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  1. A guide to the best 14-inch bikes and climbing harness for kids
    We’re guessing you’ve stumbled across this article in a hope to stop your kids from whining and complaining all the time just cuz they’re “bored”! Buying them their very own bikes can keep them entertained and energized throughout the day. You can also...
    7 16
  2. soon to be husband wants to adopt my son?
    well i gave birth to my son in 2012 theres no record of the biological father though i know who he is.. other than a child support paper i needed to fill out so my son could keep his insurance. the father has a really bad felony againced him making it ...
    2 27
  3. Why do I want a daughter so badly?
    I've always craved for a baby since I was about 15. I know having children is going to happen for me someday but I always imagine myself having a daughter .. Never a son. I'm a baby person and even have names picked already. I'm prepared to have a girl...
    3 69
  4. 2 girls and a baby...
    So I am a 13yr old girl and me and my girlfriend which we have been together for a year want to have a kid together.. Is it possible to have one without a donor or adopting?
    43 38
  5. ok so heres the situation
    My daughter told me she likes boys and girls so what do I do about sleepovers? She is 13 and I dont want her dating till she is 16
    6 44
  6. How do you bond with a 4/5/6 year old boy?
    My boyfriend has two half brothers. One of them is 10 but when I first met him he was 6. For some reason he took an immediate liking to me, drew me pictures gave me little gifts. His mom joked that both her boys were after me. His other half brothe...
    3 31
  7. baby name ideas?
    do any of you people on funadvice have some good baby names? its getting close to the big day, and I cant decide on one, so I wanted your opinions. I was thinking Scarlett Rosie, or Cloie Ann, but if you have any ideas they would be greatly appreciated...
    13 26
  8. my daughter is up to it again, she is bugging me about joining FA
    17 40
  9. is it bad for almost a 3 year old to drink raw eggs. So my mom gives my bro a cup of milk and cracks an egg inside?
    2 36
  10. Skelita Calaveras, now living at our house too.
    And of course I had to take her picture!
    7 11
  11. is it bad to give kids adult vitamins?
    2 11
  12. how do I get my baby cousin to stop touching my boobs?
    My baby cousin always squeezed and touched my boobs as a baby ( i nursed him once) now hes almost five and he still touches my boobs every once in a while and even asked to see them idk how to tell him they are off limits now :(
    10 194
  13. would you tell your kids about a previous child put up for adoption?
    ok so I had a child at the age of 14, I put her up for adoption because it was best. So how/should I tell my kids that I did that?
    8 34
  14. how old do you have to be to adopt a child
    i have no idea but i really wanna adopt how old must I be?
    6 40
  15. do you think a child is ever better off not knowing there parents?
    In what circumstances would it be best for a child to not know there parents, if any/
    4 8
  16. how do i tell my 12 year old she is reading inappropriate things?
    I did a search history on my browser today and found that my daughter was reading POV type stuff, girls getting kidnapped and forced to do certain acts, I think you know what I mean. Any suggestions
    8 57
  17. I think my son was molested
    My son is 2 years old (turning 3 within the next month) He came to me 2 days ago and said that my husband's uncle gave him a hiding on his bum. But i just thought that it is his imagination because he can get carried away a bit. But he mentioned this...
    3 42
  18. why when im with my nephew he acts strange?
    our Open Question: Why when i'm alone with my nephew he acts strange?!!? My nephew is a 3 year old kid!.He always had been haunted by ghosts!.He cries for anything.One time he went to my house,he went straight to my room and i followed him when h...
    3 58
  19. At what age should a child start learning the alphabet and how to spell?
    3 12
  20. Do u think a white\mexican and a white\asian would have cute kids?
    im scottish and german and spanish on my white side and my bf is italian on his white side and thai and filipino on his asian side haha yeah im specific so ppl can have an exact picture in there head thnx guys :)
    4 28
  21. What do you think of the the name Michael Gabriel? Or Hunter Skye for a girl?
    3 21
  22. Describe what feelings you would get, the night before Christmas when you where
    I am currently doing research for a uni project, so post serious :D
    7 38
  23. How Do i change a dirty diaper?
    So me and my baby-mom had a falling out, so now if i want to spend time with my daughter i have to watch her by myself. That's fine i got confident in myself that i can handle a 1 year old girl, but the things that is messing with me is her poopy dia...
    2 48
  24. What would you do if a 4 year old refuses to eat the lunch you prepared?
    6 42
  25. What do you do if a 6 year old is building a tower with blocks and his 2 year old brother comes by and knocks it over?
    Big brother is really angry.
