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I feel like I'm bugging friends.

Well, lately, I've been feeling like my friends are getting sick and tired of me and kind of just want me to go away. No one has actually told me that or implied that in any way, but I still get the underlying feeling that some or a lot of them do, it...


Are there health risks if kids eat pencil erasers?

Are there any heath risks in kids eating pencil erasers. If not, how can I get them to stop? Thank you for your time.


Amy S.


16 year old mommy?

I was wondering if anyone out ther is 16 and had a baby
im 15 and I thought I was pregnant and so it got me thinking...
if anyone here is 16 and was pregnant at 15 and has a baby now what is your life like? and if you didnt keep the baby whats your s...

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How do you get over losing your first child?

Last year I found out I was pregnant with my boyfriends child and ended up losing it because of the stress that his dads new 'wife' had put me through. This woman is horrible. Blamed me for everything and anything that went wrong, broke, or wasnt done ...


How do I change my child's password on aol?

How do I change my child's password on aol?


Do you know easy dinner ideas for a picky five year old?

Anybody got any easy dinner ideas for a picky five year old? It seems like if we go out of our way to make it "fun" he likes to eat dinner better, but he's very stubborn about trying new things. My older son is great, it's just the younger one we have ...


Does my 8 year old daughter really think I hate her?

My 8 year old daughter says that I hate her and that I only say I love her because im supposed to. last night she begged me to say that I hate her and that it would make her feel better if I did. please help!

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What are "J" baby names for twins?

my sisters having twins.can anyon tell some baby names that begin wid the letter j?


what is average wrist size for two year old girl?

measuring the wrist size of the average 2 year old girl, what is the size in inches?

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Baby names for a boy?

Hey what do ya'll think of gregory dougles ray and my girls name is lisa nicole


Something weird happened when babysitting

Okay I just got back from baby-sitting a 4 year old boy and he did something very, very weird. He got to 2nd base with me! I said, "no!" and he sad" yes!" and he tried again!!!

What do I do?

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Yawning while sleeping?

How come babys' yawn when they are already asleep?

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Techno Tuesday

So tomorrow is techno tuesday and I dont ahve any bright neon colors what would be a well known place to get some?


Whiskey for teething

I have been advised by many people to put whisky/rum on your babies gums when they are teething so that it will take the pain away and make it numb. Is this true, does it really work and is it ok to do this???

Ok I havent done this yet because I am...


How old should a child be to watch a sibling after school?

How old should a child be to stay with a sibling after school for about an hour before a parent got home??? I am having problems with this!!


My 10 month old only wants to drink his bottle at night, HELP?!?

My ten month old son is too active and only wants to eat at night. During the day I have to lay him in his crib in order for him to eat, (ever since he was 4 months old he didn't want to be carried when he ate, only laying down). I've tried making the ...


How to bring my secret son to this country?

I am now 26yrs old married with two children but I had a son when I was 14. shortly after giving birth I migrated to the US lieveing him behind to live with my mom in my country. my question is how do I bring him here to live me and intruduce him to ev...


Is there a good alternative to cow's milk for my 1-year-old?

Hello I have a one year old son and I do not want to give him cows milk, I was thinking maybe soy milk. Do you have any suggestions. I breastfed until two weeks ago and now he has soy formula. What do you suggest please tell me... Thank you so much.


Why do spankings have to be on the bare

Why do spankings have to be on the bare

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What kind of things a 3 year old should know for preschool?

My Daughter is going to be 3 at the end of april. She already knows how to count to 10 and some colors and plenty of words and sentences. Im really scared to send her to preschool because time has went by soo fast. What kind of things should they know ...


Should I let my son see my breasts

Hi everyone, this may seem like a weird question but my son who is almost 9 years old keeps trying to touch my breasts. He asked me the other day if he could see them and that he would really like to touch them. What should I do, I mean I don't have a ...


How can you tell if your kid is getting high?

Hi- I joined this site 'because I'd like advice from teenagers on this subject. -- My son is almost 15, just entering 10th grade. Shy kid, smart and quiet.. was getting good grades until last year, but did straighten up his act after he got in big tro...


How to deal with my daughter and her loser boyfriend?

My daughter had everything going for her, career, great life, etc. and then she ended up with a loser boyfriend that I hate and she has given up on all of her goals & dreams. How does one deal with that??? It's like your watching from behind glass and...


What names are good for a boy or girl!!??

I am 13 and pregnant as you might know already, lol, but I am thinking of names, I know a bit early but I like wanna be ready, lol, so what cute, beautiful, adorable, names are out there that you know of. Thankyou!!?/

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How much pedialyte can I give ny 2 1/2 month old?

My baby has diahrea and the doctors said that there is nothing wrong but I want to give him something to re-hydrate. So how much pedialyte can I give him?

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