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Lose weight with the Keto Diet

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Flat stomach, what are some exercises?

I want to reduce some weight arounb my stomach...suggest some exercises to do at home itself...


I need motivation

hey people, I need help. im trying to loose weight and I need a lot of motivation and advice. well im 13 years old, I weigh about 220 pounds sadly :( and my goal is to weigh about 130 pounds, so I would be loosing around 90 if I did the math right lol,...


How does cranberry juice help you lose weight?

Basicly the title. A lot of questions of "How can I lose weight" is answered by drinking cranberry juice.


Is 24 hour fitness open on Easter?

Is 24 hour fitness open on Easter?


When you go into a sauna at the gym, what do people wear?

and how do you know how long you've been in there for... Cuase I'm wear the mositure would hurt my watch


Would you consider me overweight at 5'2 and 105 pounds?

Hi everyone..
okay, I'm 13. I'm 5'2 and 105 pounds..
would you consider me overweight?


Has anyone ever tried self liposuction?

I know how image is everything in the US, and with the struggle of body fat in this country, I was wondering if there have been reports of this?


Getting visible abs

I'm a 17 year old female, about 114 pounds, 5'3" (give or take) and by BFP is 16.8%. I have been doing cardio (mostly biking) 6-7 days a week from anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. I eat low fat food (no specific diet), and do 200 crunches var...


How to run faster?

any gud tips on how to run faster and have a lot of stamina?


what is an esey way to get a 6 pack

what is an esey way to get a 6 pack


How much weight can I loose in 5 weeks at a healthy rate?

What should be my goal for a 5 week period?


What does the average 15-year-old weigh?

Well I'm 15, and well I think I'm fat.. But my mates say I'm not, I want to know for sure for myself, so can you tell me:

What does the average 15 year old weigh?


Ideal Fat Percentage

I am 14 years old, I'm 5ft 7 inch but I weigh 154 pounds with a fat percentage 20.7%? is that bad? :(

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Any heath tips on getting fit?

Hey guys im 13yrs old im 5ft1in && im 104lbs. I play volleyball and I run crosscountry. Everscence school ended started gettin kinda fatter..I dont wanna go on a diet and I run everyday and im startimg to eat right again...any tips on gettin fit??

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Would you say my boobs are to big for a 13 year old?

Right im 13, 14 next month and im a 36 G would you say thats to big for my age?

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How can I make myself shorter or stay the height I am?

I really dont want to get any taller than I am..
And please dont give me that bullsh*t saying you should like the way you are..


hip bones attractive?

I honestly want to know what people think when they can see a girls hip bones. I'm trying to lose a lot of weight and I personally want to be able to see my hip bones. do people just see that as unhealthy or attractive?


So how do you lose that little gut

I need to get into shaped for bball... Since I've been on the injured list I dont get much play time... But strict rules for the team say you have to have this ideal body! Which I guess I've come closer too... But we need abs... I have four... But that...


How do I stop eating like a pig?

How can I make myself stop eating so much? I want to lose at least 40 pounds but I eat like a pig at EVERY meal?! Please give me some advice!!!

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Can you eat junk food, do cardio, and lose belly fat?

Is it even possible to lose belly fat while not eating right. Well, I've been doing cardio for about 2 weeks now and trying to lose my belly fat. However, I only eat junk food so it hasn't really gone away. I'm getting a little impatient. Should I go s...


Does the more you drink the more you shrink really work?

Does the more you drink the more you srink diet really work how much watter do you have to drink to lose weight?


Do male enhancements actually work?

do male inhancements actually work? I DONT NEED THEM :) im just wondering. lol

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what exercises target these parts of my body?

Alright what exercises will work best to tone my:
And arms.
Give me all details about them like how long I should them, how many times, how long it will take to see results(if you know), etc.
And please say exercises that work...


Does mega tea green tea or alli work?

Does anyone know if mega tea green tea works?or alli?

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