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  1. What are Some Ways I can Rid my Body of Drugs?
    Have you been on a night out and made a split-second decision to do some drugs. But surprise surprise, drug inspection time. Here are some ways to rid your body of drugs.
    7 58
  2. What are the Different Type of Drug Tests?
    When getting drug tested, sometimes it is common to be unsure how the drug testers will examine you for the dosage of the substance. So it's best to know the types of ways that it is tested so you can effectively rid the drugs of your body.
    9 40
  3. Different Types of Illegal Drugs
    Before you do some variant of suspicious drug your friend has offered you at that party, consider looking at this list before you get yourself some time with the police.
    8 75
  4. have to do a urine drug test and i have used crystal meth WHAT WORKS FOR A CLEAN UA?
    4 1890
  5. Do you smoke, drink, or do drugs?
    I'm a 21 year old female and I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs because it's disgusting and I never will.
    3 45
  6. how to pass a drug test in a week? Is this possible?
    Some people may ask how to pass a drug test in a week – is this even possible? How?
    3 282
  7. Can I pass a background check as an ex-drug felon in another state???
    2 years ago I received a drug felony conviction in California. It has been terribly frustrating finding work in California. I've recently joined the IBEW Electrical Union who to my experience doesn't do background checks BUT haven't been able to get wo...
    3 45
  8. Are there methods on how to pass a hair follicle drug test?
    Are there methods on how to pass a hair follicle drug test.
    4 117
  9. Pregnant I been cleaned of marijuana for 33 days will a drug test come up postitive or negative?
    2 993
  10. Pass a drug test
    I smoked one bowl between one other person and i on feb 13, and it's march 1st. I'm 115lbs & 5'6 (i heard weight matters) and I took three niacin, but I'm not peeing, I've never been drug tested before. And I have no idea about any of this. Should I pa...
    3 22
  11. what will remove traces of opiates and meth in a urine drug test?
    2 632
  12. How come people on TV can admit to drug use and not be penalized?
    Such as underage drinking or use of narcotics in shows. Just wondering.
    3 23
  13. how do i pass a drug test for probation
    3 222
  14. will niacin pass a mouth swab
    3 347
  15. In what fact they decided that drugs were good for people?
    I mean i remember there were a lot of shows and movies telling that drugs are bad, say no to drugs and stuff like that, but now they say people can smoke pot for leisure, first was for medicalreasons now is for leisure or for fun that means you can ge...
    2 12
  16. Where can I take my brother for a drug test besides his doctor?
    3 50
  17. Can take my brother to his doctor to see if he's taking drugs?
    if so, what is the test called and can it tell what drugs hes on??
    2 10
  18. Can I take my 15-1/2 year old brother to jail for doing drugs?
    5 37
  19. Can a one time experience of drug use disqualify a job opportunity in law enforcement?
    When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I made the dumb decision to try meth. Till this day I'm not sure if it was even meth, I was told it was but I didn't feel the exact side effect that they say meth does like for example, I didn't feel high at all and...
    3 40
  20. What is the weakest type of drug to smoke?
    8 27
  21. What's the best way to support a friend in rehab for drugs?
    I write him letters and I visit (it's a 100 mile drive) every other weekend. I'm just wondering if there is more I can do. Has anyone gone through this with a friend?
    2 9
  22. What is a good over-the-counter drug for wrist tendinitis?
    What is a good over the counter drug for wrist tendonitis?
    3 31
  23. Could someone explain to me in brief detail what a drunk, passed out, or a drugged person looks like?
    i really cant see, so can some1 help me out? i need this for my project..
    8 39
  24. How can I clean marijuana out my system for a drug test?
    I heard drink like 8 gallons for water but idk so i thought i'd ask... I can afford to buy a detox or pills but dont no where 2 get them & i need a reasonable price
    6 123
  25. What's a good book about teen struggles/drug stuff?
    I like books about teen struggles and drug related things like Go Ask Alice, Impluse, Crank, etc..
    9 49
  26. What's the best nude lipstick at drugstores?
    2 37
  27. What is the best face wash at a drugstore?
    I have really oily skin and acne prone skin. It just disgusting to see my self like this.
    7 30
  28. What is the best drugstore foundation?
    I've had a mac one before but it's just to expensive for me to buy. but what is a really good drugstore foundation?
    5 14
  29. When did Ozzy Osbourne stop drinking and taking drugs?
    2 31
  30. How do you use powdered pectin and Gatorade to clean out the system for a drug test?
    I have to pass a drug test I 20 hrs I have Gatorade and the powdered pecti What should I do? Will it clean out opiates a And roxi plus meth
    4 1090
  31. How long does it take marijuana to exit the system for a drug test?
    15 57
  32. Do you believe all students in public schools should be subjected to random drug screens?
    5 13
  33. Would you tell a school official if you knew someone was selling cocaine in the bathroom? Why or why not?
    2 45
  34. Do drugstores sell lip stains?
    If so, which brand and which store?
    6 24
  35. Is marijuana a drug?
    Do you consider it good or bad? What is your opinion on marijuana?
    21 38
  36. What is a good drugstore toner?
    Leave brand and price if you remember
    3 16
  37. What type of antiperspirant can I buy at a drugstore that works well with Hyperhidrosis?
    2 14
  38. Why do people think marijuana is a drug?
    It's totally natural...
    19 38
  39. Would a judge grant custody to a "mom" that does drugs, or the grandparents that actually have a real job and have been basically caring for him since birth??
