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  1. How to get more likes on Instagram
    Ahh Instagram. The modern place for validation. Let's face it, you post a picture or a video and there are little to no likes, you can get crushed. Your feeling will be hurt. Why isn't anyone giving you any attention? How can you get more [free Instagr...
    7 97
  2. Progressive Web Apps vs. Native Mobile Apps
    So you need to do a mobile app for your business idea. But you're not sure if you should make a mobile friendly HTML Progressive Web App (PWA) or a native mobile app for Android or IOS. A lot of decisions are going to come down to what your users will ...
    6 86
  3. How to create a website in 60 minutes or less
    Remember the days when you had to pay someone to create a website? With many services these days, pretty much anyone can create a new website in under an hour. Now it takes almost zero technical background with tools like Wordpress, Ghost, Wiz, Squares...
    6 335
  4. The complete guide to picking a Digital Marketing school
    How we reach consumers is changing. In this attention based economy, simply posting on your social media account or on your website is not enough. You have to pick the right audience, drive the traffic to the right places, make the right offers and cul...
    9 188
  5. Benefits Of Digital Marketing Consultant
    A digital marketing consultant can easily provide marketing strategies. That will help to overcome the competition. Also, provide the market campaigns on time.
    6 94
  6. What is PPC and Its Benefits
    PPC means Pay Per Click also called internet marketing. In this advertisement will be paid and pay per click amount will be deducted. It is a best way to buy visit to your site.
    6 108
  7. 5 Points To Consider While Outsourcing Technical Support
    When you are seeking technical support from a third party, cost-effectiveness is a major advantage that needs to be considered. Here are some other things you need to mull over.
    5 78
  8. The AI Revolution To Website Development: All You Need To Know
    In the future when they write the history of technological advances of the 21st century, pretty sure that AI will cover about half of the book. The applications and effects of AI are so versatile that if we try to list them all right here right now, we...
    10 60
  9. 6 Tips to Skyrocket Your App’s Popularity in the App Store
    In this article, we will explore the ways in which you make your mobile app more popular and visible on app stores.
    7 261
  10. How To Photo Etch Onto Metal
    A step by step manufacturing process of precision thin metal parts using the photo chemical etching process.
    7 124
  11. How to Identify and Repair a Computer Breakdown at Home
    Greetings, now I will try to explain to you how and in what cases you should independently examine the system unit of the computer and find the cause of the breakdown if you do not have technical knowledge.
    7 154
  12. How to Make Your PC Run Like New Again
    Over time, your Windows-powered machine will accumulate digital "filth" that will slow it down and lower your productivity. Here's how to make it running like new and remove all your software woes at the same time!
    5 189
  13. How to Protect Your Android Device?
    Are you using an Android device? Let's make your device highly secure. Here I am going to tell you 4 tips that will help you for this. So, let's start this:
    4 257
  14. How to Create a Website for Free
    Creating a website for free is super easy and can be fun if you know which tool to use. Check out this guide!
    5 124
  15. Best VPNs for Unblocking and Online Privacy
    I say it with complete confidence that mentioned VPN service providers are the best. Of course, there is a long list of reasons behind this confident claim. Following is my small attempt to enlighten you with the features, services.
    5 216
  16. Comprehensive Guide to Work with a Web Designer for Developing a Successful Website
    The following tips will ensure that you have a healthy and profitable business relationship with your web designer and translate it to a successful website.
    6 108
  17. How to Make a Dating App in 7 Steps
    This guide will talk about how to create a dating app and the steps involved in it.
    7 157
  18. 10 Google Analytics SEO Hacks to Increase Organic Traffic
    Nowadays, companies all over the world are providing SEO based services because every business desires to have a strong online presence. Everyone wants high relevant traffic on their webpage and importance of traffic on the website is not some big secret.
    10 144
  19. How to replace a power supply?
    Computer contain sensitive electronic components that are easily damaged by static electricity and excessive shock. When handling the power supply and other components, ensure you are properly grounded using an anti-static mat or similar device. If anti-s
    6 52
  20. The best drones under $150
    Drones are very popular these days. But there are so many that it's hard to find the right ones. Here are a list of the best drones that you can find under $150.00. We've kept the list of drones with cameras since we think a drone without a camera is p...
    3 115
  21. Hey! :) Update and also, maybe help me out? ^^
    Hey guys! Another update on things. Had quite a dramatic month; february. With SAT results coming out and all, it was tough and there is still 8 more days to go. My SAT score was around 1790 and mostly the negative marking gulped down my score but my w...
    4 33
  22. I felt very happy by purchasing in unnatisilks
    Hai friends, i was very happy by sharing with you.Yesterday i have purchased my wedding saree in online store from unnatisilks and really it was offering good quality products and also i got discount on my products.see my saree and tell me your opinion...
    2 9
  23. Thinking about making Youtube videos... good idea or nah?
    Well if you guys didn't already know, I'm around 2 months pregnant and YES, I'm only 16. Unfortunate timing.. buuut I'm going to make the best of it. Anyways; I've been thinking about making videos throughout my pregnancy to put on Youtube to give advi...
    8 14
  24. Some good apps for iPhone? ^_^
    2 14
  25. Are you with me on this one that the people on the internet are trying to compete with me?
    Every time I say I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs they try to get even with me by repeating the same thing and I found out a lot of them actually smoke and drink. And then sometimes when I ask a Question they try to call me stupid thinking they know b...
    2 49
  26. Do you have a facebook?
    I have a facebook and I only have 2 friends because I chose for things to be that way. I don't need 2,000 friends that's unnecessary. I put up some posts on my facebook timeline. And all my basic information is true about me I never lie about myself on...
