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is megan fox a porn star?

is megan fox a porn star? if you google her there are like a bunch of pics that aren't realated to her acting or parties...was she a p.s or is she ow what...?

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Why did country star Dierks Bentley cut off his hair?

Why did the country superstar Dierks Bentley cut his curls off?? I was watching CMT the other day and saw his "Long Trip Home" video, I think. They did show him getting his hair buzzed off in the video. Is the video the reason he cut it?? Did it go alo...


What to do for my 22nd birthday?

My birthday is coming up, Jan 3rd, and I haven't got a clue of what to do.

any suggestions?!?! By the way, I live in Toronto Canada.


How many children did Bob Marley have?

How many children did Bob Marley have? I know it was a lot. Were they all with the same mother?


What movies does scary movie 4 make fun of?

What movies does scary movie 4 make fun of?

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Anyone still like Kanye West after what he did to Taylor Swift?

Did you all watch the VMA's when Kanye West jumped on the stage in the middle of when Taylor Swift won the "Best female album" award? Then he said Beyonce should have won.

I couldn't believe he did that. Does anyone still like him after that?


Where are there teen night clubs in spokane washinton?

I want to know where there are teen night clubs or any teen clubs that are open on new years . Me and some friends wanna have some fun so please help

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When did Justin Bieber get his ear pierced? I was watching videos of Justin on YouTube today (yes I do it like evry day lol). and I saw a pic of him w/ an earring and wondered if anyone new when he got it lol. His new song baby comes out in 15 mins so buy it on iTunes lol:)


What should I do at recess I am always really bored?

Me and my friend never have anything to do at recess. What should we do?I am in 4th grade

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Pranks for my uncle

My uncle and I always pull friendly pranks and bully each other everytime we see each other (we live in different states so it's not very often). I'm just thinking that there has to be someone on this site who's a mastermind at pranks. I don't have muc...


Christian Beadles?

okay I want some info on Christian Beadles.
is he actually Justin Bieber's brother, or really good friend?
an how old is Christian?
hes soo cute (:

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Is it weird that I don't want to celebrate my birthday?

I turn 21 this year and I don't want to have a party. My mum says there's something wrong with me. However, I live in Australia and you don't get any more rights when you're 21 than when you're 18, so I don't see why it's so special.


What are the best mama so fat jokes?

Who can name me some mama so fat jokes so I can try to win a bet with a buddy? I bet him that I couldn't come up with 500 mama so fat jokes by the end of the month. I have a little over 300 now but I need to win this bet. It involves a girl we both ...


really really scary films

ok I need some seriously scary films. I hate when people say things like the shining, as that is so not scary!! I need something so so scary give me some suggestions please... also nothing gruesome I just want fear!!! xxx


What are some fun, spicy, out of the ordinary new years resolutions?

For example, 2011 is the year where i will go up to a guy and start a conversation with him.


Should I jump a ramp with a four wheeler?

should I jump a ramp with a four wheeler


Did Lil Wayne cut off his dreads?

Did lil wayne really cut 0of his dreads??


How to speak with a Brooklyn accent?

How to speak with a Brooklyn accent?


Have any of you read midnight sun?

omg firstly robert (spunk ransom) llol your so hot and english like moi lol that smile of urs truly dazzles me hehe anyway

Have any of you read midnight sun? It is awesome I mean wow seriously
2nd whos excited for the movie
3rd we need to build ...

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Jon and kate plus 8

I have an obsession anyone else??


What are some good bets?

me and one of my friends want to make a bet but we dont know what to bet on, anyone have any ideas? =]

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What does clicking your heels together mean?

Okay, so in an episode of Hannah Montana I saw this guy Jackson clicking his heels together and saying something like "There's no place like home".
I also saw this commercial on tv where this guy clicked his heels together 2 times and then he was like...


micheal jackson ghost..on CNN real or fake???

did any body see that video of micheal jacksons ghost on cnn w/ the interview w/ jermaine jackson if so what did you think if not why are you reading this go see it lmao


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