    4 51
  26. Can you adopt a baby at the age of 18 in PA?
    if not how old must you be?
    12 50
  27. Is there a specific type of therapist I should take my daughter to?
    After the other night she can't sleep cause she dreams about and I think she needs a professional to talk to
    3 26
  28. Can kids drink sangrias?
    4 15
  29. Do you believe a newborn child is born with certain traits or personalities or do you believe everything is taught (more)?
    do you believe a person is born with their own individuality or is it something they pick up through peers or taught through their parents? What about psychopaths or sociopaths; is it learned? or inborn? I've seen a similar question and most people ...
    8 48
  30. What are your opinions/thoughts on children being transgender?
    You find it okay or not okay? Do you believe its the parents or what?
    12 17
  31. Should a 5 year old be allowed to play outside unsupervised?
    Is is ok for a mom to stay inside the house while her 5 yr old is outside (out of her view)playing? I know someone who does this and normally the child stays close by, but recently that 5 yr old keeps wondering off farther and farther. So I guess my qu...
    4 72
  32. Do you think we should go back to allowing children to be children?
    I'm not that old myself, but as I look around at all the children and young teenagers now; they seem more desperate than ever to be adults and it's quite sad to see children losing their innocence so young.
    7 36
  33. What can I do to keep a 2 year old girl entertained for a day?
    haha any ideas are greatly welcomed. I might bring her by my old work, set up tons of coloring stuff, and watch a movie or something.
    9 17
  34. What are some tips on babysitting a 6-1/2 month old?
    The youngest I have babysat on my own is a 1 year old. I help my grandmother babysit my 6 1/2 month old nephew every now and then. This week, she has work, so now I have to babysit my nephew by myself. I know how to handle babies, and feed them, and pl...
    3 29
  35. Is adoption good?
    I really want to girl twins when i am older but dont know the precautions i would be taking any one have any good links ?
    8 15
  36. Can eight year olds watch Doctor Who?
    I'm asking for my cousins.
    6 24
  37. What is the best way to deal with an autistic child that uses violence when they don't get their way?
    3 5
  38. Is it safe to put jarred baby food, like veggies, in a baby bottle that has milk in it?
    17 38
  39. What do kids in a 4H club do?
    3 36
  40. Is there a special formula for newborns under 5 pounds?
    3 18
  41. What are your thoughts on putting leashes on your children when out in public?
    I personally think it's very wrong and quite disturbing to see any child on a leash. It just shows you have no control of you child.
    79 32
  42. When you hear the name Riley, what comes to mind first - boy or girl?
    It's my daughters name. :)
    28 39
  43. What can I say or do to stop my 12 year old daughter from wanting to look like she's 15 or 16 years old?
    25 57
  44. Would you buy shoes for your kids that have a GPS in them?
    I personally think its a good idea
    11 11
  45. Is it wierd that I say spanks instead of thanks?
    6 133
  46. Do any states allow minors to get pierced?
    Is their any states where you can get pierced at 16 without a parent/guardian?
    9 36
  47. Why do kids start cussing when they are, like, 12 years old?
    18 94
  48. What are some ways I can help my grieving daughters sleep tonight?
    They lost their grandfather today and can't stop crying.
    10 16
  49. What kind of activities can I do with one kid while babysitting?
    5 21
  50. What to bring to a babysitting job?
    Okay, so I'm fourteen and I haven't babysat before besides my brothers and sisters who are twelve, nine, seven, and two. I do work the nursery/ childrens ministry at church with my cousin who is two months younger than I am. I was asked to babysit a f...
    2 52
  51. What are some childhood habits that you brought to your teenage/adult life?
    For me personally, I still sleep with my teddy. Also as a child I would bring my pillow around, I still do that when I go to watch tv on the couch, or sit at my desk.
    23 20
  52. What are some good activities for young children to do at the table?
    My brother and sister are 2 and 4. They really enjoy drawing at the table. I was just wondering what other things they could do at the table that they might enjoy. Nothing like paint just yet, nothing to messy. :D
    5 26
  53. What is an appropriate age to leave a child/ren home alone?
    14 23
  54. What's a good curfew for a 15 year old girl?
    Turning 16 in December
    35 144
  55. What lesson, big or small, has a child taught you?
    19 23
  56. What is something you always got excited over as a child?
    19 30
  57. What's a love child?
    11 57
  58. Can you combine these names for a baby girl name: Carmal Aurora and Juan Luis?
    Hey my titi is having a girl. In addition, she and her husband are trying to combine there names (Carmel Aurora and Juan Luis) togther for their daugther. Can anyone come up with something good. Please help us thanks. :)
    2 76
  59. What is an emancipated minor?
    2 12
  60. What do you think are the most important factors in successfully reversing traditional gender roles concerning child care?
