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  1. How to develop an online gambling business
    According to statistics, 15% of the gambling industry's revenue comes from online casinos. Over 10 million users regularly visit resources with gambling content, and this figure is constantly increasing. Gambling online business can bring excellent profit
    5 351
  2. How to Pick the Best Gaming Chair
    Want to choose a reliable gaming chair but dont know what to look? Dont worry here is our research about how to pick the best gaming chair.
    6 81
  3. Toy Guns and Gel Blaster
    Here is all about the high quality toy guns and gel blaster for kids and adult to play with.
    4 101
  4. Which is better XBox One or Playstation 4?
    Which gaming console is better in terms of gaming and an all around console? Is the XBox One better or is the Playstation 4 better and where can I purchase either of these?
    2 28
  5. How do I turn off the 3D in Assassin's Creed 4?
    I got the game on uplay just recently and when I started the game for the first time it was in 3D (blue and red.... nearly looked like green on the menu). Please help me! I can't play the game otherwise! ;n; Oh, and when I contacted ubisoft they said t...
    3 10
  6. Good gamertag ideas?
    I was thinking anything with the word AMERICAN in it. Ex. AMERICAN Eagle I was thinking anything with the word AMERICAN in it. Ex. AMERICAN Eagle Got any ideas? If not anything clever or funny gamertag will do. Thanks in advance!
    2 64
  7. I need a Minecraft username!
    Any suggestions? Maybe something to do with camo, I don't know lol
    2 17
  8. My PS3 game has frozen everytime I load it, why?
    I got the game a few days ago and it worked fine but last night it glitched and I ended up having to turn the console off cus the game then froze when I tryed to save and load again and now the game won't load from the main menu onwards Any ideas on w...
    2 28
  9. Any online raise a family simulation game? Not sims or iamfam please?
    I just want to get somewhat of an experience. No downloading or ones that you have to pay for please.
    2 70
  10. How do you think the playstation 4 would be?
    I think playstation 3 was enough already. What do you think?
    2 37
  11. What is a xbox 360 phat?
    How does it differ from a regular xbox 360 or the 360 slim?
    3 53
  12. Do you think violent "shoot em up" video games are having a negative influence
    Although I've never been a fan of censorship or Govt. control of anykind, and I know that it's the "parents responsibility" to keep tabs on such, I have to wonder if teens are becoming desensetized to real world tradjedy through playing them for hours ...
    3 10
  13. Where do I look to see if an xbox 360 has HDMI?
    I know that some earlier versions of the xbox do not have HDMI. I am planning on making a customized xbox housing for my boyfriend for his birthday but I have no idea which housing to buy! I don't want to buy the wrong one, where do I check to see if i...
    3 22
  14. What Xbox games do you like?
    I just got one but I don't know what games to get. I got Black Ops 2, but I'm not a fan of it, or any other COD games. What do you play/suggest? Thanks!
    3 41
  15. what does {3 mean?
    2 87
  16. Is my PSN account name stupid?
    I made my PSN account name and I wasn't really thinking when I did it, It's SamuraiSamJay and I really do not like it, but we cant change it, is it worth me making a new account or should i just ignore what i think others may think and leave it?
    2 6
  17. What anime/ game is he from?
    I saw him on a ad for and was wondering for awhile what anime/game he's from.
    3 28
  18. how to stop Ps3 from freezing while playing black ops? help asap!
    i just got my bf a Ps3 and multiple games. today he tried to play his Black Ops 1 game and the Ps3 would just freeze, but the game has worked every other time. Also, the Ps3 will work fine with other games. He will be crushed if he is unable to play th...
    2 38
  19. How can I sell my friends dsi xl?
    Okay. So this may sound really mean and rude, but three years ago my friend was at my house an left her DS XL. I talked to her about it a bunch and she always said she would come by and get it, but never did. I hear that she has a 3ds and I'm like, wel...
    2 29
  20. What Pokemon Do you think is ugliest?
    What's the ugliest Pokemon to you. I think its garboder but whatever
    3 11
  21. Should i get a WII U or a PS3?
    Im not sure, people say the WII U is better but ive played ps3 and i really liked it
    10 34
  22. Can I get Halo 4 for Playstation 3 or is only available in Xbox?
    Just curiosity i think a long time ago before people can get games for
    2 6
  23. Does anyone know where to find the power sources/cubes in Aѕsaѕsin's Creed 3 as Desmond?
    I've looked everywhere, I found a panel where Juno started talking, but that's it, I can't find those cubes anywhere. I have searched and searched and searched, all over the internet, literally NO SITES have any sort of guide to help find them, all the...
