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How do I hook up my Xbox?

I bought an Xbox off of a friend that is buying a 360 and it doesn't have a manual. Does anyone know how to hook up an Xbox? Which cables do I need?


Is there going to be a second...

Is there going to be a second Assassins Creed?


Metal Gear Solid 2: Cyborg Ninja's Mask?


Is there anyone that can help me find a mask of Cyborg ninja (olga?) not grayfox.

I need a front Picture... facing the camera... a High resolution...
I wanted to make a ninja GIF... pls help


what are some fun perverted games to play with your girlfriend?

im just curious and me and my girlfriend are ready to take this step. and suggestions, tips, or actual games people can suggest?

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Halo 3 vs. CoD 4

Im just wondering what some people think on this site. What do you like better, Halo 3 or CoD 4? Personally I like CoD a lot better.


What is the most important aspect of a video game to you?

Like, what draws you to certain games over others? Does it need to have good graphics, a good story line, lots of guns, etc...? And what's something that can kill what should have been a good game for you?


Sly 4

Will there be a Sly 4?


Why wont fable 2 unlock achievments?

So I got fable 2 the full game from xbox live marketplace, its fun and all but whenever I do something worth an achievement it says "your eligible to earn an achievement but you must download episode 2 to collect it" I was like uuuh I have the full gam...


What level to Magikarp evolve at in Pokemon?

what lvl do magikarp evlove at


Getting past Diner Dash level 13, any advice?

I am playing diner dash 2 and I cannot get past level 13---the the cell phone addicts!, can someone please give me some advice on how to get past that level!!!


Riddle Help

I've been doing these riddles their called Zahada not sure if you have heard of them. I got to Level 47 got the correct answer and it took me to 48-49B. 50B is this poem that states there's two paths that have to be followed both A and B so I figured ...


Do Ouija Boards work?

Do an ouija board really work?


I just played scary maze game

I just played scary maze game and I kinda freaked out and almost scared my dad intoa heartattack should I try to get my friend to play

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PS2 to Zenith television

I recently moved and I want to hook my old PS2 up to my Zenith TV...except I have no idea how to do it.

Seriously, I am technologically retarded. I've tried every possible (I think) combination of plug ins, but I don't even know if I have all the c...


Did you start playing video games on an atari 5200 too?

Did you start playing video games on an atari 5200 too? That's the one that we started out when we were kids, at least, I think it was the Atari 5200. For the times (um, 20 years ago) that was an awesome machine.


What is the difference between pokemon cards?

I ruined by boys two lvl x pokemon cards and want to replace them. At amazon a lvl x promo card is a lot cheaper than the lvl x single card. What is the difference, is the promo card a regular looking pokemon card.


How can I cheat on the video game; tiger woods pga tour 10?

So yea I would like to know how to cheat on the game so my player is better
I suck at the game dont really care all that much just want to make my guys skill go up
Or do a cheat where when I play my friends I always make puts or anything really

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How do I get 2 players on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?

who evers had grand theft auto san andreas for a long time how do I get 2 players on it?


Has anyone sold a WoW account on Craigslist?

hi, im trying to sell my world of warcraft account, ive listed it on craigs list in NYC and my local location, i was wondering has anyone sold one at craigs list? i just want to know what are my chances of it acutualy selling...because i need money for...


How can I get mystery and aurora ticket in Pokemon?

get mystery and aroura ticket without nintendo event or action replay??? for pokemon leaf green version


Adult flash games

From which sites can I get adult flashlite games for my mobile?


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