    2 93
  61. What are some things I should bring while babysitting?
    8 24
  62. Do you think it's right to read your child's diary?
    22 25
  63. Why do newborn babies sleep with their arms upwards by their head?
    7 36
  64. how do I deal with my boyfriends parents?
    he think its ok, when I told him he defended them. I feel like r relationship problems n what we argue about is none of there business. and they ask me personal questions about my exs like why is MY past there business especially if it doesnt pertain t...
    2 44
  65. How can I help my (almost) 5 year old girl stop wearing diapers at night time?
    12 47
  66. What should I play with my little brother and cousin?
    Oh and by the way they are 8 and 7
    4 39
  67. How can I help this student go to a better school when his parents don't approve?
    My students dreams to to go school A (the best in town) his parents do not approve of his dream since the location of the school is a bit far from house.
    4 20
  68. What kind of music helps a baby go to sleep at night?
    12 37
  69. What is a good way to explain to a kid how dreams work?
    3 10
  70. Why do younger children get up earlier?
    adults need less sleep, but kids wake up earlier? why..?
    8 31
  71. What can I expect when I take my 4-year-old cousin to have some teeth removed?
    4 21
  72. How do I tell my 13 year old daughter that I know that she is not telling the truth and that she can learn from it?
    I easily got mad and start yelling at her whenever she is telling a lie.
    8 36
  73. What could I do for my daughter's 12th birthday?
    Her birthday is next month and I'm not sure what kind of party to throw her, she is a girly girl, any ideas
    8 23
  74. Is scaring teens to improve their behavior a good idea?
    I was just watching America Now and seen where parents sent their kids to a program at a jailhouse to show them what it will be like if they keep getting into trouble. At first I thought it wouldn't be such a bad idea until I seen how harsh the guards ...
    6 9
  75. What is the effect of a child sleeping with their parents every night?
    Read more: I notice that babies/toddlers in US and Europe sleep in their room separated from their parents. here in Indonesia, children until 4 or 5 years old are still sleeping in the same bed with their parents. Is that bad?
    24 59
  76. How to find the balance between raising a boy and a girl?
    When raising a girl, how do you avoid giving her gender based toys but not make her a tomboy? Sorry if I do not make sense for I can not explain this clearly.
    5 19
  77. Can a two month old baby cut molars?
    On her two month wellness check up my daughter's pediatrician broke the news that she's teething. That explained her being cranky and fist in her mouth at all times. I definitely see her gums raised and gone all white where the pre molars should be...
    5 46
  78. How old is too old for a child to wear a diaper?
    18 98
  79. How can I deal with my daughter being a picky eater?
    I have tried making it fun. I have tried punishment. She has gone to bed hungry without dinner. She makes herself throw up instead of eat. She would rather go to bed than eat. She is getting smarter and now realizes that if she throws up at daycare she...
    38 27
  80. Is it okay to give Melatonin to an 8 year old child?
    4 41
  81. Do you think that once children have reached a certain age they should stop eating white bread and choose a more grown up bread?
    12 47
  82. How can I help my 8 year-old daughter go to sleep after having a nightmare?
    3 18
  83. What's your opinion on sending your child/ren to school with a cell phone - good idea or no?
    9 46
  84. What do you think of this new kind of Yoga that swings and trains 2-moth-old babies to walk?
    I have just seen this video of Russian Yoga of swinging babies that shocks me.
    9 22
  85. Can a four-year-old child choose who he wants to live with when their parents get divorced or it is decided by the court?
    17 51
  86. How should I teach my son to be gentle to animals?
    He is not gentle to my sisters dog. I don't know to go about teaching him to be gentle
    14 43
  87. How do you learn to live in a house with baby twins?
    I just moved into my mom's house. She has twins with my step dad. They never sleep, they eat all the time, they cry for no aparent reason, and they drive me utterly insane. Is there some sort of secret to handling twin babies? Because if there is, I ne...
    9 10
  88. Should I be worried that one of my students collects photos of accident victims?
    He likes to collect pictures of victims of accidents and then upload them on his FB. Some of the pictures are so nasty like a body without a head. I am wondering if this condition is a sign that there is something wrong with him?
    10 31
  89. What do you think about the fact that mother's intelligence gives a 75% influence on the children's intelligence?
    4 28
  90. Do you think "tiger parenting" is abusive?
    A viral video showing a 4 year old boy wearing nothing but shoes and his underwear crying as he ran through the snow has a lot of people's dander up, but apparently the exercise is meant to build up the child's immunity and repair ill health. It's not ...
