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How to fix a hair rebonding disaster?

I would like to know if there is anything I can do with my hair rebonded gone wrong it ended up so brittle and looked burned. what should I do. I can say I have a very long hair and I don't want to cut it. Please advise


How old do I have to be to get a piercing in PA?

I'm turning 16 in two weeks. I've heard I can get pierced without my parent's permission at 16. But a friend of mine said a local tattoo place says you have to have an adult. Tell me something different so I can go get my septum done without my parents...


Best way to fill in highlighted hair back to over all one color

I have red hair and in summer I highlight it in front but now I want to go back one color but I"m having a hard time with the highlighted color taking the red.


Why is my hair still flat after a perm?

Ok I just got a perm last night. when my stylist took the rods out my hair was almost flat on the sides bu curly on the back. I was told it takes atleast 28 hours for a perm to settle should I be concerned my hair is flat already? I've had a perm ye...


What do I do if I have a bubble near my lip piercing?

I got my lip pierced about 2 weeks ago.
A few days ago I noticed that I have a clear bubble on the inside of my lip near the hole.
I got my lip pierced professionally and I clean it everyday.
What can I do to get rid of the bubble and is it normal ...


Medusa Piercing

hiya, just wanted to know if anyone on her has A medusa peircing?? Im wanting to get mine done this week and have studied up hard on them, im 18 and still got mums permission. I just want to know a few things about what size gauge to get? and how bad t...


Do the colors pink and yellow match?

I told my friend I was gonna wear my pink converse and a yellow dress to school and she said that those colors don't go together that great...
What do you think?

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When can people have purple eyes?

I herd that people can have purple eyes naturally that would be so cool ! XD but is it true? :/


Will dying my hair black make me look more pale?

I was thinking about dying my hair black I was wonderining if it was a good idea becuase I have red hair and im really white.. I was wonderining if I would look even whiter if I dyed my hair black..


How big are my breasts supposed to be?

I am 14 right so my breasts are cup size c

Are they supposed to be that size are they too big or are they to small ???

Please help :)

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Why do pubic hairs have a white tip?

COMPLETELY RANDOM BUT... why does pubic hairs have a white tip? and why does hair that has been plucked before if you pluck em again, the tip is black... (this 2nd question is not about pubes< more about eyebrows, lol) ... ??... answer pleezz!!! :-)


How long does a belly button piercing take to heal?

I had my belly button pierced yesterday. I felt a bit of pain, but when the bar was put in, the pain went away. I've had no problems with it at all. No bleeding. I only have slight bruising.
How long does a belly button piercing take to heal completely?


5 good reasons for a tongue ring?

I need five good reasons why I should have/get a tongue ring for my mom so I can get one

here are my reasons so far
- Im paying for it
- Its my tongue


What color looks good with fair asian skin?

What color looks good with fair asian skin?


How to tell my Mom I need a bigger bra?

okay so ;
I currently wear b size bras
but I started thinking they were too small
so I looked up how to measure your size for a bra
&& I tried it
(you know, measure unter the boob, then ontop, && subtract)
well it kept coming out as a C or D, but my b...

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What is the average size bra for a 15 year old?

I'm 15 turning 16 soon. And I'm only a 30A, but I'm also 5'3 and tiny so I'm okay with my size. My mom is a 36 C. But what was your size at 15? is mine an okay size or could something be wrong?

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Should guys shave their pubic hair?

im a male and I was wondering if I should shave my pubes. I know I should do what I want, but I was just wondering what all of you girls think out there

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Can you still tie balloons with acrylic nails?

i have some on but just want to know can you still do it yes or no?


Should I get bangs (look at the picture)

Im gettin my hair cut todayyy

Would I look good with bangs ???

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How to clean blackheads with new nose ring?

How do you clean your black heads if you have your nose newly peirced?!

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Getting my hair dyed today

Hey I need help. Im getting my hair dyed today a little after twelve and I need advice.
My hair is very curly/frizzy.
I scrunch it a lot
Straighten it ofter.
I want something cute. <33


My daughters breasts are very large

I have 2 daughters, 12 and 9, both of them have quite large breasts for their ages, which is a little unusual because mine are smaller. My eldest daughter wears a 34E and my youngest is in a 32C, my breasts are only 32B.
Its just they are both asking q...


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