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How to make fake cocaine that numbs and works the same?

How to make fake cocaine that numbs and works the same?


Does niacin remove pcp from your system

Im not to sure I have heard that it works but I need more advice from people who actually smoke pcp so that I can know if its true or not


how do I pass a drug test peeps?

I Smoked once in two months. and it was a blunt . I smoked it with one other person and besides that I havnt smoked in a couple months. so what can I do to pass a drug test for this thursday. im already drinking cranberry juice like a motha fu*cka. I j...


How long does cocaine stay in your baby's system?

how long does cocaine stay in your unborn baby system the last time I used was in december and the baby is due march 20th I know it was stupid dumb and selfish of me to do that to my son but I had a hard time in my life. I only used for 3 weekends smok...


Will Niacin help to pass a urinary drug test?

I just wanted to know if niacin will help me to pass a urinary drug test?


Can my parents legally drug test me?

Im over 18 and i dont live with them, but i am staying here with them for a couple days while i take care of some court stuff. They tried to drug test me this morning but i made up an excuse to prolong it.


Does Niacin help you pass a drug test?

Does Niacin help to pass drug test?


Does niacin expire?

Does niacin expire


Druggie school advice

Hey guys!
So my school is supposudly one of the top 10 druggiest schools in the nation! I've asked my parents to let me switch schools but their always like no were broke! Uggg. And all the friends I've ever made in that school are high on drugs. Prett...


Do you think he might be on drugs or something?

My boyfriend Taylor has been acting really weird latly. :( Its like he is distant,

his parents kicked him out a few weeks ago and they said some really mean things to him. He is 19 but he has been drinking a lot since he left home. And he just used t...


Is there a home remedy for getting cocaine out of your system?

just want to know if sonny7, vinegar, cranberry will help to get cocaine out of system. last use was 8:00 saturday morning test could be tomorrow. home test today shows postive need help asap! for sure done after this incident


Will period blood affect drug test results?

I'm going to be taking a drug test in two days and the last time I smoked pot was about 2 weeks ago. I've been exercising and drinking tons of water. But I'm a girl and just started my period. The test I'll be taking is a urine test, so blood will b...


How do I get cocaine out of my system in 1 day?

Drug testing for employment.
How to pass a urine drug test?
What home remedies can be used to clease the system?
How long does this stay in your system?
Can this be eliminated from your system in 2 days?


crack cocaine

how long it last in your system and your urine.


What is a home remedy for cleaning your system of crack cocaine?

I need to clean my system of crack cocaine---quickly! I need a verified home remedy.


How to pass a urine drug test?

I am 5' 5", 120 lb's, my body fat percentage is about 9%. My dilemma, I have only smoked two or three times in the last month. I took a small hit last weekend, and one bong hit the night before last and I have a sports physical tomorrow at 315. What sh...


How do I pass a Urine Drug Test with no money and no time?

I have three hours to pass a urine drug test and no money. Its for meth. and I don't know anyone who will share they're pee. So what can I do?


How to store urine for a drug test?

I have thought about storing urine for a upcoming drug test because im going to smoke and im currently clean. I heard they test temperature of the urine but my parents drive ten miles to drop the sample off and just like water wouldnt the temperature ...


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