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  1. How to avoid getting attached to your FWB
    Enjoying casual encounters with your FWB keeping aside the emotional attachments is an art that one should learn to finesse.It’s pretty amazing when the two of you are on the same page, but once feelings are involved, you’re bound to get screwed! Many ...
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  2. How to tell your partner that you aren’t satisfied in bed
    Frustrated much? Don’t be! Most women tend to remain silent on this particular matter instead of talking things out with their partner. It can be extremely difficult and super annoying not to be able to discuss the issue with your partner.However, as r...
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  3. How to choose your first sex toy
    The thought of choosing and buying your very first sex toy can be super terrifying. Googling through people’s good and bad experiences while taking a step for yourself is exciting yet intimidating. Sex toys not only heighten your orgasms but also help ...
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  4. How to fake an orgasm without getting caught
    We’re so sorry that you had to come down to this! You don’t wanna hurt his ego and we get that. However, he should definitely know that he isn’t doing it right if you’ve gotta pretend to have an orgasm to keep up his esteem. You can of course choose to...
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  5. How to spice up your sex life with foreplay
    Foreplay is a super sexy way to extend and spice up your sex routine. It includes a vast array of ideas and techniques that you can use every often to add zest and experiment new things in your relationship.Quickies too have their kind of excitement, h...
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  6. A guide to getting casual sex right
    So what exactly is casual sex? It is more commonly an activity that takes place outside a romantic relationship and implies an absence of commitment, emotional attachment, or familiarity between sexual partners. It is very important to get this right a...
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  7. How to explore BDSM in your relationship
    To those of you who aren’t aware, BDSM is a term which refers to sex practises involving bondage, discipline, submission, and sadomasochism. Yes, you’re imagining right. It is exactly what turned mainstream after the success of the film, Fifty Shades O...
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  8. How to introduce sex toys into your relationship
    Oh, such playful kinks! Introducing sex toys into your relationship will not only increase the pleasure but will also work on making the two of you extra comfortable with one another. As amazing as the toys feel just to yourself, using them with your p...
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  9. Do you think it's a disgrace for older women to be attracted to little boys?
    "I'm a 21 year old female and I think the world is coming to an end. I've been to elementary, middle, high school, and I've been in situations where young white, black, hispanic, and asian boys flirt with older women and smack their butts in front of m...
    5 51
  10. I don't like youths or school children what about you?
    "School children and youths are there most meanest people you can ever find in the universe. They always bully and have this behavior like they are always starting fights with me. And whenever you defend yourself they go and call their gang to come and...
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  11. No period first month of birth control?
    I just started birth control last month. There at no sugar pills on the kind I take & I just got through the week without pills & still had no period. I had some spotting on the second week of the pills. I never missed a pill & took one at the same tim...
    2 100
  12. I feel used and threatened by a boy who raped me?
    4 years ago my parents bought me a plane ticket and sent me to Ghana. On my stay there I went to visit one of my aunties. It turns out my auntie was living with guys but they never talked to me and always ignored me. One day I left my aunties room beca...
    3 50
  13. I want to get treated but I don't want my mom tho know, what should I do?
    I'm 17 and I've been dating this guy for 8 months but then we broke up right after Christmas and we got back together at the end of January. We had unprotected sex and now I'm pretty sure I have chlamydia. I really want to go get tested but I know if I...
    2 12
  14. How to be STD-free?
    HPV is such a common STD. There is no test for men for HPV. They say to practice safe sex, but what about when I'm married? I don't want to have sex with a condom on. Also, I can't have sex with a condom if I'm trying to get pregnant. Even if I'm in a...
    2 26
  15. Vaginal Question? /:
    My vagina just recently started burning, itching, smelling foul, having bloody discharge, burns a bit when I urinate, it's almost a numb feeling. I am sexually active and use protection, I do have an enlarged labia that I am going to get labiaplasty on...
    6 31
  16. According to the bible, is it wrong to kiss people on the lips?
    I don't mean going around and just kissing everyone on the lips. It says it's wrong to have sex before marriage, like it's a sin. But is it wrong to show affection by kissing someone on the lips???? I've never really thought of it as wrong just until n...
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  17. s it illegal to film yourself having sex with someone under 18 if you're also under 18? Not for distribution, just because I think It would be ho
    s it illegal to film yourself having sex with someone under 18 if you're also under 18? Not for distribution or anything, just because I think it'd be hot. Can't imagine anyone calling it child porn if it's you in the video and you and the other person...
    2 82
  18. what does it mean
    My boyfriend tells me everyday that he loves me and tells me I'm really beautiful and how he will never find anyone as beautiful as me and how he wants to b with me forever and he is always so sweet and he always wants to tlk on the phone and he says I...
    3 12
  19. me and my boyfriend have been dating for a while and we want to take the next step in our relationship yes (sex)we both know the consequences and
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  20. Do you think he is hiding something from me?
    I don't know what to do. I'm really confused. Now bear with me on this story. It's a bit screwed up and complicated. I was dating a guy for 4 years and over the summer he broke up with me for vague reasons and peaced out of my life. Eventually, my best...
    3 18
  21. My girlfriend gave me a blowjob 2 hours ago we really love eachother and get horny and we want to have sex tomorrow how should I start of
    3 146
  22. How do I choose between my ex and current gf?
    GIRLFRIEND HELP PLEASEEE!! Okay, So about a year ago I dated this girl Morgan. I have known her scince we were both kids. We go together right after my little brother died and she helped me through and was an awesome girl. We dated for a year and half...
    9 49
  23. This girl sort of grinded on me?
    So while I was out eating lunch with 2 of my friends, this girl with her friend happened to come by. I asked if she wanted to sit with us and she said yes. Before i asked her there were like 4 seats next to ours but they got taken after I asked. Her fr...
    2 79
  24. 14 and pregnant please help
    My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now and he asked me to marry him (of course we are waiting until we are old enough) but we got carried away and here I am pregnant. He told me hes excited to start a family with me and he will never le...
    3 10
  25. Could I be pregnant?
    About a month ago, I took my birth control pill about five hours later than I'm supposed to then about an hour and a half later my boyfriend and I had sex. That was the first and only time he has ejaculated inside of me but we have had sex many other t...
    2 49
  26. Am I a lesbian ?
    My boyfriend went snowmobiling for the weekend with some buddies. Friday night is always date night for us and I hate staying home. So earlier in the week I decided to get a massage. I frequent the spa often and I made the appointment with my usual t...
    2 35
  27. Is she pregnant ?
    I had sex with my gf and it was protected and I cum in the condom but we had sex couple minutes later but I'm sure I didn't cum in her.she saw her period the next day but I want to know if there's any chance of her getting pregnant or her missing her n...
    2 107
  28. Can having a lot of sex affect your period
    I've been having a lot of sex with my boyfriend this past week. I'm cramping , gassy, and I feel like I'm gonna start my period but I haven't. Does having too much sex cause this? And can having a lot of sex affect your menstural cycle ?
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  29. 17 and worried I'm pregnant
    Ok, so I'm 17. I play basketball and I'm planning to play in college. Well my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for like 2 minutes 5 days ago. We tried to get as much precum out as we could, he pulled out super early he and I are both kind of scared ...
