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When to feed baby cereal?

When to feed baby cereal?


When is the best time for baby number 2?

Hi there, I am a mother to a 17month old boy and my partner and I are wanting baby number 2. But I do not know how much of an age gap to give them as we want them to grow up as friends not just siblings.
Thanks heaps.

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Why do people count fingers and toes on babies?

I have seen people counting the fingers and toes on babys and I was wondering why they do that? Do babys sometimes have more or less than the right number of fingers and toes?


girl names I've came up with !

okay so my mom is due for the baby in a month, maybe we need a name.
these are some of the names I've picked out :

valeria nicole
angela michelle
adrianna nicole
adriana michelle
evelyn michelle
evelyn elizabeth
selena gessille
claudia anahi...

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Why is my child's deadbeat dad winning in court?

I am against the father of my son in court how come when dead beat dads are able to afford a lawyer they still dont have to pay child support?
I cant afford a lawyer that is why I have the dept of revanue on my side and still he wins why?


What do newborn baby's need ?

I'm 5 months pregnant and have bought a lot of stuff for my baby but im unsure of what things I really need to buy, like what clothes and just the little things like that. Can anyone send me a good link or list of everything I need please ? Thankyou f...


How to tell your 5 year old daughter your pregnant and giving

How to tell your 5 year old daughter your pregnant and giving the baby up for adoption?

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Most babies born at once?

what iz da record holder of MOST BABIES BORN at once from a single mother??? LOL


Child in idaho

Me and my husband were wondering if anyone else has had this problem a few years ago my husband dated this girl who was married( he did not know this untill after the fact) but she did not live with speak to or see her husband they lived states apart b...


Babysitting craft ideas

I'm babysitting to boys a kindergartener and a 2nd grader I need some creative craft ideas, that are inexpensive and non messy. I also have limeted supplys so more like a drawing games or something like that I need some help!!


Should I let a boy spend the night with my daughter?

My daughter is 7 and her best friend is this little boy who is 6. They are very close and do everything together. They call each other boyfriend and girlfriend but I'm pretty sure that neither of them know the meaning of it. The little boy's mother ...

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What are some good activities for young children to do at the table?

My brother and sister are 2 and 4. They really enjoy drawing at the table. I was just wondering what other things they could do at the table that they might enjoy. Nothing like paint just yet, nothing to messy. :D


my 9 month old son will not go to sleep by his self

my 9 month old son will not go to sleep by his self day or night, I have to rock him and then he never stays asleep for more than 3-4 hours a night. He doesnt want a feed in the night, he just gets annoyed and cries for sum reason. I've tried giving hi...

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How to handle my daughters attitude~help me please

So my daughter is in grade 7, and she has no respect for us,
She swears at me her father and her 2 sisters one is in high school, and my youngst is 9, my oldest daughter was nothing like that and still isn't
She has developed a lot is isn't that skin...

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How do I discipline my toddler?

How do I discipline my 3 year old toddler?


Does the guys color of there cum acutally matter?

Me & My boyfriend were planning on having a child but
my friends said that, if a guys cum is more clear then he is more likely to be unable to have a child. and my boyfriends cum is clear but with a lil white

so is he acutally unable to have a c...


What are cute names for twin girls?

hey if you have too girl twins what would you name them I was thinking of aspen and avery or tammi and torri but I dont now .I dont want a baby that much and I now I can wait but if you had to twin girls what would you name them?

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ultrasounds where they got the gender wrong?

Have any of you had ultrasounds where they have told you you were having a girl then ended up having a boy or visa versa?
or do you know someone close to you that it has happened to you recently?


Is she too old to play with toys?

my cousin had sylvanian families (the toys)a few years ago when she was 10 and then sold all of them because she thought she was getting too old for them now she has just turned 13 and she and her friend want to buy some again is she now too old she do...


How can we get my great grandson under control?

We have a 5 year old great grandson, my grandson is trying to get custody of him, his mother doesn't displine him, she says he is handi capped and she has even potty trained him. My daughter is trying to get him potty trained. Whe he heard his 20 ye...


How to deal with my daughter and her loser boyfriend?

My daughter had everything going for her, career, great life, etc. and then she ended up with a loser boyfriend that I hate and she has given up on all of her goals & dreams. How does one deal with that??? It's like your watching from behind glass and...


What- Will the baby love me when it's born?

I lost one of my twin babys in he 14 th week and now I only have a little girl comeing home wih me, but I'm scared the baby will not love me...


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