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What is something from home tha can put on a rash?

My son seems to keep getting sores in his butt chicks something almost like a dieper rush except he s nine so he dont wear diepers I dont know if its wheres he runing around and his bottom sweats or if his boxer to tight its cuting him but it happing m...

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What to do when baby falls off table?

What to do when baby falls off table?


4 month not sleeping all night/ no sleep routine in the day

I have a 4 month old baby, that eat's 5 7oz bottles a day, her bedtime routine is the same almost everynight, she has a bath a 8:30 then a bottle at 9:00 and is usually asleep by 10:00pm. She use to sleep through the night. Now she wakes up at 12:00 ...


Can I adopt my wife's child if I'm a felon?

I am a felon;Can I adopt my wifes child


Where can kids chat online safely?

Where is a good safe place for kids to chat online? Do you think it is safe for kids to chat anywhere online?


What are your child's strengths?

What are your child's strengths?


How can I convince my daughter her boyfriend is wrong for her?

My daughters boyfriend is a dud. She keeps breaking up with him but he says he is sorry and will change and never does. She says he is selfish and only thinks about himself, refuses to take her out and if they go out she pays, he never talks to us an...


Middle names that start with R?

I am thinking of a middle name for my new sister.
we only do middle names that start with a "r"
rachel, rose, and renee are already used. any sugestions? o, and the baby's name is jaimee.thnx!

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How do I switch my infant from soy formula to soy milk?

My 11 month old will be one tomorrow and I know it's time to think about transitioning him from his soy formula to soy milk to I do this gradually or all at once a dr said I can just switch him he be fine but I'm concerned


Should I force a child into counseling?

Is it good to force a child into counseling if they really don't want it?


what are some fun things to do with 3 year old boys?

ok I am babysitting this little boy over the summer and he is always bored I don't know what to do with him I don't have a lot of money to go and buy him things so I need some things that we can do around the house

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Step Son Always Running Off and Acting Up!!!

My Husband has a 5 year old and he never listens! He always runs off when we go to the store and breaks and write on things but one day he went to the extreme!!
My Husband and I have a one year day he was eating his little gerber star shaped ...


My daughter is almost 12 sore breasts

My daughter has sore breasts is this common in puberty or should I be more concerned?


My 6 Month Old and Cows Milk

I was wondering if I could introduce 3 oz of cows milk (1% or Skim) to my daughter. I was thinking mixed with 1oz of water?!?!? I would like to use it before her afternoon nap. I don't want her to be too stuffed before her nap. When she wakes up I give...


Is being whipped with a belt child abuse?

is being whipped with a belt child abuse?


Should I spank a childs bare butt

Should I spand a childs bare behind

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What are some real unique names?

I like:jasmina pronounced:ya smi na
Alarajandra pronounced:alara yan dra
Alvina my name
Lejla pronouned:lay la
So what are urs???

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Can I give my 6 month old baby cow milk ?

Well I gave my 6 month baby cow milk is that okay for her

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I think my baby has colic!

Someone please help me! I have a 3 month old son who was recently treated for an ear ache. I thought that was the cause of his crying. But, here recently he doesn't want me to put him down, he crys for hours at a time. I just cant seem to calm him down...


How long until baby birds leave nest?

How long until baby birds leave nest?


my 17year old daughterr hates me

My daughter has been talking to this girl on line since she was 16. She states that they are in love and will be marrying each other. I am the bad guy cause I wont let her live with us here until she finds a place of her own. I love my daughter very...


How to influence kids?

What are your suggestions for positively influencing kids? Some parents I know want to avoid having the "Paris" type role models for their kids. Advice?


Can I give my 8 month old cow's milk?

My child doesn't really drink a lot of follow on like but likes juice, would it be ok to swith to full fat cow's ,ilk already?I know 'they' say only to switch once they are1 but I really am wasting milk and money!
Has nyone swithched before they're ch...


Should I let my son see my breasts

Hi everyone, this may seem like a weird question but my son who is almost 9 years old keeps trying to touch my breasts. He asked me the other day if he could see them and that he would really like to touch them. What should I do, I mean I don't have a ...


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