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Who fathered my baby? LMP was 9/27-10/2 had unprotected sex an he ejaculated inside of me on the 10/7 10/8 10/13. Had sex with another

Guy on 10/16, he had a condom on but it broke an he stopped after no more then the 3rd stroke. He didn't ejaculate inside of me. Today is 11/15 im 7 weeks but I'm nervous to who fathered my baby

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Happily married... but I still want my coworker!!!

I am happily married, and have been for 6 years. My husband and I have one child, whom we both love very much, and I can't imagine to better parents for him or a better life for the three of us. However, when I got married I was still a virgin (not b...


Can a girl get another girl pregnant?

ok lets see me and my girlfriend had sex about three weeks ago, and umm I've been having syptems like im pregnant im gaining weight, and I missed my period, then got it and only bleed for 3 hours, and I just wanted to know can a girl get another girl p...

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Why do guys use blue-balls as an excuse?

I was this kickback all drunk. I ended up not coming home that night or the next day. The day after, this guy I had met the night before comes to the room with me, and it was just us two, no one else wasn't in the room.
And out of no where he j...

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How To Ride A Guy?

I have only had sex with one guy for about five months now. We're always changing postitons. And he wants me to be on top. But everytime I get on and try to ride him, it sucks. I even know that. Everyone say's, sit on him and ride it. Welll..How do you...


What can I stick my dick in?

I am a 15 year old guy. And I sometimes get the urge to stick my dick in something. I dont know what to use. And I cant get any sex toys, so dont suggest them.

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How much should a guy pay for a blowjob?

This is an odd question, but I have a good reason for it.

Today a friend was randomly talking about sex and hookers. And, because I'm not the kind of girl to be offended by it, he asked how much I would cost "IF I EVER OFFERED THOSE SERVICES." I sw...


How come I am always having urges to have sex?

I am 13, I have done sexting before, an I am always having urges to have sex, that is what I think about all the time I really really,want to have sex and I am a virgin, how do I stop these urges, an why do I have them so often, an I have an orgasim e...


My ex cheated and robbed me/but I gave him herpes

I was dating a guy for three years. He was so nice and he surprised me with gifts and he was the best at first. We loved each other a lot, well atleast I know I did. I found out later in the relationship that I had an std...called herpes. I passed it t...


size of vigina

doe masturbation affect the size of your vigina?do you lose your virginity if masturbate>?

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When im having phone sex with my boyfriend how do I keep him horny?

I'm on the phone with my man and he's horny and I start to say things to him to make him have phone sex and then my mind totally goes blank and I dont know what to say next.

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Why my girlfriend won't touch me.

I am 22 and she is 20. We have been dating for over 4 years and we had a hot and heavy relationship for the first two years. Then it started to slow down and then it went to almost not touching at all. Not just sexually but almost at all. I do everythi...

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Sexual kids

Why is it that some people aged 12-16 can be so sexual, even though they are completly under legal age limits!! It is so weird, because kids aren't getting taught real things, like roller skating!? Who agrees?


Best way for a male to masterbate

What is the best way for a male to masterbate

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WHat do i do about this guy i really like?

ok so i like this guy i went to skewl with hes 15 and im 13 his friends say he likes me and i no i like him but the thing is his friends and my firends say that he has sex wiht almost every girl he dates i no he is no were near a virgin unlike me who i...

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Why does my vagina smell like fish?

my vigina smells like fish? whys that and I have not had sex or done anything and it smells really bad and I am embarraced to see my boyfriend incase he can smell my vigina I was my self 2 times a day down there and it still smells and it is itch but t...

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How to cum!!

How do I make myself cum when I masturbate...I try soo hard and it doesnt long does it take till I cum and how...please help

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I pee a lot, can that be pregnancy ??

I had my period on the 7th, ended on the 14th and then I had sex I think and the 20th or the 22nd. my boyfriend cumed inside but I was on top so half of the cum went out again. also, it was our 2nd sex of the day, so not that much cum came out. the fir...


alternate methods to male masterbation?

Hello all, Im a 20 year old virgin who masterbates very often. id guess at least 3 to 4 times a day. recently the traditional toys havent really been doen the job. I've got a FleshLight and where it feel exceptionally good, wellm, I guess you could s...


How long should I wait to have sex after surgery?

How long does it take before I can have sex?I just had my appendix and small overian cysts removed and I want to have long will it take before I can return
to my sex life?

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how too masterbate

im 13 years old how do you masterbate

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Where could I watch ray j and kim kardashians sextape online 4free?

Does anyone know where I could watch kim kardashians and ray j's sex tape online for free?

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When are you ovulating and when is the best time to finger yourself

Ok so I love to masturbate but I want to do it when im realy horny...
Soo like when is the best time cause I heard when your ovulating but when is that?

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What is gonna happen...?

I havent started my periods im 13 and I have sex nearly everyday he hasent stareted either...But whats gonna happen...?


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