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What kind of things a 3 year old should know for preschool?

My Daughter is going to be 3 at the end of april. She already knows how to count to 10 and some colors and plenty of words and sentences. Im really scared to send her to preschool because time has went by soo fast. What kind of things should they know ...


Toddlers seeing Parents without clothes

My mom says that our daughter should never see us without clothes (naked). Do you think this is healthy? If she sees us naked around (esp father) will it give her hangups in life?

How many of you have ever seen your parents without clothes when you ...


How to make a John Adams costume for my son?

I need ideas on how to dress my 8 years old son on john adams character. Him and his Class are doing some presentation. And he is doing john adams, please I need your help on how to make some kine of custom for him.


how to deal with my 13 year old daughter

how to deal with my 13 year old daughter
that dont want to listen

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How do kids get a book published?

I'm an ilistraiter for my friend and she's writing a book and lots of people who know her want to read it because they know she is a good writer but we dont know how to get it published.
How do kids get a book published?


How do I deal or talk to my 14 year old boy?

How do I deal or talk to my 14 year old boy? He always seems angry and upset. He's always getting in trouble at school because he doen't like school. He doesn't get along with one of his teachers and finds school boring in general. We try to keep him m...


Is it legal for my ex's girlfriend to spank my son?

I just found out that my son is being spanked bare butt by my x's girlfreind is that legal if it is not her child???

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How to say baby in chinese?

How to say baby in chinese?


What to do when I babysit two little girls?

Over the summer, im getting a babysitting job, $10.00 an hour babysitting a little 4 year old and two 2 year olds. the 4 year old is a girl, and one 2 year old is a boy, other a girl. Im not sure what kind of fun things to do with them?? I dont want li...


Why do people count fingers and toes on babies?

I have seen people counting the fingers and toes on babys and I was wondering why they do that? Do babys sometimes have more or less than the right number of fingers and toes?


Cheap things to do with my daughter for fun?

What are some cheap things I can do with my daughter so she can have fun with her friends

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What are some cute baby names?

Hi my sister is going to have her third baby sometime in March and well she is going to find out the gender of the baby by next Monday and we want to start thinking of baby names. Boy or girl names. Im just trying to give her ideas. Please let me know ...


Should I let my son see my breasts

Hi everyone, this may seem like a weird question but my son who is almost 9 years old keeps trying to touch my breasts. He asked me the other day if he could see them and that he would really like to touch them. What should I do, I mean I don't have a ...


How should I spell the name Leeah, Leah, Leigha, etc... what is the best way to spell it without it looking weird?

Her middle name will be Nicole, what is the best way to spell her first name, so that it is cute and don't look weird. Also, if you have anymore spellings other than the three I listed, please post them.


Is being whipped with a belt child abuse?

is being whipped with a belt child abuse?


The Simpsons appropriate for children?

Is The Simpsons appropriate for children??


How to deal with my daughter and her loser boyfriend?

My daughter had everything going for her, career, great life, etc. and then she ended up with a loser boyfriend that I hate and she has given up on all of her goals & dreams. How does one deal with that??? It's like your watching from behind glass and...


Do you look older or younger?

I'm 16 and I still look like I was when I was 12. I got taller and my body made changes (lol) but my face looks no different. When I turn 21 I know I will be carded for alcohol. I don't smoke so I won't worry about that. I am 5' 6" but a lot of people ...


5 week old wont stop crying

my 5 week old son wont stop crying although it sounds like a scream and has a hard time going to the bathroom.I've used a thermometer but I dont want to have to keep doing that.I've switched his formula to sensitive because of the iron but it doesnt se...

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would you tell your kids about a previous child put up for adoption?

ok so I had a child at the age of 14, I put her up for adoption because it was best. So how/should I tell my kids that I did that?


What do I do: one of my friends on the bus grabbed my crotch?

Hi my life at school is in the crapper. My sovcalled friend decided tobgrab my privates and I think that theyvare spreading rumours about me. They haven't mentioned it to me since but I'm changing bus in march and how can I subtly get the rumours to st...


What activities can I do while babysitting?

Ok, let me start off with this. I am a 14 year old teen, who has 3 nieces and 1 nephew. My parents said that I am going to babysit them soon. I never babysat before, so I really need some advice on what activities, or "to do" things, I should do with t...

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Baby growing teeth

What age to infants start to get and cut teeth?


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