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My boyfriend accuses me of cheating and I'm not...

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I'm at a lost! My boyfriend constantly accuses me of cheating and I'm not, never have, and do even think about it because I love him and want only him. I haven't even came close to cheating, don't talk to other men, and again I don't want anyone else. He actually convinces himself that things are happening and they aren't. When he's not being consumed with these crazy notions, he is the most loving, caring, sharing men I've ever known. But once he convinces himself that I'm seeing someone else, he changes to the most distant and mean person that won't listen to reason until he cools off. He breaks up with me, or I don't hear from him for a week, he won't even answer his phone. We've been dating for 2 years and when he's not acting up we have a very close and loving relationship. And as far as I can tell, he's not seeing anyone else. I fear that it is time to really end the madness. What should I do? Is there help for a person like this?