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  1. How to pick a cable/internet package
    Cable TV these days come with all sorts of bundles that include internet, voice and TV channels and streaming on-demand pay per view. But what do you really need and how should you choose? This guide will walk you through picking the right package o...
    6 206
  2. How to Get Followers for OnlyFans
    When it comes to increasing the amount of traffic you get to your OnlyFans account, you might find yourself in a hassle. With the growing amount of competition, it can be hard to stand out just only using the platform. In this guide, you’ll get [Advice...
    7 174
  3. 8 Things You Can Do During Quarantine
    While you are quarantined, all of your time doesn’t have to go to just bingeing shows and eating your cabinets, instead here are some ways to be productive throughout this almost vacation.
    8 422
  4. Great YouTube Channels to Take Your Mind Off Corona
    Are you insanely bored or stressed about corona? Surely by now your quarantined or may be holding a toilet paper roll, but while you wait for this pandemic to go, it can be best to occupy your time with something else.
    10 213
  5. The Dilemma Regarding Entertainment At Your Wedding! – DJ Or A Live Band?
    Weddings are an important affair. Once you have decided to have a proper wedding party, particularly in this case the wedding reception there are several matters to consider from the venue to the number of guests, general style, cuisine.
    3 28
  6. The tips and tricks you should know before you book a magician for your event
    When we say a magician everybody’s first thought is of a man wearing quirky clothes/costumes, a wand in hand and casting various spells on different objects. Every 90’s kid has a soft corner for a magic show and magician performing magic spells and to be
    6 42
  7. Are you going to miss Jay Leno hosting the tonight show?
    Since taking over for Johnny Carson (about 22 years ago I think) he has done a wonderful job and become an icon. He is retiring and passing the torch to Jimmy Fallon.
    2 12
  8. Looking for Sweet16 Court Dresses for the upcoming from. Please suggest?
    2 12
  9. What are good Christian movies?
    like I mean real christian movies. Like "Left Behind" "Fireproof" or "Image of the Beast" Please help me. And thanks in advance!
    2 12
  10. How old is Brian from Family Guy?
    How old is Brian the dog from family guy and what kind of dog is he?
    3 30
  11. Is the Bonnie and Clyde miniseries worth watching?
    Is the new Bonnie and Clyde mini series worth watching? What is it about exactly?
    2 15
  12. Who is John Lennon?
    Who is John Lennon and how did he die exactly?
    2 16
  13. What is your favourite horror film? Why?
    For my media course at college I’m analysing the horror film market to determine what type of horror film is likely to be successful in 2014. As part as the research I'm finding what is horror films people like to watch and why?
    2 14
  14. Why the writers killed bryan from family guy?
    The dog was a funny character, what happen to these writers tell me why i dont see a good reason to take out that character. What do you think?
    3 18
  15. will you be doing any volunteer work this holiday season?
    2 16
  16. Saw V Pendulum Trap Question....?
    Has anyone here seen saw 5? Why did the guy still die in the pendulum trap even after he crushed his hands? Was that meant to happen? Sorry, I am just confused.....
    2 38
  17. what is your favorite Halloween/scary movie?
    5 12
  18. Should I be the Zombie Queen or a Cheetah?
    So I'm going to college and work dressed up as something and I was wondering if I should be the zombie queen (I have a black lace dress and a crown haha) or a cheetah (I have a fluffy cheetah hat). Decisions, decisions....
    4 20
  19. Who else thinks that Miley Cyrus's performance at the VMA'S was just ridiculous?
    What is she thinking? Shock value? It was stupid and she will be a long time living it down. It's amazing how money and fame can mess people up. She is actually quite talented. And one of her peers like Taylor Swift for example would never do someth...
    7 8
  20. What are the best websites to watch full tv episodes for free? I'm specifically looking for documentaries and a couple reality shows.
    5 19
  21. Would it be weird to go to the cinema alone?
    Most of my friends went to see this film, I couldn't go since I have exams. My exams finish next week and since I really want to see the movie I was thinking of going on my own if no one can come.
    4 11
  22. Why Clark Kent never had a beard and used eye contact lenses?
    Just wondering i can not believe that Louis Lane never suggested to Clark Kent to use eye contact lenses and the guy never had a beard while he was working for daily planet lol. What do you think?
    2 18
  23. I dont believe in ghosts so it makes me wonder how they find people to act in
    the tv shows like Paranormal Witness where they tell their personal stories of hauntings. Im imagining a casting call where a roon full of people are competing to be on the show. How do you think it all comes together and gets filmed?
    4 15
  24. Best Advice of the Night Award goes to Maryam for:
    "...take some pills good luck" :D
    5 19
  25. gummy bears
    5 11
  26. well i now get to start planning my youngest daughters birthday party
    She will be 10 on June 19th. Not sure what im gonna do for it though. I want her to want to go to Chuck E Cheese, I love that place, I like the ski ball game the most
    3 15
  27. what do you do for fun?
