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What's better? Exercising at the gym or at home?

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So I've bee exercising at home for like three months now but it's been on and off because I stop being motivated so basically I've been exercising for a month :/ anyway yesterday my parents wanted me to go to the gym with them. They said I'll just go in the pool & jacuzzi but I didn't want to go at first because I needed to shave. Ew. (I did like no shave No shave November, I even added December :p) (lazyass) SO I finally decided to go, so when we went I was scared O.O soooo many people! & I only went in the pool in the end for like 5 minutes -.- we were there for 2 hours it didnt feel that long. which was odd becuase when i exercise at home for like 30 minuets I'm exhausted! and I didnt do much exercises at the gym but I really liked it it was fun but I did sweat. I never sweat at home so that was good. But it's different at home i actually feel pain so is it better at home or at the gym. I felt some pain but it felt good & I don't know if that's a good thing? What should I do? Should I start going to the gym?