    2 59
  30. How can i know the difference between implantation bleeding and just a weird period?
    okay so it's a really weird question and i find myself beyond stupid for having to ask this at this age. so about five days ago i started getting cramps. its around the time i'm supposed to be getting my period but normally i don't get cramps.I'm still...
    4 20
  31. Hi friend me and my partner had first time sex on Nov -24. But my partner discharge immediately those problem are continued please suggest me any
    2 36
  32. Do you think people who talk about celebrities and worry about them are sad?
    I don't know about you but I don't know why people are so obsessed with celebrities. They are just like us normal human beings. So what if they are rich and famous? Why do they waste their time bringing up Britney Spears who cut her hair and sold it on...
    6 42
  33. is this a baby bump? I think im preggo
    So Im having nausea, period like cramps and other cramps in my sides and lower stomach. Pressure in my lower stomach as well as very light shootin paine in my sides and ribs an breasts. Im gettin cramps in my breasts as well my appetite has definitely ...
    4 44
  34. How early can you get morning sickness after conception
    Can you have morning sickness a week after conception. I had my period November 25th and had sex on my most fertile day protected but the condom completely broke at the wrong time on dec 8th. So is it possible to already have morning sickness?
    2 167
  35. Could she be pregnant?
    Ok so last month (period) for her was very light (we think from stress due to home issues and her friends) but she tested negative with a test... Now we are at this month and as of now she is two days late... Could she be pregnant? Yes we have had a...
    2 146
  36. I think im pregnant opinions?
    I have a 26 day cycle I had my period the 10th of nov. And I had unprotected sex on the 20th. I had my period the 5th of dec. And had unprotected sex on the 11th an 13th. I been feeling really sick to my stomach throughout the day. Nausea, throwing up ...
    2 63
  37. should i just get over this?
    My fiance says that i should be over my childhood/teenage abuse. i just turned 22 in sept. i moved out of my parents house a few months before i turned 18. my mother has depression/anxiety and my dad has an anger problem. since i was born they didnt wa...
    5 19
  38. what happens if 7 days has pass now and i havent got my period this month
    I know i'm not pregnant my boyfriend lives many miles away so we can't see each other ...Ok so that's why we been doing phone sex for that reason ...My question is that i should of had my period 7 days ago but notthing i only felt some mestrual sympto...
    2 152
  39. what is this painful lump?
    I shave my pubes regularly and the last time there was a bump afterwards and I remember itching it. Now though, where that bump was, is a huge red tender lump under my skin that is really starting to worry me. It grew very large in two days and there d...
    3 54
  40. How do I get him to leave me alone?
    Okay so 3 or 4 years ago I reconnected with a person that I knew from highschool. We were never friends b4 but we got to talking and eventually I started liking him. Well he gets me hooked and then starts asking me all these dirty personal questions at...
    5 39
  41. Weird white/clear balls tangled in pubic hair?
    Okay so I know this is really gross and personal, but what the heck, right? It's the Internet! Okay, so it's been happening for like three months now. I go to the bathroom and these weird, like gunk balls, are tangled in my pubic hair. I know when I ha...
    8 574
  42. How can I make sex with my husband hurt less?
    Ok so I've been married almost a year now and for the record my husband is a husky guy. During sex my legs tend to give out very early and my hips will start hurting. We have tried several positions to try and make sure I don't hurt but to no avail. My...
    7 34
  43. Please help settle a bet on sexiness...
    My niece and I have been battling each other over this....Who's sexier(or has more sex appeal)...a Stormtrooper or Boba Fett?
    4 19
  44. Personal question... GIRLS ONLY PLEASE!
    So I don't know if this is normal or even something I should be doing at just 13... So I am just going to get strait to the point. I have lower back pains after masturbating. I don't do it very often, but when I do, it hurts my back... Am I doing...
    2 82
  45. How do I get out of the friend zone/friend with benefits zone?
    Well, I've been ''seeing'' or ''dating'' (what ever you call it) a guy for about 3 months now. When I was 14 we were really close friends but then we grew apart because he's 2 years older than me and was focused on getting himself back into mainstream ...
    5 79
  46. i was born a girl but i was forced into a sex change when i was 7 any idea on how to deal with it im not good at dealing with problems
    4 66
  47. When should I take a pregnancy test?
    My boyfriend and I are trying to have a baby. We had sex on the days I was ovulating plus i have been taking prenatal vitamins. And my period is not due for a couple of weeks.
    4 31
  48. How to deal with a homophobic parent?
    Okay so here's the problem. I am bi and my dad doesn't like it and disagrees with my lifestyle and thinks that same sex couples shouldn't be allowed to marry and whatnot. Well I have a girlfriend who I love and he doesn't like it. He told me that he do...
    5 56
  49. I need to reveal something to a partner, but how can I say it?
    Hello, this situation is extremely embarrasing and heartbreaking. Im 25 years old and have been in a relationshio with my son's father for 7 years. Last year we broke up and I have been trying very hard to get over him and move on. Occasionally him and...
    3 19
  50. Is my body type unappealing?
    I know I need to tone my stomach, but is it to the point where it would be a turn off during sex??
    5 33
  51. Does my mums boyfriend want to have sex with me?
    Well for a few months I have been wondering does my mums boyfriend like me in a sexual way. We was out a few weeks ago drinking and I went past him to go to the toilet and I was close to his legs cause he was in the way and he slapped my bum. he always...
    2 83
  52. Is my boyfriend loving? Or abusive?
    Is my boyfriend loving? Or just abusive? My boyfriend always love talking of future but some things he says scare me. For example he say me "i kill you la if u ever cheat/break with me. i will rip ur skin from ur bone & watch u suffer" it is the only c...
    9 49
  53. is there any chance i am pregnant?
    saturday night my boyfriend and i fooled around in the shower. he ended up ******** on my chest. i rinsed off with water almost immediatly. but is there any chance that the sperm that was on my chest could have been carried down my body (by the water) ...
    5 4331
  54. Okay... how to break up with your gf?
    Okay, so I am in an online bisexual relationship, and things aren't working out very well. But the girl I am with cuts when she gets upset, and I don't want to be the cause of that. How do I break up without it being hurtful?
    4 16
  55. could i be pregnant?
    i usually get my period around every 13-15 of the month. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a week before i was supposed to get my period. He didnt cum inside but there still is precum. so before he got too excited we put a condom on and continued...
    2 316
    So my boyfriend and I have been together for a couple of years, and like any other couple we've been having sex. But just today he told me that he doesn't want to have sex no more because he doesn't want to God to think we're bad people for doing it wi...
    16 51
  57. 3 negative pregnancy test still feel pregnant
    Okay I had unprotected sex exactly 3 weeks ago. After the sex like 3-5 days later I can't remember but I had my period it was heavy every since I was 10 I had irregular periods 3 or 4 times a year .. I took 2 hpt came back neg.. recently went to the do...
    2 69
  58. why does my mom hate me
    So im 19 years old, and live with my parents. Im rarely home now a days because of school and work. So in my mind im always thinking well my mom must be proud of me, but when I get home or try to hug her kiss her or just be with her she finds a way to ...
    7 50
  59. Can I get pregnant?
    We had sex with a condom but since we didn't have more we took off that one emptied it and used it again what are my chances of being pregnant?
