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When is the right time to have another baby?

I have a 8month old baby but I am currently on the injection which don't run out till may by the she would b 10 months and I was thinking of having another. And no nasty or stupid answers


What are some good ways to calm down a 9 yr old?

I think my little brother has anger problems. Like if I joke around with him he'll get really angry and practically try to kill me. So I need some good methods to calm him down when he gets like this. Any suggestions?


What kind of things a 3 year old should know for preschool?

My Daughter is going to be 3 at the end of april. She already knows how to count to 10 and some colors and plenty of words and sentences. Im really scared to send her to preschool because time has went by soo fast. What kind of things should they know ...


How many children does marie osmond have?

How many children does marie osmond have?


Fever and teething?

Today my son started with a temperature of 39.celcius
(I dont know what it is in .faranheit)
He is teething at the moment and was wondering if there's any connection?
His temperature seems to be going back to normal, so I havent called the doctor,...


is this normal for a 12 month old baby?

my son is 12 months old and drinks 18oz of our milk aday and 14oz of his baby formula with 2 snacks and eats baby food. my question here is is it normal for my son to gag when he is offerend babyfood that has more texture to it? I am really worried abo...


what kind of talent is fun and easy

what kind of talent is fun and easy


Little brother diving me crazy!

How do I get my 7 year old little brother to listen? He constantly eats with his mouth open and runs around and he does not stop ANYTHING when you ask him to! I need help because he won't even listen to authority either.


Parenting question

My question is a little detailed so hang in there with me. I have a 2 1/2 year old. I am a first grade teacher and have worked since she was 4 months old. She has always gone to my sisters house while I work. previously my sister's children started s...


Explanation of God for toddlers?

My son told me today that God lives in the sky, up high ... he heard this from one of his friends. How do I explain the concept of God to a child?


Are there health risks if kids eat pencil erasers?

Are there any heath risks in kids eating pencil erasers. If not, how can I get them to stop? Thank you for your time.


Amy S.


Baby Items

So we really need some extra money especially since I'm not working right now and we are about to move into our new house. I am thinking of making some customized baby onsies, pillowcase dresses, bibs, bottles, blankets, and tutu from my home and selli...


Should I let my son see my breasts

Hi everyone, this may seem like a weird question but my son who is almost 9 years old keeps trying to touch my breasts. He asked me the other day if he could see them and that he would really like to touch them. What should I do, I mean I don't have a ...


What milk for a 1year old,she is on nido, hardly sleeps?

I introduced nido when my little one entered 1 in ocotober this year, she hardly sleeps, is on the go all the time,and recently wakes up crying most nights, will be very lucky if she doesnt wake up atleast twice in a night.someone did say they had the...


How can I get my Mom to stop telling me how to raise my kids?

I'm am seeking a way to try to get my mother to understand she is "the grandmother" not "the mother". She keeps sticking her nose in my business when it comes to me raising and disciplining my children. How do I get her to STOP?


camomille tea and my 4 month old

can i give my 4 month old camomille tea? If so how much?

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Daughter with braces an need to get them off

How do you get braces off teeth at home

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Is it possible to plan for twins?

My husband and I are planning a pregnancy. We want to get pregnant in September to have a May/June baby. I'm currently on the BC pills (Ortho Cyclen).

I am a fraternal twin (and crossing my fingers that I inherited the hyperovulation gene!). I haven'...


Is Anise Tea bad to give a 3 month old?

Is Anise Tea bad to give a 3 month old?

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How do you switch from formula to milk?

When do you think you should switch over to whole milk. Most people do it before the baby turns one. My biggest question though is how. Do you just switch from formula to whole milk overnight. do you do it during the day. Do I have him drink formula...


Help with a baby name! Tia ...

Hi, I am 10 weeks pregnant and really like the name Tia for a girl, any ideas for a middle name? Thank you . x


Does this mean we're having twins?

So My Fiancee Is Pregnant Just like about a Week only And We Did This Pendulm Thing Where If It Swings Back And Forth its a Boy and Circular a girl,It Did Both And Kept Chaning! Does this Mean Were going to have a Twin baby boy and girl>

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How do I get my boys to be more respectful and independant?

I have 2 boys 12 & 14. they are good kids mostly. but here recently, they have been reall hateful, snotty, and have real crappy attitudes. They dont hit me or others, they dont cuss, or tell me no. they dont do drugs/alcohol {not to my knowledge any...


How can me and my boyfriend make up our minds about having a baby?

me and my boyfriend are thinking of having a baby but are unsure if we want to make up our minds and agree on what we should do. please give us ideas we would really appreciate it


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