What do you think Jesus would say about the world we live in now, would he be happy or disappointed?

Answer #1

I think he would be like, “Mehhh”, since apparently he’s supposedly watching us from above. I like to think of us as god’s own personal reality tv show that’s just played a few billion years worth of drama. That is to say if i actually believed in god and jesus that is.

Answer #2

Eh…Well there is lots of good here, but then we still have the littering, cheats, liars, of course we’ve always had those. I would think he’d be both.

Answer #3

If Jesus had something to say, I think he has enough power to actually say it; and so far – he hasn’t said a thing. I interpret it as the world is just too messed up for Jesus to even comment on.

Answer #4

We’re monsters! Of course he’s disappointed. :/

Answer #5

Just like parents with really troubled children. We’re out of control lol

Answer #6

he’d be peeeee’d off.

Answer #7

he probably say i should of never made jive ass black people

Answer #8

On the evidence of the accounts in the Bible, Jesus understood the problems of the people he came into contact with and gave good compassionate advice. . If he was alive today, I think he would non-judgemental but would post regular advice to help users of this site. He would probably even be one of the founders or this, or a similar, site. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #9

he’d say, “you’re all idiots” AMEN.

Answer #10

I’ll put it like this: everything he needs to say, he’s said already. It’s just a matter of listening to what that is.

Answer #11

He would be anticipating the end, or the beginning for others.

Answer #12

Except parents arent omniscient and omnipresent.. If they were, they’d make sure to keep us safe all the time and out of trouble… So, no, not really…

Answer #13

he wouild sa y what the hell hvae a created haa i see and hear some pretty bad things now and days:(

Answer #14

He would say, “Oh my God what have you done unto me.”

Answer #15

If there ever was a real person named Jesus, he would probably be pretty disappointed in the things being done and said in his name.

Answer #16

Well to be honest he’d be about indifferent. When Jesus started his 3 year ministry he basically changed how everything was done. He called the Pharisees brutal vipers (they were considered the most righteous and elites of all the jews) which was a big insult.

Plus I think more people are aware of who Jesus is. People who praise his name and are good christian people.

Human nature doesn’t change…… we may not be doing the same bad things that the people where doing way back when but we’ve come up with new stuff…… so yeah… all around the same

Answer #17

Well, allegedly this is all god’s plan, and so what is there to say? God was wrong? A friend of mine once told me that Jesus theorized that in a perfect world, people would only say “yes” and “no” to each other

Answer #18

Well, allegedly this is all god’s plan, and so what is there to say? God was wrong? A friend of mine once told me that Jesus theorized that in a perfect world, people would only say “yes” and “no” to each other

Answer #19

I personally think that Jesus would be saddened if he could see many of his modern followers, who say they are “Christ-like” but practice none of the things Jesus wanted them to do- such as hospitality, loving your neighbor as yourself, caring for the sick, having compassion for criminals and sinners, etc. I think he would be terribly sad to see all the war and strife going on today, as well as the damage we have inflicted upon our beautiful earth. I have no desire to pick fights on this topic, but that is my opinion. :)

Answer #20

i think he would be dissapointed. theres just so much bad going on.

Answer #21

If Jesus was on earth I don’t think he would be saying much because he’d be too busy making sweet hot love to me.

Answer #22

Holy crap lol the best answer so far Kat…I am so not surprised of your answer :P

Answer #23

Thanks, LOL! And Jesus is so friggin hot…. He can make ice cream sundays appear out of no where, he hung out with sinners, has rockstar hair, he was such a rebel, and he was jewish… PERFECT GUY for me!

Answer #24

Well…. in revelations he says that he will return…. and when he does it’ll be the end of the world……. and as any parent would instruct their children he does through the bible. So in essence he does talk to us.

He has the power yes….. but if you see a man running the streets right now saying he saw and spoke to Jesus. People would lock him up for insanity.

And he doesn’t appear in front of everyone to force them to believe because that destroys faith.

Answer #25

Bryson, so you are saying the Jesus purposely lets people go on not believing when he could reveal himself, and then will cast those people in hell because they didn’t believe. That is not faith, that is cruelty. It certainly is not compassion…

Answer #26

please don’t tell me you are saying that Jesus sends people to hell and he is mean because he doesn’t go poof and appear making everyone believe etc etc…. waaa cry cry.