    What are your interest for enjoyment?
    4 14
  28. I got good news :D
    I've officially got my gun license :D And now bought three semi automatic pistols. But I put gun locks on them and hid the bullets so my two little brothers won't get near them and put triple locks on my closet and put them in a safe :)
    12 21
  29. He was a big gangster, but he was afraid of his small wife?
    I was watching yesterday a tv serie based on a real life person about a big drug dealer who fought with many guys and shoot many bullets to their enemies, but the only person he was afraid was her small wife, but he loved her very much. I think that i...
    3 14
  30. Do you think David Banner could work lifting 40 pounds all day without transforming into the hulk?
    I was wondering just curiosity lol. What do you think?
    2 10
  31. What is a good tv show?
    3 23
  32. What is Bess listening to in the movie Crush (2013)?
    In the new movie, "Crush" Scott bumps into Bess, they get to talking and then they share each other's music, I want to know what Bess was listening to?
    2 434
  33. What do you think of this idea for a movie?
    The story is about a young kid. He was looking for a job at anything he was willing to do anything, but everybody asked him for experience even for picking garbage, and then the kid get tired of that and became in a big drug dealer like scarface, or al...
    4 17
  34. how did people become actors without highschool deploma
    to name a few, there is johnny depp, daniel radcliffe, jim carrey, ben foster, and nicolas cage. how are they even quilify anyway.
    3 43
  35. What should I get my GF for her birthday?
    Ok what should I get my girlfriend for her birthday? I'm 13 and I have been together with her for 10 months and the problem is it's a long distance relationship. I just want to get her something she will love because I really love her, if you can leave...
    3 40
  36. do you belive in video game/cartoon characters ??
    I have a belief that they are real. People who make them knew them in a past life but dont know it. Some people where video game/cartoon characters in past lives but have forgotten because humans now believe they dont exists . I know this because i had...
    7 25
  37. What does kim Kardashian do for a living?
    One day i started hearing about her and she is famous, but i never knew what she does i mean she is an actress or model or what i really dont know tell me please thank you.
    3 97
  38. Which show likes you more fringe or the x files?
    3 20
  39. Is going to parties in high school worth while?
    I am sort of the really typically mature kid that is successful and all that fun stuff, but I also have a wild side. I want to go out and be social and meet people and do stuff that high school kids are depicted doing in movies. I know it happens at my...
    6 221
  40. Why the first lady was announcing the best picture in the Oscar?
    This is not supposed to be a political thing just saying. What do you think?
    5 8
  41. Where can I watch all Walking Dead episodes?
    I have missed so much that I just want to start over. Where can I watch all episodes for free? Thanks ^-^
    3 9
  42. How can I get started in Porn as an Actor?
    i just turned 18 and I'd like to know how i can get started in porn,. I'm from Canada btw.
    3 17
  43. What are some good games for a teenagers birthday party?
    So far I have donut on a string and thats it XD
    8 36
  44. why i cant get bowwow's phone number????????????????
    3 35
  45. Is there anything that can be done if a doctor mocks you when you go in to an ER
    I've been very depressed and bothered by something that happened last friday evening. I had surgery that day and wasn't put on pain killers and ended up in severe pain to the point I was crying and screaming because I couldn't handle how bad it was. I ...
    3 58
  46. Would you ever tatoo a celebrity picture on your body?
    3 10
    i am going to be 14 and i want to have a sleep over but i dont know what to do i am having about 7 people coming and they are going to be at my hous for two days what can i don
    6 31
  48. What's your favorite movie?
    2 14
  49. Is Peppermint Patty, from Charlie Brown, a boy or a girl?
    3 93
  50. Which movie like you more The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises?
    I like both but i would choose the Dark knight with the Joker and you What do you think?
    3 15
  51. Did the "Turtle Man" die?
    My six year old sister loves him and I was wondering if what I heard recently was true. Did he really die??
    3 138
  52. Can you give me a list of kid's cartoons
    I'm looking for a long list of kid's cartoons
    3 47
  53. what is j.k. rowling's email address
    I SPECIFFICLY want EMAIL not mail.
    2 105
  54. Does any one know the answer to this riddle?
    What is tougher than diamond, faster than light, the source of all destruction, The chooser of life and death, and is only affected by the will of a single being?
    6 24
  55. Why David Banner didnt call triple A to fix his car and avoid thetransformation?
    One day i was driving and i had a flat tire, and i was going to change the tire, and i remembered the episode of the hulk tv series where David banner transform for changing the tire, and i said no i will call triple A to help me and that was problem s...
    2 44
  56. What film did the following image of a black pyramid in a jungle come from?
    I am trying to track down the film the following image came from. No one seems to know!