    3 38
  24. Has anyone tried the new Halo 4?
    im sorts of interested but iv heard bad reviews.
    6 16
  25. Why exactly did they use Ezio in Aѕsaѕsin's Creed II?
    I know they had to train Desmond, but why exactly did they choose Ezio?
    8 34
  26. Is anybody psyched for Aѕsaѕsin's Creed 3 release?
    14 13
  27. Are there any free games online where you can design items and sell them in a virtual store?
    I would really like to play a game where I could design something, like clothes, accessories, or anything really. And then, sell it in a virtual store. The game must be free online. If anyone knows of anything that would be close to what I am l...
    3 14
  28. What are good teen avatar sites?
    I use to love playing on gaia but now it's so dead. I wanna try a few other ones but don't want to be on any that allows under 13. Also I don't want to download anything
    4 19
  29. Can you play Resident Evil 6 completely solo?
    Can you play Resident Evil 6 without any partner of any kind? Not even an AI partner? On all campaigns? Or do we at least have a setting that lets us make our partner not help us at all? Or make it so that they cannot kιll enemies? I really wanna know,...
    7 65
  30. Why is the game Football Manager so addictive?
    2 17
  31. What are your favourite free iPhone games right now?
    I like all kind of games (:
    4 9
  32. Are there going to be 3D movable holographs for Yu-Gi-Oh! cards soon?
    Does anyone know if they are trying to make 3D movable Holographs that are coming out in the next few years?
    2 36
  33. What are the best type of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards for a deck?
    What is the best type of deck (Yugioh)?
    2 16
  34. What is your favorite game?
    It can be of any console such as a SEGA or Nintendo 64 etc..
    44 33
  35. How do duck/crouch in Half Life 2 on PC?
    9 58
  36. Why does the iPod send updates to the games installed?
    I mean I always update the games, but I don't know why is that for my game still looks the same. If you know tell me please thank you.
    2 11
  37. What would be an awesome thing to build on Minecraft that's not too confusing?
    7 52
  38. Does anyone still use their PlayStation 2?
    10 49
  39. Can you make chainmail out of key rings?
    3 29
  40. What does ACR stand for in MW3?
    6 54
  41. Is the Sims 3 for PC and Sims 3 Pets for Xbox the same?
    I know the Sims 3 Pets obviously have pets, but are the clothes and furniture all the same or are they different?
    3 15
  42. Where to download "Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego" (the 1997 version) and play it online?
    I would love you for forever and a day if you help me .-. I've been wanting to play my old games just for the memories, but they don't work on my comp when I try to install them, no matter what I do! ):
    3 241
  43. What's your favorite video game of all time?
    23 46
  44. Does RPG in MW3 stand for Rocket Propelled Grenade?
    3 47
  45. How can I play Angry Birds online from my iPad?
    People who love games from the heart i am one of them. From my school time i am playing games daily whenever i got the time. Want to have to some more fun with angry birds what are the best websites to play angry birds online at fast speed. Note: The...
    3 15
  46. What is the farthest level you've reached in Black Ops Zombies?
    6 49
  47. What's a fun thing to do in the game Minecraft?
    7 19
  48. What is your opinon on Minecraft and why is it good or bad?
    33 43
  49. How to stop inactive Sims on Sims 3 from having babies?
    So, I made me and my family along with my husband and his family; problem is..I'm an only child in real life, and my parents are set as adults in the game and had another baby -_-. can I stop inactive sims from having children? lol. I'm a bit of a perf...
    7 15
  50. Why is no one excited for the new dlc for Skyrim?
    8 17
  51. Would playing Just Dance on the Wii help someone lose weight?
    10 16
  52. Do you guys know any fun online game sites?
    14 31
  53. How do you beat those claw machines with the teddy bears in them & stuff?
    I've been trying to win at that claw machine for years now & I was just wandering is there a way to cheat/hack it? Or is it just plain unbeatable! :D
    4 19
  54. How does the Catwoman DLC for Batman Arkham City change the game?
    so, i heard that if you download the Catwoman DLC you get different cutscenes from the original game.. without getting into spoilers, can someone explain to me how are these parts changed? are they better with or without the dlc? Thank You
    3 41
  55. Where can I buy video games for cheap?
    7 40
  56. What are your preferred perks and guns for COD Black Ops?
    Just curious. I play with the scavenger, sleight of hand pro and marathon perks and my gun is the famas with red dot sight. Whats yours?