I believe in free will, so I’m going with that. You can argue that point to someone who believes in predestination.

You don’t believe because you’ve chosen not to. It’s our choice. And in the end by not choosing we go to hell. So in the end we go to hell. Big Mean Smiting Jesus doesn’t keep himself hidden from people just for the sole intent to watch him burn. I can’t imagine him kicking it up in a lazy boy with a bag of doritoes watching people burn in a firey pit of sulfur, laughing, and screaming down “Sorry guys, you didn’t win the salvation lottery”. He didn’t go through that torture on the cross, willingly, for a handful of people.

We live by faith not by sight. It was love God sent his son, it was mercy he carried the cross, and it was compassion he died thus providing a way to him.

We have a way to Jesus…. you don’t take it. It’s not his fault, nor is he gonna accept blame on judgment day.

Call it cruelty, evil, etc….. Whether it is or isn’t, he’s God and he can do whatever he wants. Whether we see it as just or unjust.

Answer #27

What a terrible thing to say. What about people who have been through very traumatic events or diagnosed with terminal illnesses and feel like God has forsaken them? What about children or adults who have not been introduced to Christianity? If there is a God, he/she will judge us after we die. But you are not God. Please do not judge your fellow human beings for believing differently from you. You may think they will “burn in Hell” for it, but keep that to yourself. You’re spreading hatred, not compassion. Besides, isn’t God supposed to forgive our sins? In the grand scheme of things, the “sin” of not believing seems quite inconsequential. Nonbelievers are not harming anyone. One of the reasons why people become so disillusioned with religion is this “all or nothing” concept. Killers and nonbelievers get the same punishment- eternal damnation. Are all Christians worthy of entering Heaven regardless of how they treated their fellow human beings in life? Yet a nonbeliever who practices love and compassion must burn in Hell?

Answer #28

People don’t “choose” not to believe because they’re bad people or they just want to be contrary. They have solid reasons for not believing, and that is between them and any higher power that may or may not exist. And you can’t “force” yourself into believing. If someone told you that lightning was caused by Zeus, could you make yourself believe that? God may judge us all in the afterlife, but you cannot. I’m sorry to say that you’re human just like the rest of us.

Answer #29

Thank you for your reply :)

Answer #30

I like to think though that there are a lot of us that strive to rise above the sadness and pain of this world Moe. Thanks for your reply

Answer #31

He probably would lol

Answer #32

Thank you for your reply :)

Answer #33

Yea, he probably would be angry at what is happening.

Answer #34

haha…and just wash his hands with all of us. Thanks for the reply

Answer #35

Thank you for your reply

Answer #36

Doesn’t hold to well then for our race then if we are doomed to repeat past mistakes. thank you for your reply

Answer #37

Chalk it up I guess to our own free will…it was given to us, so this is the result. Thank you for your reply

Answer #38

I appreciate your comments Raelynn and it’s true the human race has a lot to answer for.

Answer #39

“please don’t tell me you are saying that Jesus sends people to hell”

Of course I am not telling you that. I don’t even believe he exists. As far as believing is a choice, it is not. I could no more “choose” to believe in a god than I could “choose” to believe in Santa. I have examined the evidence and logic tells me he doesn’t exist. Could I pretend to believe? Sure, but wouldn’t a god know that? Could you choose to start believing the Flying Spagetti Monster?

But if a god did exist, I doubt he would be so vain and cruel as to send someone to hell for the sole reason of not being able to believe in such a fantastic story. Especially when he supposedly could reveal himself and doesn’t. Do you really believe in a god that would behave like that.

And Raelynn is right, it is not up to you to judge. You better watch out, the big guy in the sky might not like that. How do you know you aren’t the wrong ones going around judging others faith? Maybe it will be the people who do good deeds, regardless of faith, who get saved.

Answer #40

Dissapointed,He would say”For the sake of Life and Death,This is what we should call “(Hell)”

Answer #41

Thanks Jimahl, that’s exactly what I was trying to say in my last comment. :) You either believe something or you don’t. You might change your mind if you see evidence (or a lack thereof), but you can’t force yourself to believe in something that you just don’t- especially when there is no proof. It’s easy for me to believe that the sky is blue, because that’s what I see, and so does almost everyone else. It’s harder for me to believe in, say, invisible unicorns, because I can’t see them, touch them, or communicate with them, and there is no other evidence that they exist. I could TRY to believe in invisible unicorns if I really wanted to, but I’d be lying to myself because I wouldn’t really believe in them. So believing in invisible pink unicorns is not a “choice” for me.