    2 16
  57. How scary is the movie Hellraiser?
    Both my parents say I shouldn't watch it, or at least not alone. Is it really that scary? Also, what is the scariest movie you have seen?? Thanks :)
    3 33
  58. Where I can watch TV show Online.
    Hey friends i am looking for a website where i can enjoy tv show online.
    2 14
  59. Do you Think Sailor moon is pretty?
    Well its obvious but I just wanted to ask your opinion. You better say yes!
    3 13
  60. I want to do cosplay.
    But what do you think I should be? Anyone here with an artistic eye who could give me an idea. It is a random desire so i'm not truly sure I'll go with it. But i'm interested in knowing. I posted my picture along with this.
    4 17
  61. How do you make a video book trailer?
    6 20
  62. Wish her a happy birthday FROM us or FOR us?
    Which one is correct?
    2 88
  63. Who do you dislike more Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian?
    What I'm trying to say is that who will become old news pretty soon here and most likely will not hear about them anymore? Their popularity will start to fade real fast...which one you think? Idk Justin has this sort of arrogance about him and at the A...
    4 20
  64. Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler?
    9 40
  65. 80's movies I must see, suggestions
    such like sixteen candles, the breakfast club, some kind of wonderful, pretty in pink, ferris bueller's day off... those types of movies
    3 20
  66. Who would want to go to the marine corps ball anyways?
    So my friend Eric is on leave and asked me to go to the marine corps ball with him. I asked him the other day if we were still going and he said no. He wasnt going to tell me he couldnt go cuz apparently he has known this. My whole family is expecting ...
    2 35
  67. What are some fun things to do at a teen party?
    5 72
  68. What are the all the superheroes you can think of?
    Villains or good guys.
    4 30
  69. What is your favorite new tv show?
    I like last resort i hope it wont get cancelled :( and yours.
    9 12
  70. Does Emma Watson smoke and drink, really?
    I read somewhere online that emma does indeed smoke and drink because she had to fit perks of being a wallflower and she is playing this bad girl role in The Bling Ring next year. I thought emma used to be a very clean nice girl and respectful. Idk if ...
    8 1402
  71. What part of Japan does the Anime/Manga Yuyu Hakusho take place in when it first starts?
    I never read the Manga and I don't remember if the Anime mentioned the location nor do I know or remember if it was a real place in Japan or if it was a made up place
    2 33
  72. Do you want to Laugh your ASS OFF?
    watch this.
    2 12
  73. How to bring 12-18 year olds to an event at the seaside during the holidays?
    What kind of things would be attractive to this age group?
    3 50
  74. What was it that happened with Optimus Prime and Megatron in Transformers 3?
    I watched the movie but I don't remember right now! I need to! Help!
    5 27
  75. Where can I watch the 2012 Hope Springs movie?
    I would greatly appreciate a link or two to watch it online, I' ve looked everywhere!!
    2 12
  76. When does Breaking Dawn part 2 come out?
    I know its in Nov. But when in Nov...
    5 34
  77. What can we do in a 5-minute movie for claѕs?
    Our aѕsignment is to make a five minute movie in our claѕs, and It can be about anything school appropriate. My group consists of 4 people, (but the one girl won't be involved except for any filming that happens at school which will be very little.) Th...
    2 41
  78. Who is an Ellie Goulding friend?
    4 11
  79. What keeps TV shows going on the air?
    For example: There are characters added here and there or characters leave or something like that.
    2 28
  80. What are some good comedy series, action series, or sci fi series on Netflix?
    ive seen lost, the office, terra nova, jericho and some others..
    7 14
  81. Is Anna Duggar expecting again?
    How miscarriages have either Duggar family had? It looks like Anna may be sporting a bit of a baby bump in tonight's episode but she may just still have the after baby squish. My sister has had that after both of her babies. Upon researching thi...
    4 20
  82. Would you rather watch K-Dash or Jersey Shore?
    2 14
  83. What time does The Walking Dead come on tomorrow?
    Im ADDICTED to this show!!! <3
    8 46
  84. What are you going as for Halloween?
    I'm think I cuddly bear with holes in it and blood and nails in its head.. Like a zombie bear:D
    9 30
  85. What is Brooklyn Decker's ethnic origin and heritage?
    I keep trying to find what Brooklyn is online doing a search and I can't find it. What is the surname origin name Decker? Does anyone know what she might be? I heard Brooklyn is Jewish but this is just a rumor. Sounds German..idk can anyone guess? She ...
    2 97
  86. Whats a good action movie to watch?
    Like Die hard. R rated is okay!
    13 36
  87. Does anyone have Netflix?
    How does it work and how do you like it? I dropped Dish about a year ago because 61 bucks a month for something we rarely use was just stupid. Netflix is supposedly 8 dollars / month.