    3 11
  57. How do you get married on Sims 2 for Xbox?
    I got my relationship points up to 100 but the option hasn't come up.
    3 7
  58. How do you get divorced on Skyrim for Xbox 360?
    9 78
  59. Is there a Black Ops 2 coming out?
    8 13
  60. How much should I sell my Nintendo Wii for?
    I'm gonna sell it kijiji. I have a white wii nintendo console (everything including the box) in mint condition practically, 1 wii controller and another wii controller but its see-through and it flashes blue, 1 nunchuck, and 4 games. how much should i ...
    6 15
  61. What are some local co-op video games on Xbox, PS3, and Xbox 360?
    9 9
  62. Is the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS really for little kids and teens?
    Is the nintendo 3DS an playstation vita not for young adults and older adults also? It's jus for teenagers and little kids like age 9-12?
    5 18
  63. What is a common element in all crossword puzzles?
    from newspaper to magazine, elsewhere, the common thing in an crossword is same. find it out..................
    4 8
  64. What's your favorite game system new and old?
    ex. gamecube and playstation 2 are my favorites since i haven't played on anything older and i don't really care for ps3 and xbox360
    21 35
  65. Does anyone know where I can purchase games for GameCube (not "GameStop")?
    9 13
  66. Where do I find the fire spell in Ocarina Of Time?
    I'm an adult, and have been for a while. Does that matter?
    2 31
  67. Do you remember the old days of gaming when you were playing Pokemon on your Game Boy?
    27 27
  68. Why won't my downloaded PS3 games open?
    The other day I opened a few games I bought from play station store, they worked fine. Now it seems every time I open any games my system freezes & I have to re start it. Anyone have any suggestions on what might be wrong & what I can do to fix it?
    2 14
  69. Do I need to buy Starcraft to play it online?
    Can I play online if I just download the pirate version of Starcraft 2?
    5 13
  70. Should I get Super Paper Mario or Super Mario Galaxy for Wii?
    4 7
  71. Did Guitar Hero lose business due to another business?
    2 10
  72. What are some good board games to play with 2 adults and 2 kids?
    Ages of the kids are 8 and 11
    13 22
  73. What are some good online game websites similar to
    8 41
  74. What is Pictionary?
    it is a kind of game or what?
    9 16
  75. Can you get GTA 4 from the PSN store?
    3 13
  76. Why won't Meez connect when I'm in my room?
    i am not getting to go to my room or any ones room.please help me
    3 41
  77. How can I get started in World of Warcraft?
    I hear alot of people talk about it and I really want to try it. Thing is I don't know if you buy it at Game Stop, Download it, or what. Any help?
    7 12
  78. Is there any other DLC for Red Dead Redemption other than Undead Nightmare?
    2 7
  79. Are there any techniques to win a chess game?
    what are the good tactics which can help me win game for sure?
    7 13
  80. Does anyone get on FA on their Nintendo Ds?
    7 40
  81. What does "aesthetically" mean?
    3 12
  82. How much profit would I make if I buy the pawn shop in Fable 3?
    It's at a 6 digit price to buy, and I don't wanna buy it if I'm not gonna make a decent amount back from it.
    2 62
  83. When Is the downloadable content for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim going to be available?
    2 6
  84. What's the difference between a Gameboy Advance and a Gameboy Advance SP?
    7 71
  85. Do you prefer Xbox 360 or PlayStation?
    I myself love Xbox! (: please tell me...
    54 84
  86. Why are all the games I play on my Wii in black and white?
    Like the game is black and white? all games I've had on it are black and white.
    3 27
  87. How do I add pictures to my custom arena in WWE 12?
    OK. I found some logos from old WCW shows, such as Fall Brawl, and WCW Nitro, and I wanted to use them on my created arena. How do I do that? So far, I downloaded the pictures, copied them to my USB flash drive, and copied them to my PS3. What do I do ...
    2 56
  88. Did you become a werewolf in Skyrim?
    28 64
  89. What happens if you go to a restaurant without money in the Sims 2?
    like if your sims already finished eating, then you go to pay the bill and have no money? will they take something of yours? cuz one time when i was playing, my sim had the maid come over and clean and there wasn't enough to pay her, so she got mad an...
    2 42
  90. How to sync a second Xbox 360 controller?
    3 164
  91. Are you excited for Metro: Last Light?
    Play Metro 2033 if you haven't already. It's a really awesome game :P only for xbox and pc tho and onlive
    2 13
  92. Which is a better game console - Xbox 360 or PS3?
    What should i get? Any suggestions?
