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  1. 6 Essential Steps To Take For Buying Awesome Diamond Ring At The Best Price
    Purchasing the nice ring for your partner should be just awesome. This is the time when you show how good your taste is and the stunning approach it will give to your partner that will be also the best thing that happens to you. Surely, the ring will e...
    6 129
  2. Is it safe way buy purchasing the products in online shopping?
    Hai friends,now a days most of the people prefer to purchase the products in online stores.Is it safe way to purchase the things in online stores and also we doesn't know how they are providing the quality.what is your opinion on this ?
    5 17
  3. eBay buyer won't pay what I shipped?
    I sold a buy it now 230.00 iPod touch fifth generation and it's in good working condition, well the buyer turned out to be a scam, I recently found out I sent it to a address with no one currently living there and he will not contact back. And I tried ...
    4 31
  4. can you tell me the good sites for buying the clothes?
    I want to do shopping for buying i requires some of the good sites.plz provide some of the sites
    4 35
  5. Are you interested in buying the clothes in online?
    many of the people are interested in online shopping for clothes and all other.what about you?
    3 17
  6. Am i the only one seeing that user Shanuj asking questions about buying clothes.
    Lol she asks it and makes it brief what type of clothes she wants and free shipping and then after hours when nobody notices she answers by her self giving links and all ???
    3 7
  7. which is the best store for online shopping of clothes?
    Considering the fever of online shopping, the company also embarked with its online store, but now you can find their clothes sold more on the retailer stores rather their own site.
    2 10
  8. i need some last mibute gift ideas!
    I'm going Christmas shopping today for some last minute things, and ive really been thinking, and I dont know what to get my boyfriends parents, or my boss and supervisor at work(both woman). Idk if it'd necessary to get any od them anything but I feel...
    3 42
  9. Where can I buy The Walking Dead DVDs?
    Where can I buy the Walking Dead DVDs for all the seasons for the best price?
    2 49
  10. Christmas ideas?
    So i have a really big family, i have 6 siblings to shop for and 2 nieces and 2 nephews and my mom and dad n his gf... and i only have 200 dollars which isent alot when it comes to that much people... i was wondering if any of you have cheap gift ideas...
    4 21
  11. do you like shopping in big chain store or small shops?
    3 87
  12. Does anybody know where to find these tights online ?
    7 22
  13. Birthday present for a twenty year old girl?
    3 20
  14. Suggest me where I find quality Christmas package labels?
    As Christmas is near I am searching for unique Christmas package labels
    2 16
  15. I never knew they sell these kind of dolls O_O
    5 27
  16. Hookah(s) ID/Signing from Amazon/Ebay?
    So, my older brother doesn't smoke much, but he likes the no nicotine hookah pens (The "Smooth Premium E Hookah Pens" are his favorite). But I'm not of the correct age to purchase them, and my mother doesn't want him to smoke them as much as he does. I...
    3 60
  17. what's the cheapest supercar you can buy
    2 30
  18. Do you think this is a nice jacket?
    I want to purchase this jacket for my mom for her birthday that is coming up. What do you think of it?
    3 23
  19. I know it's early, but anyone got xmas ideas for a broke girl?
    I start stocking Xmas presents around this time of year so I am ready when Xmas comes. I need some ideas for presents. I already have my sister a really cool wood jewelry holder that I found at goodwill. (we are super close, so she isn't going to reall...
    7 30
  20. What to buy, what to buy?
    So my boyfriends birthday is coming up, and I was planning on getting him these expensive pillows that hes been wanting and a gift card to a spa for a massage, because he's been complaining about his back! I've already purchased the pillows- so $50.00 ...
    4 17
  21. Christmass Early bird Shopping!!!!
    so im shopping early for X-MASS. I already have what im going to give to some people, but not for my lil sister who is 12 years old; my nephews who are ages 4-11; and my boyfriend :( please help me. I seriously want something simple for the kids and so...
    5 30
  22. Where do I get the fabric to make my bean bag bed?
    I am making an 8 foot wide and 5 foot tall bean bag bed. It is in the shape of a circle. I know where to get the beanie balls and how much to get. But I need to know where I can get 2 pieces of fabric tht is 8'x8' for the top and bottom and I need to g...
    2 10
  23. what to get my dad for his birthday?
    My dad's Birthday is soon and I'm clueless with what to get! help! My dads birthday is in a few weeks time, and i really dont have a clue what to get him! I've asked him, and he's said that there isn't anything that he really wants or needs. His hobbie...