    3 20
  27. Should I pay someone to photoshop my pictures?
    I don't take attractive pictures at all. Every picture I take comes out looking ugly and I don't know why that is. Even if I have my hair styled, nice clothes on, or make up on, the picture doesn't even show that I have make up on and I look very unatt...
    4 80
  28. Does anyone know of a good Android app that tracks your call plan minutes?
    See, with my plan I have 400 day time minutes and then unlimited after 5pm and weekends. I'm looking for an app that will let me input the after 5pm and weekends as free minutes and then just track my calls monday to friday til 5pm. All the apps I...
    4 24
  29. How do you delete auto backup photos from your gallery on a nexus 7?
    I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to delete the auto backup photos from google+ on my nexus 7. Theyre really annoying cause most of them are blurry and I dont want any of them really. I deleted my whole google+ account, but the photos were s...
    2 79
  30. I am looking to buy an ipod and i would like to have apps, a camera and wifi..
    I am looking to buy an ipod and i would like to have apps (like snapchat) a camera that you can take pictures both ways around (like selfies ?) and wifi for the internet and i'm wondering do i have to buy the more expensive ipod touch or will a cheaper...
    3 11
  31. Apple or Android phone?
    I've Samsung my entire life, and i've no major issues with them. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but this month I can upgrade. Should I stick with Samsung or try apple? What are the pros and con's of each? And are there personally any things...
    7 12
  32. iPad vs tablets?
    Which is better iPads or tablets? Pros and cons of each? and Which do you prefer? I have a Samsung tablet atm but have an opportunity to get an iPad some time next year. I need help deciding whether or not to keep the tablet or take it back and get an...
    3 16
  33. Do I Carry On With YouTube?
    So basically the question is in the title. I've been on YouTube now since 2011 and have had breaks here and there. I think I've come to the 'wall' whether I should carry on or stop all together. I started YouTube as a time passer as I was in betwee...
    2 33
  34. Have you ever cried because a website bored you to tears? Then cried again because you still log on daily anyway?
    2 35
  35. touch screen broke
    My phone started being stupid like idk if its cus my phone was left in the bathroom while i was showering or. so the screen isnt cracked or anything its just when i touch it nothing happens like it doesnt know that im usiing you. i cant use the touch s...
    2 17
    Okay, the only reason I am on right now, is my dad typed random stuff in and it unlocked. A password was put on my Windows 8 computer, and none of us know what it is. Is there an EASY way to reset it with NO DOWNLOAD? I desperately need this computer f...
    2 22
  37. Is it worth upgrading my IPHONE to the New 5S or 5C Model
    Anyone upgrading their phone to the new IPHONE. If so let me know why as I am not sure if I should
    6 27
  38. what is the name of the mask that utilizes amazing changing technologies that gives the effect of a morphing inkblot as you breath?
    i really want to buy this mask because i want to wear them and scare my dear ones on Halloween. So also mention the site where i can buy this masks. Thanks in advance.
    4 11
  39. How can i get past the "select wifi" screen if in am getting on to my nexus 7 for the first time?
    I just bought a google nexus 7 tablet. I am stuck on a screen that says "select wifi". if found my internet connection, but it keeps on jumping from "authenticating" to "connecting", but it doesn't budge other than that. I need some help ASAP PLEASE...
    3 10
  40. Can anybody tell me what ghost detecting app really works and can prove its self and that's free?
    I'm wanting to use a free ghost hunting app that really works and can show you proof that it does work. Does anybody know of one that can do that? Im starting to think that there is something hanging around my house, especially at night. At night we wo...
    7 33
  41. What makes a smart TV just turn on by itself in the middle of the night?
    This has been happening lately, day or night. It is not connected to the internet and actually is only used a few minutes a day. We came home a couple times and it was on..........once we were having dinner in the kitchen and the TV in the living ro...
    4 40
  42. Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?
    Is blog commenting for search engine optimization services spam?
    4 30
  43. Has this ever happened to anyone's computer?
    This thing just shut down on it's own for a few minutes, then re-started and informed me of a mile long list of updates windows installed for me. More bells and whistles that I don't need, to take up memory and disc space. I say if it isn't broke...
    5 20
  44. Why with this all technology we can not have free electricity, dont have to use oil and cure all diseases
    I mean if we focus just in those things i think we can make it, but nobody wants to do it, or has thought about it. What do you think?
    3 12
  45. We have to trust that is true everything that machines say or not?
    If a person says something we refute them, but if a machine says something we have to believe it i mean we can not refute it. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    2 6
  46. So my laptop is totally crapping out on me. Again.
    Anyone have any ideas why it might be taking such a long time for it to start up? And then it will randomly start lagging like hell on me. If anything, I guess I'll bother my geek of a boyfriend again haha to fix it.
    2 12
  47. Want to backup and restore my AD
    Want a Active Directory Backup software that will allows us to backup or snapshot of our AD and restore individual users/objects from that backup
    2 9
  48. Why does my house phone say "line in use" It wont let me make calls and
    I probably cant get any call either. My phone is hooked up though the internet if that matters.
    3 43
  49. Going through a phone
    Last night, my bestfriend/ ex girlfriend went through my phone as soon as I fell asleep and woke me up at 2 am to tell me she was leaving because I was texting a girl I've known way before her. I'm single and have been for almost 6 months. What does th...
    3 22
  50. How can I block pop-ups in Mozilla Firefox?
    Okay, so I've got this problem: Almost everywhere I click in Mozilla, a new window opens. I've blocked them and deleted all the exceptions but it doesn't stop. What can I do about it?