    12 31
  88. What should I be for Halloween?
    :) I want somethig new :)
    19 20
  89. Do you think this dress is too "extravagant" for my friend's 18th?
    I think we're going to this like restaurant/bar type thing. The dress comes to around my knee, and my friend said she's going in a dress too, but I don't know...
    11 9
  90. Do you like the show "Lost Tapes?"
    4 10
  91. What is your take on the "Mermaids: The Body Found" documentary?
    After watching that documentary I seriously do believe that mermaids exist. What do you guys think? I believe it's very possible.
    15 18
  92. FunAdvice Trivia: Who sings the introduction to the TV show Kenan & Kel?
    A) Puff Daddy B) Shaq C) Coolio D) Kel himself
    4 10
  93. What are your favourite non-human movie/TV/story creatures and why?
    8 17
  94. When is "Pretty Little Liars" going to come back from their mid-season break?
    4 13
  95. What to watch on Netflix tonight?
    11 29
  96. How often does Netflix update their database?
    I been watch the show Glee on Netflix and I just recently got down watching all the episodes that were avalible on Netflix. But, when I watch Glee on actual tv yestereday, it wasn't caught up. I apparently missed alot of thing. was just wondering ho...
    2 54
  97. What is this show/series called?
    A long time ago, my dad and I watched this channel called RTV. And when we began to watch what was on it, it was like a really old movie, but it was dubbed over with sound effects and voice overs. It was pretty funny too. If anyone knows or has an id...
    2 32
  98. Are Dory and Marlin married at the end of Finding Nemo?
    3 35
  99. Is it true that Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are BFF's?
    They said they were seen partying together in London do I'm Just curious is beyonce finally accepting kim kardashian as a friend? Bee sister solange said though that she does not want beyonce hanging out with Kim kardashian idk if this statement is ju...
    4 9
  100. What ideas could I use for a 3 - 4 minute film (it's a comedy)?
    2 12
  101. Why doesn't Emma Watson laugh, or seems not to be happy too much these days?
    Emma been been Not really smiling or laughing like she normally does when she's being interviewed on late night shows or being a guest on morning talk shows. It's like she's annoyed with the interviewers asking her questions. It seems like she's stress...
    3 39
  102. Why does Kim Kardashian deny she has jungle fever for black guys?
    6 37
  103. Did you like the new Snow White movie with Kristen Stewart?
    I watched that for curiosity and it was good. What do you think?
    6 13
  104. What's a good movie that I could watch that is currently on YouTube?
    9 41
  105. Do juniors and seniors go to prom?
    (11th and 12th graders)
    8 59
  106. Would you like to see a Supergirl movie or not?
    I wonder why they dont make a movie about supergirl the cousin of superman that would be cool. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    7 35
  107. How to organize a successful Harvest Festival?
    I am an 18 year old girl and I want to organize a harvest festival at my church to help raise money for a youth group trip this winter. We need a total of $2800.00. and we already have raised $1042.00 so we are a little under halfway there. we have a...
    2 119
  108. Who is your favorite "expendable" from the movie?
    3 14
  109. What are some cute, young love romance movies with young kids in them?
    besides little manhattan or my girl.
    4 15
  110. Why all the movies about exorcism or about a girl who is getting possessed?
    Since the exorcist, all the movies about this are about a girl who is getting possesed, why they dont put a boy instead, or is more difficult that a boy get possesed than a girl.What do you think? Tell me please thank you.
    5 10
  111. What do you think of this movie summary?
    I was doing this, but i dont know if this is good or not, please read this and tell me. It sounds good i mean it sounds casual. A Matador’s Mistress is currently available on hulu. Starring by two oscar winners Adrian body and Penelope Cruz. This i...
    3 18
  112. Do you like to read movie summaries before watching a movie?
    I dont like to read the summaries of the movie before to watch the movie. I think that summaries would spoil the movie. What do you think? Tell me please than you.
    4 10
  113. What does "mid-season finale" mean?
    Does that mean that there's more to come or the season is over?
    3 146
  114. Which one is better - Netflix or Hulu?
    9 9
  115. Is there a movie or a game like this? (read more)
    I took a nap just now and I woke up from a very weird dream. In the dream i was at home with my family. It was normal at the beginning..though I was mad at them and we didn't talk(I fell asleep like that) but then...The sky outside became really dark g...
    8 20
  116. Who is the villain in the end of the Avengers movie?
    I had a discussion with my friend. About the end of the Avengers movie. There is a very short scene in the end, embedded in the closing credits. After the names of the main actors scrolled through and just before the names of everyone else on the set a...
    4 8
  117. Is Six Flags America in Washington DC very dangerous?
    I have been hearing very harsh criticism of six flags America and people are slamming this amusement park. I don't know why..they are saying that it's because a lot of blacks live in the area called prince George county...and say they are part of the r...
