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  1. whats the temperature?
    What is the current temperature where you are? Its -39° celcius here right now :(
    12 21
  2. how can i make it snow
    6 13
  3. What could happen if we would take all the rocks of the world, and put them on one side of the planet?
    5 13
  4. How many air pollution particle is in 1 cubic centimeter?
    I'm doing a math project and I need some information about it. Can somebody PLEASE help me?
    6 14
  5. Is it true that every time an animal goes extinct it messes up the food chain?
    4 21
  6. When do you people think the world will run out of oil ?
    5 24
  7. Do you think the soil around the community is good for agriculture in Sudbury, ON?
    (growing crops like wheat, vegetables, or raising animals)
    3 24
  8. Are you eco friendly?
    I've noticed loads of adverts saying to recycle, reuse, and on labels of water how they say they use '30 percent less plastic' for the caps. My mom and I are, I've always been for the environment (when it comes to recycling). I'm also against fracking ...
    6 29
  9. Is it good for the environment to eat vegetarian food when you live in Sweden
    Because in the winter (and summer) we import a lot of the vegetables and fruit. So is it still good for the environment? + i live in the norden part of Sweden. Cheers!
    9 37
  10. Can anyone explain why the summer season is like the rainy season?
    7 30
  11. When do we change the time for daylight savings?
    Do we get an hour less of sleep or an hour more of sleep!?
    3 13
  12. What do you guys honestly think about these 2012 doomsday speculations?
    I recently found out that Zombies are officially real by the government and I read this on Yahoo which normally has accurate up to date news. Saying their will be a zombie apocolypse. Did'nt you hear the story about that black guy in maryland eating so...
    13 28
  13. How do you dispose of gasoline that has been sitting in 100+ weather for over a year?
    We have a gallon, maybe a little more, of boat gasoline, it's been sitting in the sun for like a year & we're kind of worried about & want to get rid of it, but don't know how lol
    7 36
  14. How do recyclable materials get sterilized or disinfected before becoming new items?
    ie: Old newspapers become pizza boxes and pop bottles becoming milk jugs ect.
    8 65
  15. What is the point of naming hurricanes?
    I mean they don't name tornadoes, blizzards, or tsunami's hmmmmm
    5 49
  16. Do you guys believe in global warming ?
    18 35
  17. Is your area in desperate need of rain? Do you, (read more)
    A: Want it to rain B: Don't want it to rain C: Don't care if it rains or not D: Never thought about it
    13 14
  18. Is the Chernobyl area still empty or can people live there now?
    - from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster...
    10 82
  19. Why do glaciers retreat?
    I only have 1 point.. They're melting. As the ends break off and melt, the glacier gets shorter.
    2 9
  20. What is your favourite weather and why?
    14 97
  21. How does tourism destroy habitats?
    6 98
  22. What would you do if someone in the apartment next too you needed help?
    There is a person in the apartment over banging on the door like a fiend, it's really late like 12, And i can't help but feel bad, i would never call the cops or the apartment manager but i also, don't want too help someone who does not want me too hel...
    3 21
  23. Where can I find famous speeches on the environment?
    i need to write a sppech on the environment for that i need a famous speech to mention in the rationale. so where can i get a famous speech on the environment?
    2 52
  24. Do you think this extreme weather around the world is a sign of the End Times?
    12 31
  25. When a tornado is near does the wind stop?
    everything in my area seems a little off. Yes we are under tornado watch.
    6 57
  26. How many sides does a snowflake have?
    I've never seen snow, do they all really have more or less the same number of sides?
    8 54
  27. Who has some cool facts about World Water Week coming up on 20 May, 2011?
    I have to send out an e-mail at a work place with more than 5000 employees making them aware of World Water Week and what it means to us as humans. I have looked on the internet, but feel a little overwhelmed with all the information that is out there....
    3 16
  28. Is anyone else creeped out by this unseasonably mild winter (in the U.S)?
    This is the warmest winter we've had in Ohio in a while and the first time I can remember not having at least one major snow storm...seems ominous.
    13 25
  29. Why do news channels on the radio make such a big deal out of the weather?
    it's just rain and wind why freak out. it's earth it's been doing that crap for ever.