    11 55
  93. What is wrong with my Xbox 360 (read more)?
    My Xbox 360 always shows "Reading Disc" and then "Open Tray" on the odd occasion it will work halfway through the game it says "Disc Unreadable, please wipe the disc with a clean cloth" etc, How do I fix this?
    2 9
  94. Does anyone know the name of this old iPhone game (read more)?
    Basically you have a square of little balls and you have to segment off the square trapping the balls or making the square smaller, its a very old game and i can't think of the name of it! any clues would be good, thanks
    2 9
  95. Can I play GTA San Andreas on my MacBook?
    i hav mac os x 10.7.2 processor 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Dou and the memory is 2 GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM
    4 65
  96. What is a good must-have gift for a videogame/ game console collector?
    My boyfriend has most the gameboys, the sega dream cast, gamecube, ps3, psp, NDS, the nintendo 64 pikachu edition. What are other consoles that are must-have and rare or just more special? Or perhaps video game accessories, anything pertaining to video...
    9 17
  97. Why does my Sims 3 game keep crashing like this?
    4 15
  98. What are some good workout games for the Wii?
    We already have Exerbeat and Micheal Jackson...We just need some fun games that get you moving. Please and Thank you!!
    3 6
  99. What are the best games to get for an Xbox 360 (w/o Kinect)?
    Please list some games that I can play without the kinect on the xbox360 And list games I can play with the kinect Another question: Are xbox games compatible with xbox360 systems like ps2 games are with ps3?
    2 21
  100. what do you think is going to happen next in assassins creed 3?
    i just some questions, im not expecting any one to answer any of these correctly im just curious of what everyone else thinks: (*SPOILERS*)______________________________________________________________ -what do some of you think will happen in ac3? w...
    6 35
  101. Why are "gamers" generally looked down upon?
    This is something that has been bugging me for awhile. I'm not your stereotypical gamer(the one who stays home instead of going out, socially awkward, and nerdy), but barely any gamers(that I know) are. I mean I love video games and they might become a...
    10 39
  102. Why are there 10,000,000 people in World of Warcraft?
    11 17
  103. Does anyone else play on
    I've played on it since i've been like 13 and i haven't had the courage to get a life and move on. Ha. I love my howrse account. Any other howrse users on here? If you don't know what it is. It's a free sims game pretty much were you breed, train, show...
    2 32
  104. Do you need a dance pad to play the game Dancing with the Stars or can you play with controllers?
    3 24
  105. How do I turn my Xbox display back to how it was before the update?
    The system said an update is required and i clicked yes but when it's done, the display is in different places and i don't like it. how can i turn it back to it was?
    2 14
  106. How to buy a different character in TalesRunner?
    Well ; I've started playing TalesRunner recently and I've noticed people lower level than me have other characters than they first started with (There were only certain options when I picked out of the Four). Well, I've tried going to the store to b...
    2 13
  107. Are we hard-wired to play games from birth?
    Or are we conditioned by e.g. school, TV/the media, other people?
    5 37
  108. How can I make an account on without putting a card on file?
    4 17
  109. What are some really cool games for a psp?
    2 16
  110. Whats a good psn for a girl?
    im tired of my psn name now and i just wanna change it but im stuck with creating one, im a chick, i love music (rock) and i definitely want it known that im a chick who can play some COD. without any game titles in the name.
    3 31
  111. What difficulty do you have to play Saints Row 3 to get achievements?
    if i play on Casual will i get same achievements as i would as playing on normal and hardcore?
    2 52
  112. How to install Minecraft mods?
    PPPPLZZZ help! i know how to install maps and texture packs but not mods that adds stuff in the game and could u like make it simple im not a computer programer lol
    4 13
  113. Which game system should I buy and with how many gigs?
    i'm planning to by a game system but i can't decide which one is better, the ps3 or xbox 360. If choose eather one of them, how many gigabites game system should i buy. also, please tell the benefits of the game system. i asked a gamestop manager which...
    4 12
  114. What platforms does Kingdom Hearts run on?
    5 32
  115. Who are the cast for the 2013 Devil May Cry movie?
    5 12
  116. Why do people keep "praising" Modern Warfare 3?
    I used to be a fanboy and sure MW3 is a polished and slick but my favorite reference to it that I've heard is MW2's 60 dollar expansion pack. And it's true!
    12 28
  117. Who else is addicted to Tetris?
    7 42
  118. What are the dangers in using an Ouija board?
    And do you have any experiences with using one? I here a lot of creepy stories, and since I believe in the paranormal I'd like to try it out.
