Is eating limes with salt bad?

I've been eating limes with salt and I think I'm addicted because I probably eat 3big limes cut in half a day so that makes 6mini limes in total. So Is this bad for my health? and what can happen to me if I keep eating this way?
Can someone please tell me the issues I can have with my health?
I just heard it stains your teeth after a while
And that it reduces red blood cells :/
Please help me :c

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It cuts blood and may delay periods cause of all the salt. Try cutting down to one.

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Maybe substitute the lime with something else. Try lime candy (skittles, mike and ikes). Or try adding a little lime juice in salads or water

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Too much of anything is bad.

You need a variety of foods to be healthy.

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There is really nothing wrong with getting a load of Vitamin C every day.

And it will most certainly not lower your Red blood cell count... what really is a health hazard is the salt, which can get problematic if you don't drink enough water....but in general its filtered out through urine.....

Although it is possible for you to have a low salt concentration in your body, would explain the cravings for lime and salt :O

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No acorss not. Infact the lime is prbably healthy for u but the salt might be a problem. Try putting less salt on each lime and soon you'll like just the lime and that will probably be healthy for you since its fruit.

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I always get told that it's bad for your teeth. But I guess the acidity is why. I still do it anyway.

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Your teeth with become yellow

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Nope, just don't eat it with a LOT of salt.

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