    5 22
  30. Why is there air?
    9 50
  31. What is the planet's purpose for oil?
    10 37
  32. Who recycles their garden waste?
    4 11
  33. Do you think there's too much traffic?
    Do you think more people should get on the bus or use a bicycle? What is this caused by? What would be a good solution for this?
    6 43
  34. What causes a solar eclipse?
    How often do they happen? When is the next one going to hapen?
    2 14
  35. Why do people honestly believe we, as humans, can hurt the planet?
    18 38
  36. What are chemtrails?
    3 8
  37. Is it true that Biodiesel fuel has quality problems?
    I am from Chicago and I have a 2010+ engine model, is it alright if i start using biodiesel? Is there any retailer that provides high quality biodiesel that you can recommend?
    2 27
  38. Why (or why not) will the world end on December 21, 2012?
    They say that in May 2011 that the world would end and it did'nt. And on November 11, 2011 ya you know the 11.11.11 thing they said something bad would happen that day as well. But guess what we are still here. But everyone has been talking about the 2...
    15 38
  39. What is 'light pollution'?
    what is light pollution/or what are some examples of it?
    5 31
  40. How do you think the world will end?
    Do you believe in the 12/21/2012 hype? Do we have another 5 million years before the sun burns out? Will global warming cause the polar caps to melt and drown the Earth? What do you think?
    16 66
  41. How can we slow global warming?
    Is it possible that it can be stopped?
    17 31
  42. What contribution have you made for helping to try and preserve the Earth?
    I recycle everything I can
    23 22
  43. Have you experienced any effects from the recent solar flare that is starting to face the earth?
    Our cell phones are cutting out periodically and a couple of my radio stations are "staticy". If you are not familiar with solar flares, look it up on a search engine and it is quite interesting.
    7 38
  44. Does California have earthquakes?
    Like JAPAN earth-quakes?!
    11 27
  45. What could be the reason for the rare occurrence of the Northern Lights in the Southeast U.S. on Monday?
    An event usually contained to the northern parts of the world was seen as far south as Arkansas and Tennessee. Any opinions on why this happened?
    4 31
  46. Do you think that the current eruptions of volcanoes in Turkey and Japan are a sign of worse things to come?
    13 12
  47. Is anyone feeling very lucky after the 6.8 (Richter Scale) earthquake that shook Bali Island and its surroundings?
    Is anyone feeling very lucky after the 6.8 (Richter Scale) earthquake that shook Bali Island and its surroundings?
    8 35
  48. How would more green technology improve Ontario's economy?
    kinda confused about how they're C:
    2 14
  49. Why is steam used to turn turbines into power stations?
    3 49
  50. What should I add to my urban survival kit?
    it fits in an altoids tin and consists of a bycicle innertube, a nail with duct tape, floss, fishing line, medical tape, and rubber bands wrapped around it, strike-anywhere matches, a dollar, tin foil, a cut-down pen, paper, and band-aides. I would app...
    7 20
  51. What are the names of the volcanoes in India?
    6 37
  52. How often do the Himalayas grow?
    2 20
  53. Why does the wind blow more in the winter as opposed to summer?
    4 171
  54. What states are the hurricane supposed to hit?
    4 60
  55. How do diesel and nuclear power stations operate?
    Pls help me out with my assignment, How does diesel and nuclear power station operates? (in details), and their advantage and disadvantage.
    3 21
  56. What plastic is safe for reusable water bottles?
    4 35
  57. Why doesn't the environmental department close those factories putting smoke in the air every day?
    I mean they are liars about the environment they put a fine if somebody put the garbage by mistake in the wrong basket, but they don't do anything to those factories putiing smoke in the air every day. What do you think?
    6 40
  58. Is manmade global warming a lie?
    Personally, I think it's fake. I would like to hear your opinions though :)
    9 48
  59. Can anybody ever imagine the universe ending completely, just destroying itself and all the things within it?
    It's hard for me to imagine it, (and i have a wild imagination), Because i can never imagine the human population ending forever, i always think more ''life'' would come after?