Answer #42

Ok this is a lot to respond to…… First off my intention was not for me to appear to be judging. If I came across that way I apologize. I may be a christian but that doesn’t make me better than anyone else. When I said “you” in my previous comment, it was a nonspecific you…… anyways moving on. Ok what about the sick and traumatic people who feel like God has abandoned them. Well, what we feel and what is are two different things. God doesn’t abandon his children. Now if people turn their backs on him…. that’s between them and God. Keep in mind, whether we believe it or not, God never puts more than what we can handle in front of us. By God all is possible. If I offended anyone by saying people will burn in hell…. then I’m sorry they find it offensive. I can’t really take back what I said, but I don’t want it to rub people the wrong way. It may be graphic, but its what I believe is the truth…. Just as people say their is no God…. that can be just as offensive. As for the forgiveness, Yes God forgives people of their sins any sin no matter how small or how big, from lying to your parents to mass genocide (Paul in the New testament)….. but he forgives only to those who ask for it. The only sin God doesn’t forgive is blasphemy against him. I believe its the ultimate blasphemy he can’t forgive….. which is to die rejecting him. To die and not believe in God, you are dieing saying he doesn’t exist or blasphemy against him….. which he can’t forgive. And in your statement “All Christians are worthy of heaven…” that is a false statement. No christian is worthy. We deserve the same punishment as the killers, rapist, nonbelievers etc. However, by asking God to forgive us of our sins and receiving Jesus in our hearts, we go to heaven and God looks at Jesus. Not our sins. No christian is perfect, but our sins have been washed away by the blood and mercy of Jesus Christ. As for how some Christians act… we aren’t perfect. We are still just as human. God can’t be to blame if we still make bad choices…..

Answer #43

ok jimahl….. people do have a choice. You have never been to space…. but you believe it. You say well we have evidence. I say so do I…. the bible. It may be a story book to you filled with fantastic stories, but its one of the oldest books in history, physical proof, which still applies to life today as it did thousands of years ago….. but they key in this comment is faith. You can’t believe without seeing it first, experiencing it first, having proof. Well in the bible it says we are supposed to live by faith not by sight. Meaning we don’t get the physical manifestation that we want. If we have to hold Jesus in our hands to have proof that he is real, then we have no faith. You believe in people going to the moon, but if you had to go to the moon to believe it is possible, then you have no faith. I’m sorry, but I can’t make God poof down here and prove his existence. I can give you every reason I have to prove it…. and the only way for anyone to have the physical proof that they are searching for, is to take a leap of faith that God exists… and when he catches you and hold you and you can feel his presence, that’s when you have your physical proof. The key jimahl is faith….. without it faith…… then only a handful of people can believe that going to the moon is possible.

Answer #44

I just wanna say, I don’t want to appear to be judging y’all or offend y’all in any way. I’m not trying to argue just answering questions that people have. So if I have upset y’all or anyone in any way I’m sorry…. bring it to my attention and I will be glad to straighten things out.

Answer #45

Bryson, yes, people can make choices about somethings. What clothes will I wear today, where will I have lunch? Other things they can’t. They can pretend to, but they really don’t. As I asked earlier, can you truly choose to believe in the Flying Spagetti Monster (look it up if you dont know what I am talking about)? I am pretty sure you could say you believe, but in reality, you would know it didn’t exist. Again, for me, it is not a choice. I will not believe something simply becasuse and ancient text written by superstitious men says so (and that is what the bible is to me). And their are many other ancient texts with similar claims. Why are you ignoring those and only choosing to believe one? I need evidence. I don’t believe in anything supernatural, because I have never seen any evidence to support it. I don’t believe in UFOs either, but I do belive people have been to the moon because I have seen actual evidence, and heard actual testimony of people who have been there. I watched it myself live on TV. No one can tell me they have truly seen god, taken a picture or video. The bible is not evidence of anything other than it does coincide with certain historical facts, as do many other ancient texts. But there is zero evidence of any of the supernatural aspects of the bible being true. And the earth was certainly not created in six days, nor was it created 6000 years ago. So right off the bat, the fist book has been proven to be wrong. Do you deny evolution too? I also still contend that your vision of god is one of a cruel, viscious and vain god. Why must we make that leap of faith? Why does it matter to him? Is he that insecure that he has to have people take a leap of faith, and worship him before they can be saved. My wife is a believer, and fairly devout. But she has a much different view than you. In fact she has said when she comes before god and if she finds out I am being cast into hell for the sole reason of not believing, she would reject him on the spot. Because she knows a true loving and compassionate god would never do that to good people.

