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what hair styles do guys like best on girls?

I've hear that guys love long healthy hair ( which iahve so fingers crossed) but still what do you like most, also blondes or also black bruetttes

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do you think its gross to go barefoot?

i never wear shoes. i hate wearing shoes and most the time, i go everywhere barefoot (except for in public restrooms and disgusting places like that) because i feel shoes are unnecessary and uncomfortable. i live by the beach, so no one really cares i...


Do I need to go to the dentist?

Ok my question is about my teeth. I do admit I have a nice smile... I like it. And I don't really think my front teeth are too bad. BUT... my back teeth are sorta bad. The one at the very back on the left has a crack in it *it happened like a year or m...


Huge can I solve this?

This is really embarassing. I have this one really really big pore on my cheeck (betwen the actual cheeck and nose), I think it was a pimple once when I was in middle school (I'm 20) and it kills me!
it's about a 3/4 of a millimeter wide so it's reall...


Any online sites where I can change my hair?

Is there any online sites where I can change my hair color/style , by uploading a pic ?
And also is it free ?

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What is the average size bra for a 15 year old?

I'm 15 turning 16 soon. And I'm only a 30A, but I'm also 5'3 and tiny so I'm okay with my size. My mom is a 36 C. But what was your size at 15? is mine an okay size or could something be wrong?

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the hair down there :/

is it really that important to shave it???
I mean are gurls supposed to shave their crotch like they shave their legs??
will guys think its gross to have hair??
cus I dont shave.

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Can I put an earring as a lip piercing?

Because I cant get a real lip piercing until fridayy

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What to do about my ugly yellow teeth?

Well I have had braces for 2 years already!
But in thoose to yeahs I have never had them tighten
( my mom and dad couldn't afford it)
So I need them on for other 2 years..
I hate it I'm in 9th grade almost in 10th and my
Teeth are yellow. I need to ...


Can I use regular hair gel instead of eye brow gel?

I need to get some kind of eyebrow gel because I always find myself having to fix them because the hairs start standing up and going all ovr the place. I heard somewhere you can use regular hair gel instead, because it does the same job. Is that true??...


What hair color does eva longoria have?

What hair color does eva longoria have?


What is the difference between white hair and black hair?

What is the difference between white hair and black hair?

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How do I get my hair the way I want it?

I always take a shower @ nite. When I wash my hair I brush it out thenin the morning it looks wierd. I dont brush it its really notty. I brush it a little, its a mixture of both!!! how do I get my hair just normal without a blowdryer??? helllppp

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Nose piercing migrating?

Ok my friend told me that my nose piercing will migate and move farther down my nostril...will it actually or is she telling me something totally false?


What color nail polish would look best with a brown dress?

My dress is knee length and right below the bust there are gold and brown flower apliques. My shoes are brown with golden beading and the buckle is gold with tiny stones on them.


What can I do to make my mouth feel better after getting braces?

I am new at the whole braces situation and I don't know what to do the wire is bothering my left cheek a lot, every time I open my mouth to talk should I put wax on the wire? Please help.


tattoo without parent knowing..has anyone done this?

ok so I want a tattoo and I would like 2 no if I could get it done without parents knowing or haveing to sign anything.

anyone have any ideas


Average boob size for a teen?

I was wondering whats the average boob size for a teen? Example mines a c cup is that like to much for a teen lol im just curious? Haha

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Can you dye your hair just after an ear piercing?

I'm planning on getting my cartilage pierced near the end of june but I also want to dye my hair around this time.

(I'm getting these things done then because it's the end of my GCSE's :))

But I heard that if you've just had a piercing, you can't...


How long should I wait to swim after rebonding hair?

ok I rebonded my hair when I went home to philippines two weeks ago and there's some rules that I have to follow, to keep my hair straighter. for example I'm not allowed to ever tie it or put my hair behind my ears. they also said not to swim or put ch...


How to keep eyebrows from standing up?

When I was yonger I got ahold of a razor and I ended up shaving off a little of one of my eyebrows and now the hair grows upward while the rest grows sideways. I was wondering if theres any way to fix that?


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