    8 18
  91. How old you have to be to get custody of a younger sibling in California?
    My younger twin sisters are two almost three and I'm nineteen...There parents are unstable and their mom has three other kids under 6, 4,and three to take care of...My dad is asking me to put them in my name for moneys sake but i work so i dont know h...
    3 34
  92. How can I overcome my baby jealousy?
    My fiance and I have been trynig to concieve for a few months now, and we have not had any luck yet. Yesterday his younger brother and his brothers fiance called to inform us that they are unexpectingly pregnant. It wasn't planned and I know there is n...
    8 40
  93. What is the cutest thing a little kid has ever said to you?
    I was at a pizza restaurant with my friends, and I kept noticing this little boy around 4 or 5 years old that kept staring at me. When him and his dad were done eating, he whispered something to his dad, who then glanced over at me. After a couple of m...
    17 38
  94. Can children or toddlers sense when a women is pregnant?
    Is it true children get attracted to pregnant women?
    4 45
  95. Should you tell people their baby is ugly?
    10 23
  96. Why is it that fat babies are really heavy to carry even though they weigh less?
    6 19
  97. Is it possible to love your step child as you love your biological child?
    23 41
  98. How can I find underprivileged kids from other countries?
    I want to find a child from another country to kind of take care of. Like I want to help them by sending them things they can't get on there own crayons,books, maybe some clothes, ect. I'm thinking kids from like orphanges, or in group homes. Does anyo...
    7 13
  99. Is the number of children's charities in your country rising, falling, or staying the same?
    Or to put it another way: Are more children needing help each year of fewer?
    5 17
  100. Do newborn babies dream?
    do babies dream? can their brains process dreams like grown ups can or are they still developing
    20 29
  101. Should I apologize to my daughter?
    My 11 yr old adopted daughter was adopted at age 5-6.We are a Christian Household.We do indulge our children,but we expect cooperation and hard work in return.Dear Daughter is allergic to cooperation. Last weekend she was very mouthy and refused to go...
    13 72
  102. What will I have to do to get guardian/parenting rights of Elmo?
    Do not judge me or try to tell me how hard this is going to be for someone my age or what i'm going to miss out on, i'm perfectly aware of the situation and the desion has already been made. My bestfriend is pregant. She's going to turn 18 and be ou...
    6 31
  103. Why does my three year old daughter hate me so much?
    She loves her dad. Her gma. and everyone else. But when its time for her to come home to me after visiting them she cries. Its like I beat her or something. I work so hard for her and get her everything. It hurts me.
    7 25
  104. Is Kaydin a good name for a baby boy?
    19 29
  105. What are your favourite names for a baby?
    What are you gonna name your child, or what are your most favorite kid or baby names youve ever heard of?
    42 36
  106. How do I get my 10 year old brother to start calling me "Tata"?
    8 20
  107. Do you think children's services should be able to take a child away from you because they are overweight?
    8 22
  108. Why don't people believe in spanking their children anymore?
    it seems sooooo many kids are out of control now-a-days and it's somethin that can be fixed with just a lick of the belt. Why are people becoming so soft with their kids?
    11 158
  109. Is it me but does anyone else think kids are way too advanced for their ages these days?
    13 22
  110. What do you think about punishment when it comes to children?
    How do you think they should be punished?
    11 66
  111. What are some things I need to know to take care of a baby girl?
    6 14
  112. What are some cute names you would name your children?
    I'm doing this thing in school and we have to have a family. I have a few names that I want to use Wym I actually have kids but I'm kind of stuck :/ I have Aja and Erin for girl names and Levi for a not name. I like boy names for girls like Taylor and ...
    22 44
  113. What are those toys called where you get a bottle attached to them and you feed it when ever it cries and the bear used to smell of fruit?
    2 28
  114. Do you think it's a good idea to set up an online help page for teenagers?
    5 10
  115. Would you let your child(dren) get candy from a police officer that is riding around in a police cruiser?
    32 42
  116. Should monoamniotic twins share a crib after birth?
    Im not sure whether my twins should sleep alone or together when they're born. Im not sure whether it would be too much of a shock for them to be apart at first. What do you think?anyone with twins i really need advice :) thanks x
    3 36
  117. What do you think are the dumbest child names?
    I know this guy. His last name is 'Weed'. Can anyone guess what he gave the kid for a first name? ;p And no Im not kidding, this actually happened. , but please answer the actual title to the question too.