    6 77
  60. The guy I'm dating experimented in oral sex
    It happened last year and he says he's defiantly straight, should I believe him?
    7 43
  61. Where might I purchase the sweaters like on hot sweaters?
    I wish to purchase the sweaters on sexysweaters tumblr page but I do not understand how? And I am a man so maybe not the girl sweaters.
    2 12
  62. I think Im pregnant
    I am 20 years i had my period july 19-23. i had sex july 25, 31 and aug, 1. Then i had spotting when my period was supposed to happen but it was not a real period. I took a home pregnancy test while i was spotting and after then i took another one aug,...
    5 135
  63. How long should I have heavy discharge after first time?
    Me and my boyfriend had sex and it was my first time. It was a week before my period and I had heavy brown discharge the whole time and now I'm having a light period but I was on birth control for a month and a half.
    3 96
  64. My vagina is swollen what's wrong?
    I had sex with a new partner unprotected and since the inside of my vagina has been swollen. It doesn't itch or hurt or anything. It is just swollen maybe got a little bruised because it's bluish purplish dark.
    3 112
  65. How possible is it?
    SO my period started the 7th-10th. I had sex on the 14th... it was unprotected, and yes he did inside of me. I got a notification today (16th) that I'm beginning to ovulate... what are the possibilities here?
    3 34
  66. Very weird vaginal discharge?
    For the past 2 days I have been experiencing white watery foul smelling vaginal discharge with some white lumps in it and I'm confused as to why its happening. I did a pap smear recently and it showed had a yeast infection present. I was given Sporasec...
    2 786
  67. Havent had my period yet?! unprotected sex
    I was supposed to start my period today i always start in the morning and i didnt. My peroid usually starts on the 19th of eevry month but this last month it started on the 15th. I have a 26-32 day cycle but this month its a 26 day cycle. I have been h...
    6 14
  68. Do you think I am pregnant?
    Really really bad shooting pains in my sides of my stomach and back. As well as cramping and aching in lower stomach. Bad headaches/migranes severe nausea. Certain smells make me want to throw up extremily tired sleepin all day no energy sore boobs an ...
    3 36
  69. can someone give me relationship advice?
    Long story short. I met a girl who had a boyfriend. he wasn't there for her and I wanted to be. We started seeing eachother and we kissed and told eachother how much we liked eachother. The word LOVE was never brought up it was always just genuine fond...
    3 14
  70. preganancy chances
    I had sex with my Boy frnd two days before my periods. And after two days i had my regular peroiods also. But this month even after 32 days i didnt get my periods. Is there any chance of getting pregnant?
    2 25
  71. Guys, I'd love to hear what you think about this:
    According to a recent magazine article, men don't judge you for having sex on a first date. True? Why or why not? What are you personal beliefs on this subject?
    3 25
    So my neighbor lives literally right down stairs from me he's my mom friend he works at her job she got him the house downstairs from us she had on spying on me I had a crush on him n finally one day I knocked on his door long story short I spent the...
    9 172
  73. How do I convice my sister that I did not steal from her graduation money?
    Okay. So I have a slightly checkered past. By this I mean I have been guilty of taking money from my brother before. But. Before you go and tell me that it is wrong and how could you do such a thing, I know this. I know that it is not right and it is n...
    3 74
  74. How do I know for sure if my 2 yr old son has been molested?
    Ever since my son was about 6 months or so a family member has said very inappropriate things to my son and about my son being sexy, fine, and attractive. I've told them the comments where not something you say to a child no matter their age and of c...
    7 53
  75. I started my period on June 27 and got off on the 2cd had sex that 30th(still on period) and 2cd(the day I got off) and 4th and 6th and on the 8t
    4 93
  76. do guys only want me for my boobs?
    Do guys only want me for my boobs? guys opinion please ok so lately id say the past year alot of guys have wanted to have sex with me i don't understand it! i get alot of attention and now even my best friends getting pissed off because she says im ta...
    4 52
  77. can i get pregnant by using a vibrator after having sex?
    5 69
  78. pregnancy question! need some advice
    okay well my boyfriend and i had sex about two days before my period was supposed to start well it never even came and i am now three weeks late. I have taken a pregnancy test each week and they all have come out negative! i went to the doctor and thei...
    2 66
  79. How do i stop the pain I have during sex? (Gaphic)
    This has happened a few times for me in the past but now it REALLY hurts to have sex. Every time my boyfriend and I have sex the initial "putting it in" really hurts. Specifically the bottom part of the vaginal opening. The weird thing is it doesn't hu...
    6 209
  80. Could I be pregnant?
    Me and my boyfriend were having sex and my period started it was on time but only came during sex. After sex I showered I put a tampon on but im not building at all anymore only what came out during sex can I be pregnant
    4 394
  81. Should I (ever) get back with my ex-boyfriend?
    I took a quiz on this and it said "Absolutely! Run to his/her house NOW and tell them that you need em back in your life because you know you can't live without him/her. You guys are meant to be." Have you ever had a gut in feeling in life? I get th...
    6 30
  82. I think I may have been sexually molested?
    Heres the story: I had been caught watching porn around eight years old. (I am female) At the time, I didn't know how bad it was. I was told not to do it again, and stopped for three years, only to start watching it again. I saw one video with a di...
    4 171
  83. missed period, but negative test?
    okay so me and my boyfriend had sex about 4 days before my period was supposed to start and it never came and now im two weeks late ive taken test but they have all come up negative? whats going on, someone please help!!
    2 45
  84. My boyfriend and I broke up for a week, but he slept with someone a few days after our break up?
    My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months and have argued in the past, but nothing worth a break up. My father is an alcoholic and sometimes gets violent when he's drunk. He slapped me across the face and shoved me to the ground Friday evenin...
    9 23
  85. Omg wait till u hear...
    Omg ok so I met his guy on Facebook named Corey. He was soooo sweet n wonderful n I made sure he was real thru my friends n after I found out he was who he was I let him sneak ovr after midnight. He came to my house after 12 like 7 times Nd yes we had...
    4 26
  86. Am I expecting too much ??
    Ok so I'm 16.. I sext ALOT. I've been doing it since I was 13 after I lost my virginity... Guys always tell me I'm beautiful and hot and sexy and they always get pics or some even get the dirty..(I've only done the dirty like 9 xs in my life ... Im st...
    3 23
  87. Am I the wrong one here?
    Ok so me and this guy Brandon have been talking for 2 yrs. we r like best friends. Well I moved schools again and our feelings for each other got Stronger.. We never hooked up..we jus sexted.. Anyways he NEVER asked me out or 'claimed' me so I as a 16 ...
    6 28
  88. Am I over-reacting and expecting too much or do you think I'm justified in wanting to end my relationship with my boyfriend?
    I met a guy online. He seemed smart, nice, funny, and into me. I talked to him online for a while and we decided to meet in person. We went out to lunch and he surprised me with flowers. We made our relationship official at the end of the second date. ...
    36 61
  89. Boyfriend cheats
    Hi, Last week my boyfriend went out and come back like 4 in the morning. He accidentally called me before he came back home so I heard him talking to a girl and I was sure they were in a Hotel room. When he came home he said he just met someone in...
