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How to survive a breakup

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What to get my 12-year-old boyfriend for Christmas?

what should I get my 12 year old boyfriend for christmas

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Where can I buy condoms?

Where can I buy condoms that I won't be embarassed to ask for them at the pharmacy- and WITHOUT my mom?! I'm NOT going to buy them over the internet.


Where is a good place to buy a tye dye backpack for school?

I would like it to be good quality.


My wife's birthday gift

My wife's birthday is approaching, what is the best economical gift I can present her? Please suggest some bright innovative ideas folks.


Where can I find a cheap Christmas tree that is real?

Where can I find a cheap Christmas tree that is real and still alive? I am sick of plastic trees for christmas and I want a real tree with the smell of a christmas tree.


Do you like the dollar store?

Do you like the dollar store?
I wuv it because everything is only a dollar.


What does ASST SIZES mean?

I'm trying to buy some shirts from spencersonline but WTF they wouldn't let me choose a size like the usual websites I go to and in its place its "asst sizes" what does that mean? Help.

Thanks love.


How old do you have to be to buy things from Spencers?

How old do you have to be to buy intimates from Spencers? Such as lingerie, toys?

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Where to buy japanese stuff?

I want to get a lot of japanese funiture.. I've looked it up but I cant really get the specific things.. I got chopsticks and rice bowls and soup spoons and sushi stuff...but how about like tables or couches etc.? Can anyone tell me where I can buy the...


How much should I sell my two Gucci watches for on Craigslist?

I have two, neither have working batteries...but they still work.
One has a small crack in the glass part, but the other looks like new.
They are real, not fake.

I have no idea how much they are worth.
I've tried looking them up, but I can't fin...


What should I get my boyfriend for his birthday?

My boyfriends birthday is coming up in a few days... I dont know what to get himm!.. I've been going out with him for month and half, so I dont know like how big of gift to get him!, hes really into football.. and I know nothing about it so, I dont kno...


How much does a ipod touch cost?

Do ya know?


Where could I buy good shoes

I wanna to buy some sports shoes,but don't know where to buy, someone tell me to go to ok-jordan .com ,but is there someone else buy shoes from the shop ?


One, two, buckle my shoe???

I dont know the name but, what's the meaning behind this nursary rhyme???
One, two, buckle my shoe
Three, four, shut the door
Five, six, pick up sticks
Seven, eight, lay them straight
it seems like every nursary rhyme has a bad story beh...


What exactly is Fastline, is it like Paypal?

I need Fastline to purchase something online, because I don't have a credit card.
I have no idea what Fastline is, or how it works.
Is it free?

If anybody uses Fastline, and can give me some information on it, your help would be greatly appreciated.


Is this a good grad gift idea??

Would you consider a good grad gift (for someone who knows technology and needs new clothes) if I got him $50 for American Eagle, $50 for West 49, $100 for the Future shop, plus one night in a king size suite at a hotel out of town with his girlfriend ...


Stores for an 11 year old tween?!

What are some very uniqe stores for tweens?
Not too girly! (like limited 2)

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What should I ask my parents to get me for my birthday?

its mt birthday soon and I dont know what to ask my parents for ? x

has anyone got any good ideal presents I can ask then to get me ? x

also has anyone got any good ideas what I can do with my friend to celebrate me turning 14 ? x


How to start a small buisness?

How to start a small buisness?

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Who buyed Alaska?

Who buyed Alaska?


What do teenage guys like for their birthdays?

I have a boyfriend whos turning 16 in July. I want to make things really special for him since he isnt having a party. Are there any guys out there who can give me any tips or idea's on what I can do for my guy? Let me tell you a bit about him. Dancer,...


How much does a t-shirt cost at a concert?

so yeah as the title says How much does a t-shirt cost at a concert? thanks!:)


How effective is a used iPod for a christmas gift?

I recently came across a 120GB iPod for $150.00. what a steel right? It came with a box, but my dog chewed it up! So, I was wondering if its acceptable to Give it as a gift for christmas, to my girlfriend, who needs an iPod. Is that ok? I mean, I thin...


I need to buy a gift that starts with Y

I am going to a wedding shower and need to find a gift that starts with Y? Any suggestions?


What should I get my boyfriend for our 1 year anniversary?

I am 14 and this past year with him has been the greatest year of my life! I love him sooo much!!! I want to get him something good that isn't to spendy... but what could that be?

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