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Gigolo Game??

So I was at this church party a little while ago and there was a group of people playing this game where they chant gigolo and I was just wondering if anyone has any idea about what I'm talking about and how you play it. Because they were like talking ...


Why do random sims keep walking into my home uninvited?

Ok on the Sims 2 (yes people still play that) random sims have started walking into my home uninvited and its really starting to bug me. Can someone tell me why and how to stop it. Thanks.


what are some really personal truth or dare ?'

what are some really personal truth or dare ?'s

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its been more than 10 days for the splicer island!

its has been more than 10 days, and there is a golden barrior blocking the way to go to splicer island. how do I get rid of it?


How do you kill the magic pot in Final Fantasy 12?

ok every time I hit it it dose 0 but it has to be killable cause I have everything in my beastery exept the magic pot and omega ohh and magic dosnt hurt it either so any ideas on how to kill it or do I need the zodiach spear?

ps if any of you have kil...


where is the stage you have to decorate on the urbz sims in the ci

where is the stage you have to decorate on the urbz sims in the city for nintendo ds


What to do in the Urbz Mission 5?

I spoke to Luther Bigbucks and got the plans from the secret lab...what's next, who do I speak to for more goals...


Pokemon Platinum

When you feed your pokemon a puffin does the statis change what you already gave the pokemon or does it stay the same? im stuck XD I don't know if it's bad to give your pokemon more then one puffin to raise different stats



I need dares for truth and dare GUYS ONLY

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nazi zombies

how do you get the nazi zombie mode on cod 5?


Wii games..

I just connected my wii to the internet..I was told you can play or download some games to see if you want to buy them..where fo you find the list or the games you want to try? I get all the other stuff like weather and shopping and news and all that....


How can you get a free PS3, 360, or Wii without the other crap?

I'm tired of everytime you try to get a free PS3, 360, or Wii, that you have to fill out all of those other forms for other companies. And you can't get your item without accepting those, an most of them you have to have a credit card, or fill out 15 m...


Will a Super Nintendo work on a new TV?

Hey, I've decided to pull out the old Super Nintendo too, Does this system work on the newer model TV? Do you have to use the old RF Switch thing or what ever you call it? Thank you...


Multiplayer online uno

Where I could find uno cards game online multiplayer?


Fun games to play at a teenage party

Im thinking that I want to have a small get to gether with some of my friends; but the only thing is all of my friends are super rich and have huge houses and I just have a plain house. ( but I like it and am greatful 4 it) but to make up 4 it what ar...

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How do you get free Simpoints without paying for it on the Sims 3?

What is the cheat to get more sim points on Sims 3 without having to pay for it?

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What is a modified PS2?

What excaclty is a modified ps2 I need one to do something


How many people on this site play dnd?

I just feeling nerdy. and by dnd I mean dungens and dragons =3...

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How to fix this Sims 2 installation error?

I'm having problems to install Sims 2. When it gets to 17% the installation stops and says:

"A problem occurred when trying to transfer the file 'TSDATA\Res\Sound\Voices.package' from the media.

What can I do to fix this?

By the way, I have Windows ...


What games to play at a Keg party?

I'm having a keg party and was wondering what games to play. Not that the beer will be alchoholic...Ok. so there will be beer, but nobody is driving and it will be super safe.


X Rocker gaming chair, how to connect it to the TV?

I bought an X Rocker gaming chair and I cant figure out how to connect it to the TV wirelessly or wired for that matter I connect it right but all I get is static.. anyone help


Pregnant Teen sim --- Sims 2?

Okay, I was wondering, how to make a teen Sim preggers on the Sims 2? Do I need to have the University game? Or is there a way I could do it without it?.

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What are some good truth or dare questions, Clean or Dirty.

What are some good truth or dare questions, Clean or Dirty.


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