    6 43
  90. Im so insecure that I refuse to be in a relationship. What should I do?
    Im a girl and a senior in Highschool and Im rediculously insecure about everything about myself. Especially my body. I constantly start diets and workouts and never get any results, and then I start to feel weak and pathetic because I cant commit to so...
    3 31
  91. How to tell if he is a player or not?
    I know that all guys want to have sex with girls they like but how can you tell if he actually likes you or just wanting strictly sex? We have texted each other almost every day and hang out almost every week. He invited me over to hang out with h...
    2 13
  92. How do I know if I have HPV?
    I'm so depressed right now and disgusted with myself. I have been dating this guy for a long time and we broke up about a half a year ago for a couple months. We had only ever been with each other because we think sex should be about love. Well,...
    3 48
  93. Losing my virginity young
    Okay so next month ill be turning 14 and ive been dating my boyfriend for about a week now and we talked and we want to have sex on my birthday. Hes 16.we have done a little foreplay like touching and such or "3rd base". We both want to lose it to eac...
    8 47
  94. boyfriend cried during sex?
    My boyfriend and I had sex last night and all of the sudden out of no where he started crying... When I asked he didn't say anything. I know that it wasn't cause I was bad at sex cause he never cried any other times...and I don't know why... He is an e...
    3 36
  95. Hi everyone! My first question on here! *GIRLS ONLY*
    I am new to funadvice, and I mainly came on to ask this. I missed my period, but I am not sexually active. I am 13 in July, and started it for the first time, just last year. I used tampons for the first time on my last period. Could that have anything...
    5 49
  96. is he really my bestfriend
    When i first met him he was so nice to me. We met at school at the time i was going threw alot. He came to me and told me if i need anyone to talk to i can talk to him, we can bestfriends. We use to talk on the phone alot. Anyway we kind of feel off. I...
    4 32
  97. Why am I bleeding a week early?
    First off, this is very detailed and directed toward females for advice. I am sexually active with my boyfriend, unprotected. I started Sprintec birth control pills toward the beginning of April. I missed my first pill of the pack, as well as anothe...
    5 181
  98. Why are 90% of the questions asked on here about sex?
    4 37
  99. How can I be pretty?
    Since this is a long description I'll answer anyone's question that takes the time to answer mine :) I know beauty is on the inside (which I focus on too), but I would also like to be beautiful on the outside, as well. Here is a complete descript...
    2 48
  100. can i be pregnant
    Me and my boyfriend have been having unproected sex for about two months. The start of my last period was April 17th and it ended the 23rd it is now May 11th. I have been getting dizzy, and I'm constantly tired no matter what I'm doing. I've also been ...
    5 24
  101. do he love me? why didnt he want to have sex with me
    Okay so me and my ex been together for four years. Now am 18 and hes 17 (lied about his age) anyway when we first went together it was going so great. But i messed it up. I talked about his mother being on pcp and his dead sisster.... i really didnt me...
    3 40
  102. me and my gf had protected sex a week before her period now shes late can sex make it late shes 15 im 16
    6 5436
  103. Please help me! My mom won't let my boyfriend from outa state stay with us!
    My boyfriend and his friend are coming all the way from Louisiana here to Michigan this Summer. Gavin used to live here in Michigan but moved a couple years ago but Nathan's never been to Michigan and doesn't know anyone. I'm 14, Nathan's 14, and Gavin...
    4 39
  104. What would you do if??
    Someone you're dating had a f** profile and posted nude and genital pictures and videos on that site for all of their 100 and something friends to see? What would you do and how would you react? My gf has one and is the one who told me about f...
    8 23
  105. No period in 3 months? Halp!
    It's been three months now since she last had it. We have regular sex and use protection all the time.. She has done several tests just to be sure and all say that she's negative.. She hasn't gained weight or anything. She went through a tough year las...
    9 32
  106. How do you get through to someone??
    Okay so the issue is that I have this friend who won't listen to me when I tell him that I am taken and just want to be friends. How do you get through to them that you will never be anything more than friends? He is continuously talking to ms like we'...
    4 9
  107. ex bf broke up with me for his baby mother, how do i deal?
    We've been dating for 4 months, which is also my longest relationship. But we used to be on and off because of his baby mother. We remained as friends and we kept in touch. He also still used to tell me he loves me . But then one day on. Facebook he co...
    6 17
  108. Question about a friend helping me have a baby?
    Okay so the thing is, my gf and I want to have a baby together eventually and I have a friend who has agreed to help me get pregnant. Well this friend keeps saying he will help me but he wants a romantic relationship with me if he helps me and I keep t...
    6 63
  109. I think I might be bi.
    I know homosexuality is wrong and that's what I was taught to believe. But I believe I am attracted to guys and girls, I'm not sure what to do. I tell myself I'm straight because I know it's the right thing but then I just feel like I am denying myself...
    13 51
  110. how do i arouse my boyfriend?
    turn on my boyfriend just a little? I want to start out kissing.. and I know I'm too young for sex and all that, I'm saving myself. So as I was saying, I want to start out kissing, but I don't want it to lead anywhere. I just want to get him aroused a ...
    13 1107
  111. can my girlfriends mom press charges if she is black mailing me to break up with my girlfriend
    there was an arguement between my girlfriends best friend and i. she ends up hitting in the face twice. i knowing not to lay my hands on any girl punch a hole in her moms wall. my girlfriend doesnt blame me at all. her mom of course hated me to begin w...
    3 42
  112. Is this cheating?
    I have a boyfriend been dating for almost 4 years. I love him more than anything I am really against cheating. My best friend and I had a sleepover… we got drunk. She kissed me / grabbed my boobs. I kissed her back not really understanding whats going...
    10 41
  113. Do you think my girlfriend is pregnant?
    We last had sex about a month ago, a while I know but we have both been put off for a while because we think she could be pregnant. She managed to get 3 pregnancy tests and they all said she isn't, however she missed her period and then had it for abou...
    7 44
  114. Does this sound like pregnancy symptoms?
    I Had Sex (protected & un protected) on the 30th Of January. Didn't Get My Period In February. And Now It's March And If I Were Pregnant I'd Be About 4 1/2 Weeks, So Far The Symptoms I've Had: - I'm Nauseous But I Haven't Vomited Yet. -...
    5 24
    I had sex with my boyfriend on the 2nd (two.days.after my periodperiod)and he came inside me.I started feeling alll the signs except vomitting. I had headaches,nausea, backaches, white milky discharge,lower stomach pains but than on the 16,17 i started...
    4 24
  116. Are you a good person?
    If there is a Heaven, do you think you are good enough to go there? To answer this question, try taking this test to see if you are a good person: (I know that I'm not.) 1. Have you ever told a lie?("white" lies are still lies.) What do you call som...
    5 18
  117. Is this a stupid idea for Valentine's Day? Maybe some guys can answer?
    This is the first time I actually have someone for Valentine's Day to spend it with. My bf lives long distance we're not going to be able to make it to see each other for Valentine's Day this year, so I decided to make him a gift but I'm not sure if ...
    2 18
    So i had PREGNANTunprotected sex with my boyfriend and came in me. i didnt pee til the next day,i didnt become fertile til five days later. I want to know can i be pregnant? Please help me. I havent been doing anything but sleeping lately please help me.