    4 39
  40. Are Some Male Enhancement Pills Still Tainted with Drugs?
    3 59
  41. Do drugs slow down your metabolism?
    5 19
  42. What are the names of different drugs and how do they affect you (read more)?
    Does anyone here know a lot about different types of drugs and how they each effect you that could help me figure out what I was drugged with?
    2 19
  43. Should I get a shellac french manicure for my brother's wedding or just cheap french manicures you can get at the drugstore?
    6 27
  44. Do you think doctors sometimes recieve "kick backs" from drug companies for writing prescriptions (read more)?
    Are people taking too much medicine? The television ads for meds are endless and use the power of suggestion to play on people's psyche to try and make them "think" they need it. Especially the ones for antidepressants. Those drugs are powerful and mes...
    11 44
  45. Where can I buy niacin pills?
    2 100
  46. Why aren't cigarettes categorized as a drug like marijuana, meth, etc?
    4 43
  47. Is huffing considered "doing drugs"?
    5 40
  48. What is better: T-zone or Superdrug's tea tree range?
    I want to use good natural products to help prevent spots but I cannot decide which of these two to use. I read some reviews online but they are both really good and I cannot try them both out because I tried it before on different products and ended u...
    3 12
  49. What illegal drug has the worst side effects that you can think of?
    just sittin on my couch and randonly i started to wonder. so wat illgal drug thst u can think of has the worst side effects?
    2 32
  50. Do you think there is a difference between drug users and drug abusers?
    Or is it all the same? I personally think there's a difference.
    8 21
  51. How long does the drug MDMA (Ecstasy) stay in the system?
    like how long it can be traced in urine/bloodstream/whatever else? E
    2 123
  52. How did the Mexican Drug rebellion start?
    2 17
  53. does someone really loose weight from drugs?
    7 36
  54. What is the second biggest cause of deaths to musicians (The first being drugs) ?
    2 12
  55. What is a good drug-store gel based or water based moisturizer?
    I used to use Loreal Happyderm but they discontinued it! Does anyone know of any good dupes?
    6 19
  56. Is it cheaper to have an entire school tested for drugs than just testing the athletes?
    Supposedly my entire school is going to be tested for drugs next quarter. I don't understand why it would be cheaper to test everyone. I mean, it's no problem for me to be tested since I'm not into any drugs, but I want to know if there could be any tr...
    7 57
  57. Why do some doctors treat chronic pain patients like drug addicts?
    I have fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. Oh and i fractured my knee over the summer because my ankles give out on me sometimes when i use the stairs. I have to be honest the last part was kind of my fault i was in a hurry and not being very careful,...
    14 27
  58. What are the effects of a drug overdose?
    9 26
  59. How can i make my noses stop running without any drugs and i already use tissue dont work??
    2 21
  60. How often/ When do they drug test in the US?
    I always read things on here about people having drug tests before job interviews, or random ones at work/school. In NZ we really only drug test if somebody is driving crazy but they are under the alcohol limit (must be something else...). You guys see...
    6 20
  61. What drugstore box dye brand would get my hair to be this color?
    I have brown hair but I want it to match the extensions I am getting, everytime I dye my hair a darker brown I always get a red tint in it and I do not want that. If anyone can tell me what drugstore brand is the best and will get my hair to look like ...
    3 212
  62. Is it true that over half of U.S. dollar bills have drugs on them?
    8 47
  63. What does the police do with confiscated drugs? Especially in large amounts?
    16 58
  64. what are a soime names of drugs?
    I'm asking this for a school related project. i need a few different drug names and why they are bad.
    5 42
  65. Do you consider normal smokers 'drug addicts'?
    I was watching this show on T.V. where the person was referring to himself as a drug addict for being a cigarette smoker. Before I had watched this I personally didn't consider smokers drug addicts, nor have I ever thought about it that way, but I see ...
    13 41
  66. What is the best drugstore cleanser to get rid of acne?
    2 33
  67. What to do if you overdose on cocaine?
    7 223
  68. does anyone else have a desire to do drugs during or after listening to dubstep?
    3 9
  69. what are the effects of cocaine and what exactly does it do and whats the rush?
    6 143
  70. Can you build a tolerance to Niacin if you use it too many times?
    4 369
  71. Why do some people think weed isnt a drug?
    My cousin told me God made it so its not and I tried to explain that God made hemp, and man were the ones who turned it into drugs. Whose right?
    22 43
  72. Which celebrities of today like mostly i'm talking about young lady stars do not do drugs or smoke and drink..for instance Stacy Keibler?
    4 27
  73. is it a bad thing that drugs make me clamer?
    7 45
  74. Can my parents legally drug test me?
    Im over 18 and i dont live with them, but i am staying here with them for a couple days while i take care of some court stuff. They tried to drug test me this morning but i made up an excuse to prolong it.
    8 107
  75. Who all on here has experience with drugs other than bud?
    4 16
  76. should i pass my pre-employment drug screen?...heres 5'1" and weight 95 pounds havent smoked in 26 days and smoked about everyday for two
    months. I can eat whatever I want and dont gain weight. I didnt smoke at all before that, had some serious depression and coped with it that way, please dont judge just want some advice. I took a couple at home tests and they had very faint lines. Neve...
    6 282
  77. Do you think companies are putting drugs in the water?
    There have been reports on this, and I just heard of this yesterday. I know they stick fluoride in the water, but there was talk o mood altering drugs.