    14 11
  60. Does any one know anything about the fire near Pickle Lake, Ontario, Canada?
    4 28
  61. What do you "really" believe about global warming?
    I mean come on, society almost believes everthing it hears and if the ice caps are melting, who's to say that "we" are causing it? The earth has been through many changes in it's history including an ice age, great floods, ect ect. How can the scientis...
    22 43
  62. How much money do you get for recycling a pound of plastic?
    10 40
  63. How do past eruptions help volcanologists predict future eruptions?
    5 17
  64. Do you think the Earth is a living thing - why or why not?
    22 54
  65. What are some negative effects or disadvantages of geothermal energy?
    7 34
  66. How do seaweeds breath?
    9 64
  67. How many trees are there in the rain forest?
    14 48
  68. Is the moon orbiting the wrong way?
    i used to watch the sun set in the west and the moon rise in the east, but now for some reason, the moon rises in the west when the sun sets, and sets in east when sun rises, has anyone else noticed this? or am i just stupid?
    10 69
  69. How much do you have to pay for electricity that comes from a wind farm?
    3 43
  70. What's the initial cost of wind farms?
    4 28
  71. What would be some notes (point form) on Mayan agriculture?
    3 13
  72. Does anyone know why we have had so many tornadoes already this year?
    14 22
  73. Do humans have any part in the forming of all these tornados?
    36 27
  74. What does it mean when the sky is yellow and it's thundering and there's no rain?
    8 68
  75. What do you do when it hails?
    20 33
  76. Is our planet dying?
    garbage there garbage here. cutting the trees there and here. and what so ever,do you think mother earth would still last if us humans are squeezing all the natural resources that we have,such as trees,oils and etc.
    23 48
  77. How's the crisis in Japan?
    4 5
  78. Should we be worried about the safety of our nuclear power plants here in the United States?
    16 30
  79. How does Earth Hour help?
    How does 60 minutes of shutting of power help the environment/community?
    15 59
  80. What is the current nuclear situation in Japan?
    2 6
  81. If the sun were to turn green, would the ocean turn yellow?
    4 37
  82. Why did the people in Hong Kong stock up on iodized salt when they were afraid of reactions to the nuclear crisis?
    2 42
  83. Does anybody believe the supermoon caused the Japanese tsunami?
    10 57
  84. What are the bad effects of nuclear radiation?
    What are the possible bad effects of nuclear radiation. Do you think Japans nuclear radiation may cause damages to Japan and the country nearby?
    5 31
  85. What are some good things to replace paper towels and toilet tissue if I'm trying to be greener and help NOT destroy the environment?
    9 50
  86. What are some things you or your community are doing to help the people in Japan?
    8 10
  87. How is the weather in Cape Town in May?
    8 25
  88. What do you think will happen with all the survivors in Japan?
    with all the radiation it's not safe to be there, so what will happen to them?
    6 9
  89. What is going to happen because they can't get the reactors to cool down in Japan?
    7 25
  90. How to beat the heat?
    lol fed up of this summer heat
    4 10
  91. What would you do if you were in charge of nuclear safety?
    6 34
  92. How far did the earthquake knock the earth off its axis?
    18 115
  93. What has been the largest recorded tornado in Texas; when and where was it?
    4 24
  94. Are the winds due to the tsunami happening?
    every few seconds theres a strong gust of wind coming from the south direction of ohio
    5 37
  95. What's underneath all the sand in the ocean?
    (i'm talking waaay deep like the bottom of the ocean aahaha,)
    7 39
  96. Why are so many natural disasters happening and the year has only begun?
    15 46
  97. Who has heard news about the Fukushima nuclear power plant?
    Is it going to meltdown? The news (on for example) say that there was an explosion in the reactor. Does anyone know details? Do we have someone from Japan here? What do the news in Japan say?
    5 16
  98. How come I didn't feel a tremor if I am very close to Japan?
    4 15
  99. What caused the quake in Japan?
    11 29
  100. Can an earthquake occur in Delhi, India?
    since it has no oceans there , will it be safe all the time?
    5 18
  101. How big would the impact be if Japan's nuclear cooling system were to stop altogether?
    would it blow up? Their prime minister said "no radiation had leaked and residents living within 3km of the plant were being evacuated by the military, and those within 10km told to stay in their homes" what would happen to the Nuclear Power plant if...
