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Is this considered an eating disorder?

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Because i was molested some time ago(not going into detail about that) i got pretty depressed and had alot of anxiety so i would either drink alcohol i would take from my parents cabnet or take alot of benedryl so i could fall asleep because the thoughts would keep me up days at a time and i just really wanted to sleep. i know that is horrible for u so i stopped doing that. it took time, and i crave it alot but i stopped. but i like having sumthn too look over or decide for myself so i started a diet. i only ate whole foods and nothing with gluten. i now usually eat an apple/yogurt/hard boiled egg/bannana for breakfast (only 1 of those with an expresso shot for energy), maybe a fruit or some veggies for lunch or if its a weekend maybe nothing or a yogurt, and half of watever my parents make me for dinner. no snacks in between. i like having something to focus on and look after since it keeps my mind else where and its something i decide for myself nowon else has a say since in the end its my body. it sounds pretty fine to me like its enough right?