    9 40
  78. Why Can They Say Cocaine On The Radio, But You Cant Male A Reffrence Towards Weed?
    I was listening to Eric Claptons "Cocaine" On The Radio And A Song After Had The Word Weed In It And It Got Censored.
    3 186
  79. Whats your experiences on superdrug vitamin e products?
    shopping day tomorrow, getting neutrogena moisturiser and maybe vitamin e skincare line day cream, night cream and all over body cream anybody used/using these? thanks if you answer
    5 16
  80. Is it possible to get high without doing drugs?
    9 55
  81. Is the U.S. doing anything to help fight drug wars in Mexico?
    3 43
  82. What happens to the illegal drugs the cops confiscate?
    2 16
  83. What does it feel like to be high on drugs? Its like why they can't stop.
    7 58
  84. when you go to the doctor for a pelvic exam do they drug test??
    2 23
  85. why do I still get drug dreams?
    I started cocaine when i left home at 14. Life was pretty crazy for a while, sometimes i used heroin aswell but not everyday like coke, I gave up about 3 years ago now, and have sorted my life out pretty much with a nice house and good lifestyle. I...
    3 36
  86. What would hapen if you put cocaine in your coffee?
    I saw this scene in the movie Starsky and Hutch where Ben Stiller took accidentally put cocaine in his coffee and messed him up. Just wondering if its really like that.
    10 312
  87. Who here was a drug baby and how do you think thats effected you in your life?
    I personally had a mother who was on crack while pregnant with me so I was in turn born addicted to crack, I feel this has made me more prone to addiction then most.
    9 13
  88. What is the best cheap drugstore blackhead scrub?
    2 26
  89. Does anyone know a really good drugstore brand mascara?
    12 27
  90. What's a good way to get rid of a common cold besides over the counter drugs?
    5 15
  91. how do stop my mom from thinking im on drugs?
    im not on drugs..but most ov my buddys are..and soo cuz u hand out with them..ow she thinks otherwise!
    2 16
  92. What is a good drugstore facial toner(: ?
    3 14
  93. how come some people use drugs when they are depressed??
    6 14
  94. which song is better by system of a down, marmalade or drugs?
    3 13
  95. what is the worlds most dangerous Drug?
    16 27
  96. Can you get arrested for going into a drug store and taking pictures of the bottles of say Tylonol and others?
    3 60
  97. Would you take illegal drugs if it didn't have the horrible side affects?
    6 22
  98. what pills can i use for drugs? and how do i use it..e.g. crush n sniff or what????
    5 10
  99. What drug(s) leaves your system the fastest?
    4 195
  100. How am I supposed to marry a boy if he has high standards and doesnt allow drugs or alcohol because he is mormon, and i'm different and wanna experience things?
    3 11
  101. Do Poppy Seeds actually show up in drug tests?
    4 86
  102. Does tobacco come out in a urine drug test?
    Well, I'm suppose to take a Urine drug test every month. So I decided to stop smoking weed for now. But I'm thinking about finding an alternative, so I was wondering if tobacco came out in a urine test?
    4 233
  103. How can I help my boyfriend quit doing drugs?
    ok well my boyfriend asked me if I can help him quit dong drugs and I agreed but to be honest I dont noe how to help him and I really need help . His family found out bout the drugs and stuff and they told him they will send him to juvi and hes scared ...
    8 42
  104. How long for niacin pills to get THC outof your system?
    I have a drug test coming up soon to see if I've been smoking pot and so I bought detox pills (niacin) to get it out of my system and so I was just making sure that they work and I was told they get the THC out of your system in about 3-4 days, is that...
    3 919
  105. What does it mean when you stop doing some drugs and start others?
    So I quit smoking cannabis and cigarettes but I started to do salvia and I started to pop pills but I pop a pill maybe once a week but I think im going to quit poping to my friends think im stupid they say why did I quit weed and do salvia its more exp...
    4 31
  106. What is the best drugstore boxed haircolor ?
    right now my hair is light brown with blonde highlights, and some red on the bottom, but im sick of having a milllion colors in my hair so I want to dye my hair like a medium brown. what brand do you recommend?
    4 129
  107. What are some intresting drug books?
    what are some good books? im into books like go ask alice and crank? If you've ever heard of those books. But I want a book that I wont want to stop reading... lol or vampire books, besides twilight. Any ideas?
    4 18
  108. How to get my friend to stop using drugs,drinking,smoking?
    So my friends 17 and his name is Jamie. He was just kicked out of rehab which is really unfortunate. He's not doing the best with his drugs. He is becoming an alcholic, and he smokes and is getting back into coke. I try and stop him everytime he goes ...
    4 19
  109. What passes a drug test?
    I smoke one hit of pot a day after drinking beer will I pass a urine test
    7 119
  110. What should ii do if ii feel pressured to smoke and try drugs?
    Okayyy..well ii have a few bigg problems and one of them happen to be peer pressure..almost everyone ii know smokes cigerettes and other stuff and some do drugs and ii feel like they always talk bout it like ii should start doin it and ii almost did bu...
    7 63
  111. Can a person with a drug felony ever become an addiction counselor?
    I am living in Montana. I have a drug felony from 2004. I have cleaned up my life and I am getting my bachelor's degree in Psychology. So far I have a 4.0. I spoke with the state licensing board who said that if I am qualified they have to license ...
