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What channel does family guy come on?

what channel does family guy come on, and what time. I have comcast.


Cool solitary activities

What are some activities to do when your a lon ?


Thoughts on the Twilight Saga and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber will be at the Roosevelt Field mall nov 20... Is anyone going?? And do you know if you need tickets or anything to get in? That is from 4-6. Also for those New Moon fans!!! Whose going at midnight?!??! I am. I personally start hypervental...


Party ideas 4 a sweet 17 lol bday???!!!

Me and my best friend's bday is in sept. Hers the 9th and mines the 10th we both didi absolutly nothin for our sweet 16th and I mean nothin but sit at home cause both of our parents had no money cause our bdays are both close to tax season any way what...


How do you meet a star?

I am so deeply in love with Michael Pitt. I have been forever. He is such a talented actor and musician. I would like to meet him. How would a "common folk" like me go about that?


Celebrities with their birthday on november 17th?

Does anyone know any celebrities w/ the same birthday as me

November 17th


what to do for my 17th birthday

okay so.. my birthdays on november the 8th and im turning 17..and theres nothing to do.
and I want to know ideas. so can anyone give me ideas. this time of the year is a bad year for a birthday I ono. just like send me ideas thanks


Robert Pattinson family tree

Who is Robert Pattinsons mom and dad? Does he have any brothers or sisters besides Lizzy? I'm going to make a family tree for him. lol. I created one for my family and its massive. because usually if rob is famous and his sister is too, then being famo...

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Is nick going out with selena?

I just want to know.if they are then miley is jealous or something because miley made a video making fun of selena...answer my question please!!!

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What is all this talk about Oprah hates disabled people?

It's skyrocketing on Google Trends. Let me guess, she said something and it was taken out of is the only source I found really:


How to get a show in Hollywood?

how do go to hollywood and get a show how does it work I have ben wanting and praying that some day as a child or teen I would go to hollywood and have my one show but I don`t know how to.please help me.


What is the problem with the red-haired doll in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

She doesn't seem to have anything wrong with her.

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Where can I download free and full hentai movies?

From what site? Must be free and full. And of course, direct download. And if torrents, I hope they are in good shapes.


Baldazzini - Bayba Comic Series


From where can I download the entire series of Bayba illustrated by Roberto Baldazzini ?

Also for Casa Hohard 4 ?

Thanks in advance !!


2 girls 1 cup video, should I watch it or not?

Omg everyone has been telling me to watch this that it is so disgusting an funny but weird to I dont no if is hould watch it or not ?

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Ideas for a 16th birthday?

the title kind of speaks for itself.
I dont really have that big of a house to have that many people over. But I want to do soemthing really exciting that not a lot of people do for their 16th birthdays. Any ideas?


Last day of fun in da sun

Last day in town what should I do(cant go surfing raining out side) wht to do


Best holiday cartoons this season?

I've been seeing a lot of ads for holiday cartoon specials, which ones are you watching? My kids and I watched some new songebob, and I'm look g forward to the fair odd parents holiday cartoon specials, as I think those might be the best...which ones a...


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