    11 52
  102. What's happening in Japan?
    i hearbpeople saying they feel bad, why?
    7 22
  103. What's your opinion about recent disaster in Japan and coming alerts to New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others?
    Tsunami Alert for New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others. Waves expected over the next few hours, caused by 8.9 earthquake in Japan.
    6 40
  104. Does the sun set faster or slower during the summer months?
    4 22
  105. Who's tired of the cold rainy weather and is ready for the sun?
    10 59
  106. How to improve fuel economy?
    I would like to know how I can improve fuel economy. I know that routine maintenance can keep fuel economy stable, but what can I do to improve it? I would like to make enhancements in order to get the most MPG that I can.
    3 13
  107. Who liked the Green Hornet?
    8 29
  108. How long does it take for something to be recycled?
    3 74
  109. Why was it snowing in Burbank CA today?
    5 54
  110. What's the best way to develop parts of Brazil?
    Are big projects better or small ones, your view and opinion?
    2 21
  111. How do you dispose of old mercury thermostats?
    We're upgrading the heating system in our house and getting new thermostats, but the old ones we have are the kind with mercury in them...where would I dispose of these safely (in Canada)?
    3 52
  112. What are some good ways to help the environment for day-to-day sort of stuff?
    like helping he environment while doing my normal routines like going to school, etc?
    4 20
  113. How old is Spongebob ?
    Thr character, not the shoow.
    14 37
  114. How many seasons are there in the South Pole?
    10 62
  115. Why is everyone convinced humans are the main cause of global warming?
    12 18
  116. What happened to global warming?
    I live in a place where it almost never snows but this year and the past couple of years we have getting tons of snow and temperatures are at their all time lows so where is this global warming? shouldnt the earth be getting hotter not colder? Or is it...
    5 21
  117. Is growing corn, etc. for ethanol really efficient?
    Doesn't it actually take oil based fertilizers to make the corn/etc grow enough to produce enough ethanol, so it's a lose/lose situation? Plus all those cornfields could be producing FOOD for people! We've got lots of water, wouldn't hydrogen be a bet...
    2 21
  118. What are dry climates divided into?
    3 60
  119. What is the "grey water" that comes from cargo ships?
    4 60
  120. What are 1 or 2 tsunamis that were really destructive BESIDES the one in the Indian Ocean on December 26th?
    and could you give a descrption of it or them?
    3 18
  121. What's a quick summary of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami?
    2 10
  122. Why is the ocean salty?
    6 59
  123. Is it gonna snow in March in Chicago, USA?
    5 10
  124. Why is it so bleedin' cold this winter?
    Where's the global warming?
    5 31
  125. What time of year does it usually start to get warm?
    I know it's different in different places, but do any of you know when it will start to get warm in Virginia? :)
    16 373
  126. What's more likely to happen: acid rain or a hail storm?
    5 23
  127. Why do leaves change their color every fall?
    12 48
  128. What replaced the richter scale?
    So with all these earthquakes in my hometown I was informed that the richter scale is no longer used (shows how much I know about geography!). So I was wondering what replaced it, and how its different.
    4 54
  129. What could be the reason for the fluctuation in temperature?
    What might be the reason that the temperature was 30's and 20's, then it went up to the 60's and 70's, then back down? I hear this whole Global Warming thing, but i'm not sure if I believe it or not!
    4 43
  130. Why is that you're not supposed to let helium inflated balloons go?
    5 45
  131. Are we starting global cooling?
    I've recently heard global warming is slowing down and we're going in to global cooling. Is this true?
    4 17
  132. What is a pole reversal and what causes it?
    9 32
  133. Does anyone think that the oil spill is indirectly effecting the birds that keep dying all over the US?
    4 20
  134. What do you think killed thousands of fish and birds in Arkansas?
    25 32
  135. How many more months until the hot weather arrives?
    as in summer or spring
    5 22
  136. Do you think that gmo salmon should be allowed?
    This is the first engineered salmon that grows faster and larger that the F.D.A. may approve.
    8 29
  137. How thorough is recycling where you live?
    Does the dustman pick up the recycling along with the trash, and how thoroughly must you separate items? For example, are plastics, packaging, styrofoam and aluminum in the same container or do you have to separate them too?
