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Gun vs Needle (Cartilage Piercing)

Heyy! Once again I have a cartilage question. Hah. Okay so... I've been reading and so far I've only seen negative feedback about using a gun for a piercing... Is it that likely that you WILL get a disease or a shattered cartilage from using a gun? Las...


How do you tell if your ear piercings are infected?

I got my left ear lobe pierced a third time (along with my cartilage) professionally a couple days ago. Today, my left ear hurts when I touch it and it feels like its throbbing. I've cleaned it with alcohol and rotated the earrings. Is it infected or i...


How do I make my converse dirty?

I want my brand new ones to look dirty but not too diry, how o you do it ? :s


Is it safe to dye your hair two days in a row?

yesterday I dyed my hair blonde and it looks orange and now im so fed up with dying hair that I want to dye my hair my natural color and that will be that. Is it safe to dye your hair the day after you dyed it before? I really need to know... I cant go...


How do I get rid of pubic hair easily?

How do I get rid of pubic hair easily?

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How often should I get my gel nails filled in?

I got them done two weeks ago and they look gross. Even though I took good care if them. I am used to acrylic nails but thought I would give gel a chance. Should I remove them and get acrylic put on or should I try gel again? Which do you prefer?


How bad does a nose piercing hurt?

I really want to get my nose pierced, but im kind of scared. I just want a cute little stud, I dont want anything big. I had my bellybutton pierced and that didnt hurt me at all, but after almost a year it got infected and I dont have it anymore. how b...


How can you darken your nipples?

So my nipples are a medium brown... when hard. They are a lighter brown when they aren't. I really wish they were darker. How can I permanently darken my nipples without doing something absolutely rediculous?


What is a good brand for at home hair dying??

I have pretty light brown hair and I want to dye it a dirty blonde or a really light brown...I've dyed my hair before so I am experienced in doing it but I want some opinions on good brands I can find at places like cvs,target,and walmart..please let m...

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hair straightening

how much does it cost to get your hair chemically straightened and how long does it last?


Why do my eyelids burn and become sensitive after I wash makeupoff?

So, sometimes I use soap to wash my makeup off while im in the shower.
after I get out, my eyelids burn reallly bad and are almost to sensitive to touch and are kinda sticky.

what does this mean? and why does it do this?

thanks, :).


How to fix orange hair?

How to fix orange hair?


Why won't my breasts grow?

I'm flat chested and I'm 15. I got my period at 14. They have stayed the same size since sixth grade. I don't understand why. I'm in ninth now. My cousins have bigger boobs than me. Even sixth graders. How can I make them bigger? I'm literally flat. Wi...


How to make my dimples deeper ?

How to make my dimples deeper ?

I have light ones but I want deeper
because in my opinion they can enhance your smile !!!


How to get rid of a pointy nose?

I have a pointy nose and I want the end to be rounder without plastic surgery,,what can I do to make it round?

Thanks =]


Can my sister sign as a guardian for my tattoo?

Me and my sister were wanting to get matching tattoos this summer that mean sisterly love. the only prob is my parents dont know im getting it done and so my sister would have to sign for me. shes almost 20 and im 16 almost. would she be able to say sh...


What ethnic groups tend to get more tanned than sunburned, and can get a tan naturally?

I know this may sound strange but what ethnicities of course African Americans have the darkest skin of any race but just curious what ethnic groups are more likely to tan rather than sunburn..and what ethnic groups tend to sunburn mostly? It sounds st...


How to make nipple piercings painless?

I am 17 and I want to get my nipples pierced but I was talking to a friend and she said I should wait because my boobs may not be fully developed and if my boobs grow thay could cause problems wiht the rings. I also want to know about the pain factor. ...

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How do I stop a sunburn from peeling?

I got a sunburn, it's not bad but it's peeling a little and id really rather it didn't.
How can I stop it?


What will happen if I dye my hair twice in two different days?

What will happen if I dye my hair twice in two different days? I want to dye it back to dark brown, right now the color is reddesh blondesh.
Thank you


Serious Question - How do I make my hair nappy?

I want dreads, and I've even had them before, but they've never locked. The first time I got dreads, they were alright. They started getting nappy, but they did not lock! I took those out, and someone else did them. This time they were like little curl...


Are lower back dimples rare?

I always noticed that I had dimples or whatever on my lower back, and I always didn't really like them, because I thought I was weird because no one else I saw had them. But then someone just a few days ago told me that they loved my lower back dimples...


WD-40 safe on hair clippers?

is it okay to use wd-40 on my hair clippers (blades)?


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