    8 64
  119. Are the Wii and the N64 power cords the same?
    2 10
  120. How do the numbers next to your name on Xbox Live delete, or don't they?
    I've heard if you go onto silver account after 2 weeks your years you've had Xbox Live delete.. is that true?
    7 18
  121. Do you want Vergil to come back in Devil May Cry?
    And what do you think about Dante's drastic makeover?
    8 12
  122. How do you beat Ursula on Kingdom Hearts 1?
    ^ pretty much what the title says.
    4 68
  123. Is it possible to have a wedding somewhere else in The Sims 2, or does it always have to be in the backyard?
    and if you can have it somewhere else, how do i do it?
    2 40
  124. What are some fun online computer games?
    2 28
  125. How can I get my Sims woman to use the toilet?
    Every time I tell her to go a picture of the sink appears above her...
    5 18
  126. Does anyone know any good games to play online?
    So im super bored and i have nothing to do.What are your favorite games?
    9 28
  127. What is an alumni game?
    2 22
  128. How far can you get on Black Ops Zombies?
    Im addicted to this game. I can get to 25 on Kino, and 30sumthin on Five. For multiplayer, Im a level 50, about to prestige. ;D How far can you get? And whats your favorite map and gun? (:
    24 31
  129. How do I add Counter-Strike Source Maps to Counter-Strike Source on Mac?
    4 44
  130. What are some really good type of assistant organizer things that help u keep track of everything?
    Like the kind that have planners and games and note's in them
    3 25
  131. Why is my kid missing on Sims 3?
    Okay, so I was playing as a few different families and one of them had a child when I wasn't playing as them, and the parents had aged into elders and so on, but when I go to play as that family..the toddler isn't there. Why is this? The mother has pas...
    10 46
  132. Which first-person shooter game is your favorite?
    8 29
  133. Does anyone here play Duke Nukem Forever?
    I got it to install and started playing, he takes a leak and writes on the white board but what do I do now? Where to go? Btw I have never played this game before or any in its series.
    3 13
  134. Are there any gamer's that play Minecraft on FunAdvice?
    Need a little help with the game, that's all..
    5 6
  135. What is your favourite PC game?
    I love the sims 3 (stuff and expantion packs)
    19 43
  136. How do you install Duke Nukem Forever?
    5 7
  137. What would happen if your baby niece threw coke into your xBox 360?
    6 47
  138. What is the point of the game "Marco Polo"?
    3 294
  139. How do I get fatality code of blaze on Mortal Kombat Armageddon?
    2 9
  140. How do I access my download history on xBox 360 when I'm not connected to xBox Live?
    so i downloaded the add-ons to borderlands, but they dont show up in the game, i have recently been having connection issues, so i cant connect to internet (this is from the library btw), how do i access my browser history without connecting to xbox li...
    5 41
  141. How can I mod an xBox 360 game for free?
    3 16
  142. Can you make two Sims and have them in the same game in the same house on Sims 3 iPod?
    3 46
  143. Can Sims have babies on the iPod version?
    I wanna know if the sims are married can they have a kid on the Sims 3 ipod touch? if so how?
    2 7
  144. How to get more energy on The Sims Social?
    2 35
  145. Where can I download "Angry Birds" to my computer?
    2 16
  146. Why isn't my Sims 3 updating?
    I've been trying for a month now to update my game, but as it gets RIGHT to the end, it says: Update Error: Invalid File Found. what do i do? I want this I currently have game version:
    4 48
  147. How much do those elder scroll games cost and where can I buy them at?
    2 30
  148. What's "Elder Scrolls" and what/how to do it?
    8 11
  149. Can I combine Xbox and Wii?
    My friend has an Xbox and I have a Wii. We want to watch movies together using netflix(we both have netflix on the xbox and wii) also is there anyway to have other people join on my friend's friend list on her xbox and talk through headphones like the ...
    4 36
  150. What are some interesting games?
    What are some good games you can play through texting?
    7 121
  151. What are some good time management games for iPad?
    I'm going on a long car ride in a couple of days, and I need some good, addictive apps for my iPad. I have the obvious time management games like Diner Dash etc. Are there any 'unknown' ones?
    4 18
  152. What are games like GTA 4?
    I have GTA 4 and have played the saintrow series, elderscrools,fallouts,fables,and crackdown series. but i really want to know is there any games out there For XBOX 360 that is like GTA 4 or the maybe the Saints Row series being an sandbox and openworl...
