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How many monkeys does it take to screw in a light bulb?

how many monkeys dose it take 2 screw a light bulb?


What shall I do for my 14th Birthday this month?

Im 14 this month, and I really want to do something original for my birthday, but I have no idea what, my parents suggested laserquest, pizza hut and then a sleepover, but im not sure. Also it needs to be kinda cheep as my family isnt that rich :-)


How to register at

I have a friend that is a great singer and I want to register them on American Idol. Can I do that from ""? I would personally love to meet Simon and Paula Abdul, but I don't have much of an opinion for Ryan Seacrest. Where is th...


birthday is this friday and I don't know where to have it!

My birthday is this friday and I don't know where to have it!!!

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Ideas for a 16th birthday?

the title kind of speaks for itself.
I dont really have that big of a house to have that many people over. But I want to do soemthing really exciting that not a lot of people do for their 16th birthdays. Any ideas?


What could I do for my 14th birthday with my friends ?

I really need help on thinking of something to do for my birthday but I would like it to be something different. It cant be exspensive. I have space in my house but I really do not know what to please help. !


I need a good movie to watch

So I have seen a tonnn of movies and am having a hard time finding any other ones to watch. I just want to watch some more good movies. I feel like I've watched them all though lol which I know is not true. Help.

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14th birthday, don't want a Go Kart party again

I am turning 14 in june and my parents want me to do in a a go kart place but I have done it there like 3 times and I am getting to old for a real birthday party what should I do


14th birthday party ideas

It's almost my 14th birthday party and I dont know what to do.

there will be me and 4 friends and I want to do something thats not at my house so any ideas please...


14th birthday ideas!

Ok, my birthday is coming up and I dont know what to do for my birthday! Im turning 14. What are some birthday ideas that's small but also fun?


Why are there never any girls on Silent Library?

You now the t.v show that is in a library and the 6 people doing the things have to stay silent while bad things happen to you? Why are there never girls on it?!


A good dare?

What should I do for a good dare??

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Chace crawford or orlando bloom

Who do you like better
Chace crawford
Orlando bloom


What can we do in a 5-minute movie for claѕs?

Our aѕsignment is to make a five minute movie in our claѕs, and It can be about anything school appropriate. My group consists of 4 people, (but the one girl won't be involved except for any filming that happens at school which will be very little.) Th...


Roger rabbit movie, what was in the flask?

In the movie " who framed roger rabbit"... What was in the flask that detective valliant carried

Please help


In corpse bride.

What Year did corpse bride take place?
and how old was victor?


Death Note film

now I'm not really the biggest fan of japanese manga/anime whatever stuff...
But I do enjoy their horror films so I gave Death Note a chance..
Turned out to be rather AMAZING and my dad even really enjoyed it..which is very rare.
The only problem fo...


What are some "dirty" truth or dare ideas?

What are some "dirty" truth or dare ideas?


Do you think Selena Gomez is cute ?

Do you think Selena Gomez is cute ?
For me, she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life

PS : Answer sincerely

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How do you entertain yourself?

yeah so im probably not allowed out of my house for a little while due to some intense situation.
I get really down and sad when I get bored, b/c I just think about what other people are doing and how im missing out.
so does anyone have any suggestio...


Eneterig contest!

Hey ya'll im entering a contest on sugarloot (a contest website) and couldnt decide on which o pic would be better for a nature umm I can only one at a time so ill show the other one on a diff q so it should be rite after this one =d


Is it ok to go to the movies buy your self.

Is it ok to go to the movies buy your single and not dateing and I want to go see 2012


mary poppins

u know I've actualy never seen mary popins.
who here has seen mary poppins?

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