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Password to get in Club Xille in Urbz?

I have a nintendo ds and urbz sims in the city and I need to no the password to get in club xille please help


Which bearings

Which bearings do you think roll longest boneswiss,reds,lucky 3s


How do I find the suite key in Pokemon Diamond?

ok im at the part in the pokemon diamond where I need to find her suite key I CANT find it please help

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How to promote people in my WoW guild?

I've just started a guild in World of Warcraft and was wondering how to give promotions and etc. Thank you.


Medieval 2 total war cant get online

I cant get my to work online...I have the right cd key I know 100%, I have gamespy account, my firewall is off,my internet is good...this is the only game that gives me poop for online...when I try to get online it says failed to logon or connection lo...


Medieval 2 total war blood graphics

I got the game and I've played it for abotu two days. I was looking at some sites adn they had blod graphics on can I get that onto my medoeval 2 total war game?

A site? Or do you change settings somewhere?
Also what are the mods??


Medieval 2 total war online play

How can you play online?
I keep trying and it says cd code.. I thinks its the cd codei got in mybox thing but I tried and its still nto worknig on it



Does Anyone Know Any Good Chatrooms?

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How to make the hidden blade

I really like the assassin's creed video game series, and I've always wanted to have one of those hidden blades. So, how do you make them? With easy to get everyday items. P.s. Don't worry as I'm not gonna assassinate any historical figures with it. Th...


Can we make our own Sims Life Stories?

Can't we make our own people and make our own story for them? I don't like playing Riley and whoever else we have to play.

Oh yeah one more question for ya... How can I download clothes for The Sims 2 and make it so my Sims can wear them while playi...

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How come Illusive Man sends me messages after resigning at the end of Mass Effect 2?

so i beat mass effect 2 a long time ago, i quit cerberus, and now i have some dlc, and i get a message from the illusive man telling me about the new missions, this doesnt put me back into cerberus does it? or is it supposed to happen either way? and a...


Fun Crazy Things To Do This Summer?!?

What are some fun things me and my BFF can do this summer?
we're both 15
we already now about swimming and movies and sh** liek that
so far we have:
-go streaking through town
-go skinny dipping
-do the whole sidewalk on her street in chalk
-play baseb...


Was it a mistake getting a Wii instead of XBOX 360?

hey people I bought a wii and I dint buy a 360 I want to know if it was a mistake to buy a wii instead of a xbox 360


Sims 2: Pregnant Vampires?

I am thinking about creating a Vampire on my Sims 2 game. I am wondering if it will work if I make a human lady pregnant with a male and then get bitten by a Vampire? Has anyone tried that?


Download Sims 2 stuff..?

everytime I download something from a website for Sims 2, it doesn't transfer over to the acutal game itself. the game is in my computer, but it still doesnt. what should I do?


I can't get the true route in DRAMAtical Murder

I got all 4 ending in DRAMAtical Murder, both the good ones and the bad ones.
I start a new game, but it's still the normal thing. Isn't it supposed to have more scenes/answers?
Why can't I access the route?


Where's the leather whip in Dragon Quest 8?

I want to get a new whip for Jessica, but I need the leather whip to make the snakeskin whip, so can anyone tell me where to find the leather whip? And where is the arena? I keep reading about it but I cant find it. So help would be nice ASAP. Thank yo...


Who here plays urbz on gba?

Like im at the part where youve just unlocked the whole city and I need to find a messenger to go to paradise island, whos the messenger? Aha


What are some fun games for Nintendo DS?

What Fun Games are there for nintendo ds?


How do I trade from Pokemon Ruby to Diamond?

how do I trade from pokemon ruby to pokemon like if I wanted to get the regi's from ruby and trade them to diamond to get regigagis

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