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How to survive a breakup

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What happened on the last episode of Desperate Housewives?

What happened on the last episode of Desperate Housewives? I didn't get to watch it because we had to go out with some friends. If someone could clue me in it would be greatly appreciated.

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meet a celebrity

would like to meet robert pattinson


Where does Cole Sprouse live?

where does cole sprouse live? hes really cute!!!

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Is Smallville a good show or not?

Is Smallville a good show or not?

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Michael Jackson Alive?

Okay... So I keep seeing and hearing that Michael Jackson's doctor injected him with something to make him go into a deep coma, and make doctors think he was dead, and that the autopsy was faked, because Michael didn't want to do the 50 concerts. Is th...


will ferrell themed party!

ok, so im going to a will ferrell themed fancy dress party soon!
and no idea what to go as, my friends going as blades of glory which I was thinkin of, so no idea!
im considering elf.
any other ideas?
thankkks x


What movies came out today?

What movies came out today?


Is beyonce 5ft6 or 5ft3

Some people say that she said she was 5ft6 in her earlier career and some people say 2 magazines(one of which was ebony magazine) said she is a petite 5ft3

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Whos your favv characterr from vampire knight?

Im in lovee wit hthe anime vampire knight && I wass juss wonderingg who your favv character was [if you watch the anime] =]

I love zeroo && senri!

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Do they replay the Academy Awards?

On any channel? I missed the first half hour.


What does a season mean in like television

What does a season mean in like television if someone says that a tv show was on for lets say 3 seasons what do mean by that?


where can I watch hentai full movies & comix free?

with out joining and paying. totally free of charge.

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Chris Brown and Ciara married?

did chris brown and ciara get married?

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Things to do at my sleepover

I am having a sleepover and I dont Know what do do sooo I was just wondering does anyone here tknow what do do pleasssee help me because its not long before I have my sleepover

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Chris Brown Charged with Assault

im really confused...I heard chris brown was charged for assault on some girl that he bite her...there had to be a reason though? did she do something on him? and I typed it in on google and it just keeps coming up that he assaulted rihanna so I dunno....


deleted twilight scenes

what do you think of the deleted and extended scenes of Twilight? I think the one with james and victoria is halarious! lol
what do you think?

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What do you do to pass the time on a weekend when you are grounded?

my parents grounded me and i cant go to the mall or invite over my friends.. what should i do? its such a beautiful sunny day today and im at home..:(


a good site for watching movies online...that are still in theatres

I want to see twilight again.


What can my thesis statement be for the topic "Moonwalk" (dance) ?

My topic is "Moonwalk" as in the dance move.

What can my thesis statement be?!?!


What kind of hobbies should I try?

im a young teen(muy obvioso)
I am usually pretty depressed
because I feel like I cant do anything rite
no matter wht I try to do
I hate myself because I feel like I have no purpose
I cut myself sometimes...
and get suicidal thoughts...


the cleveland show:did it come on yet

has the cleveland show come on yet if so when???and what happen the first episode???


What is with Justin Beiber?

Why are there so many haters, he's just a kid. Also, why are there so many crazy obsessed people? Although I admit, he's an easy and fun target to make fun of, but still. A lot of people go overboard. Lay off the poor kid, you have to admit, he's got a...


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