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Can I actually play djinnverso?

I have read the children of the lamp series many times and I just reread the second. The game djinnverso is in it and I was wondering if there was a way to play it? Some website or gameboard?



How do you pronounce Rummikub?
Is it Rummy-Cub (as in bear) or Rummy-Cube (as in rubik's cube?)


how do I get passed the PYRO stage in MY LIL BASTARD?

I know that you are supposed to get rid of the molotovs but I try to catch them and nothing happens I don't know what else to do...

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How do you unlock the chest in Fable 2?

The one in the chamber of fate?


What is the chapstick game?

Someone asked if I wanted to play the chapstick game and I have a pretty good idea of what it might be but I just wantto make sure I know exactly before I agree to anything I don't want to do.


Fun Crazy Things To Do This Summer?!?

What are some fun things me and my BFF can do this summer?
we're both 15
we already now about swimming and movies and sh** liek that
so far we have:
-go streaking through town
-go skinny dipping
-do the whole sidewalk on her street in chalk
-play baseb...


What is the origin of pin the tail on the donkey?

What is the origin of the game pin the tail on they donkey? My kids played it one year at one of their birthday parties, and it's fun, but thinking about it, the whole idea seems "odd" to say the least. Where did pin the tail on the donkey come from?


Why isn't Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow not working online?

Today I bought Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow because I wanted to play online and it's not working!


Why does it take Sims 2 forever to load?

It takes like 10 minutes for Sims 2 to load on my computer and sometimes it freezes but mostly its just really really slow loading everything evertime I want to create a new person or enter a neighborhood or even switch from building to buying stuff. ...


Dirty sleepover games

Dirty girl sleepover games?

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would an online ouija board work?

Kso me and my good friend were really really bored and were looking for scary games to play (Don't ask why, but I just fancied it at the time).

And I came across a game called 'contact the spirits 2', and it was basically an online ouija board.



How can I play sims 2 but not as a full screen program?

Is there any way that I can play sims 2, but not as a full screen programme, so I would be able to minimise it, etc and do other stuff aswell. ??


Lord Of The Rings Online:Mines Of Moria CD Key?

Lord Of The Rings Online:Mines Of Moria CD Key? Where To Buy The Cheapest Lord Of The Rings Online:Mines Of Moria CD Key? I Need A Legal One.if Its Cheap&legal,that Will Be Great.lolz


Can I get nintendo 64 games on the ds

Can I get nintendo 64 games on the ds... can I get other nintedndo games? or other games that aren't already made for the ds? If I can, then how?


how do I beat need for speed undercover

how do I beat need for speed undercover


How can I be able to read the devil may cry novel online?

I heard that there's a devil may cry novel and I want to read it online but I try to search it on google but no luck. Do anybody got links for I can read some devil may cry novels? Please help... :(


Riddle, what question can you never answer yes to?

What question can you never answer yes to.


How to reset a household on Sims 2?

I have sims 2 on my pc with the expansion packs : nightlife, open for business and pets. I made a huge mistake with the Caliente family and made Dina have a baby with Mortimor and saved it. How do I reset the household so that the baby goes away and is...


how to beat level 30 on worthog

how to beat level 30 on worthog


How to connect my PS2 online?

Can someone help me out
I have the ethernet cable and I have everything but when iys done searching
it tells me network error(-606)
what does that mean
What am I doing wrong


How do you download music for Guitar hero 3 for PS3 online?

How do you download music for Guitar hero 3 for the PS3??
I know you have to connect the PS3 to the internet and make an account but after that what do I do???


Volleyball concentration?

Hi kayy so at my school im in the varsity a team. Today was our first game, and me and another person are permanent setters,, so we play the whole game, usually I play well like in practice, but today I so sucked after the first quarter we won, then we...


How to get elvis clothes in gta san andreas?

How to get elvis clothes in gta san andreas?


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