    4 49
  24. USA omg! How annoying are you Walmart!! Really?
    So I was shopping today at Walmart when suddenly "Attention shoppers and associates, we would like to announce that Kate Middleton just gave birth to a baby boy!!" ______WTF!!!! Can somebody please tell me how is that relevant or have any importance?
    5 23
  25. Boyfriends birthday
    My boyfriend is turning 16 and is a guy who likes to hunt and is a cowboy what do I get him for his 16th birthday?
    4 34
  26. Anyone knows where i can get an ipad for 200 hundred dollars?
    If you know where i can get an ipad for 200 hundred dollars or a tablet similar to the ipad tell me please thank you.
    2 13
  27. I want a shirt that says something like "Stop Agressive Driving" Ive looked as
    best I can on the internet, a little help anyone?
    6 21
  28. if i buy somthing from JCpenny from my town and go to Jcpenny in another town about 1 hour away would i still be able to return the cothes?
    2 28
  29. Where can I find an inexpensive plain red dress?
    I don't want anything fancy, just to wear during the summer. I've looked everywhere.
    4 18
  30. what do you think of the boycott on Abercrombie & Fitch?
    the company says they won't make clothes over a size 10, what do you think about that
    11 42
  31. Where i can buy clothes for working as a painter ?
    Where i can buy pants for working painting or in other jobs where you get dirty i dont wanna use my clothes and i run out of uniforms. Any idea tell me please thank you.
    2 12
  32. where can i go shopping for kitchen stuff like pots, pans,etc what store?
    2 12
  33. Should I name my online Etsy shop MakinMikrazy or YouMakeMikrazy?
    4 11
  34. Prom dress websites?
    i have prom coming up in 3-4 months and i cant find a prom dress anywhere is there any good prom dress websites. I want one thats quite tight fitted to my stomach and upwards and i defo dont want a massive poofy one please help id be soo grateful!
    5 13
  35. How can I know if I'm buying tracks by having an itunes gift card and maybe not
    So an itunes code generator was just received by me and I used it using my iphone. A song was purchased by me, and I was thinking how could I know if it's using the gift card to buy tracks, or my credit card using my phone?
    3 39
  36. Batman varsity jacket
    Anyone know a good place online where I can order a batman varsity jacket??? o: And not the ones from hottopic ether or that look like it/:Thanks, the help is appreciated(:
    7 52
  37. What store do you miss?
    Remember circuit city and borders its hard to think that they are gone. I really miss borders bookstore, it was a lot better and confy than barnes and noble when i took a coffee and singers and famous writers went to give autographs it was cool. Barnes...
    4 45
  38. Figureing out what to get people for christmas is tough when..
    All your money is going towards your soon to come child. I ended up getting my boyfriend some super nice slippers and stuffed them with candy, new gauges, new eye brow rings, some fluffy socks, Marijuana (I'm in the state of Washington and were both ov...
    7 7
  39. What kind of tablet should I buy Samsung or Apple
    10 39
  40. What's a good christmas gift for my boyfriend?
    6 20
  41. Does anyone know if 'NewLook' (clothing store) ships to the US?
    I really like their clothes, but I didn't really pay much attention to the fact that it was store over in the UK :'( I was wondering if they would ship to the US or not. My wishlist is so long xD
    2 31
  42. I don't know what to get my mom fro christmas?!
    I don't have any idea on what to get my mom for christmas! She already has allready has a camera, Ipad, computer, video camera, a Coach bag. There is literally nothing left to get her! So if you have any ideas please give me some because christmas is ...
    3 65
  43. What happened to the fleece leggings at VS?
    I wanted them so much, is there anywhere else I can buy some?
    2 11
  44. What is a good indie/rock/vintage clothing store name?
    An original name. For *my* clothing store.
    2 22
  45. Where could I purchase these flat black boots?
    I saw boots like this I think at a Payless I went to earlier this year but I haven't stepped foot in one in nearly a year they might be gone...
    2 31
  46. What are some good websites to purchase sunglasses at a cheap price?
    2 13
  47. how do i get my family to pay atention to me
    they pay attention to my older and "fun" cousin instead of me im always leftout it makes me sad
    3 10
  48. did you find any good special today for black friday?
    2 15
  49. Black Friday question
    Is Black Friday shopping the same for online buyers and going to actual stores?
    2 47
  50. Do you think this is a good buy?
    I was in the store to buy a bottle of listerine, the small one of 250 ml it costs 3 dollars, but i saw another bottle of another brand for 2 dollars, but this one was 1 liter and said compared to listerine and read the drug facts and ingredients and th...
    2 18
  51. Are these really country boots or are these combat boots?
    4 23
  52. What is the best cellphone to buy?
    3 20
  53. What are some good stores for junior girls?
    like forever 21 and stuff...
