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Who find big boobs hot ?

Ok do you rather large >big >medium>small or tiny boobs, I'm being just inquisitive, for the guys

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Normal for a 15 year old girl to have 40d size breasts?

Is it normal for a 15 year old girl to have 40d size breasts?

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How do I get rid of pimples?

I usually get them on my forehead, my nose & chin. How do I get rid of them? I do was my face, btw.


How long should I wait to swim after rebonding hair?

ok I rebonded my hair when I went home to philippines two weeks ago and there's some rules that I have to follow, to keep my hair straighter. for example I'm not allowed to ever tie it or put my hair behind my ears. they also said not to swim or put ch...


How long to wait to color my hair after rebonding?

How long should I wait before I color my hair after having it rebonded???

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What color nail polish would look best with a brown dress?

My dress is knee length and right below the bust there are gold and brown flower apliques. My shoes are brown with golden beading and the buckle is gold with tiny stones on them.


Is is true that IcyHot and plastic wrap helps you lose weight?

Is it true, that if you rub your stomach with icyhot and wrap yourself in plastic wrap, and sleep with it on overnight, that you will lose inches off your waist ?

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What type of haircut should I get?

I am thinking about getting a haircut within the next week, maybe Friday. I keep my hair out of my face because if I kept it in my face, my bangs would touch the tip of my nose. My hair is getting pretty long and I'm kinda tired of the length...



What kind of prom dresses do guys like?

(color, fit, length, design)

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Rebonding again?

I just had my hair rebonded a week ago but I noticed that it did not stay as straight and as tame as the first three days. After washing it, I noticed a slight bump of hair or curling in one feels smooth and soft but I wanted it more starighter...


How to look pretty without makeup?

heyyy peeps!!! I want to know how to look pretty. Im only 13 , so I would prefer no makaup!!!


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How to best treat navel piercings with having sensitive skin?

I just got my navel pierced about 4 days ago. Many say to wash it with anti-baterial body soap, but the only type of soap I can use is Dove due to extremely sensitive skin. Would Dove soap damage the piercing in any way? I'm using sea salt about thr...


How can I make my breast smaller withour having a breast reduction?

I hate my breast, I wont smaller one's because they make my life miserable, they get in the way...


Will dying my hair black make me look darker?

Well im kind of dark skinned. If I dyed my hair black with blue streaks under, would it make me look darker?


What's your favorite perfume?

totally obsessed with perfume's!!
I love to smell really yummy f'my man lol
Whats your favourate?
Which 1's do lads really notice- if they do lol!

The 1's my fella really think are gorgeous...
~Armani Emporio- City Glam (fruity and a real girly girls...

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What does rinse lather repeat mean?

What does rinse lather repeat mean.and how does it help.
I feel so stupid asking this question


Why do I always wear slutty clothes?

Why do I always wear sluty clothes? I dont know if I even like them but im always wearing them

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What is the best underwear to turn a guy on?

Think my fav is white thongs. Maybe pink. What do girls find turns guys on

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monroe peircing swelling?

I had a monroe peircing 5 days ago, and it is stil swollen quite badly. where the peircing is swollen the bar on the inside of my lip is digging in and is making a dent on the inside of my lip that I think might be causing the long lastin swelling. Is...


Is it weird to have different sized breasts?

one of breast is bigger than the other! im 15 and im really scared that I might have breast cancer!!! HELP!!!


Semi permanent hair dye?

Okay so I am putting an orange streak in my hair and I need to know what is the difference between semi permanent and permanent dye and how long does it take semi permanent dye to wash out?


Why does my hair get poofy?

Allright I'm not sure whats wrong with my hair I'm going to tell you what it does and how it is I need you to tell me what you thinkis wrong with it

Ok whene I take a shower whene it starts to dry it gets like really poofy and I've tried straitining...


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