    47 64
  118. What ever happened to teaching your kids not to talk to strangers?
    Seriously...tell your kid to stop talking to me.
    2 7
  119. Why is the middle child always different?
    6 33
  120. What do you think about people dyeing their children's hair?
    By children I mean X months- 7 years. Thanks to anyone who gives some input :)
    16 29
  121. How often is a baby born in the world?
    I've heard every 4 sec and 7 sec a baby is born. does anyone know?
    6 134
  122. How do cultural, economic, political, and historical influences affect children's development?
    2 66
  123. Why do young children and babies always stare at me with the greatest interest?
    If a baby sees me, it puts a huge grin on its face.:D And it will go out of its way to make sure that it has nobody in its line of sight, just to look at me..For example, I was at Safe-way and there was the most adorable baby/toddler in the shopping ca...
    5 436
  124. Why do I want a kid every time I see one?
    I'm 16 and seeing kids makes me want one. I'm not stupid enough to get pregnant, but i really want a baby. no matter if the kid is being a spoiled brat, it still makes me want a kid. Why?! everyone calls me weird for it, because most of my friends don'...
    6 32
  125. What does it mean if a baby doesn't cry when it's born ?
    I wasn't, and I'm just curious :)
    10 79
  126. Why do all little kids like going up and down stairs?
    7 57
  127. Why is it SO hard to geet a cute ass boy , to faall for you.?
    13 28
  128. Why is Ribena not advised for children under 3 years?
    4 38
  129. Why can't young babies sit up?
    5 26
  130. How many of you are named Gina?
    5 27
  131. Who likes to watch Toddlers & Tiaras?
    17 18
  132. What's the minimal age required for a child to be submitted to bootcamp?
    5 7
  133. Should I charge more if the girl I'm baby sitting brings her friends over and they are brats?
    13 23
  134. What is your opinion of placing your baby up for adoption?
    18 21
  135. Do you think that parents forcing children to finish what is on their plate is a cause of child obesity?
    11 68
  136. Can anyone give me babysitting advice?
    I'm going to be babystting my cousins during vacation (while the grown-ups are doing other stuff) and I need some advice. There are going to be 6 kids, ranging from 4 years to 12 years. I'm 13, and the two 12 year olds tend not to lesson to me, as I'm ...
    4 30
  137. What are some fun games you can play with elementary kids?
    8 30
  138. What to do when your dad is calling you things you don't say to any child?
    He likes to do this alot "How do you get a C, C is for Cheater. Soon you're gonna be out on the street on welfare with 8 kids that you don't know the baby daddies too. You're gonna be a sorry little b*tch waiting for the 1st of the month, with your mom...
    11 13
  139. Is it worse to under feed kids or over feed them?
    The kids are 10,10,9,6 and 5
    16 29
  140. How to teach a 5 year old how to swim?
    2 60
  141. When a baby is born dead why do they call it a still birth?
    9 42
  142. Why do women with babies in strollers think they deserve special treatment?
    I'm on the bus and this woman got mad at me cuz I didn't want to change my seat cuz she had a stroller and didn't want to go to the back of the, I didn't move and now I'm gettin the evil eye, I DON'T CARE!!!!
    19 97
  143. What can my sister do about her 5 day old baby teething?
    He's growing 2 teeth on the bottom and I guess he's extremely fussy and chewing on everything, she isn't sure how to help him since he's so young. Any tips? :)
    16 49
  144. Can you tell at a very young age if a child has anxiety issues (read more)?
    i was recently watching my bf's niece who is turning 3 here soon. now i have been babysitting since i was 13 and have watched plenty of 3 year old. she is not like any of them. she has alot of minor freak out mode, almost panic attacks. i wanted to tak...
    7 20
  145. What temperature should your house be during the summer with a toddler?
    3 17
  146. What are 5 English words first taught to babies beside "mama" and "papa"?
    25 39
  147. Is it bad for the baby if you're always sad and crying?
    7 35
  148. Can my friend make a police report because she assumes that I have her ipod at my house when I dont?
    I have evidence that she drank the night that she lost the "Itouch", but she is trying to say she left it at my house and I don't want to be responsible for anyones belongings. And it's been over a month and she bearly is asking about it now so it's al...
    5 15
  149. Should you let a toddler cry himself to sleep when he has a cold?
    We tried every thing and he just keeps crying so at this point thats all we can do! or is this bad? we always let him cry to sleep and he usally sleeps after 10 mins but i dont know if it cruel to do it when he has a cold.?
