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Who made the first computer?

what is the name of the person who makes first computer?


What is a good name for my JB fansite for MySpace?

I just created an account for myspace. Its supposed to be a Jonas Brothers fan site, but I don't know a name for it. Any ideas!?!?


talking in the phone

When we talk through our home phone, is it being recordeed from somewhere ? I mean like personnel calls and stuff, does it being recorded from somewere ?


Can you read deleted txt messages

Can you read deleted txt messages


What are some good laptops for under $400?

I just want a simple laptop. I don't care if it has a webcam. I just want a laptop.


How to get stuff off my cell?

Okay so my old cell phone, it was a Razor, it broke from water damage. I lost everything because all my photos, videos, and contacts were saved to my phone instead of my SIM card. The thing is, I know the stuff is still on there, I sometimes turn on ...


How computers changed our lives?

How computers changed our lives?


What are any gud sites dos any 1 no?

Im kinda gettin bored of doin d same stuff online all the time dos any 1 no of any sites I cud log on 2 for a bit of fun are just 2 browes around on ples help thanks!!!


How do I change my like on hi5?

How do I change my like on hi5?


videos to mp4 player

I was given an mp4 player by a friend, it works great, I can sync music, and even pics, but when I sync a video to it it syncs but does not show up in the video/movies section, it just says "empty disk!" what format does the video have to be in and how...


Scene/emo usernames

Yesh well I want a new you tube account soo yesh if you can give meh a non poserish name pllz :] thank u

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Positive and negative effects of cell phone use?

Does anyone know any positive/negative effects for cell phone use???


How to decorate pics?

Iwnat to knoee how to makee the pictures look pretty.who can help me decorate a picture.would yall acctually help.


how can I get on airg funtalk from my computer ?

how can I get on airg funtalk from my computer ?

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How do you make a You tube movie?

I know I know I am the last person on earth who doesnt know how to do this. I already have the actual videos, I just wanted to know how to add enhancments like music, and words, things like that. I know it's probably a lot to type so if you have a link...


Problems with my Phone

I have had my Juke Phone for 4 months. It started to reboot its self all the time after about a month. After about 2 months it started to not play songs, it would stay at 0.00 and not move though it says it was playing! Now, when I sync songs onto the ...


Does anyone know a site where I can talk and some one will listen??

I really need to talk to someone but I am afraid that no one will listen to me. Does anyone know a site where I can just say what I need to say with out judgement?


How to forward ports on a Mikrotik router?

I have a mikrotik router and want to know how to add ports for online gaming.
The menus are a bit scary!!!



What two groups greatly influenced Argentina`s society and culture?


I have an Internet stalker, what do I do?

basically. I have a internet stalker . I delete him off msn and myspace all the time but he always finds away to find me I've deleted hotmail acounts and myspaces, but he won't stop.
I was thinking about hacking. but thats alegal.
please help me, I d...


How can I scan my paper and edit it?

Is there a way I can put my paper in my scanner and edit it using microsoft word because I dont feel like writing and dont feel like typing all the questions


How can I upload photos taken without a memory card?

to upload photos taken without the memory card to my computer I have a sony cyber-shot camera and forgot to insert the memory card


How to put pictures on my iPod?

how to put pics on my ipod
um itunes doesnt work on my computer


Transferring purchases ipod

My friend wants me to charge her ipod. Well she has some songs on there that I don't have that I would like.

If I put "transfer purchses" will it delete her songs off? And if it doesn't will it not be able to go normally on her computer when she get...


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