    2 39
  119. Why does my boyfriend do the things he do?
    Well, me and my partner have been together for 2yrs now & only last feb he was just released from jail (he was in jail for months). And ever since hes done the following things: 1) hes had inappropriate pic of girls (mostly porn stars) even though I s...
    5 17
  120. What can you do to help get over somebody?
    Don't tell me time, because its been almost 2 and a half years and I still can't get this person out of my head. We dated for about a year, when she suddenly left me for someone else. A little over a year after that I tried to be with her again, but sh...
    2 9
  121. Am i pregnant or is this my period?! HELP!
    Please don't judge..iknow its a stupid mistake but would appreciate it if you gave me helpful advice because thats what i really need right now. I dunno if i'm pregnant or if this is just my late messed up period. Thing is that i got my period 2x in ...
    2 66
  122. Possibly pregnant (please help)?
    Hi girls, (and well guys too) this has been really racking my brain the past week, over whether or not I may be pregnant. I suppose details would be best, so.. here I go. *Between January 1st and January 6th I had sexual intercourse with a guy, I a...
    2 188
  123. Is my boyfriend pushing for sex???
    He seems to be hinting at it lately, and I'm not sure if he's being flirty or if he's pushing for sex. I really love him and I'd bring it up, but don't want to freak him out if he's not ready or isn't asking for it.
    4 42
  124. Why am I being rejected?
    Me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 months but we've known each other for 6. I didn't start having sex with him until 2 months into knowing each other. He is 31 I am 20. Recently he's been rejecting me everytime I try to have sex with him. It ...
    3 42
  125. Can a cheater stop cheating?
    I have been with my husband for 9 years, we just got married in November of 2012. Throughout our relationship he has cheated on me and I never left him. In fact, he left me once. I just found an email to someone and it was sexually explicit. I want to ...
    8 99
  126. How do I tell my mom that my boyfriend and I had oral sex?
    His mom found out through texts and won't let him see me until I tell my mom and they have talked. My mom is strict about things like this and I am so scared to talk to her about it. I'm so nervous and I don't have a clue how to approach her with it!! ...
    5 55
  127. Do I have these dreams because I feel guilty?
    I recently lost my virginity to my boyfriend of 2 years (yes Im using protection, please don't judge me) and I really love him and he loves me, After we had sex we watched a zombie movie. Iv'e been having these nightmares about zombies and zombie apoca...
    5 26
  128. can he cum in me?
    I just got the drop shot yesterday, I'm NOT looking to get pregnant. But my question is once the depo has been given and let's say its been approximately a month and my s.o decide to have sex can he cum IN me and I won't get pregnant? Its just curiosity.
    2 96
  129. Do these guys like me?
    So I am in 8th grade and school just started. When I walk around the school a bunch of random grade 9 guys tell me that their friend thinks I am sexy or they just wave at me randomly when I walk by. Are they joking and just being friendly or do you thi...
    2 16
  130. Can a 18 year old girl have sex with a 30 year old guy?
    4 79
  131. why cant aquarius men act like a man?
    I know this Aquarius Guy he fun to be around..I enjoy him and the sex but the thing is on our first date he send the whole nite with me..but on our other date it drop to 3 hours as if he felt ima get attach or something so he cut the time down?.I'm not...
    3 65
  132. Eh.. pregnant or not?
    So i got a depo shot 6 months ago (july) and it was my first and only. Ive been having my periods agai and on the 4th of this month i had unprotected sex. Then again on the 11th & the next day i got my period and it was due around this time. So im a li...
    3 37
  133. could it even possibly be?
    My period was suppose to start on jan.9th or 8th. My last period was from dec.9th to the 16th. I spotted from jan.5th till yesterday night jan.11. Today i am not spotting at all. I have not picked up to a heavy or even a usual period flow. So if i didn...
    2 91
  134. I need some advice on my love life.
    I am a 20 year old women and my boyfriend is 31 .. We have known each other since July so thats about 6 months now and started dating in oct . In the beginning when we first met I was still kind of trying to fix my relationship with my ex that ended a ...
    15 49
  135. Worried about small little white bumps on inner lips of vagina?
    They are very small white bumps all over my vagina lips and are only visible when I stretch the lips out. I'm 13 so I really don't know what the technical term for them. U know the more fleshy lips on the inside. Im certainly not sexually active. These...
    3 665
  136. What would you choose?
    Imagine this situation. (All members involved are 18 or older) You're at a social gathering, there's music and people dancing. A person whom you have mutual attraction to, and you, are dancing. Some background, this person just got out of a relationshi...
    2 20
  137. what should i do
    my boyfriend and i have been together for a year now.but last nigh my friend show me a text that happen a few months ago. now i new he had my phone and he texted my friend . but what i dint know was he called her sexy and ask her how old she was . it...
    12 13
  138. I'm ready for real sex
    So i have actually as weird as it sounds having sex with a giant male doll yer and it doesn't have a penis though but i have a boyfriend now and he's 13 like me and he's asked for sex and i said yes cause I'm curious but on the doll i think it was just...
    4 28
  139. dating advice please help
    I met this nice guy hes a basketball player weve been talking for awhile now hes a D1 player despite his busy schedule we manage to talk alot wen hes not in practice or has a game we skype everynight the height is weird hes 7'1 and im 4'10 is that a ...
    4 25
  140. I want to get some kind of birth control
    I am 16 and I would like to get some kind if birth control that will help/stop my periods. I am not having sex. I just have very irregular periods I never know when I am going to get it. I just want to help/stop them. My mom said that I don't need to...
    3 28
  141. is it normal to feel horny if you've never had a period?
    Hi i was wandering if it was normal to be horny if you've never had a period? Btw i'm 14 and i don't want any replies saying masturbate because the thought of it grosses me out. No offense :/ thank-you
    3 144
  142. Self esteem issues
    I've been with my boyfriend for 8 months and I still can't stand his ex. It's funny cuz shes the only girl that I get upset about that he talks to. I mean they don't talk 24/7 an he doesn't try and break his neck trying to talk to her but they exchange...
    2 18
  143. Is a leg shaking uncotrolled orgasm normal? please help
    Well im sexually active and have been for maybe a year. And everytime Im about to cum I start shaking uncontrollably to the point where I cant take it anymore and I stop and my uvula is throbbing. I dont know if my orgasm just ended? Or if I was about ...
    3 364
  144. Do you think katie holmes is hot and sexy or is a sweet and nice woman?
    When i see this actress, i think she looks sweet not hot, but sweet and pretty. What do you think?
    2 31
  145. Masturbation problem Quick answers please
    Ok so i am karolinas friend but i am on her account because i have been having trouble to log onto this with my email so she let me use her account i have a problem i masturbate a lot well not a lot but this week about everyday and then on wednesday i ...
    2 87
  146. How do I give an amazing blow job?
    My boyfriend and I just started dating and he asked if I would ever give him a blow job and I never have done that before so I dont even know how to start so could u help me plz :)
    3 342
  147. My girlfriend's best friend that is a guy is a problem.
    My girlfriend and I are in high school. Her best friend that is a guy is always around. It makes me so angry. In the mornings at her locker, hes there. At lunch, hes there. At the end of the day, hes there. When i say to her that i don't like him aroun...
