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do a cell phone bill show all the text message ?

do a cell phone bill show all the text message ??? I got verizon


Bluetooth Deactivated Phone to New, Activated Phone

I recently got a new cell phone. I went from a Razr, to another Razr only slightly different (not sure which models). I have all my songs on my old phone that I would like on my new. I have tried bluetoothing between my two phones, but fail. The woman ...


How can I find a specific e-mail on my harddrive?

I have outlook.
However I mail folders stored on my hardrive.
Within these multiple folders I am looking for an e-mail sent to me from one of my coworkers from 3 years ago. Do you know how I can search for this e-mail?
My IMD folks are telling me you ...


What's wrong with Pirate Bay?

I typed in the movie that I want but it's not letting me get the download? I clicked on Get Torrent but it won't work? Are there any other sites I can get movies off of?


How to get songs from iTunes onto my Razr?

I have a razr and its silver and I just got a USB cord for it and I hooked it up and then went to itunes and now I dont know how to put the music I want on my phone. who ever knows what they are talking about please help me! I did what other people sai...


Conficker C Virus

This is just random,should we be concerned about the virus being released tomorrow called Conficker C and should I just stay off my PC that whole day?


How can I make my taskbar go back to normal?

Alright, so I have Windows Vista, and for some reason it's on the side of the screen? I don't know how to change it back to the bottom :( please help me! I'm on the verge of going insane...


Which is better? Verizon Droid or iPhone?

I have an iPhone, but I'm lusting after the Droid from Verizon. Does anyone have a Droid, or better yet, both phones that you can give me a decent idea of whether or not to get the Droid?


Scene/emo usernames

Yesh well I want a new you tube account soo yesh if you can give meh a non poserish name pllz :] thank u

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Webcam on slow computer?

I got a computer in my room a little less than a year ago
and it's realllyyy slow.
I know it's not the type of interent I have because I have road runner and my sister's computer is really fast.
Is there anything I can do to make it faster?



What realtek driver can I use to keep my pc from crashing?

I have a tablet pc that I am reloading and there is no sound. Evertime I load the realtek driver I get the bluescreen of Death. I have tried older and newer versions but the same results.


Center button on keyboard??

My home computer has been broken, so instead of using the red mouse built in the computer I was using the actual hand mouse that belonged to my home computer. My home computer is now fixed and my mom needs the mouse back. I figured out how to get the r...


Im trying to check my mobile message

How do I do it


made a video with windows movie maker, how to convert to wmv?

hey I am using "Window movie maker" I made a video about 4 minutes long, I need to upload it to youtube which has to be in .WMV format but I don't know how to do that. Someone know how to do that? I just need instructions how because google isn't help...


does real-wishes work?

does the website Real Wishes really make your wishes come true/ does it really work?


Downloading limewire

Ok should I download limewire?? I know its illegal and my rents dont really want me using it bc of that but everyone I know uses it. And its a hassle to have to buy on itunes. And plus its my computer so my rents woodnt really know. But is there like a...


Aim aim what does it mean when it says "target rate limit reached"

What does it mean when it says "target rate limit reached" when I'm trying to sign in and it just isn't working?


Is there a code for anarchy symbol

How do you do it?


What are some cool apps for your ipod touch?

I want some free cool/fun apps for my ipod touch but I can't find any free fun/cool apps thanks


What to do if someone hacked onto my AIM account?

What do I do if someone hacked onto my aol instant messenger screen name?


How do I hack into someone's Myspace account?

plz help me hack in some ones account for myspace becuase hes been talkin smack bout me and i want to get back at him!


Does the lg invision have a signature when you text?

Does the lg invision have a signature when you text?


How do I use the webcame in my laptop?

So I bought a new laptop and it has a web cam,
but I dont know how to get the camera up, because I just wanna mess
around you know take photos and videos!! does anyone know how???
and its a toshiba btw..please HELP thxxx xxx

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Someone Hacked My Imvu Account

How do I recieve my imvu account back? My username was Inulover12 and I guess my password was real easy whe nsomeone hacked it! Please help me :'(


How can I text someone in america?

Does anyone know how to text someone in america? I live in scotland and I have friends who have just moved to america, and I dont have a clue how to text them


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