    4 20
  138. Is the snow in the UK really that bad as everyone makes it out to be??
    9 30
  139. Why isn't the moon out right now when it's dark?
    tonight is the lunar eclipse :l
    5 60
  140. when will the cold winter end?
    3 12
  141. Is life getting more stressful then it was or is this what happens as you age?
    I remember 10 years ago, life was not hard, and now I feel like I am pushed and pull from the pressures of life on a daily basis. What gives!!!
    11 36
  142. What does it mean to have a level 2 emergency (for weather)?
    7 216
  143. What are radio active areas like?
    Like what happpens for them to become radioactive?How do you know that they are?What happens if people return there?Did the nuclear disaster chernobyl make babies come out deformed by the radioactivity or something?Im trying to find out because I haven...
    3 14
  144. what location has the least amount of snow?
    11 27
  145. Where is the most extreme temperatures in the world?
    4 21
  146. What if Antarctica starts melting more?
    6 11
  147. How did arsenic get into Lake Mono?
    Also, how does arsenic affect cellular respriation? if you find it online can you tell me the website you found it on please
    2 15
  148. Why are their so many windmills in the Neatherlands?
    11 12
  149. What are the potental health effects of wind turbines?
    There's been a ton of debate lately, if these things are actually healthy for the people and animals that are living near them, but yet the hydro companies still keep putting them up.
    4 18
  150. how much snow is ohio suppose to get tonight ?
    9 323
  151. how can individuals prepare for an earthquake?
    could you explain and discribe =) im no good at geography
    10 37
  152. What do you think of Global Warming and carbon taxing?
    Do you think this is a ploy to just make people money, or there may be a problem and global warming is an issue.
    7 28
  153. What sort of materials could i use thats recyclable and cheap for packaging design?
    like bottles of facial wash, body cream, foundation?
    3 10
  154. Is global warming man made or natural?
    5 15
  155. What is a carbon footprint?
    5 15
  156. Why are some volcanoes more dangerous than others?
    5 90
  157. Can you really clean an oil spill with cleaning detergent?
    7 36
  158. What is the main point to watch SCARY MOVIES?
    what is the point of the directors to make scary movies?
    7 26
  159. Do you think population is affecting our inviorment and how things are this days?
    2 16
  160. Could manure somehow be an alternative to fuel/gas?
    4 6
  161. What are some ways you could help concerve water?
    6 31
  162. Why is it that there are so many disasters in my country?
    Earthquakes,tidal waves,volcano eruptions everywhere.Should I get out of this country and move into somewhere?
    7 23
  163. What is the most important thing a person can do to help the environment?
    (what has the most impact on helping the environment - recycling, composting, buying a hybrid car, walking instead of driving, use natural cleaners etc. etc)
    11 26
  164. what are the effects of mobile phones?
    4 20
  165. What do you think chem trails are?
    What do you think is their purpose?
    2 7
  166. Do you guys think we will die at a more younger age since our water has "poison", our air is polluted and most of our foods have pesticides and such?
    2 12
  167. Why do earthquakes happen regularly now?
    is it because when human beings cannot solve over population , earth takes its own action here?
    6 17
  168. Do you think wind power will be the future source of energy?
    If not wind power, what do you think it will be?
    6 14
  169. What caused the BP oil spill?
    6 31
  170. is it true that in some parts of africa they sew girls v@ginas shut and burn off their clitoris?
    7 23
  171. Is it true that man-eating plants exist in some dense forests?
    5 45
  172. Why isn't anyone doing anything in our country about the chemtrails all across our skies?
    6 28
  173. What do i do with my old mp3?
    Its broken and won't work do i throw it?
    7 14
  174. Where else is it cold?
    Is it cold anywhere else? Because here in Denver Colorado has been freezing for the past 3 days... And it just makes me wonder because the cold it's like so severe that I wasent able to move my hands at some point lol.
    13 34
  175. how was the 2004 earthquake caused?
    and what plates were inlvoved, please help i cant find this anywhere !?
    3 11
  176. Which is worse - man made disasters or natural disasters?
    15 79
  177. When do you think California is going to get the really big earthquake?
    i heard its going to happen soon and its going to be really bad because we haven't had a big earth quake in 7 years! we have to have a big earth quake every two years so i dont know
    8 28
  178. How would the red sludge affect you?
    How would it change your life? and what could be done to prevent it in the future?