    12 39
  148. What does it mean when you have sore nipples?
    My nipples are sore and tender, not my whole breast. I was suspecting that I may be pregnant or because I just finished ovulating but I'm not sure. I had sex with my boyfriend about 10-11 days ago and took a home pregnancy test today which came out neg...
    2 192
  149. Girl Crying After Sex. What do I do?
    So this girl is 19 and she hasnt had sex in like 2 years. and we were fooling around foreplay at her house for like 3 hours. Then we went to have sex and first she told me to get the condom before she changed her mind about using it... but I grabbed i...
    5 71
  150. Where can I find floral dresses like this?
    2 14
  151. After unprotected sex
    What type of pill can i use for my girlfriend after unprotected sex
    6 47
  152. How to ask your bf/gf to get tested before having sex?
    I found out one of my friends got gonorrhea from someone they slept with. I've never been the loose type and honestly I think people should get tested and have their partner tested before having sex. What would be a good way to present this when I'm i...
    2 22
  153. How do I first punish myself before being at office on time?
    I am a 37 y old male. I have been late to office almost daily, but last week was epic bad. I was late by more than 40 mins daily, effectively 200 mins late that week. How do I punish myself before I correct my habit? I am open to suggestions based on ...
    9 34
  154. Could you date someone who slept with someone you hate...?
    Help me out here, I've been seeing this girl for quite a while now. I never wanted to take on a girlfriend because I just didn't feel I was ready for one and couldn't find one I would actually want to settle down with (so to speak)... so I've been see...
    9 40
  155. Im clueless about if he actually did use the condom :(
    Last night , my mom worked double shift and I had a guy come over who is 19. He thinks that I am 17 , but really Im 14 . He came over and I already knew he wnted to have sex based on the time of night it was when he called me.We were on my bed and he ...
    5 1846
  156. how do i know im not pregnant
    Ok me and my boyfriend had sex last weds. And we didnt use a condom and he was hard but when he was about to get inwe felt a liquid and i wasent sure if it was him or me and he went it and did it 3 times and i stoped him nn he did it again 3 more times...
    2 29
  157. what do i do? could i be pregnant? help ASAP!
    my last period was October 20th. today is December 8th and i did not get my period yet!!!!! ive been sexually active for about a year. i get this clear .. sometimes milky color discharge on my underwear which isn't normal for me. should i take a pregn...
    3 47
  158. Is it un-normal to have sex while on my period?
    I always feel more attracted to my boyfriend when im on my period. i am just scared he wont want to have sex with me if im bleeding. what should i do? i'm hornyyyyy.
    2 79
  159. How do I get over a hookup?
    A few nights ago, I had WAY too much to drink at my friend's dorm. I puked all over the place. Then, I hooked up with his roommate. I don't even know the guy! I don't remember anything that I did but apparently we got to 3rd base (oral) and I feel SO b...
    2 41
  160. Could my wife be pregnant
    after our last son was born 4 years ago my wife went on the pill to get her period back to normal and she went off it last xmas and 2 nights ago we had a few to many drinks and had sex and i came in her it was a day or so after her period when she stop...
    3 22
  161. Is it suitable for me to have a baby?
    Im 18 and my fiance and I was planning to have sex before our wedding. Am I too young to have a baby? Or should I wait a little longer? Pls help... I might be having sex tomorrow night, if Im not allowed to have a baby, I better buy a condom.
    3 19
  162. Am I ready for sex?
    I am 18 and my boyfriend, Jay, wants to have sex ! Im not sure if I am ready for this. Will it hurt when his penis is inserted into my vagina? I really hate pain !! I dont want to disappoint Jay, I wan to please him. Btw I am still a virgin. Any advice?
    2 27
  163. am i too skinny to give birth ?
    okay so im 17 & i've had sex with my boyfriend without protection &i havent gotten my period in a month. people told me i'd be to skinny to give birth. im around 98 - 100 & im 5'3 , im really scared because i feel like my body wouldnt be able to handle...
    7 64
  164. Pregnant maybe...
    Ihad sex about 2 weeks ago and ihave been experiencing the following pregnancy symptoms: headache back aches nausea increased heart rate PURE exhaustion moodiness breaking out a bigger appetite and my breast have began to darken even though they dont r...
    3 98
  165. No condom but no cum?
    Can I be pregnant if i had sexual intercourse with no condom but he cumed outside?
    2 1345
  166. What is a good duet to sing?
    I'm going to sing a duet with my friend, and he doesn't know what song to sing. It has to be appropriate (no swearing or sexual/ drug references) and it shouldn't be too difficult of a song, but i'd still like to hear the suggestion if you think it is ...
    4 75
  167. why do girls feel the need to try this
    so this girl i went to high school with is about 22 23 between there . anyway she msg me on Facebook asking if we can talk ? i said sure whats up? her feedback was are you mad at me cause Dennis(my boyfriend) told me not to talk to you. i ask why? s...
    2 22
  168. Can a 14 year old get pregnant ?
    So today i had sex w. this girl she is 14 , i used a trojan condom tht i been waitin to use for a while now (it was type dry when i opened it) but it was stil good while i was fuckin her for a few mins, i cum .. when i cum i felt the condom popped but ...
    3 164
  169. How should I deal with this situation and should I say anything?
    Lately my husband has been calling and texting this other woman and flirting with her and having phone sex with her and they would be calling each other honey etc. I also saw in one of his text messages that he said l love you to and he knows that I kn...
    11 27
  170. I need help deciding what to do.!
    I was sexually abused by cousin at the age of 12. I started to cut myself to cope with the abuse. A teacher one day sees the cuts and reports me and from getting asked too many questions I just broke down and told why I would cut myself. I never went i...
    7 44
  171. Should I be worried if my period is only one day late.
    I feel like I'm going to get my period, I've been having Cramps like I always do but it didn't start yesterday as my tracker predicted. My period tends to start one week earlier than it did the previous month, and sometimes fluctuates from that. I've h...
    8 50
  172. How safe is it to have unprotected sex whilst being on the contraceptive pill?
    Me and my boyfriend started off having sex just using a condom, after a month of two we decided upon starting to use the pill. I am on the second week of my first packet and we recently had unprotected sex, personally I am not to worried about this b...
    9 74
  173. could i be pregnant
    i had 1st time sex a day before i was supposed to get my period. now i am a month late on my period. could i be pregnant?
    3 54
  174. preparing for phone sex???
    Hi. me and my boyfriend have been going out for about 2 weeks and he wants to try phone sex. I'm really nervous about it but I wanna try it. We tried to have it but I chickened out. He said it was okay but I feel bad. Anyway I just need help not being ...
    2 49
  175. geting my gf wet
    my gf is virgin,i dont wanna finger her in to sex just yet! But i wanna get her really wet! what can i do or say to get her wet?
    3 837
  176. what can i use that vibrates like a vibrator for masterbation
    2 106
  177. i had sex withmultipal patners so now wt should i do.
    aur maine chekup bhi karaya aur medicine bhi khaya but fir bhi mere virgina mai jo white hota he na it smells why and now wt should i do.
    3 35
  178. I need advice quick! Is it possible I am bipolar?
    I have been having mood swings for months now. I also feel like I have higher sex drive (I am ashamed of it) and I am more quick tempered than usual. The past month I have been depressed on and off. My mood swings aren't severe but I do notice them af...
