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How to survive a breakup

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Do women enjoy watching men masturbate?

I know most guys really like watching a woman pleasure herself. But last night, I decided the sex with my girlfriend had gotten boring, so I suggested we watch each other masturbate. I often find I enjoy masturbation more than sex because 1) I'm look...

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Testicles EXTREMELY sore after high arrousal??

ok im gonna make this quick

Im 16 and a half, nearly fully matured as I can tell, I've been frequently masterbating since I was 11 (4-6 times per week). I feel no pain when I masterbate and cum a lot. this year I have had 2 girlfriends. My first one w...

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What does squirting feels like?

How does it feel to squirt
Does boys like it when girls squirt
Can a girl squirt more than once
How do you make your self squirt without sexual intercourse

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Can sex on the last day of my period make me pregnant?

i had sex the last day of my period (actually its the day where i had a few drops of blood) anyway my cycle is usually between 28 days to 31 days. no its about week late... can that make me pregnant? i had a pregnancy test and it was negative, but i st...


Sleepy after masterbating

Everytime I materbate I get really sleepy.Im a 16 year old girl and I have been masterbating since I was 13 and this never really happened to me before.Is this normal?

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Jobs For Sex Offenders

I am trying to find a job and I am having a hard time because I messed up one time in my life and got caught.

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A skin just below penis

My penis has a bit of skin below it. After circumcision, it was hanging and grown big as it was inflamed. Now it is normal, grown smaller and just looks like a skin "sewed". I use the term sewed because I think it is the foreskin removed and just "sewe...


What can I stick my dick in?

I am a 15 year old guy. And I sometimes get the urge to stick my dick in something. I dont know what to use. And I cant get any sex toys, so dont suggest them.

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Can you get pregnant if you hump a pillow?

Ok before I ask this... please don't leave comments saying I'm stupid cause I really don't know this so I want to know.
The thing is, I haven't had my period in kinda a long time... over 2 months. I have indeed skipped periods before. But my big quest...


can you get pregnant one day before you have your period

I had unprotected sex and was wondering if you can get pregnant if your just about to have your period?

I had sex on march15 and got my period about 10 hour after it only lasted about 3days and it wasnt as heavy as usual then it turnd brown and stopd ...


Why am I bleeding randomly?

I stopped taking my Birth Control in early November. In early December I started to have Unprotected sex with my boyfriend. He came inside me almost every time. I thought since I was on Birth Control for a long time their would still be a build up of i...


Can you feel the guy's penis in your stomach during sex?

This question is completely out of curiosity, but I heard that when you have sex, you can feel the guys dick in your stomach. Is that true and what's it like?

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Can I be pregnant if I'm on my period?

i wanna know if i can get preganat while i am on my periods me and my bf had sex 3 timez secind day of my periods and he cummmed in me once and didnt take it out and startted doing for 3 ot 4 minz can i be pregnant ???

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Why religious people engage in fornication?

In the bible and many other religious texts fornication is considered a big sin. jesus himself commands that his followers don't commit fornication also reffred to as premartial sex. I just don't understand why people who claim to be religious have p...


How To Ride A Guy?

I have only had sex with one guy for about five months now. We're always changing postitons. And he wants me to be on top. But everytime I get on and try to ride him, it sucks. I even know that. Everyone say's, sit on him and ride it. Welll..How do you...


Precum, could I be pregnant?

I had sex with my guy friend the morning before last and I don't know but I am not sure how to word it. We were having sex and the condom broke, we noticed it right away and put a different one onafter I wiped of a bit: it would not have been cum becau...


What age do you have be to masterbate?

Top says it all


What should I do if I am wet?

I am like always wet. For some reason I like it! But I dont want to have sex! What are some options to do in my situation??! Please help leave advice
Thnx yu


How to get my girlfriend to moan in sex.?

I have been with my girlfriend for 3years now. And for a long time she use to moan and be really loud in bed. Her moaning turn me on much more. But for the past months she hasn't done that at all. I know shes not cheating on me or anything bad because ...

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How can I get to have sex in rome?

I'm 16 and my boyfriends 17, were going on holiday, me, my boyfriend, 2 mates and my mum and her boyfriend, weve talked bout having sex for ages and I think losing it in rome is so romantic but 1 problem, my mates are staying in the same room as us and...


My Boyfriend Watched My Sister Give A Blowjob - I'm Disgusted!

My boyfriend watched my sister give his friend a blowjob and I'm still disgusted with him about it. I can't forget it.

The other night, we all had a drink and my sister was drunk. She said she would give my boyfriend's friend a blowjob. His friend s...


How to have Anal sex, I couldn't get it to go in?

Ok, We Decided To Try Giving My Girl Anal Cause She Asked And We Tried And I Was Hard But... It Couldnt Go In. Was I Doing Something Wrong Or Was Her Hole To Small?? I Dont Know But She Really Wants It And I Dunno What To Do. Help Me Please.

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what's the meaning of masturbation?

I'm a chinese girl.
I want to know the meaning of mastrbation?
this is a indian guy said to me and he is my net friend,
but I don't know the meaning.
I hope somebody should answer the ...

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Can you trick your body into thinking you're pregnant?

I am really worried I am pregnant. I have never had sex before and my boyfriend SWEARS he has never ejaculated while around me. I am a hypochondriac and have been stressing about this for about a month or so. I had my period this month and at the begin...

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Why does my vagina smell like fish?

my vigina smells like fish? whys that and I have not had sex or done anything and it smells really bad and I am embarraced to see my boyfriend incase he can smell my vigina I was my self 2 times a day down there and it still smells and it is itch but t...

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