    2 14
  51. Iphone users, help!!
    What apps you recommend? Anything from games to photo apps! .. Please i want the best... Cause lately i've been downloading some bad stuff, so if you have anything you like or loved tell me! Thanks in advance. ❤
    7 36
  52. My computer is slow. What's the best way to clean up my pc?
    2 8
  53. I keep trying to open a file and I get a dll error message. How can I fix this?
    3 11
  54. How can I make my computer run faster?
    My desktop has been running slow (like turtle slow). How can I speed it up (cheaply, plz.)
    2 23
  55. how to deal with the blue screen of death
    Hey, I just got the blue screen of death on my laptop. any suggestions on how best to fix it?
    2 17
  56. Can anything be done to stop Java auto updater from popping up all the time / everytime I start the computer? Windows 7.
    2 30
  57. Are their really iphone apps that are out their that are creepy and stalkish to girls and young women and is their really a see through clothes a
    I see their is such thing as a see through camera app that almost looks real but its not on the iPhone. Do they really exist on the App Store? I happen to have an iPhone and I've heard stories from ppl that this type of creepy app is actually real in s...
    2 14
  58. What can i name my online food ordering app?
    I have created an online food ordering app for delivery and pickup, the first of its kind in Rwanda(East Africa) and i need a name for it. The name i came up with "food4less" didn't do it. People thought it was a charity
    7 14
  59. ok i have a question?
    if i live in california and my friend lives in new mexico would i get charged to text? even thou i have unlimted texting? just dident know if id get charged for texting her
    7 35
  60. Is there anyway to put a picture in internet if the camera is not digital or not?
    If i have old pictures taken from a non digital camera can i put in my profile in any website or not. Tell me please i have seen people who put it, but i dont know how they do it if you know how to do it tell me please thank you.
    2 12
  61. where to sell old tv?
    where to sell old tv?
    2 20
  62. How can I fix my computer when I get dll error codes?
    2 21
  63. how do i do a password recovery for my windows live account?
    3 10
  64. Is 2-3 messages a week too much to send to the guy you like?
    He doesn't reply every time but I do know he's busy. It's usually things I've forgotten to mention when I see him. He never messages me first so I just feel sometimes I'm bothering him. It doesn't seem to stop him wanting to talk to me in person though.
    2 23
  65. I'm getting a new phone and i'm a bit confused which one to choose
    Is the iphone 5 better or Samsung Galaxy S4? I checked them out and couldnt decide. :/ which one has better features and stuff?
    11 12
  66. May I purchase and Unlocked iPhone 4 on T-Mobile USA and maybe not want a Data Strategy?
    I am thinking about purchasing a unlocked iphone 4 for tmobile USA, but don't need to purchase data plan, but just use wifi, may the iphone function without the data strategy?
    2 22
  67. would you put your relatonship on facebook?
    5 14
  68. How do you download a game from your smartphone to your computer?
    I would like to know how to do this so that I could download some games to my son's computer for him to play. Are you able to do this and how did you do it? I have a Verizon Wireless LG Lucid 4GLTE. Thanks for your advice! :)
    3 53
  69. Windows Live Movie Maker-help!
    Why does it show that the files are corruppted? I have had this problem before when working on a project with the same person. I think she saved something wrong. Last time, the video corruppted on HER computer, but luckily, she saved it on SkyDrive bef...
    2 17
  70. i just got a laptop with windows 8 today
    I can download apps for like Facebook and twitter and such. I don't know if its better downloading the app or just using my explorer? Anyone have windows 8 and have ant recommendations or anything?
    5 38
  71. How can I add midi music to my web page?
    2 64
  72. How do you save a game on a memory chip that's on your smartphone (I want to transfer a game from one phone to another)?
    My friend has a Verizon Wireless LG phone that has a querty keyboard that slides open and has a touch screen for the cost of $100. I have a Verizon Wireless LG Lucid 4G LTE smartphone (touch screen). I'm wanting to transfer a game from my phone to her'...
    2 17
  73. i have a question about facebook
    ok i havent had it for that long and i dont go on allot but if people tag you in a pic dosent it show up on your wall? like my sister tagged me in a pic and i look horribleee hahaha can i just delete it off my wall..?
    5 12
  74. Free iPhone Backup Extractor download
    The day before yesterday, I have lost my iphone photos owing to my recklessness. Now I am very urgent to get back all of my iphone photos, so I tried my best to get some free tools in goole, I have tried some, but they can not help me get them back one...
    2 14
  75. Is jailbreaking an ipad safe?
    2 16
  76. Is it possible this is spam?
    I come upon a sent email in my ex's account answering a Craigslist personal ad. It was a gmail account and there was nothing else in the email but that one email. Is it possible this was spam?
    2 26
  77. Should I buy a cars factory navigation system why or why not ?
    2 30
  78. people from my yahoo contact list been telling me to stop sending them INAPPROPR
    people from my yahoo contact list been telling me to stop sending them INAPPROPRIATE links. what?! I never did. whats causing my email to do that?
    4 20
  79. How can I create this IF statement on Excel?
    What I need to do is make an IF statement which will allow a cell (x) to have a value whereby if one cell (y) has been filled and has a value, that value will be in cell x. Or if another cell (z) has been filled in and has a value, that value you will ...
    2 30
  80. Which is the best Mobile
    3 30
  81. Help tumblr coding
    I need to make my photosets fit in their posts on my index page. Here's my coding: {block:Photoset} {block:IndexPage} <center> <div class="perma"> <div class="likep"><a id="like{PostID}" href="javascript:likelink('{PostID}','{Permalink}','');"><...