    4 134
  112. What is your opinion on drugs, friendwise?
    Just wondering, do you think its good to experiment with drugs, you know like try them out once? Is it bad if you dont? or better if you do? Personally, I have not tried any drugs, but lately friends of mine have experimented and its almost like I feel...
    9 37
  113. How can I put my project topic of teen drug abuse in a question?
    Im struggling in putting my research topic about how teen drug abuse into a question. I would like to do it in if teens drug abuse have to do with the way they live at home or their problems at home. Details please.
    7 20
  114. Why do I feel like im on drugs?
    Ok so for no reason the past few days I been havin dizzy spells that arent n0rmal I have vertigo but this is no vertigo the 0nly way to explain it is it feels like I to0k a narcotic pill or smthn that makes you feel tired and dizzy but it will only las...
    2 65
  115. How to store urine for a drug test?
    I have thought about storing urine for a upcoming drug test because im going to smoke and im currently clean. I heard they test temperature of the urine but my parents drive ten miles to drop the sample off and just like water wouldnt the temperature ...
    3 1008
  116. How do I get my system totally clean for any drug test?
    I have been going to school for about a year now and the school got me a really nice, high paying, job. All I've been doing is going to school and doing odd jobs for money. No jobs where I live. Now I have to clean my system out fior these job intervie...
    6 90
  117. How can I pass a drug test for cocaine withouta detox kit ?
    How can I pass a drug test for crack cocaine if I without a detox kit? I didnt smoke a lot and I dont smoke it often.
    5 4776
  118. What is a home remedy for cleaning your system of crack cocaine?
    I need to clean my system of crack cocaine---quickly! I need a verified home remedy.
    2 24135
  119. When does the average person get there drug test?
    Hi im scared of getting a drug test. When does a person get it? Just tell me before I get to school because I prob wont go to this site anymore...
    2 33
  120. What should I do, confront my Mom about missing drugs?
    Ok so today when I got home from school I looked in the can that I hide my weed in so I looked in it my weed was gone. I thought I missplaced it so I looked at spots where it might be. Then I rememberd I had some pills in a can so I looked and they wer...
    5 34
  121. What if I haven't smoke in a week could I pass the drug test?
    If I haven't smoke weed in over a two weeks could I pass a drug test?
    4 6547
  122. How long will it take for the niacin to clear out your system ?
    If I smoke weed/dro today will the drugs be out of my system in two days? How many niacin should I take if so?
    3 1145
  123. How can I help my friend with drugs?
    I became friends with a girl who has drugs as a crutch in her life. I've known her for about six months now, and I've been trying to help her understand that her life is going downhill and that she needs to change. Well, it finally clicked about 3 week...
    2 17
  124. Can you sweat out and test negative for a drug screen?
    Is it possible to go into a sauna, excersise like crazy. I have script for valium ...but the job I am trying to get does not care... No drugs period weather they are prescribed or not. I am 30 pounds over weight so valium likes to stay in fat cells fo...
    3 272
  125. When does Niacin work?
    Does Niacin work if it doesn't burn? I took like 10 500mg tablets that I bought from GNC and didn't even burn and I take random drug screens.
    2 710
  126. Can pregnant women take niacin?
    Im pregnant an I hurd myself an my baby will be drug tested after I give birth an I smoke three days ago for the first time in about a month and im due in a week and a half, it makes me nervous so I was wondering if pregnant women can take niacin
    2 81
  127. When you drink vinegar does it help you pass drug tests?
    I smoke weed and recently got arrested. I havnt smoked in 2 weeks, but I have court tomorrow and I have to take a urine test. I am small, I weight about 115 lbs and am about 5 feet tall
    3 675
  128. How can I detoxify my hair to pass drug test?
    Was out partying with old friends get together for week-end and yeah I know about the told ya sooo's and what not people make mistakes and I did but now I need advice ...Thanxs so anyhow out for the week-end with girlfriends and voila you know partied ...
    5 350
  129. What drugstore products are thee best ?
    in yoour opinion what are some good drugstore beauty products. (list anythiing: like foundation, concealor, mascara, face brushes, etc) and whiich ones last thee longest. thaaank yoou(:
    3 12
  130. How does niacin affect an unborn baby?
    What are the effects of niacin on an unborn baby? Approximately 35 weeks in utero?
    2 306
  131. What was I drugged with? Excasty?Speed?
    I think someone might of laced me with speed or excasty and I think I was on a low dose of it. Can someone explain to me the side effects and what you feel like so I can figure out if that was it
    3 182
  132. How to pass a drug test in 24 hours if your skinny?
    Trying to see how to pass a weed test in 24 hours for a job..weed weed weed weed weed weed weed weed
    4 694
  133. how do I deal with my druggie mom?
    my mom has ben like taking pills and starting stupid arguments with my dad for no effin reason. I don't know what to do, help me?
    5 48
  134. How do I pass military drug test in 5 days?
    I stoped smoking a day ago and I am a frequent smoker I use gravity bongs to smoke and smoke at least twice a day been doing this for id say a year. One good thing is I have no fat I weigh 115pds and have a fast metabolism so do you think if I drink 2 ...
    4 57
  135. How niacin cleans my system out from marijuana?
    I need to pass a drug test for propation I just quit which only leaves me with 9 days to clean my system out. Will niacin and lots of water clean my system out in time.
    2 2230
  136. how can I clean my body of weed for a drug test in 3 days?