    3 15
  179. Could I be pregnant
    I got my period earlier then I'm suppose to on my birth control.. I had sex last month and I lost my birth control pack, and it was a week before I'm schdule to get my period ... So I just started a new pack... And I'm on my second week in this new...
    2 11
  180. does she like me, because I cannot tell?
    Hey, so I have this friend. She is absolutely amazing, beautiful, smart, the whole nine. I have found myself becoming closer and closer to her over the last few years. I have known her since I was very young, and I pretty much know all of her family. T...
    2 40
  181. im so horny all the time and i dont have a girlfriend what do i do?
    i just really want to have sex. oh an my religion says no sex before marriage
    2 71
  182. Can i still use the sex toy even if everybody says its beginner??
    so, i got a 7 inch long 1 inch wide realistic vibrator but on the reviews,everybody calls it beginner and for first timers but i feel like i could use if it lasted me a year or 2.but i feel like it shouldnt be called a beginner vibrator because if it w...
    2 17
  183. I think my sex drive has gone overdrive? Help?
    Okay - long story. I'm 13 and have never had a boyfriend but for some reason i am now obsessed with sex. Recently, i could not go to sleep, so i (don't know why) stuck my finger up my - you know (hello! i am a girl) and felt around. Ever since, my - yo...
    3 104
  184. How can I pleasure my boyfriend even more?
    I give my boyfriend a blowjob which he says he loves but I wanna give him more pleasure with my mouth, how can I do that? And when were doing it it too. I wanna make him feel like a king, How!?? Someone help please!
    2 119
  185. Would I enjoy having sex? (READ MORE)
    i'm a virgin, but i do "pleasure" myself. i get more turned on by rubbing, than fingering. Does this mean i wont enjoy sex much?
    2 500
  186. What do I do when I'm stuck between a guy and a girl?
    I have a boyfriend... ive been dating for 2 months. Hes nice, loves me, but always just talks about video games... thats not an excuse, though. Anyways, so i met this girl over a month ago, and about a week or 2 ago, she admitted she likes me. I'm bise...
    6 23
  187. Who fathered my baby? LMP was 9/27-10/2 had unprotected sex an he ejaculated inside of me on the 10/7 10/8 10/13. Had sex with another
    Guy on 10/16, he had a condom on but it broke an he stopped after no more then the 3rd stroke. He didn't ejaculate inside of me. Today is 11/15 im 7 weeks but I'm nervous to who fathered my baby
    2 1217
  188. Can someone please tell me why teenage girls are such whores?!
    My reasoning for this question is because girls at my school are the biggest sluts i have ever seen. They are only like 14-18 years old and they have sex and give guys bj's all of the time. I am just really curious as to why girls this age would do thi...
    5 20
  189. What are the pros and cons of haveing a same sex therapist?
    4 48
  190. Is this classified as rape?
    Okay so before it even happened he asked ahead of time if I wanted to have sex with him and I said no repeatedly because I wasn't ready. Then he came over and he said "we don't have to have sex tonight if you don't want to" and we were laying down cudd...
    2 19
  191. Is it okay that my mom has sex in the same room as my brother?
    3 118
  192. why is the legal age for sex and drinking so high in America compared to the rest of the world?
    5 30
  193. Don't you think this Is messed up?
    This person would not hire my friend she has a : free criminal history, no drugs, no alcohol, not a registered s*x offender, has a u.s citizenship. she has no diploma at the moment. He gave the job a year ago to a person, who has been convicted of ...
    4 20
  194. Can a sex offender continue to work as a professor?
    Can a sex offender continue working as a college professor or educator in any state?
    3 89
  195. Is it a bad thing to write short stories with sex scenes in them?
    I write these short stories on Quotev and I was just wondering what your guys opinion was on this?
    11 53
  196. Is it possible for Birth Control to LOWER hormone levels?
    I know that Birth Control pills do affect hormone levels, but I thought it raised your hormone levels, as in made you want sex MORE. This is exactly the opposite for my girlfriend, she says she thinks her Birth Control is making her want sexual inter...
    2 54
  197. How do I keep my vagina from getting raw during sex?
    When me and my boyfriend have sex for a long time my vagina starts to burn. It's fine at first and then it's like it gets very raw on the inside and sometimes the outside. What can I do to keep it from getting raw can have sex longer?
    6 139
  198. How do you know when your ovulating ? An when is the rite time to have sex so u can be pregos
    6 70
  199. Why am I having such odd dreams lately; what could they mean?
    Two nights ago I had a sex dream about my ex boyfriend, who I broke up with over a year ago, and I. I initiated the sex. He and I have never had sex though. In the end we were just laying there cuddling and we both looked really happy. Yesterday nig...
    4 26
  200. Is it a bad thing that I listen to sexually explicit songs?
    6 24
  201. Who else has heard about a lion let loose in Essex?
    4 6
  202. How do you feel about the legal age to have sex being changed from 16 to 14?
    14 75
  203. Why is my girlfriend bleeding after sex?
    Whenever my girlfriend and I have sex she bleeds. At first it was a little bit but then it kept getting more and more. We thought that I had cut her with my fingernail and we didn't have sex for 2 and a half weeks when I was away thinking it would heel...
    6 47
  204. How do you feel about step siblings dating?
    I was curious as to what people thought about step sibling attraction to one another. Dating, sex, and how it would affect the family all comes into play. Do you think it is wrong or since there is no blood relation that it is acceptable? There is not ...
    11 41
  205. how to file a complaint on o police officer? read more
    lastnight crisis was called on me for not taking my meds. i eventally took my meds before the cops came to my house. they came afterward and told me i had to put my shoes on and leave. i told them i didnt want to go with them i would go with my mom. th...
    6 32
  206. why do i get this weird sensation?
    this isnt my first time having sex. i did have sex 2 days ago. since that day ive been feeling this werid kind of tingly sensation around my vagina and that area. its not uncomfortale it kinda feels good but its weird this never happened before does...
    3 42
  207. What exactly is sexting and is it cheating?
    I thought sexting was sending explicit photos via a photo text but recently I heard that it's flirting via text messaging. So what is it exactly/what does it all entail? And is it cheating if you're doing it with someone who you're not dating when you'...
    11 121
  208. Can penicillin and steroids affect a pregnacy test?
    Last time I had Sex I wanna say was the 13 of July. I took a test from walmart I wanna say the 18th before I started 2 medications which were pencillia. And a low form of steriod (I have consistent strep throat and have to have surgery to get my tonsil...
    3 53
  209. Why does his penis keep going soft during sex?
    Well as the question says... that keeps happening. I'm not sure why though, and it makes me feel like I am not doing a good job, even though he says it's good. This has happened twice now, and it never happened before that. Boyfriend thinks it might be...
    12 42
  210. What Age Is Realitivly Decent To Have Sex?
    Im 19, and my boyfriend believes we should become active in sexual intercourse. I still live with my mom because i havent found a short term job and she is very against sex. I dont want to dis-respect her, but if i could get some answers to this, i mig...
    6 24
  211. Is a gynecologist allowed to tell the parents things?
    Say, for example, I told my gyno i had sex, would they tell my mom?
    9 14
  212. Is it strange that i find Austin Powers sexy? :0 LOL
    8 15
  213. Why do my partner and i itch after sex?
    7 112
  214. is it possible to get pregnant (having unprotected sex) on your sugar pills while your on birth control 2 days before your supposed to get your period?