    5 91
  118. How "real" are reality shows?
    2 19
  119. Where can I find American Greed episodes 2012?
    2 17
  120. Why don't they make a new channel for dumped TV show series?
    It would be cool if a new tv channel would be made for the series cancelled from the other networks. I mean these are new series and get cancelled in their first season. The channels dont even change it to another day.They just cancelled the show when ...
    2 20
  121. Would you rather drink a gallon of sweat or take a shower with Justin Bieber?
    26 41
  122. What would you do if Justin Bieber was laying on your bed naked with rose petals?
    26 50
  123. What Is your favorite scary film?
    27 46
  124. What shows have you missed and you are trying to catch up?
    There are too many good shows and series that i havent seen yet, because i dont have time or cable.I havent watched six feet under, season 4 and 5 and i havent watch lost too nor the sopranos i have heard these were very good shows. Are there any tv sh...
    9 37
  125. What are your opinions on "Who Wants to Date a Comedian?"
    7 19
  126. What's the stupidest show you have ever seen?
    24 30
  127. What are some good chick flick comedies?
    12 21
  128. What ever happend to the second Krusty Krab?
    After the spongebob movie it just dissapeared.
    5 39
  129. Is there going to be a My Little Pony movie?
    6 36
  130. Who has watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead?
    3 11
  131. How old do you have to be to see Derren Brown live?
    Cause yannoe, he's amazing : ) He does all mystical stuff and any stage show I seen on TV there has been adults there. Just wondering x
    6 13
  132. Who is Charlie Chaplin?
    5 17
  133. Did Eric and Olivia make it past their third performance on America's Got Talent?
    2 23
  134. Is there going to be a Finding Nemo 2?
    5 40
  135. What happened to Demi Lovato?
    I never knew why she went to rehab. I just heard she was bullied and.she still has tramas. Anyone know the real reason?
    4 11
  136. Which site can I download an episode of Detective Conan?
    Im addicted to it, so anyone know where to download it?thanks
    3 41
  137. Do any of you know what time the Keyshia Cole reality show comes on?
    3 8
  138. Who watched Pretty Little Liars and what was your favorite part?
    and was Page and Emily kissing at the end?
    10 11
  139. Why are scary movies set up in places like hospitals, houses, or jail cells?
    I want a scary movie in walmart "Clean up Aisle 13", 'But sir there is no aisle 13... (dramatic music)
    3 6
  140. What movie should I put on at work today?
    I work at a movie store and I can't decide what movie to put on. It has to be pg or lower because children come in all the time. Thanks :)
    9 17
  141. What happened to Mr. Turner on Boy Meets World?
    He gets in a motorcycle accident and comes close to death in one episode and then he's never seen or anything again until the episode where they graduate from high school over a year later. Does he make it through? Does he move away? Does he die? (I th...
    4 35
  142. Why didn't Matt Damon make the new Bourne movie?
    Anybody knows why Matt Damon is not in the new bourne movie. This would be like Rambo or Rocky without Sylvester Stallone that would have been crazy. If Anybody knows tell me please thank you.
    2 7
  143. Why does Japanese anime people drop down to their knees when they're sad or upset?
    3 73
  144. Does anyone here know the show Dr. Who?
    6 13
  145. What's your favorite show on MTV?
    I'd have to say mine is Awkward. (:
    19 18
  146. What were your thoughts on the movie Changeling?
    3 13
  147. What were your thoughts on the movie Burlesque?
    4 17
  148. Does anyone have a link for the Teen Choice Awards tonight?
    2 10
  149. Who is Soupy Sales?
    My parents just brought him up and say he was a comedian and his actual name is Soupy?
    4 15
  150. What movie trailers are shown in The Dark Knight Rises?
    I just saw the Man of Steel trailer, and I want to show my grandpa because he is a huge fan, but I think it would be a whole lot better if he saw it in the theater, so is the Man of Steel trailer shown before The Dark Knight Rises? Are any other superh...
    3 22
  151. Is "Women In Black" worth watching?
    Me and my daddy always have the sh-ttiest luck when it comes to getting good films out of the Redbox machine. So if you've seen it, I don't wanna know ANYTHING about it. Just simply. Is it worth watching. :3!
    9 11
  152. Is Jack Barakat a Muslim?
    He's the guitarist of the band All time low and he is Lebanese.
    4 347
  153. Did Max imagine the "Wild Things"?
    Have you seen Where The Wild Things Are? I just watched it and am a little confused about the story. Did he imagine all of those monsters or were they actually there on that island? /:
    2 8
  154. What movies have come out in the past two years that you guys thought were good?
    4 52
  155. What's the difference between Disney XD and Disney Channel?
    Like is Disney XD for older kids?
    2 1425
  156. How many of you watch bollywood movies?
    6 16
  157. What do you think of 4D movies?
    I dont watch 3d movies and im not interested in 4d movies if they just want an excuse to increase the prices for going to the movie theaters, i just want my regular movie without these 3d glasses.What do you think? tellme please thank you.
