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Can I do this?

I want to lose around 2 though 4 pounds in my belly how do I do that in 1 day???


I feel like im going to faint on the south beach diet

Hi im 17.female. Ok so I have just recently started the south beach diet. I been exercising 30 min every day(walking) and I been drinking a ton of water! I am doing everything right so why do I feel so weak tired and about to faint all the time? And ...


headaches after sauna

why is it that after every sauna that I get out from (I last from 10-12 min)
I get a headache??
its a light headache..I also tend to feel lightheaded or drained, like no energy..

why is that?


How can I get to a Size 0?

how can I be a size 0 by halloween I am a size 6 now please please help I will do anything I dont care =)

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Sodas and bone loss

I read somewhere that there is something in sodas that promotes the loss of calsium for bones. Why would that happen?


Best method for weight loss?

I need to lose roughly about 50 lbs, its not just hey im fat and ugly, its more for health reasons, because I am considered obese rigth now. I have severe asthema so I cant really run, I try a whole bunch of different excersises, what has worked best f...


Am I over weight for my height?

110 lbs and about 5 foot 4, 15 female.
Also I used to be 120 lbs, is that over weight?


What does an anorexic's diet consist of?

What does an anorexic's diet consist of and how many calories do you try to not go over per day?


Can a stationary bike help you lose weight?

Can a stationary bicycle help you lose weight? I've been using it for 1/2 an hour a day so far and I've been doing around 150 crunches a day...Will this help me lose my tummy??


How do I stop eating without my parents knowing?

I'm trying not to eat anything , but I dont know how to do it without my parents getting suspisicous .
what do I do or say when I'm called for dinner ?
I really want to lose weight and im scared that if they find out im not eating that they'll send me ...


How much weight will I lose by eating 600 calories a day?


question: I am 5”7 and weight about 55 kg… If I eat approximately 600 calories a day for the next two weeks and exercise around half an hour everyday.. how much weight do you think I can lose by August 18th?

heh. that sounded like a math proble...


Need to lose weight for prom!

My prom is in a little more than a week. I really want to lose close to 10-15 lbs or little less. I know it's not safe, blahblahblah. But I am normally a healthy person and will be able to keep it off once it's gone. So, any tried and true fasts that w...


Do your boobs really get smaller if you lose weight?

is it true if you like lose a lot of weight your boobs get smaller??

if it is im totally going to lose weight! I dont like havin bigihs boobs lol

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When is the best time to purge after you eat?

When is the best time to make yourself purge after eating?? like a few minutes after you eat? or an hour??
please help!


Motivation to lose weight?

As you can all tell I am extremely huge, I need some more motivation to try and lose more weight
Any Ideas?


How to lose weight in a healthy way as a vegitarian?

Im 15 and im about 146 pounds. Im not FAT. Just a little chunky. And Im about 4 "11" so it doesn't help that im short. I wanna loose weight in my quads and arms but a little on my stomach too. I have an hour-glass shaped body. My shoulders are kinda br...


Toning & flat stomach at what weight?

Okay, im currently losing weight, so far I've lost around 30 or so lbs (:
Im happy about it, but I still think I need to lose about 20 more.
Currently, im 5'2'' and I weigh around 144.
What should I weigh, do you think, to have a really flat stomach...


Does running makes your boobs smaller?

Does running makes your boobs smaller?

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What are exercises for a tighter, bigger butt?

I have a flat but :[ && what are some excirses to do to get your
but tighter and bigger is that possible?


How can I make myself shorter or stay the height I am?

I really dont want to get any taller than I am..
And please dont give me that bullsh*t saying you should like the way you are..


how do I tell my husband he needs to lose weight

He knows he needs to lose weight and knows I really want him to lose weight. He is deployed. He always gets to where we both like then let's himself good. He was doing good went to the gym every day and was eating better and lost 10 pounds and I always...


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