    2 12
  179. what to do when you HATE the sun?
    for some reason i can't be out in the sun for even 10 minutes. i tired but i couldn't, no i am not sensitive or anything the doctor said he doesn't get why i hate the sun when its lil bit sunny just a lil and i was outside i get inside quickly...
    3 43
  180. What is the pollution levels in percentage in the UK, USA, Russia, Japan and China?
    2 30
  181. what do you think about disneys "Friends for Change?"
    I was all ok good idea but TOTALLY copyn roots and shoots but whateva. now im pissed cause disney is such an enviromenal wreck. WORLD OF COLOR!!!!! LOOK IT UP!!!!
    2 5
  182. What is this plant? I found it at the New Forest.
    8 38
  183. why do you think humans are the reason for global warming?
    18 29
  184. How do you correlate Global warming with Globalization ?
    3 14
  185. What problems do you think will arise due to the decline in the bee population?
    As the climate gets warmer, the bee population gets lower...what kind of a chain effect do you think this will have?
    11 23
  186. Who still drinks the water from the tap?
    With so many cities now having trouble with contaminated/polluted water, how many places still have safe drinking water from the tap? I'm fortunate enough to have spring fed water, myself.
    30 53
  187. How many people read about the oil spill off the coast of India the last few weeks?
    Two ships apparently collided and dumped a bunch of oil in the Indian Ocean. Adding it up, we've had the US spill, the China one and now this...I don't know about you, but I'm hoping more subsidies and effort are put towards less polluting forms of ene...
    3 16
  188. Why do they say you can't look into an eclipse?
    I remember someone telling me that you can't look into an eclipse, why can't you exactly?
    18 47
  189. Which would you rather visit, the deepest part of the ocean or the farthest of stars?
    14 46
  190. what do you prefer a heat wave or a winter storm?
    30 64
  191. Why can't they make Solar powered airplanes?
    If most planes are kinda high in the sky why can't they be powered by sun instead? Clouds might get in the way at times but they can store energy. And plus they fly above clouds
    9 29
  192. Would you ever go hiking somewhere,where a bunch of people died?
    So,there's this place about 5 hours from where i live called Angel's Landing. Maybe it's farther then 5 hours. Never been there. The name it's self sounds deppressing.. ''Angel's Landing'' say that outloud... Anyway,so yesterday was about the 4th death...
    19 32
  193. Who heard about the random and strange earthquake that hit Washington, DC?
    it was the strongest quake to hit within 30 miles of D.C. since officials began keeping records in 1974. More info:
    3 16
  194. Why in God's name would anyone wear daisy duke shorts and snow boots in the summer!?
    Omg. Sometimes i just want to slap some people across the face and yell ''WTF!'' lol. Here i'm driving down the street and i see 4 girls all wearing shorts that are so short i can see their butts! And they are wearing tank tops and SNOW BOOTS! Like act...
    23 40
  195. who is as sad as i am about how earth is dying?
    25 46
  196. Who knows any details about the Earthquake in Southern California today?
    I just read about it, but not in detail. Anyone have more information? My sister is in Huntington Beach.
    5 36
  197. who here lives in louisiana and if you do what are your thoughts about the oil spill?
    7 23
  198. How would you survive an imminent zombie attack?
    3 17
  199. How can large plants produce electrical energy? Is it possible to be done emission-free?
    3 18
  200. how does it feel to be in the middle of a tornado?.
    4 44
  201. How do oil spills (like the recent BP spill and the Exxon-Valdez spill) affect the surrounding cities' local business and the economy?
    4 13
  202. How do they clean up the oil from oil spills, like the current BP spill?
    3 30
  203. what do you think about the solar panal thing??
    i think its a great idea but i wish it wasnt so expensive..
    5 15
  204. Does anyone still buy gas at BP after the oil spill?
    5 18
  205. What are some pros and cons of offshore drilling?
    And where are they planning on doing it? Wasn't Obama's stance *against* it? Is he *for* it now?