    2 24
  158. What is your favorite "guilty pleasure" TV show, that you can't go without??
    This includes you to, Lady J' シ
    26 17
  159. Does anybody know this movie with Gods and Godesses and an awesome fighter?
    So the movie is set in the BC's I think, and a mans town is being invaded, he trys to protect his mother because they are abusing them. In the process he shows some really awesome skilled fighting techniques. He's a really good fighter. Their are Gods ...
    3 13
  160. Who else loves documentaries?
    I am addicted to watching documentaries i honestly am. i watch at least five documentaries a day and i even buy them on dvds and watch some over whenever i am bored. i watch all kinds of documentaries. my latest favourites are : i almost got away wit...
    11 23
  161. Does anyone know exactly why the anime for Fruits Basket ended?
    To only go up to manga 6 when there are 23 makes me sad, even if the ended the show on a good note. I have always asšumed it was because they made Akito too manly for the gender twist towards the end of the middle of the manga series.
    2 19
  162. What is your opinion on the movie Ted?
    7 22
  163. What was your reaction to the movie "Magic Mike"?
    After watching the movie my female friends raved about how hot the men were and how during the movie they felt aroused watching them dance. I on the other hand noted that the men were appealing but the movie had no such affect on me. I'm not a lesbian ...
    5 42
  164. What should I do for my 18th birthday tomorrow?
    24 99
  165. What is it like on a loop roller coaster?
    10 17
  166. How is it that an interesting show like The River gets canceled but they still have Big Brother?
    I dont know what season they are now, but after the first season big brother is very boring i mean there are always people fighting, and watch the same thing with different people every year is very boring i wonder how this show is still on air.
    2 6
  167. What are your thoughts on Usher's performance and look at the BET awards?
    2 9
  168. How can I entertain myself and make work go by more quickly?
    I sell tickets to a go-cart track and we do stay pretty busy usually, but when we're not. I literally just sit play on my phone and stare at the wall.
    4 69
  169. Why isn't The Big Bang Theory on Netflix?
    It's been out sice 2007 (I've been told) and is more popular than American Idol. It also has great reviews. So dear Netflix, I would appreciate if you added it to your TV show slots.
    3 42
  170. What makes Magic Mike rated R?
    14 40
  171. Where can I watch old Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel shows or movies?
    So i really miss the old (late 1990s - early 2000s) shows from my favorite childhood channels & i really want to watch & enjoy them again. I was wondering if you guys new any links or websites where I can watch them. Please no scams or spam websites '...
    6 43
  172. What are some good French or Spanish films to watch?
    You know, like films that are actually IN French or Spanish...
    7 21
  173. Do you guys remember that show Jack and Bobby?
    4 23
  174. Do you know why Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men?
    I never knew why he was fired. I have heard he was fired because he was asking answers to the President Obama about what really happened in the World trade Center. That was true or not tell me please thank you.
    3 14
  175. Why they didn't make Spiderman 4 instead of this new Spiderman?
    I mean the new spiderman it looks cool and have the lizard as a villian, but i was following the sequence of the other spiderman and it was good spiderman 1 and 2 with tobey maguire maybe the spiderman 3 it wasnot very good, but it had a sequence peopl...
    5 45
  176. What's with the girl in red in Schindler's List?
    I never got why she was the only one in color
    4 23
  177. Who do you think is hotter - Rachel Bilson or Mila Kunis?
    I think Rachel Bilson a million times over =)
    15 50
  178. What do you think of Katie Holmes divorcing Tom Cruise?
    I think she was not happy with him, and this guy with this scientology thing,never let her do many movies. Now she is free to continue with her acting carreer and make more movies What do you think?.
    11 7
  179. Does anyone here watch Doctor Who?
    I'm just wondering because its a good show.
    5 8
  180. Did you like 21 Jump Street movie?
    I watched that movie, and i was surprised i thought it would be bad, but actually it was a very funny movie. I wonder if they can send undercover cops in real life lol and nobody would notice. I dont know if i could be an undercover cop like channing t...
    8 6
  181. What is the best way to get Instagram famous?
    2 42
  182. What is the best interview with One Direction?
    2 31
  183. Has anyone seen Trapped in the Closet, the movie?
    If you did, what did you think if it?
    4 18
  184. What do you think of the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?
    What i would like to know if is Abraham lincoln was a real vampire hunter or somebody made that up.
    9 34
  185. How do you celebrate your 4th of July?
    I celebrate with fireworks on the beach and a BBQ with family and friends.
    15 33
  186. What your favorite movie of all time and a movie that you would like to see?
    My favorite movie of all time would have to be...well either Titanic or Stand By Me. Movies I'd like to see Avatar, Madea's Witness Protection, and Savages.