I honestly do not understand how good people can beleive their god would do something so terrible to other good people. Or do you consider atheism a character flaw worthy of such punishment? Never mind what you think god wants. Do you think otherwise good people should be cast into hell for not believing?

Answer #46

I prefer the Mormon view to yours, Bryson. Mormons believe that after you die, you get to meet God, and in that moment, you will of course know that he is real and that he loves you. The ONLY people who burn in Hell forever are those who see God with their own eyes, and still reject him or even hate him. I don’t believe there is an afterlife, but I do know that if I saw God with my own eyes after death, I would believe. This life on Earth is hard, it is unforgiving, it is cruel. It is easy to go through life having no faith or belief. There is simply no evidence of God to be found in this life. Yet it is possible to be a good, loving person regardless. And God would forsake me and other nonbelievers just because we did not believe in this life? If you believe that is true, then God is condemning lots of innocent, loving people to burn in Hell forever. And I don’t think that is right, just, or loving, no matter how you spin it.

Answer #47

As for the statement that God never gives us more than we can handle, I disagree. What about those who kill themselves? My best friend as a teenager killed himself. He was not a weak person or a bad person. He was mentally ill and had no help from his family- they would not allow him to go to a doctor. I tried to help him as much as I possibly could, but I am only human, and I’m not a doctor or psychiatrist. It was not within my ability to make him better. How could I believe that God gave this child no more than he could handle? It was too much for him to handle, and in the end, he had no more strength to fight and found the only way out that he knew of. It could have been different if he had a doctor or therapist or medication or, yes, faith. But he didn’t and he died. In my own struggle with depression, I know that sometimes you can feel smothered by darkness and it is all you know. You would do anything- including hurting yourself or self medicating- just to ease the pain. You feel like screaming every moment you are alive and awake, you feel like tearing the world down, anything, anything, just to make it go away. I can’t reconcile that experience with a belief that God never gives us more than we can handle. Because depression IS too much for anyone to handle alone, and it results in many, many, many deaths. If God could end that suffering, why wouldn’t he?

Answer #48

I believe that you are a good person and not trying to judge anyone. But you don’t know what everyone’s experiences are like, and they can be very different from yours. Believing in God isn’t as easy as “having faith”. It can be a very hard thing to do. Some people can’t manage it, even if they live to be 100 years old. And I don’t think that means that they have forsaken God if he exists. It’s just that this life can be hard, very hard. We shouldn’t judge others or talk about them as if we know what they have gone through.

Answer #49

Nonbelievers aren’t really different from believers- they’ve just had different experiences. I think that you could find it in your heart to accept that and believe that God will understand them. :)

Answer #50

If you were to compare today and thousands of years ago you would see that crime rate actually drops dramatically per capita. At face value it might not appear that way but the population was much smaller then we have today. Think about out many charities we have, I still like to think that we are good people, but the media only likes to show the bad ones.

Answer #51

Well Jehovah God and Jesus Christ can see everything since they are in heaven, God will send his son Jesus to put an end to everything, Jesus is paciently waiting for God to say when. In the Bible, the book of Revelation says that “the kings of the entire inhabited earth” will be gathered together “to the war of the great day of God the Almighty.” (Revelation 16:14) The prophetic account then adds: “And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Har–Magedon,” or Armageddon. (Revelation 16:16) Later on, Revelation explains that “the kings of the earth and their armies” will be “gathered together to wage the war with the one seated on the horse and with his army.” (Revelation 19:19) This horseman is identified as none other than Jesus Christ.—1 Timothy 6:14, 15; Revelation 19:11, 12, 16.

