What are the best healthy foods that fill you up?

Answer #1

Eat your fruits and veggies, best advice you can get…

Fruits and Veggies have allot of good nutrition stuff In them rather then junk food.

Trust me when you eat fruits and veggies you will exercise better and feel better :)

Answer #2

Brown rice, bananas, eggs, avocados, nuts, oatmeal, humus, lean meats, beans, potatoes with skin, salmon. Fill up on fibres and proteins from lean meats, and good fats like what you get from eating nuts.

Answer #3

I’m halfway between Nap and Janice on this. In order of preference:

  1. Lots of veggies (including some starchy ones like yams, winter squash) and fruits, for fiber and micronutrients;
  2. Lots of legumes (beans, lentils, split peas, hummus, tempeh), for fiber and protein;
  3. Nuts, seeds, and avocados for healthy oils;
  4. 100% whole grains only (wheat, oats, quinoa, etc.).

Sweet potatoes (yams) are preferable to regular (white-fleshed) potatoes. Meat or poultry should be lean; dairy should be non- or low-fat. Animal-source foods, if any, should be in small amounts.

No sugar or sweeteners!

Answer #4

Tomatoes, I just eat plain tomatoes like apples. Or ‘sugar snap peas’, I just eat them plain or dip them in ranch. Or frozen fruit, like sliced bananas are my favorite, they sell it in stores it’s like pre-made for smoothies.

Answer #5

Potatoes get a bit of a bum rap because they have a high glycemic index. The thing is that potatoes do not have a lot of calories to begin with. Consider that a huge 1 lb baked potato has about 300 calories (400 if you eat the skin). I don’t know about you but to me a 1 lb potato is a lot more filling to me than 300-400 calories of other foods. Naturally is you slather it with butter, sour cream, BBQ and cheese the calories can skyrocket though.

Answer #6

In addition to a lower glycemic index, sweet potatoes also have a significantly higher ratio of micronutrients to calories. That’s the main thing that makes one sort of food nutritionally superior to another.

Answer #7

2 cups of pure Brocallli

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