    2 22
  54. Are the cameras, like cannon and nikon, still good and high quality coming from places like K-mart and Walmart?
    6 37
  55. Who loves Victoria's Secret?
    9 15
  56. What are some stores that sell over-sized sweaters?
    5 24
  57. Can I request a sample of something from The Body Shop?
    can i go into the body shop and ask for a sample of something, if im buying something else at the same time? is it rude?
    5 25
  58. What mail does USA charge customs/duties on?
    If I ordered perfume from let's say China on Ebay, would the U.S charge customs on that? And how much would they be? Also what else do they charge customs on?
    2 16
  59. How can I order something off of Amazon Japan?
    Im in love with a product i have searched for for ages and ages i find it and now its not giving me the toption to send to the uk or even the us since i have friends who would eb able to send it for me. What can i do or can anyone help? http://funadvi...
    14 29
  60. Where can I find pants for a person with really skinny legs?
    I have so much trouble find pants, jeans, skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings that fit me properly. Usually I buy a size 00 or a sizd XS and it's still loose on thighs and butt and calves. Evn when I buy the smallest size for the stretchy stuff like leggi...
    8 34
  61. When you buy a hookah pipe/shisha on Amazon, do you have to sign for it when it arrives (read) ?
    Long story short, it's not for me lol my friend is turning 21 soon & he loves hookah. Obviously me not being 18(you can get them with parental consent, but my mom is gonna think I'm nuts) I can't just walk into a smoke shop & buy it, so I was gonna get...
    22 69
  62. Where can I buy these amazing palazzo pants? (photo link)
    I have Searched literally everywhere, someone help?
    3 9
  63. Where can I buy super warm leggings, or jeggings, or tights online?
    Like ones that are fuzzy inside with fleece or something similar. I have previously bought a pair on ebay and they were horrible quality.
    4 11
  64. What store do you shop at the most?
    I shop at Kohls a lot.
    23 23
  65. Are there any clothing stores like Maurice's, but cheaper?
    4 153
  66. Where can I get an affordable homecoming dress?
    Under $100, closer to $60 and under.
    8 40
  67. What store(s) sell cute scarves?
    6 23
  68. Where can I find those "keep calm" shirts?
    4 8
  69. Where can I buy blazers like the ones Harry Styles wears?
    6 15
  70. Where is a good place to buy really short yoga pants?
    I am really tiny, and I love the whole yoga pants and sweater look. The problem though is I have 29 inch inseams on all the pants that I wear, because my legs are really short; most yoga pants that I find at Victoria's Secret and etc are 32 inch inseam...
    7 27
  71. Where is a good place to go to find a signature scent?
    I want to find a good perfume to carry around with me or wear regularly, but would like a good selection to choose from, and perhaps someone who can help me find exactly what is right for me. Is there anywhere that I can go that offers that kind of thi...
    4 13
  72. Where do they sell really good quality jeans at a reasonable price?
    Not AE, Hollister, Pacsun, Rue 21, Delia's, Target. I don't like stretchy material or really light colored jeans.
    11 16
  73. Does anyone know how much zebra finches from PetSmart cost without tax?
    I tried to look at it on their website but they aren't on there. They have them in store though but I cant go for a while
    5 81
  74. Where can I find a cool neon lips sign like this? (image link)
    I really want one like this, I always find different looking ones on Google, but I really want this one!
    2 7
  75. Where can I find the height/weight chart of a women's dress size from U.K to US?
    Let's say if a women from the U.K is 5'5-5'6" and is 22 years old and her weight fluctuates from a size 6 to 10..where can I find this information..if a women is 5'7" and wears size 4 what would her dress size their a site I can find this?
    3 57
  76. When you by stuff on eBay, how do you contact the seller by phone?
    4 17
  77. What would you buy if you had $2000?
    I am getting a pro camera
    21 19
  78. Does anyone know of a good place to buy a real nice hat?
    I'm looking for a beanie =D
    4 18
  79. Where could I find a Mayday Parade band T-shirt/sweater?
    I have looked in a few places but really can't find one! I am dying to get one, but i don't even know where to look. I am going to Toronto in 2 days where there are a lot more stores, so which stored should i look in?
    4 30
  80. Where can I buy cheap khaki skinny jeans?
    I want cute khaki jeans that are also cheap. & I want like denim jeans, not jeggings.
    7 39
  81. Where can I buy the rectangular, clip-less curling irons?
    2 8
  82. Where can I find a cheap TI 84 calculator?
    Ok, I need one of these calculators for math class. I had one before, but it was stolen. So, now I need a new one. Does any one know where i can get one really cheap?