    I haven't smoked for a month and I have a drug test in 3 days. does anybody think I will pass it without taking anything?
    2 531
  137. how can I pass a drug test in 2 weeks?
    I have not smoked pot in 5 days.In 2 weeks I have a urine test.I drink plenty of water about a gallon a day.Will I be able to pass my drug test?
    6 1324
  138. How effective are drug laws?
    Have drug laws stopped the consumption of drugs? Any fool can see that they have not. The war on drugs is a war that can never be won. Instead, the war on drugs has created criminals and a massive worldwide criminal enterprise that funds terrorists ...
    7 55
  139. What can you do to pass a hair folical drug test?
    if you smoked meth over a month ago how long does it stay in your system? How would you pass on a hair folical test?
    2 139
  140. What home remedies can I use to get rid of cocaine?
    I have a urine drug test next wednesday and would like to know what home remedies I can do to get rid of cocaine in my system by then?
    3 22254
  141. Where can I work that doesn't drug test?
    I just got fired from my delivery job so my gay boss could cover his ass... so I need another job...and I don't have time to sober up...nor do I really feel like it. so.. Any one know some chill companies that don't hate on the mota?
    4 270
  142. How to pass a drug test. Only people respond if they exactly pass?
    Help I need to pass a drug test. I'm 5'3 at 105 pds. I been smoking on a regular basic, but I stop for 3weeks and started again for two weeks. I have stopped again about 6 days ago. Do you think I can pass a drug test 2weeks later.
    3 164
  143. How do I pass a Urine Drug Test with no money and no time?
    I have three hours to pass a urine drug test and no money. Its for meth. and I don't know anyone who will share they're pee. So what can I do?
    6 821
  144. When I pee for my boyfriend for a drug test will he pass it ?
    I have a boyfriend that smokes weed and hes got a drug test comeing up tomorow I am going to pee for him but we dont know if itll show up as a girl will he be able to pass with my pee in a bottle or what I really need to know?
    4 395
  145. How can I solve this drug problem?
    I think my dad is taking something, actually im convinced. I am currently working with a couple of users, and they say he is probably a user of something, he is hypo, and now had grey teeth and a grey tongue, which spells out P. But my lil bro is on Ri...
    5 20
  146. how to get weed ouy of your system before a drug test?
    ok so do you know what weed attacks in the body?answer: your sugar levels, so they look for low sugar and sodium,the solution is simple take sugar and put it in a cup of water mix it with a handfull of salt and drink it befor the test your levels shoul...
    7 335
  147. How can you pass a swab drug test?
    I know that niacin will help you pass a pee test but how can you pass a test when they swab your mouth?
    3 344
  148. What is the most widely used drug in america, excluding marijuana?
    I'm curious to the opinions of those of you out there and your point of view on the most widely used and highly abused drugs out there. This excludes marijuana, which recent studies show tobacco and alcohol are far more detrimental substances than pot....
    8 67
  149. How to stop drug craveings?
    What helps stop drug craveings? I really need to know! Any suggestions?!
    2 42
  150. what home remedies are best for passing hair drug test?
    I'm trying to find out the cheapest way to pass a hair test and urine test. Also seeking home remedies for the same. Anything that would be helpful and not cost a fortune. Thanks for any infomation you can share.
    4 491
  151. When pregnant with a drug addict's baby...?
    I'm not pregnant but I am curiouse, if a woman is pregnant with a drug addicts baby, and the woman is not a drug addict is the growing fetus still in danger of later developeing health issues because of the fahter?
    2 11
  152. When you have felong drug charges can they take your cannibus card?
    Okay so I've been placed on 3 years felony probation... I've been charged with possession of marijuana with the attemp to distribute I have to register as a drug felon... During all the court hearings I went and got my cannibus card... Do you think the...
    3 48
  153. How do I get thc out of my body with no drugs or money ?
    I have a state drug test in 2 weeks and I want to get the thc out of my system? ,I have no money or supplements nor want them ?
    2 132
  154. How do I get cocaine out of my system in 1 day?
    Drug testing for employment. How to pass a urine drug test? What home remedies can be used to clease the system? How long does this stay in your system? Can this be eliminated from your system in 2 days?
    5 20690
  155. I need to know about niacin!!! I have a drug test soon!
    I know people say it does and does not work so I need the truth if I fail this test im going to be in a lot of trouble. Does niacin work and if so I need to know people keep saying either the flush free kind or the regular kind I here they work both bu...
    2 2619
  156. Does guys cum look different when he does drugs?
    Well my friend and I were talking and we both noticed that our boyfriend's cum looks different like everytime. sometimes its white and sumtimes it not? sometimes its thin and sumtimes its thickerr? is that because of drugs like weed?
    4 291
  157. Need to pass a drug test on the 20th!
    So I smoke heavily. I blaze about twice a day. I've quit for the past 5 days. I am a cyclist so I work out a lot and I weigh about 160 and I am 5'6''. I need to be clean by the 20th of november. Would it be impossible to get clean by then if I smoked t...
    3 29
  158. If A Character in My Book Does Drugs...
    I'm writing this book where the main character has gotten into drugs. He's kind of screwing up his life and he hangs out with these other druggie people. (He's in high school by the way) Jordan (main character) is talking to the school counselor, Paig...
    4 43
  159. What do you take to clear your system of cocaineafter 24 hrs so you
    What do you take to clear your system of cocaineafter 24 hrs so you can take drug test within 5 days?