    13 43
  150. Can a daily intake of carrots cause a yellowish color on a baby's skin?
    13 41
  151. Should I call social services about the neighbour's kids?
    I live in england in a nice village. I have serious concerns about 2 households in my street, they make my life a misery with their behavior and my constant worrying about their kids Household 1, Single mother of a 15yr old non-attending school and 1...
    5 30
  152. Do you think it's right when parents refuse to give their children anything but milk, juice, and water to drink?
    I don't give my children anything but milk, juice and water to drink and my friends always say its ok for them to have a little pop I SAY NO WAY what do you think
    25 46
  153. Is it crazy to pierce an infant's ear?
    my sister said she'll wait till the baby is 4 months so she can pierce her ear? what age is she supposed to pierce them for her?
    12 51
  154. Is it a bad idea to let a 4 month old baby near dogs and cats?
    16 28
  155. What is the best type of baby food?
    6 25
  156. Why is it so hard to get my little girl to eat every day?
    12 48
  157. Who do you think should get their own room - the 8 year old or 17 year old?
    16 66
  158. How old is an infant who was born on Oct. 5 (now it's April 24th)?
    .. i said hes 6 months for the others hes considered 7 months?
    7 40
  159. What are some ways to make an 18 month old listen?
    im not the father but he listings and behaves with me around, but when im not around, he acts up,hits and screams and doesnt listing to my girlfriend,her kid, there anyways i can help her out? or do?
    5 47
  160. What would probably happen if a baby ate a rock?
    Uhm.. I was at someone's house and she left her baby outside alone and when I found her she was choking on a rock D: I got it out but them I got to wondering... It was kinda sharp too D:
    9 43
  161. When you're a little kid, is it normal to have nightmares a lot (read description please)?
    when i was younger i used to have nightmares quite often and i always went to sleep in my parents bed in the middle of the night, my mom says its not normal for a kid that age to have nightmares almost every night/that often; is that true? i still get ...
    18 37
  162. What is a good idea for working with the kids in a community center?
    The last time I help out our community center was 2009. I sold chips and sodas and candy by giving back to them. We even buy chips others snacks for them. One of the people got jealous. Since then I didn't went back. Now it 2011 what is a different idea.
    4 15
  163. Can a child lose their two front teeth at only four (or five) years old?
    I've heard the average age is seven or eight years old but is it possible to lose them at only four or five naturally?
    10 58
  164. Can you use cornstarch instead of baby powder?
    Because the bottle reads pure cornstarch baby powder. so is it the same thing?
    3 1556
  165. Why are 12 year olds watching R rated movies?
    31 81
  166. Does anyone know any (Aztec or Indian) baby names that mean Sun or Moon?
    4 25
  167. What does the name "Farveen" mean for a baby girl?
    what does the name Farveen mean??
    2 71
  168. Why is "play" the most important component for children?
    4 16
  169. When do you know if your child needs vitamins and how do you choose which one is best?
    16 70
  170. Why do babies have big heads?
    5 116
  171. How do you get your 11 year old daughter to act a little more more mature instead of acting so childish?
    13 67
  172. Why does this niece of mine bump into things around her so often?
    She often hits her head ,elbow, knee, shoulder even her toes to objects like table door, wall. This happens too often, almost daily.
    5 54
  173. What can I do to help my little sister when she is being bullied?
    My 13yo sister is unfortunatly having a really hard time in school just now. The group that she hangs around with have two or three really mean girls who are trying to exlude her. She has two friends in the group as well but they are all too scared t...
    11 218
  174. What are some ways to put fear into a child, if the child is bigger than you and they use that to their advantage to try and bully you around?
    7 33
  175. What are some games I can play with my 6 year old sister since she won't stop bugging me that she's bored?
    7 38
  176. Is it ok to have a humidifier in my room with my babies?
    My twins cribs are in my room and I dont wanna turn the humidifier on if its not good for them.
    3 24
  177. How can I get my three year old cousin to stop cussing?
    she says bad words like an adult if we say i love you to her she says i love you to b!tch and fxck you to everybody.she says it like in a conversation.her mom tells her not to cuss but she does it in front of my cousin like its no big deal.we tried eve...
    14 46
  178. Is 'Marley' a boys name or girls, or both?
    11 15
  179. What are some good ideas to stop my 9 year-old boy from biting his nails?
    21 45
  180. Why do we feel so much emotion when we look at our children?
    4 7
  181. How do you get to love children, if you don't?
    7 19
  182. What are the reasons for planning and implementing activities which contribute to promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for children?