Answer #52

Wow this is a lot to respond to…. haha….. ok. You say it is hard for people to believe in God because it sounds so far fetch. I can understand that. I mean, an all powerful God who watches us from outside time. Created existence in 6 days. Tells us how we should live. I mean the supernatural is something that is hard to comprehend. Not everyone will believe in it. I mean a book written by people thousands of years ago about all these incredible things and a man who defied death and has saved the world of its sins….. it does sound outrageous. I know it sounds crazy. However, to me it is just as crazy to say there isn’t a God. That life as we know it was all from a freak accident by random chance. That after die it’s it. Kinda depressing. Kinda renders life meaningless. That once we die and eventually forgotten there is nothing more. No judgment, no after life, nothing outside this meager body. I understand how outrageous believing in God is. However, it’s a form of hope. It is a way of life. To people who believe…. it gives us a reason to live and not fear death or anything bad life will throw at us. As for choosing, I’ll still stand by we have a choice. People believe in something. It typically is whatever suits their life style or desires. Some do it out of spite for God, they had something horrible in their life and they blame him. (side note, why does God always get blamed and Satan never does, I mean he’s the one who attacks people not God). There is nothing I can say to make someone believe, If I can beat every non believer in a debate about God but they don’t want to believe, they won’t. If someone has no desire to believe in God or the supernatural they won’t…….

You render the bible false on your own understanding. It’s supernatural and you haven’t experienced anything like that. Well, what about the people who have. What about the people who were about to die from some cancer and suddenly it was gone (there have been cases of nothing short of a Miracle). People who have had something like that happen to them that they can’t rationalize it without accepting its from God. Just because one doesn’t experience something doesn’t necessarily make it false.

I don’t deny evolution in its entirety. I don’t believe we came from an ooz and have evolved into the complex organism known as a human. I do believe in minor evolution for example a bird changing its beak for better use, or a bug developing an immunity to something. I don’t believe humans will evolve to grow wings to fly or fins to swim. We’ve been the same for too long.

As for why we must take a leap of faith…. and why does it matter to him…. Faith is knowing without seeing…. believing even when there seems to be no hope. We are supposed to live by faith not by sight. What does it matter to him? Well bluntly he loves us. I know you’re thinking well what about the bad people or the people who have bad stuff happen to them….. well he does love us. Bad crap is gonna happen to everyone. It’s life. God has a plan and we don’t know it, and sometimes bad things must happen. I don’t know why things happen to good people other than it’s God’s will, and I’m not going to begin to comprehend God. Being a christian doesn’t mean you will be granted a great life. It grants you a great afterlife. He isn’t insecure. He doesn’t need us. He has a plethora of angels that worship him every second. He desires to be with us. He is a loving God. Maybe we can’t understand God because we are human… set with human limitations, physically and mentally.

Anyways to turn this around a bit…. why should God do anything for those who curse his name? Why should God save those who reject him? You say belief is such a small thing, but if you have a friend and you reject him your whole life but when it comes time you need a favor from him…. why should he do anything for you? It isn’t God’s responsibility or his duty to save us. He doesn’t wait on us. He doesn’t do what we want. He’s God. He gave us life and that should be enough. Why is God mean because he doesn’t do what we want and expect him to do? God marches to the beat of his own drum. He does what he wants. If God says we are to believe (that’s it) to get to heaven… then so be it. He makes the rules whether we like them or not.

Now to address what your wife said. I’m not going to speak negatively to your wife in the least. She is probably a great woman. First off, when she stands before God I don’t think she’s gonna deny him. It sounds like she’s doing something commonly subconsciously done and is dangerous. She is putting you in front of God. God is supposed to come before anything and anyone. To deny her love her God for her love for you….. It’s putting you above God. I’m not doubting you are a great guy. You appear to me to be a great guy because you are actually talking/debating formally and not cussing and throwing obscenities just because you don’t believe. You do acknowledge my belief and haven’t bashed me for them. For that I do want to thank you…… but being a great guy doesn’t gain you a seat in heaven.

