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What is a good theme for my 34th birthday party?

I don't usually do traditional things, I like unique kinds of things, any help is appreciated


really really scary films

ok I need some seriously scary films. I hate when people say things like the shining, as that is so not scary!! I need something so so scary give me some suggestions please... also nothing gruesome I just want fear!!! xxx


How did the singhay greet the king?

How did the singhay greet the king?


Celebrity death

Which celebrity death would leave you the most devistated? For me, Orlando Bloom.


Who watched last night's episode of "House", and what was your reaction at the end?

What a twist ... do you think (typically) a doctor would still treat someone if they knew he was doing that? (Don't want to give too much away in case someone hasn't seen it yet).


What to do for my 22nd birthday?

My birthday is coming up, Jan 3rd, and I haven't got a clue of what to do.

any suggestions?!?! By the way, I live in Toronto Canada.


Is it weird that I don't want to celebrate my birthday?

I turn 21 this year and I don't want to have a party. My mum says there's something wrong with me. However, I live in Australia and you don't get any more rights when you're 21 than when you're 18, so I don't see why it's so special.


Why is Miley Cyrus so famous?

why is miley cyrus so famous?! I don't understand!!! she's supossed to set an example! god if I ever become famous I wouldnt act like her!! id be careful!!


what to do for my 17th birthday

okay so.. my birthdays on november the 8th and im turning 17..and theres nothing to do.
and I want to know ideas. so can anyone give me ideas. this time of the year is a bad year for a birthday I ono. just like send me ideas thanks



Who is vannessa hudgens favourite actress?

17 views NSFW

Old movie about a female healer

There was a movie in the late 1960's or 70's about a woman who could heal a person by taking an illness into her body then dispersing it. The last illness she takes in causes physical distortion and I think eventually kills her. Her healing takes place...


Whats fun to do on my 24th birthday?

Whats fun to do on my 24th birthday?

2327 views NSFW

Are there any good virtual games with no download or install!

Are there any good virtual games with no download and no install I've tried
Vizwoz, imvu, club penguin and ixivio


Does this seem weird?

I have watched television shows that seem interesting, but it is hard for me to get into them. The shows are not boring. This happened with the shows The Starter Wife and Opportunity Knocks. Opportunity Knocks is cancelled, but its remaining episodes m...


Do you think that movies can make people fear death more than usual?

We were talking about this in my psych class yesterday - How to prepare a person for death if they are dying. My lecturer said that she thinks movies are to blaim for people's fear of dying, because movies always make death seem like this ultimate terr...


What is

I have been trying to figure out what is after a college buddy of mine told me about it. I am not sure if he is giving me the right spelling, but "rotten" brought up a completely different site that I doubt he was suggesting.

Anyone kno...


Mean dares

Got any dares that are mean like rub your feet in somebodys face and they cant push them away or they will have to sit outside tied to a tree for 3 hours? But worse, much, much worse


What can I do when I sneak out with my friends?

Me and my friend are planning on sneaking out tonight, and we are going to an old abandoned house, and we are fixing it up for us to hang at anytime, buuut, what other kind of things can we do when we are there? or what can we do after we are done fixi...


Who can guess this riddle about the photograph?

I was a male and if I pointed to a photo of a man and said ... Brothers and sisters I have none, but this mans father is my fathers son ... Who is the man in the photo ?


Harper's Island - Series

Anyone know where I can download the series to Harper's Island legally or where I can buy the dvds?

Series 1 commenced airing in Australia and I'm impatient... 1 hour every week broadcasting on free to air TV is not enough for me :(


Wondering if you ever met the jonas brothers

Hi! I was just wondering if you ever met the jonas brothers/. I would luv to hear your stories here. Pls include al the details. What I mean when I say meeting...again, is caz I put another quetion like this 1, and no one actually said anything about t...


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