    5 16
  83. Who sells better shoes - Payless or Sketchers?
    I dont know which one is better, but they almost have the same style sketchers sell converse and payless sell airwalks but its the same shoe with a different name. Im looking to buy dress shoes, but i dont know who sells better shoes. What do you think...
    7 52
  84. Where can I buy a good quality, but affordable, kitchen knife?
    Specific brands would be helpful too!
    3 11
  85. How much should my total be for this iPad with the insurance and iTunes card? (read more)
    So, I am getting an Ipad tomorrow, and am buying the insurance, and a $25 Itunes card. They charge me six cents per dollar, and the insurance cost $75. So, how much should it be? The Ipads at my walmart are $400. The Ipad and Insurance, I got $503.50....
    7 37
  86. When buying an iPod, can I give them my old one for a discount?
    i've heard from a few people that you get a 10% discount if you give them your old ipod, but I just want to check so i dont seem like an idiot going into the apple store with an old ipod lol
    3 10
  87. Does anyone know where I can buy a hidden/secret ashtray online?
    I want one of those things that looks like something ordinary (like a normal box/book or what you'd expect to see in a person's room) but then you can open it/remove something and it's got an ashtray there. Im looking for something colourful or cute. I...
    2 25
  88. What stores can I buy cheap, straight legged jeans?
    8 9
  89. Where can I buy gift cards; the kind that you can use anywhere?
    I need a gift card but i want the ones that you can use anywhere not just at one certain store, i forgot what those giftcards are called.
    4 48
  90. Is Plato's Closet a good place to shop for "scene" clothes?
    Ok, so, tomorrow is my one and only day I get to go shopping for school this year, and I don't want to waste my time on a store I'm no going to like..  So, guys, I was wondering If you could let me in on if the store Plato's Closet is right for me.  My...
    2 79
  91. What kinds of things should I buy for volleyball this season?
    So, it's my first year in volleyball, and I need to know what to buy. I know I need knee pads but, what else?
    5 53
  92. Where can I purchase a reasonably priced dartboard and darts?
    2 8
  93. What's a good present for a 17 year old teenager?
    I know i am a teenager but my bday is coming up and i just dont know what i want for gifts. my family hates it when i can't tell them. i think about them at the only times where i dont have a pencil or pen and then i forget them. i Know that since it's...
    6 68
  94. Does anyone know where to get a Fluttershy costume?
    Im gonna be her for Halloween can u get it at Party City??
    6 18
  95. Which store do you go to for food shopping and why?
    13 36
  96. How fast would you say E.L.F. cosmetics shipping would take if I ordered tomorrow?
    4 15
  97. What does "ship within 2 days" mean?
    does it mean that i will get the order after 2 days has passed or something else.
    4 66
  98. Does Victoria Secret sell plus size bras and panties?
    5 20
  99. Are Belvah and Vera Bradley the same thing?
    I was thinking about buying a Vera Bradley purse/bag on and I keep seeing this brand called Belvah show up as I look through the Vera Bradley products. The Belvah products are a lot cheaper and really want to buy this bag( http://funadvice.c...
    11 28
  100. Where can I find Micro Gel Grips?
    2 11
  101. Where online can I get new large velcro rollers?
    i tried amazon but they were used o_o links would help
    4 38
  102. How would I sell something on Amazon?
    2 50
  103. Is it weird to buy a gift card for yourself?
    6 24
  104. What colour Vans should I get? (links)
    So i want some summer shoes and sorta like vans. i really want red vans but all my friends say they look desperate because some sluut in my class has em.. anyways i am not sure wat colour to get i want them to go with different clothes too but dont ...
    13 41
  105. Is it weird that I like school supplies shopping?
    5 59
  106. How much does the cheapest Chanel bag cost and where do you buy them at?
    3 14
  107. Can you buy something over the internet from another country?
    Is there something special you have to do?
    8 18
  108. What do you think of this t-shirt?
    i'm going to byu it!!! :D
    14 15
  109. What brands/designers do you shop with?
    10 28
  110. Which would more likely carry coconut oil - WalMart or a grocery store?
    5 27
  111. What is a good knife to get?
    I want to get my bf a switch blade for his birthday, does anyone know where to get one? Or where I could begin to look, and I don't want to purchase one online if I don't have to
    5 17
  112. Do guys prefer homemade or store bought birthday cards?
    13 68
  113. What are some good stores to go back to school shopping?
    9 26
  114. What are some good earphone brands and how much do they cost?
    7 21
  115. Does anyone know of a website where I can buy a heart with a peace sign nose stud?
    8 23
  116. Where can I buy guitar strings or drum sticks for a low price?
    I live in florida any place near Orange City will be helpful.