    10 14
  187. How do you feel about the 'Today Show" on NBC wanting to "drop" Ann Curry?
    She's worked hard and finally landed her dream job about a year ago. I think she does a great job and I have alot of respect for all she's done with breast cancer research as a breast cancer survivor herself.
    6 15
  188. Is anyone itching to see the new Les Miserables movie?
    3 18
  189. What movie most closely relates to your life?
    What movie would you like your life to be like? I think it will be interesting to see these answers :)
    9 105
  190. What did you think about the movie Prometheus?
    6 24
  191. Does anybody know a site where I could watch The Walking Dead season 2 online free?
    4 22
  192. Do you think I'm right to be a bit worried about my party being gatecrashed?
    I'm having a birthday party on Saturday night and last night my friend told me people were planning on gatecrashing it. I know this guy from high school and have become friends with him over Facebook. He had no previous knowledge of this party, I didn'...
    6 34
  193. Do people usually bring gin to a party?
    2 16
  194. Do any of you remember these shows?
    Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy? I was looking back at them just the other day and I felt so old 'cause they don't show these anymore and my little sis doesn't even know what I'm talking about when I bring ...
    16 23
  195. Why do you never see bloopers for horror movies?
    3 13
  196. What are your thoughts on Madonna's boob flash?
    I thought it was a desperate attempt for attention, it was definitely unexpected but I guess she feels she's not as hot as she wants to she did it so she'll be one of the highlight celebs the media is talking about.
    9 41
  197. Did Paul Kantner and Grace Slick marry?
    2 49
  198. Why is opera always sung in Italian?
    a few days ago I was watching America's Got Talent and there was a guy who sung opera and I just started thinking why is opera sung in Italian? Can anyone explain that to me?
    3 728
  199. Do you prefer books or movies?
    I mean like so we have Harry potter, do you prefer the book or the movie? And if you plan on watching the movie, do you prefer to read it first and then watch the movie or movie and then read?
    18 86
  200. How old is Robin Williams?
    2 10
  201. Why do female celebrities of today are afraid to show off their bikini body?
    Taylor Swift, Camilla Belle, Joanna levesque and other female celebs don't show off their bikini bodies a lot like other celebs do. Why not? Why be shy off flaunting some of your best assets?
    11 11
  202. Is Neji in Naruo Shippuden at all?
    im watcing the naruto Shippuden ans i have not seen Neji at all in it not even in the theme song picture.
    8 12
  203. What do you think of a gay Green Lantern?
    I have heard that hollywood wanna make a new beggining movie for Green Lantern, where green Lantern is gay. Im pissed about it, i dont think in the comics say that. that is crazy why they dont make a new superhero for gays. Nothing against them, but do...
    5 49
  204. Is CMT's Next Superstar still running as a series?
    2 5
  205. Who are 5 famous people, dead or alive, that you would invite for dinner?
    So i have do a project for school, invite five famous people for dinner, dead or alive, i need inspiration, who would you guys choose?
    14 37
  206. What can I do during the summer to occupy my mind?
    If I don't occupy my mind, I have a bad summer. And I don't mean exercise because that's not fun for me :P
    18 26
  207. Who likes to rave?
    7 26
  208. What are some good & safe websites to watch documentaries on?
    7 15
  209. What celebrities today in Hollywood smoke and drink and don't do either?
    I have been trying to find if Taylor swift,Carrie underwood,Julianne hough, some of the country stars if they smoke or drink...even Selena Gomez does she drink or smoke? Emma Watson? Lily Collins? Female celebrities I mean. How about Jennifer love Hewi...
    4 45
  210. When did you stop watching kid cartoons?
    Nick, Disney ect Well the question is simple when did you stop? I stopped when i was around 12-13 than started, some of the better shows i still watch, Zim, and so on, The reason i ask is my brothers girlfriend loves Invader Zim, She is around 35y...
    16 55
  211. When is the 2012 Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant?
    Does anyone know what Channel and time the pagaent will be on this year? Last year it was on Fuel TV.
    5 14
  212. What are some things you can do when you're stuck at home and sick?
    Dying of boredom=/...
    9 36
  213. Who do you think is the better actor between Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio?
    Also list your personal favorite actor and actress. Mine I have two actors - Johnny Depp & Kevin Bacon. Actress um...err Kristie Alley, Fran Drescher, Roseanne Bar, and Sandra Bullock
    46 85
  214. What is your opinion on Elton John and his partner David having a baby?
    7 13
  215. Does anyone have any idea where Piers Morgan is from?
    I would like to know because I adore his accent. Someone from the UK told me that there are mulitple "british accents" there isn't just one. Also, where is Simon from. and if you watch those guys from "wheresmychallenge" do you know where paul is from?...
    2 38
  216. Who here likes singer/actress Rita Ora?
    she's awesome!!!!she's awesome!!!!
    2 7
  217. Who is this 1980s cartoon character please?
    2 11
  218. Are the Kardashians overrated attention seekers?
    And who will they marry next?
