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How to decrease my hip measurement

Hi my hip measurements is 37 how do I make them smaller like a 35


What is a normal 13 year old girl breast size?

Just answer please.


Are these measurements normal for a 15 year old girl?

Are these measurements normal for a 15 year old girl?
Hips: 31


What is the average arm muscle size of a 14-year old boy?

What is the average arm muscle size of a 14-year old boy?

if you don't know, maybe you could share me a picture.

It is not really necessary just for 14 year old boys, maybe just around 13-15.


What are average measurements for a 14 year old girl?

My measurements are
Because I am only 5'4 and weigh 122 my friends they are all taller than me and are really skinny!!!

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Average weight for 13 year old girls

What would be a good size 4 a 5'2 13 year old girl

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Is there a way to shrink your feet?

Ok, I'm nearly 6 feet, and I have big big enormous feet, and I was just wanting 2 know if there was a way to make then a tad bit smaller, right now they are a size 11 1/2 ww-12 1/2 ww... Depending on shoe design, material and brand is what the size dep...


How to be anorexic and lose weight?

ok im 175lbs and I look normal but im not although I dont look like other 175lbs people and im 15 im 5'8 and my mom was anorexic and I want to be it to I hate not being able to fit into the cuter clothes like my freinds and I want to be tiny I would ne...

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How can I lose weight in my stomach and vagina?

I Have A tubby tummy and I also have a rather " fat " vagina ...

... is my vagina " fat " because my stomach size or not ?

and how to I loose stomach weight and weight in my vagina ?

can anyone recommend exercises for them two things ?

thanks a l...


If you wear a really tight belt will your stomach shrink?

is this really true:

I've found that if you tie a belt really tightly(or a corsette) around your waist and wear it constantly, your stomache will shrink up to 4 sizes. and as for getting your butt bigger if you take estrogen pills that should take car...

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how can I gain fat or muscles in my butt, I want a big butt

I am 24 and am skinny but a I had a some size a year ago I was weighing about 130pounds but I come from a slim race of family with big butts. my mom have a big but I had a big but untill last year I was on medication for a medical problem that melted a...


Water fasting for 90 days?

Has anyone here ever water fasted?

I've been doing losts of research lately on fasting and tried some short versions 3 to 6 days of fast.

I've read about the man who fasted for 365 days, the jail-mates who went on hunger strikes and all the reli...


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