    2 10
  117. Are Victoria's Secret Pink® yoga shorts good?
    4 15
  118. Where can I get Raggedy Ann stockings?
    Seriously, they're cute with mini skirts.
    2 17
  119. Where can I buy original Yu-Gi-Oh! cards?
    I really need an armed dragon lv 7 and 10
    3 9
  120. Where would I look to buy a pair of shorts with suspenders (more)?
    I don't want the suspenders seperately that you clip on, nor do I want the type that's stitched into the shorts. I was looking for the type that comes off of the pants but is paired with the shorts usually with a button or a loop of some sort.
    8 13
  121. Could somebody help my find some good skate shoes?
    Hey guys! I need some help, like BIG TIME. I need to buy me some good skating shoes. But I am very specific. They have to be purple - Not entirely, but perferably MOSTLY purple. Not light lavendery purple, a darker, deep purple.They HAVE to be hi or mi...
    6 15
  122. Where can I find Blind Fool Love band shirts?
    I keep looking and looking and I don't get anything. Not even off the italian site about their album and their history. I know they exist. :/ sites I've tried: ebay amazon (italy doesn't have a hot topic so thats excluded) google search I att...
    11 78
  123. Where can I buy a measuring ribbon?
    3 11
  124. Where can I go to buy legs for a couch?
    3 12
  125. Do you like this playsuit?
    9 12
  126. Where can you buy a lighter if you're under 18 in Canada?
    6 150
  127. When in the inner city and buying cigarettes, do you think they always card people?
    Please only reply if you've been the inner city a few times and/ or live there..
    5 41
  128. Would you pay $60 for a sweater if you were absolutely in love with it?
    9 24
  129. Where could I find safe (non-toxic to animals) paint?
    I'm getting a chinchilla and I found a cage I like but its an ugly faded looking black. I was wondering if it was possible to paint it white to match my room with a safe animal friendly paint and if so were could I find it?
    3 18
  130. What cat shampoo helps with dry skin and dandruff that I can buy at Target/Walmart/Petsmart?
    6 19
  131. Where to buy creepers in Las Vegas?
    2 73
  132. What stores can I go to to buy candle holders and vases?
    or what store are similiar like where i can buy things for the house? i need store similar to big lots, or walrmart where they sell like thins for the home to decorate.
    5 15
  133. How much are the friendship bracelets made with beads and have names on them?
    4 31
  134. What's a good site to buy a pair of moderate, casual, durable men's shoes?
    I guess something kinda retro yet classy, but not Sketchers or basketball shoes. And no bright colors. Basically I don't want anyone drawn to my feet.
    4 19
  135. What are some common stores in malls?
    4 19
  136. Where can I buy a cheap dehydrator?
    7 18
  137. What is the cheapest website that sells books?
    3 10
  138. Where can I buy gymnastic leotards?
    Do they sell them at like target or kmart??
    3 17
  139. Is there anything I can substitute for coconut oil?
    The recipe I need it for is key lime pie, it's supposed to harden in the fridge and stabilize the recipe. I can't find it in my local grocery store.
    6 31
  140. What stores sell high-waisted skirts?
    Mostly the tight ones aha don't remember what they're called. If anyone knows who "Ambrehhh is dead" is, she wears these a lot and it was in one of her recent videos.
    6 14
  141. How do you pay for apps on the iPhone?
    If you're paying monthly, does it come out of your monthly bill? Or can you use an iTunes gift card for example, and pay for them separately?
    4 17
  142. What is a tracking number in terms of online shopping?
    they told me to track it online?
    2 27
  143. Does anyone have suggestions where to get cute things for your locker?
    8 34
  144. Does anyone have suggestions where to get cute and unique clothes without labels everywhere and that are kinda cheap?
    12 18
  145. Where can I find cute wedges?
    i want a cute pair of wedges that aren't too expensive, but have a heel that's like 2-4 inches. like these:
    13 37
  146. Where can you get shoes like these for less than 200 dollars? (photo link)
    17 28
  147. How do you sell back college books purchased online?
    I bought books online for college for the first time this past semester. Problem is that I don't know what to do with them now.I don't need to keep nor do I really want to. I bought them through a friend. He paid for them with his credit card and then ...
    4 18
  148. Does anyone know of a gas station that would for sure have condoms in the bathroom?
    11 99
  149. Would I be able to walk into the store and buy KY lube even if I'm 16?
    4 12
  150. Which of these shirts should I get from UNIF?
    1) Lets f - 2) Roses are red - 3) Disco sucks - 4) Loaner - I love them all and i know how dirty and probabl...