    4 17
  153. How much can I sell my PSP 3001 for?
    Im selling it with the case, two memory sticks (one 16GB and one 1GB), 4 games,1 movie, the charger, a screen protector thingy, and two cleaning how much could I get out of it? anybody know? The games I have with it include: Sonic Riva...
    2 54
  154. Which is harder in Apples to Apples: gymanstics, teenagers, or carpenters?
    6 11
  155. Can you shoot dirt covered paintballs?
    I dropped ALOT of my paintballs Running Away from someone. After We finished I decided to go pick them up. Now Im wondering if I can still shoot them from my paintball gun. Asking because Im new to paintball and Don't wanna jam ma gun.
    10 45
  156. Who is into the game Wild West Town on Facebook?
    4 8
  157. How devastated would we guys be if video games didn't exist?
    I would be born dead :/ yes Im way in to video games
    15 39
  158. How do you stop the Sims 3 from freezing?
    The Sims 3 keeps freezing with me. Does that happen to anyone else? How do you stop it from freezing? Thanks.x.
    4 67
  159. When you have a 'red eye' does that mean you're getting hacked?
    4 47
  160. Where can I download point & click or room escape games for my mobile?
    2 17
  161. Who is your favorite Final Fantasy 7 character?
    7 21
  162. What do I do when my 'L' and 'R' buttons on my DSi do not work?
    ; n; i cant use the advanced tools for flipnote hatena without it, and i cant go to somewhere to fix it, too expensive and also, if u have a DSi, does this happen to you? my ds lite keeps freezing to D:
    6 9
  163. Does anyone know any good FPS RPG Games for the PC?
    14 48
  164. How to fix my Sim's walk on Sims 3 Generations?
    She snuck out of the house while grounded and since then she always walks like that, now she is a young adult and still walking like that, does anyone know how to fix this?
    2 19
  165. Where can I find the Answer/Question book for Cartridge 1 of the Jeopardy LCD game?
    I bought a handheld Jeopardy game at a yard sale today for $3. Unfortunately, it didn't come with the answer and question book. I was wondering where I could fine a printable version, or am I screwed? I don't have a credit card, so I can't use ebay or ...
    3 17
  166. Do you have any tips for playing Dominoes?
    I am on a Dominoes team now haha. But I wondered if anyone has any tips about the game, anything that could be useful. Thank you.
    2 57
  167. How come I can't get the things I buy on the Sims3 site to download into my game?
    3 10
  168. What's the name of that really old game that has a chicken egg "catching" chickens in space?
    ... its not Chicken invaders
    11 52
  169. What is the Zumba fitness for Wii/PS3 theme song called and is it available to dance to on the game?
    i have zumba for wii and the theme song i like and would like to know the name of it and would like to know if it is available to dance to on the game or if it is just the theme song.
    3 98
  170. What is your experience and opinion of a ouija board?
    10 38
  171. How come Illusive Man sends me messages after resigning at the end of Mass Effect 2?
    so i beat mass effect 2 a long time ago, i quit cerberus, and now i have some dlc, and i get a message from the illusive man telling me about the new missions, this doesnt put me back into cerberus does it? or is it supposed to happen either way? and a...
    3 18
  172. How do I download The Sims 3: Barnacle Bay?
    i bought barnacle bay, but everytime i try to downlode it it wont work it just says error for more info go to the log. i have no idea what the log is. how can i downlode barnacle bay?
    2 7
  173. Can I actually play djinnverso?
    I have read the children of the lamp series many times and I just reread the second. The game djinnverso is in it and I was wondering if there was a way to play it? Some website or gameboard?
    3 185
  174. How much is a 160 GB Playstation 3 at $299.99 in Canada plus tax?
    I need to calculate how much I need to save!
    3 29
  175. What are some fun games that I could get for my gamecube?
    I'm wondering what games (new or old) I can get for my gamecube, I know the gamecube is kind of old but I like playing it. Games I already have: Mario Party 6 & 7, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, Harvest Moon: Magical Melody & A Wonderful Life. ...
    8 22
  176. When is Resident Evil 6 coming out?
    11 34
  177. Does anyone know if this weekend is a double xp weekend for Black Ops on ps3?
    17 25
  178. What level have you reached on Nazi Zombies by yourself?
    19 34
  179. Why won't Sims 3 Generations work ... still?
    Ok, i've tried trouble shooting and re-installing it...still does the same stuff (barely any interactions..and interactions that came with the game wont work) Dx help me PLEASE. i really want to play and this is driving me insane ):
    5 40
  180. Why is my Sims3 Generations not working?
    Okay, so i made a new family just for this game and i tried to divorce the parents, but it wont let wont let me do much at all, actually. any of the actions that came with this new game won't work my sims will just reset, and i set the parents' ...
