Why can't i gain or lose weight?

It is a bitter sweet thing, and i am not complaining really. But i can sit here and spend a week on my couch eating nothing but fattening food and not gain a pound, which i love! But at the same time, i can spend a week eating like a rabbit, and exercising like there is no tomorrow, and not lose a pound. Since i got sick i have been stuck at 120 pounds< which yes is a good weight for me to be at, but i would love to lose a bit! Why can't I?

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well to gain or lose weight working out is a good way...to gain you can gain muscle mass and obviously losing is self explanitory

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i have tried, honestly given it a good attempt to lose weight but i can't no matter how hard i work out!

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Because your brain is controlling the bodies metabolic processes to maintain your weight. You probably have a fast metabolism to start with, so you dont gain weight easily. And when you reduce what you eat, your body compensates for this by expending less energy wherever it can. To your brain, weight loss is a bad thing, regardless of how big you are, because your brain interprets this as a lack of food available. Now of course this is not very likely anymore, but we are designed to eat and store energy while we can, because there would be times when food would be hard to come by, where we need to expend as little energy as possible. Make sense?

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Well if you really have been working at it (that means monthes not weeks) then it may be medical. If you have diabetis it can be harder or if obesity tuns in your family. You may have a low metabolism, try eating foods that boast it like peppers. You also half to be eating smaller healthier portions of food. If nothing is helping contact your doctor.

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Don,t eat anything before going to bed.Try not to eat a lot of junk foods,don,t give up. Good luck. Gary

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