    3 32
  82. will it bother you if there are double spaces between paragraphs in an ebooks
    2 9
  83. can you find out weather FB account is fake. This girl talks to my boy friend alot so i made a fake account just getting to know the girl and we
    2 31
  84. What is i wanna make an account, but dont know what it is:)
    2 12
  85. Why the news tell me that i can lose my cable service if im paying for it?
    I have to wait until eleven tonight to know, but if im paying for that service, why they will cut my cable the news never say something good to hear like there would be a better service. News are always bad news.
    3 25
  86. how do you unlock your phone from at&t?
    2 26
  87. FROM Address at the SMTP Level?
    Is it feasible to have an SMTP server change the FROM address of an e-mail, concealing the master account? POBox told me that it was possible with their service, depending upon "exactly how you set up your e-mail client".
    2 14
  88. problems with itunes
    so yesterday i finally caved in and upgraded itunes. it was a terrible mistake. it is awful. so i went to computer restore, and restored my computer to around a week ago. i figured this would also put my itunes back to the way it was. i should have fac...
    4 10
  89. any has windows 8.. i need help with the password?
    4 27
  90. What software can allow you to send maximum of e-mails per day?
    I am Searching for a Free site or a software from which I could send maximum of emails every day. I have actually tried Gmail Nonetheless, it only permits u to send 1000 emails in 24 hours: (Yahoo, Hotmail etc are all scrap. cant even deliver 100 em...
    3 21
  91. How to create facebook account without phone verification?
    kindly share your thoughts with be original. No tricks needed.
    4 9
  92. Where i can save the pictures of my computer if my computer crash?
    My computer is old and if it something happens to it where i can save my pictures to put it in another computer.
    9 39
  93. is there a way to put parental controls on a cell browser?
    I want my kids to have a phone but want to limit there internet access, is there a way to do that
    2 13
  94. Upload a Blu-ray movie to YouTube?
    I bought a Blu-ray movie wanna share it with my friends via YouTube, but I wonder if it's legal. Anyone do that before? How can I upload the blu-ray without video quality loss? Help, thanks.
    3 77
  95. How To Save My iPod Nano That Went Thru Washer & Dryer?
    I made a big mistake and didn't check my pockets before doing laundry today. My iPod Nano went through the wash and dry as a result. Any suggestions on how I can save this? I've currently got it powered to a wall charger and in a cup of rice. Any o...
    6 38
  96. Which is the best in all terms? MacBook Pro or Dell XPS 14?
    2 18
  97. What does this SMTP error means?
    I am encountering this SMTP error: Cannot authenticate. Can anyone please tell me what this error means?
    2 13
  98. Looking for an email marketing tool, either website or software,..
    Looking for an email marketing tool, either website or software as long as it can help me send to a huge mailing list. I have tried Gmail Nevertheless, it just enables u to send 1000 emails in twenty four hrs: (Yahoo, Hotmail etc are all scrap, they...
    3 46
  99. How do you burn a CD using a laptop?
    I've never copied a CD to a blank disc on my laptop but I want to make a present for a friend's birthday. Since there's only one disc drive, I'm not sure how to do this though. My computer is 5 years old and has Vista on it, if that helps. Thank you!
    3 15
  100. My laptop is very slow what can i do to make it faster?
    My laptop is getting old it has 5 years and it has windows 7 but i have to wait like 30 minutes to installs like 24 updates and thats make me crazy so if i change windows 7 for windows 8 that would make it faster or not. Tell me please thank you.
    2 19
  101. What do you think about this bio?!
    Hellur I’m Amber! :D From heaven :P Been on this earth 17 years, and still no sign of intelligent life anywhere O.o lol just kiddingg My birthday is in March! Hope you got me something nice ;P I'm really happy, funny, friendly, nice, and beautiful!...
    2 21
  102. What sim card does a locked Motorola Razr V take?
    I bought a Motorola Razr V and it might seem silly but i have no idea what sim card it takes, It's locked, i just don't know if they make Motorola sim cards or a different one? i'm a Vodafone customer and have never switched so i'm clueless!
    3 36
  103. How to monitor any changes in file & folder in a file server
    I want to do auditing on file server win 2003. I want to find logs for file/folder creation,deletion,create share,delete share...etc. Please suggest some good monitoring utilities for the same purpose Any suggestions would be appreciable !
    2 17
  104. How Can I Tell My Parents I Wanna Go Mute?
    3 128
  105. Can i make a new email and delete my old email or just ignore my old email?
    Im trying to help my aunt because she asked me how to delete her email, because she have a lot of spam i told her to make a new one and ignore her old email that would be the same than delete her old email, or not tell me please. Im trying to explain h...
    2 29
  106. How do i restore the 'x' on the tabs on a macbook pro?
    All of a sudden the little x is gone..i dont know what happened. How can i fix this?
    2 8
  107. What would be a good way to promote my YouTube channel?
    I can never get any attention on my videos even after uploading 100's of videos and waiting several years :-(
    6 16
  108. speaker sound problem
    i have a samsung N100sp netbook, but i cant hear music outloud. WHY?
    4 13
  109. Have you ever used the netflix free trial?
    I wanna try the free trial, but i dont want to be stick with them, i just wanna use the free trial for a month and thats it. Do yo know how that works?
    2 13
  110. How exactly does skype work? Are there fees involved? Is it user friendly?
    5 44
  111. Is there a site I can read reviews on all the latest mobile phones?
    3 14
  112. Should I get a new iPod
    Okay so I have had my iPod since late 2011/ early 2012. I just got an ipad mini for Christmas and I love it. My iPod is 32 gigs and I am really getting tired of it. It's super slow, always crashing. It makes everything hard to do, so I BARELY use it...