    5 50
  206. What do you think about BP's setting aside 20 Billion dollars in a compensation fund?
    It just happened at the White House, here's a link:
    5 20
  207. Will Kevin Costner's machine really clean up the oil spill do you think?
    Apparently, BP ordered more than a dozen of the machines from his brother's company (that Costner invested in after the Valdez oil spill)...I think it'd be more than a bit cool if he came through...after spending so much money on Waterworld to bring en...
    4 17
  208. How much is the BP oil spill going to effect Florida?
    And who has a response to Palin's response to the oil spill (seen in video)?
    2 19
  209. Does anyone know a link to a website that has freebie ear plugs please? I really need some ASAP.
    4 19
  210. Are we going to die because of global warming?
    The weather has been terrible lately and it is nearing to 2012. O_O We're going to die :'(
    23 69
  211. Who heard that the BP oil spill has hit the coast of Florida?
    7 9
  212. Why are coal-fired power stations built close to rivers or lakes?
    2 11
  213. who thinks we're gonaaa die in 2012? i think its a load of crap but i want to hear peoples opinions, comment&follow me :D
    13 23
  214. What are some things you can tell me about water quality?
    2 51
  215. Who were the founders of Ducks Unlimited
    2 55
  216. What are some medical resourses found in the ocean and how are they used?
    2 10
  217. What: do you think the Three Gorges Dam was a good idea?
    Why or why not? trying to finish homework, but im stuck on this question. please help!!
    2 39
  218. What is the impact on the environment of the recent oil spill in the states?
    3 39
  219. How long do you think it will take them to finally clean up the oil spill?
    5 17
  220. Who's paying for the oil spill in the golf of mexico?
    Whos getting the blame and do you think is gonna affect everyone...
    3 42
  221. How bad are the storms in your area?
    Tornadoes everywhere here in Oklahoma. Anyone else seeing this kind of stuff right now?
    9 42
  222. What are your views on the seriousness of global warming?
    I need your opinion...thinking of what you have seen in the news is the seriousness of global warming gernerally exagerated , generally correct or is t underestimated?
    5 7
  223. Who, What, When, Where, Why, How.., is the world ending?
    is the world ending in 2112.., I believe its ending bcause we are not recycling and tring to save our ozone=( I really wanted to have kids and grands What are your opinions?
    8 45
  224. Why human beings need to take responsiblitiy with the environment?
    Hey someone please tell me: 5 points on why human beings need to take responsiblitiy for their actions 5 points on why not human beings need to take responsibility for their actions All should relate to wall-e Thkz for your help anyone :d
    3 11
  225. Who has seen the geese return yet (canada)?
    I live in the north and haven't yet seen the geese returning from the south (you can hear them coming from miles away), but yet the ducks are here. Have I just missed the return or are they not back yet?
    4 16
  226. Why wear green on Earth Day??
    Why should we wear green on Earth Day which is tomorrow?And what exactly is it??I dont know what the purpose of wearing green would be so please explain.thank you
    3 86
  227. Can I tare apart my car in front of my house legally?
    I live in Yuma, AZ & we are taking apart my car in front of my house & I need to know if it is legal to take it apart on my property or do I have to go somewhere else?
    3 12
  228. Why is recycling electronics good for the enviroment?
    okaii I know that recycling is good but I'm doing a project an I need to know 3 reason why recycling electronics are good... Ps:they recently did a new recycling program and you can recycle electronics in Canada :)
    3 20
  229. What the hell is acid rain?
    I got to know that there was going to be rain in form of acid in nigeria west africa,and if it touches any part of the body, it would result to cancer. Does acid rain really exist?what is is cause?
    4 69
  230. Who is participating in Earth Hour?
    Earth hour is 8:30 tonight. You are supposed to turn your lights off from 8:30-9:30 to raise awareness about climate change. Is anyone going to do it? Millions of people from around the world are participating.
    7 10
  231. How do you feel about planet earth?
    If you could make a difference in looking after our beloved planet, would you be keen to switch your lights off for one hour? Would your answer be YES or NO? --- Saturday 27th March 2010, Earth Hour, Every Hour. Please support Earth Hour, turn your...