    4 21
  183. Has any parent on here used "Gripe Water" for a colicy infant and what were your experiences?
    My daughter is 1 month old and we've been struggling with colic. I had heard about gripe water and decided to give it a try because at that point i was desperate. It seems to be working and is making a huge difference in her. It is a bit pricey though ...
    4 21
  184. When can I start to introduce sippy cups to my son?
    (he's 6months going on 7)
    3 17
  185. What is a safe age for an infant to be taken to a public place like mall?
    I had this argument with my cousin since she insisted on taking her 28 days old infant to go shopping. I thought there is no good point at all for such young baby to be taken to be taken to a mall. On the other hand, plenty of viruses that might harm t...
    11 24
  186. What to do when a child throws a fit?
    I have a four year old who I babysit for, and he has a tendency to throw a massive hissy fit whenever he doesn't get his way. He'll throw things, yell out things, stomp around the house, lock himself in his room, hit people, etc. When I try putting him...
    6 50
  187. How far apart are your kids from one another?
    I have a 5 1/2 month old and im due in August for another little boy. They will be 11 months apart.
    15 31
  188. What are some things to help and comfort a newborn with a tummy ache?
    I have to call her pediatrition in the morning, i believe her formula is the culprit. Its been so long since my son was this small that i cant recall what we used to do when he got a tummy ache. Shes only 3 weeks old so remember no medicines.
    10 20
  189. Is it likely that children will have problems reading and understanding what they read if their parents don't read to them when they're young?
    5 28
  190. Why does my son cry in his sleep and wakes up screaming?
    8 56
  191. Is it normal for my cousin to cry almost every day after her mum died a year ago?
    10 60
  192. What would a half black, half german baby look like?
    4 64
  193. How come teen's opinions are never taken into consideration?
    13 24
  194. Do you think it's acceptable for children to change their clothes in public?
    I'm not talking about kids after they hit like 8 but for the younger ones? I was at ballet practice and I saw a woman helping her daughter (Age: 4-6) change onto her ballet stuff and I she was standing there naked! The bathroom was free but know one se...
    5 121
  195. Why do children get away with stuff adults are punished for?
    So like, if a preschooler hit someone once in school, they don't even get suspended. All they get is a time out. If you hit a coworker, however, you get canned. I'm like wtf! I remember begging and giving a coworker $$$ to be my friend. They had my a**...
    10 35
  196. How does a loss of a parent affect a child's development?
    4 17
  197. Why are all of the kid's toys changing styles?
    7 14
  198. When a baby is born how old is it going to be?
    like 1 month and until how many months will the baby be 1 year old? in 12 months?
    7 43
  199. Do you use just one punishment method for your children, or do you use different ones?
    3 10
  200. How to teach a hyperactive 3 year old with a short attention span?
    4 34
  201. Do you think social media sites are effecting our kids in a negative way?
    I know I did not get a join a site till I was 30 and it was facebook, I then wonder why I made a account, I might look at it once a week. But my son will get home and get on the darn xbox and talk to his friends on a headset.
    8 4
  202. What would you do to help your child if the doctor said they were anemic?
    My younger son had a very poor diet previously but after the doctor said he was anemic, we've been more successful in getting him to eat veggies, foods high in iron, etc. He eats broccoli, steak, shrimp...other than making sure he eats better and takes...
    11 28
  203. Does anyone have any tips on babysitting?
    like how to send a child to bed stuff like that xx ?
    11 21
  204. What's "initiative" when your talking about toddlers/primary school aged?
    4 16
  205. Is it cool to have a twin?
    7 39
  206. How can a stepfather, discipline a 6 year old girl and a 10 year old boy?
    5 103
  207. Is there any way you can help your 10 year old to concentrate more in school?
    My 10 year old has so much potential, but seems to be so hurry to play with his friends or to just the work over with that he hurries the notes down and when it is time to review, he himself cannot understand what he wrote. Both in school and extra les...
    10 30
  208. What is an appropriate time for a ten year old to go to bed?
    17 50
  209. Why do some kids bully their moms?
    and pick on them? and make weird faces at them
    6 39
  210. How much is proper as a pocket money for 12 year old girl?
    16 71
  211. What should we do when hearing our neighbor's 2-3 year old boy crying loudly for over an hour?
    6 37
  212. How much money does a veterinary technician earn?
    Like per hour or per year.
    2 37
  213. What happens to the victims of child labor once they are grown up?
    Do they become a crimminal or a high ranking person?
