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How old do you have to be to buy laxatives?

im just wondering what age have you to be to buy laxatives??


How old do you have to be to buy things from Spencers?

How old do you have to be to buy intimates from Spencers? Such as lingerie, toys?

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What should I get my boyfriend for our one-year anniversary?

I want ideas for 1 year anniversary for my boyfriend.


What does ASST SIZES mean?

I'm trying to buy some shirts from spencersonline but WTF they wouldn't let me choose a size like the usual websites I go to and in its place its "asst sizes" what does that mean? Help.

Thanks love.


How do I find out if my versace coat is real or fake

Hi I have a coat that was given to me a while back but I dont know if its real versace or fake.inside the coat it is covered with vs and says made in has a frilly label inside the coat with a big blocked v with collection written above it and ...


How old do you have to be to buy a vibrator at spencers?

Me and my friends walk through spencers all the time. I know they sell vibrators there, but I'm young so I don't know how old you have to be to buy one, do you have to be 18 or is it okay to be a few years younger? Will they I.D you?

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engagement ring--it's 10k white gold, on the inside says 10ksun?

I just got an engagement ring--it's 10k white gold. on the inside it says 10KSUN

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How old do you have to be to buy a shaving razor?

in boots, semi-chem etc?

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What to wear to the club?

tomorro I'm going to a club. what should I wear? just skinnies and a t? somethin casual?

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What do you get a girl turning 16?

My daughter is turning 16 next month and I dont
Know what to get her. Shes not into jewlery or anything girly and im on a $50 limit. Do you have any idea please help!!!

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Where can I buy pickle juice?

Where can I buy the juice without the pickle?


What to get my 12-year-old boyfriend for Christmas?

what should I get my 12 year old boyfriend for christmas

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Hello Kitty

Where can I get cut Hello Kitty totes or backpacks?


What's a good Christmas present for my girlfriend?

my girlfriend and I have been going out for a couple months, but I dont want to get her something she wont like or have her get something for me and have my gift be insignifigant compared to her's! so what do you guys think?

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what cologne do women like best?

I have worn so many colognes and had mixed results until I started spending way too much for fragrance. Is there a cologne that women prefer over all the rest? I have a limited budget so I can't afford to spend over 40 bucks on this. Ladies (or gent...


English clothing sites

I only know w*w*
For clothes in my kind of style
And I'd like to know some more
But they have to be *english*

No expensive stuff... I don't wanna spend £30 on a top like mos tplaces. So any bargain sites id be happy to go...

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Who knows if they sell pregnancy tests at gas stations?

like at a diamond shamrock or so..


How much is my jewelry worth?

How much is my jewelry worth?


Where can I find a cute backpack?

Where can i find cute backpacks other than lesportsac (I don't like the designs they got now)???

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Victorias Secret delivery to the UK?

I wanted to order some clothing from victorias Secret but I live in the UK, is it possible to get a delivery to the UK? because I was trying to fill out at the checkout but the delivery to the UK option wasn't appearing. Can anyone help me out please?...


What is a youth size 1 shoe converted to in age approximately?

A youth size 1 shoe will fit a child of about what age? Same for youth size 2 and 3.


my boyfriends 18th birthday, what should I get him?

My boyfriend turns 18 3 days before I turn 16 and our 7 month is on my bday. I dont really know what to get him for his question to you guys is...what should I get him?

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Where to buy laxatives?

sorry if spelt wrong:::P wonderd where to find them in shops and how much they are
are they any good?
do they work?
how much are they?
p.s ime trying to lose weight not constipated


Where could I get cheaper cigarettes?

where can I get cheaper cigarettes?


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