Why do arms have to get swollen from weight lifting?

Mine takes 3 days to heal D: Cause I always go over the limit :/

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You just answered your own question. You go over the limit.

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dont go over the limit, just find a good spot say like benching my max is 250 but i can rep 200 fine, do like 50 reps of 200 and your arms wont hurt afterwards and you build more muscle that way, go over the limit on reps when your muscles start to burn. that means that your makeing more muscles :D

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Weight training is based on the overload principal. To increase strength you have to workout to the point where muscles are damaged and when our body repairs the muscle it makes it stronger. After a few sessions you will find that the your recovery rate improves but in general you should always have at least one rest day between workouts of the same muscles.

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Fillet pretty much stated why your arms (or any part) gets swollen after a workout. The fibers are broken and torn during overload and thus the body rushes blood and other nutrients to quickly repair that muscle as fast as possible. Usually this causes muscle fibers to increase which improves size and strength.

Although, if they are being "pumped" from training of another part (i.e. Squats, Rows, etc.) then you're doing something wrong. Also I'd like to say that the Bench Press is 60% arm and shoulder involvement during the lift so it's not uncommon to feel a pump in your arms from that.

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The art of weight lifting is to scratch at the limit but do not go over it. Reduce your weights and do more repetitions.
And go slow. I mean, real slow. Do not snatch the weights but lift them sloooowly and hold them where they're heavy. And then put them down slowly. Once that starts being easy to do, increase your weights again.

That may not give you those large pumped-up muscle mountains fast, but it will give you strong muscles.

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you are very well pushin your limit


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