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What kind of hair weave does angela simmons wear?

what kind of weave can be curly and pin straight? like pretty curls though...if youve seen vanessa and angela simmons day there hair is really curly and the next really striaght and like 20 inches sure they dont get a new weave eve...

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Cute simple hairstyles for school??

Okayy I have shoulder length hair and short bangs and im running out of ideas help??!! :}

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How long does a cartilage piercing take to heal?

*cough* I'm also going to get a cartilage piercing.. how bad does that one hurt on a scale from 1-10, how long does it take to heal (or, I mean, how long until I can change the earring), how long can't I sleep on it for, and which hurts more, with a ne...


Mom is making me feel bad about my boobs

Im 13 and im a b 38ish my mom is only like a a20 or something like that. She all ways talks about how im wearing tight shirts when the shirt is one size bigger than it needs to be.I can't even walk in the house with a tank top on.she says that I should...

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What's the normal cup size for a 15 year old ?

I'm a 32 D is that normal ?


Can I dye my hair after getting highlights?

My hair is naturally a medium brown. It has a lot of blonde highlights right now. I want to dye it back to my natural color because there are too many highlights. I plan on highlighting it again but with thinner streaks. I want to color it back on...


What is a shoe size 7 youth in men's?

What is a size 7youth(kids) converted to mens size in shoes?


How to make my breasts grow bigger and fast

I,m tired of being made fun of by friends and family mostly everyone in my family is between a c-e and im a lowsy b im 15 and cant take it anymore I cant find anything to help people my age ... I berly started taking omega -3 fatty acids cause I read I...


Brown to blonde?

Ok I really want to have white blonde hair!!... I have dark brown hair now and I miss my blonde. I recently had blonde hair, then went to red, now to a really dark brown... is it possible to go blonde again? Not the gold blonde but the white blonde li...

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Color treated hair turned copper orange

How can I take the copper tone orange out of my hair. I used l'oreal nb10 natural blonde on my strawberry blonde hair and it is most definantly a copper tone orange. I went to the salon and she highlighted it then colored it a darker color and then hi...


I have darkkk brown boring hair. what to do?

well my hair is boring. look at my picture and tell me what youu thinki should do with it. like colors ect ect ectt.


Is my breast size 34a normal for a 13 year old?

Is my breast size 34a normal for a 13 year old? and is there a way to make them bigger?


Can I do a tongue web piercing at home?

so I reaaallly want to get my tongue pierced, but of course my parents said no.
so I figured maybe id just pierce my tongue web instead, for now atleast =]

I just wanted to know if id be able to do it at home
by myself, or have a friend do it?

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Why do people like vintage clothes?

How come they don't wear today's clothing? :]


Are there makeup tips to make my nose look smaller?

I've got issues...I just wish I was pretty...I mean when I look in the mirror SOMETIMES I seee...well a gorgeous girl...and than when others llook at ugly...I been called REALLY ugly before...and I have looked it too but than I've also been cal...


Baby Powder.

Me and my fiance have been together for almost 2 years now - yet he is just finding this out.

I was going to the bathroom today and he walked in and saw me putting baby powder on my panties and on my vagina. I've done it since I was a teenager - it k...


If I Shaved Off My Eyebrows...

sometimes when people shave off their eyebrows spots never grow back.. sometimes large spots.. how often does this happen to people?? most the time or very little?? ???


Is Nair for Men good for pubic hair removal?

is nair good for your pubic area?? has anyone tired it??

does anyone know any other hair removal products that work in the genital areas?


Will contacts mess up my eyes?

I'm thinking about getting contacts but I'm afraid that it will mess up my eyes.
Evryones getting contacts but I'm not sure about gettiing themm now until my prom and graduation.
And my friend keeps telling me to get conatcts! But glasses is the new fa...


What side do you get your tragus piercing / pierced on?

ok so I reallyy want to get my tragus pierced and my parents are pretty much cool bout it but I don't know which side to get it done on. I have two piercings on each earlobe and my cartlidge on my left ear pierced. I dont want one side to look like so...

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How do I make my eyes pop out?

I've always had my bown or blue contacts and used like purples and pinks and black smokey eye color... None of those really work for my green contacts I've just started using...
How can I make my green eyes pop out more I'm very busy and never just h...


How to put on makeup?

I am a tomboy. I live with my dad and 2 digusting brothers, so it's no surprise that I dont know how 2 do anything girly, except wut I pick up on tv and from friends at school.
anyway, my question is, how do you put on makeup? like eyeliner (without p...


How can I be an emo girl?

I honestly think emo people are really cool how can I become emo???
How can I be an emo girl???

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