    3 1500
  160. How long does it take to get cocaine out of your system?
    I used just a little bit on saturday nite... got to go in in one ;hour for a u/a
    2 1210
  161. Drugg test
    Hey I know people ask a lot but I really need help im broke an I got a drug test this tuesday I smoked friday I don't know what to do please help
    5 133
  162. Weed + drug test = problem!! Please help
    The last time I smoked weed was on tuesday and I have to take a drug test tomorrow (which is friday) for a job in which I am applying... I really need this job and I know I won't pass because it will have only been three days but what if I drink water ...
    7 475
  163. What do drugs make you feal like
    What do drugs make you feal like
    7 44
  164. Need to pass a drug test
    So I smoke not dailey but on the weekends and once or twice during the week. Not a lot, but only enough to get me high. Im a lightweight so only a puff or two. I need to pass a drug test some time soon and I am drinking pickle juice, water, and cranber...
    4 334
  165. School drugiie
    What would happen to a kid if he was caught with drugs on school property I think hes 15
    5 21
  166. How to pass a drug test in one night?
    I took two hit off a little bowl last night. How could I pass a test today?
    3 1288
  167. Views on performance enhancing drugs
    Views on performance enhancing drugs
    3 13
  168. How long does crack cocaine stay in your system?
    How long does crack cocaine stay in your system if smoked
    4 4943
  169. How can I get off drugs?
    I am trying to get off drugs what is a good way to do it? I need to know the drugs are going to kill me... thank feliah tommbers
    3 37
  170. Drug cleaning
    How can I get marijuana out of my system in just a few days
    2 105
  171. What happens if you fail a drug test?
    What happends if you faiL a druqg tesst ?
    3 63
  172. is there anyway to pass a drug test from the probation office
    is there anyway to pass a drug test from the probation office
    3 138
  173. Will 250mg niacin work for piss test? please answer
    I have a Probation meeting in 2 days. I smoked weed about 6 days ago (not a lot only 1 gram). I've been taking 250mg niacin the past 4 days. 1 in the morning and 1 befor bed. I'm 120 pounds and 5'6" tall. I have had a ichy feeling and have gotten a li...
    11 985
  174. I need to kick my drug addict stepson out of the house like ASAP!!
    I am at my wits end with him sitting on his ass all day long getting high. No job, completely disrespectful, and his Dad wont do anything about it because he feels guilty about how he wasn't there for him when he was growing up. Oh and they get high t...
    2 124
  175. Would a drug test pick up from one hit?
    ok... I had 1 hit from a blunt... just one... can a drug test pick that up?
    3 56
  176. hes a druggie and he didnt use a condom
    I need help.. I slept with this guy and my friends told me after I slept with him hes a druggie and he didnt use a condom I think but can drugs get transfered from his body to mine and is it harmful?
    4 37
  177. Its about drug test
    Ey I have a drug test coming up for school, You know its new cause drug deals have been going around and I might not pass. Im scared so any advice? Like I get bad grades , and I've done weed, heroine and overdosed on pills[ might be illigal not shure]...
    6 91
  178. Does niacin flush free work?
    a I want to know if niacin works for marijuana and niacin flush free works.
    2 7570
  179. Drug kit
    I need to ko who to pass a drug test for pot only . Ide rather do it at home with a kit can any one help
    2 56
  180. How made drugs
    Ok how made drugs god or saten???
    18 68
  181. Time needed before taking drug test sent to lab
    I took a drug test today and I quit smoking 3 days bef0re ,I weigh 180 6'0ft tall,when I smoked I only smoked bout 1 time a day for a week, I have been taking niacin for 3 days, should I b ok or am I and trouble?
    2 703
  182. Drug carvinggss.
    I am a recovering addict from pills. And I been gettin so many carvings to try coke and shoot up herion.. I have shoot up before but it was not herion. It was a pill. I justt want to tryy it soo badd and I think about it 24/7. Like I just cantt stop th...
    2 9
  183. Druggy parents
    Hey I'm 14 years old and my parents smoke weed everyday, they're also usually drunk. I'm very popular at my school and everyone loves me. But none of my friends would ever be able to understand what I go through at home so I keep everything to myself.....
    8 24
  184. is my dad a druggy
    I think my dad is on drugs, he smokes a lot and I think it might be weed, is their a way to find out. im pretty sure my aunt does it but im worried about him!
    8 66
  185. Real answer for my drug problem please? :]
    Come now. Not everyone is as weak as media likes to make you believe. Smoking weed is not as bad as ciggs, in my opinion. One could argue that smoking could be as bad as putting foreign chemicals in your body. I, being experienced, beg to f*ckin differ...
    3 61
  186. How can I pass a saliva drug test?
    How can I pass a saliva drug test if I smoked marijuana recently?
    6 483
  187. How long will clonazepam be detectable in a drug test
    How long will clonazepam be detectable in a drug test? I have court in 6 days. was busted with clean off that now.. just take the k's.. need to know if I stop taking them today if they will find them in my system? also I have two left id lik...
    2 107
  188. Statistics of People on Welfare and Drugs
    statistics of people on welfare and drugs
    7 62
  189. Drugs & addiction !
    Well I've been having a lot of trouble lately with addiction. Im presribed zoloft,seroquel,lithium,adderall . Im addicted to all of them. I feel like my life is spiraling down. I decided to stop taking all of them recently because my addiction is compl...
