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Why did everything get small?

I just got an early birthday present from my husband--a new laptop! I've never had a laptop before, and I'm still figuring out the mouse pad thingy. I was moving the cursor around and probably tapping the pad or hitting either of the side buttons, and ...


New phone asap

What's a good phone thats out rightnow thats around $200?


how do ya get youtube videos on your I pod without paying money???

I got a ipod 4 x-mas but I don't no how to put movies or you tube vids on it help plez!!!

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How to download pictures to my Blackberry from my PC?

How do I transfer my pics from pc to my blackberry? The roxio comes up but I'm not seeing how I'm suppose to transfer from pc to blackberry. Can you help me?

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Did my computer crash?

Last night I was playing on my laptop on my usual websites minding my own business, and my brother asked me to put music on his iPod.

It's the older Nano (it looks like the new one, but it's older).

Anyway, I plugged it in, and my screen went crazy....


Pc Locked

my pc is locked. when I switch it on a black screen appears asking for : Enter current password. I have no idea what my password was, how can I unlock this? please help


Sending pictures on my blackberry curve to my email address

I am trying to send a couple of pictures from me blackberry curve to
my email address and am using the 'send as email" function and
while it "acts as if it is going to send it" ... I bet a big RED X that it
did not send ... and tried to resend and ...


Unused mobile numbers

How do find unused mobile numbers so that you can change your present one???


Can you look at aim profiles on a sidekick

Can you look at aim profiles on a sidekick


What color to paint my CO2 car?

hi in my technology class we're building co2 cars and I dont know what color to paint it any suggestions


Transferring songs from itunes to MP3 player?

I am wondering how to put the songs I purchased on itunes onto my creative zen stone mp-3 player. any advice would be so helpful and so appreciated!!!


How to open dell optiplex case?

How to open dell optiplex case?


crickt wireless broadband card strenth too weak and slow.

how can I make my cricket wireless broadband card faster and receive a stronger signal. Hacks or tweaks welcome. thanks.


Best computer under $500

I am buying my own latop and need some help. Can you please tell me the best laptop. My standards are:
-under $500
-extended warranty

Thank you.


Youtube videos don't finish loading

How come a lot of times the videos on my computer for you tube just say there loadiing but they never finish does any one else have that problem


Is the iMovie app any good?

I have several small clips on my iPod that I want to edit all together and I was wondering if the app for iPod, iMovie, would be any good for that. Does it have any other cool features?? Thankies!!


how much are the sd cards

how much do the sd cards that you put in verizon fones on the side cost?


How can I view my yesterday msn conversation?

I want to retrieve yesterday conversation with a friend on msn, how do I do it?


How can I retrieve my Gaia online password?

I was in fact hacked, a REALLY long time ago.. and the hacker(s) managed to change my password and email address. I filed a hacking report, and they replied saying it was too late to help me. I've lost very rare items, and a lot of gold.. but right now...


How can I track and delete a fake Myspace account?

Someone made a Myspace Account putting all my personal information on it, and I want it to be deleted. I have contacted Myspace about this 4 times about 4 days ago but I still haven't heard anything from them. I'm trying to figure out how to trace it t...


Are there any sites that you can send a text message with your cell phone and get answers?

I know is a question and answer service that you can use with your phone..but I was just wondering is their any other websites that are out their where you can text questions and get answers to your cell phone?


LG Xenon & Samsung SGH-T456 (Gravity)

I got these phones, and I have a lot of games on my PC for these phones, but am stumped on how to upload them they are in .rar and .jar (rar)files, I have tired just about everything and can not figure it out, I have the micro SD cards as well. PLEAS...


Forgot photobucket password

I cant remember my photobuckets password..and I need it...
and I cant remember the email address I used for that account

can someone help meee


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