    7 22
  219. Do you believe the rumors about John Travolta who has been in the news this last week?
    I won't go into details because of the nature of the story, but legal action is being taken against him for something pretty sleazy and so dumb on his part. Hard to know if he is just a target for his fame and money, or if there is truth to these accus...
    4 7
  220. Has anyone seen the movie Haywire?
    4 7
  221. If Lady Capulet (Romeo and Juliet) held a party, what kind of food and activities do you think would be there?
    2 46
  222. How old is Cartoon Network?
    2 57
  223. What happens if two actors who are married are in the same movie?
    So if they have to kiss each other they dont have to fake it right? What do you think tell me please thank you.
    6 16
  224. Who is your favorite Avenger?
    8 29
  225. What is a crappy, funny, and completely useless superpower ?
    16 30
  226. Did Rob Dyrdek really fire his manager?
    I was trying to find Rob Dyrdek's manager on Wikipedia but I have yet to find anything, but what I did find is that Rob supposedly fire his manager being Jeremy Larner. Is this true? Why though?
    2 56
  227. Where can I watch movies like "Stand By Me", "Jack The Bear", and "Footloose"?
    5 25
  228. What is the best movie or series you have ever seen?
    14 17
  229. Who here is celebrating May Day Tomorrow?
    7 12
  230. Is Paris Hilton dead?
    16 37
  231. What is your favorite war movie of all time and why?
    14 47
  232. Is it ok to eat chocolate that is discolored?
    5 116
  233. Is the movie "In Time" starring Justin Timberlake good?
    3 26
  234. Does any body know about Hatsune Miku?
    6 12
  235. Would you pay to see a hologram of your favorite dead celebrities?
    I think this is the future, and it's sort of like futurama in a way. Honestly at first I'd be a little hesitant. It'd be creepy at first, then cool, then strange/sad/frustrating if they do that same ending like Tupac (disappears into a white explosion)
    5 30
  236. What in the world did I just do??
    Got asked out by my sister's classmate to be her date on the prom. I almost made her cry, and I knew my little sister's gonna kill me if that happens. .............................................. so I said 'yes'. Now I get to spend Saturday night w...
    6 42
  237. Which "superhero" is more pathetic - Batman or Iron Man?
    I love Batman, but he's just a rich kid that has awesome little gadgets that do his attacking for him. Without his money and gadgets, he would basically be worthless. I hate Iron Man, because the "super" behind Iron Man is only a metal suit. Also, what...
    26 80
  238. What would make a character interesting in a horror movie?
    13 12
  239. Who loves Cat and her shoes in each episode of Victorious?
    5 17
  240. Who are your favorite YouTubers?
    Mine would have to be 1. Shane Dawson 2. Nigahiga 3. Kevjumba and lastly 4. Timothydelaghet.
    19 11
  241. Where can I find free links to the X factor season 7 online?
    I really wanna see the X Factor that One Direction was on but I cant find any links. If you have any links for me please link them!!
    2 41
  242. Why don't guys like Justin beiber?
    I mean why do u guys hate him so much? Lol this is just a question out of curiosity and doesnt mean that I like him but really, I just wonder sometimes?
    29 25
  243. What are some of your favorite comfort movies?
    comfort movies are movies that may not be good but you can watch them over and over again and they make you feel better and help you forget about the world for a bit.
    14 9
  244. What are some good, but scary, movies I can watch tonight?
    I already watched The Devil Inside....kind of, on Saturday night and it wasn't as good as it was hyped to be. What are some very good movies I can watch tonight?
    19 48
  245. What do you think about people "fangirling" over every little thing a celebrity does?
    I find it completely annoying espcially when I go to school with a girl who is my friend and all she talks about is how she's gonna marry one of the ICONic Boyz, and live in New Jersey in his hometown with him. I asked her to calm it down but she basic...
    6 34
  246. Who here has read the Hunger Games trilogy and/or watched the movie and would be capable of clarifying something for me?
    Did Katniss really love Peeta? It seemed like she only "loved" him because it was the way to gain sponsors and eventually it became the only way to make it out alive (well without having to stare him in the face and kill him, but come on, it is eas...
    5 14
  247. What's the name of this movie that Kathy Bates starred in (read more)?
    I think she was dying of breast cancer, but I'm not for sure. She bought herself a pink (or was it red) Cadillac. She died and gave the car to her best friend who I think was Whoopi, but I don't know.
    6 31
  248. Are the Hunger Games books all put into the one movie or are there going to be 3 movies?
    I know the Hunger Games movie is out but i havent seen it and ive only read the first book. Are all 3 books put into The Hunger Games movie or will there be 1 movie per book?
    6 15
  249. What's you favourite Pandora station?
    5 14
  250. Has anyone seen the movie "Sucker Punch" and, if you have, did you like it?
    22 19