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How do I unlock a Sidekick Lx, to att ,

How do I unlock a Sidekick Lx, to att ,
Please don't say ,
: Give it to someone professional ,
: youtube it .

If you know how to , or if you knoow someone who has or you have before PLEASE tell me
or if you recomend any websites other then Yout...


how do I put songs into one album on itunes

I download the forrest ggump soundtrack and all the songs are not in the same album on itunes there all seperate as a individual songs .all the songs have forrest gump album under the album so how do I put the into one album


tracfone Motorola W260g, the text is in all caps, how to change?

I bought a tracfone Motorola W260g

It worked fine but then when I text it is all in caps. I have tried everything but I cannot figure out how to get it off caps when I text. Any ideas?


how do you get ringtones on a samsung link?

i dont have interent, and the only way i can put music on is with my memory stick, but i don't know how to use it as my ring tone! it always goes in my media player! help!


How do I paste a picture into Word after using the print screen button?

Also, do I just press prnt scrn or do I have to press alt then prnt scrn or something?


What is the best web browser in your opinion?

I've been using Mozilla Firefox for the longest and it is just not working for me anymore. At first it seems really good (that explained why I was using it for so long) but lately, it's just been freezing on me or like it appears to be loading but it's...


Does my I.P. address change when I'm on different networks?

Does my I.P. address change when I'm on different networks? Like if I'm on my home wireless network and say... Starbucks' wireless network?


WHY wont quicktime videos show up in my video editing program?

okay, so I am trying to make movies and I have a video camera I got for christmas. the videos come out to be quicktime. I cant edit them in my video editing program (adobe premere elements). I need to put them all together. ugh I have tried converting ...


How to erase everything off your computer?

How do you like erase everything on your computer? Like when it was brand new and had nothing downloaded?

Can it be simple or do you have to buy software?


How do I get my own email account?

How do I get my own email account?


How do you type different symbols?

Hi how do you type symbols like stars hearts and all that. Because im gonna write on my other file in another website about my cat because it died an hour ago :( and on my profile it asks you if you have pets :(


is IM free?



What's your "perfect" iPod set of songs?

I know this is an odd question but theres a reason and read past my list of artists if you care to read why. My
dad accidently deleted quicktime and now there isnt enough room so I have to install my iTunes on the new computer and put in all new songs...


Why won't my ipod nano sync playlists?

My ipod no longer sync playlists from itunes. I have the second generation ipod nano and people always tell me to click restore or refresh but the thing is that is nowhere on the screen. All the songs fit into my ipod but it won't go in there. Everytim...


How to get movies on my Philips mp3 player?

it's a 2GB/'s like go gear, or something. it holds 1000 songs, 500 pictures, and 4 hours of film, but I just can't find any brand..


How do I add contacts to my computer?

I have a dell laptop and it has those gadgets on the side of the screen.. Now, I added the contacts gadget but I don't know how to add names to it.. Help!


Is it bad to use your computer while its raining?

To use your computer while its raining..
Even if it isnt thundering??
Does that include internet?


how do I move my frostwire music into my itunes?

It wont et me drag my music into m itunes. on my itunes it has a link under homeshareing that has my frostwire music on there. but how do I get it on my itunes list??? PLEASE HELP!!!


is frostwire legal?

all my friends tell me it is legal, but i dont know for sure. my dad says its illegal, and my friends say its legal. is frostwire REALLY legal or is it a scam??


What do dial to block your number so they cant call back?

I want to call someone but I don't want them to know my number. What do you dial so it will block the number so they can't see it?


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