    2 19
  113. How to Convert OST to PST File
    need OST to PST Converter application
    5 66
  114. is it true i can write checks online?
    when i went to the bank i ordered check books and the lady told me shes been doing hers online and its easier, safer and faster and free? how?
    2 14
  115. How can I change video format for the videos on my camera?
    I have a canon powershot elph 110 hs, and the video format is .MOV which cannot be used on Movie Maker, which is my only editing program I have as of now. How can I change the formal?? I tried using online converters, but it takes hours on end for one ...
    2 21
  116. Is there a method to publish that email back to the server?
    Is there a way to upload that e-mail back to the server? I examine my email in multiple places, so I need my e-mail to stay on my server until I erase it. I installed thunderbird and didn't see the "leave mail on server for at most 14 days" check box....
    2 11
  117. What is the best laptop for me to get to use for work?
    2 15
  118. How do i block all of my details?
    Ive lost my phone and ive had it locked. How can i stop whoever has my phone from using my sd card and look through my stuff?
    4 18
  119. how to get hairspray off of kindle fire screen?
    So I was doin my hair listening to music on my kindle fire, and my sister came and hair sprayed her hair and it got onto my fire's screen. How do I get it off without ruining my screen?!?!
    2 115
  120. how do we unlink ourselves from Facebook?
    Someone told me they had seen stuff on my profile from FA on FB, so I do I get that to stop
    8 31
  121. how do i have in to my aim
    2 25
  122. How do I download songs into ipod touch ?
    OK so i already transferred the songs to this itunes library, how do I put them in my ipod ? xD
    3 17
  123. Is it possible to deliver one e-mail to mail server with its individuals.
    My hosting enable to send 750 e-mails per hour. I have about 800 subscribers. By PHP I filteringed system the emails addresses and group them by mail server.
    3 13
  124. how does the world wide web influence on business and daily life?
    2 15
  125. What's the BEST HD TV for Sunday football watching?
    What do you think is the best TV for Sunday football enjoyment? I'm talking the best in terms of picture quality, size, features etc. The whole nine pun intended. LOL Any suggestions?
    5 31
    I know this is a hot question right now, but Im getting a new phone and idk which one to get!!! I'm really into the galaxy s3 because of the all the customization on it but do you think Iphone 5 will be better in the long run??? someone heeellllpp meeee=]
    7 40
  127. What are some good blog sites?
    I have a son called Remus and i want to document him growning up including some comments,videos and pictures.With it i want to send it to his father who is missing out on so much and not realising that Remus is growing up too quick to be missing out. A...
    2 14
  128. Why won't my app sync to my iPod?
    I downloaded an app on iTunes on my computer and when I try to sync it to my iPod iTunes says it's "preparing to sync" and then "determining which apps to sync" and then it finishes without syncing the new app.
    2 14
  129. what do i need for a gaming desktop?
    I have an alienware tower, and the hardware I had gotten with it is crap. I want to rebuild it all into a decent desktop so for a budget of maybe 350? what can you guys come up with starting from motherboard to the hardrives. I really appreciate the he...
    4 17
  130. How to figure out peoples passwords?
    3 80
  131. Do you have a blog? (eg, tumblr, wordpress, etc)
    If so, answer with the URL to your blog here. If you only have facebook, then you can put that URL in your answer.
    9 15
  132. Anyone else dealing with the same problem?
    I know my password, but for some reason I can't sign in. So then I have to change my password constantly on Youtube. -____- It's getting real tiring.
    4 12
  133. In what year did you first use the Internet?
    I first used the internet in 1997. Getting a computer was out of our family budget since computers used to start around $1900 for a very basic model with a 14" CRT monitor. So I used to go to the public library as they had opened an area to use compute...
    8 25
  134. Do you still buy DVD's??
    With the rise of Netflix, Hulu. Apple TV, Amazon Streaming and on-demand cable services, it makes little sense to buy DVDs. But many people still do. If you do so, why do you still buy them when an entire month of Netflix is half the cost of a s...
    7 71
  135. my computer has a wierd error on bootup
    my computer gets past the bios and just goes to a black screen that just says "ta ....." its the only thing that shows up. i have no clue what the hell that means, ive never seen it ever in the time ive spent working on computers. this is my mothers ...
    8 36
  136. Is there a website?
    Does anyone know of a website that you can send a picture of your vehicle to and then they will make a replica of it but in a little toy model version? I'm looking for a 1979 jeep cj5 model toy for my boyfriend but I can't find the right one anywhere!!
    2 20
  137. Is anyone VERY knowledgeable about youtube? I could use some help please.
    I want to change my youtube screen name without closing the account and opening a new one and here's why: I'm experienceing copyright violaton issues for a "cover song" I recorded. I gave credit in the video, and there are 100's of others playing the s...
    4 19
  138. I can't send or receive text messages
    I've had a lg rumor touch from virgin mobile for about two years now. When I first got it everything was fine but recently incoming texts messages I wouldn't get until 20 mins after they were sent, or when I was sending a text it would say there was an...
    2 31
  139. ipod 5 or ipad 3?
    so Im either going to get an ipod5 or and ipad3 but im no sure which would be better?
    3 28
  140. Where would be the best place to learn how to code & programme & all that stuff?
    Basically, my dream is to become a games designer and always has been but never really known how too get there. I was too late getting into collage and can't any more so I'm looking for a different way to learn.. What would you say is the best way for ...
    7 25
  141. Can I download these apps on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?
    I'm looking into buying this tablet, I really like the look of it. I was just wondering if for games, I could download games like Draw Something and Angry Birds, all those types of games that you can get on your phone.
