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Why do people hate sims 3?

whyyy does everyone hate it?
its deffinetly better than sims 2.
I dont get it.


Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disk

Does anybody know where I can get a cheap Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disk? My little brother is really into Yu-Gi-Oh and I want to give him a gift and I think he would love it!

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how do I get passed the PYRO stage in MY LIL BASTARD?

I know that you are supposed to get rid of the molotovs but I try to catch them and nothing happens I don't know what else to do...

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how do you get married to another sim on sims bustin' out ps2?

I know how to have babies, I know how to serenade but how do you get married, I play it on Free Play normally, it's a lot more fun I think, anyone know? or do I have to unlock it in Bust Out?

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What is a good username including lime green?

I want to find a good username for gaia online. I also want the username to be involving lime green. I do not know what to think of. something awesome!


Does anyone have any Sean Taylor cards?

does anyone have any sean taylor cards to sell me?


What level does Dragonair evolve?

what level dose dragonair evolve into dragonite firered


Who can help me mod my way to the 10th prestige on mw2?

I wanna get to the 10th prestige before I ship out..
However, I just recently got the game modern warfare 2..
My question is, can anyone with a jtag xbox, or that can modd the room help me out..
Also, I don't pay with microsoft point, and never will...


Sims 2 cheat

I'm looking for this cheat for SIMS 2, it's this box thing, and you can choose to have a baby automatically, or twins, can also choose to get rid of Sims...they automatically die. Does anyone know this cheat? I've used it but I can't remember...


What is your favorite game?

It can be of any console such as a SEGA or Nintendo 64 etc..


Anyone like Animal Crossing?

does anyone like playing Animal crossing? I know I do. haha. just gay. but I really like it. anyone else like it?

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On sims 2 double deluxe / pets how cani make my 2 dogs have babys?

Ahhh I want my 2 dogs to have puppys on sims 2 double deluxe with a exspantion pack of the sims 2 pets! Their is a boy and a girl, they bolth have the same persinality and are the same breed/ bolth huskys! PLEASE HELP me!

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Dirty truth and dares

What are some dirty truth or dares I could ask? having a party with boys and girls and I want to play.

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Pokemon Ranger Shadows Of Almia, Help?

ok so, before I start playing, I want to seek for missions!!
here's what I did:
1) I chose ranger net of course I clicked Nintendo WFC settings>>> then I got two options one says (nintendo wi-fi connection settings) and the other one says (options)


do you like halo3

do you like halo3

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Reply do I make a cam-cleat

I need 2 make a cam-cleat for my cta...Please help im begging needs 2 work and be easy to make...also cheap...Reply ASAP


Where can I get great Gaia profiles?

I don't know where. I mean I have already checked.
BUt they have gown old to me.
Does anyone know a site that I could make my own or give me good profiles?
Please Help!

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what store do I find brand new xbox games?

does anybody know a videogame store that I could go to that would have brand new xbox video games because I cant find grand theft auto double pack, the warriors, manhunt,bloody roar extreme,and the punisher at all can somebody help me please thank you.


Plants vs Zombie

where can I easily download the PLants Vs Zombie (PC) in full version without paying???


Is there a mod chip to for PS3 80gb to play PS2 games?

Is there a mod chip to for PS3 80gb to play PS2 games


What's your opinion of the God of War III demo?

First off I like all types of video games. I've been keeping my eye on this one for a while. I've played both games series so far and went through the demo a few times. GOWIII seems to be more intense and I'm feeling the new features I've seen so far. ...


How do you hook up the PS2 slim online?

I have the ps2 slim but I don't know how to hook it up online. Please give help!

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