Is it okay to stop eating bread, completely?

Answer #1

It isn’t bad for you, but you should eat it in small portions.

Answer #2

try wheat bread.

Answer #3

Yes. It will not hurt you, just make sure you eat alot of other grains to substitute. :)

Answer #4

No, bread does not supply any nutrients that aren’t easy to get elsewhere.

Answer #5

Yeah I dont eat any wheat or gluten..its fine to not eat it.

Answer #6

You need some source of Grain, delivered by bread, etcetera nutrients provided.

Answer #7

Actually, that is a good decision. Bread is carbs, and although some carbs are good for you, too much is bad for you. You just need to find other grains to replace the grains you will be missing from bread, such as rice and cereals.

Answer #8

There are alot of cereals that provide the same nutrients that you get from bread :)

Answer #9

Bread is pretty fattening, but you shouldn’t cut it out of your daily diet because you need some source of grain. But if you try wheat bread or whole grain it won’t give you as much calories as white bread.

Answer #10

it’s ok to stop eating bread completely. if you want some like bread but isn’t then try eggroll wrapper, flour tortilla, and pita.

Answer #11

Yes, its good to get rid of bread in your diet. Make sure its whole grain, cause it will be alot healthier.

Answer #12

absolutely, i have and I feel better.

Answer #13

It’s healthy to do this as long as you replace it with some other fiber, whether that is a food or a fiber supplement. if you’re looking to stay away from carbs as much as is healthy, you’re better bet is the supplement. Also there are tons for sale out there, such as Metamucil, and they’re one of the cheapest kinds of supplements to buy.

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