    30 44
  151. Where can I buy seaweed?
    Its for a tooth infection for my 4 yr old or how can I help the swollen go down...her dentist penicillen aint working on her...
    4 16
  152. What are some "emo" stores?
    2 31
  153. Who likes to shop at Aeropostale?
    10 41
  154. Where can I get custom made fabrics?
    2 30
  155. Where can I get liquid latex in Canada?
    2 28
  156. Where can I buy a Go-Kart?
    its should range from $350 to $550
    3 44
  157. Where can I buy a good, inexpensive sports bra with support for bigger boobs in Canada?
    3 22
  158. What kinds of stores would sell a pepper spray key chain?
    I saw a girl with one, it was pink, I dont want one from online.
    4 14
  159. Where can I buy card stock?
    3 17
  160. What is a good way to sell your clothes to your friends?
    I have a lot of clothes that I don't want anymore. My mom was going to give them to charity ( as always ) but my friends always beg for my clothes because I live in a not-so-rich town and I have a lot of nice clothing. I wanted to sell them for really ...
    2 12
  161. Where can I buy Steampunk welding goggles?
    for those who know and for those who don't they are the ones that look like a mad scientist would were? i am looking for an on line cite but not ebay or amizon and i have been looking and they seem to be around $15 cheapist.
    2 43
  162. Is the website hisuprashoes(.)com a fake?
    This website looks genuine but the prices are really cheap and I've been told that they sell fake shoes made from cheaper material compared to the actual shoes and just look alike, the reason why they are so cheap. Can someone please please please conf...
    2 15
  163. Where is the best place to buy a good quality skateboard for a reasonable price?
    5 20
  164. Where did Jam Jars find this cloud print shirt?
    I have searched everywhere on the internet for thsi shirt, i am willing to pay an price just someone please help me find it! please!
    4 12
  165. Is there anywhere I can find dresses like these?
    I've looked on eBay but there's none...
    2 10
  166. Are there any workwear websites that carry bibs and coveralls for women that will send to Canada?
    I am having a hard time finding bibs and coverall brands that make women sizes. Coveralls seem to be the hardest... Do they even exist?
    4 19
  167. What stores sell Jordan shoes and how much do they cost, on average?
    Do they also have them in women?
    6 15
  168. Where can I buy Umbro Ice cologne?
    I'm from America, and I can't seem to find Umbro ice cologne anywhere. I tried online but all the sites won't ship out of the UK.
    8 13
  169. Where can I buy a bald cap?
    i am a Amature makeup artist and can't find any place to get a bald cap.
    3 68
  170. What are some websites I can shop from that have dope clothing, original with swag?
    2 33
  171. What stores have good, cute, yet somewhat cheap shorts and tank tops?
    Please don't say stores like Walmart or Target or something.
    10 35
  172. Where can I find these shorts?
    I found them on forever 21's webstie and I wanted to buy some but they don't sell them on this website. Can anyone find something close to them?
    6 33
  173. Does Ross sell knock-off sunglasses?
    So I bought these really nice Armani sunglasses at Ross for $20, and it said compare to $70, but are they real because I know they sell for a whole lot more?
    5 79
  174. Where can I find some good priced Tripp pants?
    if you dont know what tripps are look them up they are the best pants ever!! their super baggy with chains and wonderfully big pockets and come in a variety of colors <3
    3 10
  175. Where can I find reasonably priced leathery/ spandex like skinny jeans?
    4 14
  176. What does it mean when you received "Final Value Fee credits" on eBay and what do you do with them?
    4 36
  177. What is a reasonable price for a casual dress?
    when i go south prices for clothing is cheaper so i usually shop there. i need some casual dresses though for a trip im going on in a few days. what is a reasonable price for a casual dress? it isnt like i need something calvin klein, just basic but st...
    4 9
  178. Where can I find some cute gold heels?
    8 10
  179. Where do you get a cheap floor lamp shade?
    I cant find one anywhere. There really cheap lamps. I just need a replacement shade thanks.
    5 50
  180. Is it worth it to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 on Amazon for $260 used?
    6 11
  181. Does anyone here own a netherland dwarf rabbit?
    If so, about how much do you spend on buying him hay? What size do you buy the hay in, what store, and how much does it cost?
    8 29
  182. How old do you have to be to buy a shaving razor?
    in boots, semi-chem etc?
    17 7301
  183. What Lita Jeffrey Campbells should get? Okay i understand they are all very epensive but i am getti...
    11 7
  184. Why are Americans so crazy about WalMart?
    34 60
  185. What happens to unsold clearance merchandise?
    What does Walmart, target and other retailers do with the merchandise that doesn't get sold?
