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How to get black hair dye out?

I died my hair black out of the box and whats the best way to get it back brown? I've been told a lot of stuff...but which way is best?


Cost of haircut in Singapore dollars?

Im supose to go on a trip in singapore, and I wanted to go to the hairdressing saloon to cut my long hair in layers and dye it completly blonde. Since I dont know the price of life over there can anyone tell me about how much its going to be in singapo...


How do I make my hair stay dark when I dye it?

naturally I am a dirty blonde, but EVERY TIME I dye my hair, whether I dye it brown or blonde, it always fades to a brownish blondish reddish color... its a pretty color, but its not what I want. I want my hair to stay a dark brown. I just dyed it a fe...


How can I dye my soft black hair to dark brown?

how can i dye my soft black hair to dark brown?

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How would watichs look like in sixty years from now?

How would watichs look like in sixty years from now?

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Just got part one of the snake bite piercings.need help!

Ok so I got my lip pierced (right snakebite) it is swollen(2x its normel sixe) and it hurts a little not just and tha morning like most but all day its not red or anything it looks fine. I got it pierced 4 days ago. Is this normal or no? I need help...


How to get purple hair dye off my scalp?

I used a new product and it turned my scalp can I remove it...I have tried litterally everything


Ungauge gauged ears

Can ears that have been gauge to real big holes be ungauged do they need surgery are will they grow back together and resume their old shape?about a 18 inch gauge


Daisy duke or stripper?

Would should we be for halloween,daisy duke or a stripper? [my boyfriend wants to know?

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How do I get black dye out of my hair?

how do i get black dye out of my hair that bled into my blonde ?

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How often should I get my gel nails filled in?

I got them done two weeks ago and they look gross. Even though I took good care if them. I am used to acrylic nails but thought I would give gel a chance. Should I remove them and get acrylic put on or should I try gel again? Which do you prefer?


What do bandana colors mean?

I want to know what bandana color means what cause I like to wear bandanas to hold my hair back when me and my friend chill out. I really dont want to start any random trouble with anyone over what I use to hold my hair back!


What's a good hairstyle to make my hair look less thick?

I have sort of a round face and really thick hair. Could someone suggest a hair style and a way to to make my hair seem not as thick?


Will puberty stretchmarks go away?

do you get stretch marks when you go through puberty I keep getting them they just keep popping up I have them everywhere will they go away.PLEASE HELP ME


What is an elite goth

I scene it on the computer on google and it made me curious. What is an elite goth.


Emo eyeliner

How the heck do you get the perfect emo eyeliner to look good.I have been emo for two years and just cant get it smugde the way I want it please help!!!

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How long until I can change my industrial?

Got it pierced a few weeks ago. The lady told me I can change it after 4 weeks.. But my cousin is telling me two months.. One sounds too long and the other, too short. So which is right or what is the right time?


What do I do with messed up eyebrows?

I just had the worst experience getting my brows waxed. A friend of mine invited me to get pampered with her and we went to her regular nail salon. The woman who did my brows was at least in her sixties. She made them thin, rounded and super arched,...


Why is my hair so sensitive? (read more)

By sensitive I don't mean like its painful to pull out my hair, i mean sensitive as in like you feel invisible ants or random strands of hair on you that aren't actually there. I'm not sure if my skin is being weird or if the small hairs on my body is ...


How do i pluck up the courage to wear an earring?

I had my ear done in april but took it out the next day because i never had the balls to wear it. Ive wanted one for years and cant stop thinking about getting it pierced again. It just dont feel right getting my ear done at 35?


Does clean & clear blackhead eraser work?

does Clean & clear's blackhead eraser work ?


Nipple piercing peeling?

I just got my two nipples pierced, didn't hurt as much because the piercer froze the nipples beforehand, but I am now noticing that my nipples themself are starting to peel, no not the sin around the metal, the actual nipple is peeling. now I am thinki...


What would it cost to strip my black hair?

Oka so I want to go back to my natural hair color which is dark brown and strip my black hair and I want to do it professionally. My hair is 30 inches long (at the very end of my back) and its already growed out 6 inches from the roots. How much would ...


How do you get rid of blackheads?

i've had blackheads for years but never knew how to get rid of them. i have then mostly around my nose but they are also on my chin forhead and around my mouth. how do i get rid of them?? help


Blackheads galore on my nose how can I get rid of them?

I have fairly clear skin but blackheads galore on my nose. I pop them but they never seem to disappear. How can I get rid of them?


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