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Is Nair for Men good for pubic hair removal?

is nair good for your pubic area?? has anyone tired it??

does anyone know any other hair removal products that work in the genital areas?


Why won't my breasts grow?

I'm flat chested and I'm 15. I got my period at 14. They have stayed the same size since sixth grade. I don't understand why. I'm in ninth now. My cousins have bigger boobs than me. Even sixth graders. How can I make them bigger? I'm literally flat. Wi...


how do women like labret piercings?

do women like labret (under the bottom lip) piercings on men?

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How do you get rid of zits?

ok well like this is kinda worried

but how do you get rid of zitsi got like 2 and they r red and school pics r comein up and i don't want them to show

if there any ideas to get ride of them in like 1 week

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Crimp hair, should I straighten it first?

I have wavy hair, before I crimp my hair should I straighten it?
Or will it straighten as I crimp?


What do girls prefer? a guy with a good looking body or face?

Girls- would you rather have a guy that has a average looking face with a great body, or a great looking face with a okay body.

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How to use loreal mega brown hair color?

How to use loreal mega brown hair color?

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should I re-pierce my ears?

I've recently gotten both my ear lobes pierced at 16G
and the problem is that the right ear piercing is slight lower and to the left
while the left one is normal.
im planning to stretch them to 0's or 00's
so I was wondering once I stretch it will...


What is the average size bra for a 15 year old?

I'm 15 turning 16 soon. And I'm only a 30A, but I'm also 5'3 and tiny so I'm okay with my size. My mom is a 36 C. But what was your size at 15? is mine an okay size or could something be wrong?

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How can I make my hair curly without a perm?

how to make it curly??? my hair is darn straight and I need help!!!

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How do I make my hair pretty?

I got my hair cut, and it was suppose to be a punk kinda rock haircut, but the hair salon person messed it up! I put a pic of what I wanted. Now my hair looks weird its like short half way then long, like wierd layours. My hair is like in the shape of ...

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How can I get rid of a hairy stomach?

I am a girl with a hairy stomach its kinda dark! and come on girls shuldnt rele have that ..I don't take mi top off and I don't like wearing a bikini when I go swimming ..its kinda all ova its horrible! I've tried shaving it but it just comes b...

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What is a bomb shell bra?

so what is a bomb shell bra I hear my friends talking bout it and I guess its like a super paded bra and they said it was like from victoria secret so I don't know what it is??


How to make my dimples deeper ?

How to make my dimples deeper ?

I have light ones but I want deeper
because in my opinion they can enhance your smile !!!


What is the best hair dye brand at walmart?

Please do not mention L'oreal Paris Feria. I've recently used this and the color came out after a couple of washes. Gosh I'm so bad I spent money on this. =[

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tatoos peircings

what peircings can you get that are easiest to hide from your parents. Where can you get a tatoo so that your parents are guarenteed not to see it


What do I do if my tongue ring split my tongue a little?

I got my tongue done probably 5 days ago and I guess I pulled it or something and it split a little in the front and the ball of the ring kinda sinks down in my tongue is that bad and will it go away? Or should I just take it out? Annd is it normal for...


What lipstick colour/shade would pair well with a brown dress?

I am wearing a brown skater dress to a night out, I am loving wearing lipstick at the moment so wondered if anyone had any suggestions of a good colour or shade which would pair well with the brown dress? Thanks E x


How long should you let your nails get?

is there like a limit to the lenth you should let your nails get? I mean, do after a certain time they jus start to look kinda like claws? my thumb nail [I actually measured] is 2 cm long. is that too long?


is it better to take a shower in the morning or at night?

i prefere to take them at night but my sister who is younger than me says that ur supposed to take a shower in the morning nd everytime i take a shower at night she gos on nd on nd on about. also is it good to mix shaampoo nd conditioner together or is...

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Where can I get my lips pierced and am 13?

I need to find a place in brooklyn to get a lip piercing at 13 years old or 14


Circle or square glasses?

Do you prefer circle or square glasses? I used 2 have oval(circle whatever) and now I have square!!


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