    6 130
  186. Where can I find a really nice corset dress that is appropriate for graduation?
    7 43
  187. Which would be better to buy a phone off of - Amazon or eBay?
    5 21
  188. Which Dr. Martens should I get (Image links)?
    I'm looking at buying a pair of white docs but which one is better? Should i get the Patent ones or the Smooth ones? Or which one is more popular/looks nicer? Patent: Smooth:
    4 40
  189. What are some cool stores that sell clothes that are fashionable but affordable?
    Ex. shirts that are less than $12 a shirt, and pants that are less than $20 a pair.
    8 12
  190. What stores sell bras that support and lift boobs?
    JcPenny is out every bra I've gotten from them the wire always pops out. I like wearing sports bras but I feel suffocated and feel like they make my boobs look weird.
    5 19
  191. What are some good online websites to shop on?
    8 32
  192. Where can I buy this ring (photo link)?
    I really like it and want to buy it but i don't know where i can get it from. If anyone can help thankyou! PHOTO:
    5 54
  193. Does anyone know a website where I could find really fluffy blue slippers for girls?
    They used to sell them at claire's but I didn't think about it at the time & my sister's birthday is comin up -______-
    6 13
  194. Does anyone know where I can find a dress (similar) like this?
    4 13
  195. What do you usually buy when you shop at Forever 21?
    10 34
  196. Where I can buy a Mickey Mouse costume for adults?
    I think they dont sell those costumes to everybody why is that? If you know tellme please thank you.
    4 46
  197. Where I can buy cargo-style jeans with front pockets on the knees?
    I like to wear cargos, but i would like to buy jeans cargo style with many pockets on the knees if you know where i can buy one of those tell i never find them i just find the regular jeans if you know tell me please thank you.
    2 22
  198. Where can I purchase a tattoo gun?
    8 48
  199. Does anyone know why retailers have removed the "take a penny / leave a penny" tray (read more)?
    Around here, convienient stores, grocery stores, drug stores ect. all used to have "the penny tray" but no more. Employees say it's because "corporate office says we can't have it anymore" but they don't know why. Any ideas as to why such a decision is...
    11 33
  200. Is it illegal for a store to sell Redbull to minors?
    17 123
  201. Are pregnancy tests really that expensive to buy?
    10 19
  202. How much would you spent on a snowboard?
    I want a customize design for my snowboard. How much would it cost me?
    5 14
  203. What's your favorite type of bathing suit and where do you usually buy it from?
    18 47
  204. What is a really good car-seat and carriage combo set?
    5 14
  205. Where to get scene clothes like the ones worn by YouTube user, Ambrehhh Is Dead?
    I just really love her style..if you know a site or store where you found clothes similar to hers can you please link and answer..thanks :-)
    3 23
  206. Where can I get hooked up with an awesome ukelele?
    Need a new pro-looking one.
    3 9
  207. Where can I buy a record player, records, and other old things?
    I'm obsessed with past eras mainly the 80's. I love the 40's to the early 00's. Yeah so where can I purchase records and a record player and other cool things from the past? :3
    10 21
  208. Where can you buy clothes and shoes that aren't made in China?
    18 29
  209. What are some clothing stores that are kind of like Hot Topic?
    9 57
  210. Does anyone know if Theocracy's new album "As the World Bleeds" is in stores anywhere in Winnipeg?
    3 10
  211. Is the Instyler available in stores?
    if so, how much does it cost?
    4 15
  212. Where can I find a similar top like this (photo link)?
    8 13
  213. Which type of steel-toed rubber boots are the most durable, warm, and comfortable?
    In September I am taking a carpentry course where I will build a house and the website says I need steel toed rubber boots. I have 3 kinds available to me without having to order online. Dunlop, Dakota 9800 or Baffin Icebear. What I need to know is wha...
    4 13
  214. Should I buy Carhartt or Helly Hansen Coveralls?
    In September I am taking a carpentry course where I will build a house and the website says I need coveralls, so what I need to know which is better Carhartt or Helly Hansen. I am taking the course in northern BC so I I'm looking at warmth as well as d...
    5 41
  215. Should giving gifts on Valentine's Day be more of a special gift or one of interest?
    9 12
  216. Where can I find matching "his and hers" shirts?
    its like for my dance they have to have a collar, there arent any ralph lauren ones and the ones on the abercrombie or hollister sites dont have the same one for girls and guys :/
    5 15
  217. Which Dr. Martens should I get (photos)? links^^^^
    10 71
  218. What do I do if my package is sent to the wrong address?
    Ok so i ordered a package on ebay and it appears that it was sent to an old adress.. what should i do
    4 42
  219. Where could I find bulbs like this?
    2 8
  220. Where do you think Selena Gomez gets her clothes?
    i really want to dress like her :P
    9 13
  221. where can i find this dress?
    where can i find this dress online to buy?