    4 12
  142. just a question...
    ok, I was reading a flier the other day.(I'm planning on getting on getting an iphone in the spring.) it said in the flier that a iphone is 200$ with a rogers plan, i have a family plan with rogers already, if i get the iphone with the rogers plan and...
    2 16
  143. good andriod prepaid cellphone?
    what is a good cheap prepaid cell phone that has 3g/4g and regular normal app store such as google play store/BAM that is from verizon or virgin mobile. other carriers are acceptable. looking for a good prepaid plan too
    2 11
  144. Where can I find a chat room to ACTUALLY have REAL conversations?
    I'm a loner and not really comfortable with the whole chat with a bazillion people at once. I'm looking for a site where I can enter my interests and actually meet people that actually share those interests and without having to pull out a credit card....
    2 35
  145. Does anyone use twitter?
    5 16
  146. how do I check my text messages from my cellphone on my laptop
    2 47
  147. What does this <@;) mean? Please Help!
    3 17
  148. The New Version Of iTunes Is Out Has Anyone installed it yet?
    2 7
  149. What happened to my MP3?
    I was listening to a song and when I backed off from the playlist(the playlist was from the same artist) I went to another artist. When I came back most of the songs in the previous thing where marked as unknown exept for 3. When I tried to get into th...
    3 36
  150. How do I update my Android tablet if the System Update button is missing?
    So about a year or so ago, I bought a cheap Android tablet. I never really did learn how to use it, but I was talking with a friend at school today and he gave me a few pointers, so I decided to give it another try. I want to update it (right now it's ...
    4 64
  151. Should I or shouldn't I?
    I just recently bought an old used laptop at a local donation-based thrift store, and to my surprise it works. Not great, but it works. It had no power cord with it but for 5 bucks it seemed worth the risk of my own power cord not fitting into it, whic...
    4 16
  152. What is a good phone for me?
    I don't really care if it is the latest phone or not. I honestly do not care either if it has Android, or if it is a Windows phone, or for iPhones. My current phone is the Nokia Xpress music which I quite like actually, but after almost three years it ...
    20 49
  153. how to get mobile hotspot on phone?
    can anyone help me get my phone to turn into a hotspot? i tried a few apps but none worked. my phone is virgin mobile optimus elite
    3 13
  154. is apple mac the BEST laptop?
    4 19
  155. whats the difference between a tablet and a ipad?
    2 19
  156. Whats the difference between an iphone 4s and an iphone 5?
    all the differences you can think of. Thanks.
    12 13
  157. cell phone for internet help
    if i buy a blue tooth usb for my laptop and connect it to my cell phone that has a data plan, will i be able to get internet on my laptop from my cell phone?
    7 13
  158. cell phone USB reciever for computer question
    i dont remember the name of the USB thing to recieve internet off of cell phone towers but i understand you have to pay for it but instead of buying a plan, can you use your cell plan with the USB device with out having to buy another plane for it?
    3 34
  159. HTC 8x or Samsung Galaxy 3? Is android better than windows 8?
    If there's another phone with that same quality tell me please!
    5 15
  160. Why doesn't iTunes let you download mixtapes to your iphone/ipod?
    It allows you to download to itunes, but when you try to sync the mixtape(s) onto your device it won't let you. Why is that?
    2 23
  161. Why doesn't my mobile network work on my Android?
    When I am out and change my Wifi to Mobile Network it doesn't work. It says that it's on but I can't use the internet. I've turned my phone off and back on mulitple times and it still doesn't work.
    3 17
  162. How do I pull up the google HTML editing code thing?
    I know how to edit it but I just don't know how to get to it. I have done it before by accident so I know there is a way. Please help!
    3 39
  163. Does whats up Windows mobile
    i have a sony ericson xperia x1i and i have been trying to install whats up application but i have failed,,it has a windows mobile operating system,.. so does anyone know if it can be installed or not? And if so any source where i can get it?
    2 8
  164. Why is my Samsung Galaxy S3 not connecting to my laptop properly?
    So i got my new phone today, basically to cut it short when i connect my phone to my laptop using the USB cable, it will charge so it is obviously recognising it however it doesnt always show up on my laptop that its connected, as in i cant transfer fi...
    5 16
  165. laptop blue tooth help
    my laptop has the blue tooth light indicator next to the others such as wifi, battery charging/dying. i can not find on my laptop anywhere of a blue tooth device. do i need to get blue tooth integrated?
    14 35
  166. What camera is used to take pictures like this?
    With a grungey and a very old fashioned style, or what editing can i do to make it look like this
    7 17
  167. Is Photoshop the only place to create photo manips?
    I been wondering how else I could create manips, but it seems only photoshop si the place to do it :/ Is there any other places to do so?
    4 15
  168. How to word this?
    I have an idea for a headcanon and wanted to post it on tumblr for someone else to write about it. If there a certain way of wording it or do i just for for it?
    2 40
  169. I need a computer that is really good with wifi. Any suggestions? Not apple
    9 55
  170. I am trying to cut the beginning of a song on windows 7 music maker. Its my first DVD. I have looked for the answer and it says I have to be se
    2 31
  171. What's wrong with Pirate Bay?
    I typed in the movie that I want but it's not letting me get the download? I clicked on Get Torrent but it won't work? Are there any other sites I can get movies off of?
    7 170
  172. What is the best open source video editing software?
    2 9
  173. Is there a special program to receive a free phone from Boost?
    2 35
  174. Where can I download Adobe After Effect CS6 portable free?
    3 30
  175. Can anyone give me a good username for a site?
    lol i want a new username but i cants really think of one :/ help please!