    2 20
  190. Whats the best way to pass a drug test for weed QUIKLY
    Whats the best way to pass a drug test for weed QUIKLY!!!
    2 241
  191. How long does cocaine stay in an unborn babies system
    A friend of mine in due at any time now and her boy friend is doing cocaine. Well she asked him for a ciggerette and he lit one then gave it to her she noticed it tasted funny so she asked him if he put something in it and he said yeah but he smoked it...
    2 958
  192. Spur of the Moment Drug test
    What is a quick and free way to detox thc for a spur of the moment drug test. could be at anytime, Is there a daily regiment that works with out quitting.
    5 663
  193. Being raped and drugged up
    I was drugged out of my own will Then raped the police took my clothes for futher forenzsics how long will it be til I get my clothes back?
    15 40
  194. Does Water Pills Get You A Clean Drug Test?
    I Smoked weed like a week ago and now im going thru this hiring process for a job at the bank... I've drank a lot of water and I wanna know if I take a water pills will that aid me in my efforts to dilute this kush(weed for dumbasses) out my system?
    3 172
  195. I need to pass a drug test in a week
    I smoked weed like 5 or 6 times I weight 150 pounds and I was nowing if I can pass a drug test in a week
    2 1026
  196. Lot's of questions about drug legalization,so why no protests ?
    If the on-line community represents the general public (a bad assumption I'm sure), why are there not widespread protests to decriminalize drugs? Is it because people don't really care? Is it because they are afraid? Is it because they feel powerl...
    5 17
  197. Confused how I came out postive for cocaine if I dont do it
    I took a drug test and came out postive for cocaine but the thing with that is I dont do that stuff so just wondering if you could get a postive reading by touching it cause I've been killing myself by asking myself how this could happen but it wasnt...
    4 1018
  198. how to pass a drug test in a week
    I have a drug test in a week and I smoked two days ago any ideas how to pass anything will help thank you.
    3 167
  199. Can drinking a lot of water clear your urine for drugs?
    Can drinkin a lot of water clean your piss for a drug test? if so, how much and how often?
    6 740
  200. Marilyn Manson a Druggie?
    is marilyn manson a drugge?
    4 63
  201. welfare and drug tests. please read
    why do everyday people have to take drug test to get a job but people who get welfare or money from the gov. dont have to?? we spent our hard earned money to give to the gov who give to people that usually dont want a job and just try and get welfare...
    13 34
  202. what would they do if you spermed into a drug test?
    what would they do if you spermed into a drug test
    3 183
  203. passing a hair drug test
    what home remedy is therefor passing a hair drug test???
    4 258
  204. Cocaine
    I have only done coke once or twice in my life. I did one small line and 48 hrs I took a drug test. Do you think I will pass
    4 4186
  205. Negative result on drug testing
    By drinking a lot of water before a drug test will it give me a negative result
    3 356
  206. pass drug tests
    does certo work if someone did meth the night before?
    2 254
  207. Worst side-effects ever experienced from recreational drugs
    What are some of the worst side effects you've ever experienced from doing a recreational drug?
    2 33
  208. Does kristen stewart do drugs?
    Does kristen stewart do drugs???
    10 60
  209. Does green tea help to pass a drug test
    Hey does greentea help to pass a drug test
    2 2527
  210. FDA calls Cheerios a drug.
    From General Motors to General Mills Obama tightens his grip on the evil rich. Fortunately his Inordinate Perspicaciousness Barak Insane Obama (Hallowed be thy eminence) has found us a way to strip us of the evil car company and land us in a “eco-frie...
    15 50
  211. Drugs=Weight Loss?
    I've been doing large amounts of ecstasy and heroin for the past couple weeks. And within the weeks I've dropped almost 25 pounds is this normal for this to happen? If so why?
    7 28
  212. Drug test for Job need help to pass.
    So I did weed for the first time in a long time three days ago. It was the first time I think in one to two months. I smoked from a bowl, and only took three to four hits. I got a call a day ago from our local unemployment office and they found me a j...
    6 133
  213. Mixing drugs
    Can I take cold medicine like nyquil or alka seltzer plus cold medicine while I am taking zoloft?
    2 28
  214. Can I get a nursing license when I have a misdemeanour for prescription drug fraud?
    If I have a one time misemeanor for prescip. Drug fraud but it will be 5 years past it when I go up for nurse licensing will I have a problem?
    2 29
  215. What pills or drugs work ?
    Is there a weight lose pill or drug that works ?
    4 21
  216. Drug decriminalization worked in Portugal...
    ...why can it not work elsewhere? In 2001, out of money to fight the drug war, and with the drug lords becoming a serious political threat, Portugal took the brave step of decriminalizing drug possession and usage. In the years that have followed...
    9 20
  217. What are the signs of drug use?
    What are some of the signs of drugs use? Does it affect your skin and other stuff?
    7 34
  218. Does vinager detox you from cocaine
    I used about 5days ago I have a drug test today and I was told to drink cranberry juice and a bottle of vinager, will this work?
    4 3030
  219. Drugs are bad du
    Weed...gets you in trouble why do I do it I have a ua next week im stupid
    4 21
  220. Home remedies for urine drug test passing
    What home remedies work for zanax and pot
    3 1495
  221. ridding body of drugs
    are there over the counter products that will help speed clearing your body of drugs
    4 65
  222. Cocaine?
    How long does cocaine last in your system last used sat have drug test on monday,but have tested + after using 7 days?? Also passed one after 3 day? I dont get it, also cranberry juice and water is the key , right?
