What exercise should i do for my big upper arms?

Really it's embarassing .I know it wasn't normal cause I don't have an upperarm like this.Its too big for me.

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You are in a lot of trouble!

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I am overweight and I started going to the gym last fall. I haven't really lost much weight, but I lost two sizes in clothes. Before I started excercising, my upper arms (as well as some other Party of me) were really wobbly, soft and ugly. Now I am actually starting to like how they look. They're not really much thinner, but less fat and more muscular. I do several different weightlifting excercises.

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Making your arms more muscular doesn't do a whole lot in terms of fat removal. It will raise your metabolism a little bit though. Make sure you do cardiovascular exercise, and not just weight training if you want to eliminate fat from your arms. If you train with weights your arms will get bigger, not smaller as a general rule.

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