    6 30
  176. What to do when you might have been ripped off on a second hand website?
    I found an iPhone 4s on a second hand website for 200 euros with everything included, guarantee etc so i sent half of the money last thursday and i sent an email to the guy asking him to tell me when he's sent the iphone so i know when to expect it, bu...
    3 28
  177. Does anyone know of an Apple app that lets you control the home's WiFi?
    I need an app that's gonna let me turn the wifi off on the home computer. This seems to be the only way my sisters will get off lol
    3 13
  178. Can you give me an estimate on how much the iPod 4G will cost on Black Friday?
    2 7
  179. Can you download apps on basic phones or only iPhones?
    2 34
  180. Does anyone know how to take a screenshot with a Galaxy S3?
    4 9
  181. How can I upload a pic if I don't have a computer and my phone won't let me upload one?
    4 8
  182. How many of you are good with Python (programming language)?
    3 37
  183. How high can a small, remote control airplane fly?
    Like those you get in Radioshack or toy r us. If anybody knows tell me please thank you.
    2 33
  184. Can you take the simcard out of an iPhone and put it in another phone?
    I'm thinking bout getting an iphone, but because theyre so expensive, i wouldnt want to take it with me if i go out or go to festivals etc... would i be able to take it out of the iphone and move it to another phone when i wanted to ? Thanks!
    6 51
  185. Why is there no sound coming out on my HP Pavilion Dv6's speakers?
    Yes the volume is on. I see the little thing going up and down and I have it set on "Speakers and Headphones". Does anyone have a clue what's wrong with it?
    5 41
  186. Are there any free email clients that are similar to Outlook?
    2 11
  187. What are some good sites for torrenting?
    14 28
  188. Why does YouTube randomly not play certain videos?
    For the past week or so some videos on YouTube, just won't load for me. It's not my connection or anything though because the page loads, but the video won't. Like the little play button and stuff won't even pop up, it's just the page and a completely ...
    6 33
  189. How can I burn music to my cd-r?
    For some reason, when I try to burn music to a cd, it won't play back in the car or a cd player. What happened? I use Windows Media Player to burn music to my cds. I found myself wasting these cds because their not working or playing back music. Someon...
    5 24
  190. How to set up parental control in Windows 8?
    How to I prevent my kids from accessing the Internet and games on my Windows 8 machine?
    2 7
  191. Would it matter if my iPhone is 4 or 4s if I want to buy the case?
    5 12
  192. Why do the photos on the EOS 5D Mark III 22.3-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera take up so much space?
    9 29
  193. Can anyone recommend me a Minecraft server host?
    nothing too complicated, an easy interface with alot of options and reliability
    2 19
  194. How to get my YouTube video to show up with the "rest" of the videos in that search category?
    It's right there if you type in my screen name, but not out with everone elses'.
    5 9
  195. Is there any danger of repairing my iPod screen, personally, instead of taking it to Apple?
    8 23
  196. Which picture of me do you suggest I make my profile pic for Facebook?
    It's been a while since I've had a new fb profile pic and I finally got a new camera so I took some pictures? So out of these which do you suggest I use as my pro pic? In the first two pictures I have no makeup on and i know they are very similarx...
    3 39
  197. Is there an actual live tech support for YouTube?
    Does anyone know to contact them? Thank you
    2 9
  198. How much is a used myCharge portable charger worth?
    3 41
  199. What are some free editing programs I can download?
    None of my movie makers will upload videos on my new-ish camera. The file cannot be imported because the codec required to play the file is not installed on your computer. If anyone knows a link to download one, or a free editing program i can downloa...
    7 11
  200. Are there any Android apps that will play music to matching your heartbeat if you tell it that you're walking, jogging, or running?
    3 10
  201. Is there a website where you can do reverse phone numbers for free?
    I'm able to find free ones, however when I try to get the name of the person it tells me I have to pay a fee which I can't really do. If you know any sites that allow me to find the name of a person by their phone number for free that'd be amazing :)
    2 8
  202. Where can I buy dating profiles and scripts for my dating site?
    I need a script. Mostly a script for asian dating site and i need a dating profiles that is active and 100% genuine..
    2 13
  203. What is the difference between a Blackberry and a smartphone?
    I mean both are for calling so what is the difference Tell me please thank you.
    3 13
  204. Which is better - iPod Touch 4G or 5G and why?
    10 21
  205. How many social sites do you go on?
    I only com here and
    13 10
  206. Why do people try to break the trial software limitations to make the software run forever and full version?
    9 55
  207. What do you think of my new iPhone 4S cover?
    11 17
  208. What is the best and cheapest laptop just for internet use and word documents?
    13 17
  209. How do people get those customized iPhones?
    Like has anyone seen those pictures of iPhones that are like pink (not cases or anything) like the actual phone is pink. Or the sides and apple logo are glitter. I kinda want mine to be like that.. Anyone know if that's actually possible? And if it's e...
    8 33
  210. Is instagram only for iPhones and Androids; can it be used from a PC?
    This might sounds stupid but I cannot find sign up button so I was wondering..
    8 11
  211. Where can I find a good logo creator?
    I've been writing a story about a squad of Space Marines that are sent to Eris, the new 9th planet. Basically, I'm trying to come up with an ORIGINAL logo for the Space Marine Corps, and for the Planetary Exploration Commission, the organization that b...
    4 26
  212. Who has a myTouch 4G phone?
    5 13
  213. Who here has the Galaxy S3?
    Who here has the Samsung Galaxy SIII?