    2 52
  214. What are some good ways to expose my children to positive role models besides myself?
    They are ages 7 and 10 both girls
    13 15
  215. How can I get rid of my son's fever with out medication (he's 5 months)?
    I have no way of getting to a drugstore rite now
    6 52
  216. Why do kids make fun of special needs kids?
    17 63
  217. How do we avoid liking one child better than the other(s)?
    7 27
  218. How would you react if your child came home with a report with 1 A, 1 B, 3 C's, and 1 D?
    10 60
  219. Do you believe boys are easier to raise than girls?
    I have always heard people say this and im just curious as to others experiences. I have a 2 1/2 year old son at the moment and im 9 months pregnant with our first baby girl. Im curious as to whether it holds any truth..
    23 38
  220. Who thinks it is right to send a bunch of 7th and 8th graders to an abortion rally?
    (they go to catholic school) my friends class is on a fieldtrip there right now and I think the school is not only endangering the welfare of one child but all like 30 or 40 of them!State your opinion?
    3 17
  221. How can I convince a judge to take custody away from an alcoholic father?
    Is there anything other than you love your kids, you can say to a judge to get custody of them, and away from their alcoholic father?
    4 50
  222. What are some possible effects of poor eating in children?
    8 20
  223. What would a Mexican and a Colombian baby look like?
    5 37
  224. What are some ways you can punish a 10 yr old when nothing seems to do any good?
    13 25
  225. What is your career and do you like it?
    I am almost a senior and need to find out what to do with my life. I love children and helping people but I am VERY shy... Does anyone have any ideas? :(
    6 23
  226. What will CPS do to my friend if her newborn tested positive for lortab In Kentucky?
    Anyone been thru this before??
    4 33
  227. Is there any way to make myself like children?
    I have an 8 year old niece and a 5 year old nephew, and I have to baby sit them quite often. I always dread having to do that because I absolutely detest kids. So I was wondering, is there any way to make myself like them? Then baby sitting wouldn't be...
    7 35
  228. Why is it important for children to know right from wrong?
    9 57
  229. How can I get babygirl to sleep at night without screaming?
    5 41
  230. How far along in a pregnancy do you have to be so they can tell the gender of the baby?
    10 39
  231. why has my baby been very difficult lately?
    he wakes up during the night and starts crying and i give him his bottle but he doesnt want it so i pick him up and start playing with him or sing to him but then he asks for his bottle and when i give it to him he doesnt want it and when i sit him do...
    10 30
  232. Why do 3 year olds talk so much?
    Mine jibber jabbers all the time! This is more a rehtorical questions. Just a convo starter!
    11 64
  233. Is giving birth at 15 really hard?
    19 55
  234. When do I start getting things for my baby?
    Im pregnant, only a few weeks but when do i start getting things?
    14 16
  235. How do you keep from spoiling your kids?
    I know it is wrong, but I try to get my kids what they want, I don't really make them work for anything. How can I break this bad habit I have?
    15 36
  236. Why do teens have a rebellious stage?
    10 29
  237. How do I get my 2 year old son to sleep through the night?
    It seems like I have tried everything. He wakes up every night. He hasn't slept through the night since he was 10 months old.
    9 44
  238. Do you think children should be sheltered from unhappiness?
    15 60
  239. Whats wrong with my brother if all he does is watch HALO videos on youtube for at least 4 hours a day?
    4 33
  240. How do you teach a child even and odd numbers?
    6 54
  241. what is it called when a kid refuses to poop for a few days at a time?
    11 41
  242. when babys have bad dreams what do they dream about?
    11 40
  243. How do you bathe a 7 year old girl while babysitting who is unwilling to get undressed even when her mom told me I had to wash her body for her?
    5 33
  244. Do babies see things paranormal?
    Do they dream? And is it true babies are very smart?
    11 36
  245. Do you think the cookie monster is a good role model for kids to look up to?
    13 136
  246. What do you do if your mom's freind's baby had a really gross explosion in her pants and is screaming and crying?
    Her mom is with my mom eating dinner? She had the stomach flu a while ago and now I kinda have it. What do I do??????!!!!!
    13 32
  247. how can my mom make my baby stop crying?
    she took him to her house for a couple of days but he's non stop crying
    9 32
  248. When adopting kids is it better to adopt 2 rather than 1 so the other has someone to be friends with?
    10 46
  249. when your child ask "where do babies come from what do you say?
    16 48
  250. how do i get the kids i babysit to take me seriously?
    i babysit a 4 year old girl and a 2 year old boy, and I'm always really nice and kind of a pushover (like, ill let them sleep a little past their bed time). but when I tell them to do something (like brush their teeth or eat their dinner or something) ...
    7 42