    5 28
  222. Where can I find this dress (photo)?
    2 40
  223. Which one of these boots looks more unique/biker-ish/cool (photos)?
    21 22
  224. Which pair of earrings would you get out of these?
    19 38
  225. Where can I buy red, shiny high-wasted pants like these?
    OKay so i found these I LOVE them but where could i find the same ones for cheaper?
    9 11
  226. Do you think these shiny yellow shoes are too expensive?
    i wanna buy these but they are kinda expensive what do you think?
    9 37
  227. Is it worth me buying a block dress?
    are they still in fashion and would they stay in for january+feb ???
    4 19
  228. Did you brave any of the Boxing Day sales on December 26?
    My hubby wanted a game that was on for half price - we waited in line for over an hour just to pay for it, and that's in a small city. I can just imagine how the bigger cities fared.
    4 11
  229. What is the job of an accessory buyer?
    4 35
  230. How much money do you usually take when going clothes/shoe shopping?
    11 26
  231. Is there anywhere I can go to purchase gold backs for earrings?
    just the backs is all I need
    3 12
  232. Do iTunes gift cards expire if you don't use them for a long time?
    8 20
  233. Does anyone know any websites where you can buy authentic Jordans from?
    3 30
  234. What's the best kind of straightener to buy?
    7 18
  235. Where to get Abbey Dawn clothes in stores (not online)?
    6 51
  236. What happens if the buyer doesn't get their package on eBay?
    So I sold 2 laptops on ebay both about $350. I printed a shipping label with paypal and shipped them right after with no insurance or delivery confirmation like your supposed to do. I think the post office might have lost the packages. What happens if ...
    3 58
  237. Does anyone know where I can buy one of the 'John & Paul & Ringo & George' shirts?
    I've been looking everywhere for one of these shirts. I know they don't carry it in Hot Topic or Spencers or anywhere like that. I'm even having difficulty finding one online; I don't think they've reissued them since 2009. Has anyone been able to find...
    4 9
  238. What do you think of the baby doll cursing?
    I think this is a bad toy, i remember i can never say bad words when i was a kid and now toystores sell this doll, why they dont make dolls saying good things like i love my family or something like that . I bet that if this doll say political things o...
    8 53
  239. What gift would you get for a 9 year old boy that you have never met?
    So my college baseball team throws a christmas party for orphans and foster children each year. My child for the night is a 9 year old boy. I want to to get him something cool and our gift is supposed to be between $20-$30. So any ideas?
    18 21
  240. How much does a good quality screwdriver cost?
    I'm looking to buy a new screwdriver for my step-dad for Christmas - boring I know, but he said he needs a new one for work :/ I was wondering where I could get one from, and how much a good quality one would cost? DIY isn't really my area of expertise.
    6 145
  241. Which Shirt should I buy (photos)?
    15 33
  242. What can I buy my dad for Christmas?
    Right, so i have like no idea what to buy my dad for Christmas, any suggestions?
    14 30
  243. What kind of Christmas present should I get for my friend who's gay?
    11 42
  244. Can I buy an antivirus program in the store instead of buying online?
    My friend has her computer infected with a troyan virus, she didnt have any antivirus in her computer and now she can not do anything in her computer unless she buy the antivirus online but i looks like she has to buy this antivirus and she feels force...
    4 11
  245. What do ten year old girls like as a Christmas present?
    I need to buy something for a ten year old girl - part of school. It can't be clothes. I know when I was ten, I still played with Barbies but some girl in my class already bought the anonymous ten year old a Barbie. What should I give her?
    5 46
  246. Where can I get a Kool-Aid man costume?
    i want one sooo bad,do they even actually exist and if they do, where can i get one?
    5 32
  247. Is eBay a good/trusted site to buy things off of?
    8 54
  248. What are all of the websites like Amazon and eBay?
    6 22
  249. Who can find me a crochet-style shirt like this (photo)? Whoever can find me one that i think is simialr enough will get a video dedicated to em :) must be under 20 pounds!
    3 12
  250. What are some cool Christmas gift ideas for my friends from school?
    I have about 10 people i want to get gifts this year.. but i dont have a lot of money ( actually.. my budget is really small this year ). 3 of them are 14 year old boys.. the rest are 14 year old girls. What would be some cute gift ideas that can be in...
    7 32