And I think this will clarify a few things. You say good and bad people. Well to God there is no such thing. There is believers and nonbelievers. There is no Good person. To call someone good is to judge them on our standards of good. On an human understanding or right and wrong. Well, we can agree that nobody is perfect. God even states for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, and for God the wages of sin is death. To be good enough for heaven is to go through life and not sin… just once. Because it is that one tiny sin (btw to God a sin is a sin, no difference) that makes us not perfect therefore not worthy for the kingdom of heaven. So basically I’m not good, you’re not good… no one alive right now is “good’. We all have sinned. Well that’s why believing is so important. because in order to pay for our sins blood must be shed (that’s why they sacrificed in the old testament). However, Jesus (who lived a sinless life) died to be that sacrifice. So that when we die and God sees the perfection of Jesus and not our own. That is why believing in Jesus is so important. You can call it a flaw on God’s part to have man sin, even so he have us a way to still gain access to heaven. Only by accepting Jesus as our savior. There is no amount of good things in this life that will gain us a seat in heaven. To God, our actions mean nothing, its what we believe that means everything. That means from the most evil of evil can gain access to heaven and the most good of good can still banished to hell.

Answer #53

Well, I believe (like the Mormons) that everyone will face God when we die. But if we never knew God… he’s gonna say he never knew us. I can’t say if we get a final choice in heaven when we die or not…. but to believe now is like death insurance. haha.

Answer #54

Too much to handle….. First off I want to say I’m sorry about your friend. I’m also sorry that you had to suffer as well. I’m not gonna try to compare but I’ve had my fair share of crap. My parents divorced when I was in 4th grade, and just all the crap that comes from a really bad divorce.

Let me rephrase this….. Life is to hard for us to live on our own. That is why we need the support of God to get us through. God will never give us more than we can bare because all we have to do is turn to him and life’s burdens become a lot easier. With God anything is possible. It’s not really an answer I think you’d like…. but the reason why life is so hard for some is because they try to go at it alone. All people want is someone who understands them, someone to talk to….. well God can be that. God will carry his children through the storm.

Answer #55

I wanna thank you for the compliment. If you didn’t read it in my novel of a response, I stated that I think you are a great guy and thanks for actually talking and not bashing me and running off. For that I respect ya. And you are 100% right…. I don’t know what everyone’s been through. Nor can I ever know. I grew up in a christian house. It was in front of me my whole life. So believing was easy for me even through my darkest of days. I’m not out to judge other people’s reasons for not believing…. and you are right… life is too hard. Sometimes it is because of those difficulties people can’t see God. That is why I try not to judge others who don’t believe. I mean, I couldn’t blame the Jews after holocaust if they wanted to deny God (though christianity and Judaism are different, it’s the example). But if you can help someone ease the pain of life… you would. I’m trying to do the same through God. Some people won’t believe and I know that. I won’t hate them or think badly of them. I had it easy. Others might not have.

Answer #56

I agree to an extent that we are not so different (believers and non believers)…. and to be honest I wish there wasn’t a difference. I wish God made exceptions… I honestly do. Sometimes I hope that I am wrong slightly and God does give people another chance or make an exception for someone. But God is God and we are not God.

Answer #57

“However, to me it is just as crazy to say there isn’t a God.”

Sorry Bryson, but that just doesn’t make any sense. That is no different than saying; > What you have is faith, a belief of something without proof, and I have no problem with that. As I said, my wife is a believer too. What I have a problem with is that you think this god of yours is worried about what us mere mortals think of him. Him willingly casting good people into hell is not compatible with the image a compassionate and loving god.