    8 19
  214. Is the Samsung Replenish phone a smart phone?
    2 12
  215. Are you able to use Skype or ooVoo if you don't have a front camera on your phone?
    I have an HTC phone .. I can download any app and its an andriod . i was wondering if i don't have a front camara am i able to download skype or oovoo and use it??
    3 13
  216. What is the proper way to dispose of a computer that has a mercury lamp in it?
    2 7
  217. Where can I learn about how technology is beneficial?
    I'm working on a research paper and after about 12 hours of research I cant find anything telling me the benefits of technology in education. There are obvious reasons, but I need sources telling me that.
    4 24
  218. What the heck just happened to my phone?
    I got the iPhone and took the sim card out and put it into my old phone. The old phone works and texts and had Internet but when I sent a message in the non iPhone phone I got my reply in the iPhone! What the hell?! What the fruit is going on?
    3 42
  219. Is Frostwire safe?
    Is there anything I should really be worried about when using it??
    11 36
  220. How to get a sim card into an iPhone?
    I'm getting an iphone (yay!!) but according to my mom they don't have sim cards. To make life easier I want to put my sim card into there. It's iphone 3 btw
    8 70
  221. What to act upon and what to ignore with computer pop-ups?
    I constantly get notifications for tool bar add ons, system updates for everything, new downloads ect ect ect. I don't trust any of em, and they irritate me to no end. If something is working for me, I don't mess with it and don't need anymore non-user...
    3 7
  222. Why can't I get Pinger on my tablet?
    It says it unavailable for my product. Are you kidding me?
    2 14
  223. Is there a website were you can find your senior year t-shirt?
    2 18
  224. How do I get sims 3 on my computer?
    I have been trying to find out on youtube but I can't. I'm scared of getting viruses, but I have Avast virus protection
    6 14
  225. Is Apache OpenOffice a good program?
    I'm seriously thinking about downloading either Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice due to the amount of writing I do. My computer didn't come with a good program, and I'm really sick of having to find a spell checker and word count (I'm very picky about ...
    3 41
  226. How much boost should I be pushing for my '01 2.5L RS Imprezza? (read more)
    i was wondering how much boost i should be pushing for my 01 2.5L RS imprezza thats twin turboed, im currently set at 4lbs because it is my daily driver and i dont want to burn much gas, but once i get a toggle switch in i should be able to switch betw...
    4 27
  227. Which is better - Bing or Google?
    13 24
  228. What's the better graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce 9800 or Nvidia GeForce GT 430?
    4 18
  229. Would it be a good idea for me to set up my own website where people can share their YouTube channels to help promote their channels?
    5 21
  230. Is Skype video calling for free?
    I never tried it . and I plan to so is it free?
    4 9
  231. Why won't my HP Pavilion g series turn on?
    the light that usually turns on when the charger is in is off, and when i press the power button nothing fans, no lights, nothin.
    4 42
  232. How can I change my Google Chrome theme back to the one I had before?
    Does anyone know how I can use an old theme on google chrome that I already added before then later changed and now want to change back? :/
    4 32
  233. How long till the next iPhone model comes out?
    3 35
  234. Do you think people should save money to buy the iPhone 6 instead of buying the iPhone 5?
    I mean they make new phones too soon and when you buy the iphone 5 in 6 months they have another one and there is a lot of people waiting for the new phone. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    6 20
  235. How do you select more than one picture at a time with a windows computer?
    7 36
  236. How long will it take for my computer to render 2000 frames? (read more)
    If it takes my computer 16 seconds to render 1 frame on my animation, and each frame takes 16 seconds to finish rendering, and there is 2000 frames; how long will it take for all 2000 frames to finish rendering?
    2 16
  237. Which pair of beats should I get - Solo HD or Studio (again)?
    I've had purple studio beats never had solo but I really love the Ew light blue solo gf ones and was thinking about getting those instead cause the size & cost.
    2 33
  238. Does anyone know a site were I can look for my ancestors for free?
    I need to do one for my us history project and i cant go any furthur back without paying for the web site. Please help?
    2 38
  239. How do I take my Xbox account off of my friend's Xbox when he lives a state away?
    I dated this guy, and let him use my account when he ran out of live. Well he moved, and we just broke up, and when we talk to each other, we always get in a fight. So there's no option of going to his house and doing it myself. And I know if I ask him...
    3 29
  240. How can you crop an already posted video on YouTube without destroying the entire video?
    There is a Youtube video I really like. the thing is I only like the singing part on it. I wanted to know how to crop it so the interview isn't on it. But, I don't wanna destroy the video for others who'd wanna see the interview? Is there a way I c...
    2 24
  241. Why is my phone making me sync it in order to get emails?
    8 8
  242. Is there a program that can allow us to connect with people who have WhatsApp Messenger?
    3 31
  243. How do you speed up a video?
    how to speed a video like this video here
    3 23
  244. Why won't my iPod play songs?
    Any ideas? So, if I click on a song, it'll go to that song, then send me right back out of it to my playlist. It won't play any songs. The songs show up on my playlist, but don't play. It's been like this ever since I reset my iPod, because my 'lock'...
    4 13
  245. What would you recommend I put on my website relating to my YouTube channel?
    5 13
  246. What's Zorpia?
    2 6
  247. How to send images on an LG?
    I have the LG GT350 and every time I try to send a picture it says "not enough memory" when I have enough memory on my phone. I have umlimited texts so it can't be that I don't have enough credit :/
    2 29
  248. What keys do you press to make this emoticon ----> ◔◡◔ ?
    6 159
  249. What qualifies someone to be a troll?
    3 55
  250. What side are you on - Apple or Andriod?
    7 19