    4 5931
  223. Hair drug testing
    what over the counter or household chemicals could I use to pass a hair drug test
    2 85
  224. Nitrous Drug
    What kind of a drug is nitrous? What form does it come in,how is it put into the body and what does it do etc. ??
    5 55
  225. Do fire men get drug tested??
    I want to become a firefighter when I'm done high school. I smoke pot one time a day in the morning because I have problems where I skitz out. But when I use marijuana it helps me control that. I'm not a pot head, or any kind of junky, I just feel that...
    3 182
  226. Passing drug test
    I have qiut smokin marijuana for 3 weeks now and I took omni cleansing drink with their pills and I have been taking niacin will I pass a drug test
    3 275
  227. How to Pass a Home Drug Test ?
    My mom is giving me a drug test , Not sure when. But I know if I don't pass it I don't get my car for my birthday & My birthday is May 27th. I've smoked weed , & also took Extacy. How can I pass a home drug test ? also I'm pretty small. I weigh about 9...
    10 251
  228. Passing a drug screen?
    I bought a 7 day detox kit and have been drinking lots of water. I have now added cranberry pills to the mix. I've been on the detox for 5 days and have not smoked for over a week, but when I took an at home drug test it came back positive. I understan...
    2 93
  229. pass a drug test
    Will I pass a drug test if I have only smoked twice in my life and one of the times was two nites ago and I got a drug test in 3 days I took 5 hits out of a bubbler
    2 162
  230. Drug Problems
    Need some feedback so her goes...She wants time to heal since I did put her through hell. She really tried mant times and was there for me. She said If become myself again she’ll take me back. We were texting and emailing but she didn’t want to talk on...
    2 10
  231. Stopping drugs
    okay, im sum what into drugs and whenever im sad or down I decide to get high and I want to stop and I try to stop but I cant Any help?!
    6 9
  232. My friend and drugs
    Well my life is becoming pretty messed up. In the past month or so I have been through a lot. I had only one person who would help me but he sort of experimented with things that he shouldn't have today. Now it's hard to trust him because who knows wh...
    2 20
  233. Will niacin get cocaine out of your system
    Will niacin get cocaine out of your system
    2 11112
  234. Longest cocaine can stay or has staid in anyone's system?
    Whats the longest cocaine can stay or has staid in anyone's system? I'm not using drugs, I'm just curious.
    2 7529
  235. drugs and alchol
    im going to high school and im scared of drugs and alchol like not really scared but im afraid of peer presure and stuff how do I say NO in a cool way
    7 21
  236. Pass a urine drug test
    I have a urine drug test to take in 1 day, and I smoke marjuania! What can I take to clean my system and not cost so much money? Is there any home remedy or whats the cheapest but most guarenteed thing to take?
    5 161
  237. Have you tired an illiegal drug at least once?
    1. Have you tired an illiegal drug at least once? 2. How many times? 3. What drug? 4. How old were you? 5. Why did you do it? 6. What were you feeling while doing the drug? 7. Did you feel bad afterwards?
    6 12
  238. how much niacin to flush cocaine out?
    I my sister did a few lines on fri. and now she goes back to the navy on mon. I know not the brightst but we're past that. will slo niacin work?
    3 12992
  239. I need to pass drug test
    I have a drug test in 2dayz and need to know what is the quickest way to detox ?if anyone got any good suggestions
    4 1377
  240. Are poppers drugs?
    Are poppers drugs? I'm concerned about this shit b/c my friend was doing those....
    5 45
  241. What Home Remedies Will Help Me Pass A Drug Test/
    Are there any home remedies to help get vicodin out of your system in at least one day?
    3 341
  242. passing a drug test
    what's a way to get crack cocaine out of your system.
    2 295
  243. smoked weed two weeks ago will I pass a urine drug test?
    if I smoked weed two weeks ago and I never usually do and I took a urine drug test and I weigh 130 pounds and I 5'5 will I pass?
    3 10680
  244. drug addicts
    my mom is a drug addict and has been as long as I have known and she has these scabs on her face like if you sits and picks at it. she has them alll over her body and I was wondreing what drugs she is doing that make people do that to themselves.
    3 59
  245. Drug test tomorrow Answer ASAP
    I smoke so much that you can roll me up and be high for a 3 days striaght...I have Niacin 500mg...just drank 2 quarts of water, popped 1...bout to pop another one...gotta test 2morrow at 8:30 AM...Should I OD starting now? (I know I should have stopped...
    4 208
  246. My Boyfriend's A Drug Addict With Anger Problems
    hi, my boyfriend is addicted to weed and he has severe anger problems. he said he'd never physically hurt me, but I heard him and his ex-girlfriend got in a fight when he was high and he hit her. he's cheated on me before and he wants me to be back w...
    8 48
  247. Diluted Drug Test
    So I had a drug test on monday and I used the detox stuff that morning I had smoked the night before When the results came back it was too diluted to test I am guessing from drinking so much water right before But since I already took the detoxin...
    4 62
  248. Information about drug use please
    How can you tell if someone recently smoked dope. Or how would they be acting while "high" and what are some after reactions.
    3 13
  249. weed/ drugs
    how can I stop? im only 14.
    8 26
  250. do you go to jail if you fail your school drug test?
    do you go to jail if you fail your school drug test?
    4 60