    9 308
  215. Why does my body start to shake sometimes when i masturbate?
    5 2328
  216. Is sending someone a sexual email considered sextin?
    2 70
  217. Why do woman footballers not earn as much as male?
    In a way, I think it's a bit sexist? I mean, why would men get to earn so much money, when the woman are doing the exact same thing?
    7 38
  218. Is it common to have a hard time sleeping alone after you have with your boyfriend?
    He's my long term boyfriend, and about a week ago we slept together, and I mean like literally slept. No sex, trust me. Haha(: Anyway, is it common for me to have a hard time sleeping now? Like, I'll fall asleep and wake up randomly throughout the nig...
    5 39
  219. How often should a couple 'get sexy' together?
    13 40
  220. Why do I swell up during sex?
    It kind of sucks when I have to stop because I swell up and its kind of embarrassing when it happens before he's able to finish. Like, I know its normal to swell after sex, but not during. And i know its not an allergy to latex, because it happened wit...
    12 73
  221. what would be the signs of a possible pregnancy and not just a period?
    I havent had sex but the possiblities of virgin birth or abduction have crossed my mind. My boobs have been sore for a month without the whole period situation. I heard you could feel your ovaries if you were pregnant, but id probably say its nothing.....
    8 408
  222. What are some bad things about sex stories??
    So I always hear people say sex stories are good and perfectly fine, but what are some bad things about them or bad impacts they have. If you have an issue with them, please tell me why you have an issue with them either morally or logically.
    12 25
  223. What is the point of this no holding hands law?
    What is the point of this law for teens of no holding hands if they give sexual education in the schools and a free condom to the teenagers. So this law doesnt make any sense. What do you think?
    11 43
  224. What is happening to my sex liiiifffeeeee and my relationship. how do i explain without sounding controlling?
    What is going on in my relationship? So, ive been married to my husband now for a while, and lately i've been catching him "pleasing himself" more and more often. i have no problem with it, except now it seems as if our "fun time" ( im trying to use ni...
    7 10
  225. Can I get an STD from french-kissing a guy with an STD?
    i broke up with my BF after finding out he cheated on me and also discovered he has STD since i couldn't havve sex (personal) when we were going out.. we did alot of tongue action..should i be worried.
    5 41
  226. What are your opinions on 12 or 13 year olds having sex?
    32 130
  227. When men have the operation for a Sex Change, do they have periods? I read somewhere a man now a woman got pregnant
    10 83
  228. What distinguishes something good from bad?
    What makes something moral and immoral(more)? What makes something good and something bad? Now, a lot of people say good/bad is subjective. Then how are the laws which we live by and govern us decided upon? Most people will say it is bad, or wrong if ...
    21 32
  229. What should I do when I feel like all hope is lost?
    I've been depressed for a while but usually i can fight it. however i just feel like giving up now, nothing ever gets better. No matter how hard I try or if im talented or anything, or if i try to give it all i got it never matters. People just dont ca...
    6 17
  230. what my life is like now ? read and comment?
    I had a nice life as a child I had the nicest grand mother in the world (or so i taught ). My grandmother raised me from the minute i was born until i was 18 years old she taught me the values and morals i needed to go through life. she was my id...
    4 17
  231. Are there any straight colours?
    For example, the bisexual community has the pink, light purple and dark purple, the gay community has the rainbow ect, are there no colours to represent heterosexuality?
    5 9
  232. Where would i buy a calendar with girls on it?
    Like the sexy calendars teenage boys have? baha
    5 15
  233. how do i know i fmy boyfriend and i are moving to fast?
    I have been dating my boyfrien for a bit over two months. We have nothad sex yet, and i dont plan to until we pass the 10 month mark, or something.... but we have done other things, below the waist... i dont want to seem sluttish cause i feel like its ...
    8 41
  234. would you...
    be able to be friends with a registered sex offender? just curious watching a documentary on this.
    17 12
  235. What should I wear while giving oral sex?
    I like would like to wear a hot/sexy outfit while giving my boyfriend oral sex, but not sure what would be best? I was thinking knee high boots with heels, but not sure what else? A friend suggested a PVC outfit because it would be easy to clean. What ...
    13 88
  236. How much do saltwater tanks cost?
    To set up + the fish + to maintain + the coral
    2 22
  237. Is sweating a symptom of pregnancy?
    I had sex without protection. A baby wouldnt be a bad thing but is hard to reach a doctor now because i just moved in another country. I had my period but in the same time have symptoms of soles and palms of my hands are always sweaty an...
    3 125
  238. What to do if you get a girl you barely know pregnant?
    Ok, so I was at the beach with my three friends. We went to the pool in the hotel, found some hot girls there and took them back to our room. Now, this isn't our first time getting laid. None of us were virgins before this. We each had sex with the a g...
    13 26
  239. What's the moral of The Truman Show?
    2 37
  240. Is my sexual health clinic completely private?
    i am currently on the pill at a s3xual health clinic and not my doctors and i was wondering if i get ill and need to go to the doctors will the history or data be revealed/ be accessed at my docotors or is it completely private like they said? im not ...
    7 8
  241. What could possibly be wrong with me if im having whitish discharge with a unpleasant Oder??
    for the past few weeks ive been having this not sure what it is. and how i should treat it? Im also not sexuality active.
    5 30
  242. What's your opinion on this dream?
    I'm sooo sorrryyyy it's long but I don't want to ask someone else and make this whole drama BS bigger Last night I dreamed that my exbestfriend(guy) that is now married and awaiting a child was being unfaithful to his wife with ME. She hates my gu...
    2 21
  243. Where do you shop for your bathing suits?
    I'm just wondering where you find your bathing suits, I'm looking for something unique. Not the typical floral bikini.
    15 19
  244. Is this girl lying about being pregnant?
    There' this girl i met , she was very pretty and nice. We got along pretty well and became good friends but she would continously bring up how she missed her ex. She would text me about it and put multiple sad quotes on her facebook. Though she no long...
    6 41
  245. Is it bad to follow my morals if people get mad at me for it?
    13 14
  246. Would taken aspirin make your period less or more??????
    I'm on the birthcontrol to stop my period for medical reason, but since last week for got to take them and miss two days, I'll be seening my boyfriend this weekend and no we ain't Gona have sex just like them to be gone by that day that's all n also us...
    2 25
  247. How do I tell my mum and dad I'm bisexual?
    6 45
  248. how can i convince my mom to give me my facebook back. I told her she can have my password. But i dont know what else to say?
    And she took it in the first place because of "sexting"Help....!
    3 30
  249. What do you think about children and preteen listening to pop music and top 40 songs?
    Many songs played on hit songs radio stations and top 40 music have a lot of sexual themes and glorify a life of drug use, making out and a superficial life of money and excess. Sometimes you can't be there all the time and control what childrens are e...
    5 33
  250. does virginity lost on hymen breakage without sex..??
    wen i ws 10 yr old i ws inserting finger in my vagina for cleaning it & at dat tym my mensuration ws not started bt still i m habitual of it bt today wen i came 2 knw about d hymen breakage is some what losing virginity i m vry scared. plz rply me fa...
    3 505