    12 74
  232. How would you survive,if there is no more Oil on Earth?
    For me if there is no more Oil on Earth any more,then I would have too do the same things that people did back in the old days,like walking too places,hunting for my meet,and growing things,and the reson why I asked this question,because I was watching...
    6 38
  233. what are some fundraising ideas for the Tasmanian Devil's illness?
    Hi, I am in grade 10 and I am doing a science project on the Tasmanian Devil's facial tumour (cancer). Part of my project is to raise as much money as possible for the rare (cute) animal. I was wondering if anyone has some good and creative ideas I ...
    10 53
  234. Who heard about the Ice berg that's heading towards Switzerland ?
    So appernatly on Friday a very large Ice berg broke away(Naturally , not from Global Warming ) in Anartica and is heading towards Switzerland . My mom heard about it today at work , and I just found an artical about it . The article stated that its pos...
    2 22
  235. What do youll think off the Earthquake,when it hit Chile?
    For me when the Earthquake hit Chile,it made me very sad because off the people that are suffering very badly and Economicly. And I sou on the News that they sade that their Economy my not be very good too.
    8 35
  236. What are your opinions on the end of the world?
    I've been thinking about it a lot recently. You know, flooding, global warming etc.. And I just realized how blessed I really am to be here, and that God put me on Earth for a reason. But I was wondering what you all think of the world ending in 2012?...
    15 36
  237. Why does it snow?
    I would like to know why it snows and what cause,s it to snow. How cold it has to be to snow?
    3 17
  238. Who knows if you can grow hemp without getting into trouble?
    Who knows if you can grow hemp (for industrialization purposes OTHER THAN SMOKING, SO MAKING IT NON SMOKABLE) without getting into trouble? (: ***FIRSTLY: I'd like to say that I put the question in environmental issues (it could have easily been put ...
    2 13
  239. What weather do you like and why do you like it?
    I wanna know what kind of weather you like and what you like about it. Please answer and thank you.
    9 191
  240. Why has it been snowing in California?
    On the news, I watched as snow sprinkled over California. They got a lot of snow and I just wanna know. Please answer and thank you.
    3 36
  241. How did dinosaurs get destroyed besides a meteor?
    Same person. Doing a project. How did the dinosaurs get killed/destroyed? Thanx.
    6 48
  242. Who likes rain as much as I do:D?
    I just love it.. Everyone thinks I'm nuts because I get so happy when it's cold and cloudy... and if it's like Christmas! :D I could be having the worst day, and if it's raining or even just overcast, my mood switches.. Is that odd? :)
    11 22
  243. How in the world does Acid Rain pollute the world or country?
    I was just wondering how acid rain can pollute the world...If its just rain,, like where does it pollute the world the most? hmmm...
    4 34
  244. How many people recycle?
    how many of you guys recycle your cans and stuff? I was just wondering and thought it would be a good question
    12 56
  245. How does toxic chemicals affect plants and the enviroment?
    Hey! I just need to do my course work and I cant seem to find the info for this...dont seem so complicated but I cant find it! If any of you know ...thanks! :)
    2 40
  246. How honest are environmentalists and people in general?
    Do people really care about the environment if it didn't jeopardize the well being of human existence? Do people really care about the abstract or is it all because somehow the existence of humans in somehow in danger and people suddenly realize that t...
    7 35
  247. What will be the consequences from damaging planet earth?
    I have to write this essay in french about the causes and consequences of damaging planet earth , I need 3 of each, so far I have global warming and rise in the water level for the consequences . I need help with the rest . Thank you :d
    4 11
  248. Who felt the earthquake in chicago?
    who felt the earthquake I actully slept through it I was so mad who didnt sleep throu it what was it like
    2 9
  249. What are other states with unpredictable weather?
    Here in Ohio we have the most unpredictable weather ever! I mean it rains one day, snows the next, then is sunny! It can be 20 degrees on Tuesday then 60 degrees on Wednesday. So I'm curious, any other states out there who have this same wacky weather?
    14 188
  250. Who else is getting a snowstorm tonight?
    Here in Durham, NC, we are under a severe "winter weather" watch. The temperature just went from low-50's to mid-30's as the sun went down! It's expected that we'll get 8in of snow and 1in of ice! Does anyone else live nearby and are you expecting this...
    4 18