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Lose weight with the Keto Diet

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Labret weight

Would two labret tusks be heavier than two spike labrets in a snakebite?


weight average for a 15 year old boy?

what should the average weight for a 15yr old boy?


What do you think about the Jullian Michaels workout DVD "30 Day Shred"?

Was It Effective? Tell Me Everything If You've Tryed It.


When can I join the gym?

Hy,there m 15 years old and m a little bit confused about joining the gym at this age,because I'hv heard that joining gym at this age can stop your growing hight :(.please please help me!

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What..I just want to know if what im eating is good or not?

Can anyone tell me if what im eating is healthy for me or if I am overeating? I only eat when my stomach growls.
This is what I had to eat today:
Breakfast- porridge and rasperry and cranberry breakfast juice.
Mid-morning snack- cheese toastie


What are some good exercises/ work outs that you can do in a dorm room?

Preferably with as little or compact of equipment as possible. And no exercise bike... I can't use them because of my knees.

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What are the benefits of doing 500 jumping jacks a day?

Will it build muscles? Lose belly fat? Get you toned? What body parts does it workout? Everything and anything.


How can I lose weight of my hips & thighs..

How can I lose weight of my hips & thighs..


How to help my friend lose 20lbs in a week by fasting?

so my friend leslie needs help.
she needs to loose weight in SIX days
because she needs to swim in gym class by march 5th
she recently told me she sucks in thats why everyone thins shes sooo skinny
but when she goes to swim everyone will see the horrib...


Am I overweight at 5'3 and 178 pounds?

hello, I am 14 and I weigh 81 kgs. I am 159 cms tall. Am I overweight and fat? If so, how can I loose the excess fat and loose weight?


is 92 or 93 pounds underweight for someone who is 5' 3"?

is 92 or 93 pounds underweight for someone who is 5' 3"???
just wondering.

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What is transitive fat?

What is transitive fat? Is it in everything that we eat?


Am I overweight for 13 years old, 5'2 and 92 pounds?

I am 13 years old and I am 6 stone, 8 pounds (92 pounds), is that overweight, I am 5 foot 2 inches.

Please help.

Much appreciated.

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Am I overweight at 5'2 and 115 pounds?

I'm around 5 foot 2 and 115 I overweight?

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Is eating limes with salt bad?

I've been eating limes with salt and I think I'm addicted because I probably eat 3big limes cut in half a day so that makes 6mini limes in total. So Is this bad for my health? and what can happen to me if I keep eating this way?
Can someone please tel...


How can I lose weight fast?

how can I lose weight fast?


How can I lose weight without exercise ?

Can you lose weight without excersize because I cant afford the gym and I cant afford a treadmill etc and its too cold now to go out jogging or cycling I need to do a workout or something but my house is just to small there must be some way I could do ...


wont to lose 10 to 15 pounds before the summer time

I'am 15 and I wont to lose 10 to 15 pounds before the summer time. What foods should I eat to lose my belly fat befor the summer time

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When your pregnant is it okay to have sunny-d juice?

I like sunny-d and im pregnant. So I was wondering will it be okayy?

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Is it true that ice cream gives you a big butt?

Ice cream gives you a bigg butt ?
Or what can yu eat so it goes straight to your butt & upper thighs ?

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How can I stop hating exercise and start loving it?

I just can't trick myself into liking exercise..I'm too lazy and I have 20 extra pounds to lose in 2 months.Help me!!! xoxo

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Stomach pouch

I am 15, 103, and about 5'4" I know im light for my age and what not I just still want to lose some weight and my stupid stomach pouch. Does anyone know how to?


ice cream hip hating exercise anal big tit losing weight thigh bum ice cream make butt big 27 pound underweight