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I think my friend is trying to make me fat (fattER at this point)! What should I do?

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Hi, I'm new here, and have a serious issue here. I've tried other sites like this, but all of the people that answer give stupid answers, are very unkind, and will sometimes make fun of me. :( I'm hoping this site is different, and I'm hoping all you wonderful people here can help me with this REALLY big issue I'm having! So, here it is: In about August, I was telling my best friend about how I didn't eat at lunch everyday and how I felt like crap. He told me to eat so I wouldn't feel sick...he's been reminding me to eat lunch everyday since then and he Has been right. However, in the weeks that have gone by, at least once a week he's brought me something sweet and delicious to pretty much bribe me to eat. Like about the third week after all of that, he brought me a cupcake two days in a row. The following week, he brought me a muffin bigger than my hand! Whatever he brings me seems to get more and more fattening as the weeks go by, and he brings more each week too. A couple weekends after that, he was texting me to eat during the weekend. Well, I did, and that Sunday, I ate so much that I could barely move! It was then that I noticed my once small tummy was a bit bigger and softer! It's been several months, and he's still bringing me food every day! With my kind nature, I've not been able to refuse the food once! Well, plus he brings the tastiest (but most fattening) food, and my appetite has gotten MUCH bigger! Before this whole thing, I was about 115 pounds...Now I'm teetering on the 200 pound mark, at 193 pounds to be precise, and still growing. As much as I'd love to stop this, my appetite is so big now that I can't even control how much I eat anymore. Every time I eat, I become extremely greedy, eat everything I have, and then proceed to ask my friends or family members for anything they're not going to finish. I need to stop this but I can't, so I'll figure that out some other time...But I'm wondering if my best friend is purposefully trying to fatten me up, or if it's just coincidence and he doesn't realize it. What should I do? And please, no stupid answers that are insulting either. If you're going to be mean, don't give me an answer, because I don't want it. This is a legitimate question and issue that I'm having!