“That life as we know it was all from a freak accident by random chance.” Please show me any scientist who ever said that it was a freak accident? And to dismiss it as random is not understanding the science. Is it random that you were born in the town you were born in, or just happenstance? Being that there are trillions of stars with trillions of planets, the odds are that there will be probably millions, maybe billions of planets that would have the perfect environment to support life. The earth is one of them. So there is nothing freak about it. It is just statistics. “That after die it’s it. Kinda depressing. Kinda renders life meaningless.” To me it is no problem not having to wonder what will happen. I know this is the only life I have, so I live to the fullest. I have no fear of death, and I have plenty of reasons to live, mainly for the people I love. “I’ll still stand by we have a choice.” Then you are not listening, or understanding what I am saying. Again I ask you, can YOU choose to really believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster? I seriously doubt you can, just as I can’t choose to believe in anything I have seen no proof of. “You render the bible false on your own understanding.” Of course I do, so what? What makes you think you have a better understanding of it than anyone else? Most non-believers are fairly well-versed in the bible. From my experience, I have found that I usually know much more about the bible and christianity than most christians I talk to. “It’s supernatural and you haven’t experienced anything like that. Well, what about the people who have.” What about them? Is there any physical evidence? Many people make a lot of fantastic claims that can’t be proven. Do you just accept what anyone says without proof? Many people have claimed to see ghosts, bigfoot, the lochness monster, and UFOs. But there has never been any real evidence? The mind is a powerful thing, and people see and hear things that aren’t really there all the time. “What about the people who were about to die from some cancer and suddenly it was gone (there have been cases of nothing short of a Miracle).” When I see proof it was supernatural, then I would consider it. What about the overwhelming number of devout believers who don’t “miraculously” recover? Just because something is rare does not mean it is a miracle. “Just because one doesn’t experience something doesn’t necessarily make it false.” And just becuase someone DOES experience something does not mean it is supernatural in origin. “I don’t deny evolution in its entirety. I don’t believe we came from an ooz and have evolved into the complex organism known as a human.” It is obvious from your comments that you do not understand it. Have you ever actually tried to research the science. It is not a matter of belief. It is an absolute fact that every living organism on this planet evolved from single celled organisms that first appeared on this planet 3.8 billion years ago. This is not theory, it is proven fact. The theory of evolution refers to HOW it happens, not IF it happens. There is no doubt it does happen. “why should God do anything for those who curse his name? Why should God save those who reject him?” I do not bother to curse or reject something I don’t believe in. I simply don’t believe, and other than discussions like this, I don’t really think about it much. “You say belief is such a small thing, but if you have a friend and you reject him your whole life but when it comes time you need a favor from him…. why should he do anything for you?” This is the crux of the matter. I am not asking for anything, nor am I expecting anything, nor do I need to be saved. According to YOUR belief, he is actively dispensing punishment to non-believers. Why? Why can’t he just let non-believers die and cease to exist. Why must he torture us for eternity for not being capable of believe something without proof? “Why is God mean because he doesn’t do what we want and expect him to do?” Again, I don’t expect anything except non-existence after my brain stops funtioning. The only thing I would want him to do if he exists, is to not torture me for eternity. Is that really a lot to ask of a loving, compassionate god. “I’m not going to speak negatively to your wife in the least. She is probably a great woman.” Yes she is. “First off, when she stands before God I don’t think she’s gonna deny him.” I didn’t say she would. I said she would reject him if he were the type of god you believe in. That is not the god she believes in. And it would not be me she is putting before god, it is justice, because it wouldn’t just be me. She has eight siblings, three of whom are atheists, and another who is a buhddist. Quite frankly she would be outraged to think the god she prayed to all her life would torture her loved ones for enternity over something they had no power over. She has faith in a loving and compassionate god that would never do such a thing. I am sorry you do not have faith in that kind of god. “So basically I’m not good, you’re not good… no one alive right now is “good’.” Exactly, so the only criteria is belief, something I have absolutely no control over. Like I said, I could pretend, but he would know. After all this, we are back to the same question. Why would god require belief without one shred of real evidence. If he made us, why would he make people incapable of believing, and then torture them for not believing? I have no intention of making you stop believing, just as I have never tried to do so with my wife. But when I hear the incongruency of calling him a loving god, yet he is willing to torture good people (realatively good, since we are all sinners), I can’t help but speak up. I didn’t mean this to be so long winded, but you were quite wordy yourself. I will only add that what you believe is only speculation, and you have no real knowledge of what actually is the truth. But you, and a lot of other believers, talk as if what you believe is proven fact, and that is what turns most non-believers off to even listening to believers. They start quoting scripture and dogma as if it will have greater sway in their arguments. Trust me, it doesn’t. It actually has the opposite affect. But honestly, thanks for the respectful debate.

Answer #58

I tried to use brackets and it ommitted part of my message. The begining should have read like this….. Sorry Bryson, but that just doesn’t make any sense. That is no different than saying; “I know it sounds crazy to comprehend a man who knows the names of every child and whether they have been good or not, flies around the world in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeers, and gives out presents to every child, all in a single night. But I think not believing in Santa is just as crazy.” What you have is faith, a belief of something without proof, and I have no problem with that.

Answer #59

He would say what He said in the Bible, i believe. People haven’t changed that much. i think he’d want christians to spread the word around more and he’d have a hurting heart for those who chose not to believe in Him.

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