    2 12
  181. Who likes the game "Dirt 3" for the Xbox and is it good?
    4 9
  182. Are there any girls out there who like Call Of Duty?
    45 28
  183. Is it true there will be an Xbox 720?
    4 34
  184. What's the scariest game?
    what kind of console game is the scariest or even pc game
    18 32
  185. What level does Wingull evolve to in Pokemon Sapphire?
    2 83
  186. Is it possible to get Paramour with Miranda in Mass Effect 2 after the game ends?
    ok so i just beat the suicide mission, i lost my crew and jack and tali, but i got away with miranda, ive gained her trust, and tryed to talk to her after every mission, ive never said anything negative, but for some reason i couldnt get her to, you kn...
    2 35
  187. What game can I buy that is like Lara Croft -Tomb Raider Underworld for Wii?
    I have brought Lara Coft tomb raider underworld game for my wii and really enjoyed it and finished it, I like action and adventure games like tomb raider and inFamous, what game can i buy that is like this? thx
    2 5
  188. Did the tsunami in Japan cause the video game industry to go down?
    did the tsunami even hit the game buildings or they didn't touch it? i'm scared now about my future because i was planning to be a video game designer and take courses in understanding Japanese so i can join the video game industry.
    6 34
  189. Is there a Rennen von Khador character in War Machine?
    I do this sport called belegarth. My fighting name is Wrennen von Khador (Khador being my realm's name). A friend of mine Google searched her name and posted the first pic found. I went to do the same and an alternate search option that was suggeste...
    2 37
  190. Does anyone else on this entire website with 245,633 members have Minecraft?
    5 11
  191. Is the Playstation Network back up?
    if it is it still wont let me play online. wht do i do? or how do i make a new accont?
    8 6
  192. Does anyone know when the Playstation Network will be up and running again?
    I'm having severe black ops withdraws!!
    9 7
  193. What is the best video game of 2011 so far?
    31 18
  194. Which is better - Halo 3 ODST, or Portal 2?
    5 39
  195. How do I set up my Playstation 3 for Netflix?
    I already have netflix, now what?
    3 37
  196. How about the kids who smashed a bulldozer while driving an excavator? Am I the only one wondering where the parents are? Who lets their children run free on a mine site?
    4 33
  197. What are those balls that have those lights that you can touch and drag?
    It's a sphere it's clear, and you can drag one of the lines anywhere you want, it taszers you kind of. I would like to know spherical ball thing what's the name and how much do they run up to?
    3 19
  198. Whats your high score on NYAN Cat?
    4 33
  199. What kind of kiddie games are there for Easter?
    11 16
  200. When will PSN come back online?
    3 16
  201. What's a good (free) online game?
    18 12
  202. Does (or did) anyone play Runescape here?
    18 16
  203. Who here can solve the Rubik's cube and how fast?
    I'm just curious. I just learned to do it last week. It takes me about 5 minutes. I watched people who do it in under 10 seconds on the tubes. How fast are you?
    5 15
  204. What iPad games would you recommend?
    So tomorrow im going on a 4 hour car journey so i put £15 on my ipad for apps.. I don't want super expensive ones, just good, addictive cheap ones that are worth it :D I'm not looking for anything specific. Thanks :)
    2 24
  205. Does anyone know of any game sites for free that you can play board games on or card games?
    9 33
  206. How do you beat levels 79, 80 ,81, and 91 on the Impossible Quiz for iPod touch?
    2 53
  207. Why is Plants vs Zombies such an addicting game?
    im playing it right know and im so addicted to it i wanna know why is it so addicted??
    5 9
  208. Why do so many people seem to think video games are antisocial even though they are extremely social now especially when I play online?
    10 20
  209. What are some good Tycoon games?
    4 37
  210. How do you beat day 171 on kingdom hearts 358/2 days?
    The mission with the beasts castle
    2 11
  211. How does the MTG card' "Leyline of Sanctity", protect me?
    When playing Magic: The Gathering, if I were to use "Leyline of Sancity", [A card that lets me not be the target of any "spells or abilities" my opponent controls] what types of cards would not affect me? The description confuses me because all cards i...
    4 52
  212. Can you delete a saved game in fable 3?
    I've got 2 saved games but one i will never go on again can i delete it at all?
    4 120
  213. What is a fun game to play online when you're bored?
    I would like to know a fun game for anyone to play when there bored!! Im not asking for some dress up game, i mean an actaul fun and creative game.
