bad when they are like red points on my forehead. how can I make them go or make them invisible?
    7 26
  226. Is there any way you can get rid of split ends without having to cut your hair?
    Or any way to prevent split ends?
    8 48
  227. Which do you prefer: high cheekbones or dimples?
    Which do you prefer? High Cheekbones or Dimples? I feel like high cheekbones are a classic feature, while dimples are a cute feature.
    8 97
  228. What can I do to have a one-colour face?
    i have done everything i could but my face is getting worse.
    3 70
  229. What makes you go to a particular hair salon and why?
    5 36
  230. Do you like pencil or ink eyeliner more?
    11 28
  231. What can I do about the feathers coming out of my down-filled winter jacket?
    I bought this winter jacket insulated with down (feathers) and I really like the look of it and it keeps me warm, but the feathers consistently come out through the fabric on the inside of the jacket and cover my clothes. It's embarrassing sometimes if...
    3 64
  232. Are fake tanning lotions bad for your skin?
    6 49
  233. Do you think a tomboy would like these shoes?
    3 19
  234. Does the size of the top ball of a bellyring matter ?
    3 9
  235. Who thinks back dimples/venus dimples are attractive on men?
    Just discovered I had a thing such as back dimples....didnt know you could get them on your back. Googled it, and came up with girls! XD so I'm confused!
    18 113
  236. How do I make my eyes pop out?
    I've always had my bown or blue contacts and used like purples and pinks and black smokey eye color... None of those really work for my green contacts I've just started using... How can I make my green eyes pop out more I'm very busy and never just h...
    5 51
  237. How to grow my hair to a longer length?
    I cut my hair to a medium length couple of months ago and now i'm ready for my long hair to come back. Any suggestions on what I should do?
    5 11
  238. What does an Ethical Clothing Australia trademark mean on a garment?
    2 54
  239. Do you ever wear your dresses?
    8 46
  240. is it better to wash my hair every day or ever other day?
    6 17
  241. Why won't my plugs fit in my ears?
    I've been stretching my ears for quite some time now, and about a month ago I went to a size 4, with no complications. However, I can not get my size 4 plugs to go in, and it's been 4 weeks since I went from a size 6 to a size 4. I've tried lubricating...
    4 34
  242. What do you think of this outfit?
    This shirt: with a black beanie, black skinny jeans, black jacket, and converse high tops or vans.
    10 27
  243. How can you tell if you have loose skin?
    I know some heavy people need to get tummy tucks and stuff after they lose alot of weight because they have extra skin and i was wondering how does one tell if they have loose skin?
    2 51
  244. How to slim down the face?
    I have big cheeks and I don't even eat much.Is there any way to loose my cheeks?I am 22 years old and everyone makes fun me at work for my big cheeks.I am quite active I walk a lot.
    2 52
  245. Is it Agoraphobia or is it Social Phobia?
    I was never scared of anything.I was never scared of socialite or being social. When I was 16 I started to use drugs,hung out with wrong people,do bad things.I had problems in college because of drugs.However one time I nearly got raped and since then...
    2 40
  246. What are some last minute Halloween costumes?
    I don't have a costume, and I'm not really sure if I will dress up tomorrow at school, but if I have a good idea I will. Any suggestions?
    10 22
  247. Whats the legal age in Illinois to get a tattoo?
    6 30
  248. What shoes would look better with this dress/top? (but in purple, not red) Converse-style trainers (please, actual converse are too expensive, these are cheap ones xD Basically like this without the logo thing on the side Or fl...
    7 17
  249. What cheap solutions will help reduce the redness from the acne?
    Normally it's the hormones that cause acne and the redness and it's really noticeable and embarrassing to me to have it...there. So I was curious to as if any household items like juice or something to help clear the redness and the dryness it has. I a...
    4 20
  250. Why do people like vintage clothes?
    How come they don't wear today's clothing? :]
    8 81