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How to survive a breakup

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Cute Names For Girls!!, I know this is strange lol...:) uuummm..all I want to know what would be a cute name for a girl???

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How much rice cereal should I give my 4 month old in his bottle?

I talked to my doctor about giving my 4 month old son rice cereal in his bottle and he told me I should give him 2 1/2 tablespoons every 5 oz bottle feeding. But that just seems like its too much to give him. He just starts screaming a lot after the ri...


What do I do? My 16 year old son wants to live with his dad?

My son and I have a great relationship. But my son is wondering what it would be like to live with his dad. I gave up child support and "excused" it away in court for 11 years. he's only been paying my for 4 years. the rest was "forgiven" now he's b...


What is your career and do you like it?

I am almost a senior and need to find out what to do with my life. I love children and helping people but I am VERY shy... Does anyone have any ideas? :(


Should you let a toddler cry himself to sleep when he has a cold?

We tried every thing and he just keeps crying so at this point thats all we can do! or is this bad? we always let him cry to sleep and he usally sleeps after 10 mins but i dont know if it cruel to do it when he has a cold.?


Whats a better name zach or cody?

Whats a better name zach or cody???


What kind of things a 3 year old should know for preschool?

My Daughter is going to be 3 at the end of april. She already knows how to count to 10 and some colors and plenty of words and sentences. Im really scared to send her to preschool because time has went by soo fast. What kind of things should they know ...


How do I bond and interact more with my 2 year old son please?

I suffered a terrible 10 month pregancy. wont go into details. and 2 years on theres still not much of a bond between me and my 2 year old son. I love him very much and wouldnt be withou him but I want to know how to love/bond with him more/better? I a...


Is being whipped with a belt child abuse?

is being whipped with a belt child abuse?


My 2-year-old son doesn't talk

My son is 2years and 4 months old and he doesnt say many words. And when he does talk no one can understand him. He even talks out his nose. Should he see a speach ther.???


Medical neglect?or abuse?

My child went to her bio dads this summer. When she came home she had a laceration on her foot that got no medical attention. I took her to the doctor (dr said it needed stitches but got no medical treatment), who sent me to a foot dr. He pulled out so...


Cheap things to do with my daughter for fun?

What are some cheap things I can do with my daughter so she can have fun with her friends

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What are some good baby names?

I need some pretty baby names can someone help me out??


Homesickness during a sleepover?

ok this just randomly popped into my head, im 14, and hate sleeping over at a friends house, I get homesick! come on im 14!!! I cant live my teen life afraid to sleep at a friends!! ok ill tell you a story here, I agreed to sleep at a friends house, sh...


What are some good names?

Well me and my girl are having a kid and its a boy... What should I name him?

BTW we are a white couple.


5 week old won't sleep or stop crying

My son won't sleep or stop crying! I'm about to go nuts, and I'm lapsing in my memories.. I guess from being so tired. Total today he's slept about 5 hours in the day (a few for only 30 min, and twice for about 1.5 hrs), and 3 hrs in the night. And tha...


Newborn winter clothes

Where can I get newborn winter cothes 3-6 months or 6-9 for cheap


Name for A girl

I have a child development class and we have to name the baby so I was thinking about Thearesah Rose do you think that is a good name or not?


How do I fill a Waterbaby doll?

How do I fill a Waterbaby doll?

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How can we make my daughter more comfortable starting school?

It's not really a question as such, but I would appreciate some advice, particularly if you have had the same experience.

My 5 year old daughter (well, step-daughter but I am her daddy if you catch my drift!) starts school this wednesday and, for the ...


What fun things can you do while babysitting your cousin?

my aunty is pregnant and for her birthday got a get away weekend 4 2, she is bringin her husband and can't bring her child even tho he is born she is 6 months pregnant and wants me 2 babysit 4 her when the child is born, only thing is I havnt done it b...

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How can my parents see what sites I have been to on the computer?

Even on iPod touches. (please include in answer)
because this is from my iPod touch.


How to straighten out troubled teen?

Hi, I am Angela and I am 38 years old.My daughter Jenny is sixteen years old. She does not clean, attempt to cook, attempt to get a soda cans under her bed and around the house. Her room is a complete mess. I would understand If she was five but she's ...

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What are some funny things your kids have done?

what are some funny things your kids have done I know my two keep my laugh my butt off just the other day I was at my soon-2-be- mother-in-law my sons came out to get some jucie I get them their juice turn around and both my sons had taken off the dipp...

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