    8 27
  214. Does anyone know any COD:Black Ops hacks?
    Does anyone know any COD:Black Ops hacks to unlock everything without surveys, viruses, or any malicious object that can ruin gameplay.
    11 31
  215. Does anyone know any good game 'Apps' for an Android phone?
    3 47
  216. What is the newest version of PlayStation Portable that is out right now?
    2 8
  217. How can I get WoW map viewer to work?
    So i downloaded the map viewer but once i open it the first things it does is says that it has stopped working and closes it out. What can i do?
    3 33
  218. Is Resident Evil 4 available on Xbox 360 (are there any chances)?
    4 14
  219. What is the best Black Ops Loadout?
    Hey guys! I'm trying to get better at Black Ops and I want a pretty good load out. You know like primary and secondary weapon, attachments, perks and kill streaks. I don't suck but I would like some better load outs. Like what would go best with Fama...
    6 28
  220. Does anyone know what online game this is?
    okay so, you had like this little egg looking character, you named it, you like picked the background for its home, etc. and it like evolved and yu could like change its eyes and such. but it evolved when like yu played the game and like got all the...
    9 31
  221. Where is the arena entrance on Fable 3?
    I can't find the arena entrance can anyone help?
    4 47
  222. How do you grab that asteroid from Black Ops?
    There's one in the lobby and I believe one in the dressing room. But I can't grab it
    4 15
  223. Do ouija boards actually work and predict the future?
    6 61
  224. How do you tell the difference between a common, uncommon and rare Magic TG cards?
    4 102
  225. Why does it keep saying "connecting" on Forsaken World?
    i want to play it but it keeps sayin connecting why?
    3 10
  226. Which game is better - Harvest Moon; Tree of Tranquillity, or Harvest Moon; Animal Parade?
    2 14
  227. How can someone get sponsored for playing CoD games?
    4 16
  228. What is a good Race/Class in World of Warcraft?
    ok i have a Nightelv hunter who is lvl 55, worgen rouge lvl 15(i think) and a Orc shaman like lvl(9, 10 or 11 cant remember). ok so what i need help in is what is just a good easy race/class in WoW i will try any of the class and race i am able to m...
    5 27
  229. What are your favourite FREE iPod touch games?
    And can you describe them a little? :)
    6 27
  230. Does anyone play Habbo?
    Just a general question, because no one I know does o.O
    11 37
  231. What type of game can be played indoors for the age group of 30-35?
    4 14
  232. What is the most important aspect of a video game to you?
    Like, what draws you to certain games over others? Does it need to have good graphics, a good story line, lots of guns, etc...? And what's something that can kill what should have been a good game for you?
    19 24
  233. Does anyone know if Left 4 Dead 3 is coming out any time soon or if there's any rumors that it is?
    5 11
  234. How to get title updates for your xbox?
    I recently purchased some dlc for my xbox 360, and tried to play it, but a message appeared saying that I need a title update to play the game. What is a title update and how do I get it, otherwise I can't play the dlc. :(
    4 59
  235. What book do you recommend for learning to play Warhammer 40k?
    5 10
  236. What was the first video game ever invented?
    What was the first board game ever invented?
    6 57
  237. Can somebody give some tips on being a good sniper in BBC2?
    14 32
  238. Does anybody know how to change the LED lights in an xBox 360 controller?
    (the button that shows what player you are)???
    3 14
  239. How do I make new customizations for weapons in Battlefield Bad Company 2?
    4 9
  240. Who else plays Mabinogi on here?
    2 14
  241. Are there any games like World of Warcraft, but free?
    20 12
  242. Why isn't my download for RIFT working?
    So iv put my credit card info in and everything for the game. When i click buy game it takes me to my Manage Account page and under manage game it says RIFT order now, once i click this it takes me back to the buy now then back to order now. Another th...
    2 50
  243. What's the difference in Pokemon "white" version, and Pokemon "black" version?
    3 19
  244. Are there any websites online who sell box versions of games for mac other than steam?
    2 9
  245. How do I hook up a PS3 using wifi?
    2 20
  246. Do you think Call of duty Modern Warfare 3 is going to live up to the franchise's expectations?
    28 39
  247. Why is Mario the "symbol" for Nintendo?
    I mean why would an Italian plumber be the mascot for a Japanese company?
    4 48
  248. What are some good virtural world games where you make an avatar?
    5 15
  249. Did Call of Duty really come to the Wii?
    what is it like graffic wise..
    2 8
  250. What is your best spider solitaire score?
    5 53